Samuel Perry, Docton, & Susannah

Samuel Perry est 1700 – 1760 | his parents
& ? Docton 1710 – ca 1731 | her parents
& Susannah ? 1710/15 – 1779 | her parents
of Chowan Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


the view from Perry’s Bridge in Perquimans Co, NC
photo by Zane Perry

Quit Rent 1735 – Perquimans Co
Samuel Perry 160 ac
Phillip Perry 200 ac
Jacob Perry 300 ac
Benjamin Perry 500 ac
1740 List Perquimans Co
John Perry 1
Thomas Pery 2 who is he?
Samuel Perry 2
Phillip Perry 2
Benj Perry 4
Jacob Perry 5
1754 Muster list
Capt Jos Riddick’s Company
Jos Perry sgt son of Ben
Ben Perry
Ben Perry Jr son of Ben
John Perry son of Jacob
Israel Perry son of Jacob
Jacob Perry Jr son of Jacob
Demsey Perry son of Jacob
Jacob Perry
Ruben Perry son of Jacob [Quaker]
1754 Tax list Perqu. Co
Jno: Perry 2
Israel Perry 2
Samuel Perry 1
Benjamin Perry 4
Jacob Perry 6
Joseph Pery 3
Jacob Perry Jr 2

?Jacob Pery, 6: son of John Perry, md Hepsabeth Clare, dt of Timothy & Hannah Clare.
?Joseph Reddick, Esq., 2: judge. He md Mary, dt of John & Mary Perry.
He was a son of Lemuel of Nansemond, VA. Q

Children of Samuel Perry will Chowan 1760 and wife Susannah:
wife Susannah, sons Samuel, Amos and Mordecai, daughters, Ann, Leah and Grace Perry,
Wife EXX. Test. Nicholas Stallings, Wm. Kelly.
div of estate 1779 Chowan Co
1. Rachel Perry ca 1731 – bef 1756 dsp?
2. Amos Perry d. May 1779 Gates Co
a. Samuel Perry d ca 1842 Chowan Co NC
married Christian ?
I. Willis Perry
ii. Miley Perry
iii. Feriby Byrum

b. Amos Perry d 1804 Chowan Co NC
married Elizabeth ?
I. Senah Perry Hurdle
ii. Treasy Perry

iii. Amos Perry
3. Samuel Perry
4. Mordecai Perry d ca 1800?
5. Ann Perry
married John Hobbs d bef Aug 1779
Aug 1779 Mordica Perry appt Guardian to Susanna, Zelpha and Samuel Hobbs orphans of John Hobbs dec’d
a. Amos Hobbs [older]
b. Susanna Hobbs

c. Zelpha Hobbs
d. Samuel Hobbs
6. Leah Perry
married Goodman
7. Grace Perry
married Eason d bef Feb ct 1781 Gates Co

1791 Tax List Chowan Co Capt Cullens Dist.
Samuel Perrey – 200 ac 1 free poll
Amos Perry – 60 ac 1 free poll

1795 Tax List Chowan Co Capt Cullens Dist.
Samuel Perrey Senr – 150 ac
Samuel Perry Junr – 60 ac 1 free poll
Amos Perry – 88 ac 1 free poll

1797 Tax List Chowan Co Capt Cullens Dist.
Samuel Perrey Senr – 150 ac
Samuel Perry Junr – 60 ac 1 free poll
Amos Perry – 90 ac 1 free poll

1799 Tax List Chowan Co Capt Cullens Dist.
Samuel Perrey Senr – 100 ac
Samuel Perry Junr – 60 ac 1 free poll
Amos Perry – 125 ac 1 free poll
Solomon Perrey 75 ac 1 free poll 1 black
John Perrey 160 ac 1 free poll

1790 US Census
Chowan Co NC
Samuel Perry 1m 16+, 3m -16, 4f
Amos Perry 1m 16+, 4f
Gates Co
Mordicai Perry 1m 16+, 1m -16, 4f, 7sl

1800 Chowan Co NC
John Perry 1m 26/45, 1f 10/15
James Perry 1m 0/10, 1m 16/25, 1m 26/45, 1f 0/10, 1f 10/15, 1f 26/45
Sam Perry Jun 1m 26/45, 1f 0/10, 1f 26/45
Sam Perry Sen 2m 16/25, 1m 45+
Gates Co
Mordachi Perry [no entry]
Priscilla Perry 1m 16/26, 1f 26/45

from Steve Watson of Austin TX
I was taking a few moments to view your incredible website, and noticed that you might enjoy receiving the following record in regard to Samuel Perry that died in Chowan Co. in 1760. Apparently his wife in the year 1731 was a daughter of Thomas Docton, and I presume may have been the wife named “Susannah” named in Samuel Perry’s will. However, I have not yet located a record other than his will abstract that identifies her by name. It is possible that Susannah may have been a later wife and not the daughter of Thomas Docton. The abstract of the record is as follows:

Oct 18, 1731. Perquimans Co., NC Deed Book C No. 41: Thomas Docton, of Perq Esq, for “love I bear my son-in-law Samuel Perry” of same, planter—have given 180a on S.side of Indian branch, where he now dwells to a line between him & Benj Willson, at his death to gr-child Rachell Perry Oct 18, 1731.

Samuel Perry then sold this property on Oct. 16, 1756 and possibly the grandchild Rachel Perry (who was probably his daughter) may have died and left no issue, as
she was also not mentioned in his will 4 years later.

Oct 16, 1756, “Perquimans Co., NC Deed Book F.” No. 209, Samuel Perry of Perq, Planter-for L30 pd by Samuel Bagley, of afsd-sold 180a on So Side of Indian Branch, adj Benjamin Wilson, formerly given by Thomas Docton, to Samuel Perry. Test’ Jesse Perry.

Will of Samuel Perry 16 Feb 1760 – March Term 1760 Chowan Co
– wife Susannah
– sons Samuel, Amos and Mordecai
– daughters Ann, Leah, and Grace Perry
EXX – wife
Test: Nicholas Stallings, Wm Kelly

16 Jan 1779 – order to divide estate of Samuel Perry according to will
Division of Estate of Samuel Perry – Mar 1779
Amos Perry, Mordeca Perry, Ann Hobbs, Leah Goodman, and Grace Eason.

5th May 1779 – [Gates Co] – Mordica Perry came into Court and moved for Administration on the Estate of Amos Perry deceased which was considered of & granted thereupon it was ordered that he give security in the sum of six thousand pounds current money of this state etc…

Will of Amos Perry 3 Jan 1804 – Chowan Co
– wife Elizabeth
– son Amos
– daughter Senah Hurdle
– daughter Treasy Perry
EXs: Thomas Copeland and Job Winslow
Test: Solomon Perry, Noah Perry

Will of Samuel Perry 1 Jan 1842 – Chowan Co
— wife Christian
— son Willis
— daughter Miley Perry
— daughter Feriby Byrum
Test: Obed Winslow, Thomas E Winslow

Division of Estate of Roderick Perry 1847
John, William and Starkey Perry, Miles Ashley and wife Winney, Cullen Halsey and wife Lotty.

Will of Hester Perry 12 May 1850 Nov Ct 1850 Chowan Co
— sons Starkey, John and Wm Perry
— daughter Charlotte Halsey
— daughter Winford Ashley
Test: Riddick Mansfield


Notice for male NC Perry surname descendants: Please consider having your DNA tested.
Three samples from family subgroup 03 at Perry FTDNA website can document their ancestry to John Perry b. 1680/90 of Nansemond Co, VA d. 1760 Bertie Co, NC. A fourth sample from the same subgroup 03 can prove his ancestry to Currituck Co, NC. He does not appear to be a descendant of John Perry d. 1760 in Bertie. It is anticipated that the presently unknown common ancestor of these two lines lived in 17C Virginia. DNA may help tie together the several NC lines out of VA, so please consider joining the Perry surname project. Tests can be ordered at a discount through either the Perry FTDNA website above, or Other companies (Ancestry, etc) also do DNA testing, and your result can be uploaded to the Perry surname project.

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  1. Land deed records from Perquimans Co dated Oct 18,1731 record 180 acres given to Samuel Perry, son-in-law of Thomas Docton (Jr.). Samuel’s daughter Rachell is mentioned in the document. Thomas Docton’s (Jr.) son Jacob is the father-in-law of Abner Eason born in 1731.

  2. Hi, my name is Darren R. Perry of Edenton, NC. Your early family research is conssitent with my sister’s (Bonita Perry McCall). She has researched the Perry family via local records for past 40+ years. This is our line:
    Samuel 1
    Samuel 2
    Anderson S.
    William D
    John E.
    Glenn H.
    Darren R.

  3. Thank you Zane for your wonderful research. As your cousin I have enjoyed showing my children your wonderful journey of research. I miss you all and hope to see you all soon and hope to meet so many more of our ever growing family, I send my love and kindness to you all!

    Your Loving Cousin,

    Lori Perry-Butler

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