Sally’s childhood home

Maple Lawn, home of Jones and Moore family
near Powellsville, NC (Sally’s Childhood Home)

My great grandparents, John Wheeler Moore and Ann Ward Moore, and their children moved here to live with her mother in 1866 after their beautiful 3 story white brick mansion in Murfreesboro burned.

The house –
mlimg72 mlimg70 mlc02snowfarm
ml01maplawn (1) mlGrapes
Sally picking Scuppernongs

Farm Bell – a substitute placed by Steve
the other buildings and the farm
bell200 bellml

– the larger original bell was gone – stolen.

The Barn 1930

Come into the Parlor
See the family portraits
Visit with your Cousins

Fish in the swamps
The Jones Hole, Cypress Log,and The Island
were some of our favorite spots to fish using simple bamboo poles and lines baited with earthworms dug from our back yard.
Visit the Jones Hole Cemetery

Come with us to church

Doc takes a drink

Helen feeds the cats

John at pump “Brickhouse” was My great grandfather’s “greenhouse” now utilized as pump house some folks would call it a potato house

Tobacco Barns
Tobacco Barnes 1949

Smoke House ca 1970


Helen and children Easter Sunday 1969

Old Lou 1946

That’s me on “Old Lou”–I was probably about nine in 1946 and that’s my kid brother about seven. Lou was probably about thirty-two at the time. That’s an earlier mule “Ida” drawing the cart. Daddy used mules exclusively as his farm animals (he kept four) as he found them to be more suited in temperament for the purpose. But he still rode his spirited horses in his dreams. Sometimes he would startle us and wake himself yelling at his son for driving his prize horse too hard.
I have a photo c1920 img98
Of my father as a young man dressed in his riding attire. Riding Jack

mlimg76 mlconwell
1938 That’s Miss Madge Conwell with us in the cart. Her father Dr. Conwell served as a missionary doctor to Mexico. She owned the old Lassiter place next door to Mulberry Grove by inheritance from her mother. (I just noticed that this is also the old Lemuel Burkett home) Madge spent most of her childhood at Chowan College, which at that time also had a prep school. She had come for a short visit but stayed five years. She was a friend from my mother’s college days. From left: Jane, Miss Conwell, arm about Sally, John, Helen, and Julia.

Picking Peanuts” 1919
mlpeanut4 mlpeanut1

The Big Oak
mlimg73 mlbigoak

The old Dairy as Playhouse 1937

Old toilet 1970 as Playhouse

David Koestler inspecting the woodshed ca 1969.
photo by Bob Koestler

mlbells mlgrandmotherscats

January 2002 – the office with the old kitchen that we moved from the rear corner of the yard.
photo by Cathy Spruill

the Blacks of Maple Lawn and Mooretown
Luke Moore Henry Ward also the Ben Riddick family
Some of the Black Moores from Mulberry Grove also came to live near-by.