William Kinchen III & Elizabeth Dawson

William Kinchen III ca 1720 – 1758 | his parents scroll down page
& Elizabeth Dawson before 1758 | her parents
of Edgecombe Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

As Glen Engels points out: This man was named as grandson in grandfather’s 1734 will
Evidently this William Kinchen married the daughter of John Dawson and his first wife.

He represented Edgecombe in General Assemble at Newbern 1754 and died 1758.

Children of William Kinchen and wife:
1. Martha Kinchen ca 1748 –
married Samuel Edwards will 1790
2. Elizabeth [Elisa] Kinchen ca 1750 – 1790
married Jacob Norfleet 17 Aug 1743 – bef Aug 1780
a. Elizabeth Norfleet
b. Kinchen Norfleet 12 Sept 1775 Chowan Co NC – Aug 1849 Gates Co NC
married 4 June 1800 Sarah Riddick
3. John Kinchen ca 1746 – 1793 Orange Co NC
married Orange Co NC 24 Sept 1788 Margaret Carver dau of Robert
she married 2nd 1795 William Nash
4. Mary Kinchen ca 1753 – bef 9 Dec 1795 Mt Gould, Colerain NC
married ca 1768 James Campbell est 1747 – bef Feb Ct 1798
a. John Campbell 14 Dec 1770 – 19 May 1828
married 23 Mar 1793 Celia Freeman ca 1777 – aft 1837 Weldon NC
b. Sarah Campbell
c. Elizabeth Campbell
d. George Campbell 21 Jan 1775 -1 Sept 1827
married 29 April 1802 Susannah Mebane 1 July 1781 – d 1804/1807 Bertie Co NC
i. Mary Mebane Campbell 7 May 1804 – 15 Jan 1855
married 1821 Henry Smith 27 May 1802 – 19 Aug 1880
13 children

married 2nd 14 July 1808 Mary Scott 24 July 1787 – 15 Oct 1846
2nd dau of Gen. John Scott of Hertford Co NC
George and Mary moved to Indiana in 1815-16

e. Mary Campbell
f. Martha Campbell
g. James Campbell
married Sarah Vaughan
5. Temperance Kinchen ca 1754 –
6. William Kinchen ca 1756 – Dec 1781
married bef 1777 Sara
a. Elizabeth Kinchen
married James Mebane 1774 – 1857 5 sons and 1 dau.
son of Alexander II and wife Mary Armstrong
his widow Sara married 2nd 1782 Col John Mebane 1749 – 1834

John Kinchen was a member of the Provincial Council which first met at the court-house in Johnston County, 1775. Together with Abner Nash, in February, 1776, he was sent to Charleston to confer with the Committee of Safety for South Carolina. He was also a member of the Provincial Congress from Orange, that met at Halifax, 4th April, 1776. He died in 1793.

WILLIAM KINCHEN, JR. of Edge. Co. to David Hopper of Edge. Co. 19 Oct. 1746 35 pounds current money of Va. 740 acres: 100 acres joining Tuckahoe marsh and 640 acres, joining Haynesworth, Conoconary, Stevens and Mr. Forster both tracts being patents to Benjamin McKinnie Wit: William Williams, Nathaniel Cooper Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1746 R. Forster C.Ct.

William Richmond and Ann his wife and Paul Patrick and Agnes his wife all of Edge. Co. to WILLIAM KINCHIN, JR. of Edge. Co. 24 Nov. 1754 25 pounds current money of Va. 320 acres more or less, joining Robert Foster and the river half of 640 acres John Mackinnie conveyed to Col. James Millikin 21 May 1734 Wit: Thomas Hall, Daniel Weldon Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1754 B. Wynns C.Ct.

WILLIAM KINCHEN, JR. of Edge. Co. to William Richmond of Edge. Co., merchant 9 Dec. 1754 500 pounds lawful money of Great Britain 1820 acres in several tracts of land (among which) is 400 acres on Conoconary called the court house land Wit: Joseph Montfort, Hugh Hardy Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1755 B. Wynns C.Ct.

WILLIAM KINCHEN, JR. of Edge. Co. to Blake Baker of Edge. Co. 18 May 1757 100 pounds lawfull money of Great Britain 200 acres on Conoconary and is 1/2 of 400 acres called the Court House land Wit: Montfort Eelbeck, Samuel Johnson, Jr.(?) Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1757 Joseph Montfort C.Ct.

Edgecombe Co -“William Kinchen (jr) Nov 6, 1758, Dec Ct 1758 son & Ex: John land on the river adj Craghill, also 1/2 my land in Northampton Co., that is to say: Upper part of my land on both side of the Roanoke River has been sold to Paul Patrick, the deed not yet delivered. Son: William, reminder of my land. Daus: Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, Temperance.
Exs: Bros. Blake Baker, Henry Dawson.
Wit: Henry Campbell, Peter Jones, William Moore.”

“William Kinchen Jun., decd., Blake Baker, Esq. was appointed guardian to his orphans, Martha, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Temperance, and William Kinchen, Dec. 27, 1758. … Will proved by the oaths of William Moore and Peter Jones. Henry Campbell was the other witness and Blake Baker an exr., Dec. 28, 1758. … Inventory returned by the exr. Ordered that the perishable estate be sold on the 31st day of Jan. next. Dec. 28, 1758.”

Northampton Co – John Dawson – Nov 1750? – Feb Ct 1762
— to my wife Charity Dawson [marriage contract]
— three small children Charity, Elizabeth, and John Dawson
— to my son Henry Dawson
— to my granddaughters: Martha, Elisa, Mary and Temperance Kinchen 30 pounds each
— to my grandsons John and William Kinchen 10 sh VA money each
Wit: Samuel Cotton, William Stevenson, James Jossy

WILLIAM KINCHEN & his wife SARAH of St. George Parish Northampton Co. to Thomas Webb of same. 1 Jan 1777 . 70 pds proclamation. 40 acres in the Ocanechey Plains, joining Gee, Clarks Meadow, Miry Pond, KINCHEN, Edmons. Wit: Wm. Camp, Martha (x) Burk. Dec Ct.1777. Jeph. Atherton CC.

JOHN KINCHEN of Town of Halifax to Benjamin Bryan of Northampton Co. 25 Apr 1783 . 200 pds. specie. 1/2 of land on Roanoak River which was devised to sd. KINCHEN by his father WILLIAM KINCHEN, & does not include the land WILLIAM KINCHEN the brother of the sd. JOHN KINCHEN sold to Thomas Webb. Wit: Allen Jones, James Dancy. Jun Ct. 1783. Jeph. Atherton CC.

JOHN KINCHEN of Town of Halifax to Thomas Webb of Northampton Co. 1 Mar 1784 . 5 pds specie. His right to 40 acres which sd. Thomas Webb had purchased from WILLIAM KINCHEN brother of sd. John Kinchen, “it being part of an undivided Moiety.” Wit: E. Haynes. Sep Ct. 1784. Jeptha Atherton CC

http://goglen.net/kinchen/ by Glen Engels

Chatham Co May Ct 1775: John Kinchen posted bond for Elisha Cain’s ordinary lycence.

Chatham Co Aug Ct 1775: John Kinchen posted bond for the executors of Solomon Terrell dec’d/

Orange Co John Kinchen was running for office in 1776

Orange Co: Aug 1777 John Kinchen & Nath. Rochester posted bond for Col. Thomas Hart administrator of Thomas Donaldson’s estate; they also posted bond for Sarah Morgan and Hardy Morgan administrators of Mark Morgan’s estate.

Chatham Co: May Ct 1778 A deed from Benjamin Landrum to William Kinchen proved by Matthew Jones and ordered to be registered.

1 April 1780 Taxable Property of Orange County
John Kinchen 824 a deeded 19,879 pounds

Claims of British Merchants after the Revolutionary War ca 1800: NCGSJ-Aug 93 page 155
Kinchen, John. Bute Co 1 pound 8 shillings 4pense 25 Dec 1775. Died a few years ago in Franklin County. Left very considerable property. Richard Benehan of Orange Co and James Lynn of Granville Co are the executors. Solvent at peace. Informant: Thomas Hines Esq. of Wake County.

Kinchum, William 39 pound bond, claim of Alston Young & Co. Moved many years ago to the southern part of this state perhaps to Chatham County.

Caruther’s History of North Carolina, p. 62, ‘3, etc.:
“David Fanning made a raid on Hillsboro and captured among others, Gov. Burke and William Kinchen [ca 1750 – Dec 1781], and took them to the prison ships at Charleston, by way of Wilmington. On his way home, Mr. Kinchen sickened and died….After his death, Sarah his widow, married Col. James Mebane [rather she married Col. John Mebane].”
— John H Wheeler said James Mebane married the only child of William Kinchen.

Capt. William Kinchen II ca 1700 – 1779 | his parents
& 1719 Mary | her parents
& | her parents
& 1758 Sarah House | her parents
of Northampton Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Also Wm. Byrd, in surveying the boundary line in 1729, mentions Mr. Kinchen a worthy Magistrate
in North Carolina, living in much affluence.

William Kinchen was a representative from Bertie County in the Colonial Assembly in 1733

1736 William Kinchen qualified and took his place as one of the justices of Bertie County.

William Kinchen was sheriff of Northampton 1745-48

Children of William Kinchen & wife Mary:
1. William Kinchen III ca 1720 – 1758

2. Henry Kinchen ca 1740 –

3. Lemuel Kinchen
witness to brother-in-law Richard McKinnie’s will in 1751

4. Mary Kinchen est 1730 –
married 1st Richard McKinnie d by Aug 1755
From Abstracts of Wills, 1690 – 1760: MacKinne, Richard. Edgecombe County.
August 10, 1751. August Court, 1755.
Brother: Robert MacKinne. Nephew: Barnaby McKinnie.
Wife and Executrix: Mary.
Executors: William Kinchen and William Kinchen, Junr.
Witnesses: W. Kinchen, Wm. Baker, Lemuel Kinchen.
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort.

married by 13 Aug 1757 Blake Baker
[Blake Baker married Mary Kinchen, widow of McKinnie]
a. Judge Blake Baker

  1. Elizabeth Kinchen
    married 1763 Phillip Kearney [had sister in law who married Blake Baker]

Child of William Kinchen & 2nd wife?:
1. Matthew Kinchen
Edgecombe Co 1790 Matthew Kinchen 2 4 2 – 23
John Kinchen 2 9 1 – 32

married Elizabeth Bellamy

Child of William Kinchen & Sarah House:
1. Mourning Kinchen
married Spencer Ball

from Edgecombe Prec. Land Recs:

“Bk 1 pg 140 Mathew Raiford & Mourning his wife of Edgecombe to Wm Kinchen of Edgecombe
10 Oct 1735, 100 pds current money of VA, 270 acres on south side of Moratuck River… Wits: Red Lewis, Jr., Wm. Williams, Wm. Kinchen, Jr.”

from ” Colonial Bertie County “, Volume 3, p. 181:

“Book E, 176 – William Kinchen & wife Mary to John Deberry Nov 5, 1737 . 95 pds for 627 A. on Meherring River at mouth of Middle Branch, At “Boon’s corner tree”. Wit: William Kinchen, Jun., Thomas Humphrey, jurat. November 1737.”

from Northampton county
“pg. 224 Joseph Bridgers of Northampton Co. to William Kinchen of Northampton Co.
3 July 1745 18 pounds current silver money of Va. 436 acres more or less on the north west side of the Mill swamp, joining Rowland Williams and the swamp, as by patent 1 Dec. 1744 Wit: William Kinchen, Jr., John Crowell, Samuel Bell x his mark Reg. Northampton Co. Nov. Ct. 1745 Robert Forster C. Ct.”

WILLIAM KINCHEN, SR. of Northampton Co., gentleman to Arthur Bell of Edge. Co., planter
22 Dec. 1754 15 pounds current money of Va. 388 acres on the north side of Swift creek, joining former lands of WILLIAM KINCHIN, Great Meadow, Honey branch and the creek part of 676 acres Wit: Thomas Floyd T his mark, B. J. Croney Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1756 Joseph Montfort C.Ct.

WILLIAM KINCHIN, SR. of Northampton Co., gentleman to Francis Floyd of Edge. Co., planter
15 Dec. 1755 10 pounds current money of Va. 288 acres on the north side of Swift creek, joining Goodson’s branch, Thomas Floyd, Henry branch, other lands of the sd. KINCHIN and the creek part of 676 acres Wit: John Falconer, Joseph Thomas Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1756 J. Montfort C.Ct.

“pg. 500 WILLIAM KINCHEN of Northampton Co., gentleman to WILLIAM UPSHAW DAVIS and THOMAS HUMPHREYS of Northampton Co. and SARAH HOUSE daughter of ROBERT HOUSE (co. not identified) 15 Aug.1758 in consideration of a marriage intended by God’s permission between WILLIAM KINCHEN and SARAH HOUSE and the sum of 5 shillings proclamation money WILLIAM KINCHEN releases to the sd. DAVIS and HUMPHREY 300 acres more or less in Johnson Co. on the north side of Northhunty marsh with the stock of meat cattle and hoggs thereon and now in the tenure of JAMES EDWARDS. Wit: JOHN DURES (?), JAMES SHARE (?), THOMAS LANKFORD X his mark Reg. Northampton Co. Oct. Ct. 1758 J. Edwards C. Ct. ”

from Northampton Co., NC deed abstracts:
pg. 502 WILLIAM KINCHEN of Northampton Co. to HENRY KINCHEN of Northampton Co.
16 Sept. 1758 for love and affection 1100 acres more or less whereon I now live and purchased of Col. Barnaby McKinnie and 100 acres joining it which I purchased of Peter Jones, all houses, orchards, gardens, stables, pastures etc. Wit: Thomas Humphry, John Gully, Wil- Gulley Reg. (not given) J. Edwards C.Ct504 WILLIAM KINCHEN of Northampton Co. to HENRY KINCHEN of Northampton Co.
16 Sept. 1758 for the love and affection I bear my beloved son, the Negroes Cromwill, London, Hanah, Rose, Amy, Amy’s child, Betty, Aggy, 3 feather beds, 1 counter pin, one desk, 6 chairs etc. Wit: Thomas Humphry, John Culley, William Gulley. Reg. Northampton Co. Oct. Ct.1758 J. Edwards C.Ct.

DB C-20 Commissioners of the Town of Tarborough to HENRY KINCHIN, July 31, 1761 , for 40s. Proc. money one lot containing one-half acre on Creek Street, known as Lot No. 67 in the plan of the town. Wit: Benja. Hart, Edw’d Telfair.

DB 2-22 WILLIAM KINCHEN and wife, SARAH, of Edgecombe Co. to Joseph Philips of same, March 21, 1772, for 100 pds. Proc. money a tract of 300 acres on the south bank of Swift Creek and on the Long Branch adjoining Josua Sikes, which land was granted to John Sikes by patent bearing date March 29, 1743 and was conveyed to said Kinchen by deed of sale bearing date June 10, 1768. Wit: Etheldred Philips, Etheldred Exum.

DB 3-102 WILLIAM KINCHEN of Edgecombe Co. to John White of same, March 25, 1777, for 3 pds. Proc. money one lot in the Town ofTarborough , known as Lot No. 67 in the plan of the town. Wit: William Bonner, William George.

DB 3-325 WILLIAM KINCHEN of Edgecombe Co. to MATTHEW KINCHEN of same, Aug. 25, 1778, for 50 pds. Virginia money two tracts of land on the north side of Swift Creek containing in the whole 357 acres as follows: (1) 160 acres on the creek, granted to William Speir by patent bearing date June 5, 1740; (2) 197 acres on the creek adjoining Charles Porter and George Rochel, it being a Granville grant to George Rochel bearing date July 6, 1759. Wit: Eth’d Exum, Junr., Bejna. (X) Hart.

“William Kinchen, July 4, 1779 . Nov Ct. , 1779. Wife: Sarah, plantation and lands during life, negroes, horses, furniture, cattle, hogs, etc. Son: Matthew, 14 negroes, Brandy still, Blacksmith tools, silver tankard, 3 silver spoons, furniture. Dau: Mourning Ball, side saddle, furniture and utensils. Exr: Ethelred Philips. Wit: Ethelred Philips, Joseph Philips, Uriah Smith.”

William Kinchen I 1679 – 1735 | his parents
& 1708 Elizabeth Ruffin est 1678 – 1740 | her parents
of Isle of Wight Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Elizabeth Ruffin was the daughter of Robert Ruffin [1646/8 – 1693] of Rich Neck in Surry Co VA and Elizabeth Prime. She was sister of William Ruffin of Northampton Co NC.

William Kinchen was born 1 June 1679 in Isle of Wight Co VA and died before 28 July 1735 in Isle of Wight Co VA.

In Wm. & M. Quarterly, Vol. VII., No. 4, Page 268, W. Wm. Kinchen is mentioned as Vestryman
in the Upper Parish, July 13th, 1724, Isle of Wight County, Va.

Children of William Kinchen and Elizabeth Ruffin:
1. Matthew Kinchen 1707 – ca 1737 dsp
2. William Kinchen 1711 –
married Mary
3. Elizabeth Kinchen 1709 –
married 1st Joseph Jones
a. William Jones
b. Mary Jones
married 2nd Joseph Exum
4. Martha Kinchen ca 1713 –
married 1734 Thomas Jarrell son of Thomas Jarrett
a. Thomas Jarrell ca 1735 –
b. Ann Jarrell ca 1735 –
c. John Jared 25 June 1737 Isle of Wight Co VA – Falls PA
married 1st Phildadelphia PA 08 Aug 1757 Hannah Whitacre
21 Sept 1739 Bucks Co PA – 08 November 1765 Loudon Co VA
married 2nd 23 Aug 1767 Rachel Palmer
John and Hannah began their life together in a Quaker Colony called “Falls Monthly Meeting,” in Bucks Co. PA. They soon moved to Hunterdon Co. New Jersey were Hannah’s parents, also Quakers. lived. Later after they had 2 little boys they moved to Loudoun Co. VA.
John was a wagon maker and Rev. War Vertran. When the War for Independence came, he was torn between the Quaker learnings and his duty to home and country . The peaceful Quaker religion allowed no participation in war for any reason. When the Jared home was threatened John and his two oldest sons, William and Joseph, marched away to defend it. He also kept an account book, which he used in his family business, to record his family history. There is one page in the account book of John Jared that is devoted to transactions with his son, William. It is interesting in that it establishes the Revolutionary War service of both William and John and gives exact time of removal of the Jared family from Loudon to Bedford Co., VA. the entries read:
“In yr. 1781by work done by him (William) at home – I went to camp”
In 1782 “By tending sawmills for me and Mr. Neilson”
“By guarding the prisoners at Winchester.”
It was in 1782 when Cornwallis’ Army was held prisoner in Virginia.

April 13, 1785 William helped his father with the wagon to Bedford County. William spent the spring months moving to their newly established home and preparing it for habitation. In June he returned with John to Loudon county and “helped move the family out.”
d. Benjamin Jarrell ca 1739 –
e. Elizabeth Jarrell ca 1743 –
5. Patience Kinchen 1715 –
married Ethelred Taylor d 1755 of Surry and SH Co’s VA
a. Kinchen Taylor d 1771 intestate
married Ridley Browne d 1825 SH VA will
daughter of Dr. Jesse Browne; she married 2nd William Kelow
i. Sally Taylor
ii. Lucy Taylor
iii. Rebecca Taylor
iv. Jesse Taylor
v. Charles Taylor
6. Sarah Kinchen 1717 IofW Co VA –
married bef 1734`James Godwin
a. James Godwin
b. Martha Godwin
c. Matthew Godwin will 1776
married Charlotte Darley
i. James Godwin
1. daughter
married 1783 James Holladay
ii. Kinchen Godwin [capt in the Rev]
married dau of Bembridge Godwin
1. Wright Godwin
2. Burgh Godwin
iii. William Godwin
iv. Edwin Godwin
married 178x Elizabeth Hunter of Isle of Wight
married 2nd Nancy Stokley
v. Sally Godwin
married Joseph Corbell
vi. Charlotte Godwin
vii. Mary Godwin
viii. Rachel Godwin will 1801
ix. Amelia Godwin

from Isle of Wight Deed Book 1 1688-1704:
“(p. 89) 8 Jan 1693 William Carver …
Wit: William Kerle, William Kinchon and Thomas Howell. [signed] William (x) Carver
Rec: 9 Jan 1693 ”

In his will signed 13 Aug 1734 and proved 28 July 1735 William Kinchen named his son William Kinchen and his grandson William Kinchen.

Cases adjudged in the General Ct of VA between April 1733 and Oct 1741
Godwin vs Kinchen’s Ex’rs. In Chancery. April Ct 1737
Matthew Kinchen made his will and after several legacies left all the rest of his goods and chattels to his brother William Kinchen and his three sisters Eliza, Martha, and Patience and James Godwin’s “three children” James, Martha, and Matthew.

Bertie Co Deed Book –
Nov 23 1740 – Elizabeth Kinchin of Isle of Wight Co VA to William Kinchin – Gift. “….Love and Goodwill I bear to my son William Kinchin … and Likewise to my Grandson William Kinchin and son to the aforesaid William Kinchin being of Edgecomb County…” To my son two Negroes, Secor and Rose and to my Grandson “my goods & chattles now in possession of said William delivered with an inventory signed by my own hand….” Wit: R. William, Thomas Godwin, William Taylor. NC Ct 11 Feb 1740.

22 Nov 1740 – Elizabeth Kinchin to William Kinchin Sen. Deed of Gift. “An Inventory of all & singular the Estate Goods & Chattles of Elizabeth Kinchin Late of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia…” 1 negro man Secor, 1 Negro woman Rose, 29 lbs cash, 4 beds & furniture, 2 potts, 5 dishes, 2 doz. plates, chest of drawers, 10 leather chairs, 1 Large Bible, 3 Brass Candlesticks, 3 punch bowls, 2 Black Trunks. Wit: R. William, Thomas Godwin, William Taylor.

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