Churches of the Roanoke-Chowan Area


Bethlehem Baptist – org 1836 near Maple Lawn

New Bethany Baptist – org 1866 by the Black members of Bethlehem

Pleasant Grove Baptist – org 1837 near Mulberry Grove

Holly Grove Baptist – south of Powellsville
first known as Outlaw’s Chapel org 1806

Powellsville Baptist – org 1905

Powellsville Methodist

Center Grove Baptist Church org 1897 Hertford Co

Brantley’s Grove Baptist Church org 1877 Hertford Co

Early’s Baptist Church org 1917 Hertford Co

Mars Hill Baptist Church org 1854 Bertie Co

Reynoldson Baptist – near Sarem Gates Co
first known as Piney Grove org 1827

Sarem Christian – at Sarem Gates co

Capehart’s Chapel -Episcopal Chapel built 1880 by the Capehart family
photo by James Moore
this is “The Church of the Holy Innocents” at Avoca – also see its history

Capehart’s Baptist Church – org 1823 – Merry Hill, Bertie Co, NC

Colerain Baptist Church dedicated 1911 – org 1789 as Wiccacon
photo by David Miller

Meherrin Baptist Church – Murfreesboro, NC – 1st org 1735
and her children

Middle Swamp org 1806, Gates NC

Buckhorn Baptist Church, org 1835,

Mt. Tabor org. 1839

Murfreesboro Baptist Church org 1845

Murfreesboro Methodist Church org. 1806

Murfreesboro Presbyterian Church org 1824

Murfreesboro Episcopal St. Barnabas org 1759

Sandy Run Baptist Church, Roxobel, NC – built 1936 – org 1750 or before
previous wooden church destroyed by lightning strike 24 July 1936

17th Century Meeting House

Old Brick Church, Isle of Wright, VA 17th century

St.Thomas Episcopal Church, Windsor,NC
Est at Merry Hill in 1722 and the Parish moved to Windsor in1839.

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  1. Trying to find out about a Methodist Church that began a school for Native Americans in Murfreesbo, NC?

  2. Sally,
    please add St.Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Windsor,NC
    Est at Merry Hill in 1722 and the Parish moved to Windsor in1839.

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