John Foster & Rosanna Mitchell

Sally’s 5-great Grandparents:

Lieut. John Foster Jr 1728 – 1784 | parents
& 1749 Rosanna Mitchell? ca 1733 – bef 1784 | parents
of Gloucestor [now Mathews] County, VA

John Foster Jr. married in Mathews County (Kingston Parish Register) Rose [perhaps Mitchell].
Note: The vestry book of Kingston Parish, Mathews Co VA lists funds paid for the upkeep of Rose Mitchell [presumably an orphan, from 1742 until 1752
– the only Rose listed in the book]

John Foster Jr. was born 7 April 1728
son of John Foster and his wife Mary.
(She was probably the daughter of Abraham Forest.)
“The Foster family was well-educated, ambitious, cheerful, musical, religious, hard-working, and adventurous.”
John lived in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, VA
and served in the Virginia Militia during the Revolution.
His will was proved 1784.
His wife was not mentioned in the will so probably predeceased him.

Children of John Foster Jr and wife Rosanna:
1.[Lt.] Isaac Foster 1750 –
married 11 Feb 1773 Elizabeth Hodges
a. William Foster 8 Nov 1773 –
b. John Foster 6 June 1775 –
c. Isaac Foster 1789 – dec.
” the lighthouse keeper in his later years–piloted ocean-going vessels and had a number of sons who were masters of ships which sailed all over the world.”
per Mary Foster Olive
1. William Sidney Foster
a. Sidney Foster
2. [Dr.] John Foster 1752 – 1802/03 [Lt. in Rev.]
married 20 Oct 1778 Elizabeth Culley
a. Asenath Foster ca 1790 –
married 1811 Capt Thomas Fitchett of Mathews Co, VA
b. John Foster dsp
c. Albert Foster
married and had no issue
d. Cyril Foster 1793 Mathews Co, VA –
married 1825 Mathews Co, VA Louisa S Adams 16 Oct 1805 – 22 May 1860
settled in Madison Co, MS ca 1834
e. Harrod Foster dy of yellow fever
f. Victor Foster
married and had one son who had no heirs
?g. Mary [Polly] Foster
married George Barrett II
i. Mary Barrett ca 1842 –
married 1860 CEW Dobbs Baptist preacher
gg grandparents of Rosemary Dobbs Perticari
3. Jesse Foster ca 1754 – nfi
4. Louisa Foster 2 Nov 1756 – bef 1822
married 9 Feb [3 Nov] 1776 Humphrey Hudgins Jr 1757 – 1822
5. Capt. Josiah Foster 2 Dec 1758 –
6. Amelia Foster 9 Oct 1760 – ca 8 Dec 1794 age 34
Their children births are recorded in the Kingston Parish records.
married ca 1782 John Hudgins 8 Oct 1762 – aft 1803
John Hudgins was a builder of ocean-going sailing vessels and his yard was at Potato Neck, VA. He was known as “Noble John” and also ” Potato Neck John” to distinguish him from the other nine John Hudgins. This John’s birth is recorded in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, VA records as 8 Oct. 1762 son of Humphrey Deggs Hudgins 1735-1805 and wife Joanna.
a. Mary Deggs Hudgins 29 March 1783 -16 Dec 1824
married 26 Dec 1801 Jesse Hudgins 26 May 1775-1 Aug 1860 Mathews Co, VA
i. Mildred Amelia Hudgins 11 Aug 1802 –
married Edward Davis
ii. Sarah Hudgins 16 Aug 1804 – 4 Feb 1889
married 13 Jan 1831 Rev. John Hudgins 9 Jan 1809 – 1 Sept 1849
iii. Rosanna Hudgins 29 Oct 1807 –
married Ned Smith
iv. William D Hudgins 29 May 1810 – Sept 1825
v. John Perrin Hudgins 28 May 1813 – Jan 1825
vi. Lucina Foster Hudgins 17 Oct 1815 – 16 Dec 1897 York Co, VA
vii. Jesse Hudgins, jr 23 Jan 1818 – Jan 1825
viii. Humphrey Hudgins 31 Oct 1820 – 16 Aug 1899 Matthews Co, VA
b. John Foster Hudgins 26 Jan 1787 –
married 1st Lucy Jones
married 2nd Frances [Fannie] Wallace
i. James Hudgins
married Minerva Woolsey
1. Gilbert Hudgins
married Kate Comstock
a. Gladys Hudgins
married Frank Roberts
b. Ray Comstock Hudgins
married Leah Alice Blanpied
line of Nancy Burch
c. Keith Hudgins
married Geneva Welborn
2. Thomas Hudgins
married Melville Comstock
a. Dudley Wallace Hudgins
married Helen Sterling Brown
line of Donna
3. third child
married 3rd Agnes Green.
c. [ [Judge] William Hudgins 27 Jan 1789 Norfolk, VA – 11 Dec 1874 MO
married 1810 Urbana, VA Nancy Blake March 1793 VA -10 Jan 1862 MO]
d. Rosanna Hudgins 6 Jan 1791 –
married Dudley White
e. Humphrey Hudgins 8 Dec 1794 –
married Nancy Thomas
John Hudgins married 2nd Ann Soper.

6a. Sarah Foster died 20 Oct 1760 [perhaps she was a twin of Amelia]
7. Joel Foster 15 Aug 1762 – 11 Aug 1851 St. Helena Parish LA
married 1st Rosanna Miller
married 2nd Elizabeth Hinton
married 3rd Mary Staples
8. Sarah Foster 10 Feb 1764 –
married Rev. John Brownley [Meth. minister & a ship builder]
a. Louisa D Brownley ca1809 – ca 1839
married 1828 Joel Hudgins 1800-
9. Rosey Foster 14 May 1767 – bef 1784

Gloucester Co, VA, Will of John Foster, Jr. 1 Dec 1784
In the name of God Amen I John Foster of Gloucester County being sick and weak but in my perfect senses do make and appoint this as my last will and Testament in manner and form following Viz:
I leave my land to be Sold and my debts to be paid then all my Estate to be Equally divided between all my children, Vizi: Isaac Foster, John Foster, Jesse Foster, Josiah Foster, & Joel Foster, Louisa Hudgins, Amelia Hudgins, and Sarah Foster (my son Isaac Foster is to pay into my Estate thirty five pounds Humphrey Hudgins thirty five pounds and John Hudgins thirty five pounds for several young Negroes apiece I have already lent them only a young Negro child named Lidde, I have already given unto my son Joel Foster to him and his heirs forever, I mention this that there may be no dispute hereafter….Witness my hand and seal this first day of December one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four.
John Foster Junr.
Wit: Joel Foster, Jona. Lyell
I leave my sons Isaac Foster & John Foster Exectrs to my Estate.

Ref: include “Foster of Virginia and Mississippi” in HSF by Bodie Vol XXI,
“Kingston Parish Register, Gloucester and Mathews Counties, Virginia 1749-1827” compiled by Matheny and Yates
“Hudgins, Virginia to Texas” by Edgar H Hudgins

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