Richard Smith, Margaret Blow, & Mary Tooke

Richard Smith ca 1630 – 1712 | his parents
& ca 1668 Margaret Blow d ca 1678 [widow of George Blow]| her parents
& ca 1678 Mary Tooke [widow of John Twyford]| her parents
of Surry Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
info given in “Smith of Scotland Neck” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr MD

ca 1630 – Richard Smith was born. [probably in Virginia] from a deposition given on 5 January 1691, age 60 – [the supposed son of Thomas Smith who died in Surry Co in 1669]
by ? Dec 1653 -George Blow and wife Margaret were married
– George and Margaret had sons George ca 1657 and Richard Blow ca 1663.
3 July 1660 – Richard Smith appears in the record of Surry Co as the member of a jury.
1663, 6 Dec – along with Margery Blow and William Marriot he, Richard Smith, wit. a deed from George Blow to John Bynum for land on the Blackwater.
– Richard Smith married Margaret, widow of George Blow.
1668 – Richard Smith appears on the tithable list of Surry Co; George Blow does not.
ca 1668 – daughter Elizabeth is born.
1671 – George Blow Jr. petitioned that “the estate of his deceased father George Blow, now in the hands of his father-in-law Richard Smith be continued in such hands.” [Smith was bonded by Nicholas Sessoms.]
7 May 1672 – Richard Smith appointed constable
1674, July, – Richard Smith Sen conveyed two steers, 6 years old, named “Swann” and “Sweeting” to Richard Drew.
1678, 4 March – Margaret had died because on that day the estate of John Twyford was presented to Richard Smith who had married the widow Mary. [John and Mary had a son John listed as baby in the estate]
1683 – Richard Blow appears on the tithable list in Richard Smith’s household
1684, 20 April – Richard Smith was granted 230 a of land on the southeast side of Pigeon Swamp in Southwark, Surry, bordering on Nicholas Meriweather and Joseph Wall for importing five persons into the colony. This land is the 200 a listed with Richard on the Rent Roll of 1704 and the tract he entailed to his three sons by will.
1685 – George Blow acknowledged a deed of gift of a heifer to Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Smith.
In that same year Smith was attorney for Elizabeth, wife to Richard Blow, in relinquishing her dower in a parcel of land given by her husband to his brother George Blow Jr.
1687 – Richard Smith was a member of the Surry County Militia.
4 Sept 1688 – appointed surveyor of the highway over Pigeon Sw “near his house”
6 Jan 1690 – petitioned the court that he was “poor and impotent” and he was discharged from paying public or county levies in the future.
1694 – John Twyford was living in the household of Richard Smith
24 Feb 1712/13 – wrote his will – will probated at May Court 1713 Surry Co VA

Will of Richard Smith 24 Feb 1712 prob: 20 May 1713 Surry Co VA
— to wife, Mary Smith, my whole est. and make her Exerx.
— to Elizabeth Boon and Richard Sessoms each a cow.
— to son Richard Smith, the Plantation I live on at my wife’s decease
— to sons Thomas Smith and Nicholas Smith, the land where Thomas Smith now lives.
— the rest of est to wife, Mary
WIT: Will Davidson, Robert Booth Bk 6 p 144

1713, 9 May — the inventory of Richard Smith’s estate lists some livestock and a small quantity of household goods, including thirty-two pounds of pewter. He owned no slaves.

1733 – “the three sons of Richard Smith and Arthur, the eldest son of Richard Jr. signed a deed breaking the entail on the land devised in their father’s will. The 230 a they sold to Blanks Moody was the same that Richard Smith had patented in 1684.”

Children of George Blow and wife Margaret:
1. George Blow Jr ca 1657 –
2. Richard Blow ca 1663 –
appears on the 1683 tithable list in household of Richard Smith

Child of Richard Smith and 1st wife Margaret:
1. Elizabeth Smith ca 1668 Surry Co VA – aft 1735 White Plains, Hertford Co, NC
married 1st Thomas Sessums ca 1677 – 1711
married 2nd bef Feb 1712 James Boon ca 1677 – 1735

Children of Richard Smith and 2nd wife Mary Tooke:
2. Richard Smith ca 1679 – 1756 NH Co NC
in 1719 Richard Smith received a grant for 390 a “for services performed toward making a new settlement for the Sapony Indians at Christiana.” will written 26 July 1751; probate Feb Ct 1756
married Ann
a. Henry Arthur Smith
desc moved to Wayne Co NC and later to Alabama
married Amy

i. Richard Smith bef 1751 –
named in grandfather Richard Smith will written 26 July 1751
married by 1762 Amy Avent dau of Thomas Avent
Drew Aldridge was wit to 1762 deed
to Frederick Jordan by Richard and Amy
ii. Barbery Smith
married bef 1 Oct 1762 John Morgan
b. Mary Smith
married Aldrig
i. Drury Aldrig bef 1751 –
3. Thomas Smith ca 1680 – ?[1737 Isle of Wight VA
married Elizabeth]
there were several contemporary Thomas Smith’s in that part of Virginia and they are hard to separate — he may have been the Thomas Smith who eventually moved to Edgecombe Co for 17 May 1742 Richard Smith sold one Thomas Smith 390 a on the east side of Elk Marsh “which land was granted to Nicholas Smith and lapsed for not seating. The deed was witnessed by Drew Smith, William Smith and Henry Fike”
4. Nicholas Smith ca 1682 – ca 1743 Scotland Neck, NC
appears of 1698 tithable list of Surry Co VA first time
1723 – settled on the Roanoke in NC

married Mary Drew
daughter of John Drew ca 1672 – 1702 & Elizabeth Swann

Child of John Twyford and wife Mary Tooke:
1. John Twyford Jr ca 1678 –
listed as one baby in estate Records of his father John Twyford in 1678
living in Richard Smith’s household in 1694

This is proved by Elizabeth relinquishing her right of dower on a deed in 1700 shown in Order Book 1691-1713 page 210.
also – a deed from Nicholas Smith on Feb 8 1729 for good will and affection to his nephew Richard Sessoms. . .”tract whereon Richard now lives adj. Richard Killingsworth, John Gray. Wit: John Shelly, Samuel Sessoms. Aug Ct Bertie 1729
Nicholas Smith was the brother of Elizabeth as shown by their father Richard Smith’s will dated 24 Feb 1712. probate 20 May 1713 6-144.
Will of James Boone 8 Jun 1733 Prob Mar Ct 1735 Bertie Precinct, NC
“….being sick and weak of body….”
— son in law John Early – Negro Rose at the death of my wife Eliza Boone
— son in law John Wynns – Negro Charles at my wife’s death, also my crosscut saw and writing desk and half the benefit of my apple orchard which I leave under his care until his son George Augustus Wynns is of age, also black walnut table and 1000 foot of new plank.
—- son in law Cullimur Sessums – Negro Adam at the death of my wife.
— grandson George Augustus Wynns – manner plantation where I now live and 400 acres of lightwood land adjoining it but if he dies without heir it shall fall to the next heir of my daughter Mary Wynns, but if she should die without another heir it shall be divided among the heirs of my daughter Eliza Early.
— grandson George Augustus Wynns – mare and choice of all the children of my Negro Judey.
— grandson James Early – Negro Sam after my wife’s death.
— to James Burk – Negro Moll and her son Coaffe, gold, silver, bed, etc. and wearing apparel, which I leave in the care of my son-in-law John Wynns as his tutor and guardian untill the said James is eighteen.
— to William Burk – Negro Judey and her increase, except for the child bequeathed to my grandson George, also mare, bed, etc, which I leave in the care of my son-in-law John Wynns as his tutor and guardian until the said William is eighteen. If either James or William dies underage the surviving brother will inherit half and the other half will be divided between the children of my sons in law John Early and John Wynns.
—- to John Askew — cows and calves.
—- Goddaughter Martha Davis – mare.
—- wife Elizabeth Boone – horses, etc. Remaining estate after wife’s death to be divided between John Wynns, John Early, and James Burke.
EX: wife, sons-in-law John Wynns and John Early
WIT: John Willson, Thomas Lee, James [x] Martin [Abstract by David B Gammon]

Nicholas Smith ca 1681 – ca 1743 | his parents
& Mary Drew | her parents
of Surry Co VA & Scotland Neck, Halifax Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

info given in “Smith of Scotland Neck” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr MD

1698 -Nicholas Smith, the youngest son of Richard Smith of Surry, appears of 1698 tithable list of Surry Co VA first time, which would make him born before 1682.
1718, 4 March – Nicholas Smith granted 290 acres in Isle of Wight Co VA
1720, 20 Feb – Nicholas granted another 100 acres on the Meherrin in the same area as the first grant.
[his brothers Thomas and Richard also received grants nearby]
1723, 9 Feb – Nicholas Smith bought 450 acres on the south bank of the Roanoke River from John Bryan in what was then Bertie Precinct of the Colony of North Carolina for 30 pounds. He appears to have move then to NC probably in time for spring planting.
1723, 1 Dec – he sold Benjamin Chapman Donaldson the 100 acres on the Meherrin, where he had “lately dwelt.”
1725, 1 July – he bought from John Gray 500 acres adjoining the lands of Arthur Davis, the Reedy branch and the river. [known today as “Peters”
1728, Aug – he bought from John Surginger 325 acres on Kehukee adjoining the lands of William Drew.
1729, Aug – Nicholas Smith deeded his nephew Richard Sessoms “for love and affection” 100 acres on which Richard Sessoms then lived, adjoining the lands of Richard Killingsworth, John Gray et al.
-deed was wit. by John Shelley and Samuel Sessoms and was part of the 500 a from John Gray in 1725.
1731, 8 Oct – Nicholas sold the rest of his land in Isle of Wight to William Deloach Jr
1733 – Nicholas Smith of the Province of North Carolina joined his brothers in selling the land inherited from their father in Surry.
1737, 27 Sept – Nicholas Smith and John Shelley wit. a deed from William Drew of Surry VA to William Fort for 640 a on Kehukee.
1739 – Nicholas Smith was assigned a patent by John Grey 640 a on Cypress Swamp bordering on his other land [lands later known as Barrows and Light Neck]
1740 – Nicholas Smith rec a grant in NC of 280 a on the north side of the Marotock River on Fountains creek adjoining Thomas Jordan and the Cypress Swamp.
1741, 29 Oct – sold that 280 a to Arthur Wall, deed wit by Drew and Richard Smith.
1743 – per Edgecombe Co minutes Nicholas Smith died, his will [which has been lost] was proved by John Shelley and Drew Smith.

per “his great grandson Richard H Smith, Nicholas was a Church of England man and worshipped at old Kehukee Chapel, several miles from his plantation. This chapel was in existence before 1738 for on Feb 2 of that year William Fort deeded to the Parish and Vestry an ‘acre of land where the chapel now standeth on that very spot.’ Nicholas seems to have married after 1711 Mary the daughter of John Drew of Surry, will dated 1703 and his wife Elizabeth Swann. .. the oldest son of Nicholas was named Drew… the other surviving child of John Drew, Elizabeth, married John Shelley and had John Shelley who settled next to Nicholas Smith on the Roanoke and was executor of his will.”

Children of Nicholas Smith and Mary Drew:
1. Drew Smith
will dated 1762 Halifax Co NC
married Elizabeth
a. Priscilla Smith ca 1746 – 1822 Nash Co NC
married ca 1762 Col. Thomas Hunter ca 1740 – 1784 Nash Co
b. Millea Smith died after 1822
?married first a Mr. Thomas
1. Polly Thomas who died young aft 1790
married 2nd Jacob Barrow, Halifax Co NC will 1790
2. Thomas Barrow
married Mary Duke Laurence dau of John of NH
a. Thomas Barrow moved to Maury Co TN
b. Dr. William L. Barrow of Jackson NC
married 21 Oct 1841 Eliza Rebecca Calvert
3. Betsy Barrow
4. Feraby Barrow
married 1807 Robert Justice son of John of Halifax
5. Sally Barrow
c. Temperance Smith ca 1751 –
married ca 1767 Col. Philip Alston est 1745 – 1786 GA
d. Anne Smith 1759 – 1839 Dickson Co TN
married 1779 Thomas Blount Whitmel d. 20 Sept 1798 Halifax Co NC
served in the Continental Line 20 Nov 1776 – 14 May 1779
2. Mary Smith
married Arthur Bryan
son of John and Elizabeth Bryan of Cypress Swamp
James Smith, a brother of Mary lists the births of three Bryan children presumed to be children of Mary and Arthur
a. James Smith Bryan 18 March 1746 – 1785 Halifax will 1785
married Lucy ?
1. Mary Bryan
married Turner Joyner
2. Sarah Bryan
married Ethelred Ellis
3. James Bryan dsp 1805
b. Mary Bryan 1752 –
c. Priscilla Bryan Jan 1758
d. Nicholas Bryan dy?
e. Needham Bryan died 1785
married Jamima Daffin died 1808
she married 2nd 1796 John Williamson
3. Richard Smith died ca 1751 no issue
on 11 Nov 1751 the estate of Richard Smith was divided “between Francis Bythel Haynes and the brothers of the deceased.”
married Ann
Ann married 2nd Francis Bythel Haynes and had many children
4. Sarah Smith
married William Bryan will dated 1761 Edgecombe Co – Fishing Creek brother of Arthur
a. John Bryan
married Sarah Hobby
b. Arthur Bryan
married Rhoda Hobby
c. Brittain Bryan
married Eliz Williams
d. Smith Bryan – will Edgecombe Co 1811
married 1st Lucy Barlow
married 2nd Martha Weeks
e. William Bryan – will Edgecombe Co 1797
5. Capt. James Smith 1720 VA – 1811
married Mary Edwards
a. Lucy Penelope Smith 17 Oct 1746 – bef 1772
married 1st Thomas Langley d. 1764?
1. Penelope Langley 14 April 1762 –
married 1st Edwards
married 2nd Jacob Battle 1754 – 1815 of Edgecombe
a. James Smith Battle
married 1765 2nd Reuben Norfleet 1729/30 – 1801
1. Marmaduke Norfleet 12 July 1766 Bertie Co – 13 June 1818 Halifax Co NC
a member of the House of Commons from Halifax, NC, 1789.
Lived in Scotland Neck at home owned by Peter Smith. “Sunnyside ”
burned in the 1870’s
David Gammon notes “In the 1920’s my great uncle Peter Evans Shields built a home on the same site, called it “Sunnyside” and it burned in the 1930’s as well. . .
.Nobody has built there again. This is just north of Old Trinity Cemetery today.”
married Hannah Ruffin dau of William Ruffin and Sarah Hill
2. James Norfleet 1768 – 1790 dsp
married 2nd Emily [Milly] Turner dau of Thomas
b. Pheraby Smith 7 Nov 1748 – dy
c. Nancy Smith 30 Sept 1754 – dy
d. Turner Smith 21 Jan 1757 –
married Bettie Edwards
1. Polly Turner Smith 1778 – 26 Oct 1812
married 29 Oct 1795 Dr. Simmons Jones Baker 15 Feb 1775 Gates Co – 1853 Raleigh NC
lived in Halifax Co NC and FL but died in Raleigh NC
e. James Smith Jr. 1 Mar 1763 –
f. Mary Smith 13 Feb 1766 – dy
married Anne perhaps the widow of Jordan Thomas d 1763 on Roanoke
married perhaps the widow of Micajah Thomas – Mourning Dixon Crudup Thomas
according to the Thomas Bible records, Mourning Smith died of a flux 29 June 1781
married 5th bef 30 April 1796 Sarah Hill d. 1816
widow of William Ruffin d 1781 of NH Co
she was the mother of Hannah Ruffin who married Smith’s grandson Marmaduke Norfleet
Sarah Hill Ruffin Smith was a member of the Kehukee Baptist

6. Arthur Smith 1732 – 1789
married Anne Ruffin 1737 – 1801
a. Molly Smith 1754 –
married Lemuel Hogan
b. Winney Smith 1760 –
married John Andrews
c. Drew Smith 1763 – 1816
married 1st Sarah Bell
married 2nd Elizabeth Slatter
d. Arthur Smith 1765 – 1801
married Sarah Dickinson
e. Martha Smith 1768 – 1833
married 1st Marmaduke Bell
married 2nd Richard Harrison
f. Robert Ruffin Smith 1771 – 1821
married Sarah Slatter
g. Anne Bennett Smith 1777 – 1859
married John Hannon
h. William Ruffin Smith 1779 – 1845
married ca 1801 Sarah Walton Norfleet 27 Nov 1782 – 9 Dec 1870

Miniatures of William Ruffin Smith and his wife Sarah Walton Norfleet
about the time of their marriage
Woman at bottom is thought to be his sister Anne Smith
page 96 “Smith of Scotland Neck”

Ref: “Smith of Scotland Neck, Planters On The Roanoke” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr M.D. 1976

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  1. I have followed many of your postings because we share common ancestors and I find your research quite credible and reliable. Please tell me how you know John Twyford married Mary Tooke and who are her parents. Thank you for a reply. Sondra G Lee

    1. Dear Sondra, Found that in Eastern North Carolina Families, Vol I, edited by David Gammon. page 190 An Article by Claiborne T Smith Jr,. M.D.
      “By March 4, 1678, Margery Smith had died, and Richard had married Mary, the widow of John Twyford. Surry County will Book 2, page 199. It is probable that Mary was the mother of the rest of Richard Smith’s children. The late W. A. Graham Clark, son of Judge Walter Clark and a descendant of Richard Smith, did considerable research on the early Smith of Surry. He stated without giving references, that Mary’s maiden name was Tooke. A letter among the Peter Evans Smith papers in the N. C. Collection at UNC at Chapel Hill.”
      It doesn’t mention Mary’s parents.
      Thank you for your question.
      Sally Koestler

      1. Thank you for your response. I am researching the descendants of James Tooke. It is my hypothesis that Mary (Tooke) Twyford, Smith was the daughter of William Tooke and his wife Jane Cobb. Many thanks to you for all your research which you generously share. We have many ancestors in common. Sincerely, Sondra G Lee

  2. I am researching my GreatGreatGrandfather, Peter Smith, who was born about 1797 in North Carolina. In 1837 he was in Lowndes County, Mississippi. Looking for a connection between a county in NC and Lowdes, MS I found that the Shields plantation in Lowndes, was owned by Charles Shields in Scotland Neck, and when he died, the executer was William Ruffin Smith. I sent for the book- “Smith of Scotland Neck, Planters On The Roanoke” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr M.D. 1976, and I was wondering if you had found a connection to the Peter Smiths that lived in NC and MS.

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