James Jones & Sarah Edmunds

I pursued the James Jones family of Surry County. But I found that James Jones IV who married Hannah Briggs and Leah Wyche remained in Surry County and was the sheriff there from 1773. Their children were Mary, Howell, Sarah, Benjamin, Lucretia, Priscilla, & Thomas. This is confirmed by the distribution of Howell’s assets among his brothers and sisters in 1784 after James Jones IV’s death in Sussex County. I have found a note to the effect that Edmunds Jones unborn son was named James and lived in Edgecombe County and married Charity Alston. His service in the Revolution seems to be pushing it, but who knows. Anyway, our James is not of this family.

James Jones ca 1692 – 1742 his parents
& Sarah Edmunds ca 1702 – 1750/51
of Surry County, VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Jones son of James Jones (who died in 1725 Prince George Co, VA) & Rebecca Blight was born c 1692.
This James Jones died in Surry Co, VA signing his will 22 Aug 1742. His son to act as executor at age 20. On Feb 1742/3 the will was proved.
Sarah Edmunds was the daughter of Capt Howell Edmunds & Elizabeth Blunt dau of Thomas (died 1707) g. dau of Richard.

Children of James Jones & Sarah Edmunds:
1. James Jones ca 1723 – 1784
married 1st Hannah Briggs d 25 Jan 1774
married June 1774 2nd Leah Wyche relicit of Jas.
2. Howell Jones ca 1726 – 1751 dsp
3. Elizabeth Jones ca 1729 – 1771
married 1st Thomas Eldredge
married 2nd 1762 Drury Stith
4. John Jones ca 1732 – 1759 Northampton Co, NC
married Prissilla —–
a. Elizabeth Jones
5. Thomas Jones ca 1736 – June 1748
6. Edmunds Jones Dec 13, 1742 – 1764
born after his fathers death
married 1762 Rebecca Johnson

Wills and Administrations of Surry Co, VA, 1671-1750 by E. T. Davis.
Jones, James: Signed Aug 22, 1742; Prob. Feb 16 1742/3.
– To my son James Jones, lands in Prince George County, four negroes, half dozen leather chairs sent for to London, and money due from John Barnes for rent of my plantation in Prince George County and a mare brought from Brunswick County; untill such time as my son Howell shall attain the age of 21 years, then the labor of certain slaves to return to wife Sarah for her life or she marry. James to act at 20 years of age & be paid his legacies,
– To son James a silver-headed cane and best sword.
– To son Howell Land & Plantation bought of Wm. Kelly on N E side Assamoosick Swamp when son John is 20 years old etc.
РTo son Howell one Horseman’s Sword in the possession of David Jones.
– To daughter Elizabeth three negroes (Brunswick County) household goods, mourning ring, etc.
– To son John Lands & right of Lands in Isle of Wight County, also negroes, beds, etc. and to receive legacies at 20 years of age, but if no issue to son Howell.
– To son Thomas Land & Plantation where I now live and 75 acres. . .on Assamoosick Swamp, household goods etc and to receive legacies at 20 yearsold. If he have no heir to my son James.
– Child in esse to have land in Brunswick County. If it die land to son Howell.
РTo brother Robert the other 75 acres of new survey. . .next to John Stegall’s from Jarratt’s line . .to Capt Mason’s line.
– To my cousin Robert Jones one pistole and all ready money after debts & funeral expenses are paid.
– To wife, Sarah, negroes for her life and she to bequeath in what manner she likes.
EX: Wife, sons, James & Howell
WIT: Robert Jones, Robert Jones Jr. Richard Jones. Book 9 – page 427

Page 426 James Jones. Inventory. Date —— Rec. 16 Mar 1743
Richard Blunt. Executor (both Howell & James under 20)

Surry Co, VA Jones, Thomas Est: By Sarah Jones, admrx. 21 June 1748.
Signed – James Chappell, James Chappell, Jr, Robert Jones. Book 9 – page 579.

Surry County Deed Book #6 1749-1753 —
p 286 17 Jun 1751 . . .James Jones of Prince George County, Howell Jones and Elizabeth Jones of Surry County state that James Jones, decd. late of Surry County and their father left in his will dated 22 Aug 1742 the residue of his estate for life to his wife, Sarah Jones. Other children of James Jones, decd. are John Jones and Edmund Jones. The three first named children now give a slave named Priscilla to their brother John Jones.
James Jones, Howell Jones, & Elizabeth Jones
Wit: William Gray Jr, Daniel Weldon, and John Edmunds. Rec: 20 Aug 1751

p 288 17 Jun 1748. . . James Jones, Howell Jones & Elizabeth Jones give a slave named Robin to their brother, Edmund Jones. (Note: see preceeding deed)
James Jones, Howell Jones, & Elizabeth Jones
Wit: Daniel Welson, William Gray, Jr, & John Edmunds Red: 20 Aug 1751

p 789 16 Jun 1752 . . .
Account of Estate of Howell Jones, decd. lists John Threadgill, “legacy left Mary Jones,” Joseph Halsey, Rev. Mr. William Willie, 625 acres of land, David Jones, David Jones, Jr, Capt. Nicholas Edmunds, Dr. Campbell, Howell Jones, “money left Elizabeth Eldridge,” Christopher Golightly, “legacy to John Jones,” Miss Letitia Stage, Mr John Irby, James Chappell, Jr and Richard Jones.
Account of Estate of Sarah Jones, decd, to John Jones, administator, lists Mr David Hunter, William Lester, Mr. David Jones, Capt. Edmund Ruffin, Thomas Cooper, John Matthews, James Dicks, “appraisers in Brunswick County,” James Chappell, Jr, James Jones, Benjamin Briggs, Dr. Peete, Sarah Jones, decd, dower, John Parrish, Gray Edmunds, Edmund Jones, David Mason, and Hugh Ivey.

Northampton Co, NC Wills # 207
John Jones planter 24 June 1759 O Oct Ct 1759 (before J Edwards) Of Northampton Co., St George Parish.
– Wife Prissilla -slaves Captain Dick, Robin, Judar, Beck, Daphne; after her decease then to my daughter Elizabeth; the use of my plantation & then to my sd daughter; should my daughter die before age or marriage, then sd plantation to my brother Edmond Jones provided he pay to my nephew Howell Eldredge 300, Va.
– Daughter Elizabeth -Little Dick, Nanny, Priss, Sarah, Bett, Halifax; with Little Dick & Nanny to revert to Howell Eldredge & Halifax, Priss, Bett, & Sarah to revert to my niece Sarah Eldredge.
– Executors – my lands in Southampton Co, VA & lot 15 in Halifax Town, in order to pay my debts. Samuel Weldon -lot 90 in Halifax Town.
– Other legacies & provisions.
Ex: friend John Edmunds, wife Prissilla
Wit: Will. Cathcart, Wm Fanning, James Dancy

Sussex County, Virginia Will Book A (Hopkins abstract)
p 317 Edmund Jones 1 Feb 1764/19 Apr 1764
–Wife Rebecca Jones use of my land until the child she now goes with is 21.
– The unborn child to have the rest of my land in Sussex Co.
– Brother James Jones, and my cousin Sarah Eldridge, dau to my sister Elizabeth Stith. Howell Eldridge, son of Thomas Eldridge, Friend David Mason my land in Brunswick Co & Lunenburg Co.
Ex: William Johnson, James Jones and my wife.
Wit: John Mason Jr, Ann Seaborn & Elizabeth Johnson.

  1. 329 Inventory of Estate of Edmund Jones dec’d by James Chappell Jr, David Jones, & Henry Jarrad.

Albemarle Parish Register 1739-1778 (VA)
James Jones d Aug 22, 1742; i. James Jones
Sarah Jones d March 11, 1750/1; i. James Jones
William Moore d April 6, 1744, i. Mrs Moore
Richard Parker d Jan 26, 1750/1; i Mr M Johnson
Howell Jones d April 23, 1751; i John Jones
Howell Jones d Oct 13. 1772; i David Mason
Sarah Jones d Jan 21, 1752; ———–
Richard Jones d Aug 20, 1753; i James Jones
Richard Jones (aged 73) d Jan 2 1774; i John Tyler

Bristol Parish Register (VA)
Peter s of Rd & Sarah Jones b Nov 17 bapt Jan 8 1720
Cadwallader s of Peter & Mary Jones b June 19 bapt Aug 29, 1728
——– s of Richard Jones b Dec 30 1729, bapt May 2. 1730
Peter s of Peter Jones b Mar 28 bapt Sept 14, 1731
Peter s of Wm Jones b Feb 11, 1731; bapt April 23, 1732
Peter s of Abram Jones b Nov 2; bapt Dec 1, 1738

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