Humphrey Deggs Hudgins & Joanna

Sally’s 5-great Grandparents:

Humphrey Deggs Hudgins 1735 – 1796 | parents
& Joanna ? | parents
1742 Gloucestor County, VA

Humphrey Deggs Hudgins was born 1735 in England and came in 1742 to Virginia with his father Robert Humphrey Hudgins 1710-1791. He married a young woman named Joanna who was born in England and their two sons are in the Kingston Parish records in Glocester Co, VA.
Ref: Hudgins, Virginia to Texas, by Edgar H. Hudgins.

“Humphrey probably lived in the Peary Area (Potato Neck) between Winter Harbor & Horn Harbor. His son John’s land was listed as Winter Harbor & Horn Harbor. Humphrey owned 300 acres 1782 – 1787. 180 acres 1788. 205 acres 1789 – 1791. 155 acres 1792-1798. First listed as estate in 1797. Land transferred to John in 1799.” Allen Hudgins in Jackie Hudgins notes

Humphrey John Hudgin, Executor, with Richard Billups and Sands Smith of the estate of Humphrey Hudgin, Sr., dec’d Nov 14 1796. Bond: $6,000. Justices: Armistead Smith, William Buckner, John Cary, James Van Bibber and Hunley Gayle. “Mathews County VA Records,” by Jane B Goodsell.

Children of Humphrey Deggs Hudgins and wife Joanna :
*1. Humphrey Deggs Hudgins Jr 7 August 1757 – Dec 1822 Gates Co, NC
married 9 Feb 1776 Louisa Foster 2 Nov 1756 – aft 1820/ bef Dec 1822
2. John Hudgins 8 October 1762 – 1803 Gloucester Co, VA
married 1780 Amelia Foster 9 Oct 1760 Saluda, Middlesex Co, VA, – 8 Dec 1794
age 34 Gloucester Co, VA
married 2nd Ann ?

brothers married sisters

John Hudgins 1762 – 1803 | parents
& 1780 Amelia Foster 1760 – 1794 | parents
& Ann ? | parents
of Potatoe Neck, Glochester Co, VA

John Hudgins was a builder of ocean-going sailing vessels and his yard was at Potato Neck, VA.
He was known as “Noble John” and also ” Potato Neck John” to distinguish him from the other nine John Hudgins. John’s birth is recorded in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, VA records as 8 Oct. 1762 son of Humphrey Deggs Hudgins 1735-1796 and wife Joanna.
Amelia Foster was born 9 Oct, 1760 daughter of John Foster Jr 1728-1784 & Rosanna who had married in 1749. John Hudgins and Amelia Foster were married in 1780.
Their children births are recorded in the Kingston Parish records.
Amelia Foster Hudgins died at age 34 in 1794.

Children of John Hudgins and Amelia Foster: “Potatoe Neck,” VA
1. Mary Deggs Hudgins 29 March 1783-16 Dec 1824
married 26 Dec 1801 Jesse Hudgins 26 May 1775 – 1 Aug 1860 Mathews Co, VA
Ref: Jackie Hudgins

a. Mildred Amelia Hudgins 11 Aug 1802 –
married Edward Davis
b. Sarah Hudgins 14/16 Aug 1804 – 4 Feb 1889
“after a lingering illness of four years”
married 13 Jan 1831 Rev. John Hudgins 9 Jan 1809 – 1 Sept 1849 Matthews Co VA
son of Isaac Hudgins and Ann his wife
i. Hester Ann Hudgins 15 Jan 1832 –
married 29 Jan 1850 Thomas R Ransome
ii. William Rowzie Hudgins 30 Nov 1833 – 30 Nov 1893
iii. Jesse Cowles Hudgins 16 June 1838 – 1864
“from a wound inflicted during the Cicil War”
iv. Charles Henry Hudgins 13 Jan 1840 –
v. Sarah Virginia Hudgins 26 Dec 1844 –
c. Rosanna Hudgins 29 Oct 1807 –
married Ned Smith
d. William D Hudgins 29 May 1810 – Sept 1825
e. John Perrin Hudgins 28 May 1813 – Jan 1825
f. Lucina Foster Hudgins 17 Oct 1815 Matthews Co, VA – 16 Dec 1897 York Co, VA
g. Jesse Hudgins, jr 23 Jan 1818 – Jan 1825
h. Humphrey Hudgins 31 Oct 1820 Matthews Co, VA – 16 Aug 1899 Matthews Co, VA
buried in Family Cemetery, Rt. 605, Mathews Co., VA.
married Nancy Brooks 1825 – 1901
2. John Foster Hudgins 26 Jan 1787 – 1869
removed to Mooresville, Missouri
married 1st Lucy Jones no issue
married 2nd Frances [Fannie] Wallace of VA –
their union led to a whole lot of Hudgins in Missouri. This summer 2002 (June 15) there will be a family reunion in Kansas City Nancy (Hudgins) Burch
a. William Hudgins farmer
b. John Hudgins farmer
c. James Hudgins farmer
married Minerva Woolsey
joined the 2nd Missouri Cavalry ( Confederate) ,when he didn’t return after the war he was declared legally dead. His wife, Minerva Woolsey, married another man. James, who had not died, then returned to Moorseville and remarried Minerva! Thank goodness, because they then had three children, including my grandfather, Gilbert Hudgins.
Nancy (Hudgins) Burch
i. Gilbert Hudgins
married Kate Comstock
a. Gladys Hudgins
married Frank Roberts
b. Ray Comstock Hudgins
married Leah Alice Blanpied
line of Nancy Burch
c. Keith Hudgins
married Geneva Welborn
ii. Thomas Hudgins
married Melville Comstock
a. Dudley Wallace Hudgins
married Helen Sterling Brown
line of Donna
iii. third child
d. Humphrey Hudgins farmer
married 3rd Agnes Green no issue
3. Roseanna Hudgins 6 Jan 1791 –
married Dudley White
4. Humphrey Hudgins 8 Dec 1794 –
married Nancy Thomas

e-mails from Chelsi Green, MO
I am the Great Grand Daughter of the just very recent Deceased Harold Rockhold Hudgins. He is the great grandson of John Foster Hudgins.

4 thoughts on “Humphrey Deggs Hudgins & Joanna”

  1. I’m the great-great-granddaughter of John and Mariah Hudgins. I’m searching for the link between my grandfather and Thomas Hudgins 1620 of England. I thought his father’s name was James; however, I’m not sure now and think it may have been William. Would appreciate any help.

  2. I have a fairly well documented reason to believe that Robert Humphrey Hudgins b. 1710 had a daughter Elizabeth Hudgins who married Isaac Miller in Kingston Parish in 1762. This Isaac Miller is my 5th great grandfather and I really want to find this 5th great grandmother, but there are no less than 9 Elizabeth Hudgins who married in Kingston Parish in about a 20 year period. The reasons I believe that Elizabeth Hudgins Miller is Robert’s daughter and Humphrey Deggs Hudgins’s sister are (1) Isaac and Elizabeth following Humphrey Hudgins to Gates county in the 1780’s; (2) a Gates county record mentions the gift of a slave to Elizabeth from her father Humphrey– but this would have had to be Robert Humphrey given the birth dates and her wedding date, and the dates of her children’s births; (3) Humphrey Hudgins signed almost every paper concerning both Isaac Miller Sr. and his son Isaac Miller Jr (4) Isaac Miller Sr and Humphrey Hudgins served together on an elected board for a year or two; (4) the Humprey Deggs name continues into 3 more generations, into Georgia, where a Humphrey Deggs Miller was born to Isaac Miller Jr’s son. Can anyone help me determine if I am on the right track with Humphrey Deggs Hudgins having a sister named Elizabeth who married Isaac Miller (Sr) of Gates County, 1780’s -his death in 1810. Also, where did Isaac Miller Sr go during the Revolution? He disappears. He apparently did not serve, but I can’t find him between 1775 and 1785. Thanks

  3. Sally –
    Very nice website. I am descended through John Foster Hudgins (my GGGG grandfather) and his son John L. Hudgins (my GGG grandfather).

    I first became interested in genealogy about 4 years ago when I found a treasure trove of Hudgins related things in my great uncle’s house. Along with pictures there was the family bible of John L. Hudgins and his wife Susan Stamper (interestingly the bible was published by one of his sons, Henry Clay Hudgins, and given as a Christmas present about 1880).

    As you noted there were many Hudgins in the Mooresville, MO area. As I am always looking for more information, pictures, etc. I wanted to offer to share everything I have with anyone that would be interested. There are several interesting stories with this line.

    Specifically, could someone give Chelsi my email address ( I know I have at least a few pictures, etc. of her Harold Hudgins and his father Warren Thomas Hudgins.

    Ben Harper

  4. I am the Great Grandaughter of John Hudgins and Mariah Kerns, Johns father was James Hudgins married to a Mary, I think. There was a book “Hudgins Family of Kentucky” by Delores Shelton Best. This info was from was from a Scott Riggs who is researching this family. I have not been able to find anyone who can tell me how to obtain this book. The information I got from Scott started at Thomas Hudgins, born 1620 who married Elizabeth Morgan in Liverpool England. I would appreciate any information you may have on this family (Hudgins Family). I use and Family Treemaker.

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