Charles Rowntree

the emigrant –

Charles Rowntree est 1660 – bef 1704 | h1s parents
of England & Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Charles Rowntree est 1660 – pat 350 ac land in Nansemond 1685

The first record that I have located of the Rowntree name in Virginia is 4 Nov. 1685 when Charles Rowntree was granted a Patent for 350 acres in the Upper Parish of Nanzamund.
They would have had to been in Virginia at least three years prior to this date.

4 Nov 1685, Charles Rowntree 350 acs. in the Up Par of Nanzamund,
Beg at Michael Brinckly by the Scypresse Sw.
Trans. of 7 pers: Willm. Hunter, Nicho. Hunter, Joane Hunter, Rebecka Hunter, Charles Rountree, Robert Rountree, John Sayer. Patent Book 7, p 487


In 1704 this land is in possession of Thomas Rountree – his presumed son.

son of Charles

Thomas Rountree ca 1683 – 1748 | his parents
& Elizabeth ? | her parents
of Chowan County, NC

Thomas Rountree ca 1685 – 1748 Chowan Co married Elizabeth
owned 350 ac land in Nansemond 1704

Children of Thomas Rountree and Elizabeth:
1. Charles Rowntree ca 1705 – will 1760 Chowan Co.
married ca 1740 Judith Walton
2. Elizabeth Rowntree ca 1710 – bef 1746
married 1st [Thomas ]Wallis [Wallace] ca 1690 –
married 2nd Elias Stallings
3. Thomas Rowntree Sr. est 1715 – [inv.] 3 Nov 1773
married Mary

In 1704 Nansemond Co, Va Quit Rent Rolls:
Rob’t Roundtree 245 acres;
John Roundtree 475 acres;
Thomas Roundtree 350 acres.

1713 27 March Patent: Michael Brinkley 175 acres in Chowan precinct joining Thomas Roundtree, a branch, and Francis Roundtree.

1716 29 March Thomas Roundtree 320 acres on the S side of Roterin Creek in Chowan Precinct, joining the Creek Swamp, the branch and the main swamp.

1716 Tax List old Albemale County, NC
Roundtree, fra. 312 acres no polls -: 7: 6
Roundtree, Tho 320 acres 1 poll 1¬£ 3: –

1717 15 July Thomas Spivey Sr of Chowan Prect. and Mary his wife to James Griffin of the same Prect. 8£ sterling Money of Great Britian. 200 acres more or less on the north side of Catharine Creek Swamp in Meherrin Neck, joining Thomas Brooks, the Main Road, a branch, the land whereon the sd. Spivey now lives, Fras. Roundtree and Crooked branch part of a patent for 429 acres dated 16 Aug 1716. Wit: William Hill, Abner Spivey, Thomas Rountree, reg. 19 Aug 1717

1717 16 July at a Chowan Precinct Court: Petition of Francis and Thomas Rountree praying Liberty to build a Water Mill on Katharine Creek Swamp. Ordered that it be granted provided sd Mill is not Prejudicial to the order before Granted to Thomas Bray, Esquire.
Thomas Roundtree proved rights for the importation of James Griffin, Sr, James Griffin, Jr,. Sarah Griffin sr,. Sarah Griffin Jr, John, Joseph, Susanah and Moses Griffin.
Petition of Francis Roundtree, Thomas Roundtree, and John Outlaw for 5 sh 10 pence each for their attendance at Court as Evidences.

1719 22 July Ordered that Thomas Roundtree be Overseer of the Highway in the room of Abraham Spivey.

1719, 29 Aug Thomas Rountree appointed Justice of the Peace by Charles Eden, gov. Also 1 Oct 1720.

1720 5 April Thomas Roundtree 250 acres on the SW side of Perquimons River, joining the river pocoson . Wit: Cha Eden, Thos Pollock, Wm Reed, Richd Sanderson, Fra Foster. Bk 3 p16

1720 10 Aug Thomas Roundtree 250 acres on the SW side of Perquimons River, joining the river pocoson . Wit: C. Eden, Rich Sanderson, Wm Reed, Fra Foster, Thos Pollock. Bk 3 p41

1721 Tax List old Albemale County, NC
Tho. Roundtree 740 acres
Fran. Roundtree 480 acres

1721 John Worley’s Vermin Claim Acct:
Tho. Roundtree for a panther 10sh
Tho. Roundtree 1 wild cat 2 sh 6d

1726/27 25 Jan Witnesses to deed: Thomas Rountree, Charles Rountree, & Edward Wood sen.

1730 Jacob Peary rec. a grant of 200 acres in Perquimons that had a corner with Thomas Roundtree.

1743 9 Aug deeds of Sale Bertie Co:
Dated Aug & Sept From Moses Rountree to
1. Jesse Rountree 160 acres;
wit– Thomas Roundtree, sen, Thomas Roundtree, Moses Hill;
2. Francis Rountree 320 acres;
wit–Thomas Roundtree, Moses Hill, Jesse Roundtree;
3. Moses Hill 160 acres; wit Jesse Roundtree, Francis Roundtree

Will of Thomas Rowntree 1 Dec 1746 – July Ct 1748 Chowan Co
“aged and weak of body.”
– Son Charles- land where he now lives joining broad Neck Branch, Catteren Creek Swamp; also 50 acres in Perquimmons Co from a deed for 200 acres purchased from Joseph Jessop dec’d called Grape Tree ridge.
– Son Thomas -rest of my lands in Chowan Co with the plantation where I now live after my wife Elizabeth’s widowhood; also 50 acres from the Jessop purchase & 50 acres called Hickory Ridge.
– Grandson William Wallis – land where he now lives in Perquimans Co; 50 acres from the Jessop purchase.
– Grandson Thomas Rowntree son of Charles & his wife Judith – plantation where my negro man Jack now lives in Perquimans Co. Executors to “gitt” my entry joining William Hollowell & then to divide it between my grandson William Wallis & my grandson the son of Thomas Rowntree & his wife Mary.
– Son-in-law Elias Stallings – 166 acres, & my daughter Elizabeth Stallings now dec’d has had her full part of my personal estate & it to go to her children Jacob, Elias, John & Elizabeth Stallings.
– Wife Elizabeth -use of land where I now live.
– Overseer of will is to be friend Capt John Sumner of Chowan Co.
– Other legacies & provisions.
– Executors: Charles & Thomas Rountree, sons.
Witnesses: Thos. Walton, John Freeman; Clerk of the Ct. Will Means.

son of Thomas, son of Charles

Charles Rountree ca 1705 – 1760 | his parents
& Judith Walton | her parents
of Chowan County, NC

Charles Rowntree [will 1760 Chowan Co.] married ca 1740 Judith Walton

1. Christen Rountree (dau) ca 1741 – ca 1786
married ca 1756 John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 Bertie Co
a. Charles Freeman 1757-1827 Colerain
married 1784 Nancy Smith 1762-1841
b. Leah Freeman 1759- ?
married 1778 William Leary will 1821 Bertie Co
c. Amilisent Freeman 1762-1823
married Josiah Perry Sr. 1741-1821
d. Jeremiah Freeman 1763- 1810 Bertie Co
married 1792 Mary Norfleet
dau of Abraham 1728-1784 Chowan Co
e. Josiah Freeman 1765- ?
married 1796 Sarah Moore dau of Lewis
? married 2nd Elizabeth Sessoms
she married 2nd Daniel VanPelt Sessoms 1819-1904
f. Hardy Freeman 1767- ?
married 1796 Senith Hunter dau of Elisha and Rachel
g. Rachel G Freeman 1769- ?
married James or Josiah Outlaw son of John
h. Chrisian Freeman 1770- ?
married 1805 Abraham Norfleet son of John and Elizabeth
i. Delilah Freeman 1771- 1821
married 1790 James Ward 1770 – 1843 son of Thomas
j. Elizabeth Freeman 1775
married 1798 Barnaby Blanchard
married 2nd 1805 Samuel Caswell will 1817 Bertie Co
2. Rachel Rountree ca 1742 – 1807 will
married Hardy Hunter will 1794 Bertie Co
son of William, son of Nicholas, son of William
a. Cader Hunter bef 1760 – bef 6 Aug 1790 Bertie Co
married est 1785 Elizabeth est 1769 – by 10 Apr 1801
i. Humphrey Hunter est 1786 – 1805 will
ii. Cader Hunter est 1788 –
iii. Hardy Hunter ca 1790 – by 15 Oct 1805
Elizabeth married 2nd Thomas Cochran d by Aug 1798
iv. Sarah Cochran est 1793
Elizabeth d by 10 Apr 1801 married 3rd William Wilson d by Oct 1810
Elizabeth died before her husband William Wilson

b. William Hunter d. bef 1808
c. Timothy Hunter d bef 1808
d. Joshua Hunter d bef 19 Aug 1794 Bertie Co
e. Sarah Hunter d bef 1808
married bef. 15 July 1792 William Perry
i. Norfleet Perry 1793 – 27 July 1833
married Elizabeth Garrett
ii. Rountree Perry
f. Christian Hunter
married Hardy Freeman 1767 –
g. Seinnuth [Senith] Hunter d bef 1808
married 4 April 1796 Hardy Freeman 1767 –
had a Rev. War claim
i. Timothy Freeman
ii. Josiah Freemann
iii. Mary Freeman
iv. Lassiter Freema aft 1807 –
h. Mary [Polley] Hunter d bef 1808
married John Parker
3. Thomas Rountree ca 1744 – will 1781 Gates Co
married Mary Freeman dau of Richard and Ruth
a. Leah Rountree ca 1765 –
married Mr. Felton
b. Seth Rountree ca 1766 – ca 1808 Gates Co
married 8 Mar 1787 Selah Outlaw –
Gates Co bondsman James Outlaw and wit Law Baker
c. Christian Rountree ca 1769 –
married 31 Aug 1785 James Knight Gates Co.
d. Lavinia Rountree ca 1771 –
married 21 Jan 1789 Simeon Brinkley
Gates Co bondsman James Knight and wit Law Baker
e. Rachel Rountree ca 1773 –
married 19 May 1795 Miles Hurdle
Gates Co bondsman James Baker and wit Law Baker
f. Priscilla Rountree ca 1776 – aft 1836
married 29 Mar 1793 Kader Felton ca 1765 – 1835 Perq. Co
Chowan Co. bondsmen John Felton and Ann Blount

g. Peniah [Penelope] Rountree ca 1780 –
married 19 Feb 1800 Noah Trotman Gates Co
4. Charles Rountree ca 1747 – inv. Nov 1787
married Mary Norfleet?
a. John Rountree ca 1766 – ca/bef Feb 1793
married 1st unknown
married Gates Co 23 Oct 1788 Mary [Polly] Trotman
Polly married 2nd 19 Oct 1793 William Freeman est 1771 – 1802
b. Miles Rountree ca 1773 – 1813
married 29 Mar 1792 Amelia Harrell [widow of Henry]
Gates Co bondsman Joseph Taylor and wit Law Baker
married 4 Feb 1808 Salley King
Gates Co bondsman Miles Hill and Wit D Southall
married Christian
i. Charles Rountree 1795/1800 –
c. Mary [Polly] Rountree
d. Josiah Rountree 1775/81 – 1803 Gates Co
1800 Census Josiah Rountree 16/25 14 sl on jury list 1802
at Aug Ct 1803 he was appt. OS of the road; at Nov Ct 1803 Miles Rountree appt. his adm.

1760 Chowan Co Wills: Charles Rountree, wife Judith; Thomas, the plantation; Charles; Christian; Rachel (wife of Cader Hunter).
Witnesses: James Sumner, Tho. Rountree, Amos Hobbs.
note Rachel was the mother of Cader Hunter, she was wife of Hardy Hunter. abstact error.

Nov Ct 1787 Gates Co Mary Rountree, John Rountree & James Norfleet came into court and moved to administration on the estate ofCharles Rountree dec’d

Feb 1788 – Miles Rountree orphan of Charles Rountree chose James Norfleet his guardian. Ordered that the guardians of Josiah and Polly Rountree, orphans of Charles Rountree sell the perishable part of their estate.

1820 US Census Gates Co
John Rountree 1m -10 2m 16/18 2m 16/25 1m 26/45 1m 45+ 1f 10/15 1f 16/25 1f 45+ 3sl
Thomas Rountree 1m -10 1m 26/45 3sl
James Rountree 1m 16/25 1f 10/15 1f 16/25 1f 45+ 4sl
Noah Rountree 1m -10 1m 10/15 1m 16/25 1f 16/25 3sl

1810 US Census Gates Co
Charles Rountree 1m 16/25 1f 16/25 17sl
Selia Rountree 1m -10 2m 10/15 1m 16/25 2f -10 1f 26/45 7sl
Miles Rountree 1m 10/15 1m 26/45 1f 26/45
John Rountree 1m 10/15 1m 26/45 2f -10 2f 10/15 1f 26/45

1800 US Census Gates Co
Miles Rountree 4m -10 1m 26/45 2f -10 1f 26/45 18sl
Josiah Rountree 16/25 14 sl
John Rountree 1m 16/25 2f -10 1f 16/25

US Census Gates Co NC 1790
Miles 1 m 16+ 4sl
Mary 1m -16 2 females 7 sl
John 1m 16+ 1m-16 2f 9 sl
Seth 1m 16+ 1m-16 3f 12sl

State Census Gates Co 1786
Seth 0 0 2 females 2bl 12/50 3 bl -12 or 50+
Charles 1 21/60 3 -21 or 60+ 4 females 8bl 12/50 7bl -12or 50+

Will of Thomas Rountree 18 April 1781 – prob. May Ct 1781 Gates Co
– son Seth
– daughters Christian, Leah, Rachel, Lavinia, Priscilla, and Peniah Rountree
Exs: brother Charles Rountree, Thos. Hunter and James Freeman
Test: Simon Stallings, John Barretts, Jas. Outlay, Luke Summer

Nov Ct 1787 Gates Co Seth Rountree is appointed guardian [to his sisters] Rachel Rountree, Priscilla Rountree, Penina Rountree & Levina Rountree orphans of Thomas Rountree dec’d/

son of Thomas, son of Charles

Thomas Rountree est 1715 – 1773 | his parents
& Mary ? | her parents
of Chowan County, NC

Thomas Rowntree Sr. ? – [inv.] 3 Nov 1773 married Mary
Children of Thomas Rowntree d. 1773 and Mary:
1. son [Thomas?] Rowntree 1746 –
mentioned in grandfather Thomas Rountree’s will dated 1 Dec 1746
2. Elizabeth Rowntree
married Small
a. Sarah Small bef Aug 1773 –
3. Sarah Rowntree
married Stallings
4. Mary Rowntree
5. Ruth Rowntree
6. Rachel Rowntree
7. Judath Rowntree
8. Christian Rowntree


daughter of Thomas, son of Charles

Elizabeth Rowntree 1691 – bef 1746 | her parents
& ca 1715 Thomas Wallace [Wallis] ca 1690 – | his parents
& Elias Stallings | his parents
of Chowan County, NC

Elizabeth Rowntree who died bef 1746
married 1st [Thomas ]Wallis [Wallace] ca 1690 –

Elizabeth Rowntree and Thomas Wallace had: ?
I am looking for a link in my family tree. I need to use a social security death index or something to see if I can learn more, but this is what I know currently: Elizabeth Roundtree (b. 1691 Chowan NC m. around 1715) Her parents might be Thomas Roundtree and Elizabeth? She married Thomas Wallace and with him had: William D. Wallace; Jonathan Wallace; John Wallace; Judith Wallace; Susannah Wallace; Elizabeth Wallace; Mary Wallace.
Can you help me? Kind regards, Gayle McKIbben note; by reply bounced to Gayle.

1. William D Wallis/Wallace
2. Jonathan Wallis/Wallace
3. Judith Wallace
4. Susannah Wallace
5. Elizabeth Wallace
6. Mary Wallace
7. John James Wallace ca 1735 VA – 1 Dec 1771 Chowan Co, NC
married ca 1767 Mrs. Elizabeth Slaughter
a. Miles Wallace ca 1768 Chowan Co, NC – 21 Oct 1849 Orange Co, NC
married 4 Oct 1791 Chowan Co, NC Sarah [Polly] Freeman ca 1775 – 1850
1. Peter Docturn Wallace 15 May 1799 Chowan -18 Mar 1874 Henderson Co, TN
married Nancy King 10 Jan 1800 VA – 15 April 1888 Henderson Co, TN
line of Malinda Conner Fairall
2. George Wallace 4 July 1808 – 9 June 1849 typhoid Alamance Co NC
married 1841 Mary Graham 16 Apr 1820 Orange Co – 21 Oct 1848 Orange Co NC
daughter of George Graham 1797 – 1865 and Catherine [Kitty] Boswell 1797 – 1892
a. Mary Catherine Wallace ca 1842 –
b. Julia Ann Wallace 25 April 1845 – 31 Aug 1931
married Alamance Co 22 Feb 1866 Henry Clay King
b. William Wallace 1771 Chowan Co, NC –
Elizabeth Slaughter Wallace married next Hardy Hurdle
Hardy Hurdle married Sarah
a. Hardy Hurdle Jr
married Christian Outlaw
ancestors of Mike Hurdle

Elizabeth Rowntree Wallace married 2nd Elias Stallings

Elizabeth Rowntree and Elias Stallings had:
1. Jacob Stallings bef 1746
2. Elias Stallings bef 1746
3. John Stallings bef 1746
4. Elizabeth Stallings bef 1746 –

I started looking at your website and it is quite interesting, especially the tidbit about the Rountree intermarriages with the Wallace family and Mrs. Elizabeth Slaughter Wallace Hurdle. Hardy Hurdle Jr. was my gggg-grandfather and we have always been intrigued about his first wife (his second wife was Christian Outlaw of Gates County, NC, and that is from whom we are descended). Mike Hurdle
Visit our family tree at:

from John Fox, Winston-Salem, NC – Another tie among our families -Hello Sally,
I was referenced to you data on the Miles Wallis family, by another researcher, and this made me realize that his family connected with mine in Orange/Alamance County, NC. Miles’ son George married my GG aunt, Mary Graham in 1841.
– George Wallance 41 M – – Alamance June carpenter typhoid 1850 Census Death Index.
– Account of sale of George Wallice deceased, December 1849. John Faucett was administrator. Benjamin Hurdle and Benjamin King were some of the buyers. The only Wallce buyers were John M. Wallace and Nancy and Rebeccah Wallace. Source: Alamance County Inventories and Accounts of Sales 1849-1854.
-After George Wallis’ death in 1849, Thomas Graham was appointed guardian of two little girls, Julia Ann and Mary Catharine Wallis. Source: Mike Potter. By the time of the Census of 1850, the two Wallace girls were residing with their maternal grandparents, George and Catherine Boswell Graham.
– In the 1850 Census, there were two children, Mary and Julia Wallace, ages 8 and 6 respectively. There is also an Eliza King, age 5, who is also a resident of the household. This researcher has located a marriage bond for Mary Graham and George Wallace.
– Account of sale of George Wallice deceased, December 1849. John Faucett was administrator. B. Hurdle and Benjamin King were some of the buyers. The only Wallce buyers were John M. Wallace and Nancy and Rebeccah Wallace. Source: Alamance County Inventories and Accounts of Sales 1849-1854.
– After George Wallis’ death in 1849, Thomas Graham was appointed guardian of two little girls, Julia Ann and Mary Catharine Wallis. Source: Mike Potter. By the time of the Census of 1850, the two Wallace girls were residing with their maternal grandparents.
– This researcher believes that the Julia in this household is the same Julia Ann Wallace who became the wife of Henry Clay King, son of Alvis King and his wife Mary Fossett.(Faucette) Some of the Faucette family did have connections to Miles Wallis(Wallace) step-son of Hardy Hurdle, Jr. of Chowan County and Orange County, NC. Hardy Hurdle was first married to Mary Wallis, mother of Miles and William Wallis and who was mother to several of Hardy’s children: Sarah and Mildred “Milly” Hurdle. Sarah Hurdle was wife to John McCulley; and they were the parents of William McCulley who married Charity Garrison, daughter of Levi Garrison and Mary Graham, sister to George. Hardy Hurdle, Jr. was married second to Christian Outlaw of Gates County, NC.
– Peter Doctrine Wallis married Nancy King, who is yet to be connected to Alvis Clay King who married Julia Wallis.

son of Thomas, son of Charles, son of Thomas, son of Charles

Seth Rountree ca 1766 – ca 1808 | his parent
& 1787 Selah Outlaw | her parents
of Chowan County, NC

Seth Rountree ca 1766 – ca 1808 Gates Co
married 8 Mar 1787 Selah Outlaw –
US Census Gates Co NC 1790 Seth Rountree 1m 16+ 1m-16 3f 12sl
1800 Seth Rountree 2m -10 1m 10/15 1m 26/45 1f 10/15 1f 26/45 15sl
1810 Selia Rountree 1m -10 2m 10/15 1m 16/25 2f -10/15 1f 26/45 7sl
1820 James Rountree 1m 16/25 1f 10/15 1f 16/25 1f 45+ 4sl
Noah Rountree 1m -10 1m 10/15 1m 16/25 1f 16/25 3sl

Children of Seth Rountree and Selah Outlaw
1. Noah Rountree 1794 – 8 Nov 1854
of Mintonville, Gates Co NC
married 4 March 1819 Deborah Ward 1807 – after 1880 census
Chowan Co bondsmen Allen Ward and Henry Wills
a. John Rountree 1820 – 6 Feb 1888 at Hunters Mill
married 10 Jan 1842 Nancy Hunter 1827 – 12 Jan 1892 Gates co
Gates Co bondsman Noah Rountree and wit W G Daughtry
i. William H Rountree 1845 –
ii. Sarah Rountree 1847 –
iii. Theodore Rountree 1852 –
iv. Leah Rountree April 1858 – sp 1900
v. Noah Rountree 1858 –
vi. Dorsey Rountree 1861 –
vii. Annie C Rountree Sept 1864 – 28 Jan 1940
married Nathan Riddick Jan 1866 – 21 June 1921
b. Alfred Rountree 12 Jan 1824 – 21 April 1864
married 29 April 1845 Mary Ann Hurdle 1828 – 18 May 1856
daughter of Noah Hurdle d.1836 and Clarissa Riddick
i. George Thomas Rountree 25 Mar 1846 –
Upper Chowan Co, 1880 Census
married ca 1874 Anna M. Bunch ca 1856 –

1. George T Rountree ca 1875 –
2. Mary A E Rountree ca 1878 –
3. Alfred Rountree ca 1879 –
ii. Alfred Franklin Rountree 22 July 1848 – 7 April 1918 Gates Co
married 17 Jan 1871 Carolina A Riddick 7 Jan 1846 – 9 Mar 1897
daughter of Jethro Riddick and wife Elizabeth J Jones
1. Edward A Rountree 16 Oct 1871 – 15 Aug 1924
married 4 April 1895 Viola H Carter 22 Feb 1875 [or3] – 9 June 1964
a. Ned Rountree 10 Nov 1908 – 8 Oct 1952
married Mozelle Hofler ca 1907 – 21 Sept 2002 age 95
2. Louis A Rountree 5 April 1873 – 9 Mar 1934
3. John H Rountree 26 Nov 1874 – died Norfolk, VA
4. Franklin McCabe Rountree 13 April 1876 – 2 Sept 1882
5. William Jethro Rountree 22 June 1878 – 28 Sept 1949 Gates Co
sheriff of Gates Co — Member of House of Rep.
married 30 June 1899 Margaret [Maggie] Carter 28 Sept 1875 – 17 April 1960
6. Linwood M. Rountree 2 Mar 1880 – buried Eureka Ch.
7. Julian Rountree 31 July 1882 – 28 Sept 1894
iii. Noah J. Rountree 15 Jan 1851 –
iv. Clarcy C. Rountree 8 June 1853 –
v. Mary A Rountree 3 Nov 1855 –
married 2nd 16 Sept 1856 Louisa Hurdle ca 1827 – 10 April 1898
Gates Co bondsman James O Wright and wit Henry L Eure
on Upper, Chowan Co NC 1880 Census

i. Jane Rountree 3 Nov 1857 –
ii. Moses Rountree 13 J uly 1860 –
iii. Beauregard Rountree 13 Aug 1861 – 18 Feb 1935
married 26 Dec 1886 Jennie Nixon 5 May 1865- 2 Aug 1927
1. William Thos. Rountree 24 Dec 1891 -26 Feb 1957
changed name to Thomas William Rountree
married 1 April 1915 Sarah E Hurdle of Perquimans Co 3 June 1894 –
2. Bessie May Rountree 8 Feb 1896 –
3. Lena A Rountree 1 July 1898 – 27 Nov 1899
4. Dorothy Louisa Rountree 15 Feb 1901 –
iv. Jackson Rountree 16 Dec 1862-
married 24 Dec 1882 Nora Twine
c. Elizabeth Rountree 1825 –
d. Gordon Rountree 1826 –
married 28 Jan 1851 Emeline Riddick
Gates Co bondsman John Rountree
i. George R Rountree 7 Apr 1862 -15 Apr 1931
married 2 Mar 1892 Nannie L Rountree
daughter of William Rountree [dec] and Mary E Brown
e. Noah Rountree 1830 –
married 21 Dec 1853 Joanah Simpson
f. Leah Rountree 1833 –
g. Irdell Rountree 1835 – bef Dec 1895
married Martha Miller 1834 –
i. John Dewitt Rountree 25 Jan 1858 –
married Zueliequor Moore
1. Sornie Ralph Rountree 3 April 1882 – 22 July 1964
married Aurelia Augusta Stallings 19 June 1892 – 20 Aug 1968
married 12 April 1894 Mattie Lassiter 1872 –
ii. D. Jacob Rountree 1861 –
married 5 Jan 1888 Beatrice Hayes ca 1870 –
married 22 Dec 1895 Mattie L Rountree ca 1876 –
iii. Noah Rountree 1863 –
iv. Irdell Rountree Jr 1864 – 1936
married Laurie Victoria 1870 – 1959
h. Richard Rountree 1836 –
of Mintonville, Gates Co, NC
married 17 Oct 1866 Pherebee Trotman 1844
i. Elizabeth T Rountree 1868 – 1930
married William Henry R L Hobbs 1863 –
of Hobbsville
ii. Alfred D Rountree ca 1870 –
married 15 May 1892 Meranda E Bagley ca 1876 –
iii. Leah Rountree ca 1873 –
i. Dorsey Rountree 1842
2. Leah [ Layer] Rountree 1798 – 1821/26
from the Bush Family Bible e-mail Mary Lou Wolfarth
married Chowan Co 23 Nov 1818 William T Bush 19 Nov 1795 – 24 Mar 1851

son of William Bush 24 Mar 1770 – Jan 1805 and Sarah Jackson 1779 – 1823
Sarah aft Jan 1805 married Henry Hurdle

a. Rountree Bush 25 Aug 1821 – 12 March 1863 Richmond
Wm T Bush married 2nd 27 July 1827 Martha Twine 17 Jan 1807 – 9 Feb 1849
daughter of Elisha Twine ca 1778 – 4 Dec 1810 Perq. Co and wife Treasey
b. Elisha Twine Bush 20 June 1830 – 1879
married 24 Dec 1850 Sarah Martha Bush died 8 Nov 1865 age 34
c. Andrew Jackson Bush 6 Oct 1833 –
d. Richard T Bush 25 April 1837 –
e. Quinton T Bush 24 May 1840 –
f. Abram Twine Bush 30 July 1844 – 6 Oct 1923
line of Mary Lou Wolfarth
g. John Twine Bush 19 May 1848 –
married ca 1877 Eliza Jane Winslow 10 Sept 1858 –

3. Seth Washington Rountree 1803 – 1866
married 13 Feb 1832 Mary Hinton
Gates Co bondsman Quinton made his mark ROU and wit Wm E Pugh
a. James Rountree 1834 – 1870
Hunters Mill, Gates Co NC 1880 Census
married 3 Jan 1857 Avis Riddick Oct 1839 – aft 1900

Gates Co bondsman Seth W Rountree
i. Mary Eliza [Mollie] Rountree Mar 1859 – 1937
married ca 1876 Elisha Alphonsa Blanchard Apr 1847 – 1928
a. William F Blanchard Aug 1879 –
b. James P Blandchard Dec 1881 –
c. Elisha Alphonsa Blanchard Jr Aug 1885 – 1951
married ca 1913 Lula Riddick 1891 – 1937
d. Florence M Blanchard Nov 1897 –
ii. Rebecca Rountree 1862 –
iii. Nancy Rountree 1867 –
married 21 Feb 1889 Elbert Riddick ca 1861 –
b. Margaret Ann Rountree 1837 – 1903
married Joseph Riddick 1839 – 1921 12 children
c. Seth Rountree 1841 –
Hunter’s Mill, Gates, NC 1880 Census
married 4 April 1867 Mary V Blanchard ca 1848 – bef 1895
Gates Co bondsman Richard Rount and wit R B G Cowper
i. Seth W Rountree ca 1868 –
ii. Laura V Rountree ca 1869 –
iii. Emma J Rountree ca 1871 –
iv. Abbie F Rountree ca 1874 –
v. Martha [Mattie] L Rountree ca 1876 –
married 22 Dec 1795 D J Rountree
vi. Mary E Rountree ca 1878 –
married 2nd 31 Jan 1844 Lavina Spivey ca 1827 –
Gates Co bondsman Alford Rountree and wit W G Daughtry
d. William D Rountree 28 Dec 1848 – 24 Oct 1882
“Gone but not forgotten”
married Mary E 31 Jan 1850 – 29 Dec 1924

she married next W W Brown and she is buried between her two husbands
in the Rountree Cemetery on NC 37, 2 mi s of Gatesville on east side

i. James Rountree 23 June 1871 – 5 May 1939
ii. Nannie L Rountree 2 Apr 1873 – 4 May 1951
married 2 Mar 1892 George R Rountree 7 Apr 1862 -15 Apr 1931
son of Gordon and Emiline Rountree
iii. George T Rountree 2 Apr 1873 – 30 Aug 1881
iv. William E Rountree ca 1878 –
v. Lula Rountree 12 May 1880 – 27 Feb 1907
“How many fond hopes buried here.”
e. Ellsberry Rountree 1848 –
f. Penina Rountree 1849 –
g. Celia E [ Sealey] Rountree 1852 –
married William A M Blanchard 1846 –
h. Harriet Rountree 1856 –
living with brother William and family 1880
i. Ida Rountree 1858 –
living with sister Celia 1880
j. Thomas Bragg Rountree
4. Elizabeth Rountree
5. Polly Rountree
6. James Rountree
married 13 April 1820 Leah Brinkley
Gates Co bondsman Trotman Bagley

7. Thomas Rountree died 1832
married 5 Sept 1820 Miley Beryman
Gates Co Bondsman Mills Riddick
a. Quinton Roberson
b. Nancy Roberson

?Quinton Rountree ca 1812 –
married 3 Sept 1840 Ritta Powell ca 1810 –
Gates Co bondsman Bryant B Best and wit W G Daughtry
a. J H Rountree 1842 –
married 31 Mar 1868 Elizabeth Franklin 1837 –
Gates Co wit R G G Cowper
i. William Q Rountree ca 1870 –
ii. Annie L Rountree ca 1872 –
iii. James F Rountree ca 1874 –
iv. Lelia Rountree ca 1876 –
v. Adda Rountree ca 1878 –

?William Rountree
married 7 Oct 1858 Emaly Hill
Gates Co bondsman Jos T Morris and wit Henry L Eure

Will of Seth Rountree 18 Jan’y 1808 – prob Feb Ct 1808 Gates Co
– wife Selah
– sons Noah, James and Seth
– daughters Elizabeth, Polly and Layer
– son Thomas
EXs: Isaac Costen and George Outlaw

Will of Thomas Rountree 31 Aug 1832 – prob. Aug Ct 1832 Gates Co
– son Quinton Roberson
– nieces Belinda and Matilda Bagley [daughters of Trotman Bagley dec’d]
– daughter Nancy Roberson
Exr: brother Seth Washington Rountree
Test: J. Walton and Robert Williams

Will of Seth W Rountree [without date] ca 1865
– children Seth, Penina, George, Sealey, Harriet, Ida, Thomas Bragg, James and William
– daughter Margaret A Riddick
– son Thomas B Rountree
EXs: son Seth
Test: J W Hinton and James Rountree

son of Charles, son of Charles, son of Thomas, son of Charles

John Rountree ca 1768 – 1792/3 | his parents
& unknown | her parents
& 1788 Mary [Polly] Trotman – | her parents
& 1793 William Freeman – ca 1802 | his parents
of Gates Co NC

John Rountree and Polly Trotman were married 23 Oct 1788 in Gates Co NC.

William Freeman and Mary Rountree were married 19 Oct 1793 in Gates Co NC.

13 Feb 1796 Gates Co NC – Estate file of John Rountree, 1793
“In Obedience to an Order of the Court have audited & settled the accounts of Miles Rountree Adm. & William Freeman who intermarried Mary Rountree Adm. to the estate of John Rountree”

Feb 1798 Gates Co Ct proceedings p96
Ordered that the real Estate which was given by Thomas Trotman to his daughter Mary Rountree who intermarried with John Rountree and afterwards intermarried with William Freeman be equally divided between her Heirs & that the real Estate of John Rountree dec’d be divided equally between his Heirs. Joseph Riddick, Simon Stallings, James Walton, Seth Rountree & John Hoffler be appointed to make a division agreeable to Law etc. By order of the Court Law Baker CC

Children of John Rountree and 1st wife:

1. John Rountree 1775/84 –
underage in 1793
1800 US Census Gates Co
John Rountree 1m 16/25 2f -10 1f 16/25

Children of John Rountree and Mary [Polly] Trotman:
1. Charles Rountree est 1790 – will 1815 Gates Co
married Christian

Child of Mary Trotman and William Freeman:
1. James Trotman Freeman bef 25 June 1801 –
married in Gates Co 16 Oct 1819 Mary Hinton


Will of Charles Rountree 3 Jan 1815 – prob Feb 1816 Gates Co
– wife Christian
– John Benton [son of Miles]
– his brother Charles Benton
EXs: James T Freeman, Timothy Walton Sr and Jr.
Test: Mills Hill, Whitmill Stallings

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  1. Sally, this may be of interest to you. Elizabeth Slaughter was a widow, I believe of Michael Slaughter which you will see below. He had daughters who were mentioned in his will. His wife was named, Elizabeth and was declared as his administrator of his estate. She was a widow in the early part of 1741 and was marrying James Wallis sometime after 4 September 1741. We still do not have her maiden name and if the daughters mentioned by Michael were hers.

    Chowan County, North Carolina

    Marriage Bonds
    1741 – 1800

(On file in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Chowan County at Edenton. For the year look at the top of the column in which you find the name. An original is copied that persons now living may see that it required a bond of £500 ($2,500) to secure a marriage license by their ancestors.)
    Know all men by these presents, that we, James Wallace and James Craven, all of the County and Province aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lord the King, in the penal sum of Five Hundred Pounds, to the which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, Exrs., Admrs., and assigns, jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 4th day of September, 1741.
    Whereas, James Wallace hath applied for a License, pursuant to An Act of Assembly of this Province entitled an Act for preventing clandestine and unlawful marriages, to be joined together in the Holy Estate of Matrimony with Elizabeth Slaughter, widow of the county aforesaid.
    Now the condition of this obligation is such, that if there appear no lawful cause to obstruct the marriage for which the aforesaid license was desired pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the afore cited act, then the above obligation to be void, else to be and remain in full force and virtue.
Signed James Wallace. [Seal.]
Witness. James Craven. [Seal.]
    Source:  THE NC HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER VOLUME 1 PG. 235; Edited by James Robert Bent Hathaway; Publ. 1900; pgs. 235-255; Donated and transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack.
    Chowan County
North Carolina
Genealogy and History

    Slaughter, Michael February 2, 1741. February 6, 1741. Edenton. Daughters: Anah, Abigail, Elizabeth, Nancy, Rebeckah and Deborah Slaughter. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Park, Robert and AbiGal French. Proven before Gab. Johnston.
    (Source: Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, By: J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State, 1910, Page 342)


    Re: William Wallace/Thomas Rountree by Antoinette Carlisle

    Here is the will for James Wallace b. abt 1735 d. 1771 married to Elizabeth:

    Other records have a date of death of 1 Dec 1771 and a birth place of Virginia.

    Name: John WALLACE
    Sex: M
    Birth: ABT. 1734 in Chowan Co., N.C
    Death: 1771 in Chowan Co., N.C
    Father: Thomas WALLACE b: ABT. 1690 in SCT, Ayrshire or Renfrewshire
    Mother: Elizabeth ROUNTREE b: in England (Correction – she was born in Chowan Co., NC)
    Marriage 1 Elizabeth
    Miles WALLACE b: ABT. 1768 in Chowan Co., N.C
    William WALLACE b: ABT. 1771 in Chowan Co., N.C
    In the name of God, Amen, I JOHN WALLACE of Chowan County, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being is sound and perfect mind and memory. Blessed be almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
    First I give to my oldest son Miles Wallace the plantation and building where my mother now lives with the land joining thereto and out to PostTown Road and along the road to the foot of the neighboring path, thence northwest forth to the head of a branch then down the branch to the creek, and up the creek to the said plantation. I say the enclosed land with all the apparatuses to belonging. I say to him, his heirs and assigns forever.
    Also I give and bequeath to my youngest son William Wallace all the rest and residue of my land with the plantation whereon I now live, with all the apparatuses there to belonging. I say to him and his heirs foreverexcept a Negro that I shall order to be sold should there not be sufficient money to pay all my just debts. And it is my will and desire that there be one hundred acres of land laid off on the east side joining the land belonging to my two sisters and sold for the best obtained price by my Executors hereafter to be named and the remaining part of the money after all my just debts be paid to be divided with my other estate.
    My will and desire is that my Negro girl called Black Luce be sold for the best price by my Executor for money to pay my debts. I likewise leave my loving wife Elizabeth Wallace the use of all the rest of my
    Negroes with all the stock, horses, cattle, hogs, with my house furniture and Estate of what ever kind to keep and house my wife during her widowhood and at her death or marrying, my will and desire is that my son Miles have my two Negro boys Abram and Sam. Also I give to my son William my Negro girl called Black Luce, and my Negro boy called Ben, and my will and desire is that at my wife’s marriage, my Negro woman called Cherry and my stock, house furniture, and all my estate not before given, when all my just debts are paid be equally divided between my wife and my two sons, Miles and William. Lastly I nominate and appoint my friend James Summer my Executor to this my last will and testament to see it
    fulfilled and accomplished. In each particular hereby remaking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have sit my hand and fixed my seal the Twenty Sixth Day of November in the Year of our Lord Christ, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty One.
    Signed, Sealed and Published in the presents of us:
    George (X) Outlaw
    Ezachel Hays
    John (X) Reaves
    Capt. Summer

    Source of possible earlier Wallis ancestors:

    1. This is totally false. You know this was the land us gullah ,
      Seminole people fought for it was and still is our land.

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