Thomas Ashley Jr. & Elizabeth Hicks

Sally’s 6 – great-Grandparents:

Thomas Ashley Jr ca 1710 – 1784 will | his parents
& Elizabeth Hicks ca 1712 | her parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina.

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

At the time he wrote his will, Thomas was married to Elizabeth who he named executive. Her sister Lucretia was married to a Brickell.
We assume Elizabeth and Lucretia were the daughters of David Hicks of the 1732 will, Bertie County, NC and his wife Elizabeth.

Children of Thomas Ashley Jr and Elizabeth Hicks:
1. Ann Ashley ca 1733 – aft 1780 & bef. Oct 1784
married ca 1753 Humphrey Lawrence died 1772
? married bef. Mar 1777 Humphries (or is it her daughter)
2. Elizabeth Ashley
married bef. 1784 Aaron Boulton, Blacksmith died 1796
3. Mary Ashley
married 1st John? Harris
married bef.1784 2nd Charles Hodgson will pr Feb 1798

1723 Court – Read the petition of Thomas Yates Executor of the Will of Thomas Bell praying proper persons may be appointed to appraise and divide the Estate of the said Thomas Bell according to his Will Ordered that Mr John Holbrook, Mich King, Joseph Hudson, and Thomas Ashley or any three of them being first Sworn do forthwith appraise the said Estate and make division thereof and deliver the same . .to the person to whom it belongs per Bell’s Will and return Copy into the Secretary’s Office…

1732 will of David Hick, Chowan County, dated 9 Sept 1732, proved 23 Dec 1732 before Gov. Burrington. “weak of body” Son-in-law Thomas Ashley Jr – certain livestock. Rest of my children “not yet disposed of” -certain livestock; 200 acres each, excepting a 200 acre plantation which I give to my daughter Lucretia “or to that child that is most dutiful & helpful to her Mother.” Ex. wife, Elizabeth Hick. Wit: Mart. Fred. Rasor, Thomas Ashley, Lamb Hardy abstracted by Dr. Stephen E Bradley Jr.

1733 3 Feb Samuel Ratlif in will proved Jul Ct 1733 named Nathaniel Hill and Thomas Ashley Executors.

1734 14 May – Bertie Co Court Minutes – Ordd. That Thos Ashley adm and Ann Byrd Adm adm. in right of his wife Ann of Thos. Williamson decd. be Sumd. to appear at ye next Court to Shew Cause why they have not returned an Inventory of ye Est. of Thos. Williamson decd.

1734 Acct. of sale Sept 2, by Thomas Ashley, admr. of Thos. Williamson. Buyers: James Castelaw, John Bird, Wm. Ashley, Thos Ashley, Senr., Edwr Bird, and Wm. Bird.

1735 E 14 Bertie Co — 1 May. Thomas Ryan & wife Martha to Jacob Parrot 200 , for 200 A. in Ducking Run “joining on Mr Duckingfield’s land,” John Hardy, Thomas Ashley Jr, “to Lucrite Hick land” at Troublesome Branch. Wit: Edward Razer, William Ashley, John Padgett. August Ct, 1736 John Wynns D C C

1736 9 Nov – Thos Ashley overseer from Merry Hill to Sandy Point for 3 months & to have Mr. Duckinfields hands in Wm Hardy’s stead.

1738 Feb – Thos Ashley Sr. is appd overseer [of the road] of Salmon Creek in the room of . . Thos Ryan

1739 F 12 Bertie Co- Thomas Ashley, blacksmith, & wife Ann to Edward Howkett (Hocutt), sen. 30 Aug 60, for 340 A on Rawquiss Swamp. Tract granted to James Castellaw by patent. Adj. Philip Walston, Jonathan Stanly, Coll. Cullen Pollock. Wit: Michael Slaughter, David Ambros. NC Court Aug 3 1739. W Smith C J

1740 29 Apr Thomas Ashley wit. to John Hollbrook Will -May Ct 1740

1742 F 371 Bertie Co – Thomas Ashley Sen to Thomas Ashley Jun. 10 August . 100 , for 120 A On Cashoke Creek adj. Henry Van Luven. Wit: John Hill, William Ashey. Aug Court 1742.

1744 Aug. Both Thos. Ashley Jr & Thos. Ashley Sr were buyers at John Hollbrook’s estate sale. Thos. Ashley was paid money from estate of John Holbrook.

1747 G 56 Henry Van Luven to Thomas Ashley July 20, 10¬£ for 82 acres on WS Cashoke Swamp adj. Thomas Ashborns Corner “to the mouth of a great branch opposite the old Plantation …to line of Vanluven & West” Wit: Thomas Ryan, Andrew Thompson, Andrew Moore Aug Ct 1747

1753 H 37 Bertie Co – Thomas Ashley Jun to Humprey Lawrence, Goldsmith – -2 Nov . Deed of Gift. 82 A. “….for love…we bear unto our well beloved Daughter Ann intermarried with the s’d Humphrey…..”Land on WS Cashoke Swamp. Adj. Thomas Ashbourne, to the Great Branch “opposite the Old Plantation”. Thomas Ashley, Henry VanLuven, Robert West, Jun. The same land which was bought of Henry VanLuven July 20. 1747. Wit: Samuel Ormes, Jane (?) Ormes, Nov Court 1753.

1759 I-224 Thomas Ashley Sr. blacksmith of Bertie Co to Patience Demsey planter of same. 23 Apr 10£ proclamation 50 acres on south side of Salmon Creek joining Florence Branch, Waters Branch. Wit: Ruben Fields, John Ashley.

1765 K-443 John Ashley planter of Bertie Co to Thomas Webb planter of same. 9 Feb 25£ 200 acres which was part of a patent to ? 19 Oct 1763 & sold by mortgage to Thomas Ashley the father of sd John Ashley joining Gutt Branch, Thomas Ashley. Wit: William ?, Edward Rasor, Jno. Nicholls. Mar Ct 1765.

1768 L-2-121 Robert West of Bertie Co to Thomas Leath of same. 23 Mar 13£ 50 acres (messuage) between Joseph Demsey & Thomas Ashley. Wit: Charles Worth Jaicocks, Saml. Power. Mar Ct 1768.

1772 M-67 Thomas Leath of Hide Co to Ann Lawrence relict of Humphrey dec’d of same. 28 Dec. 12¬£ proclamation. 50 acres (messuage) between Joseph Demcy & Thomas Ashley. Wit: Charles Hodgson, Frederick Lawrence. May Ct 1774. John Johnston C J C

1777 M-336 Isham Webb of Tyrell Co to William Merideth of Bertie Co. 24 Mar . 60£ proclamation. 110 acres which was 1/3 part of 330 acres which had been sold by Robert & Thomas West to John Webb joining sd Meridith, Thomas Ashley, Frederick Lawrence, Ann Humphries, Wit: Robert West, H. Nicholls. May Ct 1778.

N-1 Ashley to Bolton (index only exists)

1785 N-127 State Grant #77 to Amos Harriss 23 Sept 160 acres joining Frederick Lawrence, Joseph Darray, William Meredith, Thomas Ashley, Richard Caswell gov.

1785 N-130 State Grant #70 to Frederick Lawrence 23 Sept . 243 acres joining Bucklesberry, William Hooten, Poplar, West, Ashly, Humphrey Nicholls, Richard Caswell gov.

1787 O-91 William Meredith planter of Pasquotank Co to Richard Dillon of Bertie Co 25 Aug 80£ proclamation. 250 acres joining Round Pocoson, Thomas Ashley, George Lockhart, Robert West. Also signed by Sarah Merideth. Wit: William Hootin, John Nicholls, May Ct 1787

1789 P-37 Richard Dillon cooper of Bertie Co to Capt Andrew Stanton mariner of same 17 Nov . 250£ proclamation. 250 acres joining Round Pocoson, Thomas Ashley, George Lockhart, Robert West, Also signed by Ann Dillon. Wit: John Fleetwood, Hardy Glauhon. Nov Ct 1789.

1790 P-90 Thomas Ashley planter of Bertie Co to Amos Harris planter of same. 17 May . 100£ 120 acres on a branch of Cashoke Creek joining Henry Vanleuv. Wit: Frederick Lawrence, John Walston, Sd Amos Harris agreed to let Thomas Harris & his wife Elizabeth to have their lifetime on the sd plantation. This witnessed by Frederick Lawrence, John Walston, Geo Lockhart. May Ct 1790.

1790 Aug Ct Bertie Co Will of Thos Ashley signed 9 Oct 1784 – “being weak in body…” Daughter Elizabeth Boulton – Negro Laulle. Daughter Mary Hodgson -bed, chest, table, etc. Grandson Amos Harrice – land and plantation where I now live, containing 125 acres, also negroes Jack and Nedd and remaining estate not given away. My wife Elizabeth is to have a life estate in all my property. EX. wife, grandson Amos Harrice. Wit: Henry Nicholls, William Nicholls, Lucretia Crickett. Abst by Gammon.

Grandchildren of Thomas Ashley Jr and Elizabeth Hicks:

Ann Ashley ca 1730 & Humphrey Lawrence died 1772 had:
1. Frederick Lawrence ca 1754 – 1823 house carpenter
married 1st. ca 1773 Ann, widow of Eden Bails/Fields
married 2nd ca 1785 Judith Walston
married 1790 2nd. Mary, widow of Elisha Rhodes died 1789
2. David Lawrence ca 1756 – 1828 Bertie Co
married Sarah Emelia Payne
3. Reuben Lawrence ca 1758 – ca 1829
married an Ashburn sister of Peter d 1790
(Miles Bagley adm.)Bertie estate records
4. Ann Lawrence ca 1760 –
married ca 1776 Richard Dillon 1745 Norfolk, VA – 1833 Pike Co MS
5. Nathaniel Lawrence 1766 – 1849 Billups, MS
married 1st. Mary Schular
married 2nd. Mary A Andrews

Elizabeth Ashley & Aaron Boulton died 1796 had:
1. Elizabeth Bolton
2. Ann Boulton
married bef 1802 William Hooten
3. Temperance Boulton
4. Margaret Boulton
5. Sarah Boulton
married bef 1802 Alexander Slaughter
6. Thomas Ashley Boulton

Mary Ashley & John? Harris had:
1. Amos Harris ca 1765 – aft 1801
married Elizabeth Walston ca 1765
2. Ann (Nanny) Harris

Mary Ashley & Charles Hodgson died 1798 had:
1. Elizabeth Hodgson
married 1795 William Sparkman
2. Mary (Polly) Hodgson

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  1. The full text of the will of Thomas Ashley Jr is now available on and shows that his wife’s fist name was Elizabeth. The “his wife Ann” in the 1734 record is almost certainly referring (by awkward grammar) to Ann Byrd as being the former wife of Thos. Williamson, while the 1735 record that mentions “Thomas Ashley, blacksmith, & wife Ann” is probably referring to Thomas Ashley Sr

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