Hance Hofler, Garrett, & Sarah Hunter

Sally’s family neigbors and connections: Hofler/ Hoffler/ Hofflar

Hance Hofler bef 1727 – 1769 | his parents
& first wife Garrett? | her parents
& 1765 Sarah Hunter [Docton] | her parents
of Chowan County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Hance Hofler was married in Perquimans County 30 Nov 1765 to Sarah, the widow of Jacob Docton of Chowan Co. Joseph Smith was bondsman and John Harvey Jr was witness.

Sarah Hunter Docton must have been his second wife as his daughter Mary had married a Garrett by 1774.

Children of Hance Hofler:
1. Thomas Hofler est 1746 –
2. Mary Hofler ca 1758 –
married ca 1774 Garrett
?married 2nd Wright Hayes ca 1733 – before Feb 1795

on 1753 tax list of Chowan County.

4 Feb 1756 – the lands of Hase Hoffler was processed. by James Sumner and Richard Freeman.

Hance Hofler was elected to the vestry of St Paul’s Parish in Aug 1764 and then with Timothy Walton was appointed Church Wardens for the year.
Ordered that Mr. Hance Hofler Tile the Chancel and Glaze the windows of the church and repair the doors and that he be allowed a reasonable charge for the same.
Ordered that Mr Hance Hofler make such further repairs to the Church in Edenton as will appear to him to be necessary beside what he was impowered to do by a former order and that he be allowed a reasonable charge for the same.
Oct 1766 – Hance Hofler produced his account for work and services done in repairing Edenton Church amounting to Sixty eight pound ordered that the same be allowed. Hance Hofler produced his account for service done by his wife in curing Elizabeth Parker’s sore leg amounting to 4 pound, ordered that the same be allowed. Vestry minutes of St Paul’s Parish abstracted by Fouts

April 1765 – Hance Hoffler with Elisha Hunter, County Surveyor, William Bond, James Bond, & Abraham Norfleet go round the lines of Mr. William Boyd’s lands in this county. . .

Will of Hance Hofler, Chowan County 21 Jan 1769 –
In the name of god amen. I Hance Hofler being sick and weak and afflicted with bodily pain, but thanks be to god of sound and perfect memory and remembering that it is appointed for all men once to die I do therefore take this opportunity dispose of such worldly good as it hath been the pleasure of almighty god to — me with in the manner and form following but first and principally I Do recommend my sold to god that gave it and my Body to the Earth from whence it – to be Decently buried after the Diseretion of my Executors and as to my worldly goods I do Leave or dspose of as followeth
Item — I leave to my beloved wife Sarah the use of the third part of the plantation that I Live on during her Life and Likewise I Leave her the use of my negro wench Nel and her children during my wife’s Natural Life and Likewise I leave to my beloved wife one mare called a Scewbale Mare and a Mare Colt to be her own property forever and like I leave to my beloved wife all that she was in posession of when she was a widow and to be her property as it was then that is to say all the goods Negroes and stock that she brought to me when I married her except such things as has perished or been made use of.
Item — I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Hofler and to his heirs and assigns forever the plantation that I live on and all the Land therunto belonging Except a percle of Land that I bought of John Jordan and a final percal of that I bought of John Ada— adjoining to the Said Land that I bought of said Jodain running down to a small branch toward the afore said plantation that I live on which percel of Land containeth about ? hundred Acors more or less all the other lands adjoining to my aforesaid plantation and all the appurtenanees and priviledges thereunto belong I leave as afore said to my son and to his heirs and assigns forever.
Item — I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Hofler the above said percel of Land bought of John Jordan and the small part of the Land bough of the P Darns run to the P Branch containing two hundred acres more of less to her her heirs and assigns – —
Item — after all just debts being payed I give and bequeath all and every part of my Estate that hath not yet been mentioned to my Son Thomas and My Daughter Mary to be Equally Divided between them I say to them and their heirs and assigns forever.
Item — further my will and desire is that if my two children thomas and Mary should both of them die without haveing and children that is to say while in their minority that then Thomas Garrett Son of Richard Garrett should have my negro boy caled Harry to be his one property to him his heirs and assigns forever and Likewise if my two children aforesaid in their Minority that then I give and bequeath to friend Eward Garrett all the rest of my Estate Except the negro boy harry above mentioned both Real and personal to his heirs and assigns forever. Lastly I do hereby appoint Constitute Ordain my true friend Eward Garrett living in Edenton Executor to this my Last will and testament herby making void all other wills by me made heretofore affirming and confirming this to be my Last will and testament in witness where of I have here unto Set my hand and affixed my Seal this twenty first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred Sixty nine.
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of us Hance Hofler [seal drawn]
Paul Bunch, Jane [I ] Harril , Celia [O] Copeland

1774 – the estate of Hance Hofler was divided between Thomas Hofler and Mary Garrett Chowan County Records [NCHGR 2-263]

Thomas Hofler will 1727 | his parents
& Mary | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Misc Loose Probate Records bound Chowan Co NC XVII: 55-56
[compiled by Jonathan B Butcher NCGSJ vol VII p 86]
no dates – Petition of “Hance Hofler, son of Thomas Hofler late of Nansemond Co in the colony of Virginia deceased.” Thomas Hofler made a will 10 Jan 1727 bequeathing to Mary Hofler a negro girl named Sue, but if said Mary should die in her minority the sd negro was “to come to your Petitioner and to Thomas Hofler your Petitioner’s brother.” reminder of the property of the testator was bequeathed “to the said Thomas Hofler the other son of the said Testator and to the said Mary Hofler and to Mary the wife of the said Testator.” The widow was executrix and she in turn made a will, appointing Thomas Walton, executor. Thomas Hofler, brother and sister of the petitioner, both died in minority without issue.

Children of Thomas Hofler will 1727 & wife Mary:
1. Hance Hofler bef 1727 – 1769
2. Thomas Hofler [died in minority]
3. Mary Hofler [died in minority]

Thomas Hofler est 1746 – 1817 | his parents
& Deborah Garrett | her parents
of Gates County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Thomas Hofler wife was Deborah Garrett as shown by the will of her brother James Garrett. Thomas Hoffler’s will was presented at court in May 1817 by Hance Hoffler and Garrett Hoffler Gates Co Ct records

Children of Thomas Hofler and Deborah Garrett include:
1. James Hofler ca 1783 – 1822 testate
married 22 Sept 1802 [divorce granted 1818] Deborah Outlaw
e-mail from Gerard Pierce – My ggggfather James Hofler…married Deborah Outlaw in 22 Sep 1802 who left him in December, became a wanton women, had an illegal black child, lived with a sea caption and became a camp follower in South Carolina. James applied for a divorce in 1803, denied; filed again in 1807, denied and finally in 1818 filed a third time and it was granted…..in the mean time had three illegitimate children [Isaac [my gggfather], Richard, Nancy Blanchard]. Never married this Blanchard but in 1819 married Penelope Hayse [also spelt Hays, Hayes, etc].
James Hofler’s children with a Blanchard
a. Richard Blanchardca 1807 –
b. Isaac Blanchard Hoffler ca 1810
i. Virginia Hoffler
married Joseph Pierce
c. Nancy Blanchard ca 1813 –
married 12 July 1848 James Pearce
Ct Records Gates Co: Feb 1823 – Ordered that Garrett Hoffler be appointed Guardian to Isaac Blanchard, Richard Blanchard & Eliza Hoffler orphans of James Hoffler dec’d. and that he give bond and security in the sum of two thousand dollars each etc.
Ordered that John Hoffler be appointed Guardian to Nancy Blanchard orphan of James Hoffler dec’d and he give bond & security in the sum of One thousand Dollars.

married 15 May 1819 Penelope [Pennina] Hayse
Hance Hoffler bondsman
she had married 1st Freeman and then 3rd Docton Hayse

a. Eliza Hoffler ca 1820 – dec. by May 1824
? Penninah Hofler married 8 Jan 1838 [Gates Co] Jordon Elliott
Asa G Hofler bondsman
2. Hance Hofler ca 1787 – 1847 testate
married 19 Sept 1806 Elizabeth Barbee
married Elizabeth Minchew [widow of Benjamin Hayse]

3. William Hofler ca 1790 -bef 1850
married 6 Mar 1817 Julia Lassiter ca 1792 – aft 1880
1870 Gates Co Census page 56 a
Julia Holfter 78 f w keeping house
Lovey ” 16 f w cook

a. William Hofler 1832 –
b. Wright Hofler 1834 –
c. Armesia Hofler 11 Dec 1834 –
married 3 Mar 1865 George A Lassiter 19 July 1835 – 30 Aug 1910 Gates Co NC
d. Towsend Hofler 1842 –
married Gates Co 10 June 1863 Sarah [Sallie Ann] Hofler 16 Jan 1838 – 2 April 1916

  1. Garrett Hofler ca 1794 – 1834 testate
    married 6 Feb 1818 Leah Hill ca 1798 – 1876
    Will signed 22 Nov 1875 and probate on Feb 1876 Gates Co Court
    a. James Robert Hofler 1823 – 1 Dec 1876 age 53 [yr] 10 mo
    married Sarah ? ca 1824 –
    i. Walter Raleigh Hofler 27 Sept 1869 – 14 Oct 1942 ts


Walter Hofler on left – Alexander Carter II on right

married 22 Feb 1893 Ida Welch 31 May 1871 – 1 Feb 1947 ts
ii. Henry G Hofler 28 Nov 1871 – 4 Oct 1949 age 78
married 28 Jan 1894 Edla M Hobbs 1870 – 19 June 1955 age 85
b. Leah Hofler 1829 –

5. John Hofler ca 1799 – [ under age in 1817]
married 12 Jan 1830 Sally Hayse ca 1810 –
daughter of Benjamin and Priscilla
a. Martha Hofler 1832 –
b. Maranda Hofler 1835 –
c. Job[e] Hofler 1838 – 1862 at Petersburg [Civil War]
d. John Hofler 1840 –

1850 Census Records John Jr.
1 M age 51 h: John [Jr] 1799
1 M age 12 s: Job[e] 1838
1 M age 10 s: John [idiot] 1840
1 F age 40 w: Sarah Hays 1810
1 F age 18 d: Martha 1832
1 F age 15 d: Maranda 1835

Hance Hofler ca 1785 – 1847 | his parents
& Elizabeth Barbee ca 1786 – bef 1843 | her parents
& Elizabeth Minchew Hayes 1796 – 1870 | her parents
of Gates County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This Hance Hofler was first married 19 Sept 1806 in Gates Co. to Elizabeth Barbee. James Hofler was the bondsman.

The widow of Benjamin Hayes, Elizabeth Minchew, married 2nd [aft March 1833 – before 3 Feb 1843] Hance Hofler Sr. Proof: See conveyance from Hance Hofler to Caroline Hayes, dated February 3, 1843 and recorded in Book 18, page 313, Gates County, in which Hance Hofler states that Benjamin Hayes made provision for his children, except Caroline, and his wife, in his Will and that Caroline was born after the Will was written. He further states that “The said Elizabeth Hayes and I, Hance Hofler have since married.” research of Edith Freeman Seiling
Benjamin Hayes died 14 March 1833, his will is dated 15 June 1830 and recorded Book 2, page 320.

Children of Hance Hofler and 1st wife Elizabeth Barbee:
1. Asa G Hofler 20 June 1814 – 1859 testate
married ca 1840 Sarah [Sally] Welch May 1816 – aft 1900 census
a. Sarah Elizabeth Hofler June 1841 – aft 1900
married 6 Oct 1856 Jobe Freeman May 1832 –
i. Ida Rebecca Freeman 1859 – 1938
married Thomas Jefferson Carter Oct 1863 – 1944
ii. James T Freeman 12 May 1862 – 25 Jan 1938 never married
iii. William Penn Freeman 16 March 1864 – 7 June 1941 never married
iv. Charlie Freeman – died as a teenager
v-vi – vii all died young
b. Thomas W Hofler ca 1842 – aft 1850 dy?
c. [Peggy] Rebecca R Hofler 25 Aug 1844 – 12 Apr 1894
married 2 Oct 1866 James H Freeman [4 June 1841 -13 Feb 1910]
[brother of Jobe]
i. Maggie H Freeman ca 1870 –
married 30 Jan 1996 Charlie C Deans
ii. Addie L Freeman Feb 1871 –
married Will Carter
iii. Sally Freeman Feb 1872 – [buried next to her mother]
married 1899 George Hinton June 1867 –
iv. Molly Freeman Mar 1873 – never married
v. John Freeman May 1875 – never married
vi. Herbert Freeman June 1879 –
married Alene Brown
vii. Kate E Freeman Apr 1881 –
married Aubrey P Harrell 1882 – 1969
d. William Norfleet Hofler 6 Apr 1848 – 20 Sept 1909
married 12 Dec 1894 Ethel [Effa] Hinton 30 Oct 1870 – 7 Jan 1940
daughter of Robt and Louisa [dec] Hinton
i. William Hertel Hofler Sept 1899 – 1981
married Bessie Carter
e. John Quincy Hofler 15 Aug 1850 – 7 June 1902 [ts]
married Alice Gertrude Hinton 25 Dec 1858 – 20 May 1913 [ts]
Carter Cemetery, Carter’s Crossroads S R 1100
i. Theodore Edward Hofler 9 May 1882 – 16 Jan 1941
married Hattie Watkins Harris 5 July 1884 – 7 Dec 1967
ii. Ida Gertrude [Lade] Hofler 10 April 1883 – 13 July 1973
married 1st Claiborne Earl Hill
married 2nd Herman Cobb
iii. Maude Ann Hofler 19 Sept 1885 – 11 Dec 1973
married James Aubrey Harrell 24 Oct 1885 – 5 April 1947
iv. Thurman Hinton Hofler 2 Oct 1887 – 16 Dec 1969
married Eva Blanche Harris 23 Dec 1889 – 28 Aug 1958
v. Sidney V Hofler ca 1891 – 10 May 1911 aged about 21
vi. John Willard Hofler 31 Aug 1896 – 25 Aug 1985 Duplin County
married 1st Ethel Mae Boney 1 April 1900 – 10 Oct 1926
married 2nd Louise Carter 9 Feb 1905 –
f. Bascom B Hofler ca May 1851 –
married 27 Jan 1887 Rosa E Parker ca Sept 1866 –
daughter of Al— & Bettie Parker
i. Norfleet Hofler ca Jan 1888 –
ii. Aubrey Hofler ca Nov 1890 –
iii. Oscar Hofler ca Jul 1893 –
iv. Erma Hofler ca Oct 1896 –
g. Julia Hofler
married —– Felton
i. Oscar Felton
married Valerie Howard
ii. Lonnie Felton
married —- [a school teacher]
iii. Maggy Felton
married Ernest Reed

2. Hance Hofler 30 April 1820 – 8 Jan 1883
married 23 Dec 1847 Caroline Hays 13 Dec 1832 – 26 Feb 1893
a. Mary Elizabeth Hofler 24 March 1849 – 14 July 1849
b. James Hance Hofler 19 July 1852 – 2 March 1914
married 18 Dec 1882 Lula Gertrude Hayes – 25 March 1935
i. James Luther Hofler 29 Nov 1883 – 1944 Gatesville Cemetery
married 22 Feb 1903 Annie Truman Brown 1887 – 1955
daughter of Wm. H and Isabella Brown Hofler[?] Gatesville Cemetery
1. William Hance Hofler
2. James Luther Hofler
3. Ralph Hayes Hofler
(named after his uncle)
4. John Gatling Hofler
5. Caroline Hofler
6. Thomas Hofler
7. Molly Hofler
8. Isabelle Hofler
9. Brown Hofler
married June Woods
a. William Hance Hofler II 1949 –
married Nina Mae Bowers of Baskerville VA
parents of Jennifer and Chris
b. James Brown Hofler
c. JoAnne Hofler
d. Nell Hofler
e. Katherine Hofler
ii. Little Brother Hofler 15 Apr 1885 – Apr !885
iii. Carrie Hofler 15 Apr 1888 –
married 24 June 1914 Rev. Thomas Luther Brown
iv. Myrtle Hofler Feb 1890 – Jan 1894
v. Ralph Hayes Hofler 2 July 1899 – 12 Feb 1940
married 1 Dec 1934 Emily Lawrence
c. Mary Caroline Hofler 4 Oct 1855 – 29 Sept 1868
d. Patrick Henry Hofler 5 Dec 1859 – 8 Sept 1862
e. Thomas Edward Hofler 3 Oct 1862 – 19 June 1921
buried in the Gatesville Cemetery
married 22 Dec 1895 Tinie [Tinetta] H Riddick 1871 – 1959
her name was possibly Hasseltine says family Gatesville Cemetery
i. Paul L. Hofler 22 Dec 1896 – 1963 Gatesville Cemetery
ii. [adopted] Bessie Beam
f. John Hofler 23 July 1865 – 14 Aug 1865
g. Ann Elizabeth Hofler 10 Nov 1866 -14 June 1867
h. Ann Elizabeth (Susie) Hofler 31 Jan 1868 – 11 May 1893
Second Item in her mother Caroline Hofler’s will dated 22 Feb 1893 . . .
“I give and devise to my daughter Annie E Parker my dwelling house, out buildings, lot and garden containing about two acres; to her and her heirs forever, and also the Furniture in the House.”

married 20 Jan 1892 William Hayes Parker 1866 – 1941
son of James B & Priscilla Parker
i. Hance Parker 28 Mar 1893 – ca 1898 of small pox
ii. Jimmie Parker 28 Mar 1893 – ca 1898 of small pox
i. Henry Hofler 29 Sept 1869 – 28 Jan 1870
j. Jefferson Davis Hofler 28 July 1871 -12 Aug 1871
k. Willey Eugene Hofler 10 March 1873 – bef 1880
3. Rebecca Barber Hofler ca 1820 – 7 June 1875 at sunset of pneumonia
married 9 Feb 1839 William Gaston Welch ca 1815 – 6 June 1864 Richmond, VA
son of Myles Welch
a. Patrick Henry Welch 9 Dec 1839 Chowan Co – 2 Feb 1891 Gates Co
married 22 Nov 1866 Elizabeth Margaret Simpson 3 Mar 1844 – 22 Oct 1884
of dyslpipsia

married 4 May 1888 Harriet Ann Howell 30 Aug 1852 – 14 Mar 1935
widow of John Edney

4. Frederick Hofler ca 1824 – [in household of Hance Jr in 1850]

Children of Hance Hofler and 2nd wife Elizabeth Minchew:
none that I have found

note: Benjamin Hayes married 2nd ca 1831 Elizabeth Minchew [1 Feb 1796 – 15 Nov 1870] daughter of Bonce [is it Bond or maybe it’s Bose] Minchew and Elizabeth his wife. She married 2nd Hance Hofler, the father of her son-in-law Hance Hofler.
Child of Benjamin Hayes and Elizabeth Minchew:

1. Caroline Hays 13 Dec 1832 – 26 Feb 1893
married 23 Dec 1847 Hance Hofler 30 April 1820 – 8 Jan 1883
Ref: Bible Records of Gates County, NC + other records

14 Oct 02 – e-mail from Gerard Pierce “Hofflar/ Hoffler/ Hofler. . . I have been working on this surname for a number of years and have extensive documentation and have the Hoffler,s back to 1698 in Virginia. And a Thomas Hofflar entering Philadelphia in date unknown. I have 32 3″ binders of Hoffler data.”

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