William Boone & Judith Perry Deans

The William Boon families of Northampton Co NC

William Boone 1812 – aft 1880 | his parents
& Judith Perry Deans 1822 – aft 1880 | her parents
of Northampton Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

from Winborne’s History of Hertford Co
“Capt. Thos. D Boone, the intelligent and capable Clerk of our Superior Court, is one of the heroes of 1861-65.
His charming wife was Willie Vann, daughter of Tilman D Vann of Maney’s Neck. Captain Boone’s father was William Boone of Northampton and his wife Judith Boone, nee Deans, the daughter of the old Sheriff, Thomas Deans of Hertford County. His grandmother on his paternal side was Lucy Tyner, the daughter of Nicholas Tyner II of Northampton.

Children of William Boone and Judith Perry Deans:
1. James D Boone Feb 1838 Murfreesboro – schoolteacher ’60 Kirby Twsp ’00 Judge ’80
married ca 1865 Frances A ? Aug 1844 –
a. William J Boone ca 1866 –
b. James Dudley Boone ca 1870 –
c. J Annie Boone ca 1872 –
d. Collin B Boone ca 1876 –
2. Capt. Thomas Deans Boone 12 Oct 1840 NH Co NC – schoolteacher ’60
married Margaret Wilkinson [Willie] Vann Feb 1843 –
dau of Tilman Vann
a. John Vann Boone ca 1866 –
b. Willie Hutchens Boone May 1869 – dsp
c. Sallie Sheperd Boone
married Charles Fisher Mitchell of Winton
d. Lucy Antionette Boone Dec 1879 –
married Bingham Copeland
1. Harry Shepherd Copeland
married Alphie Marie Newsome
2. Margaret Vann Copeland 13 June 1905 – 17 Dec 1977
married John A Britton
3. William H Boone ca 1842 – not on ’60 census with family
4. John W Boone ca 1844 – not on “
5. Lucy T Boone June 1847 –
married 25 Feb 1869 Dr. William George Freeman 19 Aug 1840 –
they lived in the Hertford Academy building in Murfreesboro NC
6. Walter Boone ca 1849 –
7. Susan P Boone ca 1851 –
8. Charles Boone ca 1852 –
9. Robert L Boone ca 1854 –
10. Williamia Boone ca 1856 – not on ’70 census with parents
11. Mary E Boone ca 1858 –
12. Judith D [Deano] Boone 1859 –
[in 1880 2 year old Bessie Boone labeled granddaughter in hhd]

Hertford Co Court Records
1833 – Deed from Cynthia Overton to James D Wynns duly proved in open court by William Boon one of the sub. wit.
May 1833 – Wm Boon is serving on Jury
Jan 1833 – William Boone is appointed a Constable for Hertford Co with Riddick Cross, Kinsey Jordan and David C Cross as securities.
abt 1841 – William Boone appears as guardian with Ann E & P S Deans.

Notes from Betsy –
“The Allen Place is located six miles from Jackson. It was purchased in 1795 by the ancestors of my grandmother Boone’s family…the Allens. My Boone Grandparents inherited it from my grandmother’s family. The Boone Place is a much different structure. The Allen House sits 1/10 mile from the road and has undergone many add-ons. My great grandmother Allen was the daughter of William Vaughan and Elizabeth (Betsy) Lawrence of Murfreesboro.


“The Boone Place sits 1/2 mile from the road. The original portion of the house dates back to about 1740. During its remodel in about 1830 the addition was a bit larger than the original house. It has the wide center hall both down stairs and up. It had painted and grained woodwork. One of the most interesting parts was a school house that sat in the front yard. Unfortunately that did not survive and had to be demolished. From the outside the house is a large retangular two story. It is northeast of Conway, about a mile or two east of Pendleton and about six miles west of Murfreesoro. located on Deloatch Mill Road

the three unmarried sisters and their two married sisters owned both the Allen Home Place and the Boone Place.
You mentioned a Bessie Boone, a granddaughter, at the Boone residence from the census records. My grandfather Boone first married Eliza B. Deloatch and they had a daughter – Bessie Boone born 1877.
Eliza died in 1879 and her father took her to his mother and sisters at the Boone Place.
His second wife was my grandmother and a neighbor of his Deloatch in-laws.

James Boon ca 1771 – aft 1816 | his parents
& ca 1808 Lucy Tyner ca 1790 – aft 1816 | her parents
of Hertford Co NC & Southampton Co VA
and Northampton Co NC
& 1816 headed toward KY nfi

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

ca 1771 James Boon was born to Nicholas Boon and his wife Ann of Hertford Co NC
1789 – James Boon received a gift of land in SH Co VA from his parents
1808 – James Boon married Lucy Tyner daughter of Nicholas Tyner ca 1750 of NH Co
1812 – James Boon sold the land he owned in SH Co VA
1814 – Nicholas Tyner gave his daughter Lucy land in NH Co
1816 – James Boon and wife Lucy Tyner left on a wagon train for KY leaving their 4 year old son with his maternal grandfather — nothing was ever hear further from them. [family story]

“Against the advice of her parents [1816], Lucy and James decided they were going to move to Kentucky. Since they had lived with her parents since selling their property in Southampton County, Grandfather Nicholas had become quite fond of their son, William. On the scheduled date of their departure Nicholas had a slave take little William on “an adventure” through the extensive forests adjacent to his home, thinking that William’s absence would delay their leaving. They left with the understanding that they would return when they were settled and take William back with them. They never returned and were never heard from again.”
“William received a good education. The property he was given by Nicholas (1829) was adjacent to property owned by Nicholas. Nicholas had extensive land holdings as well as both grist mills and lumber mills. At the time of William’s marriage to Judith Perry Deanes, lumber cut from his grandfather’s forests and dressed in his lumber mill was used to remodel and add on to the house.”

Child of James Boon & Lucy Tyner:
1. William Boone ca 1812 – aft 1880 farmer NH Co NC Kirby Twsp NH Co NC
[This William Boone (who lived near Pendleton and a few miles from Murfreesboro) is found in various records in Hertford County as well as Northampton, including being one of the earlier trustees of Chowan College 1849-1854.]
married in Murfreesboro NC Judith Perry Deanes ca 1822 – aft 1880
dau of Sheriff Thomas Deanes of Hertford Co

“The deed was written and recorded in Southampton County in 1789 and it was from Nicholas and Anne of Hertford to their son James Boon. The tract was for 100 acres and touched the dividing line between North Carolina and Virginia, thusly Northampton and Southampton Counties. I actually think this land adjoined land owned by Nicholas Tyner in Northampton County. In the deed it is clearly states that Nicholas…and Ann..of Hertford County, North Carolina… for love and affection of their beloved son, James Boon, are deeding said land to him. This is the same land that James sold before he and Lucy came back to Northampton to live with her father.
. . .this proves that “my” James Boon is not the son of William and Sally Boon and is the son of Nicholas and Ann Boon of Hertford County, North Carolina. Whereas their James Boon is thought to have been born abt. 1788, the James of Nicholas and Anne was more likely born about 1768/9.”

Sheriff Thomas Deans | his parents
& Miss Ward | her parents
& ca 1820 Susan Perry [Jenkins] | her parents
& ca 1809 Charles Jenkins d. 1816 | his parents
of Hertford County

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Thomas Deans and Miss Ward:
1. Mike Ward Deans
married Mary Ann Jenkins
2. Sallie Deans
married Thomas Barnes
3. Thomas Deans Jr.

Children of Thomas Deans and Susan Perry:
1. Judith Perry Deans
married William Boone of Northampton Co
2. Susan Deans
married Rev. Reuben Jones
3. Malissa Anne Deans
married John E Maget of Northampton Co

Sheriff Thomas Dean’s daughter Susan married Rev. Reuben Jones, and his daughter Malissa Anne married John E Maget of Northampton Co. The old Sheriff was married twice. By his first marriage he reared two sons Mike and Thomas Deanes, Jr. The mother of his daughters was Susan Ann Perry.”

Nicholas Tyner | his parents
of Northampton Co NC


son of Thomas Boon & Alice Winborne

William Boon ca 1749 – 1795 | his parents
& 1773 Anna Winborne ca 1753 – aft 1795 | her parents
of Northampton Co NC

William Boon ca 1749 – May 1795 NH Co NC
named his father Thomas Boon and James Winborne Sr as Executors of his will
married ca 1773 Anna Winborne ca 1753 – aft 1795
a. Alice [Elsie] Boon 22 April 1774 – 1860/70 lived MO 1826
married SH Co VA 25 Nov 1799 Enoch Flythe ca 1777 – son of John Flythe
b. William Boon ca 1777 – aft 1800 when he listed himself as a resident of Davidson Co TN
c. John Boon ca 1780 – aft 1826 NH Co in 1826
d. Sarah [Sally] Boon ca 1782 – aft 1826 lived MO 1826
e. Penelope [Penny] Boon ca 1786 – aft 1826 lived MO 1826
f. Mary [Polly] Boon ca 1789 – aft 1826 lived MO 1826
married aft 1795 —– McCoy bef 1790 – bef 1824
g. Lemuel Boon ca 1791 – aft 1826 lived MO 1826
h. Martha [Patsey] Boon ca 1794 – aft 1826 lived MO 1826

son of Joseph Boon & wife Savory

William Boon ca 1760 – 1804 | his parents
& ca 1784 unknown Boon ca 1768 – ca 1797 | her parents
& ca 1798 Susanna Jenkins [Edmunds] 1775 – 1806 | her parents
of Northampton Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Susanna Jenkins was the daughter of Dew Jenkins and his wife Mildred

William Boon wrote his will 6 Oct 1797 – he later married Susanna Jenkins Edmunds and had four more children. His will was proved at March Ct 1805 in Northampton Co NC.
– to my son James Boon all my land, 1 negro, horse, etc….
– to daughter Polly Boon 1 saddle, bed and furniture etc…..
– to daughter Sally Boon bed and furniture etc…..
– my mother shall have a comfortable support out of my estate during her life and the use of 1 cow and calf
– one negro to be hired out until my youngest daughter comes to age or marries.
– reminder of estate to be sold and money equally divided between my 2 daughters.
Exrs: my trusty friends Arthur Williams, William Williams, and Arthur and Benjamin Sherrod
Wits: Dew Jenkins and Nicholas Tyner

William Boon estate – Susanna Boon petitioned the heirs of the dec’d with her dissent to the will, Sept Ct 1804. Said Susanna petitioned the heirs for her dower, Mar Ct 1805.

The following persons [to wit] Stephen Josey, Benjamin Howell, Harwood Duke, Randolph Luke, Burwel Beal, Thomas Smith, Samuel Summerville, Levia Landcaster, Thomas Capell, James Seat, James Branch, Robert Snipes being sworn and impannelled to try the Caveat to the said will entered by Susanna Boon upon their oaths do say that the sd. paper is the Last Will and Testament of William Boon dec’d.

Susanna Boon wrote her will 20 Mar 1806 and it was proved at June Ct. 1806
– to my son Charles Edmunds 5 shillings
– the reminder part of my estate to be divided amongst all the rest of my children: Susanna Boon, Martha Boon, Boling Boon, and Temperance Boon.
Exrs: Dempsey Jinkins and Jeremiah Daughtry
Wits: Frederick Long, Sally Jinkins

Nicholas Edmunds wrote his will which was proved at Sept Ct 1796
– to his pregnant wife Susanna etc

Children of William Boon and unknown 1st wife:
1790 census NH Co William Boon with 1 male over 16; 1 male under 16; 3 females and 1 slave
1. Mary [Polly] Boon ca 1785 –
2. James Boon ca 1788 –
in 1812 Boling Boon was apprenticed to James Boon to learn the art of farming
3. Sarah [Sally] Boon ca 1791 –

Children of William Boon and 2nd wife Susanna Jenkins [Edmunds]:
these children were raised in Edgecombe Co
1. Susanna Boon ca 1799 –
married bef Nov 1821 John Garrott
2. Martha Boon ca 1800 –
married bef Nov 1821 James Barron
3. Boling Boon ca 1802 – ca 1823 Edgecombe Co NC
his administrator was John Garrott
4. Temperance Boon ca 1803 –

Child of Nicholas Edmunds and wife Susanna Jenkins:
1. Charles Edmunds ca 1796 –

Joseph Boon ca 1730 – 1794 | his parents ?
& Savory ? 17xx – aft 1811 | her parents
of Northampton Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Will of Joseph Boon of Northampton Co NC 24 July 1790 – proved Dec Ct 1794
– lend to my loving wife Savory Boon all my land and household furniture etc during her natural life and at her death the sd. property to go to my son William Boon.
Exrs: my friends John Boon and John Fly
Wit: Bolling Boon and Salley Boon X her mark

will proved on oath of Salley Boon; John Boon qualified as exr. Dec. Ct 1794.

Observations by Sally:
I suspect John Boon is a brother-in-law of Joseph – either his wife’s brother or his sister’s husband

Leta reports finding Bolling Boon farming in Southampton Co VA ca 1792 tax list.

Leta also writes: “I believe the Sally Boon is Bolling’s wife and maybe she is the Sally Boon that married Cordy Whitfield of Southampton in 1811. I have a note that Cordy Whitfield submitted a note from the deputy sheriff of NH in 1811 to prove that two slaves he was bringing into Southampton was the result of a marriage. This Sally Whitfield is Sarah Liles of Benjamin and Mary Liles [Thomas Liles] of NH. My Nicholas [C] 1805 loans them money in 1828 and Sally’s son James Boon sues Allen Boon in 1821.”

Child of Joseph Boon and wife Savory:
1. William Boon ca 1760 – 1804

e-mail from Leta 8 March 2008 – Sally, I have two suggestions for your Boon site.. On the Joseph Boon will of 1790, the John Boon administrating has a wife named Sally, and William has a daughter named Sally. I think she is a Cheatham, others think a Rawls. I never found any legal dealings between Boons and Rawls, I do find a closeness with the Cheathams of NCNH and SHVA families even a marriage and Richard Boon of John Boon’s family moves to Robertson County, Tn. with a load of Cheathams and after his death in 1823 there is a Richard Boon Cheatham in legal records.
Also, in 1805, John Boon’s son Jesse sells his land to Christopher Cheatham. Now, this was John Boon’s land divided up among his children which means Cheatham would be living cheek to cheek with the John Boon children. He had to be a close friend or relative to get this land. All other pieces were sold to sisters and their husbands.
On the Benjamin Boon son of Jacob Boon of NHNC, this man migrates South. There are people on the Boon Family DNA website that match my brothers DNA that are descendants of a Benjamin Boon of Ga.Fla. and Ala. The Benjamin Boon you list with the daughters is not from Jacob. Mr. Flythe agreed with this and they are what I call the District 9 Boons. In District 9 there are loads of Boons of the early period but no relation to the Boons of District 12 and Hertford, Southampton. In fact, I have traded emails with a lady in Ga. that claims to be descended from this Benjamin Boon with the daughters. They also have a line in Tennessee. If I can find the info, I will give it to you. No problem intended just giving my side of the genealogy. Give me your thought. I am continuing with my Boon research. Leta Myles Franklin

e-mail 4/29/08 ”

On your quote of me on Wm. Boon’s first wife, I do believe she is a daugter of Benj and Mary Boon and I don’t know her name now. But, the sentence “I believe she is a Cheatham not a Rawls” belongs to John Boon’s wife, Sally. This John is the son of Thomas Boon, Jr. who is on the 1790s Northampton Census and died in 1796 with a will. I am reading a microfilm now of Robertson County Tenn. hope to come up with new facts. Best wishes, Leta Franklin

Boon/Boone Report by Leta on Cross County Historical Society Website
interested researchers can see Leta Myles Franklin’s research unfiltered.

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