John Rayner & Mary Wood

Sally’s 5-great-Grandparents and also 6-great grandparents:

John Rayner ca 1685 – bef 1734 | his parents
& Mary Wood | her parents
& bef 1734 Mr. Rutter | his parents
of Chowan County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of t his moment!!

16 July 1722 John Rainer buys 50 Acres on Warrick Swamp from John Goodwin.
Nov 1722 John Raner wit to deed in Chowan County.

4 April 1728 Edward Wood in Onslow Co. refers to his daughter Rainer.

Mary married 2nd a Mr. Rutter bef. 1734 when Edward Wood in a deed states “my moveable estate shall be divided between Robert Chappell & my daughter Mary Rutter.”

Known Children of John Rayner & Mary Wood:
1. Daniel Rayner ca 1709 Chowan Co NC – 1788 Jones Co NC
conveyed land with mother Mary Rutter in 1737; then he moved to Duplin Co NC
a. David Rayner ca 1754 Duplin Co NC – Jan 1821 Newton Grove, NC
married 1st Duplin Co NC 4 Mar 1779 Sarah Jarvis 1758 – 1790 Sampson Co NC 13 children
married 2nd 1799 Amy McMam 1766 – 1 Aug 1833 Newton Grove, Sampson Co 13 children
. . . . b. Richard Rayner

2. Richard Rayner ca 1711 Chowan Co NC – 1785 Bertie Co NC
married 1st ca 1753 Ann Reasons [Amelia Evans]
married 2nd Elizabeth.
3. John Rayner ca 1713 Chowan Co NC – 1796 Bertie Co
married ca 1742 Judith Chappell
4. Susannah Rayner

In Nov Ct 1722 Chowan County, NC

#1506 p 300 Thomas Garrett Jr of Chowan Prect and Tomazin his wife to John Goodwin of Albemarle Co. 16 July 1722 41, 5 shillings sterling 110 acres on the south side of Warrick swamp near the east side of the Main Road by the Bridge of the said swamp joining the said swamp Wit: Thomas Garrett Sr, John Raner Ack att a Ct held for Chowan Prect 17 July 1722 Test: W Badham, D C C Reg 2 Nov 1722.

#1508 p 303 John Goodwin of Chowan Prect and Mary his wife to John Freeman of the Parish of Elizabeth and Co of Norfolk VA 16 July 1722 41, 5 shillings sterling 50 acres on the north side of Warrek swamp at the mouth of Wallnutt branch joining Deep Branch that Issueth out of Fox Branch, Edward Wood, and Fox branch. Wit: Thomas Garrett, Sr, Thomas Garrett Jr.

#1509 p 304 John Goodwin of Chowan Prect and Mary his wife to John Rainer of the Prect afrsd 16 July 1722 15,sterling 50 acres on the south side of Warreck swamp near the Bridge joining Polly Branch and the swamp Wit: Thomas Garrett Sr, Thomas Garrett Jr. Hoffman abstract

1728 Wood, Edward, Onslow, April 5th, Son William, daughter Rainer, son Edward, daughters Sarah and Bethia, mother Mary Wood, wife Ann and Edward Mashbone Exrs. Test: John Murfree, John Moor, Eliner Murfree. Hathaway Vol I page 499

1734 Mary Rutter with Robert Chappell & his son Jonathan received lands from Edward Wood in Chowan Precinct on the north side of Warwick Swamp which Wood had bought from a John Goodwin. In the deed he states “my movable estate to be divided between Robert Chappell & my daughter Mary Rutter.”
Hathaway Vol II page 453

1736 money was paid Richard Rainer for boarding ye sd Weston 2 months by the Vestry of Chowan Co

1737 abstract of Conveyance Chowan Co — Daniel Rainer & Mary Rutter, mother of said Rainer to Geo. White 50 ac. South Warwick Swamp, 20 July 1737. Test Robert Chappell, Eliz. Rountree, Thomas Rountree.

475 DB:C-2:29 Daniel Rainer & Mary Rutter to George White. Deed. 20 July 1737. Daniel [+] Rainer, Chowan & Mother Mary [N] Rutter to George White. £40, 50 A, on South side of Warrick Swamp beginning at a red oak standing on the So. side of afsd Swamp near the east side of the main road by or nigh the bridge of afsd swamp thence by a line of markd trees So. or thereabouts near the east side of the main road to a pine standing in or nigh the line of the patent hereafter mentioned being made a corner tree & thence along the line of the afsd pattent to a stooping white oak standing in or nigh Poley branch being made another corner tree then north or there abouts down the sd Poley branch by various courses & bounded thereon to afsd Warrick Swamp & down sd Swamps courses to 1st Sta, being part of a patent to Thos. Garrat in 1718 & by Garret sold to Jno. Goowin & by sd Goodwin sold to Jno. Rainer late husband of afsd Mary Rutter, father of sd Daniel Rainer & so descended to sd Rainer by right of inheritance from his father his deceasing Intestate. . .Wit: Robert [R] Chappell, Elizabeth [E] Roundtree, Thos. Roundtree. Ackd. 1737 Ct by Daniel Rainer. Test: Jas. Craven Cl. Cu.
this abstract by Haun in Chowan County Deeds.

In 1752 Aaron Boulton of Norfolk County VA Book I f 246 mentions . . .to his loving wife 1/3 of his manor plantation on the side Joining to the Hundred Acres of Land which I bought that formerly did belong to John Rayner which hundred acres I also give . . . and later in the will: unto my Son Elisha Boulton after his Mother’s Decease the Aforesaid Hundred Acres of Land as I bought as did belong to John Rayner & Richard Rayner . . .

Could this be Richard Rayner’s wife mentioned as Thomas Reasons’s sister.

Bertie Wills Abstracts by Gammon –Thomas Reasons A-105 12 March 1769 “sick and weak in body..” Wife Ann Reasons – mare, saddle, bed. Remaining estate to be divided between my wife Ann and my sisters Ann Reyney and Sarah Foaks.
Ex. friends Thomas Hooks, William Hurst
Wit. John Cleland, Wilm. Apperson Ct. minutes reveal a probate date of March 1767.

Division of Thomas Reazons Estate June 1769 among Mrs. Ann Reazons, Richard Reyney, and John Foaks.

In 1742 John Sowell in proving his Rights includes Sarah Reasons.

Will of John Wynns at Winnsor 10 Feb 1750 May Ct 1753
My late apprentice Anne Reason may have a cow and a calf, etc and 100 acres “if she marely [marry], by my wife’s cousins.”

There is a Ct Record of a Susannah Rayner who had child by Wm Axtill in Bertie Co ca 1743

Grandchildren of John Rayner & Mary Wood:

Children of John Rayner and Judith Chappell:
1. Samuel Rayner ca 1744 -1817 (tax payer 1781) Bertie Co, NC
was a subscriber in 1803 to Burkett’s History of the Kehukee Baptist Assoc.
married ca 1770 Winifred Perry
2. Elizabeth Rayner ca 1755 –
married Walter McFarlin died p1827
3. William Rayner ca 1755 – July 1827 (taxpayer 1781) dsp? Bertie Co, NC
was a subscriber in 1803 to Burkett’s History of the Kehukee Baptist Assoc.
4. Amos Rayner 1760 – 28 Aug 1838 (tax payer 1781) Hertford Co, NC
Baptist Minister
married ca 1803 Hannah Holladay
(widow of Thomas Collins who died 1800)
5. James Rayner ca 1764 -1830 (Taxpayer 1781) dsp
6. Joshua Rayner ca 1766-15 May 1825 Bertie Co, NC
was a subscriber in 1803 to Burkett’s History of the Kehukee Baptist Assoc.
married 1803 Martha Outlaw (1783-1820)
7. Sarah Rayner ca 1770-9 Feb 1828 dsp Bertie Co, NC
8. Winnefred Rayner ca 1771 – 1842 Hertford Co, NC
married Daniel Daughtry died ca Nov 1819 Hertford Co, NC

Children of Richard Rayner & Ann Reasons [Amelia Evans]:
1. Winnifred Rayner ca1755 –
married Francis Evans
2. Sarah Rayner ca 1756 –
married [James] Rogers
3. Mary Rayner ca 1758 –
married [?] Sowell
4. Amelia [Melian] Rayner ca 1759 –
married bef 1783 William Nowell
a. (Isham) Nowell ca 1772 Edgecomb Co., NC –
b. (Male) Nowell ca 1774/1787 –
c. Nathan Nowell 1774/1787 –
heir of Wm. on his military warrant
d. Lemuel Nowell 1784/94 – Aug/Oct 1837 Martin Co NC

married Elizabeth Green
5. Ann Rayner ca 1761 –
6. Chloe Rayner ca 1763 –
7. Zadock Rayner ca 1765 –
was a subscriber in 1803 to Burkett’s History of the Kehukee Baptist Assoc.
was a witness to Aaron Askew’s will Bertie Co on 2 Sept 1809

8. Shadrack Rayner ca 1767 –
9. Aaron A. Rayner [2 May 1769] [1790?] NC-15 Mar 1853 Jasper Co, MS
married Ellen Crawford [13 Oct 1785] [1792?] TN-5 Aug 1854 MS
a. Thomas Crawford Rayner 4 Aug 1807 TN – 6 Oct 1862 Holmes Co, MS
Methodist Minister ancestor of Walter Rayner
married 6 July 1828 Nancy McLellan
b. Aaron A Rayner Jr 1810-1884
married Mary (Polly) Ann Cooper
i. Amelia Rayner
married in Jasper Co, MS 1853 William Henry Walker
ancestor of Georgia Walsh
c. Nancy Rayner 1815 –
married Holtsclaw
d. Solomon or Saul Rayner 1817-
married Ellen Crawford
e. Zedekiah Carr Rayner 1818-1888
25 children ancestor of Doyle Johnson
married Arena McCarty
married 2nd Sarah Bates
f. William Rayner 1821 – Wayne Co, MS
married Francis ?
g. Bryand Rayner 1827 – Jasper Co, MS
h. Ellen Rayner 1830 – Jasper Co, MS
i. Ras Rayner 1831 – 1864 Jasper Co, MS
10. Malachi Rayner ca 1778 – bef 14 Jan 1804
Bertie Ct. Aug 1790: Ordered that Malicah Rayner about 12 years of age
be bound unto John Askew to learn the trade of a cooper.

11. daughter
married Thomas Henry (Harvey?)

Children of Richard Rayner & Elizabeth ?:
1. Penelope (Penny) Rayner ca 1784 – 1817
Below is a story that has been passed down through the Lassiter Family over the years. Have you heard of it?
PENELOPE RAYNOR/RAYNER …Died 1817, was believed to be a WITCH, by the stories passed down by members of the family. During one of her transformations, she was shot and later died. This story came to me by my, 3Cou1R, J. PHILIP HOGGARD. His Aunt LETTIE HOGGARD LASSITER told him the story. She now lives on the farm that JOHN RONE LASSITER SR., RACHEL BELCH LASSITER, WILLIAM J. LASSITER, Are buried at, Near ELM GROVE, BERTIE, N.C. PENELOPE RAYNOR/RAYNER, married JOHN RONE LASSITER SR. on 26 DEC 1806, BERTIE COUNTY, N.C. They had one child, DAVID LASSITER. There may have been more, but this is all that I’ve been able to find. Email from
Dewey Brown.

Married ca 26 Dec 1806 John [Rone] Lassiter ca 1787 –
Bertie County marriage bonds John Askew, Bondman.
a. David Lassiter.
Married Martha Burch
i. Sophia Jane Lassiter.
Married 29 May 1862, Cornelius Hughes.
ii. Penelope Lassiter
married 20 Nov 1866 Watson L White
John Lassiter married 2nd Rachel Belch
b. John Rone Lassiter Jr.
Ancestor of
Dewey Brown
2. Elizabeth (Betsy) Rayner ca 1782 –
Married bef. 14 Jan 1804 Richard Martin
Bertie County estate records of Richard Rayner

Child of Suzannah Rayner & Wm. Axtill:
Deed Bk M-711 Jethro Trumble of Bertie Co to Anna Rayner of same, 14 Feb 1785 6£ 15 acres joining John Rayner, John Freeman. Wit: William Rayner, Walter McFarlong Feb Ct 1785 Stevens Gray CC
Bertie Ct Feb 15 1743/44 — Upon petition of Susannah Rayner shewing &c whereupon it is considered ordd. & adjudged that Wm Axtill or his Security Mr. Thos. Jones do pay on the 22d. Day of March next to the said Susannah or to her order the Sum of Twenty-two Pounds Currency for the maintenance of the sd. child from — births to the said 22d March next & that he the sd Axtill or his Security pay the Sum of Forty Shillings p month for the space of one whole year then next ensuing for the use aforesaid. Alex. Exon.

1. John Rayner ca 1743 – disappeared from Bertie bef 1781. Perhaps he moved to Martin Co.

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