Unknown Wood

Sally’s 7-great grandparents:

unknown Wood ca 1650 –
of North Carolina

Children of Mr. Wood include:
1. John Wood
married Jane
2. Benjamin Wood d bef Oct 1759
a. Sarah Wood ca 1710 –
married John Parker
b. Martha Wood ca 1712 –
married Nicholas Baggott III d 1762 NH Co NC
i. Lewis Baggett youngest son
c. Mourning Wood d bef 1757
married William Payne d bef 1757
i. Ann Payne bef Oct 1757 –
married 1759 Joseph Smith
d. Richard Wood d bef 1757
3. James Wood ca 1690 – 1752
married Sarah Ford?
married 1748 Elizabeth Baggett
daughter of Nicholas Baggott II d 1755 Bertie Co NC
4. Sarah Wood
married Killingworth
a. Ann Killingworth
b. Charity Killingworth
?5. Edward Wood d between 1728 and 1734
(has mother Mary Wood living in 1728)
married Ann Mashbone?
a. daughter (Sarah or Bethia) Wood
married Robert Chappell
i. Jonathan Chappell
b. Mary Wood
married 1st John Rayner ca 1685 – bef 1734
married 2nd bef 1734 Mr. Rutter
c. William Wood
d. Edward Wood
e. (Sarah or Bethia) Wood

1728 Wood, Edward, Onslow, April 5th, Son William, daughter Rainer, son Edward, daughters Sarah and Bethia, mother Mary Wood, wife Ann and Edward Mashbone Exrs. Test: John Murfree, John Moor, Eliner Murfree. Hathaway Vol I page 499

1734 Mary Rutter with Robert Chappell & his son Jonathan received lands from Edward Wood in Chowan Precinct on the north side of Warwick Swamp which Wood had bought from a John Goodwin. In the deed he states “my movable estate to be divided between Robert Chappell & my daughter Mary Rutter.”
Hathaway Vol II page 453

#787 p 209 Lewis Williams of Chowan Precinct with the consent of my wife (name not given) to James Wood and Benjamin Wood (residence not given) 17 8ber 1715 Assignment of the within Patent, vizt.: 260 acres unto James Wood and 100 acres unto Benjamin Wood
Wit: William Mixon, Richard Barefield reg 25 Oct 1715.

#1287 p40 James Wood of Chowan Prect., planter to John Wood of Chowan Prect. 19 Apr 1720 5 L sterling 100 acres more or less on the southe side of Catewhiskey Medow and now in the possession of the sd John Wood part of a larger tract surveyed by Luis Williams wit: (not given) Ack 20 Apr 1720 before me Fred Jones, Ch Just.

p 373 James Wood of Northampton Co, planter to Elizabeth Bagget and Nicholas Bagget of Northampton Co. 19 Sept 1748 in consideration of a marriage intended between James Wood and Elizabeth Bagget daughter of the sd Nicholas Bagget, the sd James Wood doth settle upon her the sd Elizabeth 640 acres on both sides of Ahoskey swamp or 50 pounds current money
Wit: John Duke, John Parker Reg Northampton Co Feb Ct 1748/9 J Edwards C Ct

In Obedience to your Excellency’s Command I went to the House of William Fryer and took the Deposition of his Oath as followeth; William Fryer, aged about forty five years, first sworn, and then saith: I was at the hous of James Wood in July or August, in the year one thousand, seven hundred & fifty one, & James Wood was in a Low State of health and he told me he had made his will and he desired me to Witness it, he told me he had two witness to it and they never had heard it read, and he ordered his son to fetch the will and Read it to me, and to the household, and after it was Read he takes the Will and Laid it down and took the pen and said to me that was his Last will and testament, and in the presents of the said Fryer he signed, Sealed and acknowledg this to be his last will and testament, and that he see Barnaba Baggotts mark and’ John Perkers mark before he witnesseth, and then he witnesseth underneath and that he acknowledged that to be his hand, and further saith not. March 18,1752.
Taken before me, JOHN ALSTON.

Will of Nicholas [N] Baggett 9 Jan 1753 – Bertie April Ct 1755
– son Benjamin Baggett – four pounds to be paid to him in clothing and other “Necessarys”
– son Nicholas Baggett – one shilling sterling, it being all that I intend to give him
– son Abraham Baggett – one shilling sterling, it being all that I intend to give him
– son Joseph Baggett – cows and calves
– daughter Mary West – one shilling sterling, it being all that I intend to give her
– daughter Martha Baggett – cows and calves “which have been called her own”
– daughter Elizabeth Wood – one shilling sterling, it being all that I intend to give her.
– daughter Sarah Baggett – cow, calf, box, pewter basin etc.
– wife Mary Baggett – all remaining moveable estate and use and privilage on the plantation where I now live for her lifetime with reversion to my son Thomas.
EX: sons Joseph and Thomas
Wit: Charles Horne, John Hooks
[abstract by Gammon]

Edgecombe Co Deed Bk 5 – p138 Jordan Thomas, Matthew Joyner, and Thomas Joyner, Commisioners by virtue of a power given to us by Nicholas Baggott and John Packer guardian for Ann Payne a minor and sole heir of William Payne and Mourning his wife a division of 320 A on Cypress Swamp which descended to the said parties from Benjamin Wood 112 A laid out for the said Ann, 104 A laid out for the sd. Nicholas Baggott and 104 A laid out for the sd. John Packer. Reg 14 Feb 1757 J Montfort CC

John Parker of Northampton Co to John Cotten of same. 9 Jan 1760. 30 pounds gold and silver money. 104 acres in Halifax Co. which had been patented to John Wood and deeded to this brother Benjamin Wood and inherited by sd John Parker through his wife the daughter of Benjamin Wood dec’d on southwest side of Cypress Swamp, joining Nicholas Biggott [Baggott]. John Parker [x]. Sarah Parker[x]
Wit: Arthur Cotten, Henry Hill, Eliz. Cotten. Jun Ct 1760. CC Jos. Montfort.

Nicholas Baggott of Northampton Co to John Cotten of same. 9 Jan 1760. 30 pounds. 104 acres in Halifax Co which had been patented to John Wood and deed to his brother Benjamin Wood and inherited by sd Nicholas Baggott through his wife the daughter of Benjamin Wood dec’d on southwest side of Cypress Swamp, joining Ann Paine. Nicholas Baggott[x].
Wit: Arthur Cotten, Henry Hill, Eliz Cotten. Jun Ct 1760. CC: Jos. Montfort

Ann Payne and John Parker her guardian of Northampton Co.; Nicholas Baggott and Martha his wife; John Parker and Sarah his wife of same. 24 Oct 1759. Benjamin Wood will to his son Richard [Wood] 320 acres, providing that if he died without issue the inheritance to go to daughter Mourning. She also has since died. The lands etc then descended to Martha wife of Nicholas Baggott a daughter of Benjamin Wood and to Sarah wife of John Parker a daughter of Benjamin Wood and to Ann Payne sole heir of Mourning “the other daughter of the said Benjamin Wood.” The heirs are now partitioning the land. Ann Payne to have 112 acres in Edgecombe Co on Cypress Swamp. Nicholas Baggott and wife Martha to have 104 acres in Edgecombe Co on Cypress Swamp. John Parker and wife Sarah to have 104 acres in Edgecombe Co on Cypress Swamp. John Parker[x] as guardian, Nicholas Baggott[x], Martha Baggott[x], John Parker[x], Sarah Parker[x].
Wit: Samuel Cotten, Joseph Wood, Arthur Cotten, Thomas Cotten. Jun Ct 1760. CC Jos Montfort.

Will of Nicholas Baggett 28 Dec 1761 – Northampton Co February Ct 1762
– to my dearly beloved wife the use of the plantation, stock, furniture, negro, etc, until my youngest child arrives to 20 years of age.
– son Lewis Baggett, my plantion whereon I now live
negro and all her increase to be divided among all my children when youngest is 20 years of age [son Lewis to have no part of sd. negroes]
EX: my wife Martha Bagget and my brother Abraham Bagget
Wit: Thomas Bagget, John Cotton
[abstract by Hofmann]

see http://www.baggetthistory.com/history7.html


9 Jun 1763. Deposition of Sarah(X) Parker in Northampton Co in William Bond admr of Henry Bond dec’d vs Joseph Wood. She stated that she lived at the house of James Wood who was the father of Henry Bond’s wife when sd Henry was married to Mr Wood’s daughter, that James Wood said after sd Henry married Mr Wood’s daughter that he would not give his children anything while he lived & if they wanted a living they had to work for it as he had; that after they had been married 2 or 3 years, Mr Wood was informed that Henry Bond had “used his Daughter very ill, & that if she died without heir then sd Bond would not have the negro wench Jude; sd Sarah Parker said she never heard sd James Wood say that he had given the sd Jude to his daughter the sd Henry’s wife but that sd Henry after the marriage carried Jude home with them; sd Sarah did not believe that Mr Wood had given Jude to his daughter. Deposition was taken by John Duke.

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  1. I have among my ancestors Col Edward Wood (b. 1734) father of Martha Wood (1762 — 1818); Martha Wood married Cpt Abraham Sheppard Lane (1757 — 1848). Their son Edward Wood Lane (1787 — 7 January 1854) married Susannah Lanier (1794 — 1832). Their daughter Susannah Lavina Lane (11 April 1824 — 6 February 1892) married Andrew Daniel Kent Sr. (2 Feb 1826 — 17 Feb 1873). Their son Andrew Daniel Kent Jr. or II (July 1862 — 25 Feb 1928) married Frances Kemp (22 Nov 1855 — 15 May 1950). Without going further: Do we have a family connection? My Wood ancestors may have been named after the ones I saw in your tree.

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