George Gordon & Elizabeth Jones

George Bradford Gordon 1823 – 1875 | his parents
& Elizabeth Ann [Lizzie] Jones 1823 – 1887 | her parents
of Hertford, Perquimans County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
with notes and research by Virginia Powell Street

George Bradford Gordon married in 1846 in Perquimans Co NC Elizabeth Ann Jones

George was born 15 Mar 1823, the son of John Copeland Gordon [born 1786 in Gates Co] and wife Mary Wooten [born in Halifax Co NC].
George died 30 June 1875.

Elizabeth Ann [Lizzie] Jones was born 9 June 1823 and died 18 Jan 1887.

Children of George Bradford Gordon and Elizabeth Ann Jones:
1. John Wotten Gordon 1847 Gates Co NC – Jan 1928 Richmond VA
living in Wilmington NC in 1880 census was soldier ~ CSA
March 30, 1907 — “Gen. Agent, London Assurance Corp., Richmond, VA.”
“A note at the top of another family letter, written by Isa’s sister, Sara Gordon to her cousin, Granbery Tucker, states that “Col. John Wotten Gordon died around January 1928. ‘ His estate at 6510 Three Chopt Road in Richmond, Virginia, was known as ‘Huntly.’ It may have been named after the ancient Gordon home, Huntly Castle, in Scotland.” ~ Virginia
married Annie Pender 1850 –
a. Annie Pender Gordon 1878 – lived Richmond VA
married 1905 Gaston Lord Myers
married in Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC
b. John Wotten [Jack] Gordon 27 Jan 1887 – 12 July 1906

c. Nellie Gordon
d. Rebecca Gordon
Nellie and Rebecca Gordon, and their older sister, Annie, were in a piano recital on June 18th, 1894, called “Soiree Musicale,” at 7 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA.”~ Virginia
2. Sara L Gordon 1850 – 1 Jan 1929 Richmond VA
3. William Gordon 1851 –
“worked with his brother, John Wooten Gordon, in Richmond, VA, for twelve years in the insurance business, but quit in 1910, according to a letter from John to his sister, Isa C. Gordon Powell.”
married Almeria Reston [Meemie] Smith was from Wilmington and had “many brothers”.
a. Rev. William Jones Gordon
married Nov 1913 Anna Barrow Clark 23 Jan 1887 – 27 Oct 1980
i. Nancy Gordon ca 1916 –
married E P Dameron
ii. Almeria [Mia] Gordon
iii.. Rt. Rev. Wm. Jones Gordon ca 1919 Spray NC – 4 Jan 1994 Mich.
[Bishop of Alaska 1948 – 1974]
married July 1943 Shirley Lewis of Washington
iv. Laura Gordon
married Rev. Donald Williams
v. Mary Irwin Gordon
vi. Jocelyn Gordon ca 1923 –
vii. Grace Gordon b. Spray, NC
married Dr. Cecil Pless of Asheville, NC
4. Edith W Gordon 5 Aug 1855 – 3 Mar 1882
5. Benjamin Gordon 1858 – 30 Nov 1887
6. Isa Cornelia S Gordon 24 Dec 1862 – 15 Jan 1912
married Edgar Powell 9 Mar 1860 – 19 Nov 1908

“When we visited our William J. Gordon relatives in Williamston, our family would take a mid-morning train from Kelford to Hobgood. Alighting there, my brothers, Gordon and Junius, and I would spend the next couple of hours climbing up and down the freight cars that stood on a sidetrack while we awaited the arrival of a train from Halifax which took us to Parmele. After another wait there for a train coming from the west, we proceeded on to Williamston, arriving about dusk ~ and the whole distance in a straight line was probably less than 40 miles”.~ Jack Powell

“Sally, I was glad that you saw the names John W. and William Gordon when they were living in the Wilmington, NC, at the time of the 1880 Census. The daughter of John W. Gordon and Annie Pender, Annie Pender Gordon, who was two years old at the time, became my father’s Godmother. He and I visited her once in Richmond, VA. She married Gaston Lord Myers in 1905.”

Jack Powell wrote to Mrs. Raymond Winslow of the Perquimans County Historical Society, Hertford, N.C. 27944, on October 20, 1972: “Dear Mrs. Winslow: I believe I wrote you previously concerning my connection with Hertford – my mother Isa Gordon having been born on a farm near there. Also, she lived in Hertford at one time in the Ben Gordon house…
Some of our Gordon relatives are buried in the graveyard of the Episcopal Church in Hertford…
Sincerely, John W.G. Powell”

Will of Elizabeth A Gordon 9 Dec 1885 – prob 1887
I, Elizabeth A. Gordon of the town of Hertford, County of Perquimans, State of No. Carolina; being of sound mind make this my last, and only will and testament – to wit: –
I give to my two daughters Sara L. Gordon, and Isa C.S. Gordon equally to be divided between them, my house, and lots situated in the town of Hertford, and all ? real property I may have consisting of household furniture, silverware, and jewelry.
Should my youngest son Benjamin Gordon from any cause become unable to comfortably support himself, it is my sincere wish, and hope that his sisters will feel it to be their bounden duty, and pleasure to aid him in doing so to the best of their ability, so far as the possession of this property will enable them to do.
I hereby appoint my son John W. Gordon Executor of this my last will, and testament. In his justice and ability, I have perfect confidence, And therefore desire him to administer the property to the best advantage for his sisters; and according to his own judgment. I hereby subscribe my name this 9th day of Dec. A.D. 1885.

Elizabeth A. Gordon:
T.C. Blanchard,
Augustus Arps

Part of a letter typed by Dorothy Powell Moore’s husband’s secretary in Charlotte, NC, in the 1960s.
A note at the top says:

“From Miss Sara Gordon – sister of Col. John Wotton Gordon – both of Richmond, Virginia, to Joseph Granbery Tucker. She died on January 1, 1929, and he, Col. Gordon, died about a year before that.”

“I think the George Bradford Gordons lived in Sunbury, NC, in Gates County. That is where the Wotton, Wooten, Gordon graveyard is. Daddy and I visited it together once.

Someone from the Perquimans County Mailing List, Grace in VA sent me some information from the 1870 Perquimans County Census which had the names of some of my George Bradford Gordon relatives. She wrote, ‘There is only one caucasian Gordon family listed in Perquimans County for 1870.
There is also a Sarah Gordon, FW age 20, rooming in Parkville with
the William Nixon family. She is also a teacher.’

1870 Perquimans Co, NC, FC, Hertford, pg. 486b
George Byron/Byrum (BRADFORD) Gordon 48 MW School Teacher $0 $1000 NC
Elizabeth A 46 FW Keeping House $3000 $300 NC
William J. 19 MW Farmer NC
Edith 15 FW NC Att School
Benjamin 12 MW NC Att School
Isa 7 FW NC
(Note: The oldest child, John Wooten Gordon, is absent from this list).”

the Library of Virginia:

John Copeland Gordon 1786 – 1861 | his parents
& Mary Wotton 1782 – 1846 | her parents
of Gates County, NC

25 Oct 1811 in Halifax County – John Copeland Gordon married Mary Wotten [or Wooten]

1786 – John Copeland Gordon was born in Gates County NC, the son of Benjamin Gordon and his wife Tamar Copeland.

John Copeland Gordon “was member of the State Legislature and a magistrate.”

ca 1990 “Woodlawn” built 1820’s
for John C Gordon
NC 32 Holly Grove Twsp, Gates Co, NC
from p154, “Forgotten Gates,” by Thomas R Butchko

5 Dec 1858 — John Copeland Gordon wrote his will in Gates County NC
Will was proved May Ct 1861 in Gates County

Death Notice:
Mrs. John C Gordon Jan 12, Woodlawn, Gates County, RR 30 Jan 1846

[ Inscriptions included in Gates Co Cemetery Records]
Holly Grove Twsp- Gates Co NC – Private Cemetery
Sacred to the memory of
our mother
d. Jan 12, 1848 [sic]
Aged 64 years

Sacred in loving
rememberance of our father
d. Mar 9 1861
Aged 78 years

Children of John Copeland Gordon and Mary Wooten:
1. Dr. Benjamin Wotten Gordon 25 Aug 1814 – 16 Dec 1841
aged 27 years, 3 months, and 20 days
Class of 1834 UP Medical School. Born at “Woodlawn,” near Holly Grove, Gates Co NC
married Nov 1837 Maria Louisa Jones 17 May 1817 – 6 March 1854 see will
from the Raleigh Register 27 Nov 1837:
Dr. Benjamin Gordon to Maria Louisa Jones, Nov, Hertford . . .

a. son who died at birth
b. Maria Louisa Gordon 1839 – 18 April 1852 age 13 yrs and 3 months
from the Raleigh Register 21 April 1852: Obit
– Mary Louisa Gordon of Perquimans County 18th April, St. Mary’s School.
c. Isa Benedicta Gordon 13 Feb 1842 –
born after father’s death
married 17 Nov 1862 Joseph Gordon Granbery 30 Sept 1822 – 25 May 1889 [cousins]
he had married 1st 1854 Mary J Skinner
i. Mary Gordon Granbery 1870 –
married John W Speight
ii. Joseph G Granbery 1873 –
married Edith Shannonhouse
iii. Isa Gordon Granbery 20 Sept 1876 –
married Nathan Tucker
1. Virginia Tucker
2. Granbery Tucker
iv. Edna Jones Granbery 20 Sept 1876 – 30 Aug 1962
burial Holy Trinity Churchyard, Hertford NC
married 21 Dec 1897 Thomas Nixon
v. Thomas John Granbery
vi. Bathsheba A Granbery
married James Leigh
vii. William George Granbery
married Sarah Simmons
viii. Elizabeth Esther Granbery
married Benjamin Shannonhouse
2. William Gordon – died single person
3. Barsheba Gordon 1819 Gates Co – 20 March 1900
married Timothy H Lassiter 1820 – aft 1880
4. Sarah Frances “Fannie” Gordon – died single person
5. George Bradford Gordon 15 March 1823 – 30 June 1875
married June 1846 Elizabeth [Lizzie] Ann Jones 9 June 1823 – 18 Jan 1887
from the Raleigh Register 5 June 1846:
Elizabeth Ann Jones of Perquimans County to George Bradford Gordon of Gates county
June in Perquimans County

6. Joseph Gordon killed in Mexican War – died single person
7. Patience Branch Gordon 1817 – 1869
married 21 March 1848 Martin Kellogg ca 1811 Hartford CT – 1879 Gates Co NC
Raleigh Register – Marriages. Patience B. Gordon, Gates County, to Martin Kellog of N.Y. City, March 21, 1848, Woodlawn.
8. Martha Susan Gordon
married unknown
9. Mary Elizabeth Gordon
married Gates Co May 1843 Rev. Charles H Disbrow
marriage notice in Raleigh Register

“The letter we have from Isa Gordon Powell’s sister, Sara Gordon of Richmond, VA, written on December 11, 1928, says, Grandpa John Copeland [Gordon] had nine children, four sons, five daughters: William, Benjamin Wotton, Joseph, George Bradford, Mary Elizabeth, Barsheba, Patience, Martha Susan and Sarah Frances. I haven’t given them in the proper sequence because I don’t know it.” ~ Virginia

Elizabeth Norfleet Stallings sent me a letter written by Granbery Tucker to my aunt, Dorothy Powell Moore, dated Nov. 3, 1947. He writes that he is including with his letter information that he thinks came from the Jones family Bible which, he also thinks, came from Mrs. John W. Speight, born Mary Gordon Granbery, “now of Mocksville, N.C.”

He wrote, “Benjamin W. Gordon departed this life Dec. 16, 1841, (aged 27 years, 3 months, and 20 days).”

and that “Maria Louisa Jones, daughter of William and Elizabeth Jones, was born May 17, 1817 and died the 6th of March, 1854.”

He also wrote that “Maria Louisa Gordon, daughter of Benjamin W. and Maria L. Gordon, departed this life in faith and hope on the 18th of April 1852 (aged 13 years and three months) at St. Mary’s School in Raleigh, N.C.”

and that “Sara Edna Jones fell asleep in Jesus Nov. 1857.”

He gives Isa Benedicta Gordon’s birthday as Feb. 13th, 1842.


Part of a letter typed by Dorothy Powell Moore’s husband’s secretary in Charlotte, NC, in the 1960s.
A note at the top says:

“From Miss Sara Gordon – sister of Col. John Wotton Gordon – both of Richmond, Virginia, to Joseph Granbery Tucker. She died on January 1, 1929, and he, Col. Gordon, died about a year before that.”

The letter says, in part: “2421 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va., December 11, 1928. My dear Granbery – …we have nothing but the most meager entries taken from Grandpa John Copeland Gordon’s Bible that can be called a record…The first entry in Grandpa’s Bible is Jacob, son of John and Mary Gordon was born – no date – ; the second, Benjamin, son of John and Mary was born (I think) April (May) 16, 1746…You know it was only about thirty years before the Revolutionary War and the Province was seething with anger and thoughts of rebellion against the British Government…John, if still living, was probably too old to take part in the Revolution, but his sons were just in the prime of life…

Below is a copy of an old handwritten document written in pencil on lined notebook paper. At its bottom left corner my aunt, Dorothy Powell Moore, wrote: “From Virginia.” (Virginia is a our cousin, Virginia Tucker, of Hertford, NC.) ~ Virginia [Powell Street]

(1) Ben (Dr.) m. Maria Louise Jones
Maria Louisa
Isa Benedicta (father died before birth)
(2) George m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jones
William (Bishop’s grandfather – he died before Will was born)
(3) Patience m. Martin Kellogg
(4) Barsheba m. Tim Lassiter
(5) Mary m. __________ Disbrow
(6) William Unmarried
(7) Joseph Unmarried – was killed in Mexican War
(8) Susan (?) _________________
children: none
(9) Frances (Fannie) Unmarried

Sally: I sent off a few months ago for a document from the University of Pennsylvania to learn more about Dr. Benjamin Gordon. A family letter said that John Wooten Gordon of Richmond, VA, his nephew (his brother, George Bradford Gordon’s son), had filled out a form requested by the University for their Alumni Records. At the end it is signed: “John W. Gordon, Gen. Agent, London Assurance Corp., Richmond, VA.” A letter accompanying the document is dated March 30, 1907.
They sent me a 3-page form. It says:

“1. Dr. Benjamin Wotton Gordon. Class of 1834. Medical School. (Entered Medical School Oct. 1831 or 1832).
Father: John Copeland Gordon, farmer. Degrees, if any, unknown. Was member of the State Legislature and a magistrate.
Mother: Mary Wotton.
2. Exact date of birth and date of death of graduate
Born at “Woodlawn,” near Holly Grove, Gates County, NC, August 25, 1812. Died in Perquimans County in 1841.
Wife: Mary Louisa Jones of Hertford, NC.
Wife’s Father: [a scribble – as an afterthought, possibly – “Wm” or “Mr.” ] Francis Jones, farmer and operated a large seine fishery.
Children: Two daughters. Male infant died at birth – 1st born. 2nd Mary Louisa, 3rd Isa Benedicta.”

“In 1961, when my parents paid a visit to an elderly relative of my Father’s, Isa Gordon Tucker at her home in Hertford, her daughter, Miss Virginia Tucker [the Tuckers were descendants of Isa Benedicta Gordon], showed them the Dr. Benjamin Gordon house at 201 Dobbs Street, then owned by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Edwards.
Virginia Tucker lived with her mother at 316 N. Front Street in Hertford.
A letter dated March 6, 1967 written to my aunt, Dorothy Powell Moore, in Charlotte by Virginia Tucker said:
“Mama (Isa Gordon Tucker) and I were happy to have your letter… I have found some information that Cousin Anna Kellogg gave me some years ago.” (This is probably the handwritten document I sent earlier as it was with the letter). “As you probably know, your mother (Isa Cornelia Gordon Powell) and Mama were double first cousins. When I was questioning Mama, she could recall every detail of your mother’s wedding as she and Aunt Edna were bridesmaids.”


Grace in VA wrote: “This would be your Elizabeth A Gordon in 1880”
Hertford, Perquimans, NC, FHL Film 1254977 NARA Film T9-0977 Pg.49A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Joseph G. GRANBURY Self M M W 58 NC Occ: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Isa G. GRANBURY Wife F M W 38 NC Occ: Keeping House Fa: NC Mo: NC
(This is Isa Benedicta Gordon, Benjamin W. Gordon’s daugter).
Mary G. GRANBURY Dau F S W 10 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Joseph G. GRANBURY Son M S W 6 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Isa G. GRANBURY Dau F S W 3 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Edna J. GRANBURY Dau F S W 3 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Nannie GRANBURY Dau F S W 6M NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Elizabeth GORDON boarder F W W 57 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
(Elizabeth Ann Jones, married George Bradford Gordon)
Edith W. GORDON boarder F S W 24 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC (her daughter)
Lucy COUPLING Other F M B 65 NC Occ: Cook Fa: NC Mo: NC
Zilpha JONES Other F S B 51 NC Occ: Nurse Fa: NC Mo: NC
Nathan WHITE Other M S B 25 NC Occ: Laborer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Isaac GRANBERRY Other M B 70 NC Occ: Blacksmith Fa: NC Mo: NC

——— ——– ——–
Will of Mariah Louisa Gordon 3 Mar 1854 – prob. May Term 1854 Perq. Co

North Carolina
Perquimans County – In the Name of God… (the words are too faint to read) –

I, Mariah Louisa Gordon – wishing to make some disposition of my property, do now while in a state of perfect mind and memory make this my last will and testament as follows –

First – All my debts are to be paid.

Second – I give my negro man Jack Blount to my brother Thos F Jones – he knowing that I so him that Jack may enjoy care & comfort.

Third – I give all my other negro slaves to the American Colonization Society* – provided the said negroes are willing to go to Africa and provided the Colonization Society is willing to receive them and send them to Liberia. Should any of them be unwilling to go such are to remain here as the property of my daughter unless it be that girl Martha should be unwilling to go – in which case I loan her to Mary Louisa Nixon, daughter of Thos Nixon for her life – and then if the said Mary Louisa leaves children at her death I give said Martha to such children. If she leaves no children Martha and her… (the page is copied so that a line is left out here) …and her assigns forever.

Fourth – Of the proceeds of my Western Land money now in the house, I give Fifty-Dollars to Holy Trinity Church to go towards the liquidation of its debt – Fifty-Dollars to be expended in enclosing the Family Burrying Ground in old brick – and Fifty Dollars to be expended in assisting ? to enclose with iron fence a family burrying ground in the church yard in Hertford.

Fifth – I wish two handsome silver cups to be bought by my Executor and given one to Maria Louisa Nixon – daughter of Thos. and one to Sarah Louisa Gordon – daughter of G.B. [George Bradford] Gordon.

Sixth – I give all the remainder of the money due me on account of the Indiania Land – to my brother Thos F Jones.

Seventh – All the remainder of my property and effects of every description I give to my daughter Isa Gordon, her heirs and assigns.

Eighth – I hereby appoint my brother Thos F Jones Executor of this my last will and testament – This March 3rd 1854.

Maria L Gordon seal

This paper writing was on this 3rd March 1854 signed sealed published and declared by the testatrix Mariah L Gordon to be her last will and testament – in presence of us who at her request in her presence and in presence of each other, – have hereto ? our names as witnesses.

Sara E. Jones
J M Cox

(A new page)

Perquimans County May Term 1854
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

This paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Mariah L. Gordon is exhibited for probate in open court by Thomas F. Jones Executor therein named, and the execution thereof by said Mariah L. Gordon is proved by oath and examination of Sarah E. Jones and Jos. M. Cox ? writings thereto. It is therefore considered by the Court that the said paper writing and every part thereof is the last will and testament of said Maria L. Gordon and the same is ordered to be recorded and filed. And thereupon the said Thomas F. Jones, executor as aforesaid, duly qualifies as such by taking the oath required by law.

(Foot Note)

*The American Colonization Society (ACS) was formed in 1817 to send free African-Americans to Africa as an alternative to emancipation in the United States. The roots of the colonization movement date back to various plans first proposed in the eighteenth century. From the start, colonization of free blacks in Africa was an issue on which both whites and blacks were divided. Some blacks supported emigration because they thought that black Americans would never receive justice in the United States. Others believed African-Americans should remain in the United States to fight against slavery and for full legal rights as American citizens. Some whites saw colonization as a way of ridding the nation of blacks, while others believed black Americans would be happier in Africa, where they could live free of racial discrimination. Still others believed black American colonists could play a central role in Christianizing and civilizing Africa. In 1822, the society established on the west coast of Africa a colony that in 1847 became the independent nation of Liberia. By 1867, the society had sent more than 13,000 emigrants. In 1913 and at its dissolution in 1964, the society donated its records to the Library of Congress. <>

Benjamin Gordon 1759 – 1825 | his parents
& Tamar Copeland 1762 – 1829 | her parents
of Gates County, NC

Tamar Copeland is the daughter of Josiah Copeland and his wife Sarah.

Children of Benjamin Gordon and Tamar Copeland:
1. Mary Gordon 13 April 1783 – 1 Aug 1838
married 7 Oct 1804 Isaac Hunter 29 Aug 1759 – 1816 [his 3rd wife]
son of Jacob Hunter and wife Sarah Hill
a. Barsha Hunter 3 Aug 1807 – 22 Oct 1808
b. Jacob Benjamin Hunter 7 July 1812 – 10 Oct 1839
c. Sarah Edna Adeline Hunter 27 July 1814 – 10 Dec 1843
“after drinking a glass of lemonade prepared by her husband
she became violently ill and within a few hours was dead”

married 2 Dec 1829 Willis F Riddick 1811 – 28 Feb 1871
2. John Copeland Gordon 1783 – bef May 1861
married 25 Oct 1811 Mary Wooten 1782 – 1846

John Gordon ca 1720 – 1794 | his parents
& Mary Hunter | her parents
of Gates County, NC

” part of Gates Co was taken from Perquimans in 1779, we may feel sure the Gordons had not moved at all, but found themselves in a new county, when the county lines were changed.” -Winslow

John Gordon had married Mary Hunter bef 1745
Mary Hunter is the daughter of Robert Hunter.

Children of John Gordon and Mary Hunter:
1. Jacob Gordon 17xx – 1820 Gates Co
married 14 May 1769 Barsheba Norfleet 6 Sept 1745 – 8 July 1825 Gates Co NC
a. Mary Hunter Gordon 12 Jan 1772 – 14 Dec 1802
married 1796 Isaac Hunter 1859 – 1816 [his 2nd wife]
son of Jacob Hunter and wife Sarah Hill
i. Sophia Hunter
ii. Armesia Hunter Bozman
iii. John O Hunter
b. James Gordon
? married Elizabeth Anthony
c. George Gordon 4 Aug 1775 – 14 Dec 1822
d. Jacob N Gordon
e. Esther Gordon
married Gates Co 19 Aug 1813 Horatio Butts
f. Elizabeth Gordon
married George A Harvey
g. Joseph Gordon appt exr of father’s estate
married Elizabeth Granberry
h. Nancy Gordon ca 1798 –
married ca 1820 James Granberry
son of Josiah Granbery and Ann Gregory

2. Benjamin Gordon 16 April [May] 1746 [1759] – 1825
married 1780 Tamar Copeland 1762 – 1829
dau of Josiah Copeland & wife Sarah
3. Sarah Gordon ca 1750 – May 1799
married 1 Dec 1774 James Norfleet d 1796 in Gates Co NC
a. Mary Norfleet
b. Sarah Walton [Sally Billy] Norfleet 27 Nov 1782 Gates Co – 9 Dec 1870 Halifax Co
married ca 1801 William Ruffin Smith 1779 – 1845

at top: Billy Ruffin and his wife Sarah Walton Norfleet
bottom picture probably his sister Ann

c. Elizabeth Norfleet
married 1806 Thomas Blount Whitmel II rem to Dickson Co TN
d. Philissia Norfleet
Nov 1796 James Gordon appt guardian to Mary, Elizabeth and Philissia Norfleet
Jethro Ballard appt guardian to Sarah Norfleet

married 2nd Thomas Hunter ca 1730 – Feb 1798
he had married 1st Mary Whitmel
a. Elisha Hunter
b. Ann Hunter
c. Christian Hunter
d. Isaac Hunter (under 21 in 1798)
4. Judith Gordon
5. Penny Gordon
6. Geane Gordon
7. Rachel Gordon
8. David Gordon
9. Beck Gordon

Elisha Hunter ca 1710 – 1786 and Ann Walton had:
1. Sarah Hunter d.bef 1786
married Amos Freeman
2. Thomas Hunter ca 1730 – dead by Feb Ct 1798
married 1st Mary Whitmel
a. Elisha Hunter
b. Ann Hunter
c. Christian Hunter
d. Isaac Hunter (under 21 in 1798)

married 2nd Sarah Gordon dead by May Ct 1799
who married first James Norfleet dead by May Ct 17963. Celia (Sele) Hunter

Will of John Gordon 8 June 1787 – prob. Feb Ct 1794 Gates Co NC
son Jacob, my children Judith, Penny, Geane, Rachel, David and Beck, son Benjamin, brother George Gordon, daughter Sarah Norfleet, wife Mary
Test: Charles Powell, Tho. Williams, Eliza Walton

John Gordon 1690 – 1758 | his parents
& | her parents
of Perquimans County, NC

Children of John Gordon:
1. Elizabeth Gordon ca 1712 – 1753
married ca 1727 Marmaduke Norfleet 1700 – 1774 NH Co NC
a. Marmaduke Norfleet d ca 1760
b. Reuben Norfleet 1730 – 1801
married 1st Lucy Smith Langley dau of James Smith
married 2nd Mary Figuers Exum
2. John Gordon 1720 – 1793
married Mary Hunter dau of Robert Hunter
3. George Gordon will 1762
married Edith ?
a. Mary Gordon bef 1754 – [not mentioned in father’s 1762 will]
b. Sarah Gordon bef 1754 –
married bef 1762 Hinton
c. Josiah Gordon
d. John Gordon
e. George Gordon
f. Priscilla Gordon
g. Susan Gordon
h. Elizabeth Gordon
4. Mary Gordon ca 1710 – 1743
married James Norfleet ca 1692 – 1732 Perq.
a. Thomas Norfleet nfr
b. Mary Norfleet
c. Sarah Norfleet
d. Margaret Norfleet
e. Phillishia Norfleet d ca 1780
met unknown
i. James Norfleet
f. John Norfleet d 1756
married Sarah ? [she married 2nd Moses Eason]
i. Mary Norfleet
ii. James Norfleet will 19 March 1796 Gates Co
married 1774 Sarah Gordon daughter of John Gordon and Mary Hunter

Will of Mary Norfleet 12 Oct 1742 1743
— daughter Margaret,
EX: daughter Philisia and James Sumner
Test: Joseph Riddick, Geo Gordon, John Gordon

Will of John Gordon of Perquimans 25 April 1754 –
— sons John and George
–daughter Mary, daughter of George,
— Sarah, daughter of George Gordon
— Jacob Gordon, son of John
— grandson Marmaduke Norfleet
— wife.
Abstract NCHGR 1-44 [need to look at will]

Will of George Gordon of Chowan 17 Feb 1762 –
— son Josiah
— brother John Gordon, plantation in Perquimans my father willed me
— wife Edith
— my seven children Josiah, John, George, Priscilla, Susan, Elizabeth Gordon and Sarah Hinton.
EXs: sons Josiah and John
Test: James Hinton, Timothy Walton

“The tradition in our family was that three brothers, adherents of the Stuarts, escaped from Scotland after the battle of Culloden and came to America. They were proscribed and their estates confiscated…I got the impression as a child that all three brothers settled in Gates County, but I do not know that that was so. The oldest, John, with his wife and three children, did; of course there was no Gates County then…The Province was then under the Lords Proprietors, divided into two sections, Clarendon and Albemarle, I think. The girl, Sarah, I should suppose was born in America – near Woodlawn, my Grandfather’s home in Gates County was what was called the Old Place…I was never there, but Bessie Lassiter told me once she had seen the remains of the foundations of a private chapel and a race track…Cousin Sara.”
e-mail 4-4-04 from Virginia -“Claiborne T. Smith, Jr.’s The Gordon Family of Gates County North Carolina is a good history on the Gordons. also Winslow’s The History of Perquiman’s County which “seems to be essentially correct as far as recent generations are concerned. However, the statement that the family stemmed from three brothers who came to N.C. after the battle of Culloden in 1746 is most certainly an error because public records show the family to have been settled near the present Corapeak in Gates Co. as early as 1700.” The Claiborne T. Smith, Jr. book states that “This family seems to descend from one George Gordon who appears as head right for Edward Cook on March 17, 1654 in Nansemond County, VA. On March 18, 1662, George Gordon was granted 100 acres on the west branch of the Nansemond River adjoining the land of William Parker and his own land, ‘said land formerly granted to Edward Cook in 1654.’ (C.P. 474).
This George Gordon may have been the father of John Gordon (1) of Perquimans County, ancestor of the Gates family and father of George Gordon who settled in Perquimans County prior to 1698. George Gordon of Perquimans had several children whose births were recorded in Perquimans County from 1698 to 1707, among them a son John. (N.C. Historical and Gen. Register, Vol. III, p. 377.).”
“Sarah Gordin (daughter of George & wife Frances) was born Jany. 19, 1698.
Elizabeth Gording, daughter of George and wife Frances, was born Jany. 19 1700.
Margaret Gording, daughter of George and wife Frances, was born Apl. 15, 1702.
John Gording, son of George and wife Frances, was born Sept. 25, 1705.
Criston Mary Gording, daughter of George and wife Frances, was born Dec. 13, 1707.”

My guess would be John the assumed brother of the above George is the ancestor. -see question from Barry Hayes below?

Note: There were many battles at Culloden (the family tradition may have come from a much earlier conflict)

Question from Barry Hayes? Who was the John Gordon who patented 350 acres adjacent William Sumner at Orapeak Swamp on 25 April 1702 (in Nansemond, but the land fell into North Carolina when the boundary was settled in 1728)? See Nugent, III. 59.
Could Sarah Hunter Battle, mother of John whose widow Sarah Browne married Isaac Carter, have had an older sister Mary who married the John Gordon, Sr. of this patent?

Some other Gordons:
Will of George Gordon, Perq. 14 Aug 1748 – Jac Ct 1748-49
— sons Nathaniel and William
— granddaughter Tamer
— daughter Hannah
EX: sons Nath’l and William
Test: Elijah Stanton, William Tomblin, Jeremiah Hendricks

Will of Nathaniel Gordin 14 July 1755 – Jany Ct 1756
– son Nathaniel
— daughter Tamer
— son George
— daughters Elezebe and Elizabeth
EX: — wife Amy
Test: Thos. Barlift, Emanuel Davis

William Francis Jones 1775/80 – bef 1840 | his parents
& Elizabeth ? | her parents
of Perquimans County, NC

– “Wm” or “Mr.” Francis Jones, farmer and operated a large seine fishery.”
from form filled out by John Wooten Gordon of Richmond, VA, his nephew (his brother, George Bradford Gordon’s son), had filled out a form requested by the University for their Alumni Records. per Dr Benjamin Gordon. At the end it is signed: “John W. Gordon, Gen. Agent, London Assurance Corp., Richmond, VA.” A letter accompanying the document is dated March 30, 1907.

Children of William Francis Jones and wife Elizabeth:
1. Thomas F Jones 1812 – 7 April 1857
(said to have fought duel over wife’s affections)
Death Notice from the Raleigh Register: Jones, Thomas F of Perquimans County, April 7, 1857, Hertford County. R.R. My. 6, 1857.
married 29 July 1836 Elizabeth [Betsy] Pollock Devereux
Marriage from the Raleigh Register: Jones, Thomas F of Perquimans County to Elizabeth P. Devereux, Jly. 29, 1836. Aug. 2, 1836
[ Early North Carolina Settlers, 1700s-1900s]
~ wife not listed in household of Thomas F Jones in 1850 Census

a. Capt. Thomas W [Tom] Jones ca 1838 – fall 1863 Richmond VA
of injuries received in the war
b. William F [Frank] Jones ca 1841 –
c. Rachel Jones
2. Maria Louisa Jones 17 May 1817 – 6 March 1854
married Nov 1837 Dr Benjamin W Gordon 25 Aug 1814 – 16 Dec 1841
aged 27 years, 3 months, and 20 days
3. Sara Edna Jones 1819 – Nov 1857 dsp
4. Elizabeth [Lizzie] Jones 9 June 1823 – 18 Jan 1887
married June 1846 George Bradford Gordon 15 March 1823 – 30 June 1875

Below is a copy of an old handwritten document written in pencil on lined notebook paper. At its bottom left corner my aunt, Dorothy Powell Moore, wrote: “From Virginia.” (Virginia is a our cousin, Virginia Tucker, of Hertford, NC.) Virginia [Powell Street]
(1) Maria Louisa m. Dr. Ben Gordon
(2) Elizabeth (Lizzie) m. George Gordon
(3) Edna Unmarried
(4) Thomas m. ___________ Devereux (fought duel over wife’s affections)

NOTE: If both Elizabeth and Maria Louisa Jones were married in Hertford, I would think that their father, Francis Jones or William Francis Jones, lived there, but I can’t find him in any records.

1850 Federal Census Perquimans County, North Carolina (Yeopim District).
REEL NO: M432-640 SHEET NO: 367 24 Jul 1850 by H M Barber
Jones Thomas F 38 M Lawyer / Farmer $6,500 N Carolina
Jones Thomas W 11 M N Carolina X [I make it W could be a P]
Jones William F 9 M N Carolina X
Gordon Maria L 33 F N Carolina
Gordon Mary L 11 F N Carolina
Gordon Isa B 8 F N Carolina
Jones Sarah E 31 F N Carolina
X — meant had attended school within the year.
1840 Fed Census Perquimans Co
Thomas F Jones 1 0/5, 1 20/30, 2f 10/15, 2f 20/30
William Jones 1 0/5, 1 20/30, 1f 5/10, 2 f 20/30
Matthew Jones 1 0/5, 120/30, 1f 20/30
Seth Jones 1 10/15, 1 15/20, 1 60/70, 1 f 20/30, 1 f 30/40, 1f 60/70
Reddick Jones 1 0/5, 1 20/30, 1 30/40, 1 f 20/30
Joseph Jones 10/5, 1 10/15, 1 40/50, 2f 0/5, 1f 5/10, 1f 10/15, 1f 30/40
Myles Jones 1 0/5, 1 5/10, 1 30/40, 1f 20/30
Nancy Jones 1 f 30/40
Lawson Jones 3 0/5, 1 5/10, 1 40/50, 1f 0/5, 1 5/10, 1 40/50
John Jones 70/80, 1f 10/15, 1 30/40, 1 60/70
Joseph Jones 1 0/5, 1 5/10, 1 15/20, 1 20/30, 1 f 0/5, 1 20/30, 1 50/60
Lewis Jones 1 0/5, 2 10/15, 1 40/50, 1 f 5/10, 1 f 40/50

1830 Fed Census Perquimans Co image #51 ancestry 1770-1780
William Jones 1 20/30, 1 50/60, 1 f 5/10, 2 10/15, 1 15/20, 1 30/40

1820 Fed Census Perquimans Co 1775 – 1794
William Jones 1 0/10, 0 10/16, 1 16/18, 2 16/25, 1 26/45, 0 f: 2 0/10, 1 16/25, 1 26/45 0 0 0 12 sl 0 0 7 2 4 1 4 1 3 1

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