John Cotten ca 1695, Patience, Martha

Descendants of John Cotten ca 1661 – 1728 and Martha Godwin ca 1683: first three children: John, Patience, and Martha

William, Anne, Mary & Samuel
– forward to fourth page youngest seven

John Cotten ca 1695 – 1741 | his parents
& ca 1717 Judith ? d. ca 1728 | her parents
& ca 1729 Anne Jones | her parents
of Bertie Precinct NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
looking for male line Cotten/on descendants to take part

John Cotten ca 1695 – 1741 and Judith —- had:
1. John Cotten ca 1718 – 1783
married 1st ca 1735 [Mary Whitmel] born ca 1720 –
[ e-mail from a cousin 2/11/01 “Recently, I found a xerox of a xerox (etc. etc.) copy of a crude handwritten family tree which lists the wife of John Cotten III as Mary Whitmel of Ahsoky/Ahsokie.”]

a. Joab (Jobe) Cotten of Halifax 1736 – 1796
married Anna Wilson

Halifax Wills -abstract by M. Hofmann
Joab Cotton 18 Aug 1795 Feb Ct 1796
son Whitmel Cotton — negroes and land, if he dies under 21 to go to son Josiah Cotton;
son Josiah Cotton — negroes and land when he is 21;
son James Cotton, if he dies under 21 to go to son John Cotton.
son Robert Cotton land when he is 21;
daughters Elizabeth Nelms, Mary Cotton, Dorothy Cotton — negroes.
lend wife Anna Cotton negroes, etc and land to raise my small children.

i. Whitmel Cotten 1772(?) – March 1831 Scotland Neck, Halifax Co
married 24 Oct 1811 Mary (Polly) Foreman – 1844 of Halifax Co
mentions in will money due her from estate of brother Moses Horn in TN

ii. John Cotten died 1836 Ark. had lived near Memphis TN
married in Ky Sarah Easter Nelson 1815 – 10 March 1834
1. John Newton Cotten 2 Mar 1834 – aft Feb 1921 CSA
married 20 June 1859 Letha Carolina Taylor 1841 – 1865
a. Emma Howell Cotten 20 April 1862 –
married 12 June 1879 Mark Whitaker Izard 2 Mar 1855 –
i. John Josephus Izard 17 Nov 1881 – red. VanBuren Ark.
married April 1911 Adell Cory
ii. Mark Whitaker Izard 5 Aug 1884 –
married 1909 Lydia Carolina Smith
iii. Letha Cotten Izard – lived Hot Springs Ark.
married 2nd Mrs. Louise Pruett
b. Guy P Cotten resided Memphis TN
c. Edna Cotten
married Mr. Ramsey lived Memphis TN
iii James Wilson Cotten dsp 1865 Halifax Co [Will]
iv Josiah [Joab?] Cotten (said to have gone to TN Bruce Cotten)
a Joab Cotton age 70 is in Kershaw Co, SC in 1850 and is thought to be this man was married to Sarah age 69 This Joab died Dec 1854

or Could this be the above man?
My grandmother knew the family history of her beloved “Granpa Cotten” (Montreville Cotten) and his father Joab, but no information as to Joab’s father. My g g g grandfather Joab Cotten came to Milam County TX before the Civil War. He was from KY and had lived in AR, LA before coming to TX.
My Line is :
“Joab” COTTEN 1803 Caldwell Co KY d.1879 Milam Co
+Sarah Jane Walls b. 11-6-1815 KY d. 1890 Milam Co TX

Their oldest son:
Montreville COTTEN b. (4-22-1834 AK or 1838 Independence AK) d. 4-16-1919 Milam Co, Harmony Community br. Sharp Cem Milam Co TX m1Mary Griffin TX m2 Bettye Elizabeth Elliott 9-4-1873 Burleson Co Tx m3Sadie ca 1910
Mont and Bettye (Elliot) Cotten had a daughter Estella, that is my great grandmother. Mont/Bettye and Estella/her husband Jim Dodd are buried in Sharp Cem, Milam Co TX.
I have been told that the Joab is Joseph Abner Cotten and that his parents are:
Joseph Abner “Joah” COTTEN b. 1771 Bertie Co NC d. 1853 Caldwell Co KY
+Elizabeth Pickett b. 4-4-1779 Bertie Co KY m. 1799 Bertie Co
Children of Joah and Elizabeth (Pickett) Cotten
i. Joah Cotton
ii. Richard CottonAny help would be appreciated. Sharolyn Petty Wood

v. Col. Robert Cotten ca 1780 – 12 Nov 1836 TN
married Mary Norfleet Jeffreys 4 April 1791 – 30 July 1871
(about 1823 Col Robert sold all his property in NC and
removed with his family to LaGrange, Fayette Co, TN)

vi. Mary Cotten (under age in 1796) ca 1782 –

married ca 1798 John B Acree of Bertie Co
1. Jobe Cotten Acree 15 Sept 1899 – 1885 TN
married Sophia Campbell 24 Dec 1805 –
dau of Carter Marshall 1770 VA & Ann Campbell dau of William
My gggrandfather was Joab Cotton Acree Bob Murphy
vii. Dorothy M Cotten dsp 1849 Halifax Co
viii. Elizabeth Cotten bef 1779 – 1848
married bef Aug 1795 Josiah Nelms of Halifax Co ca 1768 – 1812
b. Sally Cotten ca 1749
married James House
c. Josiah Cotten ca 1751- 8 June 1781
married Perquimans Co 23 April 1777 Elizabeth Skinner
dau Gen. William Skinner of Perqu.
i. Penelope Cotten 7 Feb 1778 –
ii. Nancy (Elizabeth) Cotten 9 Aug 1779 – aft 1798
iii. Dolly Cotten 11 Dec 1780 – 1816
married 1797 William Blount 1773 –
1. Mary Elizabeth Blount 1798 – 1811
2. Amelia Ann Blount 1800 – 1803
3. Elizabeth Cotten Blount 1801 – 1803
4. John Henry Blount
married Martha Leigh
a. Richard H L Blount 1831 –
married 1855 Rebecca Whedbee
i. John Henry Blount [lawyer] d. ca 1897 Greenville NC no issue
married Kate Staton of Edgecombe Co
ii. Richard H L Blount
b. Martha Penelope Blount 1838 –
married 1855 Seth Sumner Whedbee
i. Josiah Leigh Whedbee
ii. James Pennel Whedbee
iii. Seth Sumner Whedbee
iv. John Blount Whedbee
v. Richard Henry Whedbee
vi. Helen Vaughan Whedbee
vii. Thomas Clayton Whedbee
viii. Martha Rebecca Whedbee
ix. Edward West Whedbee
x. Tanel Warren Whedbee
xi. Marion McMorine Whedbee
xii. George Whedbee
5. Josiah Cotten Blount 1806 – 1838
married Nancy Pendleton
6. Sarah Glover Blount 1809 – 1810
7. William Skinner Blount 1811 –
married Eliza Haughton
a. William Blount d 1870
8. Edmond Charles Blount
married 1st Pheribee Townsend
married 2nd Mary Benbury
a. Mary Blount
married George W Whedbee
b. Florence Blount
married Mr. Thornton of WV
married 3rd Mrs. Mary Whedbee widow of Thomas C Whedbee
d. Mary Cotten
married c1775 Hardyman Abington ? – 1815
Will 1 July 1813-prob. May Ct NH Co 1815

son of
the Bapt. Minister of Bertie, Elder James Abington who died in Feb 1772 “Before he became religious he was a man much addicted to sporting and gaming and very vicious in his life and conversation” afterwards “He was a man of bright genius a ready mind a good voice and was a Beaerges? in preaching the word.” Lemuel Burkitt “A Concise History of the Kehukee Baptist Association.
i. Clarissa Abbington ? – bef 1820
married 1st Josiah Lindsay ? – 1811/2 Halifax Co, NC
1. Mary [Polly] Lindsay
married bef 1820 Francis G Price of NH Co NC
2. Eilzabeth [Betsy] Lindsay under 21 in 1820
married 2nd 1812/20 Charles Driver
ii. James Abbington
iii. Henry Abbington ? – 1821 NH Co, NC

married 2nd his cousin Mary Wills [Tart] ca 1751 – 1783
(John Cottten “adopts” his 3 “step-children” as his own in his will)
a. Henry Cotten (Tart) ca 1768-
—rep. NH Co in Leg. 1795 – 1802 – moved to Tarboro living there 1824
married Sept 23 1806 Sophia Mumford
b. William Cotten (Tart) ca 1770 – March 1794 NH single
c. James Cotten (Tart) ca 1772 – No record after 1795
d. Allen Cotten ca 1776 – Sept/Dec 1795 single twin
e. Willie Cotten ca 1776 – 26 Nov 1805 Edgecombe Co. twin
twins named for Generals Allen and Willie Jones of Halifax Co
f. Jonathan Cotten ca 1778 – ca Dec 1790
g. John Cotten ca 1780 – 1 Nov 1825 TN intestate
went to Edgecombe seems to have left state after 1824
represented Edgecombe Co in Legislature in 1807
married 1809 Mary Tucker she died 19 Jan 1810
married ca Jan 1811 Elizabeth Andrews 1797 Edgecombe Co – 1853/60 Hinds Co MS
she was daughter of Cullin Andrews and wife Mary Battle who was daughter of John Battle and Frances Davis. John was in Leg. 1807 see Battle Book pp 384-385 from Bruce Cotten’s “The Cotten Family of North Carolina”
i. Dr. John Andrews Cotten 18 Sept 1811 – 6 May 1849 aged 37 yrs 7 mos 18 days

physician; removed to Miss
ii. Cadmus D Cotten ca 1813 –
iii. Amanda Cotten ca 1816 –
iv. Joseph Everett Cotten ca 1817 –
v. Jane Cotten ca 1820 – 1860 Hinds MS
married Dr. Exum Lewis 7 Jan 1814 – 1875 Hinds Co MS
(brother of Dr. John W. Lewis, who m. Catharine Ann Battle;
s. of Exum Lewis II and Ann Harrison).

1. Cleo Cotten Lewis ca1835 –
married John Francis Speight II,
son of Rev. John F. Speight
a. John Francis Speight III.
b. Emma Lewis Speight.
c. Elizabeth Andrews Speight
married Rev. Carey H. Whitaker
vi. Dr Jesse A Cotten 1824 – 1878 Hinds Co MS
h. Mary Cotten ca 1782 – no further record aft. 1795
2. Mary Cotten ca 1725 –
married George Brewer died 1757
a. Rawls Brewer,
b. George Brewer,
c. Matthew Brewer,
d. John Brewer
3. Anne Cotten ca 1728 –

John Cotten ca 1695 – 1741 and Anne Jones had:
4. Benjamin Cotten 1730 – 1789 (Edgecombe Co noncup. will)
married Elizabeth Barfield [I think she is also the mother of Joel [or Joab]
to a daughter of Thomas Barfield (Bertie Deed made 4 Dec 1794)
a. Arthur Cotton [mentioned in Ben’s will]
Children by women other than his wife:
a. Joel Watson [mentioned in his will] son of Elizabeth Barfield?
could this man be Joab Cotton 1779 – 1854?
b. Sally Stewart dau of Amy [mentioned in his will

5. Sarah Cotten ca 1735 – 1814 GA
married Henry Hill ca 1730 – 25 Jan 1804 Wilkes Co, GA
son of Abraham Hill 1697 – 1760 and Judith ?; grandson of Henry
of Chowan Co. and went to Wilkes Co., GA
a. Mary Hill 7 Sept 1758 – 17 Feb 1831
married Henry Jossey.
ancestor of Edwin R MacKethan
b. Catherine [Christian] [Kiddy] Hill ca 1760 [76] –
c. Theophilus Hill 1765 [62]- 1810 Jasper Co, GA
married Wake Co 16 Jan 1787 Patsy Pope 1766 –
i. Greenberry Hill 1787 –
ii. Elizabeth Hill 1788 –
iii. Nancy Hill 1790 –
d. Nancy Hill 1770 [66] – 1839
e. Sarah Cotten Hill 1774 –
f. John Hill ca 1776 [70] –
g. Abraham Hill 4 Sept 1778- 1852
h. Henry Hill 1780 [72] – 1815

Patience Cotten 1703 – 1725 | her parents
& Capt. John Spier 1693 – 1764 | his parents
of Bertie Precinct NC


Patience Cotten 1703-1725 and John Spier 1693-1764 had:
1. Patience Spear (Spier) 12 Nov, 1725 –
married Osborne Jeffreys 1715 VA – 1793 Franklin Co, NC
a. Simon Jeffreys ca 1742 – 11 Oct 1812
married bef 1777 Sarah Norfleet dau of Marmaduke
i. Marmaduke Norfleet Jeffreys
married Hannah Hill
1. Mary Annah Jeffreys
Vickie’s 4g grandmother
b. William Jeffreys 1743 – 1802
married 30 Jul 1773 Mary Gray
c. Osborne Jeffreys ? – 1822
married 3 Jun 1778 at Caswell Sarah Taylor
d. David Jeffreys 1754 – aft 24 Sept 1794 Franklin, NC
married 3 Jun 1779 Barbara Bell
e. Mary Jeffreys 1760 – 1811
married 13 Sep 1778 John Hunt
f. Paul Jeffreys 1762 – died Person Co, NC
married 1 Feb 1790 Wake Co, NC Susan Peters
g. Elizabeth Jeffreys ?Granville Co, NC – 1793
married Charles Rust Eaton

Martha Cotten ca 1704 – bef 1761 | her parents
& Francis Benton d bef 1728 | his parents
& ca 1729 Capt. John Spier 1693 – 1764 | his parents
of Bertie Precinct NC


Martha Cotten and Francis Benton had:
1. Francis Benton ca 1715 (sold land in 1736)
Martha Cotten and John Spier had:
don’t know for sure but suspect these were theirs
1. Cleare Spier
married Hardee
2. Apsele Spier
married Holland
?3. William Spier
?4. John Spier Jr

Inscription on a tomb stone on the bank of Tar river, two miles below Grenville. The grave is marked by a brown stone tomb with a slate slab let in upon which is the inscription. (from Washington Progress, 20 Dec 1892 – NCGSJ May 1996)

Death at a defiance we but slightly fear.
He brings his terors as he draws more near;
From stately palaces we must be drawn
To lie benighted in the tomb alone.
Wise then’s the man who labors to secure
His passage safe and his reception sure.
In S. V. E.
Here lies the body of Capt John Spier
born in Virginia, Sept 25th, 1693 and
departed this life August 23d, 1764.
AEtatis 71.

Abstract of John Speir’s will January 8, 1761; Pro. June Ct. 1767 Wife: Elizabeth (negro boy and other chattels). Daughters: Cleare Hardee (“all my lands in North Carolina”), Patience Jeffreys, Apsele Holland. Executors: John and William Speir and Alexander Stewart. Wit: Wm. Speir, Alexr. Stewart, John Speir, Junr. Clerk of Ct. Amb Cox Bayley.

This appears to be the will of his widow Elizabeth Speir of Pitt County. October 9, 1773 Pro. March 23, 1774. Nephews: Joseph Warren (two negroes), William Smydick, Marke Mesell (three negroes) Other legatees: Mary Smydick, John Smydick, Edmond Smydick, Famaler Smydick, Mary Meesel, Elizabeth Warren, Joseph Warren, James and Ma

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