Captain John Jones, Lucy Binns Cargill, & Esther Cotten Moore

Sally’s 3 great grandmother and her 2nd husband:

Capt John Jones 1764 – 1844 | his parents
& 1787 Lucy Binns Cargill 1769 – 1823 | her parents
& 1825 Esther Cotten [Moore] 1782 – 1854 | her parents
of Lawrenceville, Brunswick Co, VA

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Jones was born 30 March 1764
and married 2 June 1787 Lucy Binns Cargill 29 Jan 1769 – 1812/23
daughter of John Cargill of Sussex County, VA
[son of Rev. John Cargill of Surry.]

In 1825 the widow, Esther Cotten Moore, married as her second husband, the widower, Capt John Jones of Lawrenceville, Brunswick County, VA
who they tell us was known locally as “Hell-Cat” Jones. [His father a lay minister was called “Hell-fire” Jones.] They lived in a huge brick house with a slate roof (seven windows across the front) on a bend of the Meherrin River. Esther died 6 September, 1854 at her home at Lawrenceville, VA.

Mrs. Esther Cotten Moore Jones

the original portrait by James McGibbon
that was at Mulberry Grove and Maple Lawn.

Hellcat Jones Home in Lawrenceville, Va Hellcat Jones Home in Lawrenceville, Va

“Laurel Grove/Level Grove”
home of Capt. John Jones [and school?]
Photo taken on an 1969 excursion with my nephew James Moore and his sister Debbie. left: front. right: rear with dining room wing -SMK

“On one of my visits home my nephew James had me drive him and his sister Debbie to Lawrenceville VA to try to locate the house that the Major John Wheeler Moore, the historian and poet, had described as the most beautiful house he had ever seen located on a bend of the Meherrin River, the home of his grandmother which he had visited often as a child.
It was a Saturday, and we stopped the postman and asked if he knew about Capt John Jones and his handsome home. No, he didn’t but he thought we should go talk to Mr. Jones, who was an authority on the local history. He was quite elderly at the time. He was no relation to Capt. John Jones but he knew just who we were talking about. “Oh, you are looking for old Hell-Cat Jones,” he said. We spent a couple of hours talking. He told us there was a memorial to Hell-Cat on the outside of the Court House and that we really should have come during the week when the court house was open. He also told us that at that time the house still belonged to descendants and that they had used the place as a summer house up ’til the fifties. That they had removed the beautiful woodwork and installed it in a new home. I didn’t record all this, but my nephew at 15 was a much more meticulous researcher. Mr. Jones also pointed out the way to Hell-Cat’s house but wouldn’t go with us– so we having gone that far, ignored all the no trespassing signs (after all, we were family) And took a look at the place. The immense size of the house was quite impressive. The roof was slate. All the dependencies were in a state of collapse and the dining room wing which was of wood was deteriorating. It might have had a view of the “beautiful” Meherrin river a hundred years before, but was quite grown up with trees and I could not discern the river from the house. We made our way around the place taking it all in. Snapped the pictures of the house and left, all of us quite pleased and satisfied with having actually located the house we only knew from those couple of lines in a book. Were the rest of the family surprised! We had the pictures as evidence that we had been there. It was a great adventure.”

Children of John Jones 1764 – 1841/44 & Lucy Binns Cargill:
1. Dr. Thomas Williamson Jones ca 1790 – 21 July 1824 Brunswick Co VA
died near Brunswick Ct House, VA on Wed the 21st inst. Dr. Thomas W Jones. His death was occasioned by being thrown from his gig.” Raleigh Papers 30 July, 1824.

married 1814 Mary Armisted Goode 1795 – 1871
2. [Reverend]Col. John Cargill Jones 9 June 1795 Brunswick Co VA – 11 May 1863 Camden, Wilcox Co, AL
married 22 Sept 1822 Mary Ann Walke 1805 – 1878
3. Lucy Cargill Jones 1793 – 1867
married 1810 or 1819 Dr. John Mumford Walker d. 1837
(parents of Mrs. Hilliard of TX)

4. Martha Jones ca 1805 – ca 1824 died age 19

Child of John Jones and Esther Cotten:
1. Dr. Charles Godfrey Jones 28 Feb 1828 VA – 21 March 1892 Monterrey, Mex.
married TN 9 Oct 1865 Camilla A Fossen Porter 8 Mar 1841 TN -15 Oct 1917 TX

Children of Esther Cotten and 1st husband James Wright Moore:
1. Emeline E. Moore ca 1805 NC – 3 Nov 1872 Marion, AL

married NH Co 23 Dec 1822 Dr. Nathaniel W Fletcher
died ca/bef Jan 1845 Mobile AL
of Lawrenceville, VA.
married 9 Feb 1847 2nd Rev. Eugene Verdot LeVert 20 Oct, 1795 VA – 1875 Marion AL
son of Dr. Samuel Claudius LeVert and Ann Lea Metcalfe
& brother of Dr. Hernry LeVert 1804-1864 of Mobile
grandson of Francois LeVert & Margot Verdot
2. Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore 7 Nov 1806 – 6 May 1880

married 25 June 1832 Julia Munro Wheeler 4 June 1814 – 17 May 1887
3. Sarah Matilda (Tillie) Moore ca 1812 – 30 Sept 1865
Tillie was reported younger on every census
so I am not certain of her birth date

married 3 May 1836 Turner P Westray ca 1801 – 14 May 1868 Nash Co NC
son of Samuel Westry of Nash Co and wife Sarah Bradford

0-5 10-15 15-20 30-40 60-70 70-80 5-10 40-50
1830 John Jones Sen 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
1840 John Jones 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1
12 12 Esther Jones 65 f 8000 NC
Charles G Jones 22 m farmer VA

Grandchildren of John Jones and Lucy Cargill:
R. Bolling Batte Papers — Biographical Card Files

Thomas Williamson Jones ca 1790 – 1824 | his parents
& 1814 Mary Armisted Goode 1795 – 1871 | her parents
of Brunswick Co VA

 my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Thomas Williamson Jones graduated UNC 1810.
died near Brunswick Ct House, VA on Wed the 21st inst. Dr. Thomas W Jones.
His death was occasioned by being thrown from his gig.” Raleigh Papers 30 July, 1824.

Child of Thomas W Jones and Mary Armisted Goode:
1. Samuel Goode Jones 1815 – 1886
married 1842 Martha Ward Goode 1821 – 1861
a. Edwin F Jones 21 Dec 1853 Montgomery Co AL –
married 18 April 1880 Bertha Hansford Stubbs
i. Samuel Boytop Jones 27 Sept 1884 Los Angeles CA –
ii. Mary Virginia Jones 26 Feb 1888 Tucson AR –
2. Edwin Burwell Jones 31 Oct 1823 – 11 Feb 1893
physician and Episcopal clergyman
married 1846 Cornelia Ann Campbell 1821 –

a. Thomas Williamson Jones 1847 –
b. Archibald Campbell Jones 1848 –
c. Edwin Burwell Jones 1849 –
d. Sallie Epes Jones 1853 –
e. Mary Goode Jones 1854 –
f. Martha Catherine Jones 1858 –
g. Samuel Goode Jones 1859 –
h. John Ravenscroft Jones 1861 –
i. Lucy Binns Jones 1864 –
j. Cornelia Campbell Jones 1866

Rev. John Cargill Jones 1795 – 1863 | his parents
& ca 1822 Mary Ann Walke 1805 – 1878 | her parents
of Camden, Wilcox Co AL

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

[Reverend] Col. John Cargill Jones 9 June 1795 Brunswick Co VA – 11 May 1863 Camden, Wilcox Co, AL
married 22 Sept 1822 Mary Ann Walke 1805 – 1878


Mary Ann’s family name was Walke without an R on the end.
John Cargill Jones practiced law both in VA and AL., served in the Alabama Legislature, and later became a Baptist Minister. He was the minister of Camden Baptist Church when he died.
It is said that his wife was an Episcopalian, so much so she took her children to be baptized in that church while her husband was preaching mightily in the Baptist Church.

Children of Rev. John Cargill Jones and Mary Ann Walke: 13 children
1. Lucy Jones 4 Jan 1824 – 1850 census
married 1866 John P Matheson of Charleston
2. Martha Binns Jones 25 Oct 1825 – 1878 Sons & Daughters of Pilgrims, Vol II p12
married 1849 Joseph T Bell 1813 – 1879
owner of a large plantation on the Alabama River
a. John J Bell 1850 – 1895
married 1869 Mary C Ashworth 1851 – 1905
i. Eva Ball
married 1904 Richard Neeley Barber
b. Eva Bell 13 July 1858 –
married 1 Jan 1877 William Thomas Alford 1 July 1855 – 25 Sept 1923
i. Irene Evelyn Alford 14 Nov 1877 –
married 25 June 1902 Norman Dosier Godbold 1 April 1877 – 16 July 1936
1. Norman Dosier Godbold Jr. 22 Jan 1907 –
3. Mary Eliza Jones 8 Aug 1827 –
married Dr. Benjamin F. Blackmon
4. Dr. Thomas Warburton Jones 28 July 1829 – 1855 see
married Thurza Jane Alston
a. Mary Ann [Minnie] Jones 1853 – 1929
married 1872 Winston Hunter Boykin Wilcox Co, AL
5. John Munford Walker Jones 17 June 1831 – 15 July 1848 aged 17 years
6. Catherine Cole Jones 7 May 1833 – see
married Prof. W. C. L. Richardson
married John Caldwell Calhoun Harrison
a. Adaline Hudson Harrison
married Jack Percival Montgomery
7. Sarah [Sallie] Cargill Jones 13 Oct 1835 – 8 Nov 1908 1850 census teacher 1870
organized and was President of the Alabama Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy,
she later founded and was the first President of the Alabama Division of that organization
8. Dr. John Paul Jones 20 June 1837 VA – 1903 see lived Wilcox Co AL
married Camella Hunter Boykin 28 June 1846 – 13 April 1921
a. Warburten Jones 1869 –
b. Francis Boykin Jones 1872 – 1902
married Charlotte Mary [Lottie] Boykin 27 Aug 1882 –
c. Heustis Jones 1877 –
d. Paul Jones 1878 –
e. Winston Jones 1880 –
9. Col.Edward Nathanial Jones 12 Sept 1839 – 18 Mar 1917
1850 census, lawyer 1860 started a school in Camden after the war
married 1st Mary Ellen Blanchard

a. Edward Nathanial Jones Jr. ca 1864 –
b. Dixon Blanchard Jones ca 1866 –
c. John C Jones 1869 – 1894
married 2nd Mary Martha Beck
daughter of Col. Franklin King Beck
a. Katherine Ellis Jones
married John Felix Jenkins
i. John Felix Jenkins Jr
1. Harriet Throckmorton Jenkins Phillips
b. Molie Beck Jones
c. Edna Natalie Jones
d. Paul Everett Jones
e. Sarah Jones
10.Gen. Richard Channing Jones 12 April 1841 VA – 1903 Camden AL see
editor 1860, General CSA, President U of AL


married 1864 Marcella Hamilton [Stella] Boykin 1844 AL –
a. Virginius W Jones ca 1866 –
b. Stella H Jones ca 1868 –
c. Reginald Dawson Jones 1870 – 1928
married Charlotte Mary [Lottie] Boykin 27 Aug 1882 –
great grandparents of McKenna
d. Richard Channing Jones 31 July 1873 – 17 Dec 1943 age 70
married 15 April 1904 Ellen Elizabeth Scott Boykin 1883 – 11 Jan 1980 age 96
e. Paulean Jones ca 1875 – –
f. Mary Jones ca 1877
g. Lucy M Jones ca 1880 –
h. Lottie Boykin Jones 1886 –
married W Maxwell Boykin
11. 1st Lt. Virginius Walker Jones 17 July 1844 Camden AL – 6 May 1864
1850 census male killed in the Battle of the Wilderness – age 19 years
12. Charles Binns Jones 26 Aug 1846 AL – 9 Sept 1846

census for Wilcox Co 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880
Sources: Family records and official documents – submitted to an History of Wilcox Co Al by Beverly Wilson Jones, Camden AL

Lucy Cargill Jones ca 1800 – | her parents
& 1819 Dr John M Walker | his parents

 my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

  1. Mary Rebecca Harrison Walker 1819 – 1897
    married 1837 Dr. Robert Carter Hilliard 1808 – 1867 of TX
    a. Audubon Hilliard 1854 – 1889
    married 1877 Ida Campbell 1856 – 1894
    i. Beverly Campbell Hilliard 16 Feb 1878 New Iberia, Iberia Co LA
    married Maurine Ely
    1. Beverly Campbell Hilliard Jr. 23 April 1903 Collindale Del. Co PA –
    info from application to the Illinois Society of The Sons of the American Revolution

Grandchildren of John Jones and Esther Cotten:

Dr. Charles Godfrey Jones 1828 – 1892 | his parents
& 1865 Camilla A Fossen Porter 1841 – 1917 | her parents
of Austin TX

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Dr. Charles Godfrey Jones 28 Feb 1828 VA – 21 March 1892 Monterrey, Mex.
eloped with the house-keeper’s daughter to Texas” – the story we heard


the story his children heard – “he met Camilla at her mother’s “boarding house” in Tennessee on his way to Texas, and married her quickly.

married 9 Oct 1865 Camilla A Fossen Porter 8 Mar 1841 TN -15 Oct 1917 TX

Children of Dr. Charles Godfrey Jones & Camilla A Fossen Porter:
1. Godwin Jones 1875 – dec
married Rosa Daniel
a. son Jones
b. Annie Elizabeth “Sing”Jones 10 July 1902 Austin TX – 12 Sept 1998 Nemo TX
married Clarence Ira “Bob” Langdon, a WWI military pilot
i. Dr. Robert William Godwin Langdon 18 January 1923 – 19 March 2011
MD and PhD, U of Chicago
married June 1945 Ellen Adams Sandlas Div: 1972

  1. Cecilia “Cia” Marie Langdon
    married Ben Gadd
  2. Diana “Danni” Langdon
    married Carl Jacobson
  3. Carmelia “Mia” Langdon
  4. Robert “Rob”Langdon
    married Maria

married 1972 Ruth Verhalen div: 2002

e-mail from Cia “My grandmother used to tell of living in Austin, where Grandmother Daniel owned nearly a whole city block near the governor’s mansion. Brother and sister Jones married sister & brother Daniel, and the little double-first-cousins enjoyed adjoining backyards and were the best of pals. My grandmother always referred to her cousin Camille as “Cuddy”. (I only vaguely remember hearing “Doods”, but other family members might have called her that).”

Robert William Godwin Langdon
January 18, 1923 – March 19, 2011


  1. Camille Jones 1876 –
    married Patrick Daniel Jr
    a. Camille “Doods” Daniel
    b. Fritz Daniel
  2. Charles Godwin Jones 7 Aug 1878 Austin, TX – 15 April 1960 Weslaco TX


married Austin TX 1 Mar 1907 Roxie Addie Wingate
9 Mar 1888 Floresville TX – 3 July 1934 Weslaco TX
a. Charles Godwin Jones
married Frances Lucile Reagh
b. Letharay Jones 3 Aug 1912 – 20 Jan 1995 Weslaco, TX


married 1942 Norris Richey d. 1969
c. John Walter Jones


married Margie Fay Wills
i. Cynthia Sue Jones
married Gregg Shriner
1. Micah Corbin Shriner
married Olivia Olivarez
a. Matthew Corbin Shriner
b. Amber Olivia Shriner
ii. Candace Winifred Jones
married 2nd Cliff Clark
1. Austin Ray Clark
2. Christa Lucille Clark
3. Georgia Ray Clark
iii. Penelope Faye Jones e-mail
married 1st Howard Allen Talbert
1. Joshua Lee Talbert


married Janelle Lee Looney
a. Connor Lee Talbert
b. William Allen Talbert
married 2nd Ramiro Molina Jr
iv. Taffany Anne Jones
married Ralph Clarence Crowder
1. Ralph Clarence Crowder
2. Dustin John Crowder

Col John Jones 1735 – 1803 | his parents
& 1758 Elizabeth Binns 1740 – 1803 | her parents
of Surry Co and Lawrenceville, Brunswick Co, VA

 my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

“Colonel John Jones, born 14 Feb 1735, died 11 Jan 1803
and married 22 July 1758 [Sussex Co] Elizabeth Binns, daughter of Judith [Eldridge] and Charles Binns, born 11 May 1740 died 28 Jan 1803.
[see Binns VHG 281]

Colonel Jones moved to Brunswick County about 1757.
. . He was a Justice 1760-65, Sheriff 1773 -75, County Clerk 1789 – 93,
Vestryman and Church warden 1755-59,
County Treasurer 1771,
member of the House of Burgesses 1772-3,
Member Va Senate 1776 – 89,
Speaker of the Senate 1788-89,
member of the VA Convention of 1788,
Colonel and County Lieutenant in the militia, the last from 1778 to 1789.”

This author in Boddie then speculates that he probably saw active service in the campaign of 1781 and earned the nick-name “Hellcat Jones.”
But, the local historian told us in 1969 that this name came about because this man was also a lay minister and the locals called HIM “Hellfire Jones” because of the nature of his sermons and John Jr being a regular little “Hellcat” was given that moniker

On 21 May 1935 the Colonel Banister Chapter of the DAR unveiled a bronze tablet to his memory. I recall that is mounted outside near the front door of the wall of the Court House. — our guide showed this to us when we visited in 1969.
“In 1772 member of the VA legislature from Brunswick Co.
In 1777-1780 member of the VA Senate representing Brunswick, Lunenburg, and Mecklenburg Counties.
In 1787 he was elected Speaker of the VA Senate.
He was in charge of the Militia of Brunswick & Adjoining Counties in defending the Fords of the Stanton Rivers in the Revolutionary War
and in 1781 fought Tarleton. Tarleton gave him his nickname “Hellcat” because if the vigorous defense against him.”
from the application of Edwin F Jones to the Arizona Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Children of John Jones and Elizabeth Binns:
1. Binns Jones 20 May 1759 – 13 Feb 1791

vestryman, justice, member of VA Conv of 1788, Lt & Reg. QM in VA State Troops
married 1781 Elizabeth Cargill
a. John Cargill Jones
i. Virginia Jones
married M M Fletcher
ii. Binns Jones
iii. Sarah Eliz. Jones
b. Sallie Jones
married John Massenburg
i. Cargill Massenburg
ii. Eliz. C Massenburg
c. Richard Jones dsp
d. Elizabeth Cargill Jones
married Drewery Burge
i. Sarah Ann Burge [only child]
married Cox
2. Ann [Nancy] Jones 30 March 1764 – 23 Nov 1802
married John [Jack] Herbert Claiborne of Dinwiddle
3. John Jones 30 March 1764 – bef Jan 1845 Brunswick Co, VA
married 2 June 1787 Lucy Binns Cargill 1769 – 1823
married 2nd 1825 Esther Cotton (Moore) 1782 – 1854

4. Charles Binns Jones 18 Nov 1766 – 21 Sept 1797
succeeded his father as Clerk of Brunswick
5. Richard Jones 13 June 1769 – 17 Jan 1789
6. Elizabeth [Betsy] Jones 21 May 1773 –
married 20 Sept 1799 Col. Joseph Wilkins of Greensville Co
7. George Hamilton Jones 1 May 1775 – 20 July 1820 of Petersburg, VA
married 4 Aug 1797 Elizabeth [Eliza] Wright 17 Jan 1780 – 24 Jan 1844
dau of John Wright of SH Co VA
a. Charles Binn Jones 1798 – Aug 1844 or 45 Linden, Marengo Co, AL
married 10 Dec 1818 Caroline DuBrutz of NC 1799 – 1888
i. Louisa Josephine Jones 9 Dec 1835 – 30 April 1899 Tuscaloosa AL
married Joseph John Alston 15 May 1835 – 15 Oct 1908
1. Josephine Louise Alston 1 Nov 1862 Selma AL – 13 Sept 1942 Tuscaloosa AL
married 28 March 1883 Charles Neville Maxwell 26 Sept 1861 England – 24 May 1943 Tuscaloosa AL
a. Charles Neville Maxwell Jr 22 Jan 1886 Tuscaloosa AL –
married 24 May 1911 –
from Records submitted to the Alabama Soc of SAR
b. Sarah Ann Jones
married Ebenezer Pope
c. John Wright Jones 17 June 1800 – 19 June 1835
married 14 Jan 1826 Caroline Frances Stith 3 July 1804 –
i. Margaret Eliza Jones 1830 – 1897
d. Eliza Binns Jones 3 July 1804 – 21 Mar 1848
married 2 Oct 1823 Col William Pannill 6 July 1794 Oxford NC – 16 Nov 1870 Baltimore MD
8 children
e. George Henry Jones
married Frances Raincock
f. Joseph Jones dsp
g. Eloise Williamson Jones
married John Calvert Taylor
i. Richard Taylor
married Fannie Camp
ii. Washington Taylor
married Emily Whitehead dau of John B Whitehead of Norfolk
h. Ann Rosina Jones dsp
i. Mary Louis Jones
married Norborne T Page
j. Caroline Matilda Jones
married William A Page
k. Georgianna Jones
married Rev. William Spencer Child
i. Paul Child dy
ii. Virginia Child dy
8. Thomas Williamson Jones 4 April 1778 – 9 Dec 1788
9. Sarah Jones 18 Feb 1782 – 22 Nov 1788

Ref: GVF vol III p234

Richard Jones 1703 – 1774 | his parents
& ?unknown 1st wife | her parents
& Ann Hamilton 1708/09 – 1774 | her parents
of Surry County, VA

 my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Richard Jones married Ann Hamilton, daughter of George Hamilton. She died 21 Feb 1774 age 66 as recorded in the Albemarle Reg. Sussex Co, VA. Richard Jones died 18 Feb 1774 in his 66th year. “They had been wedded about 50 years.” These entries were certified by Hamilton Jones.

Children of Richard Jones and unknown 1st wife:
1. James Jones lived at High Hills, Sussex Co VA
2. Richard Jones lived at High Hills, Sussex Co VA

Children of Richard Jones and Ann Hamilton:
3. John Jones 14 Feb 1735 – 11 Jan 1803 Brunswick Co VA
married 22 Jul 1758 Elizabeth Binns 11 May 1740 – 28 Jan 1803
4. Robert Jones of Liberty Hall, Sussex Co VA
married Mary Eldridge
5. William Jones
6. Nathan Jones d aft 1800 lived Southwark Parish
7. Hamilton Jones d. bef Aug 1781 Southwark Parish, Surry Co, VA
married 4 Jul 1774 Jacobina Willie d. 1781 Surry Co, VA
8. Susanna Jones
married bef 1774 [Thomas] Cureton d ca 1777
9. Ann Jones d 1781 Sussex Co VA
married bef 1772 Capt William Eldridge d 17 Apr 1772 Sussex Co
two sons and three daughters – all minors in 1772
a. Thomas Eldridge

b. Robert Eldridge
c. Ann Eldridge
married 2nd 15 Sept 1774 as his third wife John Cargill III
ca 1740 “The Glebe” Surrey – 2 Dec 1777 “Invermay” Sussex Co VA
Rector of St. Andrew’s Parish

Will of Richard Jones, Surry Co, VA 14 Feb 1774 rec. 22 Mar 1774
of Southwark Parish, Surry Co, VA
– wife Ann
– sons Nathan, Hamilton, James, Richard, John, Robert and William
– daughters Susannah and Ann
EX: Nathan Jones and Hamilton Jones
Wit: Benjamin Bishop, Moses Hill, Sterling Hill

Richard Jones Inventory: Dated May 1774, recorded 28 July 1789
Ann Jones Inventory: Dated May 1774, recorded 28 July 1789
Nathan Jones, Ex. Lemuel Cocke, Moses Hill and Henry Cocke, Appraisers

Will of Ann Jones of Southwark Parish, Surry Co, VA 18 Feb 1774 rec 22 Mar 1774
– daughters: Susanna Cureton and Ann Eldridge
– sons: John, Robert, William, Nathan, and Hamilton.
[note: James and Richard are not named]
EX: Nathan Jones and Hamilton Jones
WIT: William Thompson, Thomas Cureton, Moses Hill and Edmund Ogburn

A Conflicting report: Tyler’s E of Va B 10 John Jones – son of Peter Jones, founder of Petersburg, member of the county court of Brunswick and in 1772 a member of the House of Burgesses. In 1788 he represented Brunswick in the State Convention. In after years he was in the state Senate & was president of that body. He m Elizabeth Binns d. of Charles Binns in July 1758.
* This John Jones was NOT the son of Peter Jones.
for Peter Jones’s family see Founders of Petersburg, Virginia
W&M c Q XIX 287
Peter Jones was in 1674 major in command of a fort near the falls of Appromattox River. He had a son Peter who died in 1721. A grandson Peter Jones, son of Peter was the founder of Petersburg. The last was Capt & then Major of the P George County Militia and died in Amelia County in 1754.

Charles A Binns ca 1711 [ca 1698] – 1749 | his parents
& Judith Eldridge ca 1720 – 1765 | her parents
& 1755 John Hay
of Sussex County, VA

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Charles Binns and Judith Eldridge:
1. Charles A Binns Jr ca 1736 – 1800 Loundon Co VA
County Clerk of Loudoun County VA 1757 – 1796
Built Rokeby in 1757

married 4 Oct 1759 Anne Alexander 2 Feb 1741/42 –
daughter of John Alexander founder of Alexandria VA
a. John Alexander Binns 1761 – 1813
b. Charles A Binns III
succeeded his father as County Clerk of Loudoun C. VA 1796 – 1837
c. Thomas Neilson Binns
d. Simon Alexander Binns
inherited Little -Rokeby
married Sarah
i. William Alexander Binns
married Mary G Garrett
e. William Alexander Binns
f. Susanna Pearson Binns
married Alexander Waugh
g. Ann Alexander Binns
married W H Harding
h. Elizabeth Alexander Binns
?i. Catherins A Binns
married Durham

granddaughter Elizabeth Alexander Lawer Adams.
2. Elizabeth Binns 11 May 1740 – 28 Jan 1803 Brunswick Co VA
married 22 July 1758 John Jones 14 Feb 1735 – 11 Jan 1803 Brunswick Co
3. Lucy Binns ca 1743 Surry Co VA – 13 Dec 1773 Sussex Co VA

married ca 1767 Col John Cargill III ca 1741 “The Glebe” Surrey – 2 Dec 1777 “Invermay” Sussex
as his 2nd wife
4. Martha Binns ca 1748 – 1778
married 8 Feb 1773 Timothy Rives of Sussex 1743 – 1803
5. Margaret Binns
married Mr. Stevenson

e-mail 12/22/03 from Elizabeth Guy:
I emailed you the other day about Elizabeth Binns 1740-1803 who married John Jones. Well, her brother was Charles Binns Jr. and was the clerk of the court in Loudon Co, VA. [His son Charles Binns III succeeded his father as clerk.] They held this position for 82 years and much of the county business was held at Charles Jr’s house “Rokeby”. Well, when the British were burning Washington during the War of 1812, it is said that important papers like The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were hid there! Charles Binns Jr was already dead by that time (d. 1800) but I would image that the house was still in the family. I found this info on the internet under “Rokeby”.


emigrated 1708 – Minister of Southwark Parish, Surrey Co VA 1708 – 1732

Rev. John Cargill K.B. ca 1681 – 1732 | his parents
& ca 1709 Sarah Hamlin [Lowe] ca 1687 – 1726 | her parents
of Scotland and Virginia

 my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Cargill was a student of theology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.
He found life as a missionary among the Indians in America a more desirable prospect than continued religious dissension in his homeland.
He went in 1708 to the Leeward Island and then to Virginia.

The following is his answer to the Bishop of London in 1724: “I have been here sixteen years. My parish is twenty miles in width and one hundred inhabited in length, being a frontier-parish. It has three hundred ninety four families.
The school of Mr. Griffin, called Christina, for Indians, is on the border of my parish.
There is one church and two chapels, and seventy or eighty communicants.
My tobacco now sells at five shillings per hundred; my salary from 30 to 40 pounds.
My glebe-house is in a bad condition and the parish will not repair it so I must look for a house elsewhere. No school, no library, in the parish.”

According to Patty B. Myers “Cargill/Cargile/Cargal of the South and Southwest”, the Rev. John Cargill (b. ca 1681, son of David Cargill and Janet Smith) married Sarah (Hamlin) Lowe, daughter of Capt. John Hamlin and Elizabeth Taylor and widow of Micajah Lowe. Elizabeth (Taylor) Hamlin’s will was dated in Prince George Co. 23 May 1720 and probated 13 Sep 1720.

John Cargill married in VA Sarah Hamlin daughter of John Hamlin ca 1640-bef 1720 and wife Elizabeth Taylor ca 1660-1720 of Prince George Co, granddaughter of Stephen Hamlin d bef 23 Aug 1665 and wife Agnes d aft 1666 and also Richard Taylor and wife Sarah Barker.

Children of Rev John Cargill KB emigrant d 1732:
1. Lucy? Cargill bef 1720 will of Elizabeth Hamlin
?married ca 1740 Abraham Hawkes of Amelia Co VA
2. Capt John Cargill 1712 Surry Co VA – 1744 Surry Co VA
Burgess 1742
married 1731 Elizabeth Harrison 1712 – 1753 Surry Co VA

daughter of Nathaniel Harrison 8 Aug 1677 – 30 Nov 1727 & ca 1698 Mary Cary [Young] 1678 – 1732 dau of John Cary of London
a. Rev. John Cargill ca 1740 “The Glebe” Surry – 2 Dec 1777 “Invermay” Sussex Co VA
Rector of St. Andrew’s Parish
married Sussex Co VA 1 Dec 1762 Sarah [Sally] Avery d. 31 Aug 1766

dau of Capt Richard Avery and wife Sarah d Nov 1766
i. Goth Cargill

ii. Nathaniel Cargill
married 1766 Lucy Binns 1745 Surry Co VA – 13 Dec 1773 Sussex Co VA
dau of Charles
iii. Lucy Binns Cargill 29 Jan 1769 – 1823
married 1787 Capt John Jones 1764 – 1844
iv. Sarah Harrison Cargill 1770 Invermay – 5 Jan 1837 Windsor, Sussex Co Va
married Brunswick Co 28 Mar 1799 John Raines Mason 24 Apr 1770 – Dec 1836 Windsor
1. Nathaniel Cargill Mason 1800 Windsor VA – 1875 Ohio
married Catherine [Kasiah] McMicken 1 Jan 1804 TN or AL – 11 Feb 1880 Smyrna LA
married Sussex Co VA 15 Sept 1774 Ann Jones [Eldridge] d 1781 Sussex Co
daughter of Richard Jones of Surrey Co VA – widow of William Eldridge d 17 April 1772
v. [Rev] Col. John Cargill 1775 – 1844

married Sussex Co 22 Oct 1798 Margaret Belches
1. Lucy Binns Cargill 31 May 1814 – 1 June 1870
married 1835 Capt Robert Baker Pegram
2. Martha Ann Cargill d. early 1841
married Thomas Parkman Cushing
a. Sarah Cushing Tuckerman
b. Lucy Cargill
married Nicholas Massenburg of Surry Co
i. John Massenburg
married Elizabeth Eldridge
c. Elizabeth Cargill

Some people try to place a Cornelius Cargill as a son of the Rev. John Cargill, but they seem rather to be contemporaries – arriving in Virginia about the same time and marrying about the same time.

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  1. I am lookimg for my Ancestor Rev
    John Claiborne Jones line. Some services have him as a child of John and Lucy but I have seen no proof and suspect they are wrong. I have not been able to find much any help is apprceiated. All we kmow is tidewater area this time frame

  2. Descendant of Rev. Bracewell and looking for correct Jones line for my Great-Great-Great grandfather Rev. John Claiborne Jones born in Tidewater area 1786, your site has been most helpful . I am a retired attorney and enjoy genealogy . I am descended from Rev. Bracewell through my Osborne (Captain Thomas Osborne ), Bonds, Lawrence (Robert) , Ely lines , please keep up the wonderful work. Robert Long

  3. Very nicely done. My husband is a descendant of Hell-Cat Jones which is how I came across your web site. Contact me if you are interested in a YDNA Jones study.

    1. Was interested in your site because of “Hellcat Jones.” Wish to locate more specifics about his life, as he is buried on our property in Brunswick County, VA. Are you personally aware of any books or articles that might give more information about him other than that available through the Lawrenceville Library?

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