Culmer Sessoms & Mary Wynns

The Sessoms Family of Hertford and Bertie Counties, NC
Next-door Neighbors to the Jones/Moore family for over 200 years

Culmer Sessoms ca 1710 – ca May 1772 | his parents
& ca 1735 Mary Wynns est 1720 – ? | her parents
of White Plains, Hertford Co, NC

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Culmer Sessoms married Mary Wynns daughter of George Wynns (will 1751 Bertie Co).
Culmer Sessoms, the son of Thomas Sessums and his wife Elizabeth Smith, was born ca 1710 in either North Carolina or Virginia. His parents moved down the Blackwater River about this time and settled on the Chinkipin off the Wiccacon in the area now known as Hertford County to establish a trading post.
His father died by 1711 and his mother remarried James Boon.
Culmer Sessoms’s will was proved at the Hertford County May Court in 1772.

“White Plains” – Thomas Sessoms had located in the area now known as Hertford County, NC by 1711 when he died. At the cross-roads of the Winton-Colerain route and the Powellsville via Pinetree to Pitch Landing route, his sons built several substantial buildings. They also established the trading post nearby called “Pine Tree” and built a mill pond with two mills whose dams served as a bridge. These are known to have been operated by D.V. Sessoms and then his son C. C. Sessoms until 1908. This was Sessoms’s Mill or the Big Mill. They also had another mill near Stoney Creek at one time. (note from James E Moore)

civil war maps showing the area
See the various Sessoms all around J W Moore in 1861
Map shows how Pine Tree Community is both in Hertford and Bertie Counties.
Pitch Landing on the Chinquapin is just to the top right of the map

Culmer3 Sessoms ca 1710 – ca May 1772 Hertford Co, NC
married Mary Wynns
(daughter of George Wynns will May Ct 1751 Bertie & wife Rose Bush)

On 1757 tax list of Bertie County in the household of Culmer Sessoms is
Culmer Sesseans, Cullen Sesseans, John Sesseans – Pompy, Nann, Pompy – 6

In William Murfree Tax Receipt Book, Hertford County, NC 1768-70 abst. by R B Fouts
Cullens Sessums 1768 4 taxes; 1769 3 taxes; 1770 2 taxes
Culmeer Sessums 1770 4 taxes

Will proved May 1772 Hertford Co Ct, Benjamin Brown granted adm,
SS State papers Raleigh, (NCGSJ May 88 page 107)

Children of Culmer Sessoms and Mary Wynns:

1. Culmer (Culmore ) Sessoms ca 1737 – 1778 Edgecombe Co
married Elizabeth [?Lellewyn] will proved Nov Ct 1798

2. Cullen Sessoms ca 1739 – bef 1779
married bef Nov 1767 Rachel Perry ca 1743 – aft 1814 her parents
Bertie County Deed Book L-2 page 102
Tax List 1779 Hertford Co Rachel Sessums 1 plantation 8 slaves.
Hertford Co. 1790 census: Rachel Sessoms 2 males over 16, 2 females, 8 slaves

a. Mary Sessoms 1764/68 – 1852/54 Pitt Co, NC
married 1786 John Britton 1758 – 1827 Pitt Co, NC
August 9, 1851 Benjamin Britton wrote his brother John Britton that their “Mother was in good health as can be expected of her g age she fell the other day and hurt herself sum little She lives at the old place and old ant Luce lives with her.”

I. Cullen Brittain 1787 – 1830 Henry Co, TN
ii. John Brittain 1791 – 1859 TN
iii. James Brittain 1791 – aft 1837 AL
iv. Miles Britton 1793 – 1843 Pitt Co NC
v. Benjamin Britton 1796 – aft 1851
vi. Lemuel Britton 1799 – 1871 Pitt Co NC
vii. Ann [Nancy] Brittain 1794/1804 – bef 1837
b. Lucy Sessoms ca/bef May 1772 +9 mo. –
married bef. 19 Oct 1814 Zachariah Sassinett
c. James Sessoms ca 1775 – before Oct 19 1814
1800 Census Edgecombe James Sessums 1m 16/26 3 f 0/10 1f 26/45 1 f 45+ 6sl
married bef 1800 Susannah ? died aft 1807 bef her husband
the three little girls shown in 1800 all must have died

Divorces and Separations from Petitions to the NC General Assembly from 1779 NCGSJ -Aug 94, p194 – Sessums, Susannah and husband James. Committee of Divorce and Alimony to whom was referred the petition of Susannah Sessums of Hertford County, who prays for a divorce from her husband, James Sessums, report that they are of the opinion that it is expedient to grant the relief prayed for and recommend the prayers be rejected. [GASR Nov-Dec 1807, Box 2: folder “SCR”] Concurred in by the Legislature.

“Pitt County Deed Book V page 90, Oct 19, 1814 John Brittain, Zachariah Sassinett & Rachel Sessoms power of attorney to Cullen Brittain (all heirs of James Sessoms dec’d) to recover Negro. Wit: Miles Brittain & Levin Jolly”

  1. John Sessoms ca 1740 – Feb 1785 Bws Hertford County
    married Ann Harrell – 12 Dec 1793 Bws
    dau of John Harrell Sr.
    Hertford Co. 1790 census: Ann Sessoms 2 m 16+ 3 10/16 2 females, 14 slaves
  2.  Jinnet Sessoms [wit. with Cullen to a deed in 1755] 
  3.  George Wynns Sessoms dec’d ca 1775
    married bef 1772 Katherine Elizabeth Roscoe
    she married 2nd 1775/6 William Williams
    e-mail from James R Rascoe
    a. James Sessoms 1772 – 1858 (1800)
    married M.A. Brown
    dau of Charles and Emily Lusk Brown
    b. George Wynns Sessoms ca 1774 – 1858 Hickman Co, TN
    Hertford County 1810,
    1820 census George W Sessoms 1 1 1 1 0 1 – 3 2 0 1 0
    married Susan Walker of Maury Co TN 1774 – 1822
    (HSF by Boddie – Chalk Family Book by Hyman)
    married 12 June 1827 Delilah Sparkman ca 1790 NC – aft 1860 TN
    the eldest child of Jesse and Milly Sparkman.
    Jesse was the Hertford-born son of James Sparkman and Nancy Segar. George Wynns Sessums appears to have relocated to Williamson/Maury Cos., TN, about the same time of George Winn Godwin and wife, Sarah Sparkman, Jesse’s sister. e-mail from Ken Sparkman Jan 04
  4. Benjamin Sessoms inventory returned 1789 Edgecombe Co
    (listed on 1779 Tax List Hertford Co Benjamin Sessums 2 plantations)

In one place (the John Perry family), you say that Rachel Perry
married Cullen Sessoms before 21 November 1767.

(Bertie Deed Book L-2, p. 102)
The 270-acre tract that Cullen and Rachel sold to John Rayner on 21
November 1767 “… was left to Rachel Perry now wife of Cullen Sessums by
the Last Will & Testament of John Perry Dec’d bearing date the Sixteenth day
of September 1759 …” [quotation from deed].

Culmer and Cullen are distinctly different persons as evidenced by the appearance of both of them in the 1770 William Murfree Tax Receipt Book Hertford Co. and in the 1757 Bertie Co. Tax List.
There are several other instances among official records that indicate they are different persons.
In summary, the evidence shows the following:
Cullen Sessoms married Rachel Perry between 16 September 1759 and 21
November 1767.[Deed]
Cullen Sessoms died after 1770.[1770 Murfree Tax Receipt Book]
Rachel Sessoms was apparently a widow by 1779 when she appeared in the
Hertford Co Tax List.

Cullen died after 1770; Culmer died before May 1772.

Pinetree Community

Some of the Sources: Interviews with Harold Sessoms ca 1970 by James Moore and notes from other documents in his possession. Conversations with other members of the family including Mrs. Lucie Carter. Various census records. Press Sessoms’s biographical sketch of the family ca 1925. The Sessoms cemetery, and the Perry cemetery and other. The Bible [1802] records of William Sessoms handed down to D.V. Sessoms. Various wills of Bertie Co., particularly those of Millecent Perry, Wm Freeman and his wife Celia Freeman.

Sessoms Family of Hertford and Bertie Counties, NC

William Sessoms 1771 -1884         John Sessoms ca 1735 – 1785

Culmer Sessoms ca 1710 – 1772    Thomas Sessoms ca 1677 – 1711

Culmore Sessoms ca 1737 – 1778 | his parents
& Elizabeth ?Lellewyn – 1798 | her parents
of Edgecombe Co, NC

Culmer (Culmore ) Sessoms ca 1737 – 1778 Edgecombe Co
married Elizabeth ? will proved Nov Ct 1798

Children of Culmore Sessoms and Elizabeth ?Lellewyn:
1. Amos Sessoms ca 1765 – lived Edgecombe County 1790
married Mary O’Daniel
dau of Jacob of Edgecombe
2. Elmore Sessoms died after 1818 Halifax, NC
married Elizabeth O’Daniel dau of Jacob
3. Mary [Molly] Sessoms
married by 1804 Elijah Moore of Edgecombe Co
4. Anne [Anna?] [Amey] ]Nancy] Sessoms
5. Sary [Sallie] Sessoms ca 1773 –
married MacDuel Bilberry
on Dallas Co AL census 1830
6. Elizabeth Sessoms
married by 1804 Richard Bell
7. Mildred Sessums ca 1775 –
8. Clary Sessums ca 1776 –
9. John Sessums ca 1777 – 1801
10. Joseph Sessums ca 1778
?11. Josiah Sessums

Culmore Sessums – inventory taken 28 Oct 1778 – Edgecombe Co Nov Ct 1778
Account of sale by Eliz. Sessums. Elizabeth Sessums was the principal buyer and Amos Sessums, Elmore Sessums, Mary Sessums, Anne Sussums, and Sary Sessums bought, Aug Ct 1779.

Sessums, Elizabeth – 6 May 1797 – Nov Ct 1798 Edgecombe Co
– son & Exr: Joseph – 2 mares, colt, still, pot and 2 chairs
– daus – Amey, Mildred and Clarey Sessums – a chest and furniture, eash
– grand dau – Rosana Sessums – furniture
– Elijah Moore – 10 sh [wife is Molly in 1804]
– Richard Bell – 10 sh [wife is Elizabeth in 1804]
– son Elmore Sessums – 10 sh
-residue to be sold and divided between John, Joseph, Mildred and Clary Sessums
Wit: John Batts, Wilkinson Mabry.

Elizabeth Sessums, inventory taken Nov 24 1798, Feb Ct 1799. Account of Sale held 2 Jan 1799, Joseph Sessums was the principal buyer and Mildred Sessums, Clary Sessums, Anna Sessums, and John Sessums bought most of the remainder, Feb Ct 1799.

John Sessums – inventory taken by Eligaah [Elijah] Moore, admr. 26 Feb 1802, Feb Ct 1804. Account of sale by the admr. 6 March 1802. Nancy Sessums and Jos. Sessums were buyers, Feb Ct 1804. Account current with Elijah Moore Admr.
Feb Ct 1804. Edgecombe Co.Summons (dated Feb. 27, 1804) of Josiah Sessums, Richard Bell, and “the other
heirs.” Petition (dated August 1804) for a division of the property of the
said John Sessums, signed by Elijah Moore and wife Molly, and Richard Bell
and wife Elizabeth, stating the deceased died in 1801 leaving the said Molly
and Elizabeth his daughters, and other unnamed children, and he was possessed
of 80 to 90 acres on the Rooty Branch adj. George Bryant. (That’s all that’s
in this file.)

Jacob Sessums of Halifax County married Emma Morris of Martin County on
August 8, 1830, by William S. Rayner, Esq. (The Free Press, Aug. 20, 1830)

Wilson Sessums married Mary Foxhall, dau. of Robert Foxhall, on Aug. 26,
1834, by William Savage, Esq. (Tarboro Free Press, Sept. 5, 1834)

Wilson Sessums died of pneumonia in Edgecombe County Jan. 24, 1849.
(Tarboro Press, Jan. 27, 1849)

Will of Sessums, Wilson 24 Mar 1848 – Feb Ct 1849 Edgecombe Co
– wife Mary Ann – lend 4 negroes, reversion to children; give 2 mares, furniture, hogs, cows etc
– exr to sell all land and buy tract for $2500 for home for family, which I lend to wife Mary, reversion to children.
– children to be educated.
Exr: Jesse H Powell, Henry Foxhall
Wit: John G Rives, Duke W Mann

Sessums, Wilson – inventory and account of sale by Jesse H Powell, exr. March 6 1849. The widow was the principal buyer and bought the Bible.
A lot of schoolbooks were unsold and reserved for the use of the children.
Account of hire of negroes held 7 March 1849;
also inventory of notes and accounts due to the estate.
A list of articles was allowed the widow as her year’s provisions, May Ct. 1849. Amended inventory of claims and account of sale of lands, 15 Dec 1849, Feb Ct 1850. [Edgecombe Co]

1790 US Census Edgecombe Co
Elizabeth Sessoms 2m 16+ 2m 0/16 4f 8sl
Amos Sessoms 1m 16+ 3 m 0/16 3f 7sl
Jacob Sessoms 2m 16+ 3m 0/16 5f 23 sl
Solomon Sessoms 1m 16+ 4m 0/16 3f 12 sl
Halifax Co – Elmore Sessoms 1m 16+ 4 f
Johnson Co – Pharaby Sessoms 1f
Hertford Co – Rachel Sessoms 2m 16+ 2f 8sl
Ann Sessoms 2m 16+ 3 m 0/16 2 f 14 sl
Pitt Co – Walter Sessoms 1m 16+ 3f
Sampson Co
Isaac Sessoms 2m 16+ 2 m 0/16 2 f
Solomon Sessoms 1m 16+ 2m 0/16 5f
Isaac Sessoms 1m 16+ 1m 0/16 1f
Richard Sessoms 2m 16+ 7m 0/16 6f 14sl
Nicholas Sessoms 1m 16+ 1m 0/16 1f
Richard Sessoms 1m 16+ 2m 0/16 3f
Nicholas Sessoms 1m 16+ 1m 0/16 2f
Richard Sessoms 1m 16+ 2m 0/16 2f
[I sorta think that last two names is a duplication of the two previous]
Bladen Co
Sam’l Sessoms 1m 16+ 3m 0/16 3f
Culmore Sessoms 1m 16+ 2f
Mary Sessoms 3m 0/16 4f
Thomas Sessoms 4m 16+ 4m 0/16 2f 7 sl
1800 US Census Edgecombe Co
John Sessums 1 m 16/26
Josiah Sessums 1 m 16/26 2 f 16/26 1 f 26/45 2sl
Solomon Sessums 1m 10/16 1m 16/26 1m 45+ 2f 0/10 1f 26/45 19sl
Alexander Sessums 2m 0/10 1m 26/45 1f 10/16 2f 16/26 1ofp 9sl
James Sessums 1m 16/26 3f 0/10 1f 26/45 1f 45+ 6sl
Robert Sessums 1m 16/26 3sl
Richard Sessums 1m 16/26 1m 26/45 13sl
Bertie Co – Nathan Sessoms 1m 16/26 2sl
Bladen Co
Joseph Sessums

1810 USCensus Halifax Co
Elmore Sessoms 2m 0/10 1m 16/25 1m 45+ 1f 0/10 1f 10/16 2 f 16/25 1f 45+
Edgecombe Co
Solomon Sessoms 1m 16/26 1m 45+ 3f 10/16 1f 16/26 1f 26/45 1f 45+ 23sl
1820 US Census Halifax Co
Wilson Sessums 1m 10/16 0m 16/18 1m 16/25 1f 16/25
Elizabeth Sessums 1m 10/16 1m 16/25 1f 10/16 3f 26/45 1f 45+ 1sl
1830 US Census Edgecombe
Eliza Sessoms 1f 20/30 1f 50/60 1f 70/80

Hi Sally, . . . I descend from George Wynns and Rose Bush, Culmer Sessums and Mary Wynn and Culmer Sessums and Elizabeth. We believe Elizabeth’s surname was Lellewyn but we are not certain. They had a daughter Mary Sessums she married Elijah Moore over in Edgecombe County. . .we were Moores through Elijah, Theophilus, Joab, John and Nancy (my great grandmother). She married Andrew Pridgen and had 5 daughters. Katie Virginia Pridgen was my grandmother she married Tom Rogers. They had seven daughters and one son. My uncle Tommy has passed away but the others are still with us. My mother Willie Ann Rogers married Jasper Willard Davenport from Pitt County (my Daddy). I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My sister Wendy was born in 1959, me in 1960, my sister Kim in 1968 and Mike in 1969. We all grew up area Edgecombe county but are now all over the place. Mike is in Goldsboro, Kim in Georgia, Wendy in Texas and I am in south Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico. . . . Linda Davenport Keller

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    To Linda, if you are in the Mobile area, I would love to meet you
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