Henry Bond & Sarah Woodard

2nd gen – 1st gen unestablished

Henry Bond est 1755 – 1794 | his parents
& est 1778 Sarah Woodard est 1760 – aft 1815 | her parents
& 1795 William Carter | his parents
of Edenton, Chowan Co, NC

Bond Family History, Researched by Dixie Briggs is posted here at Dixie’s request.
This is Dixie’s working hypothesis – the way she sees it as of this moment!!

Henry Bond married Sarah Woodard.
Henry Bond died on 14 Mar 1794 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Sarah, his widow, married 2nd William Carter of Edenton, NC on Monday evening, 12 Oct 1795.

Child of Henry Bond d 1794 and Sarah Woodard
1. Henry Bond 1780-1817

1787 William Carter sells to Henry Bond a negro wench called Betty for the sum of sixty pounds) DB T1:156

1787 Sheriff Edw. Blount sells to Henry Bond “Henry buys from sheriff Edw. Blount property which had been seized from estate of John Boritz by Hance Bond for debt.) DB T1:164

1794 “Edenton, Mar. 21. On Fri. last departed this life, Mr. Henry Bond of this town. (Edenton Gazette Vol. IX Fri. Mar. 14, 1794. Numb. 426)

1795″Edenton, Oct. 15. On Mon. evening, was md Mr. William Carter, of this town, to Mrs. Bond, widow of Mr. Henry Bond, deceased” (Edenton Gazette Vol. X. Thurs. Oct 15, 1795. Numb. 509)

1796 Transcript of James Sutton va Richard Woodward admr of Henry Bond dec’d

1797, 15 Dec. Chowan Co. James Sutton with John Little & Henderson Standin sec’s. gives appeal bond in James Sutton vs Richard Wood[ard] admr of Henry Bond dec’d. The verdict has been in favor of the defendant.

1799 Summons to Halifax Co. to Lewis Bond & William Burt to appear in Edenton Dist. Crt in James Sutton vs Richard Woodward admr of Henry Bond

1799 Summons to Chowan Co to Wm. Bennett to appear in Edenton Dist. Ct. in James Sutton vs Henry Bond’s admr.

1802 Order to Chowan Co to attach the property of James Sutton in the hands of Henry Bond’s admr.. (last 5 entries from Edenton Dist. NC Loose Estates Papers Vol. I-Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.)

1815, March 15. Sarah Carter to Henry Bond Gift Deed #102 State of NC. Know all men by these present Edenton Chowan Co. that I Sarah Carter of the Town of Edenton & State aforesaid being about to leave this State for New York hath this day and do by these present have in the possession of my Son Henry Bond a certain parcel of household and kitchen furniture agreeable to a receipt taken from my said son of this date a copy of which receipt is below inserted; which furniture on my return from New York to be delivered to me and in case I do not return I do hereby for the love and affection I have for my two grandsons, Henry Alexander Bond and Samuel Tredwell Bond, give unto them all and every article of the said furniture which appears to have been left by me in the care of my son Henry Bond to be safely kept by him for my said grand children above mentioned. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th day of Mar 1815. /s/ Sarah Carter. Wit: Jas. Horniblow.. (BK G2 pg 96 & 97. Chowan Co. Deeds) The document on page 97 is a receipt from Henry Bond to his mother, Sara Carter, itemizing a large number of items listed as household and kitchen furniture.

3rd gen –

Henry Bond 1780 – 1817 | his parents
& 1807 Elizabeth Sarah Cotton 1791 – 1826 | her parents
& George Harvey | his parents

of Edenton, NC

On 23 Apr 1807 Henry Bond, age 27, married Elizabeth Sarah Cotton, daughter of James Augustus Cotton & Sarah Green, in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Daniel Brooks was bondsman for Eliza & Henry Bond.

Henry Bond was born in 1780. Henry died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 25 Jan 1817, he was 37. Buried in 1817 St. Paul’s Cemetery, Edenton, NC.
“Henry Bond Dec. 2, 1817 aged 37 years.”

Born in 1791 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Elizabeth Sarah died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC in 1826, she was 35. Buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery Edenton.
The tombstone of Eliza was placed on her grave by her son who ignored her 2nd mg to Geo. Harvey and that twins were buried with her.
Henry Luton is bondsman for mg license Eliza & George Harvey.
Her tombstone reads “Eliza Bond, consort of Henry, daughter of James & Sarah Cotton & granddaughter of Sir John & Sarah Cotton of the Parish of Stande(sic), Limehouse London, England.
Died April 6, 1826, aged 35 years.”

Children of Henry Bond d 1817
1. Henry Alexander Bond 1811 – 1891
2. Samuel Treadwell Bond 1813 – 1878
3. James Cotton Bond Aug 1815 – 8 Sep 1852 age 37
lived and died Edenton, Chowan Co. NC
1852 Grave and stone in St. Paul’s Cemetery, Edenton, NC. reads
“James Cotton, son of Henry & Eliza Bond
died Sept. 8, 1852 aged 35 years and 12 days.”

1812 Sept. Term 1812″ “State of NC. Know all men by these Edenton Chowan Co. presents that I, Henry Bond hath this day bargained for, sold and by these present doth deliver unto Sarah Etheridge and her heirs forever, a parcel of furniture and named as follows..[a large quantity of furniture and furnishings appearing to be suitable for an Inn or Tavern]and I do hereby acknowledge that I have this day received the full amount and value in the sum of one hundred and seventy one dollars forty two cents of the above mentioned articles. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day above written. /s/ Henry Bond in presence of Nath. Willards.

1815 Sarah Carter to Henry Bond..Gift Deed DB G2:96

1815 Henry Bond to Sarah Carter…Gift Deed DB G2:97

1816 Will of Henry Bond:
I, Henry Bond of Edenton, Co. of Chowan, in the State of NC, being of perfect mind & memory but sick in body do this 25th day of December in the year of our Lord 1816 make the following my last will & testament.
1. It is my wish & desire that the 2 lots of land, with the improvements thereon be given up to the possession of my best friend, Samuel Tredwell, to act with it as he thinks proper; if it can be saved after paying all my just debts, he will give the said Lots to my dearly beloved wife, Elizabeth Sarah Bond, to her & her heirs forever.
2. I give unto my 3 children, Henry, Samuel & James Bond my negro woman Phillis, to them & their heirs forever, having purchased the said negro woman Phillis from Clara Cotton for $200.00, which has not been paid to her. It is my will & desire that my old negro woman Phillis be sold and the money arising from her be appropriated towards the payment to Clara Cotton; that together with what she owes will be sufficient to pay her for negro girl Phillis, given to my 3 sons, Henry, Samuel & James Bond.
Lastly I do hereby appoint my friend Sam’l Tredwell my only executor having full confidence that he will do me full & ample justice. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year hereinabove mentioned. /S/ Henry Bond.
Wit: D. W. McDonald & Henry Luton.

1817 Will probated 10 March 1817.

1818 Vol. H. p8 Chowan Co. Deeds “Nov 17, 1818. Henry Luton, Clarissa Cotton & Elizabeth Bond, all of the town of Edenton, Chowan Co. to Joseph Manning of Edenton, for $1,600, land in Edenton in the old plan of said town beginning at lot #19 on King Street, and running east for 76 feet on King Street to John Bateman’s former line and north parallel to lot #20 for 340 feet up to lot #42 and west along south line of lot #42 for 10 feet then north along line of said lot 330 feet to Queen Street, then west along Queen Street for 66 feet, then south along the ally leading from the academy to the Court House ten hundred and sixty feet to the first station. Said lots descended unto Sarah Etheridge and Anne Luton from their father John Green deceased, one ? of which was sold on the property of the late Anna Luton by her Executor John M. Roberts to Henry Luton by deed dated March 15, 1817 and half was inherited by Clarissa Cotton and Elizabeth Bond as the daughters and only representatives and heirs of the said Sarah Etheridge, deceased.”

2nd gen

James Augustus Cotton | his parents
& Sarah Green d by 1818| her parents
& bef 1812 Etheridge | his parents
of Edenton, Chowan Co., NC

James Augustus Cotton is the son of Sir John & Sarah Cotton of the Parish of Stande(sic), Limehouse London, England. from grave stone of daughter Eliza

Sarah was the daughter of John Green. She has sister Anne/a Luton [I think Henry Luton is her son]

Children of James A and Sarah:
1. Elizabeth Sarah Cotton 1791 Edenton – 1826
married Henry Bond
married George Harvey
2. Clara/Clarissa Cotton

4th gen –

Henry Alexander Bond 1811 – 1891 | his parents
& Mary Manning 1814 – 1839 | her parents
& Margaret Grandy Manning 1815 – 1862 | her parents
& Annie Eliza McDowell 1835 – 1912 | her parents
of Edenton, NC

Henry Alexander Bond was born on 17 Aug 1811 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Henry Alexander died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 17 Jun 1891, age 79.

On 28 Apr 1836 when Henry Alexander was 24, he first married Mary Manning, daughter of Joseph Ferebee Manning & Sarah Fell/Pell, in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Born on 3 Mar 1814 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Mary died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 27 Feb 1839, she was 24.

Child of Henry Alexander Bond and Mary Manning:
1. James Manning Bond 10 Apr 1837 – 6 Oct 1839 – age 2

On 31 Dec 1840 when Henry Alexander was 29, he second married Margaret Grandy Manning, daughter of Joseph Manning & Sarah F/Pell, in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Born on 27 Dec 1815 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Margaret Grandy died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 3 Oct 1862, she was 46.

Children of Henry Alexander Bond and Margaret Manning:
1. Augustus John Bond 1843 – 26 Sep 1846 – age 3
2. Henry Clay Bond 1843 – 26 Sep 1846 – age 3
3. Henry Alexander Bond II 1844 – 1917
4. Mary Eliza Bond 4 Jul 1849 – 18 Feb 1934 – age 84
5. John Cox Bond 26 Mar 1851 – 4 Nov 1936 – age 85
The lot at 201 S. Granville St. was acquired by John C. Bond following his father’s death. He built the existing house. He was the proprietor of a hardware company on S. Broad St. He operated a hardware store with his brother-in-law, John M. Jones at 305-307 S. Broad St.
married 1st Emma Halsey 1855 –
married 2nd Elizabeth B. Woodard 1860 – 1941 – age 81
6. Lela Margaret Bond 25 Nov 1852 – 8 Oct 1926 – age 73
married John M. Jones
7. Millard Filmore Bond 1855 – 1935

On 24 Nov 1863 when Henry Alexander Bond was 52, he third married Annie Eliza McDowell, daughter of Daniel McDowell & Mary E. Cox (Norfleet), in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Born on 26 Apr 1835 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Annie Eliza died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 28 Jul 1912, she was 77.

Children of Henry Alexander Bond and Annie Eliza McDowell:
1. Cora Norfleet Bond 31 Jan 1866 – 28 Jul 1866
2. James McDowell Bond 6 Jan 1874 – 16 Mar 1874

1846 Henry A. Bond, Sr. bought the Skinner House at 405 Court St., Edenton & the Skinner Law Office at 401 Court St. in 1846. It later became the home of his gr-granddaughter, Bessie (Badham) Leary and her husband, attorney Herbert Ross Leary (1887-1954) whose heirs sold the house in 1973. Henry A. Bond Sr. operated a mercantile business in the “Cheapside” block of S. Broad St. Edenton.
This block was destroyed by fire on 20 Sep 1893.
James A. Woodard, Sr. acquired 407-413 S Broad St. through his wife Annie (Bond) Woodard, a gr-dtr of Henry A. Bond, Sr. and put up the existing building about 1894. Lela M. (Bond) Jones inherited 405 S. Broad St. Edenton from her father a few months before the fire.
Her husband put up the existing building about 1894 presumably for his grocery business.
Another gr-daughter of Henry A. Bond, Sr. was Clara Lavinia (Bond) Preston (1880-1962). In 1920 she acquired the law office at 401 Court St. Edenton which her grandfather had bought in 1846 and expanded it into a family residence.

1821 Nathaniel Bond sells to Henry Bond..DB H2:111

1851-52 Henry A. Bond listed as General Dealer in Dry Goods, Grocer, Hardware, etc. (Thomson’s Mercantile & Professional Directory 1851-1852 NC)

from Joe and Sandy Kvech
We are most interested in the Annie Eliza McDowell 1835-1912 who is the sister of John Norfleet McDowell, my wife’s direct relative.
We’ve never been able to find Annie’s mother’s grave.
We know she died while the family was living in Edenton and between 1850 and 1860 if we trust the census.
We think she’s buried under the Edenton Baptist Church.
We found her son George B. McDowell and his wife (Eugenia) buried under the church. They were left there in 1912 when the church expanded into the adjacent cemetery and graves were moved to Beaver Hill if relatives agreed.
If no relatives were found the graves stayed.
Only five marked graves are under the church and no one knows how many unmarked graves because the church records burned in a church fire before 1900.
Regarding the graves under the First Baptist Church in Edenton, NC.
The book History of Edenton Baptist Church, Edenton, North Carolina 1817 -1992, p 80 says that the church expansion began in March 1915
To quote: “This necessitated the removal of many graves of those “long loved and lost awhile.” There was no rebellion when it was being done for the enlargement of His kingdom here. The graves which were moved were reinterred in Beaver Hill Cemetery under supervison of Mr. Wells. Many graves were left undisturbed and graves, with stones, can still be seen today beneath the church. The lot was prepared for the foundation of our new church. “I have a four page document from the church office recorded by John Sykes in May 1996 with the permission of the First Baptist Church Office.”
It says that the original cemetery was on both sides of the old church and now only the north side remains undisturbed. The southern section was the site of the new church.

The five marked graves were:
Pattie J. Bateman, Daughter of A.J. & Elizabeth M. Bateman,
Born Jan 11, 1853, Died Sep 28, 1873
Andres J. Bateman, Died July 1, 1855, A.E. 29 yrs, 10ms &9 ds
George B. McDowell, Born Oct 8, 1829, Died Mar 14, 1882
Jennie, Wife of George B. McDowell & N. L. Shaw
Born Aug 24, 1845, Died Oct 13, 1884
Sarah Haughton, wife of Jonathan Haughton
Born Sep 12, 1768, Died Jun 11, 1834

There is also a diagram of the church foundation and positions of the marked graves.
I think the orientation of the diagram is off 180 degrees judging from my looking under the church.

4th gen –

Samuel Treadwell Bond 1813 – 1878 | his parents
& Sarah Francis Skinner 1815 – 1882 | her parents
of Edenton, NC

On 5 Jan 1837 Samuel Treadwell, age 24, married Sarah Francis Skinner,
daughter of Josiah Skinner & Sarah Hoskins, in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Sarah Francis was born on 28 May 1815.
Sarah Francis died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 31 Aug 1882, she was 67. Buried in Baptist Churchyard.

Samuel Treadwell Bond. Born in 1813 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Samuel Treadwell died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 26 Nov 1878, he was 65.
Buried in Baptist Churchyard.

Children of Samuel Treadwell Bond and Sarah Francis Skinner:
1. Mary Elizabeth Bond
married John Roberts
married 2nd 8 Nov 1871 Augustus Minton Moore – Edenton, NC
2. Samuel T. Bond 1844 – 11 Sep 1865 age 21
3. Sarah Skinner Bond 1846-
4. Betty Cotton Bond 1849 – Jul 1852 – age 3
5. Martha H Bond 1855 – 1856 – age 1
6. Richard P Bond – died in infancy
7. Cornelia Francis Bond 29 Dec 1843 – 4 Dec 1911 – age 67
buried in 1911 in Baptist Churchyard
married James Gilchrist Green 1841 – 1909 – age 68.
held rank of Rear Admiral, USN
buried in 1909 in Baptist Churchyard

8. Betty Bond 1849 – 1849 died in infancy
10. Dudley Graham Bond 30 Jul 1851 – 9 Dec 1915 age 64.
in 1885 Dudley is living at 214 S. Broad St..
in Nov. 1904 sold the lot to the Citizens Bank of Edenton
buried in 1915 in Baptist Churchyard.
married Fannie J. ?
11. Clara Cotton Bond 1853 – 1942
married William Rhodes Capehart
12. Francis Wayland Bond ? – ca 1883 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC
Tombstone reads “Capt. Co. A. First NC”
Francis became blind in later years.

1846 Samuel is Superior Ct. Clk in Edenton.

1850 Census gives Samuel’s occupation as Inn Keeper with Real Estate valued at $4,500. There is a list of 21 guests.

1851-52 Samuel T. Bond listed as Hotel Keeper – Edenton (Thomson’s Mercantile & Professional Directory.)

1860 Census gives Samuel’s occupation as Merchant.

1870 Census Samuel is now Hotel Keeper with $5,000 in real estate & $1,000 in pers. prop. In 1867-68 Samuel was operating the Edenton Hotel at 109 E. King St. It was known as Bond’s Hotel in 1876 when it was sold by auction.

1880 Samuel is dec’d and Sarah’s occupation is shown as “Boarding House” with 2 boarders. This property was a large two-story residence at NW corner of Broad (Main) and Eden Streets. It was demolished between 1898 and 1904.
The existing building there built in 1924 houses Bank of America.
It was here Sarah died.

1882 a paper writing in the following words letters & figures to-wit:
-In the Name of God, Amen I, Sarah Frances Bond of the Town of Edenton, in the County of Chowan & State of NC having in view the uncertainty of life do make this my last Will & Testament, to-wit:
First – To God who gave me existence & in whom I have full faith and confidence and with wom I hope to dwell in blessed immortality I resign my soul.
Second – I desire the full payment of my medical & funeral expenses and all just debts that may be held against me at the time of my death.
Third: – To my son Francis Wayland Bond I give & bequeath a tract of land lying in the County & State aforesaid known as the “Luton” tract containing 320 acres bounded by the lands of the Paxton Heirs, Octavious Coke, W. R. Shannonhouse & others.
Fourth: – To my Son Dudley Graham Bond I give & bequeath the “Blount” lot situated in said town lying between Queen & Church Streets adjoining the lots of W. D. Rea & T. B. Bland, also the lot with improvements situated in said town lying between East Water Street & the Creek adjoining the lots of the Hathaway heirs & others.
Fifth:- To my daughters Mary Elizabeth Roberts & Cornelia Frances Green I give & bequeath the home place on which I now reside with all the improvements thereon situated on the corner of Main Street & Eden Alley in the town of Edenton, County & State aforesaid excepting the portions of the same hereinafter described given & bequeathed to another daughter.
Sixth: – To my daughter Sallie Skinner Lee I give & bequeath the house & lot on King Street known as the Skinner property situated in Said town adjoining the lots of G. B. McDowell and J.R.B. Hathaway. Also the vacant lot on King Street lying between said Skinner property and the McDonald lot on the East.
Seventh: – To my daughter Clara Cotton Capehart I give & bequeathe the House & lot a portion of the home place situated in said town occupying a front of 33 1/2 feet on Main Street and extending back 196 feet with equal parallel lines and adjoining the lot of Mrs. Martha Bright. Also a lot on Eden Alley another portion of the Home Place 80 feet square adjoining the Methodist Church lot.
Eighth: – The residue of my town and country real estate including my personalty I desire my Executor shall divide equally among my said children excepting the Parlor carpet & mirror & my silver forks which I desire to be sold & the proceeds divided equally among said children. Further should my Executor deem it necessary, he is hereby empowered to sell the residue of my town & country real estate at private or public sale and the proceeds arising there from I desire he shall divide equally among said children.
Ninth: – having full confidence in the ability & integrity of my son Frances Wayland Bond to discharge the duties of the office of Executor I hereby constitute and appoint him my sole Executor without bond to execute each & every provision of this my last will & Testament. In witness whereof I have hereto affixed my seal & set my hand this the 20th day of May A.D. 1882. /s/ Sarah F. Bond (seal) (Chowan Co. NC Rcd of Wills, Book E pgs 114-116)

5th Generation

Henry Alexander Bond II 1844 – 1917 | his parents
& Emma Cornelia Hudgins 1851 – 1941 | her parents
Of Edenton, NC

Henry Alexander Bond was born on 22 Sep 1844.
Henry Alexander died on 3 Sep 1917, he was 72.

301 N Broad St. Edenton was given by Henry A. Bond, Sr. to Henry A. Bond, Jr. shortly before his marriage.
Henry A. Bond, Jr. became the head bookkeeper of the Branning Manufacturing Co.

On 7 Jun 1871 when Henry Alexander was 26, he married Emma Cornelia Hudgins, in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Born in 1851 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Emma Cornelia died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC in 1941, she was 90.

Child of Henry Alexander Bond II and Emma Hudgins:
1. Hilda Grandy Bond 12 Jul 1874 – 16 Sep 1880 – age 6

5th gen

Milliard Filmore Bond 1855 – 1935 | his parents
& Cornelia F White | her parents
of Edenton, NC

Millard Filmore Bond married Cornelia F. White.

Millard Filmore Bond. Born on 6 Jun 1855. Millard Filmore died on 19 Feb 1935, he was 79.

The lot at 309 N Broad St. in Edenton was given by Henry A. Bond, Sr. to Millard F. Bond Sr. in 1887. He built the present house on this lot. Also involved in several local businesses, including fishing and the NY and Southern Telegraph Office.

Children of Millard Filmore Bond and Cornelia F White:
1. Millard Filmore Bond 1896 – 1943 Edenton, Chowan Co. NC age 47
married Julia Dodson
2. Frank Manning Bond 1879 – 1934 Edenton, Chowan Co. NC age 55
Owned 302 N Broad St. Edenton from 1902-1935.
He operated a fish house at the foot of Granville St.

married Ethel McMullen.

5th gen

Sarah Skinner Bond 1846 – | her parents
& Francis Elisha Lee | his parents
of Edenton, NC & Rochester NY

Sarah Skinner Bond. Born on 27 Mar 1846 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC.
Sarah Skinner died in Batavia, NY.

On 12 Jul 1865 when Sarah Skinner was 19, she married Francis Elisha Lee, in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Born in Rochester, Monroe Co. NY. Francis Elisha died in Rochester, Monroe Co. NY. Francis an Officer in the Union Cavalty. Visited Edenton Quartermaster Duties. Marriage ended in divorce.

Children of Sarah Skinner Bond and Francis Elisha Lee:
1. Robert Edward Lee
2. John Skinner Lee 31 May 1871 Rochester NY – 17 Feb 1907 Tyler TX age 35
1886 John moved to Tyler Texas
married Hattie Jones 12 Jan 1872 Sumter Co AL – 9 Jan 1929 Kansas City MO
age 56

Grandchildren of Sarah Bond and Francis Lee:
Children of John Skinner Lee and Hattie Jones:
1. John Cotton Lee
2. Mary Louise Lee

5th gen

Clara Cotton Bond 1853 – 1942 | her parents
& William Rhodes Capehart 1836 – 1907 | his parents
of Avoca, Bertie Co, NC


Avoca – ca 1900 -home of Dr. Wm. R Capehart (On your right with beard)
the woman in black on the left is his wife Clara Cotton Bond Capehart.
photo compliments of Dixie

“The Church of the Holy Innocents”
the chapel built by Dr. Capehart on his farm
so his wife and children would have a convenient place to worship

Clara Cotton Bond was born on 23 May 1853 in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC. Clara Cotton died in Edenton, Chowan Co. NC on 27 Jun 1942, she was 89.
Buried in 1942 in Capehart Fam. Cem. Bertie Co. NC.

Clara Cotton married William Rhodes Capehart. Born on 3 Oct 1836 in Bertie Co NC. William Rhodes died on 31 Jul 1907, he was 70.
Buried in Capehart Fam. Cem. Bertie Co. NC.

The Avoca Fishery 1896

The birth & death dates are taken from stones in the graveyard at Avoca Plantation. The property was formerly the home of the Capeharts and now owned by RJ Reynolds research facilities. Located just past the admin. building & surrounded by a black wrought iron fence. It is near Merry Hill high on a bluff overlooking the Mattaponi River and 1/2 mile west of the small Capehart family church located in Merry Hill close to the intersection of SR1502 (Avoca Farm Road) and SR1511 (Sutton Road)

Children of Clara Cotton Bond and William Rhodes Capehart:
1. Clara Capehart 1883 -1974 – age 91
buried in Capehart Fam. Cem. Bertie Co. NC.

married William Selby Harney 1886 – 1950 age 64
2. William R. Capehart
married Deas M. ?

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