Albert Powell & Elizabeth Moore

Albert J Powell ca 1808 – 1837 | his parents
& Elizabeth Moore 1813/16 – bef 1837 | her parents
of Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
with notes and research by Virginia Powell Street

Albert J Powell married Elizabeth Moore.
Albert J Powell was born ca 1808, the son of Cader Powell of Hertford County, NC.
Albert J Powell died without a will in Bertie County, NC [after Feb Court] before May Court in 1837 when William Britton was appointed his administrator.


On 5th November 1840, Abner J Perry was appointed Guardian for William Lafayette Powell and Sally Martha Powell, orphans of Albert J Powell, dec’d.


On 16 Oct 1846 the property of Albert J Powell dec’d was divided between his son William L Powell and his son-in-law Lewis Cotten [drew in the right of his wife Sarah M.]


Elizabeth Moore was born about 1813, the daughter of Sally Jordan Simons Perry by her third husband Maurice Moore of Bertie County.
Apparently Elizabeth pre-deceased her husband as there is no mention of her in the estate papers. She is not buying at the sales either.
Elizabeth Moore had two half-brothers: Abner Jordan Perry [1809] and Joseph J Simons [ca 1806].

Children of Albert J Powell and Elizabeth Moore:
1. Sally Martha Powell 1829 – 26 Jan 1848
buried in the Jesse Cotten cemetery – Lewiston, NC
married 20 Dec 1845 Lewis Cotten 30 Dec 1820 – 1882
son of Godwin Cotten II and Cynthia Raby
a. Godwin Cotten 1 Oct 1846 –
married Kate Lovejoy of Raleigh NC
2. William Lafayette Powell 10 Sept 1831 – 1862
MD from UP in 1854, graduation Thesis on “Typhus Fever”
– his preceptor was Jesse C Powell
undergraduate studies at UVa

married Bertie Co NC 27 May 1857 Cornelia Ann Bishop 1835 – 1860
Bertie Marriages abst by Fouts
[obtained marriage lic. 22 May 1857]

The Jesse Cotten Family Cemetery – Lewiston, NC – is 2 1/4 miles from Lewiston on left side of Lewiston-Kelford Road about 600 yards from the road. It is on the land of Mrs. J.J. Parker.

1830 Census Hertford County NC
Albert Powell 2 m 20-30; 1 little girl under 5; 1 female 15-20

1840 Census Hertford County NC
Wm H Green 1m 70-80, 1f 10-15, 1f 15/20, 1 f 40/50
AJ Perry 1m 0-5, 1 6-10, 2 20-30, 1 30-40, 1f 20-30
Godwin C Powell 1m 30-40, 1f 0-5, 1 20-30
1840 Bertie County NC
Sally Horton 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30, 1f 15-20, 1 30-40, 1 60-70

1850 Census Hertford County NC page 302A
#244 Perry, A. J. 45, M, Farmer, $3000
Perry, Martha 35, F
Perry, Jas. A. 16, M, Student, school
Perry, Jesse 12, M, school
Perry, John 7, M, Student, school
Powel, Wm. L. 19, M, Student, school
Simons, Mary 20, F
Slade, Peter 35, M, Overseer
Tyler, Mary 7, F
Ruby (Raby?), John 20, M, none, NRW

W. A. FERGUSON – ENUMERATOR Page 61 [#117image ancestry]
household #966
William L Powell 28 Physician

Cader Powell 1771/74 – 1830 | his parents
& first wife unknown
& Cynthia Newsome 1790 – aft 1850 | her parents
& 1837 William H Green ca 1768 – aft 1850 | his parents
of Hertford County NC

Cader Powell married Cynthia Newsome of Newsom VA. [This is a different Cader from the one who married Nancy Coffield and had Richard, Mary and John before 1813.]

On the 4th of June 1830 Cader Powell wrote his will which was proved at the 1831 Feb Court of Hertford County.
In 1837 this notice appeared in the “Raleigh Register” of the November wedding of Cynthia Powell [widow of Cader Powell] to William H Green.
Green, William H. of Bertie county to Cynthia Powell, Nov., Hertford county. R.R. Dec. 4, 1837.

Children of Cader Powell died 1830/31, Hertford County, NC
1. Nancy Powell ca 1798 –
married Washington Clements
2. Godwin C Powell ca 1801 – bef 1860 census Hertford Co – St Johns
married Martha ? ca 1811 Bertie Co –
age on census 1850 – 38; 1860 -48; 1870 – 53; 1880 – 70
a. James R Powell ca 1840 –
age on census 1850 – 9; 1860 -18; 1870 – 30; 1880 – 40
married Julia ? ca 1840 –
i. William Cader Powell ca 1867 –
ii. Ida L Powell ca 1869 –
iii. Walter I Powell ca 1871 –
iv. Martha M Powell ca 1875 –
v. Elandreth D Powell ca 1876 –
vi. Jesse R Powell ca 1879 –
Julia’s by first husband Rawls
i. Venzula Rawls ca 1862 – [daughter 1880 census]
ii. Mary Rawls ca 1865 – [on 17870 census]
b. Martha Elizabeth Powell ca 1843 –
age on census 1850 – 6; 1860 -16; 1870 – 27;
1880- Martha sr. reports grandson Agar Ceaser 10/12 July

c. A Thadeous Powell 1848/53 –
age on census 1850 – 3; 1860 -12; 1870 – 24; 1880 – 27
d. Mary E [May] Powell 1850 – 1883
age on census 1850 – 4/12; 1860 -10; 1870 – 23; 1880 – 26
married 29 May 1882 Julian Godwin Moore [his 2nd wife]

e. Nancy G Powell 1854/57 – f
age on census 1860 -6; 1870 – 17; 1880 – 23
3. Albert J Powell 1808 – bef. May 1837
married ca 1828 Elizabeth Moore
daughter of Maurice Moore and Sally Jordan
a. Sallie Martha Powell 1829 – 26 Jan 1848
married 20 Dec 1845 Lewis Cotten 30 Dec 1820 – 1882
b. William Lafayette Powell 1831 – 1862
Feb Ct 1843 A J Perry, guardian, with Sally & Wm L Powell
married 27 May 1857 Cornelia Ann Bishop 1835 – 1860
4. Thomas J Powell ca 1814 –
May Ct 1831 Thomas Powell, Orphan of Cader Powell aged about 18 yrs
is bound to James Earley to be taught the trade of a Carpenter
who entered into Indentures.

5. David N Powell ca 1816 –
6. Jesse Robert Powell 12 March 1819 – 9 Nov 1900
married Frances Ann Smith 18 Oct 1825 Bertie Co – 20 Feb 1901
a. Alice Powell 1845 –
married Judge Huey
b. Fanney V Powell 1847 –
married Dr. T W Holland
c. Jesse Powell 1849 –
married Gus W Thomas [?]
d. Robert Powell 6 Sept 1851 Bertie Co NC –
e. William Hamilton Powell 16 Nov 1856 MS –
married 1881 Sallie Cage
f. Daniel Powell 1860 Madison Co, MS – 1881
7. Cader Powell ca 1825 –
May Ct 1832. Jere D Askew is appt Guardian to Robert Powell and Cader Powell orphans of Cader Powell dec’d Pleasant Jordan and James A Moore were securities.
1843 Feb Ct – Jesse R Powell, guardian, with Cader Powell

8. William Joseph Powell ca 1827 – bef May 1832

9. Manoah N Powell ca 1829 – bef May 1832
Hertford County NC May Ct 1832 Cynthia Powell is granted “Letters of Adm” on the estates of Manoah Powell and of William Joseph Powell.

Will of Cader Powell 4 June 1830 — prob Feb Ct 1831 Hertford County NC
left slaves as follows
– to wife Cynthia Powell – Hannah, Maria, Essex
– to daughter Nancy and son-in-law Washington Clements – Phillip, Aggy and Aggy’s son Harry
– to son Godwin C Powell – Esther and William
– to son Albert J Powell – Andrew and Susannah
– to son Thomas J Powell – Jack and Harry
– to son David Powell – Affa and her child Charles, Dick and Richard
– to son Jesse R Powell – Dick and Rachel
– to son Cader Powell – Washington and Anthony
– to son William J Powell – Willis and Judy
– to son Manoah Powell – Peter and the first living child of Hannah
“. . .Thomas J Powell, David N Powell, Jesse R Powell, Cader Powell, William J Powell, and Manoah Powell with the exception of the third of my widow dower on the land during her life Also the balance of my estate which I have not disposed of in my will after paying my just debts to be equally divided between my heirs vz Cinthia Powell, Albert J Powell, Thomas J Powell, David N Powell, Jesse R Powell, Cader Powell, William J Powell and Manoah N Powell to them and their heirs forever. It is my will I desire and constitute make and ordain Perry E Tyler; my son Albert J Powell and Jos. J Simons my whole and sole Executors to this my last will and Testament confirming this to be my last Will and Testament as witness whereof I . . . .on the 4th day of June one thousand eight hundred and thirty
Signed in the presence of us Cader Powell [seal]
Jams N Harrell
Chuz Chitty?
Abner J Perry
State of North Carolina Hertford County Ct of Pleas Feb Term 1831
Albert J Powell was made the Executor of Cader Powell

as transcribed by Sally M Koestler from the photo copy of the original [fragment]

Jan 1833 – Hire of Negroes belonging to the children of Cader Powell decd. Thomas Powell, Robert Powell, and Cader Powell. [from the file of Cader Powell’s estate]

. . . . . . .

e-mail from VirginiaPS…
“I’ve spent some time recently deciphering three letters written to William L. Powell between 1854 and 1857 by his uncle, J.R. Powell, who had moved to Madison County, Mississippi.

One letter from J.R. Powell to Mr. William L. Powell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is from Canton, Mississippi. It is dated March 4, 1854. It says at the end, “I expect nothing prevents to visit Carolina next winter and would like for you to return to me. Frances and Mother send their love to you…
I remain yours affectionately J.R. Powell”

A letter dated December 11th, 1854 says, “…I shall hire Harry to work at the Saw Mill and think that I can get the same as last year…As to the amount due you for the hire of your Negroes this year, I shall be prepared to send you a check on New York in a short time for the amount, but if you prefer making the exchange you spoke of with Mr. Horton I can pay Mr Slade the amount…”

The envelope with a third letter is addressed to:
Dr. William L. Powell, Roxobel, Bertie County, NC.

“Canton MIS Sept. 29, 1857
Dear William,
Yours of August 28th was rec’d a few days since and contents read with pleasure. I acknowledge I have been negligent in writing to you but I expect I appreciate your letters perhaps more than you do mine and if I have an advantage in numbers it is all right. So you must write again and again and I will acknowledge and appreciate your ? . In regard to your inquiries about your Negroes I can say you can sell them to advantage The man that hires Harry says he will give you fifteen hundred dollars for him. I think he will give $1550.00. The man that hires Susanah and Child will give $1450.00 and Susannah is anxious to be sold to him Say she is in hopes you will never carry her back to Carolina..
I had heard of your marriage and was in hopes you would have paid us a visit and as it is not too late I hope you will do so now. No one would be more gladly rec’d than yourself and wife…Give my best respects to your Uncle Abner and family and inquiring friends
I remain your friend and Uncle,
J.R. Powell
Please excuse this hasty written letter.”

Below is something I found tonight that appears to match.”
e-mail from VPS

Census Place District 1, Beat 1, Madison, Mississippi
Household Record 1880 United States Census
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father’s Birthplace Mother’s Birthplace
J. R. POWEL Self M Male W 60 VA Farmer VA NC
F. A. POWEL Wife M Female W 55 NC Keeps House NC NC
William POWEL Son S Male W 22 MS Lawyer VA NC
David POWEL Other S Male W 19 MS Student VA NC
Celia SMITH SisterL S Female W 36 NC NC NC
Peter SLADE Other S Male W 68 NC Overseer NC NC

J R Powell was born ca 1820 in VA and married Frances Ann Smith ca 1825 of Bertie County. Celia Smith, Frances’s sister, was living with them in 1880 in Madison Co, Mississippi.

Sallie[Sally] Jordan 1773 – 1847 | her parents
& b. 1807 2nd wife Joshua Simons bef 1752 – 1807 | his parents
[& Simons’ first wife | her parents ]
& 1808 Abner Perry ca 1758 – 1810 | his parents
[& ca 1783 Peggy Burns ca 1765 – ca 1805 | her parents ]
& 1812 Maurice Moore | his parents
& 1816 Moses Moore – bef Feb Ct 1818 | his parents
&1820 Elisha E. Horton – bef 1847 | his parents
of Hertford and Bertie Counties, NC

Sallie Jordan was born 24 Nov 1773, the daughter of Pleasant Jordan of Hertford County NC. Sallie had first married bef 1807 Joshua Simons of Pasquotank Co as his second wife.
Joshua Simons was the son of Andrew Simons of Pasquotank County who died in 1752 leaving his widow Mary and sons John, Joshua, William and Thomas Simons. per BB Winborne

NCHGR 1-381 – and Grimes
Will of Andrew Simons, Beaufort Co, Pasquotank Prec, 6 Jan 1746/47
– sons William, Thomas, and John
“This Beaverdam plantation whereon I now live”
– wife Mary
–sons Joshua, George and Levi “100 acres of Beaverdam land to each”
–EXs – wife and John Odeon
Test: Robt. Cutler, John Carrol, Edward Poyner
Proven before Gabe Johnston at Bathtown. – 7 April 1752
Impression of winged dragon on seal.

1840 Bertie County NC -130a
Sally Horton 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30, 1f 15-20, 1 30-40, 1 60-70

Child of Sallie Jordan and Joshua Simons [d 1807]:
1. Joseph J Simons ca/bef 1807 – bef May 1836
married ca 1827 Harriet M Etheridge ca 1811 – 1870/80
a. Frances E Simons ca 1828 –
b. Mary Harrell Simons ca 1830 –
married ca 1852 Alpheus H. Powell
c. Josephine J Simons 1834 –
married 18 April 1855 Dr. Robert H Smith
by Benjn. S Bronson, Rector of St. Thomas Church, Windsor [NC]

Abstracts from the Edenton Gazette by Fouts
9 December 1807 – Died — Some time since, in Hertford County, at his residence on the banks of Chowan River, Mr. Joshua Simons, an opulent and respectable planter of that county.
26 November 1807 – Notice is hereby given that on Wednesday, the 30th of December next, will be sold, at the late dwelling house of Joshua Simons, dec. in Hertford County, near Mount-Pleasant, all the Perishable Estate of said deceased, consisting of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, household and kitchen Furniture, Plantation Tools, etc etc. Also about 400 barrels Corn, a considerable quantity of excellent blade Fodder, one or two hundred bushels of Pease, and upwards of twenty barrels of Brandy. . . . James Jones, Daniel VanPelt, Adm’s.

Sallie married next before 1809 Abner Perry of Hertford County.
This Abner Perry had enlisted in the Continental army for three years and was promoted to a captain and was wounded in the hip at the battle of Guilford Court House from which he never entirely recovered.

List of Members of General Assembly from Hertford County – 1777 to 1850:
Pleasant Jordan, Senate, 1780,
Abner Perry, House of Commons,1801 to1804 and 1806 to 1809.
Chapter XXXVIII Hertford County of Historical Sketches of NC, Vol. II

Child of Sallie Jordan and Capt. Abner Perry:
1. Abner Jordan Perry 11 Oct 1809 – 11 Oct 1866
married 12 Feb 1829 Marena Howard no issue
married 6 Jan 1831 Julia A. Powell
a. James A Perry ca 1833 – aft 1850
b. Jesse A Perry 18 Feb 1838 – 3 July 1916
moved to Scotland Neck in 1876 and mayor there 1891-1900, B B Winborne
married 18 Feb 1862 Mary D Fowle 1838 – 1901
i. Julia A Perry ca 1863 –
married J Frank Brinkley of Greenville NC
ii. James F Perry ca 1866 –
iii. Sarah [Sadie] T. Perry ca 1868 – 1963 of Scotland Neck
grad Chowan in 1886
married 1906 R C Josey
iv. Mary F Perry ca 1870 –
v. John D. Perry ca 1872 –
vi. Helen Cotton Perry ca 1873 – ca 1910
married 4 June 1907 Rev James Kennedy Henderson 1870 – 1954

J K Henderson Married – The following from the Scotland Neck Commonwealth will be read with interest by friends of J K Henderson in this county.
He was
married on Tuesday, June 4 to Miss Helen C Perry: The bride, daughter, of J A Perry and the late Mary Fowle Perry is a member of the one of the oldest and most distinguished families of the state, being a niece of the late Governor Fowle. She is a young woman of rare gifts, the former lady principal of Faircloth Hall at the Baptist University at Raleigh . Her charming personality,
her unselfish Christian spirit, together with her bright disposition, have won for her, a large circle of friends throughout the state. A young woman of Culture and refinement, she is especially fitted for her life’s work.
groom, a graduate of Wake Forest College and a student of the Theological Seminary, is a young minister of ability, a clear thinker and an earnest speaker. He is greatly beloved by the people among whom he labors. His friends here and elsewhere congratulate him upon his fortunate and happy
marriage. (from Sylvan news p 74 Vol 1 in RHH files)
  1. Mary Fowle Henderson dy
  2. Jesse Perry Henderson 1910 – 1978
    James Henderson married 2nd Annie Josey and had several children
    c. John D Perry 12 June 1843 – moved 1871 to Wilcox Co AL
    married 8 Feb 1869 Helen S Johnston 1844 of Edenton
    married 8 June 1845 Martha J Powell sister of Julia A.
    d. Abner J Perry Jr 7 Aug 1853 – 2 Dec 1877 without issue

    1850 Census Hertford County NC page 302A
    #244 Perry, A. J. 45, M, Farmer, $3000
    Perry, Martha 35, F
    Perry, Jas. A. 16, M, Student, school
    Perry, Jesse 12, M, school
    Perry, John 7, M, Student, school
    Powel, Wm. L. 19, M, Student, school
    Simons, Mary 20, F
    Slade, Peter 35, M, Overseer
    Tyler, Mary 7, F
    Ruby (Raby?), John 20, M, none, NRW

Abner Perry died in 1810.
Sallie married 3rd in 1812 Maurice Moore of Bertie County.

Child of Sallie Jordan and Maurice Moore:
1. Elizabeth Moore ca 1813 –
married Albert J Powell ca 1808 – bef 1843
a. Sally M Powell 1829 – 1848
married 1846 Lewis Cotten
b. William L Powell 1831 – 1862
married Cornelia Ann Bishop

Maurice Moore died and

Sallie married 4th in 1816 Moses Moore.
They had no children. He died bef February Ct 1818.

On 19 Mar 1820 Sallie married as her 5th husband Elisha E Horton.

Mrs. Sallie Horton died a widow in 1847.

Abstract of Will of Sally Horton 22 Apl 1842 – Aug Term 1847 Bertie Co NC
— grand-daughter Sally M. Powell
— son Abner J Perry
— grand-son Wm L Powell.
— grand-daughters Frances, Mary and Josephine Simons
EX: son Abner J Perry
Test: Peter Slade, West T. Rutland

US Census Hertford Co 1800
Abner Perry 2m 0/10, 1m 16/25, 1m 26/45, 2f 0/10, 1f 10/15, 1f 16/25, 1f 26/45 13 sl
US Census Hertford Co 1810
Sally Perry 2m 0/10, 2m 10/16, 1f 0/10, 1f 10/16, 2f 16/25, 1f 26/45 32 sl
US Census Hertford Co 1820
Elisha Horton 2m 0/10, 1m 10/15, 1m 26/45, 1f 0/10, 3f 16/25, 1f 26/45/ 1f 45+ 31 sl
US Census Hertford Co 1830
Abner Perry 1m 0/10, 1m 15/20, 12 sl

Step children of Sallie Jordan:

Children of Joshua Simons and first wife:
1. John Simons
married Amillicent Freeman 13 Oct 1795 –
a. Lavinia Catherine Simons 1816 – 1872
married J. Benbury Sharp of Hertford Co.
b. Elizabeth Millicent Simons 8 Feb 1819 – 1881
married Jacob Sharp of Hertford Co.
c. Mary Louisa (Nancy) Simons 1821 – 1866
married John Winborne
d. William John Simons 1824 – aft 1880 Magnolia Grove
married Celia Ann Sessoms 27 Feb 1831 –
e. Edward P. Simons 1827 – 1890
married a Miss Wilson
2. Elizabeth Simons 1788 – 1861
married 6 Dec 1807 Starkey S Harrell 1786 – 1830
The Gazette – Edenton – 16 December 1807 – married on Sunday, the 6th Instant. in Hertford County, Mr Starkey S Harrell to Miss Elizabeth Simons, daughter of the late Joshua Simons, all of that County.
a. Mary Harrell

married Lemuel R Jernigan
b. Nancy Harrell
married Thomas Blount Sharp
c. Starkey S Harrell Jr
3. Martha [Pattie] Simons
married ca 1813 Freeman Perry 26 May 1786 –
a. James S. Perry 8 July 1814- 1867 mechanic
married Susannah Phelps Jenkins died 1901 dau of Benj. Jr.
b. Joseph J. Perry 25 Dec 1817 – 9 May 1882 buried there farmer
resided next-door to Maple Lawn where Dell Holloman lived when I was young
married 1843 Mary E. Sessoms 23 April 1825 – 15 April 1879
dau. of William Wynns Sessoms & Sallie Askew
i. Joseph William Perry 3 March 1845 – 19 July 1913 Norfolk VA
rem. to Norfolk, VA 1877 – operated a cotton commission business
married 21 April 1872 Mary Harrell Jernigan
ii. Henry T Perry 18 May 1847 – rem. to Indiana
iii. Laura E. Perry 20 June 1849 –
married J. Washington Mitchell of Bertie Co
iv. Martha S. Perry 17 July 1851
married Daniel VanPelt Sessoms 4 Mar 1844 – 20 June 1915
neighbor and cousin
1. William Perry Sessoms 1 Dec 1874 – 26 Aug 1893
2. WSC Sessoms 28 May 1884 – 6 Sept 1918
v. Ernest Perry 5 Sept 1867 – 16 June 1916 dsp
married 2nd 10 Dec 1879 Emma D. Lewis
vi. Josie Perry 10 May 1882 – 1 May 1905
c. William N. Perry
d. Joshua S. Perry died 6 Aug 1825

Children of Abner Perry and Peggy Burns:
1. Patsey Perry 2 Oct 1784 – 1834 [several children]
married 1806 John Dickinson of NH Co NC
2. Sallie Perry 2 April 1787 –
married James Ruffin died soon
married James Moore moved to Madison Co AL
3. Rebecca Perry 25 June 1791 –
married Marmaduke Howard died
married 1816 James Bush moved to AL
a. Judge Bush of Marianna, FL
4. Andrew T. Perry 6 Aug 1793 –
married Matilda Jones moved south
5. John B. Perry 6 Dec 1796 – 28 July 1823 dsp
6. Jennett Perry 22 April 1800 –
married Joseph Deanes moved to AL
7. Abner Perry 26 July 1803 – died young

Children of Moses Moore [will 1818] by previous wife or wives:
1. Penelope Moore
married 18 May 1790 James Granberry
Josiah Moore, Wm Granberry BM
a. Sarah Granberry
2. Tabitha Moore 1771 – 1848
married 12 Feb 1798 Laurence/Lawrence Moore 1764 – 1817
a. Moore Moore ca 1799
b. Lawrence [Laurence] Moore
c. Cornelius Moore 10 Jan 1807 Anson Co NC – 26 Aug 1880 Rosebud, Falls Co TX
[died Wilderville]
married Demopolis AL ca 1826 [Anson Co NC] Susan Pickett 1810 – 22 Sep 1835 Autauga Co Al
married Sumter Co AL 11 Oct 1836 Margaret McKee 13 Mar 1811 – 1874 Marengo Co AL
d. Polly Moore
married Reddick Dean
e. William D. Moore
f. James Moore
3. Nellie Moore
married Culpepper
4. Polly Moore
married Rutland
5. Elizabeth Moore
married Lewis
6. Sarah Moore
married 11 Feb 1795 Langley Granberry
William Higgs, Bm
a. Samuel Granberry
married 18 Feb 1820 Patsey Bailey
James Rutland, Bm.
b. Sarah Granberry
married Rhodes

In the name of God amen; I Moses Moore of Bertie County and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and in my perfect sences do make and ordain this my last will & Testament This First day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and seventeen.
– Item first I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Moore all the property real and personal she possessed at our Marriage after paying her just debts out of the I also give her one negro girl named Beck one boy named Elias one Walnut chest of drawers four cows and calves my Bay horse one bed and furniture four sows and pigs and ene riding chair and harness, also provisions for her family she has at my house for one year.
– Item Secondly I give and bequeath to my daughter Pennelope Granberry my negro man Ben and my negroe man Fortune and all the property she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item Thirdly I give and bequeath to my Daughter Tabitha Moore one negro named Isaac one boy named Luke also all the negroes she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Nelley Culpepper my negro man named Jacob and Bob also all the negroes she had before to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Polley Rutland my negro man Chelsey my negro woman Amy also all my land I bought of Bayless Harrell and William Higgs also as much of my Land I bought of William Andrews on the lower end of said land as to run within seventy yards of Carey Island joining Samuel Granberry’s land with all the property she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Lewis my negro man Lewis and girl Milley also the upper part of my land I bought of William Andrews Running seventy yards below Carey Island also all the negroes she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give to my grand Son Samuel Granberry son of Langley Granberry and Sarah his wife my negro man Abram to him and his heirs forever.
– Item I lend to my wife Sarah Moore during her natural life all my land and plantation on which I now live encluding the land I Bought of Josiah Peeles
– Item I give to my grand Daughter Sarah Rhodes one negro girl named Mariah which she has in possession to her and her heirs forever
– Item I lend to my Daughter Pennelope one negro named Winney during her natural life and after her Death I give the said Winney to my grand Daughter Sarah Granberry Daughter of James Granberry and his wife Pennelope to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Polley Rutland one negro woman names Peggy to her and heirs forever
– Item I give my notes and money to be equally divided amongst my Daughters Pennelope Granberry Tabitha Moore, Nelley Culpepper Polley Rutland and Elizabeth Lewis to them and their heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Moore all the corn fodder and Brandy which is now on her own plantations to her and her heirs forever
– Also I give her my beloved wife Sarah Moore the sum of five hundred dollars to be paid out of my Estate. Item It is my desire that all the remainder of my estate not given away nor lent in this will should be sold by my Executors and Equally divided between my Daughters Pennelope Granberry Tabitha Moore Nelley Culpepper Polley Rutland and Elizabeth Lewis to them and their heirs forever.
– Lastly I make and ordain Whitmell Rutland and Turner Horne my Executors to this my last Will and Testament and I do Revoke and make void all other wills made by me in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written Done in presence of us Benjamin Coffield
Signed} Moses Moore (seal)
Signed} John Jones
Polley her ~- mark Baker

Bertie County Court February 1818: proved by Benjamin Coffield. Sol. Cherry Clk
Bertie County Court August 1819: “The Annexed paper writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Moses Moore decd being Contested by the heirs at Law of the said Moses it was therefore Ordered that a issue be made up to try the Validity thereof and a lawful Jury being impanelled to try the Validity of said Will who say that the said paper purporting to be the last Will foresaid is his last Will and Testament & they say that the said Moses did devise thereupon it is ordered by the Court to be recorded Teste}E. A Rhodes Clk.”[Will book G 1816-1854, pp 58,59,60]

Pleasant Jordan ca 1715 – aft 1791| his parents
& 1738 Mary Corbin | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

both Pleasant Jordan and Mary Corbin were “birthright” Quakers and since early childhood had been members of Pagan Creek Meeting.
They were given liberty to marry there on 3 March 1738.

Pleasant Jordan, who represented the county in the Senate in 1780, lived near Winton, and was the father of Abner Jordan and David Jordan, and the grandfather of the later Col. Pleasant Jordan, of Winton.
One of his daughters married Capt. Abner Perry, of revolutionary fame, and another one married Capt. James Frazier, the Tory, of Frazier’s Cross Roads, and father of John Hamilton Frazier.

Pleasant Jordan of Hertford Co NC was a son of Robert Jordan and wife Jane Pleasants.

Children of Pleasant Jordan:
1. Abner Jordan
a. William Jordan
b. David Jordan
c. James Jordan
married Mary Williams
i. Joseph J Jordan
sheriff of Hertford Co
ii. Richard Jordan d FL
iii. John Jordan killed by falling tree
iv. William Jordan of Winton
v. Pattie Jordan
married A I Parker a county commissioner
vi. Mary Jordan
married Wade R Garriss of Murfreesboro
2. David Jordan
married Miss Kinsey
a. Kinsey Jordan
“was a portly man, a prominent Justice of the Peace, a man who never married, although he liked dearly to entertain both his gentlemen and lady friends.”
b. Col. Pleasants Jordan
married the daughter of Thomas Weston of NH Co
i. Dr. Joseph Perry Jordan
ii. Mrs. Geo R Branch of NH Co
iii. Mrs Etta P Deloathch of NH Co, widow of James I Deloatch
c. Matilda Jordan 16 Dec 1815 – 27 Oct 1857
married 9 Dec 1841 William Shaw 16 Mar 1806 – 16 Dec 1862 56 yrs 8 mo
son of John Shaw and wife Celia
i. William Pleasant Shaw 13 Oct 1842 – 27 Nov 1913 ts CSA

Judge W. P. Shaw

married 1869/72 Mary R Askew 9 July 1846 – 14 Sept 1923
ii. Mary E Shaw 6 Feb 1845 – 30 Jan 1852 7th yr of her age
iii. Emily F Shaw 24 Oct 1847 – 4 Feb 1852 5th yr of her age
iv. Sallie Matilda Shaw 4 Oct 1850 – 23 Aug 1862
v. John S Shaw 13 April 1854 –
William was first married to Nancy Sessoms who died 15 Aug 1838 dau of William Sessoms and Elizabeth Van Pelt
i. Sarah E Shaw 8 Dec 1833 – 5 Oct 18?
ii. James D Shaw 28 Sept 1835 – 3 April 1871 35 yrs 6 mos
iii. William D Shaw [named in William Sessoms’s will]

3. Sallie Jordan 24 Nov 1773 – 1847
1st married Joshua Simons who died 1807
a. Joseph J Simons ca 1806 –
2nd married Capt. Abner Perry who died 1810
b. Capt. Abner Jordan Perry 11 Oct 1809 –
3rd married Maurice Moore
c. Elizabeth Moore ca 1813 –
4th married 1816 Moses Moore
5th married 19 Mar 1820 Elisha E Horton son of Hugh Horton
4. daughter Jordan
married Capt. James Frazier of Frazier Cross Roads
a. John Hamilton Frazier
b. Jane Frazier
married John Bembury of St John’s
5. daughter Jordan
married Elisha Felton ca 1755 – aft 1815
a. Bolin Felton
b. Boon Felton 24 Oct 1787 – 24 Oct 1821 Hertford Co NC
served during the War of 1812 and became a General
NC Assembly 1800 – 1817 and 1818 – 1821 State Senate
married Wake Co 4 March 1819 Elizabeth [Betsey] White

c. William Felton1789 – 1825 AL
married Martha Ann Eliza Fort
i. Thaddeus W Felton
6. Elizabeth Jordan
married Necham Horton uncle of Elisha E last husband of her sister Sallie
a. J J Horton of Hertford Co
?7. daughter Jordan
married Hare
a. Jackson B Hare ca 1809 –
“1856 – Jackson B Hare was a Whig and a Methodist.
He was a grandson of the first Pleasant Jordan”
John W Moore in his “Historical Sketches of Hertford Co, Chapter LXII”
married Gates Co M A ? ca 1803 –

i. John Hare ca 1841 –

source: Winbourne’s History of Hertford County +
transcript by David Powell of the William Shaw Bible

Robert Jordan 1692 – | his parents
& Jane Pleasants | her parents

Robert Jordan in direct line from Samuel Jordan, Ancient Planter [Jamestown 1610] while Jane Pleasants was a great granddaughter of John Pleasants, a worsted-weaver of St. Savior’s Parish, Norwich, England, who was born ca 1618; granddaughter of John Pleasants II and Jane Larcome Tucker of Henrico Co VA; and daughter of John Pleasants III and wife Dorothy Cary.

Children of Robert Jordan & Jane Pleasants:
1. Pleasants Jordan ca 1715 – aft 1791
married Mary Corbin

Robert Jordan 1668 – 1728 | his parents
& 1687 Chrisitana Taber d. 1689 | her parents
& Mr. Ouderland/Outland | his parents
& 1690 Mary Belson | her parents

John Pleasants III 1672 – 1713 | his parents
& Dorothy Cary | her parents
of Henrico Co VA

John Pleasants III of Henrico Co VA was born 1672;
married Dorothy Cary; and died in 1713.

Children of John Pleasants III & Dorothy Cary:
1. Thomas Pleasants
2. John Pleasants IV
3. Joseph Pleasants
4. Jane Pleasants
married Robert Jordan
5. Anna Pleasants
married Joseph Jordan
married 2nd Thomas Trotter

John Pleasants II | his parents
& Jane Larcome Tucker | her parents
of Henrico Co VA

John Pleasants 1618 | his parents
of St. Savior’s Parish, Norwich, England

John Pleasants, a worsted-weaver of St. Savior’s Parish, Norwich, England, who was born ca 1618

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  1. EVERYTIME I READ your site, I find something!!! I knew TABITHA LOCKHART MOORE daughter of MOSES MOORE d., 1818, – I KNEW her Mother was NOT SARAH (Sally) JORDAN; it was a LOCKHART.

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