70 Year History of the A&M Garden Club (Part 2)

1946 – 1951

———–11th year————

1946-1947: Mrs. Howard W [Eleanor] Barlow – 103 members
1st VP – Mrs Fred Hale
2nd VP – Mrs Wayne Long
3rd VP – Mrs E I Angell
Secretary – Mrs C O Spriggs
Librarian – Mrs Yarnell
Treasurer – Mrs R K Fletcher
Reporter – Mrs John Ashton

– 13 Sept – dues to remain at $1.25, but no garden magazine included.
– door prizes to be given at each meeting

Programs 1946-47

13 Sept – Mrs Yarnell gave a demonstrations of line arrangement –
4 Oct – tea at the home of Mrs. H W Barlow 4 – 5:30.
11 Oct – Y – Mrs Campbell “on Bulbs”
– Dr. Brittingham -“Iris- suitable varieties for this vacinity”
8 Nov – Dr DeWerth – “Roses”
13 Dec – Mr Thornton – “Soils”
10 Jan – Mr McGinnis -“Rules of Landscaping Home Gardens”
14 Feb – Charles B Campbell Jr – “Propagation of Plants From Seeds of Annual Plants”
14 Mar – Mrs Long – “Rules and Classification for the Flower Show”
11 Apr – Miss Hazel Dunlap – “Let’s Arrange Flowers”
May – tour ?

A garden calendar for the area was presented each month
A door prize was given each month.


Library – Mrs Yarnell ch.Decorating for the annual Christmas dinner for college employeesHorticulture Fact Funding Plan – Mrs Campbell ch. – funded $10 the college cemetery project






Our 9th Annual Spring Flower Show
Chairman: Mrs Long
? April 1947 4 – 7 p m
YMCA Chapel and Parlors





———–12th year————

1947-1948: Mrs. H W [Eleanor] Barlow – 100 members
1st VP: Mrs E L Angell
2nd VP: Mrs Sam Hopper
3rd VP: Mrs E D Parnell
Secetary: Mrs E B Middleton
Treasurer: Mrs O K Smith
Reporter: Mrs Cecil B Wamble

Programs 1946-47

12 Sept – tea at the home of Mrs. D W Williams afternoon
10 Oct – Dr A F DeWerth – “Recent Developments in the Culture of Roses”
Mrs J E Roberts – “Bulbs for Texas”
14 Nov – Mrs Ralph Steen – “The Care and Culture of Chrysanthemums ”
Mrs Eugene Rush – “How to Dye Chrysanthemums ”
12 Dec – Mrs C B Campbell – “Christmas and Christmas Decorations”
9 Jan – Mr Coulter Smith – “Care of Potted Plants”
13 Feb – Dr J C Gaines – “Poisons, new and old, to use in the control of insects”
12 Mar – Slides of last year’s show – comments by Manning Smith
Mrs Norman Dansay – showed two reels of colored movies of her trip to Natchez, MS over the azalea trail.
12 Apr – Mrs Charles Stieneger, of Dallas – “Flower Arrangement and Flower Show Practice”
22 Apr – Tenth Annual Garden Show
14 May – Slides by Mr Howard Berry of the prize winning arrangements

A garden calendar for the area was presented each month
A door prize was given each month.


A& M Garden Club adopt a five year plan to beautify the College Station Cemetery working with Mr. F W Hensel To continue awarding door prizes the demonstration of arrangements at meetings to continueto hold a fall Chrysanthemum display show in November. Library – Mrs. Fred Hale ch.






Fall Chrysanthemum Exhibit
Chairman: Mrs Marty Karow
14 Nov 1947


Our 10th Annual Spring Flower Show
Chairman: Mrs Sam Hopper
Thursday, 22 April 1948
Sbisa Hall





“Through the years, the Club’s chief interest has been the maintenance of the historic College Station Cemetery (Methodist Cemetery). It was established in 1837 and through the efforts of the Club have become a wildflower and wild bird sanctuary. A rustic light was purchased by the Club and placed at the entrance and red and white roses have been planted and maintained along the fence. Today A Texas Historic Marker stands near its entrance.”

———13th year———

1948-1949: Mrs. Fred [Sena Mae] Hale
– “Year Round Blooms in the Garden”
1st VP: Mrs C B Campbell
2nd VP: Mrs O K Smith
3rd VP: Mrs W W Armistead
Secretary: Mrs R E Snuggs
Treasurer: Mrs Dell Bauer
Reporter: Mrs W F Farrar
– Live Oak trees were planted on Texas Avenue in College Station in memory of World War II soldiers. Through conversations with long-time Club members, it was learned that very little was done about city appearance until Club members kept bringing the subject to the attention of city officials. The community is a better place because of efforts of these past citizens.


Our 11th Annual Spring Flower Show
Theme: “Living With Flowers”
Chairman: Mrs O K Smith
Co-Chairman: Mrs J E Roberts
20 April 1949 4 to 6 p m
Sbisa Hall





———14th year———–

1949-1950: Mrs. Al B [Moy] Nelson – Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judge.
Dues were raised from $1.25 cents to two dollars and with the added funds, the club was able to stage its first major workshop.
1st VP: Mrs O K Smith
2nd VP: Mrs P W Burns
3rd VP: Mrs T A Adcock
Secretary: Mrs Edward Brush
Treasurer: Mrs Carl Ferguson
Reporter: Mrs W W Potts


Our 12th Annual Spring Flower Show
Theme: “Spring Symphony of Flowers”
Chairman: Julia Burns
Co- Chairman: Ruth Stevens
13 April 1950 4 to 6:30 p m
Sbisa Hall
Club received 2nd place State award on show






50Campbell 50Stevens-Pugh

photos in The Bryan Daily News 13 April 1950

———–15th year———-

1950 – 1951: Mrs. O K Smith
– “Know . . . Grow . . .and Show”
1st VP: Mrs R E Snuggs
2nd VP: Mrs Edward Madeley
3rd VP: Mrs D W Flemming
Secretary: Mrs Spencer Buchanan
Treasurer: Mrs R B Hickerson
Reporter: Mrs Marion Pugh
– Club hosted with the Bryan Garden Club the fall Board meeting of TGC Officers Oct 23-4 in the Memorial Student Center.

Programs 1950-51
Theme “Know, Grow, and Show”

8 Sept – M K Thornton – “How to Build a Productive Soil”
Mrs. C B Campbell – “Grow for Year-round Bloom in the Garden”
13 Oct – Mrs John Seeley Caldwell – “Bulbs to Grow for Show”
Mrs J E Roberts – “Roses Throughout the Year”
23 Oct – 4 p m – annual tea at Home of Mrs M T Harrington
The visiting State Garden Club Board members as guests.
– 9 p m Mrs Robert Ash – noted author, flower arranger from DC
10 Nov – A F DeWerth – “The Botanical Classification of Garden Flowers”
14 Nov – Fall Flower Show – Ch: Mrs Edward Madeley & Mrs A B Nelson
8 Dec – “Grow Your Own Christmas Greenery and Know How to Use It”
Mrs Marion Pugh, Mrs S L Loveless, and Mrs W W Armstead
12 Jan – C G Milne – “How to attain Horticultural Perfection”
9 Feb – Mrs Fred Farrar – “Your Annual and Perennials, How to Transplant and Divide” Mrs Cecil Wamble – “Some Old Reliables and Some New Favorites in the Cutting Garden”
14, 15, 16 Feb – A F DeWerth and the Dept. of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture of A&M College – “Forum for Home Gardeners”
– 30 attended from the A&M Garden Club.
9 Mar – Mr and Mrs J R Odom – “The Art of Corsage Making”
13 Apr – Mrs Armstrong Price – “New Trends in Flower Arrangement”
26 May – Spring pilgrimage to Russell Day Lily Farms in Spring
– 27 participated – each taking a picnic lunch.


photo Bryan Daily News


1st Fall Flower Show
Chairman: Billie Madeley
Co-Chairman: Moy Nelson
14 Nov 1950 4 -7:30 p m
Ball Room of
Memorial Student Center







Nelson on left

8 Dec 1950 – The plans were presented to the club for a forum or short course for Garden Clubs, as proposed by Mr. A F De Werth, to be sponsored by the A&M Landscape Architectural Dept. The first course was to be held on Jan 10, 11 & 12 with lectures each day from 9-11:30 a. m., practical application from 1- 4:00 p. m. followed by an examination on Friday morning. A certificate was to be awarded to all who passed the examination. Fees for the course was to be $1.00 with participants providing their own note paper and pencils. + and all work and details of registration was be done by the A&M Garden Club. The club approved the plans and Mrs. Armstrong Price was appointed Chairman of registration. Mrs D W Williams and Mrs C B Campbell were named as members of the registration committee. Then the club agreed to defray the expenses for the refreshments for this meeting.
12 Jan 1951 – It was announced that the above forum would be held Feb. 14, 15, & 16. Registrations to be accepted up to the morning of Feb. 14. On March 9 the minutes show the club approved a letter of appreciation to be written from the club to Mr. A S De Werth for the splendid forum.

– Members decorated the YMCA for Christmas, a project that was enjoyed and appreciated by the students and faculty at Texas A&M College [University]
– officers elected in Feb for the coming year


Club voted in March not to have the Spring Show
because “of severe damage to the gardens
by unseasonable warm weather followed by several very hard freezes.”





– Apr – Miss Ann Hickerson, daughter of Mr and Mrs R B Hickerson, was chosen to represent the club as duchess at the annual Cotton Pageant at A&M College May 4th.
– Club represented at TGC meeting in El Paso by Mrs C B Campbell and Mrs Armstrong Price
– Club received 2nd place State award on 1950-51 yearbook 98%
– Club also received a second place in last year’s spring show.
– Mrs R E Snuggs compiled and submitted a club scrapbook 1936-1949 which won the Purple Award in the State Garden Club in 1950. [in 1953 this Scrapbook History was on deposit in the A&M Library]

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