John T Weaver & Nancy

Weaver family of Northampton Co NC

John T Weaver 1770/80 – 1840/50
& Nancy 1790/1800
of Jackson NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1840 Census Northampton Co NC
John T Weaver 2 0/5, 1 5/10, 110/15, 1 15/20 1 60/70 F 1 0/5, 15/10, 110/15, 1 40/50

Children of John T Weaver and wife Nancy:
1. Older son
2. Dr. Richard Thomas Weaver March 1827 – 9 April 1902
married 1860 Esther Cotten Moore 27 Feb 1838 Mulberry Grove – 10 Sept 1922
pnuemonia burial Oak Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth VA
A. Julian Mason Weaver 27 Sept 1861 – 22 July 1919
married 1897 Gertrude Iola Council 15 Aug 1871 of Franklin, VA – 3 Feb 1967
both burials Oak Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth VA
i. Richard C Weaver Oct 1898 –
ii. Virginia C Feb 1900 –
iii. Julian Mason Weaver, Jr 11 July 1902 –
iv. Gertrude Iola Weaver 6 June 1904 – 14 Aug 1963 dsp
B. May (Mamie) Weaver 15 Nov 1865 – 1956
married 21 Nov 1894 Ken Barrow 1861 – 1938 lived Port Norfolk, VA
i. Kenneth Barrow 3 Feb 1897 – 8 Sept 1898 dy
ii. Dr. Frederick Proby Barrow 1899 –
married Byrd ?
iii. May W Barrow 1905 – 1909 dy
C. Ellen Matilda (Tillie) Weaver 28 Feb 1867 – 1886 dsp
D. Richard Weaver May 1873 – 1874 dy
E. Thomas Weaver May 1874 – Nov 1874 dy
F Esther (Essie) Cotten Weaver 30 Nov 1876 – 12 Dec 1918
died of the Spanish Influenza
married 21 Sept 1904 Russell Buxton 3 Dec 1879 – 17 June 1946
of Newport News, VA moved ca 1924 to Roanoke Rapids, NC
i. Esther Cotton Buxton Jan 1907 – 26 July 1907 Portsmouth VA
burial Oak Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth VA
ii. Russell Buxton, Jr 17 Jan 1909 –
married Cecil Elva Shearin 15 July 1910 –
3. daughter
4. daughter
5. Robert A Weaver 24 April 1833 Jackson – 25 April 1878 Jackson NC
Hotel keeper – 1870
married 24 April 1856 Cornelia A Warren 28 Dec 1832 Surry Co NC – 25 May 1880
A. Richard Albert Weaver ca 1857 – 1912
1880 supt Pub buildings
married 14 Nov 1888 Maria [Myda] Shepard Calvert 26 Nov 1862 – aft 1947 Portsmouth, VA
i. Joseph Warren Weaver 21 April 1893 – 26 Nov 1972
burial Oak Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth VA
married 9 Feb 1918 Ruth Blackwell Bell of Edenton, NC
1. Ruth B 1919 –
ii. May Weaver 1898 –
B Joseph Warren Weaver 14 Feb 1859 Jackson – 31 Jan 1930 Rich Square
1880 clerk in store – 1920 merchant burial Rich Square Cemetery – death cert.
operated a store Baugham & Weaver in Rich Square”
married 15 Nov 1893 Helen Sessoms 4 June 1873 Bws – 19 Jan 1919 Bws Rich Square
of influenza dau of Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms jr. and Martha Perry
1900 Census reports 2 births/1living; 1910 7 births/ 4 living burial Rich Square Cemetery – death cert.
i. Helen L Weaver 14 Nov 1894 – 29 Jan 1993 Nursing Home in Durham
married 29 April 1919 Lemuel H Gibbons 1882 of Hamlet NC –
2 children Lemuel and Billie who married Henry King Burgwyn of Murfreesboro and had three boys: Henry King, Charles Buxton and Sumner
ii. John Buxton Weaver 23 Aug 1900 – 4 May 1967
married Olive Marguerite
had one child Linda
iii. Robert Sessoms Weaver 18 Sept 1903 –
married Josephine
3 children: Adee dec. and twins, Jody and Robert [Bob]
iv. Mildred S Weaver ca 1907 –
married Ronald Keen
2 boys William Ronald and Joseph Weaver Keen
iii. Minnie Weaver ca 1913 –
married Charles Eatman
1 daughter Carol dec.
c. Minnie Louisa Weaver 16 April 1863 – 24 April 1900 age 37
confirmed 22 March 1885 at Church of the Saviour, Jackson, NC
married 22 March 1893 Leander [Lee] Tayloe
30 Jan 1867 Hertford Co – 2 Sept 1935 Clarksville TX
son of William Spivey [Mr Billy] Tayloe & Maria Jenkins of Hertford Co
i. Joseph Weaver Tayloe ca Sept 1898 – 14 Aug 1899 age 11 mos
Lee married secondly Susie Clemision Lewis 1875 – 1916

D. Robert [Walter] Weaver ca 1865 –
he is probably the brother of Will that Cousin Helen remembered
E. William A`Weaver 8 Feb 1867 – 16 March 1938 Rich Square
spent some time at Mulberry Grove after 1880
6. James Weaver ca 1835 –
7. daughter
8. son

Battle’s history of the university [at Chapel Hill] in a section dealing with commencement festivities in the 1840s: “A student band, generally two violins and a flute or two, furnished the music, which was uncommonly sweet and enlivening. Richard or “Dick”, Weaver was a noted flute player.” He entered UNC in 1843 and grad 1846 with 3rd honors.
Major’s “Historical Sketches of Hertford County” published in the Murfreesboro paper in 1877.

in Chapter LXVIII, page 117 of Mr. Powell’s reprint: “As the year (1860) drew to its close there was a
festive scene at the ancient homestead known as Mulberry Grove. Amid many relatives and friends Rev.
Dr. Samuel Iredell Johnston, who had been born and reared on the spot, officiated at the bridals of his
fair and gentle kinswoman, Esther C. Moore to Dr. Richard Weaver then of Northampton. THE BRIDEGROOM HAS SINCE BECOME A CITIZEN OF HERTFORD COUNTY and has won as much reputation as a skillful physician, as he has the esteem and confidence of the people as a man.”
Dr Weaver and Esther are shown living next door to Mulberry Grove on the 1870 and 1880 censuses.

Mrs. Godwin C. Moore, died at the home of Dr. Weaver of Rich Square on Wednesday last. “The Roanoke Patron” D.M. Beale, ed. Potecasi, NC, Thurs. May 24, 1888. vol. X. No. 4.
living in Rich Square 1900 census

I highly suspect Dr. Richard Thomas Weaver’s parents were John T Weaver of Jackson NC who seems to have died before 1850 census. His wife was probably Nancy who appears on the 1850 census by herself. Robert and James are listed as students in a school there.

In 1870 I find Robert A Weaver, Hotel keeper, 36 and wife Cornelia 31, Richard 13, Joseph 11, Minnie 7, Robert 5, William 3.

In 1880 R A Weaver 23 supt pub buildings, Joseph W Weaver 21 clerk in store both boarding in the hotel.

In 1840 John T Weaver’s family included 5 sons – 3 younger than Richard and 1 older. and 3 daughters.

1920 Rich Square, Joseph W Weaver 61 wd merchant, Robert S 16 son, Mildred W dau 12, Minnie dau 6, Bettie Bryant 79 aunt, Ada B. Buxton 59 aunt. [these are his dec. wife’s aunts]

In the delayed Birth certificates NH
21 Apr 1893 Joseph Warren Weaver, son of Richard A Weaver of Jackson
18 Sept 1903 Robert Sessoms Weaver, son of Joseph Warren Weaver of Rich Square


Dear Aunt Sally: The Weaver page looks good. Here are
a few more things to add from the parish register of
the Church of the Saviour in Jackson.

March 22, 1885 Minnie Louisa Weaver

April 24, 1856 Robert A. Weaver
& Cornelia A. Warren at Jackson

March 22, 1893 Lee Tayloe
& Minnie L. Weaver,
at home, Rich Square

Nov. 21, 1894 Kenneth Barrow
& May Weaver,
at home, Rich Square

May, 1880 Mrs. Cornelia Weaver, Church yard
April 24, 1900 Mrs. Minnie Weaver Tayloe, Churchyard
37 years old

Register spells Minnie’s husband’s name as ‘Taylor’
but tombstone says ‘Tayloe’. Also, there is a
notation by her name saying Baltimore indicating they
may have moved there.

Dear Aunt Sally: I’ve been looking through my file of
letters to Henry Lewis and there are references to
Will Weaver and his brother(s). To make a long story
short, Cousin Margaret was sure that Will lived at
Mulberry Grove and that he had a brother. But as to
what the brother’s name was, she appears to have been
unsure as it changed over the years.

Letter from Margaret dated Feb. 17, 1968: “There was
an orphaned boy living at the place, Will Weaver, who
was a connection but no blood kin. He never married
and died in his seventies at Rich Square. One time
they were all at dinner at Mulberry Grove and my
grandmother (Annie Tait Moore) wanted to rest her feet
so she rested them on something under the table which
she took for a dog and when dinner was over she found
it was not a dog but Will Weaver’s bare feet — he had
never moved them the whole time”.

Transcription of an oral interview with her on another
occasion: “The men and boys at Mulberry Grove had a
rather crude way of making shot for their guns. They
would melt lead and pour it into a hollow reed, which
was stuck in the ground. After the lead had been
allowed to harden, the reed was stripped off, and the
lead chopped into sections. Anyway, all of the boys
were in the yard one day engaged in this operation.
Felix, Godwin and Paul Moore were present – along with
the two Weaver boys – Will and Walter. Unknown to
them, water had seeped into the reed. Thus, when the
lead was poured into it, the lead bubbled and shot out
of the tube with great force. One of the boys was
bending over the reed and was badly burned over the

Writing to Henry Lewis on Oct. 8, 1997 while Cousin
Margaret was visiting me in Pisa, I said “Concerning
the Weaver boys at Mulberry Grove, she believes that
Will’s brother was Joe not Walter. She said that the
name “Walter Weaver” was familiar, but she cannot
recall anything else connected with it. Joe Weaver
operated a store Baugham & Weaver in Rich Square. She
does not know if he married or left any family. When
she had to go to Rich Square in the 1930s to take care
of farm business concerning Mulberry Grove, Joe Weaver
was already dead. The store was then occupied by a
business run by a Quaker man named Shoulars. Will
Weaver was very much alive at the time. An election
was in progress, and he was serving as a marshal.
Margaret went around to the polls and had a long
conversation with him.”

Based on this, I think possibly only Will was at
Mulberry Grove. Can you get the 1880 census for
Mulberry Grove and for Dr. Weaver?


Weaver Plot in Church of the Savior in Jackson NC
Robert A. Weaver
April 24, 1833
April 25, 1878

Cornelia A. Weaver
Dec. 28, 1832
May 25, 1880

Minnie Weaver Tayloe
wife of Lee Tayloe
April 16, 1863
April 24, 1900

Joseph Weaver Tayloe
Aug. 14, 1899
Age 11 mos.

W.A. Weaver
Feb. 8, 1867
March 16, 1938

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