Marcum Manning & Martha Andrews

Cecile’s 3-great grandparents:

Marcum Manning 1775 – 1855 | his parents
& Martha Andrews 1784 – bef 1850 | her parents
of Martin Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Marcum Manning was born 12 Feb 1775 in NC and died 2 Nov 1855.
Martha Andrews was born 26 Mar 1784 in Edgecombe Co NC. She was the daughter of Levi Andrews 31 Dec 1743 – 1795 and his wife Abby Wallace 20 June 1750 –

Marcum was among the soldiers in the Second Regiment of Detached Militia that fought in the War of 1812.

Census Martin Co 1850
Morcum Manning 75 m farmer 1100 NC
Agnes Andrews 73 f
Martha E Manning 25 f
Allen Manning 7 m

Will of Marcum Manning 6 April 1855 – probate Jan Ct 1856 Martin Co
— daughter Julia A S W Coburn wife of Abner
— daughter Martha Caroline Lanier wife of Gavin
— son John A Manning
— grandson Allen A Manning personal property that formerly belonged to my son Allen and the sum of Fifty dollars forever.
— Agnes Andrews, the use of my dwelling House for and during the term of her natural life and out of my estate she shall be comfortably and suitably supported so long as she live.
Ex: my son John A Manning and my son-in-law Gavin Lanier
Wit: John R Lanier and Asa Biggs B2p420

Martha’s older maiden sister Agnes lived with them and continued to live in the home after her sister’s death.

Children of Marcum Manning and Martha Andrews:
1. Adalina Analisa Andrews Manning 11 Nov 1809
2. Julia Anna Lewisa Wallace Manning 24 Nov 1811 –
married Abner S Coburn ca 1804 – ca 1876
3. Allen Andrews Manning 24 April 1814 – bef April 1855
4. John Ashley Manning 13 March 1817 – 1881
married 10 Jan 1843 Elizabeth Page 23 March 1825 – 29 May 1888 age 63
a. Allen Andrews Manning 14 Feb 1844 –
Served in military as Pvt. 1861-1865
b. Warren Gray Manning 27 Oct 1845 – 14 Feb 1865 Goldsboro
Served in military as Pvt. 1863-1865 Died while in army at Goldsboro
c. Marcum Manning 29 May 1847 – 28 May 1889
Served in military as Pvt. 1864-1865
left wife and child
d. Martha Manning 20 April 1849 –
married 28 Nov 1872 —– —–
e. Susan Ann Virginia Manning 25 Dec 1851 – 15 Aug 1875
married J Edwin/Edward Teal
f. Mary Hodges Manning 28 Sept 1854 –
g. John Ashley Manning 11 March 1857 – 6 Aug 1857
h. Thaddeus Koscinsko Manning 25 May 1858 –
i. Henry Dawson Manning 3 Aug 1860 – never married
j. Joseph Robert Manning 7 Nov 1863 – 12 Dec 1929
i. Lillie Inez Manning 1901 – 1951
married Thomas Bayles Hughes 1896 –
1. Edith Manning Hughes Born 1921 Died ?
married William Henry Huggins Born 1904
2. Thomas Bayles Hughes Born 1923 Died ?
3. Edwin Holt Hughes Born 1925 died ?
4. Wynona Fidelia Hughes Born 1927
5. Robert Kyle Hughes Born 1933
ii. Robert Espy Manning 1903 – 1941 Never married
iii. Ashley Benton Manning – died young
iv. Harold Lawrence Outterbridge Manning 31 Dec 1911 – 10 June 1995
married Lila James Wynne 14 April 1913 – Oct 2003
1. Harold Lawrence Manning 1936
married Janet Kay Dawson 1935
a. Kathi Lyn Manning 1957
married Clarence Earl Pickard 1958
i. Megan Elizebeth Pickard 1984
ii. Clarence Earl Pickard Jr. 1986
iii. Sara Manning Pickard 1988
b. Laurie Kay Manning 1963
married Leon James Whitehurst 1963
i. Caroline Elizabeth Whitehurst 1993
ii. Leah James Whitehurst 1996
iii. Katherine Manning Whitehurst 2000
v. Joseph Andrews Manning 1913 Died young
vi. Elton Wace Manning 1915 – 2003 never married – Retired Lt. Co. Army
k. John Elizabeth Manning 9 Feb 1867 – 30 Oct 1894 [son]
l. Margaret Agnes Madorah [Nell] Manning 6 Feb 1870 –
5. Martha Caroline Manning 29 May 1821 –
married Gavin Lanier

Sources include Ray’s Genealogy Page
Scans of the John A Manning Bible
and a “journal” supplied by Hal L Manning

Cecile’s 4 great grandparents:

Levi Andrews 1743 – 1795 | his parents
& 1765 Abby Wallace/ss 1750 – | her parents
of Edgecombe Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Levi Andrews married Abby Wallace on the 21 Nov 1765.

Levi Andrews was born 31 Dec 1743 in Edgecombe County NC son of Warren Andrews and his wife Sarah.
Abby Wallass was born 20 June 1750 daughter of William D Wallace and wife Martha Andrews.

Levi died in 1795.

Children of Levi Andrews and Abby Wallace:
1. Lovey Andrews 17 Sept 1766 Edgecombe Co –
2. Whitden Andrews 27 Sept 1768 Edgecombe Co – ca 1823 Edgecombe Co
married Pitt Co bef 1790 Nancy Prescott 2 April 1766 Pitt Co – 9 children
3. Gray Andrews 17 Mar 1771 –
4. Allen Andrews 27 Oct 1773 –
5. Agness Andrews 13 Mar 1776 – 15 Sept 1856
6. Abby Andrews 29 April 1778 –
7. Warren Andrews 8 Sept 1781 –
8. Martha Andrews 26 March 1784 Edgecombe Co – bef 1850
married Marcum Manning 1775 – 1855
9. Marhenoh Andrews 9 Nov 1786 –
10. William Wallace Andrews 20 Nov 1792 Edgecombe Co NC –
married Pitt Co ca 1820 Nancy Andrews 11 children
married Martin Co ca 1852 Tabatha ? 2 children

Sources include Ray’s Genealogy Page
Robert and Linda Harris’s web site: Diggin’ for Roots

Cecile’s 5-great grandparents:

Warren Andrews ca 1700 – 1774 | his parents
& ca 1721 Sarah ? 1703 – | her parents
of Surry Co VA, Bertie Co, Tyrrell Co, Pitt Co, and Martin Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Warren Andrews was born in Surry Co VA ca 1700 the son of William Andrews and his wife Elizabeth Gray.
He owned land on Conoho Creek in Tyrrell Co from 1742 until 1759 when he purchased land in Pitt Co.

Children of Warren Andrews and his wife Sarah:
1. Martha Andrews ca 1723 VA
married ca 1750 Philip Pearse
2. Edmund Andrews ca 1725 Pitt Co NC – bef 1790 [ca 1795 Pitt Co]
married 1757 Agnes Wallace ca 1727 – ca 1795 6 children
a. Warren Daniel Andrews 18 May 1765 Pitt Co – 22 June 1833 Martin Co NC
married 18 Mar 1790 Barshaba Gainer 27 Feb 1767 Pitt Co NC – 1839 Pitt Co
b. Arden Andrews 6 March 1777 – 3 May 1847 Martin Co NC
married 28 Feb ca 1798 Drupina Gainer 24 Feb 1781 Martin Co – 1853
3. Etheldred Andrews 1727 NC –
married 30 Jan 1771 Dinah Wallace
4. Millie Andrews 1731 Pitt Co NC –
married Thomas Blount
5. Elizabeth Andrews 1733 NC –
married Thomas L Blanchard
6. Nancy Andrews 1738 NC –
married James Burrow
7. Levi Andrews 31 Dec 1743 Edgecombe Co NC – 1795
married 21 Nov 1756 Abby Wallace 20 June 1750 –

Sources include Ray’s Genealogy Page
his info came from Robert and Linda Harris; Robin and Jane Whitten; and a book “Colonial Roots” by Haywood Lawrence Robertson.

Cecile’s 6-great grandparents:

William Andrews ca 1685 – 1720 | his parents
& Elizabeth Gray 1684 – 1719 | her parents
of Northampton and Surry Counties VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Andrews was born ca 1685 in Northampton Co VA the son of William Andrews 1665 – aft 1732 and his wife Comfort Haggoman 1655 – 1720.

Elizabeth Gray was born in 1684 in Surry Co VA the daughter of William Gray ca 1648 – 1719 and his wife Elizabeth Jarrett ca 1658 – 1714.

Children of William Andrews and Elizabeth Gray:
1. Richard Andrews d. Nov 1750 Surry Co VA
2. Warren Andrews ca 1700 – 28 Feb 1774 Surry Co VA
married Sarah ?
3. William Andrews ca 1700 – 25 Jan 1771 Surry Co VA
married Mary Blount

Sources include Ray’s Genealogy Page
his info came from Robert and Linda Harris; Ernest Mae Seaholm

Cecile’s 7-great grandparents:

William Andrews 1665 – aft 1732 | his parents
& ca 1684 Comfort Haggoman 1655 – 1720 | her parents
of Northampton and Surry Counties VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Andrews married ca 1675 in Northampton Co VA Comfort Haggoman.

William Andrews was born 1656? Northampton Co VA son of Major William Andrews and his wife Dorothea Robbins. He died aft 1732 in Surry Co VA.

Comfort Haggoman was born 1655 Northampton Co VA daughter of Isaac Haggoman and his wife Margaret.

Children of William Andrews and Comfort Haggoman:
1. Andrew Andrews
2. Margaret Andrews 1677 –
3. Nathaniel Andrews ca 1679 – bef 2 May 1721
married Elizabeth Morris
4. Isaac Andrews 1681 –
5. Dorothy Andrews ca 1683 – aft 25 Sept 1739
married John Hastings
6. William Andrews ca 1685 – 1720

1684 Deed Northampton Co VA: William Andrews sold 100 acres to Andrew Smaw. [original patent to Obedience Robins]

Sources include Ray’s Genealogy Page
his info came from Robert and Linda Harris

Cecile’s 8-great grandparents:

Major William Andrews 1632 – 1673 | his parents
& 1650/51 Elizabeth Travellor aft 1627 | her parents
& 1664 Dorothea Robbins ca 1639 – ca 1682 | her parents
of Northampton Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Andrews and Dorothea Robbins were married 4 Sept 1664 in Northampton Co VA.
William Andrews was born in 1632 in Northampton Co VA son of Lt. Col William Andrews 1600 – bef 28 Feb 1655 and his wife Suzanna 1610 -. He died 28 Aug 1673.
Dorothea Robbins was born ca 1639 in Northampton Co VA daughter of Col. Obedience Robbins 16 April 1600 – 30 Dec 1662 and his wife Grace O’Neill 1602 -1681. She died before 2 March 1682.

Children of William Andrews and Elizabeth Travellor:
1. Eliesheba Andrews
2. Elizabeth Andrews 1 Jan 1653/54 –

Children of Maj. William Andrews and Dorothea Robbins:
1. Obedience Andrews 1660 –
2. John Andrews 1665 –
3. William Andrews 1665 – aft 1732
married Comfort Haggoman
4. Grace Andrews ca 1670 –
married Thomas Harmanson
5. Susanna Andrews ca 1671 – 20 March 1710
married Stephen Maxfield
married Nathaniel Littleton
6. Robert Andrews 2 April 1673 – 1718
married Elizabeth Shepherd
7. Mary Andrews 1675 –

Land 1 Nov 1659 Northampton Co VA:
Certificate is granted to Capt. William Andrewes for three hundred acres of Land being due to him by & for ye transportation of Six persons into this country whose names are as follows: Wm Bust, Hugh Mores, ffrancis Carlyle, Pirce Dinninge, Andrew Smaw, Jone Maxwell.

Sources include Ray’s Genealogy Page
his info came from Robert and Linda Harris; Earnest Mae Seaholm

Came on ship “Treasurer” – Cecile’s 9-great grandparents:

Lt. Col William Andrews ca 1591 – bef 28 Feb 1654/55 | his parents
& Suzanna ? 1610 – | her parents
& Mary Stringer | her parents
of England and Northampton Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Andrews was born in St Clements Parish, Cambridge, England ca 1591 the son of John Andrews ca 1566 – 1616 and his wife Easter. He was living in Northampton Co Va on the 25 May 1617. He died there before 28 Feb 1654/55.

William Andrews married his first wife Suzanna in England and bef 1644 married Mary Stringer in Northampton Co Va.

His father John Andrews died in Cambridge England in 1616.

Children of William Andrews and Suzanna:
1. Suzanna Andrews
2. Garret Andrews
3. Robert Andrews
4. William Andrews 1632 – 28 Aug 1673 Northampton Co VA
married Dorothea Robbins.
5. Joanna Andrews

Children of William Andrews and Mary Stringer:
1. Mary Andrews
2. Ann Andrews
3. John Andrews
4. Andrew Andrews

Merchant- Cecile’s 10 great grandparents:

John Andrews ca 1566 – 1616 | his parents
& Easter ? – d aft 1616 | her parents
of Cambridge, England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Will of John ANDREWES [John Andrews] of Cambridge, co. Cambridge, merchant, intending to go into Ireland. His wife Easter Andrews is sole executrix. She is to have (1) his house and grounds etc. in the parish of St. Clement in Cambridge, (2) his profits in certain houses in Longlane near London, and (3) his houses in Spittlehouse End in London. Property in (1) and (3) is his wife’s only during her widowhood, after which (1) goes to his son John ANDREWES and his heirs, and (3) goes to his son Francis ANDREWES and his heirs. Property in (2) goes to his son William ANDREWES and his heirs, upon his majority. To his sons Richard and George Andrewes, 150 each at 21. To his daughters Easter, Elizabeth and Clara, 150 each at 21 or on their marriage days, as their mother decides. To his son John ANDREWES the stock of 25 in the Virginia Company, and 10 yearly during his mother’s widowhood from the property in St. Clement’s parish. To his son William ANDREWES 50, when that sum is to be paid by his master’s bond. To his son Francis ANDREWES 100 at 21. All other goods to his wife, except 5 to John YAXLEY and Robert PRANCE, his friends and overseers of his will. A dead son’s or daughter’s share shall be divided equally among surviving sons or daughters. If his wife Easter remarries, within a month before her marriage she must give bond of 2000 marks for execution of the will; otherwise she is to lose her benefits under the will and be replaced as executor by his son William ANDREWES, who shall give the same bond. Signed 7 Sept. 1609. Witnesses John YAXLEY, Robert SPICER, Robert PRANCE. A codicil of 21 March 1610 notes that John ANDREWES, understanding that his son John ANDREWES has died in Virginia, acquits his wife of an annual payment of 10 to this son. The 50 put into the Virginia Company ( 25 in his own name and 25 in his son John’s name) is to go his son William. The houses in Longlane near London have been sold for 180 to John MEREDITH; William ANDREWES is to have this sum, or else the houses. The codicil is witnessed by Robert PRANCE. Probate at London on 4 June 1616 to Hester ANDREWES, widow and executrix of the deceased. (Abstracted in Virginia Historical Magazine XI, 155.)

Children of John Andrews and wife Easter:
1. John Andrews d bef 21 March 1610 in VA
2. Francis Andrews
3. William Andrews ca 1591 – bef 28 Feb 1655
4. Richard Andrews
5. George Andrews
6. Easter Andrews
7. Elizabeth Andrews
8. Clara Andrews

Cecile’s 4 great grandparents:

Marcom Manning 1730 – 1793 | his parents
Keziah Ballentine 1730 – 1787 | her parents
of Lower Norfolk Co VA & Martin Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Came to Martin County area in the 1760’s. was a volunteer in the Revolutionary War.

Will of Marcom Manning 8 Oct 1792 – Probate May 1793
— son William Manning
— son Rueben Manning
— son Marcum Manning
— daughter Nance Page
— daughter Margaret Page
— daughter Martha Jackson
— daughter Dinah Philpott
— daughter Kezia Manning
— daughter Rebecca Manning
— daughter Mary Manning
Exs: Edmund Andrews, Nathan May, my friends and my son Rueben Manning
Wit: Thos. Grimes, Absalom Jackson

Children of Marcom Manning & Keziah Ballentine:
1. William Manning
2. Reuben Manning [will 1832 Martin Co]
had land and city lots in Hamilton
married in Martin Co Sarah Staton
a. Thomas M Manning
b. John Manning
c. Reuben S Manning moved to MS 1841
married 1831 in Martin Co Elizabeth Dorothy Howell d. 1849 MS
ten children
married 2nd 1852 Eudory Ross
d. Keziah Manning
married Aaron Smith
e. Elizabeth Everett
f. Sarah Best
g. Ethanlinda Purvis
3. Marcum Manning 1775 – 1855
married Martha Andrews 1784 –
4. Nance Manning Page
5. Margaret Manning Page
6. Martha Manning Jackson
7. Dinah Manning Philpott
8. Kezia Manning
9. Rebecca Manning
10. Mary Manning

Plea for Help from Jeri BeitelI am trying to find the children of Marcom Manning and Kezia Ballentine’s son William 1776.I have been searching for a particular Reuben Manning and have been having difficulty because

of all of the Reuben Mannings born at the same time. None of the more known common ones

fit my scenario. You can help me if you know this William’s children I would be really grateful.

At least then I won’t be running down the same rabbit hole over and over.


Cecile’s 5 great grandparents:

John A Manning 1707 – 1758 | his parents
& Ann Deal 1710 – aft 1758 | her parents
of Norfolk Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of John Manning IV and Ann Deal:
all of their children were born in Lower Norfolk Co VA
1. Marcom Manning 1730 Lower Norfolk Co VA – 1793 Martin Co NC
married Keziah Ballentine 1730 – 1787 Martin Co NC
2. John Manning
3. Reubin Manning
married 1767 Diana McCoy
moved to Pitt Co NC in 1767, near Bethel or Stokes
a. Reuben Manning Jr [Will of 1829 Martin Co NC]
married Sally
i. Richard Manning
ii. Reuben Manning III
married bef 1830 – one child
iii. Ashley Manning 1802 – per Reuben’s Will of 1829
inherited the Lower Plantation with Reuben III.
dna shows his father to have been a Bryan rather than a Manning
iv. GracyNancy Manning
v. AniseLouisa Manning
b. Mary Manning
i. Ashley Manning 1802 –
married Ann Andrews
(1). William Ashley Manning 1827 Martin Co NC –
married in Pitt Co Mary Elizabeth Sutton
dau of John Sutton and Julia Allen
line of Don Pace Manning
Mary married 1803/4 William Frederick Bryan
4. Mary Manning Harper
5. Elizabeth Manning
6. Margaret Manning

note from Don Pace Manning:
Hi, Sally,
Based on a will, this person thinks Abena Wilkinson Whitfield could be the mother of William A. Manning.
"I found a record in Pitt County.  A will record for Benjamin Whitfield. 
It plainly states that Albena Whitfield is his mother.
She left him in NC and moved to TN with her second husband.
Either his father was also a Manning/Cherry or she left him with the Mannings when she moved. First husband was William Nelson.
Second husband was Obadiah Carson. Roderick Cherry, son of Samuel M. Cherry, took the three Whitfield children, including Albena,  away from Benjamin Whitfield because Benjamin was incompetent.
There was a big land court case and that's how I found the record.
It's very complicated.
The Bryans were involved and a Whitehurst--They go back to the marriage between William F. Bryan and Mary Manning, d/o Reuben Manning and Diana McCoy, Reuben being the s/o John A. Manning and Ann Deal.
Don Pace Manning.
ps  We now have this up on my Family Tree in  Since my YDNA is G-L140 (Cherry), the father has to be a Cherry.  William A. Manning was born May 11, 1827, in Martin County, we all thought.
My best guess for the father would be the s/o William Cherry and Delaney Smith.  This now appears to be the new mystery!
"It's possible Willis/Wallace Manning was W.A. Manning's father."

Cecile’s 6 great grandparents:

John Manning 1685 – 1757 | his parents
& Margaret Markham 1685 – bef 1757 | her parents
of Norfolk Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of John Manning III & Margaret Markham:
1. John Manning 1707 – 1758 Norfolk Co VA
2. Matthew Manning
a. William Manning
3. Ann Manning Taylor
a. Elizabeth Taylor
4. Sarah Manning Lewellyn
5. Elizabeth Manning Cherry
a. Lemuel Cherry
b. Seth Cherry
6. Margaret Manning Dyes
7. Lette Manning Lewelling

Cecile’s 7 great grandparents:

John Manning 1650 – 1716 | his parents
& Sarah Wattford 1650 – 1694 | her parents
of Norfolk Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of John Manning II & Sarah Wattford:
1. Joseph Manning
2. John Manning 1685 – bef 1757
3. William Manning
4. Thomas Manning

emigrated 1635 from London, England on the “Globe” – Cecile’s 8 great grandparents:

John Manning 1615 – bef 1672 | his parents
& Lydia Richardson 1630 – ca 1700 | her parents
of England and Lower Norfolk Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

“John and his brother Thomas sailed to Lower Norfolk County, Virginia from London England in 1635 on the “Globe.”

Child of John Manning & Lydia Richardson:
1. John Manning 1650 – 1716

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