James Hayes & wife Mary

Sally’s great-great-great-great Grandparents:

James Hayes 1731/38 – 1808 | parents
& wife Mary ___ | parents
of Gates County, North Carolina

James Hayes was born 1731/38.
It appears from the Tax Lists of Hertford and Gates Counties that James was the wealthiest of the Hayes men living on Bennetts Creek.
In 1754 James and his father William Hayes were listed in the Chowan County militia, mustered for the French and Indian War. (Hayes, A E: Hayes in Va & NC)

Children of James Hayes and wife Mary:
1. Lt. James Hayes ca 1758 – 1777 killed in the Battle of Germantown
2. John William Hayes ca 1769 – 1834 Gates Co, NC
married 4 Oct 1791 Mary Riddick ca 1775 – aft 1836
3. Benjamin Hayes ca 1777 – 1833 Gates Co, NC
married 1797 Priscilla Parker
married 2nd ca 1831 Elizabeth Minchew
4. Nancy Hayes
? married a Hayes
a. Demsey Hayes bef 1808 –
b. Henry Hayes bef 1808 –
5. Sarah Hayes
married 4 Nov 1800 Jesse Harrell
6. Martha Hayes
married Polson

(Almasy Vol II 1807-1838 Gates NC Wills)
In the name of God Amen, I James Hays of Gates County & State of No Carolina being of sound memory, Do make constitute ordain this to be my last will and Testament in means and form following viz
.First: I give and bequeath to my son John Hays my plantation & the lands adjoining the same on the South side of Bennets Creek that he the said John now lives on to him and his heirs forever. I give to my son John five negroes, Hanner, Jim, Silva, Sealley & Cherry with their increase to hin & his heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin the plantation whereon I now live with the lands adjoining the same as also I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin the plantation & lands that I bought of Ishael Beeman to him and his heirs forever. I also give to my son Benjamin six negroes by name Rachal, Tom, Peg, Nancy, Luce, & Rachal again to him & his heirs forever with theys increase.
Also I give to my two sons John & Benjn four negroes by name Harry, Jude, Pleasant, & Melbery with theyre increase to them & theyre heirs forever. provided they will pay two hundred dollars my grandson Dempsey Hays when he comes of age.
Also two hundred dollars to Henry Hays my grandson when he comes of age.
Also pay fifty dollars to my daughter Nancey,
also pay twenty five dollars to my daughter Martha Polson
also pay twenty five dollars to my son in law Jesse Harrell.
I give my still to my son Benjamin to him & his heirs forever. Also I give to my son Benjamin two feather beds to him & his heirs forever. Also I give my son Benjamin one cow & yearling first choice with theyre to him & his heirs forever.
My desire is that my executors sell the remaining part of my property and after my debts are paid the balance to be divided between by sons John & Benjamin Hays.
I nominate and appoint my sons John Hays & Benjamin Hays my executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & fixd my seal this seventh day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & four.
James (his x hand & mark) Hays (seal) In the presents of us Robert Parker, Hance Hays (jurat).
August Court 1808: exhibited by John Hays & Benjamin Hays, executors; proved Hance Hays
Estate of James Hays Taken 21 Nov 1808: 415 Acres Land, Negro woman Rachel, Negro boy Henry, Negro boy James, Negro girl Pegg, Nancy, Rachal, Lucy, Mary. John H Hays Benjamin Hays

Grandchildren of James Hayes:

Children of Nancy Hayes:
1. Dempsey Hayes bef 1808 –
2. Henry Hayes bef 1808 –

Children of John William Hayes and Mary Riddick:
1. Docton Hayes ca 1792 – ca 1881
married 1 Jan 1824 Penelope Hoffler ca 1802 – aft 1871
Abram Parker, bm
a. Lucy Ann Hayes 1835 –
b. Norman Hayes 1837 –
c. Calvin Hayes 1839 – 22 Dec 1863 of disease POW
Co B 5th Reg NC State Troops
d. Hance Hayes 1842 –
e. Mary Hayes 1845 –
f. Annie Eliza Hayes
married John Benbury Rawls
i. Martha Ann Rawls
ii. Dr. J Lewis Rawls of Suffolk, VA
g. John Hayes – bef 1871
2. Joseph R. Hayes ca 1801 – ca 1866
married 17 Nov 1824 Mary E. Williams
George Hinton, bm
married 2nd bef 1850 Sarah ? ca 1801 –
a. Caleb M. Hayes ca 1833 –
married 17 Jan 1856 Maranda Hofler
S W Worrell, bm
b. Joseph Hayes ca 1837 –
Sergeant, Co B 5th Reg NC State Troops [leg amputated]
c. Richard Hayes ca 1839 –
Co B 5th Reg NC State Troops
d. Elizabeth Hayes
married bef 1866 Brown
3. Elvirah Hayes
married Smith
4. William W Hayes 25 April 1807 – 2 Dec 1880 N. Hampton Co, NC
married 8 Nov 1832 Chrissy Williams 22 March 1811 – 23 Dec 1872
Wright Hays, bm
a. Sarah Eliza Hayes 26 Sept 1833 – March 1878
married 6 April 1854 Joseph McCoy
b. Mary Frances Hayes 22 Dec 1835 – 6 Dec 1914
married 10 May 1866 Rev Wm. Grant
c. William Pell Hayes 21 Jan 1838 – 19 Dec 1906 Houston, TX
married 3 Sept 1863 Mary Gordon Lassiter
Jacob R Hathaway, bm
d. Thomas Alexander Hayes 4 July 1840 – 18 June 1862
of typhoid in the Chinborazo Hospitat at Richmond, 5th Reg, NC Troops
e. Suzannah Williams Hayes 30 Jan 1846 – aft 1906 of Suffolk, VA
married 26 Dec 1870 Thomas W. Egleston
f. Jonathan Emory Hayes 28 Oct 1849 – aft 1906 Houston, TX
married Miss Annie Furness of Texas
Information from the William W Hayes Bible now in possession of Gates Co Hist. Soc.
5. Elizabeth Hayes ca 1810 –
married Hinton
6. John W. Hayes Jr ca 1826 – 30 June 1862 of typhoid
Co. B, 5th Reg. NC State Troops
married 21 Nov 1849 Nancy Rountree ca 1826 –
Asa Hays, bm
a. H. A. Hayes ca 1850 –
b. Wm. Hayes ca 1852 –
c. I. T. Hayes ca 1853 –
d. P. E. Hayes ca 1856 –

Children of Benjamin Hayse and Priscilla Parker:
1. Margaret Hayse born c 1815
married ______ Williams
2. Elizabeth Hayse born 1800
married 21 Dec1821 Timothy Hayse
3. Sally Hayse born c 1809
married John (Jack) Hoffler (killed in the Civil War)
4. Lavania Hayse born 1803-bef 1850
married 30 Nov 1818 Zachariah Hayse c1800
5. Cynthia Hayse born c 1804
married 21 April 1823 Richard Cross
6. Martha Hayse born c 1809
7. Willis Riddick Hayse born 1810
married 20 Jan 1831 Elizabeth (Betsy) Riddick
8. Robert Parker Hayse born 1812
married 18 Dec 1832 Ann (Nancy) Hinton
9. Sophia Hayse born c 1814
married Riddick Cross
10. Mary Hayse born c 1815 “helpless child”
Child of Benjamin Hayes and Elizabeth Minchew:
11. Caroline Hays 13 Dec 1832-1893
married 1847 Hance Hoffler

(Hayes, A E: Hayes in Va & NC)

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  1. I have a Henry Hayes and Dempsey Hayes that settled in Johnston CO. N.C. THEY are in my family tree. I have track them to Gates CO. I think they are the same ones in the will of James William Hayes of 1808. DO you have any information. Please reply.

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