John Rutland & Charity Watson

John Rutland ca 1721 – 1762 | his parents
and Charity Watson ca 1723 – ca 1795 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
based on Original research of my own and also by Dorothy Crawford

– from Dorothy Crawford –
First record found of John is in Bertie Co., NC in Nov 1740. He was witness to two deeds between James Rutland, Sr. and James Rutland, Jr. (Bertie Co. NC Deed Book F pp. 162-163.)
___29 Aug 1745 John was witness to deed: John Randall to William Rutland for 150 acres part in Bertie Co. and part in Northampton Co.- adj. James Rutland. Proved Aug 1745. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 1 p. 216.)
___Undated Militia Roll of Capt. Samuel Cotton: Corp. John Rutland, Privates James Rutland, James Rutland, Jr., William Rutland, and Edward Rutland. (NC Archives.)
___25 Mar 1748 John Rutland’s land adjoined a SURVEY for a Granville Grant to William Robertson, Jr. for 600 acres in Northampton Co. – also adj. William Rutland, Wm. & Michael Horn, & Wm. Carter. (Original – NC Archives.) NOTE: John’s land referred to in this deed MIGHT be land inherited from James Rutland, SR. in his lost Will. Land bequested in a Will did not require a deed. John still adjoined this land when Robertson sold 200 acres of it to Willis Callum on 20 Oct 1754. Land was part in Bertie Co. & part in Northampton Co. (Bertie Co. Deed Book H p. 168.)
___30 Nov 1753 Richard Harrell to John Rutland of Northampton Co. for 100 acres, part of a 160 acre patent granted to Samuel Andrews. Proved in May Court 1754. (Bertie Co. NC Deed Book H p. 55.)
___13 Apr 1761 John Rutland deed to Benjamin Cotton of Northampton Co., for 50 acres – part of Samuel Andrews 160 acre patent – joins Mary Harrell. Proved ___. (Bertie Co. NC Deed Book K p. 55.) This is from 100 acres John bought from Richard Harrell in1753.
___20 May 1762 John signed his Will. Inventory of his personal property was made on 8 Jan 1763 by James Rutland. Original Will and Inventory – NC Archives. (Recorded in Bertie Co. NC Will Book A pp. 52-53.) In Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1763-1771, Court term Feb 1763: John Rutland’s Will was proved by oath of Edward Callum; James Rutland, Executor, gave in the Inventory and to sell the perishables of the estate.

Will of John Rutland of Bertie Co NC – 20 May 1762 – Feb 1763 Court Term
“In the name of God Amen, the 20 day of May in the year of our Lord Christ 1762 John Rutland of Bertie County in the Province of North Carolina being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to All mighty God, therefore calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and order this last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that give it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried a descent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors hereafter named nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner and form
– I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Blake Rutland after my wife deceased or day of marriage the plantation and land belonging to in Northampton ….
son John Rutland – plantation where I now live
sons Watson Rutland and Readin Rutland – land on the Leeking Rute in Northampton
daughter Milbry Rutland – Nego Fillis and her increase
daughter Charty Rutland – Negro Cary
daughter Rinney – Negro Hill
son Reddick Rutland – my negro wench and 50 pounds after his mother’s death or marriage, but if he should sue for Fillis and Cary he is to be cut off with five shillings.
son Reddick Rutland – colt
son John Rutland – horse, bridle and saddle.
Item, I give to my dearly beloved wife [whom he DOES NOT NAME] Drummer the horse and the mare Snip during the time of her natural life…
daughters Milbry Rutland, Charty Rutland and Rinney Rutland – bed each”
Bertie Co NC Will Bk A, pp 52-53
E-mail from Diane G Weathers

Children of John Rutland and Charity Watson dau of John Watson:
1. [James] Reddick Rutland ca 1747 Bertie Co NC – 1825 Spartenburg SC
– from Original research by Dorothy Crawford –
___1764 Tax of Bertie Co.,NC: “Charite Rutland” – with her are “Redick Rutlen” & Luce [a negro] as 2 taxables. (Original record NC Archives.)
___1772 Reddick was on jury; also to count freeholders in his District. (Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1772-1780.)
___6 Mar 1775 Deed from Reddick Rutland to “my loving sister Milberry Rutland . . . for negro woman called Phillis . . . formerly the property of my Grandfather John Watson.” Witnessed by Blake Rutland, Reddin Rutland (his mark) & Willis Callum. Proved in Court Sep 1775 by Blake Rutland & Registered 7 Jan 1776. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 6 p. 67.) Phillis had been willed to Milbry by their father John Rutland.
___May 1775 deed from Reddick Rutland to Charity Harrel. Proved in Court by witness Blake Rutland. (Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1772-1780.) This is slave Cacy/Cary, willed by their father John Rutland to daughter Charity.
___1779 Reddick is Constable in Henry Roads [Rhodes] District. (Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1772-1780.)
___1790 census of Northampton Co. NC: Reddick 16+, 3 children under 16; 4 slaves. [Note: no female/wife]
___1800 census of Franklin Co. NC: Reddick 45+, 1 female 16-26, 2 males 10-16, 1 female & 1 male 0–10; 3 slaves.
1800 census Franklin co, NC Reddick Rutland 22001 10100 03
~~~~~ SOUTH CAROLINA ~~~~~
___1805 Reddick was in Spartanburg Co., SC – see land deeds.
___1810 census of Spartanburg Co., SC: Rederik Rutland 26-45, 1 female 26-45, 2 males & 1 female 10-16, 4 males & 1 female under 10; 4 slaves.
___1820 census of Spartanburg Co., SC: Redrick Rutland 45+, 1 female 45+, 2 males 16-26, 2 males 16-18, 2 males & 1 female 10-16, 1 male & 1 female under 10. 2 male slaves & 1 female slave.
___10 Mar 1821 Reddick Rutland‘s Will was written. His Will & Inventory were recorded 18 Dec 1825 in Spartanburg Co., SC. Named in his Will are; wife Dorothy; sons William, John, James, Watson, Blake, & Reddick Rutland; daughters Patsey Rutland, Charity Rutland & Rainey Robertson.
NOTE: By census count it appears Reddick had 13 children born. 12 seem to have lived to adulthood but he names only 9 in his will.

married ca 1785 1st ?
married 2nd 9 Feb 1795 (H) Jemima Horton
married 3rd Dorothy ?Smith
a. Watson Rutland 1807 SC – 1882 Coosa Co, AL
married 7 Oct 1835 Troup Co Ga Mary Ann Estes 1814 GA – aft 1882
ancestors of Gail Rutland Geno
i. Asa Rutland 1836 Chambers Co AL –
ii. Celia Ann Rutland 3 May 1837 AL –
iii. Mary Jane Rutland 1840 –
iv. Sarah A Rutland 1842 –
v. Martha Cassina Rutland 1843 –
vi. Dorothy Ann Rutland 1846 –
vii. Lucinda E Rutland 1848 –
married William Franklin Pickett
ancestors of Jane Easley
viii. Reddick Rutland 20 Nov 1849 –
ix. Martina Domarious Rutland 5 Oct 1851 –
x. William Watson Rutland 9 Dec 1853 AL – 19 Nov 1912 Chilton Co AL
married Nancy Emily Culver 16 Apr 1865 – 18 Sept 1927
xi. Emaline Cordelia Rutland 1856 –
? xii. James Rutland
b. William Rutland
c. John Rutland
d. James Rutland ca 1804 –
e. Blake Rutland ca 1814/18 –
f. Reddick Rutland
e-mail from Kathy Lacy in Barbour Co., AL I made copies of deeds, marriage records, etc.. on my Redden Rutland and some of his children. I descend through his daughter, Sarah M. “Sallie” Rutland (1849-1920). She married in 1866 to Clayton R. Jones, and they both died and are buried in AR. According to the 1880 Barbour Co., AL census Redden was born 1798 in SC with his parents listed as being from NC. His wife, Clarissa, was listed as 60 yrs old from GA and her parents were listed as being from GA. I have found no record for either of them after this 1880 census record. I have some military/pension records on his 5 sons who served in the Civil War as well as the record for his son-in-law Clayton R. Jones.
g. Patsy Rutland
h. Charity Rutland
i. Rainey Rutland
married Robertson

2. John Rutland ca 1750 – 1804 Bertie Co, NC
___1774 John Rutland was on a jury; also on committee to lay off land to build a Public Grist Mill. (Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1772-1780.)
___1776-1778 John was a “searcher” from Marsh to Sandy Run. (Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1772-1780.)
John’s Will was written 3 Jan 1804 and probated Court May 1804. Inventory taken 14 May 1804. Abstract: wife Pamelia, daughter Elizabeth Grover and sons Norsworthy, Whitmell, Turner, Blake Baker, Reddin, Johnston, and Thomas Blount Rutland. (Bertie Co. NC Will Book E p. 204.)
___24 Apr 1815 Commissioners Wm Britton, Thos Rhodes & Joseph Horne made the division of Slaves [named] to the 4 youngest sons of John Rutland, dec’d, (viz.) Reading, Johnson, Thomas B. and Blake B. Rutland. (Original Loose Records at NC Archives.)
1800 Census Bertie Co NC John Rutland 10201 00010 0 6

Will of John Rutland (/233) 3 Jan 1804 May Ct 1804 …being weak in body…
Wife, Permela Rutland – lend all my land, Negroes, stock etc for her widowhood.
Son Norsworthy Rutland – Negro Joseph after paying $100 at the delivery of said Negro.
Son Whitmell Rutland – my land in Northampton County which I bought of William Moore also Negroes Isaac and Poll, etc.
Son Turner Rutland – all my land I bought of John Harrell and Solomon Cherry, also Negro Ben.
Son Blake Baker Rutland – land and plantation where I now live.
Daughter Elizabeth Grover – Negro Nelson which she now has, also cow and calf.
Sons Reddin, Johnston, Thomas Blount and Blake Baker Rutland – Negroes Dick, Mourning, Merriday, Hannah, Sam and Clary, to be divided among them at my wife’s death.
Six sons Whitmell, Turner, Reddin, Johnston, Thomas Blount, and Blake Baker Rutland – the remaining part of my estate not already given away, to be delivered at my wife’s death.
EX: wife, friends, Moses Bishop, William Higgs. Wit: Milbary Rutland, Micajah (x) Wilkes, Lem’l Burkett (note. this will on page 231 on the microfilm reel – abstract by David B Gammon)

1810 Norsworthy Rutland 1 m 0/10, 1 m 26/45, 2 f 0/10, 1 f 16/25 11 sl
1820 Naurie Rutland 00 11 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
1830 Census Halifax Co NC
Turner Rutland 00 11 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

married 30 Nov 1774 Pamelia [Amelia] Norsworthy
daughter of John Norsworthy (Will proved Sept Ct 1789 NH Co, NC)
a. Elizabeth Rutland est 1783 –
married 13 May 1799 James Swinhow Grover Jr [will prov May 1807]
i. John Rutland Grover est 1801 –
ii. Susannah Swain Grover est 1803 –
iii. James Swinhow Grover, the youngest est 1805 –
b. Norsworthy Rutland of Northampton Co, NC
married [2nd?] 12 May 1828 Bertie Co Elizabeth Rutland
i. Harrison Rutland in Franklin Co, Ala by 1839
ii. Allen Rutland in Franklin Co, Ala
iii. Wylie Rutland in Franklin Co, Ala
iv. Joseph Rutland in Franklin Co, Ala
married Sarah B.
c. Whitmell Rutland esq
married Mary L. Moore Oct 1782 – Oct 1832
daughter of Moses Moore will 1818 Bertie Co
d. Turner Rutland
e. Blake Baker Rutland ca 1793 Bertie Co NC – in GA 1850
married Margaret Sclamious Grovenstein ca 1803 GA –
dau of John Lewis Groverstein & Judith Bush

John Lewis Groverstein 25 Dec 1770 – 1 Jan 1832
[son of John Justus Grovenstein of the Salzburgers of Ebenezer GA]
married 1st Hannah Dasher
1. Benjamin Grovenstein
2. Lewis Grovenstein
3. Hannah Elizabeth Grovenstein
4. Shadrack Grovenstein
5. George Williams Grovenstein
married 2nd 18 Oct 1797 Judith Bush
1. Margaret Grovenstein ca 1803 –
married Blake Baker Rutland 1793 NC –
John Justus Grovenstein of the Salzburgers of Ebenezer GA died aft 1789
married 22 Feb 1763 Catherine Bibbenbach
1. Christian Grovenstein
2. Henry Lewis Grovenstein 21 May 1765 – 28 Oct 1769
3. Mary Grovenstein
4. Henery Lewis Grovenstein 25 Dec 1770 – 1 Jan 1832
5. John Lewis Grovenstein

i. John Henry Rutland ca 1835 GA –
ii. Mary Rutland
iii. Lawrence Green Rutland Nov 1830 GA –
married ca 1853 Martha Ann Slade Feb 1838 GA –

1. James Monroe Rutland
2. Eligah William Rutland 1859 –
3. Thomas Jerrymiah
5. Beaureguard Rutland ca 1862 GA –
6. Lawrence Green Rutland 1865 GA –
7. Sarah Jane Rutland 1867 GA –
8. Lavinia Jackey Eliz Rutland 1868 GA –
9. Blake Baker Rutland 1870 GA –
10. John C Rutland ca 1873 GA –
married Clifford OQuinn
11. Andrew Jackson Rutland Apr 1874 GA –
12. Anna Luvenia Rutland ca 1876 GA –
13. Charles Robert Rutland July 1878 GA –
14. Annie Elizabeth Rutland Aug 1881 GA –
iv. Josephine Rutland ca 1837 GA –
v. Johnston Rutland ca 1840 GA –
vi. William Turner Rutland ca 1842 GA –
vii. Elizabeth Rutland ca 1843 GA –
viii. Margaret S Rutland ca 1844 GA –
ix. Eliza Rutland ca 1846 GA –
x. Noah Rakes Rutland ca 1848 GA –
f. Reddin Rutland ?? – 1833 Bibb Co, GA
married Mary
i. Rufus King Rutland

Another researcher (Carolyn W. Haskins) sent me some info about a year ago on a Redden Rutland whose will was probated in 1833 in Bibb Co., GA.. it shows he had a wife named Mary, and son named Rufus King Rutland. .one of the executors was listed as Blake B. Rutland….
g. Johnston Rutland
h. Thomas Blount Rutland ca 1796 – LA
3. Charity Rutland ca 1752 – bef 1795
married 8 Nov 1774 Amos Harrell 1750 – 1805
Bertie Co will 16 Sep 1805 – Feb Ct 1806
a. Rinna Harrell
married Bertie Co 23 Aug 1794 John Peele Jacob Higgs, Bm
b. Charity Harrell 1782 – 1822
married Bertie Co 19 Oct 1798 Jesse Powell 1772 – 1860
Lewis Cotten, Bm
Amos Harrell married 2nd ca 1795 Elizabeth Sutton 1771 – ca 1836
a. Elizabeth “Betsy” Sutton Harrell 1796 – 1840
married Perry Cotten Tyler 1788 – 1865
b. Parthenia Harrell
? married a Lancaster
c. Salley Harrell
d. Nancy B Harrell
married a Granberry
Evidently –
Elizabeth Sutton Harrell married aft 1806 2nd a Rutland.
Will of Elizabeth Rutland 30 July 1831 prob. Aug Ct 1836 Bertie Co
– daughters Elizabeth Tyler, Nancy Granberry and Elizabeth Helen Lancaster
– grandchildren Wm. Gaston Lancaster, Branch Lancaster, Martha Andrews, Sally E Granberry,
– EXRS: Perry C Tyler and Sam’l W. Granberry
— Test: Turner Horne, Wm. Britton NCHGR 2-545

4. Milbry Rutland ca 1754 –
married Wilson Rutland will 1802 NH Co NC
son of Edward Rutland and Martha Daughtry
Will of Wilson Rutland 18 June 1802 – Sept Ct 1802 Northampton Co NC [Hofmann abst]
– beloved wife Milbra Rutland – negroes etc and land and plantation whereon I now live all the land on the north side of Hosky swamp for her natural life provided she support my son Orren B Rutland and give him sufficient schooling untill he arrives to the age of maturity
– to my daughter Charity Rutland negroes etc and lend her one Small room in my house during the time she may live single
– to my beloved son Watson Rutland one peace of land on the south side of Hosky swamp which I purchased of Henry Cotton, to sd. Watson also 1 negro, 2 cows, and calves, 2 sows, etc.
to son Orren, the land lent my wife after her death
EX: my friend William Granberry WITS: Penny F—-?, William Granberry

a. John Watson Rutland 12 Oct 1775 Bertie Co – 1819
1810 census NH co Watson Rutland 2 m 0/10, 1 m 45+, 1 f 0/10, 1 f 26/45, 14 sl
married 1803 Elizabeth Wells 1 Oct 1774 Petersburg VA – 9 Sept 1856 Buzzard Roost AL [her 3rd husband?]
daughter of Isham and Martha Wells –
md 1st Aug 1791 Joseph Calvin,
md 2nd 1796 Samuel Granberry

i. Elizabeth A Rutland 6 Apr 1805 Bertie Co – Oct 1851
ii. Stephen Wells Rutland 23 Apr 1807 Bertie Co –
iii. John Watson Rutland 9 Nov 1808 Bertie Co – 25 Jan 1884 Colbert Co AL
married 22 Aug 1833 Margaret A Barton 7 May 1813 – 3 Oct 1855 42yr 4mo 25 days
1. Mary Elizabeth Rutland 22 July 1834 – 19 June 1851 no issue
2. Ann Maria Rutland 22 Mar 1836 – 10 June 1898 Buzzard Roost AL no issue
never married
3. Amanda Ellen Rutland 2 May 1837 – 3 July 1920
married Nathan Scruggs
a. Frank Scruggs
4. Hugh Watson [Watt] Rutland 27 Sept 1839 – 23 Aug 1918
married 14 Dec 1876 Sara Louise Goodloe
a. Louise Rutland dy
5. Margaret Frances Rutland 21 Jan 1842 – April [May] 1901
married Goodloe Pride
6. John Armistead Rutland 22 Jan 1844 – 6 April 1862 Battle at Shiloh
enlisted CSA April 1861
7. Arthur Barton Rutland 3 Sept 1845 – 28 Sept 1869
four years in the CSA army impaired his health
8. Louisa Eudora Rutland 26 Feb 1847 – 15 Sept 1853
9. James S Rutland 9 Feb 1849 – 6 May 1883
married Ossie Stubbs
a. Alice Eudora [Dora] Rutland 22 Oct 1877 – 7 April 1963
married 25 Nov 1897 Easley John Blackwood
i. Cornelia Blackwood
ii. Easley Rutland Blackwood 25 June 1903 – 27 Mar 1992
“the bridge player” has son by same name who is well-known musician
iii. Margaraet Eudora Blackwood
10. Wells Rutland 9 Feb 1849 – 30 Oct 1918 Jasper AL
married 13 Nov 1873 Susan Turner Goodloe 6 April 1851 AL – 23 Sept 1896 Cherokee AL
a. Mary Lane Rutland 28 Sept 1874 AL – 1 Dec 1967 Hammond LA
married 23 Jan 1895 Dr. James Frederick Alexander 1871 – 1926 AL
b. Maggie Barton Rutland 24 Aug 1876 – 21 Mar 1934 Sheffield AL
married 27 Dec 1893 Robert Samuel Turner
c. Lucy Maude Rutland 30 Sept 1878 – Birmingham AL
married 19 Jan 1898 John Franklin Craig
d. Jimmie Wells Rutland 9 Feb 1881 – 17 Sept 1951 Cherokee AL
married 31 Oct 1906 Effie Mahan 31 Oct 1884 – 15 Mar 1955 Cherokee AL
e. Turner Goodloe Rutland 19 Dec 1883 – 11 Nov 1959
married 12 Dec 1906 Benjamin Weakley Cunningham 19 Mar 1870 – 30 Apr 1947 Florence AL
f. Julia Louise Rutland 27 Aug 1885 – 30 Aug 1906
married 1906 William H Williams
h. Robert Goodloe Rutland 5 Jan 1889 – 30 June 1895 Cherokee AL
married 2nd 27 April 1898 Maggie Doss 18 Dec 1866 – 13 Jan 1929 Florence AL
a. Lacey Doss Rutland 13 Sept 1899 – July 1927
11. William Roger Rutland 27 Sept 1851 – 27 April 1916
married Emma Foote
a. Jack Rutland
b. Anna Foote Rutland
married Martha Frances Ross
c. Herbert Ross Rutland
12. Lucy Alice Rutland 13 Dec 1852 – 2 March 1915 dsp


John Watson Rutland and wife Margaret Barton ca 1855
“John Watson Rutland was born in Bertie County, N.C., November 9, 1808.
He moved to Alabama, and settled in Franklin County in 1831.
He was twice married: [sisters]
first to Miss Margeret Barton, August 22, 1833:
second to Mrs. H.M. Carlos (nee Hannah Barton), May 7, 1861.
he joined the M.E. Church South in 1856
and died at his home in Colbert County, Alabama, January 25, 1884.”
from his obit

married second 7 May 1861 Hannah Barton [Carlos] d. 10 Mar 1890
iv. Thomas R Rutland 29 Nov 1813 Bertie Co –
v. Joseph C Rutland 19 Aug 1816 Bertie Co – June 1863 near Holly Springs MS dsp
b. Charity Rutland ca 1780 –
c. Orren B Rutland ca 1790 –
5. Blake Rutland 20 Sept 1756 Bertie Co NC – 7 Feb 1821 Wilson Co TN
Blake Rutland departed this life February the 7th 1821, aged 64 years, 4 months, and 18 days.”
___6 Mar 1775 Blake was a witness to a deed from Reddick Rutland to “my loving sister Milberry Rutland . . . for negro woman called Phillis . . . formerly the property of my Grandfather John Watson.” Witnessed by Blake Rutland, Reddin Rutland (his mark) & Willis Callum. Proved in Court on _ Sep 1775 & Registered 7 Jan 1776. (Northampton Co.NC Deed Book 6 p. 67.) Phillis had been willed to Milbry by their father.
___May 1775 As a witness, Blake proved deed from Reddick to Charity Harrel. (Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes 1772-1780.) This is slave Cacy/Cary, willed by their father to daughter Charity.
___About 1779 Blake & Martha married.
___1786 Census of Northampton Co., NC: Blake Rutland 21-60, 1 male 0-21, 2 females; 10 blacks in Capt. Horn’s District. (Register, Mrs. A. K. (1971): State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787. p.114.)
___1790 census of Northampton Co., NC: Blake Rutland 16+, 1 female, *4 children 0-16. Note: *census taker in this District listed all children in the column headed males 0-16.
___14 Apr 1791 Grant from State of NC to Blake Rutland for 100 acres on Sandy Run in Northampton Co. adjoining Robert Hobday, Willis Callum, and Watson Rutland. Entered 30 Mar 1790. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 9 pp. 272-273.)
___20 Dec 1791 Grant #238 State of NC to Blake Rutland for 75 acres [surveyed as 70 acres] in Bertie Co. on Sandy Run (the county line) adjoining his own line and Willis Callum and John Harrell. (File No. 1074 at NC State Archives.) Note: The first sentence reads “to John Blake Rutland” but within deed he is addressed three times as “Blake Rutland” and was Entered 7 June 1790 by Blake Rutland. This tract adjoined the first grant & likely adjoined the land willed to Blake by his father, however, land conveyed by a will did not produce a deed.
___27 Oct 1795 “Blakey Rutland and Martha his wife” deed to Roderick Cotton for ¬£225; 200 acres part in Northampton Co. & part in Bertie Co. adjoining John Rutland, Watson Rutland, and Willis Callum. Tract of land Granted to Blakey by Patent for 200 acres. Signed by: Blake Rutland, Martha (+) Rutland. Wit: John Josey, Watson (+) Rutland, Robert (R) Hobdy. Proved by Watson Rutland in Northampton Co. Court 1795. Registered 16 Dec 1795. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 10 pp. 195-196.) Note: This deed must include land willed to Blake by his father, John Rutland, as Blake was only granted a total of 170 acres.
___24 Dec 1795 Blake was a witness to a sale of a negro from Wm Lightfoot to James Rutland. Proved at Court term Mar 1796. (Northampton Deed Book 10 p. 43 or 243?) Last record located in NC for Blake.
Blake moved his family to Davidson Co. in 1796 or 1797. They settled in what eventually became Wilson Co., and in his lifetime he acquired over a thousand acres there – soon known as the “Rutland Settlement”. Blake also purchased 1280 acres on the Tennessee River in Stewart Co., TN which he gave to his sons Rhaford and Rutherford.
About 1801 Blake was one of the founders of Big Cedar Lick Church (years later relocated & renamed Mt. Olivet Baptist Church). The first minister was Moore Stevenson and two of his children, Christian & Benjamin, would later marry Rutherford & Elizabeth Rutland. Blake and Martha are on the earliest extant membership list of 1811. Some of that church’s members wanted to start another church nearer their homes.
On 4 Sep 1820 Blake, his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Benjamin F. Stevenson, deeded about 3 acres for 25 cents to John H. Ligon, trustee, for the use of the Baptist Church. Blake had previously built a school house or neighborhood meeting place on this NW quarter of his homeplace and had given this quarter to his daughter Elizabeth when she was 14 or 15 years of age. Rutland Baptist Church was formed there in Sep 1821, eight months after Blake died.
In Oct 1821 his cousin, Abednego Rutland & wife Nancy, recently arrived with their children from NC, joined this church by letter. After a century and half of use the Church sold the land.
The last church building there – long unused – burned in Mar 1990 and a small house was built on the last remaining acre.
Across the road from the church – on Elizabeth Rutland Stevenson’s land – is the Rutland Cemetery established in 1848 by Clarinda Stevenson and her husband, Johnson Lane. Clarinda, Elizabeth’s only child, inherited this land. The Lanes, their descendants, and neighbors are buried in this acre.
The Old Rutland Cemetery is located about 1 3/4 miles south-southeast of Rutland Cemetery at the very edge of the SE quarter of Blake’s homeplace. Blake, Martha, Elizabeth Rutland Stevenson, and a great number of relations are said to be buried here. Long neglected & not easily accessible, there are a great many sunken graves and a few stones with tops broken off and missing. Many stones had falled inward and when lifted upright – the inscriptions were entirely gone.
The five legible stones in 1986 were: Blake P. Rutland 1833-1841; Alexander Brett 1815-1881; Charity Sophia wife of A. Brett 1825-1881; Rutland son of Alex & Sophia Brett 1858-1858; Sophia Ann Rice 1894-1898.
In the 1933 book “Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions” by Acklen, p.104, this cemetery is called the Stevenson-Rutland Graveyard and the location given is incorrect. An annotation about Moore Stevenson and wife Sarah Perry [taken from another source], gives the impression they are buried here.
Only two stones are listed that were gone in 1986: “Christian Rutland, daughter of Moore and Sarah Stevenson, consort of Rutherford Rutland, July 4, 1792-Dec 11, 1854.” and this puzzler; ” ___ 1, 11 ___ 17 ___15th, 1845. Lips I have kissed ye are sealed and cold — Hands I have pressed you are covered with mold. (Stone crushed badly.) .”
Since the early years of Wilson Co. there have been many lanes & roads named “Rutland Road”.
They led to Blake’s original settlement and even crossed each other in places. Several miles north-east of Blake’s homeplace was the Colored Rutland Church, Cemetery, and School – located on “Colored Rutland Road” – just lately shortened to Rutland Road and lands subdivided. The Rutland Branch of Cedar Creek runs nearby.
Perhaps it was the Civil War or some unknown calamity or opportunity that caused them to move on – but by 1870 all of Blake’s male descendants with the name “Rutland” were gone from Wilson Co. and area in Tennessee.
The only Rutlands were sons of his cousin Abednego.
John L. Rutland, a son of Rhaford, remained in Stewart Co.
In his lifetime Blake executed about twenty five deeds in Wilson County.
Only family related or interesting deeds are included here – listed by date written. As no law required deeds to be recorded in the early years of the country, many years could pass before some were. And as the original deed books became fragile with use & age they were re-copied with inevitable mistakes & omissions.
___10 Apr 1798 “Bleak Rutland” is on a list of people who had forfeited Recognizances [bonds] in sundry Court cases … each mitigated to 10 cents & costs. (Davidson Co. TN Court Minutes, p. 450.) Note: no details given but establishes that Blake was in Davidson Co. and had required a bond well before this court date.
___25 June 1798 William Standley deed to Blake Rutland & Andrew Donelson, a tract of land (no acreage given) on waters of Stones River; adjoining Blake Rutland & George Augustus Sugg. Being part of original Grant to Aquilla Sugg. Recorded 20 Oct 1800. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book A p. 44.) Standley had bought 1/2 of 1000 acres of Aquilla Sugg’s estate from Noah Sugg in 1795. But in Apr 1797 Sugg regained this land in a lawsuit in Sumner Co. against Standley. This was before Standley sold part of it to Blake Rutland & Andrew Donelson in June 1798.
___24 Aug 1798 On this day – according to William Stanley – Blake Rutland and Patsy his wife with force and arms … did beat wound and other things … to the great damage of him the said William Stanley … etc. Stanley presented his sworn statement against the Rutlands before the Oct term 1798 of the Grand Jury of Sumner County. Legible on the backside: “State vs Blacke Rutland and wife Wm Stanley, Pl’f D. Shelby, Clk.” (Original document – very difficult to read – at Sumner Co. Archives, Gallatin, TN.) Other original loose papers must not have survived – there is a typed transcript of the Court Minutes of the proceedings: “William Standley Plt. V Blake Rutland & wife Defdts. Trespass assault & battery.” [Abstracted] The Rutlands were served by writ on 14 Dec 1798 to appear and answer Standley’s charge in Court on first Monday in Jan 1799; Standley asked for $500 damages. By their attorney Isaac McNutt, the Rutlands state they were residents of Davidson Co. when Sumner Co. Sheriff J. Cage served the writ on them in Davidson Co., therefore they ask for abatement of case. Case was continued in Courts until July 1799 term when arguments of both parties were heard. Court decided for abatement and the Rutlands to recover from Standley their full costs expended.No reason given for the assault on Standley but likely over the land Standley sold Blake that was part of Aquilla Sugg’s estate. Note: There may be a family connection with this William Standley as the Rutlands continue to have several dealings with him.
The Sugg family held grants to over sixteen thousands of acres around the headwaters of Stoners Creek and an “east fork of Stones River”, later called Suggs Creek. Lands acquired from the Sugg’s estate – as Blake did – were without a firm title until Abigail, the widow of Aquilla Sugg, brought suit against Lemuel Sugg over her share & dower rights and won a judgement in late 1809.
___25 July 1799 “Blake Rutling” and “Reyford Rutlin” were on petition of inhabitants of Sumner Co. on the South side of Cumberland River to the General Assembly of State of TN asking for a new county – not letting Sumner Co. cross the Cumberland River. In Oct 1799 the General Assembly created Wilson Co. (Papers of the General Assembly, State Library & Archives, Nashville, TN.) Note: signatures are not originals.
___5 Jan 1800 Blake Rutland & Andrew Donelson deed to John & Isham F. Davis for $406; 234 acres originally part of Aquilla Sugg’s grant. (Wilson Co. Deed Book A p. 121.)
___15 Oct 1800 “Bleak Rutland” was on the jury in Davidson Co. (Davidson Co. TN Court Minutes.)
___14 Apr 1801 Patsy Rutland was among witnesses in Court re: William Standley vs Luke Osburn & wife. Patsy attended for 6 days & traveled 108 miles. (Davidson Co. TN Court Minutes. p.138.)
___18 Nov 1801 “Blake Rutlin” deed from John Caffey/Caffrey for $400, half of the undivided 640 acre original pre-emption of James Harris on headwaters of Stoners Creek that Caffey acquired May 1801 from Sheriff’s court ordered sale for back tax. Recorded 21 June 1802. (Davidson Co.TN Deed Book E p. 352.)
___19 Nov 1801 Blake Rutlin deed from Bennett Searcy and Andrew Jackson for $400, half of the undivided 640 original pre-emption of James Harris on headwaters of Stoners Creek that Searcy & Jackson acquired from Sheriff’s court ordered sale for back tax. Recorded 5 June 1802. (Davidson Co. TN Deed Book E p. 340.)
These 2 deeds were for 640 acres known as the Harris tract and became Blake & Martha’s “homeplace”. On 20 Jan 1783 James Harris was given Warrent # 271 as a pre-emption [i.e. living on land in 1782-83] of 640 acres lying on the headwaters of Stoners Lick Creek beginning 40 poles below the head of the Spring and running East & c to include a spring called Gibson’s Spring at which a tree marked J G . . . the Spring and improvements for compliment. (The original Record Book of Warrants by David Shelby for the Commissioners is at North Carolina State Archives; also recorded at TN State Archives in Nashville as NC Grant #344 recorded 27 Nov 1792.) Harris was killed by the Indians in Jan 1793.
___8 Jun 1802 William Stanley deed to Blake for 204 acres on Stoners Cr. (Wilson Co.TN Deed Book D p. 89.)
___8 Jun 1802 Blake deed to Isham F. Davis for 200 acres on Stoners Cr. adjoins John & Fields Davis. (Wilson Co.TN Deed Book D p. 402.)
___8 Jun 1802 Isham F. Davis deed to Blake for 204 acres on Stoners Cr., land Blake sold to Davis. Recorded 5 May 1815. (Wilson Co.TN Deed Book E p. 469.)
___20 Jul 1804 issue of newspaper, “The Tennessee Gazette And Mero District Advertiser”, reports Blake has a letter at the Nashville Post Office.
___Sep 1804 Blake Rutland vs John Wright; [no details]; Wright failed to appear; witness for Rutland was Wm M Quisenbery. (Wilson Co. TN Court Minutes 1804.)
___ Property Taxes in Wilson Co. TN for Blake Rutland – all on Stoners Cr.
1804 480 acres, 240 acres, 100 acres.
1805 530 acres, 100 acres, 204 acres.
1806 320 acres, 240 acres.
1807 674 acres.
___14 Feb 1807 issue of newspaper “The Tennessee Gazette And Mero District Advertiser” reports Blake has a letter at the Nashville Post Office.
___8 Dec 1807 Blake Rutland and John Donelson deed to Ezekiel Cloyd for 220 acres on a north branch of Stoners Cr. joins said Cloyd & Hardy Murfree’s corner. Recorded 2 Jun 1808. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book C p. 119.)
___18 Mar 1808 Lemuel Sugg of Robertson Co. deed to Blake Rutland 640 acres in Wilson Co. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book D p. 125.) Note: Land involved in Sugg lawsuit.
___28 Mar 1808 Blake to John Cawthon & wife Partheny, gift of 160 acres on Stoners Cr. where I live. Recorded 4 Jun 1808. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book C p. 135.) This was the SW quarter of the Harris tract-Blake’s homeplace.
___28 Mar 1808 Blake to John G. Graves & wife Polly, gift of 160 acres. Recorded 4 Jun 1808. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book C p. 137.) This was the NE quarter of the Harris tract-Blake’s homeplace.
___Sep 1809 John Crudup’s Will written 28 June 1809 was presented in court. Among the bequests Crudup made; 120 acres on the south part of his Suggs Cr. land to Blake Rutland. Executors were Blake Rutland & Isham F. Davis. Recorded 1 Jan 1810. (Wilson Co. TN Will Book 1 pp. 211-213.) Note: Found no evidence of a family connection with Crudup. He lived on the NW quarter of Blake’s homeplace and died there before he could move to land he bought from the Sugg estate.
___Before 12 Jan 1810 John B. Craighead won a judgement against William Standley. To be satisfied by the sale of 2 horses of Standley – sale was stayed for two months by the action of Blake Rutland. (Wilson Co. TN Court Minutes of Jan 1810.)
___Before Jan 1810 Christopher Cooper won a judgement against Drury Perry; Perry’s 90 acres of land was directed to be sold in Lebanon 17 Mar 1810. Land was not sold – case was continued; Court Minutes of May 1811 reports the land not sold in case of Christ. Cooper vs Drury Perry, and Sion Bass, Sampson Bridges & Blake Rutland [likely these last 3 were Perry’s securities.]; Minutes of Jun 1811 reports that debt in this case was satisfied by sale of a negro woman to George Smith for $218.
___18__ In Rutherford Co.,TN Court Minutes Blake Rutland won a judgement against Nathaniel Perry. Perry was to pay Blake $268.50 plus damages. No details given.
___In the 21 Sep 1810 issue of newspaper, “The Democratic Clarion and Tennesse Gazette”, John Childress gave notice that a public sale directed by the court would be held in Nashville on 13 Oct of the properties taken at the influence of Abiga Sugg against Lemuel Sugg; lands to be sold were; 200 acres of Lemuel Sugg occupied by Squire [John] Hannan; and 400 acres; and 400 acres occupied by Blake Rutland.
___28 Nov 1810 John Childress, Marshall, deed to Blake Rutland for 1000 acres on waters of Suggs Cr. being lands Abigail Sugg was awarded by the Court in a judgement against Lemuel Sugg. Recorded 5 Apr 1817. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book F p. 331.) This appears to end problems with the Sugg’s lands. Blake deeded parts of this land to his children Patsey Jennings, Milbery Rutland, and Rutherford Rutland, and to various other people.
___13 Mar 1813 Blake from John Caviett deed for a Town lot in Lebanon . (Wilson Co. Court Minutes of 1813.) Blake gave this lot to his daughter Emily in 1814.
___1 Jan 1814 Blake deed to “son John Rutland” gift of 160 acres “where I live” [i.e. SE quarter of homeplace]. Recorded 18 Apr 1818. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book E p. 280.)___25 Aug 1814 John Rutland deed to Blake & Patsy Rutland for 40 acres “during their natural life.” Recorded 10 Sep 1818. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book G p. 137.)
___1 Jan 1814 Blake deed to “daughter Betsy Rutland” gift of one fourth land “where I live”, of original James Harris pre-emption [NW quarter], where John Crudup formerly lived & died. Recorded 18 Apr 1814. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book E p. 282.) Betsy/Elizabeth died about 1821-1822, her only child, Clarinda Stevenson inherited this land after she married Johnson Lane. She lived there all her life and established the Rutland Cemetery. The Rutland School/Meeting House and Rutland Baptist Church were located within the original bounds of this quarter.
___1 Jan 1814 Blake deed to “daughter Milbery Rutland” gift of 240 acres [from Lemuel Sugg] where Daniel Freeman formerly lived. Recorded 18 Apr 1814. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book E p. 283.) This adjoined Blake’s homeplace.
___1 Jan 1814 Blake deed to James Jennings & wife Patsy gift of 200 acres [from Lemuel Sugg] adjoins Milbery Rutland. Recorded 15 Apr 1814. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book E p. 278.) They sold this to Joseph Wright in 1825 and moved to MO & then on to TX.
___1 Jan 1814 Blake deed to “daughter Emily Rutland” gift of 120 acres originally John Crudup’s [willed to Blake], adjoins the heirs of John Crudup, and Wiley Alford: plus Town lot # 17 in Lebanon. Recorded 15 Apr 1814. (Wilson Co. Deed Book E p. 279.)
___25 Jul 181_ Blake deed to “son Rutherford” for 188 acres adjoins Sterling Robertson. Recorded 31 Dec 1819. (Wilson Co.TN Deed Book H p. 51.)
___4 Apr 1818 Blake deed to Rutherford Rutland of 640 acres in Stewart Co., the lower 1/2 part of General B. Davidson’s Service right of 1280 acres on the North Bank of Tennessee River & waters of Piney Creek which Blake bought from the son of General Davidson, John A. Davidson (Book 6 p.55). Elizabeth Rutland witnessed this deed and along with Milbery P. Rutland appeared in Wilson Co. Court on 13 Aug 1821 & proved the deed. Recorded in Wilson Co. _ Sep 1821. Registered in Stewart Co. TN 16 Nov 1832. (Stewart Co. TN Book 9 pp. 447-448.)
___1818 ? Blake deed to Rhaford Rutland of 640 acres in Stewart Co., the upper 1/2 of lands as above. [Note: have not found the actual deed to Rhaford – see reference for this within deed by Rutherford to William Carroll Rutland in Wilson Co. TN Deed Book N p. 262.]
___1820 census of Wilson Co.TN: Blake Rutling 45+, female 45+, 1 female & 1 male 16-26, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 0-10.
___4 Sep 1820 Blake Rutland, Benjamin F. Stevenson and Elizabeth Stevenson deed to John H. Ligon in trust for the Baptist Church for 25 cents a certain tract …” beginning at the mouth of Harris’ Spring running north six poles to Benjamin Graves south boundary line thence east with said line fifty four poles to the road thence south with the road to the old school house fourteen poles, thence to the beginning so as to include the privilege of getting water for the use of the school and congregation that may occasionally asemble for divine worship” …etc. Witnessed by: John G. Graves & John Curd. Recorded _ Jun 1822. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book I p. 216.) This was recorded after Blake [& probably his daughter Elizabeth] had died.
___1 Jan 1821 The last deed by Blake was to Peyton Marlow for 100 acres on Little Cedar Lick. Recorded 20 Jun 1821. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book H p. 416.)
John Cawthon’s 1818 Bible – photocopy at the Mt. Juliet Library, Mt Juliet, TN. The recording under “DEATHS” on page 679 is believed to be the inscription for a grave stone:

He who once stood & filled the place
Of husband, father, friend
He now lies silent in the grave
His pain is at an end.
Blake Rutland departed
this life February the 7th
1821, aged 64 years, 4
months, and 18 days.

married ca 1779 Martha (Patsy or Polly) Watson
Ancestors of Diane G Weathers
a. Rhaford Rutland 1780/84 NH NC – ca 1826
married Sarah Cawthon ca 1790 – 1841/49
b. Mary Rutland 1780/84 NH Co NC – bef 1850
married ca 1808 John George Graves ca 1777 Caroline Co VA – 18 July 1859 Wilson Co TN
c. Rutherford Rutland 1786 – 25 Apr 1856
married Christian Stevenson 4 July 1792 – 11 Dec 1854
d. Parthenia Watson Rutland 23 Oct 1788 NH NC –
married John Cawthon 8 Feb 1773 – 9 Feb 1863
e. John Rutland 1790/92 – bef 1829
married Clarissa 1790/97 –
f. Martha Rutland Oct 1794 NH NC – 1879
married James W Jennings 1788 – 1866
g. Milbery P Rutland 1797 Davidson Co TN – aft 1860
married Reddick Rutland 1790/1800 – aft 1830
h. Elizabeth Rutland 1799/1800 Wilson Co TN – 1821/22
married Benjamin Franklin Stevenson 1798/1800 – aft 1887
i. Emily Rutland 1802/04 Wilson Co TN – Dec 1841
married Isaac H Rutland 1798/99 – 22 May 1854
6. Readin Rutland ca 1758 Bertie Co, NC – 1834 Brunswick Co, NC
married Martha Goodman 1770/79 – aft 1840
a. John Rutland
b. Watson Rutland
c. Elizabeth Rutland
d. son Rutland
Variously found as Readen, Reading, Reding, Redding, Reden, Reddin, Reddon.
___Reding/Reden Rutland was a Pvt. in Raiford’s Company from 2 May 1781 to 2 May 1782 – as was Randolph Rutland. See Pierce’s Register. p. 18, 158, 181 – NC Revolution Army Accounts, pay Folio to soldiers.
___1790 census of Brunswick Co. NC: Reddon “Rutterland” 2 white males 16+; 2 Slaves. [possibly Reddin Rutland?]
___1810 census of Brunswick Co. NC: R. Rutland 45+; 1 female 26-45; 2 males 10-16; 1 male & 1 female 0-10; 5 slaves.
___1820 census of Brunswick Co. NC: Redding Rutland 45+; 1 female 45+; 1 male 16-26; 1 male 16-18; 1 female 16-26; 5 slaves. Also same Co. is John Rutland 26-45; 1 female 26-45; 1 male & 1 female 0-10.
___1830 census of Brunswick Co. NC: Reden Rutland male 70-80, 1 female 60-70, 1 female 20-30, 1 male 0-5; 3 male slaves & 5 female slaves.
___Mar 1834 Redden Rutland’s Will was proved in Brunswick Co. NC Court. Abstract: wife Martha, children: John, Watson, and Elizabeth. [Note: I have not read this Will – may contain other details.]

7. Watson Rutland ca 1754 Bertie Co, NC – ca 1819 Bertie Co NC
___7 Oct 1782 State of NC, Alexander Martin, Govenor, to Watson Rutland granted 460 acres, joining Wm Callum, Wm Granberry, Turkey Swamp, John Cotton, John Peele, Licking Root Branch. Recorded 29 Oct 1783. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 7 p. 193.)
___27 Aug 1784 Watson [x] Rutland deed to Edmund Peele for 150 acres, part of patent granted to Watson for 460 acres. Recorded Dec 1784. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 7 p. 290.)
___1786 census of Northampton Co. NC: Watson Rutland 1 white male 21-60; 2 white males under 21 or over 60; 2 white females; 7 Blacks. Note: Did not locate Watson on 1790 NC census.
___1800 census of Northampton Co. NC: Watson Rutland 26-45; 1 female 26-45; 1 female & 2 males 16-26; 1 female under 10; 6 Slaves.
~~~~ TENNESSEE ~~~~
Records found in TN for a Watson Rutland – possibly Blake Rutland’s brother?
___31 Mar 1808 Watson Rutland had a letter in Nashville Post Office.
___1809 John G. Graves vs Watson Rutland; [no details]; sold the chest & the articles therein. (Wilson Co.TN Court Minutes of 1809.) Note: John G. Graves married Blake Rutland’s daughter Mary.
No other information.
1800 census NH co Watson Rutland 00201 00110 0 14

married Martha Goodman
married ca 1788 Elizabeth Cotten [Ruffin]
dau of Samuel Cotten and Elizabeth Ewell
a. Elizabeth Rutland [underage 1819]

8. Rinney Rutland ca 1762
married bef 1794 Alexander Gardner
___21 Feb 1795 Shadrach Homes testified before Joseph Horne that he saw Alexander Gardner marry Renny Rutland. And he had been with Alexander Gardner in 1794 when he took the negro named Hill out of the county. (Original Loose Slave Papers at NC State Archives.)

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