Cader Mitchell & Elizabeth Jenkins

4- great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Cader Mitchell 1752/5 – 1813 | his parents
& Elizabeth Jenkins d bef 1811 | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Cader Mitchell was the son of William Mitchell and his first wife.
I estimate that William married Lavinia Earley about 1763 when Cader was ten or eleven.

Cader married Elizabeth Jenkins daughter of James Jenkins [died intestate 1796 Bertie County NC] and wife Mary Cherry.
Mary Cherry was the daughter of Solomon Cherry who died in Bertie County in 1777 and his first wife Sarah.
[Solomon’s second wife was also a Sarah]

Cader Mitchell signed his will on 3 June 1811 and it was proved at Nov Ct 1813 in Bertie County.

Children of Cader Mitchell [from his Bertie co will]
1. Right [Wright] Mitchell ca 1776 Bertie Co NC – ca 1862 Calwell Parish LA
married ca 1800 Celia Stephens 1787 SC –
believed to be dau of Moses Stephens of Union Co SC
2. William Mitchell 1780 – 1854 Bertie Co
married 11 July 1802 Rena “Renny” Rawls ca 1783 – aft 1854
3. James Mitchell bef 1796 – bef 1811
[given square gun in gf William Mitchell’s will]
4. Thomas Mitchell
5. Jeremiah Mitchell 1811 –
married 4 Dec 1832 Sarah Morriss 1806 –
6. Millicent Mitchell
7. Martha [Patsey] Mitchell
8. Elizabeth Mitchell

Abstract of will of Cader Mitchell F/239 3 Jun 1811 – Nov Ct 1813
— son Jeremiah Mitchell – Negroes Dick and Sesar.
— son William Mitchell – Negro Cato, horse, bridle, etc
— son Thomas Mitchell – Negro March
— son Right Mitchell – $200
— daughter Milicent Mitchell — Negro Sele, cows, calves, etc.
— daughter Patsy Mitchell – Negroes Sam and George, cow, calf, etc.
— daughter Elisabeth Mitchell – Negroes Bob and Tart, cow, calf, etc.
— son Jeremiah Mitchell – my house and land where I now live, containing 500 acres, also bridle, calf etc.
— son Thomas Mitchell – 200 acres between the Flat Pocoson and the Plum Tree, also bridle, etc. $100.
— sons and daughters William, Thomas, Jermiah, Milicent, Patsey, and Elizabeth — all pewter and crockery ware. Remaining estate to be sold and proceeds divided among all my children Right Mitchell, William Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, Jeremiah Mitchell, Milicent Mitchell, Patsey Mitchell and Elizabeth Mitchell.
EX — sons William and Jeremiah
WIT — Jos. Whitehead, Elisha Mitchell

Abstract of will of William [x] Mitchell
Bertie Co NC – D/321 — 22 Jan 1796 — Feb Ct 1796
— wife Elizabeth Mitchell – lend my manner plantation and houses for her lifetime or widowhood, also my stock and Negroes Cato, Rose and Cherry, but if she cannot command these Negroes as to make them do their duty, they shall be hired out.
— son Cader Mitchell — my manor plantation and all my lands, also brandy still, worm, and cap and one pair millstones.
— to Silva Scott – twenty silver dollars.
— Grandson Wright Mitchell — one French musket
— Grandson William Mitchell — one English musket
— Grandson James Mitchell — square barrel gun.
— to Uriah Dunnin – five shillings
— son Cader — remaining money in my house.
Remaining estate to be divided between all my children Cader Mitchell, Ede Cook, Judah Hardy, Winne Jenkins, Mary Hale, Mille Oliver, Happy Oliver, and Theny Dunnin and Rhenny Dunnin may draw the part of their deceased mother.
EX: son Cader, James Jenkins, Junr.
WIT: Wm. Cherry, John Oliver [abstract by David B Gammon]

Wright Mitchell ca 1776 – ca 1862 | his parents
& Celia Stephens ca 1787 – 1875/79 | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC; Livingston, KY; Lawrence Co, Mississippi
and Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

information supplied by Robbie Landry

Wright Mitchell was born about 1776 in Bertie County NC son of Cader Mitchell and his wife Elizabeth Jenkins. Celia Stephens was born in South Carolina.

1806 Living in Livingston, Kentucky
Deed 1818 Wright also had 320 acres showing up in the Silver Creek community in 1818
April 22, 1820 The oldest tax roll records go back to 1825, they show Wright and wife Celia buying three lots in Monticello from Harmon Runnells, # 19,20, and 22 in April 1820 (Lawrence County, Ms.)
Wright Mitchell was among the first settlers to tame the Pearl River Valley.
Wright ,as well as the towns founder, Col. Harmon Runnels and others created the town and government.
For a period of five years county courts were held at the house of Wright Mitchell, and then a rude log courthouse was built on the site of the present building.
Public Office : Wright Mitchell was the FIRST CLERK OF COURT FOR LAWRENCE COUNTY, MS.
Note: Wright and Celia also, owned 240 acres in Monticello area.
1830 Henry, Edward, and Wright were The only Mitchells in Lawrence Co.
Deed 1836 They sold 19 and 20 later in 1836.
This seemed to be a desperate time in the region, for many families were selling out.
Fact: Lawrence county,Ms. once was the largest county in the territory(1000 sq. miles).
Later divided into three counties. Jeff Davis, Lawrence, and Lincoln.
Whitesand is now in Jeff Davis
1840 Cader and Wright were the only two in the County. (This is Cadar Daniel Mitchell son of Wright Mitchell)
Wright Mitchell in Census
1840 Lawrence Co., MS Lawrence County, Mississippi 47 17
Mitchel Wright pg0047.txt
1841 Lawrence Co.,MS
1845 Lawrence Co.,MS
1850 Weston District , Caldwell Parish,LA, in the house of William L. Brown ( just above John W. Mitchell) Enumerated #292 age 74- Farmer NC Celia is with him age 63
1860 Caldwell Parish, LA age 84 I believe this is also, Celia Stephens Mitchell living with him NOTE: Shown in the house of R.T. Bell ; I believe the Enumerator of the census made a mistake: next door is Milley Mitchell and Lucy Mitchell

Children of Wright Mitchell and Celia Stephens:
1. Pernicia Mitchell ca 1802 – ca 1831 Lawrence Co, Mississippi
(possibly of Child birth -burial Old Monticello Cemetery Monticello, Lawrence Co Mississippi)
married 8 June 1823 Richard Allen Hargis
Baptist Minister and Farmer – moved to Claiborne Parish LA and remarried
a. Launcey Ann Hargis ca 1824 –
b. Quincy Anson Hargis ca 1825 –
c. Angelina Dilra Hargis ca 1827 –
d. Sarah Delzira Hargis ca 1829 –
e. John D. Hargis ca 1831 –
Richard remarried 20 Feb 1834 Susannah Neyland [had 7 more children]
source: Sarah Hargis “Genealogy of Richard Hargis” pub. 1980
2. William Wright Mitchell 26 Sept 1805 Wilmington, NC – died Bright Star Arkansas
married Frances C. Weatherbee died 1852
a. Joseph H. Mitchell
b. John Wright Mitchell
c. Robert L. (T) Mitchell
d. Joseph Alexander Mitchell
e. Mary Ann Mitchell
f. Emily Mitchell
g. Lavinia Mitchell
h. Elizabeth Mitchell
i. Louisiana Mitchell
married 2nd 27 May 1862 Susannah J Bradley [they had 9 children]
3. Cadar Daniel Mitchell ca 1806 Livingston KY – 05 Apr 1881 Covington MS
married Sarah Robertson
(They lost 5 sons in the Civil War)
a. Norvell Wright Mitchell
b. Millidge Martin J. Mitchell
c. Virginia Ann Granberry Mitchell
d. Miranda N. Mitchell
e. Matthew J. Mitchell died in CSA army
f. Andrew J. Mitchell died in CSA army
g. George W. Mitchell died in CSA army
h. Cader P. Mitchell died in CSA army
i. Thomas J. Mitchell died in CSA army
4. Milecent (Milley) Mitchell 1814 Covington Co MS – 1880/90 Columbia LA
Caldwell Parish (Vixon Community)Ward 5
married 15 Oct 1834 Silas A. Raymond 1796 – bef 1860
Lawrence Co, Mississippi on a Wednesday
moved 1856 to Bradley Arkansas
Silas A Raymond listed in Kentucky Soldiers of 1812

(These are my gr.,gr.grandparents Robbie Landry
” I do have a copy of Milly Mitchell and Silas marriage license and a copy of Wright Mitchell giving his permission for them to marry.”)

a. Ann Hester Raymond
married Alexander Pevetoe
b. William Mitchell Raymond
married Amanda Mary Banister
c. James Wright Raymond
d. Lucy Jane Raymond
e. Amanda Catharine Raymond
married Pleasent Decator Morgan
f. John Wesley Raymond
married Lucy Primrose Thomas
g. Melvina Raymond
married 1855 John Henry Morris
h. Sarah Emma Raymond
i. Charles F. Raymond
married Mary??
j. Martha Elizabeth Raymond 1856 –
married Simeon Charles Austin Lanehart Coates

CoatesSimFamily Martha Elizbeth and Simeon Coates
and their oldest grandson
great grandparents of Robbie Landry

  1. John Wright Mitchell 1815 Covington Co MS –
    Tax Records of Jena Lasalle Parish, Louisiana
    LaSalle Parish Historian – Larry Chapman P. O. Box 468 Trout, La. 71371 his e-mailAccording to Larry Chapman: John was ‘very’ Tight,(cheap) he would put meat in a crock and cover it with hog lard.
    He would then, draw a design in the lard so know one could take meat out without him doing so. Mary would have to ask for meat from the crock, John would give her a small amount and recover the meat with lard and draw a design on top. Robbie

    married 16 April 1851 Mary Wentzell [Nettles]
    1st husband was James Nettles Jr.
    a. Emily Mitchell
    b. Arastus Wright Mitchell
    c. William M. Mitchell
    d. Laura E. A. Mitchell
    e. James M. Mitchell
    f. Sarah Jane Everline Mitchell
    g. Althea P. Mitchell
    h. Cynthia Elvira Mitchell
    6. Melvina Mitchell ca 1820 – no issue nfi
    married Lawrence Co Mississippi 12 Dec 1840 James H.M. Hargrove
    7. Richard Floyd Mitchell 18 Apr 1826 Mississippi – 28 Aug 1915 Novice Coleman TX
    married Lawrence Co 22 Dec 1847 Sarah Ann Hargrove
    a. Mary Jane Mitchell 1848 – 1894
    married James Madison Rogers
    i. John Wright Rogers 1880 – 1919
    married Cora Allen White
    1. Curtis Allen Rogers 1913 – 1962
    a. Charles A Rogers, San Antonio TX
    b. Martha Mitchell
    c. Theodore Columbus Mitchell
    d. John Westley Mitchell
    e. William Felix Mitchell
    f. Sarah Ann Elizabeth Mitchell
    g. Josephine Mitchell
    h. Marquis Lafayette Mitchell
    i. James Floyd Mitchell
    j. Simeon W. (Bud) Mitchell
    8. Hester A. Mitchell ca 1835 – bef 1880
    married Benjamin F Knight
    a. Benjamin F Knight Jr
    b. Lenora Knight

Cousins please, write me I have more on some of the issue. Robbie Landry

Notes from Robbie Landry:

Wright Mitchell (Cadars) son and Celia Stephens are my 3rd gr. grandparents.

I live in Louisiana and it drives me nuts that I can’t find a will or succession for Wright Mitchell or Celia.I know he died in Caldwell Parish,Louisiana.

Below I have my sources for Wright Mitchell:

1806 Living in Livingston, Kentucky

Abstract of will of Cader Mitchell F/239 3 Jun 1811 Nov Ct 1813 (Right Received $200.00) Also received from his father’s will Remaining estate to be sold and proceeds divided among all my children Right Mitchell, William Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, Jeremiah Mitchell, Milicent Mitchell, Patsey Mitchell and Elizabeth Mitchell.


1840 Lawrence Co., MS Lawrence County, Mississippi 47 17 Mitchel Wright pg0047.txt

Source: Encyclopedia of Founding Families of the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana,1785 to 1850 by E. Russ Williams (pages 161-162) Vol.2

Source : Volume 2 of Dr. Dunbar Rowland’s sketch of Mississippi Counties and Towns

Wright Mitchell is shown to be the son of Cadar (Cader) Mitchell son of William Mitchell. Wright Mitchell is shown as a grandson in William Mitchell’s will and a son in Cader Mitchell’s Will.

Wright Mitchell’s mother was Elizabeth Jenkins (D/0) James Jenkins,Sr according to James Jenkins will.

e-mail from Robbie Landry: In my information I have found a mistake I made.
Wright Mitchell’s son John Westley Mitchell should be ‘John Wright Mitchell’
My source is the Tax Records of Jena Lasalle Parish, Louisiana.

My descent is through their son Wright Mitchell (ca 1776-ca 1862) and Celia Stephens, and then to: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Richard Floyd Mitchell (1826 – 1915 and Sarah Hargrove, and then to: – – – – – – – – – – – Mary Jane Mitchell (1848-1894) and John Madison Rogers, and then to: – – – – – – – – – – – John Wright Rogers (1880-1919) and Cora Allen White, and then to: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Curtis Allen Rogers (1913-1962) who was my father.


Charles A. Rogers

San Antonio, Texas

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  1. Hi everyone! I am looking for more information from Cader Mitchell on up. My son is Quenton Mitchell, he is the 7th great grandson of William Mitchell {William->Cader -> Wright -> Richard Floyd -> Marquis Lafayette -> James F -> Michael Glynn -> James Douglas -> James Douglas Quentin -> Quenton (my son)}

    As the only son of an only son where Mitchells go back pretty far, my son is really into family history. He did his DNA on but so many people toss duplicate people on there that we are getting muddled. We keep having Elizabeth Jenkins pop up as Caders wife and again as his mother. My son is also wondering if there are any resources to find news articles or stories about his ancestors in regards to the different wars and their roles in it.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Sally> Its been quite awhile since Ive emailed you I ve been quite busy . Just started back at my Dads side of the Family Tree. My Name is Judy Mitchell and I am the grandaughter of Robert Dewey Mitchell and Pearl L. Rousey, John Wesley Mitchell was my gg grandfather. ggg grandfather was Marcus Riston Ciscero Mitchell, gggg grandfather was Zachariah Mitchell, I believe Cader Mitchell was his father or William was. But if you have anymore of my families heritage or lineage you can share with me I’d be truly grateful. Thank You.

  3. Any chance this line has anything to do with CMG Ray-Rogers?
    The C stands for Cader but unsure what the other initials mean. Family tradition was always M forMathison and Guin? For the G. Mother was Elizabeth Ray.

  4. I am trying to get past my brick wall, Joseph Mitchell b 1791 NC married to Sarah MNU c 1792 in VA or SC depending on what piece of paper you are looking at. I think he was Baptist, but most of the family was Methodist. They are found in census records in Union SC, Newton GA, Bossier LA, Lafayette AR and Miller AR. They show up in Methodist rolls in Union SC and Newton GA.

    My DNA studies show a big part of the family moved from WV area to around the Livingston KY area before moving on to Missouri. This tree was done on by Roscoe Mitchell and I think his son Roger in Texas has control of it now.

    Roscoe’s line is the only one that FTDNA shows to be even as close as a 2nd cousin to me, but it must be 6 or 7 times removed. DNA shows most of my hits are Campbells. Other “Y” hits are on Cowan, Cathcart, Ford, Livingston, McNeil, Stephens, Turner and Wright. However, my haplogroup is R-P25 which shows that only Roscoe’s line could eventually converge with my direct Mitchell line at this point.

    Does anyone know who the “Wright” is that is being memorialized in Cader’s line?

    Steve M.

  5. W.W.Mitchell (Dr.) who died in Bright Star, Ar. is my great grandfather by his second marriage to Susana Jane Bradley. The family story is that his first wife and eight children all died in New Orleans from yellow fever and he packed up a few belongings, took the steamboat up river outside of Shreveport and settled in Bright Star Ar. I did locate his grave there, with other family members. I would appreciate any information you might have to verify this. Boo

    1. Boo – Given that my gg grandfather is a son of W. W. Mitchell and his first wife and that I have DNA confirmation back to the Mitchell’s and Cherry’s in North Carolina, the evidence would say that the family story isn’t accurate. There is a fairly rich history of William Wright Mitchell’s children in the Monroe, LA area and as they expanded further west.


  6. Sally – Thanks so much for posting this. My gg grandfather is Joseph H Mitchell of Ouachita Parish LA. I had struggled for quite a while trying to find ancestors beyond him. I tentatively loaded the family members from your site into my tree and overnight had a family tree and DNA match confirming the accuracy of your data and my linkage to it. This has opened my research in an exciting way. Thank you.

    BTW – I live in outside of Hempstead, TX and have an Aggie daughter.

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