Richard Sessoms & Sarah Bryan

The Sessoms family of Edgecombe County, NC

Richard Sessoms 1701/08 – 1769 | his parents
& Sarah Bryan | her parents?
Of Bertie and Edgecombe Counties, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Richard Sessoms3 1701/08 – 1769 Edgecombe Co
married Sarah Bryan [DAR application]

Sarah is possibly one of the younger daughters of Lewis Bryan and wife Elizabeth Hunter.

1711 – Thomas Sessoms, his father, died before the April Ct. Chowan Co, NC
1712 – Richard Smith of Surry Co VA, his grandfather, left Elizabeth Boon and Richard Sessoms, a cow in his will.

1729 – a deed from Nicholas Smith on Feb 8, 1729, for good will and affection to his nephew, Richard Sessoms. . .” tract whereon Richard now lives adj. Richard Killingsworth, John Gray. Wit: John Shelly, Samuel Sessoms. Aug Ct Bertie 1729
Nicholas Smith was the brother of his mother, Elizabeth.

1738 – Patent Book 8 page 58 17 Nov 1738
“Crown to Richard Sessoms 640 acres in Edgecombe County, going above a branch of Fishing Creek and on the meanders of Fishing Creek.”

Children of Richard Sessoms and Sarah Bryan:
1. Priscilla Sessoms est 1738 – 1798
married Henry Hart est 1735 – 1785
2. Jacob Sessoms ca 1740 – 1792 Edgecombe Co
married 1st 22 June 1769 Elizabeth Newsome
Dau of Joseph.
Married 2nd before 6 April 1792 Frances?

3. Col. Isaac Sessoms ca 1742/7 – 1784 Edgecombe Co
(inventory taken by Thomas Hodges -who was also Richard’s guardian)
married Frances?

4. Patience Sessoms
married Grissum Coffield
5. Solomon Sessoms ca 1755 – 1817 Tarboro, NC Edgecombe Co
(Ex. was Joshua Lawrence)
married Elizabeth Lloyd died 1835

Will of Richard Sessums 22 Apr 1769 – Edgecombe Co May Ct 1769
– wife & ex – Sarah – use of 5 negroes her lifetime and horse
– dau [illegible] Hart – 5 sh
– son Jacob Sessums, land lying on Coneto Swamp, I purchased of Thomas Wills, known as Bryant Islands; 3 negroes, cattle, stock, 1/2 my great still containing about 75 gals
– Son & ex – Isaac Sessums,
all remaining land and tenements on N side of Maple Swamp;
Grist mill and all my land on S side of said Swamp,
negroes Benborough, Simon, and George,
Negro girl, Nell, after wife’s decease.
She (wife) to have remainder of my great still, Blacksmith’s tools,
bed and furniture, 15 head of cattle
– dau Patience Cofel, two negro girls, furniture, four head cattle,
– son Solomon Sessums, 360 A. land on N side of Tar River bought of Robert Clary,
Two negro boys, one girl & her increase after decease of my wife, Sarah,
50 pounds VA money, horse Dolphin, bed, furniture, stock.
WIT: Micajah Little, Sarah Bryan

Sessums, Richard – Inventory taken by Isaac Sessums, no date, Aug Ct 1769. Division of the estate among Jacob Sessums, Solomon Sessums, Isaac Sessums, Grissum Coffield and Sarah Sessums, by order of Aug Ct 1769 and division made on Nov 3rd.
Isaac Sessums, ex., took Additional inventory 29 Aug 1770, Nov Ct 1770
And again Feb 26, 1773, Feb. Ct 1773.
The executor took Additional Inventory No date Aug Ct 1779.

Priscilla Sessums est 1738 – 1798 | her parents
& Henry Hart est 1735 – 1785 | his parents
of Edgecombe Counties, NC

Children of Priscilla Sessums and Henry Hart
1. Clary Hart
2. Mary Hart
3. Joseph Hart
4. Richard S Hart d 1819
5. Sarah Hart
6. Zada Hart
7. Anne Hart
married 1st Fort
married ca 1799 2nd Hillary Peel/Peele
a. William Peele ca 1799 –
b. Nancy Peele ca 1804 –
c. Mary Peele 1806 –
d. Rebecca Peele ca 1807 –
e. John Peele 1810 –
f. Lydia Peele 1812 –
g. Henry Peele 1814 –
h. Elizabeth Peele 1817 Edgecombe Co NC –
Married John Wesley Davis
i. Margaret [Maggie] Davis
married John Jordan
1. Nannie Beatrice Jordan
married Henry Whitaker Williams
1. Herbert Edgar Williams
The line of Nina Williams Nethery
i. Martha Peele ca 1818 –
j. Esther/Ester Peele 26 Sept 1821 –

ANNE married 2nd-Hillary PEEL/PEELE and bore him ten children. Daughter Elizabeth P. married a DAVIS and their daughter; Margaret DAVIS married a JORDAN and their daughter, Nannie B. JORDAN married a WILLIAMS.
ANNE HART only married two times
first to Fort and then to my ancestor, Hillary PEEL/PEELE.
Thanks. Nina

Will of Henry Hart 4 Oct 1780 – Feb Ct 1785 Edgecombe Co, NC
Will Book C, page 5
-Wife Priscilla – mare, side saddle, sow & pigs, etc.
I lend my wife Negroes Dick, Jack, and Mial for her lifetime or widowhood, with reversion to my children Clary Hart and Mary Hart.
. . . the use of Negro Hannah
– Son Joseph Hart – the manor plantation where I now live,
except for the orchard where Mary Braddy now lives,
which I give to my son Richard Hart for the term of four years,
Then to be given to my son Joseph.
Son Joseph – Negroes Sam and England, sows & pigs.
– Daughter Sarah (no surname) – Negroes Dinah, Patt, bed, cows, calves.
– Daughter Zada Hart – Negroes Esther and Ben, bed, etc.
– Daughter Anne Hart – Negroes Poll and Beck, bed, etc.
– Daughter Clary (no surname) – Negro Jane, and at my wife’s death, half of Negroes Dick, Jack, and Mial.
– Daughter Mary Hart – Negro Rose and half of Negro Hannah.
– Son Richard – land I bought of Pilgrim Pope and his son, also Negroes Sam and David, horse, tools, etc.
Remaining estate shall be kept together to bring up my children.
Executors: wife, son Joseph, friend Isaac Sessums
Wit: Edward Hall, William Fort, John Idlery

Will of Priscilla Hart
13 Aug 1798, proved Nov Ct 1798 Edgecombe Will Book D, page 61
“being feeble in body.”
– Son Richard Hart – iron pot, chest, half my cattle, large Church Bible, etc.
– Daughter Sarah Ellbeth (unclear if this is supposed to be Elizabeth) and
daughter Mary Hart – all hogs, corn, etc.
– Daughter Mary – half my sheep and half my cattle.
– To Elizabeth Biggs (no relation stated) – one heifer.
– Daughter Nancy Fort – cow and calf.
– Daughter Mary – kitchen furniture, bed,
– Son Richard – copper kettle.
– To Elizabeth Biggs – the bed I bought from my mother.
My money is to be used to satisfy a debt due Telfair from Henry Hart, deceased.
Executor: friend Exum Phillips, Sr.
Witnesses: Kissiah Davis, Starling Digges

From the County Court Minutes of Edgecombe, we learn that Henry Hart died possessed of one tract of land containing 300 acres lying on the north side of the Tar River and Fishing Creek, and another tract containing 340 acres lying on the Tar River and Swift Creek, May Ct., 1785. The widow Priscilla Hart petitioned for her dower right to one-third of said lands.

Estate of Richard S. Hart
Petition (Feb. 1820) by the widow Catherine L. Hart, asking for her year’s provisions, stating Richard S. Hart died in December 1819. Other petitions in this file reveal the children of the deceased:
1. Sarah, wife of Joseph J. Fort of South Carolina
2. Elizabeth, wife of Edwin L. Moore
3. Mary Jane Hart
4. Robert H.D. Hart
5. Catharine W. Hart
6. Francis (or Frances) A. Hart

It appears this family moved to Johnston County — see the following

George W. Whitfield married Catharine W. Hart, formerly of Edgecombe County,
in Johnston County on Feb. 7, 1828. (Free Press, Feb. 29, 1828)

Edgecombe County marriage bond for Mary J. Hart to Henry L. Lyon, 3 November
1826. According to deeds, this family moved to Alabama about 1836.

James J. Hinton of Johnston County married Frances A. Hart, formerly of
Edgecombe County, in Johnston County on June 17, 1830. (Free Press, July 9,

Col. Robert H.D.L. Hart married Martha A.E. Arrington, daughter of Arthur
Arrington, in Nash County, Sept. 10, 1829. (Free Press, Sept. 18, 1829)

Ref: Notes from David Gammon

Jacob Sessoms ca 1740 – 1792 | his parents
& Elizabeth Newsome | her parents
& Frances unknown | her parents
of Edgecombe Counties, NC

Jacob Sessoms ca 1740 [1752] – bef 6 April 1792 Edgecombe Co
married 1st 1769 Elizabeth Newsome dau of Joseph Deed Book 12, pp 25 & 28
He had land lying on Coneto Swamp.

According to the DAR application, Jacob was a Patriot, providing service to the American Revolution. He was a large landowner and active in County affairs as evidenced by the Edgecombe Deed books and Court minutes.

Jacob Sessums married 2nd bef 6 April 1792 Frances unknown.
She married ca 1796 Jesse Haynie
as he received a share of Jacob’s estate May 1796.
Also see Edgecombe Deed Book 8 page 822

Children of Jacob Sessoms and Elizabeth Newsome
mostly from a DAR application
1. Alexander Sessoms 27 May 1770 – 5 July 1834
Blake T Sessoms’ Bible Records at the NC State Archives in Raleigh
married Elizabeth unknown.

2. Alice Sessoms 1 Dec 1771 – 29 Sept 1847 Colbert or Franklin Co AL
married William H Alsobrook 16 Dec 1772 Halifax Co –
letter from descendant Iva McClure of Florence AL
3. Rebecca Sessoms 3 Mar 1773 –
4. Polly Sessoms 11 Oct 1774 –
5. Elizabeth Sessoms 9 Mar 1776 –
6. Jacob Albert Sessoms 25 Mar 1777 – 1856 Hinds Co, MS
married ca 1797 Penny Fisher
7. Robert Sessoms 25 Dec 1778 – 6 July 1845 Hinds Co, MS
from NSDAR paper compiled by Mrs. R S Tinnin 1941
married Hinds Co MS ca 1798 Elizabeth Dancy 7 June 1778 – 6 July 1845

1790 US Census Edgecombe County
Jacob Sessums 2 m 16+ 3 m 0/16 5 wf 23 sl

Will of Jacob Sessums 6 Apr 1792 – Edgecombe Co May Ct 1792
– wife Frances, lend the use of 2 negroes, a horse named Fly, furniture, three cows, calves, stock, ten head of sheep, dwelling, land where I now live, bought of John Norwood
– son & ex Alex Sessums land bought of William Nelms
– daughters Alice and Rebecca Sessums, two negroes, furniture, and Lot 20 each
– daughters Polly and Elizabeth Sessums two negroes, and furniture, each
– son Robert Sessums, the land I bought of Elisha Rhodes in the fork of Moore’s Swamp and Maple Swamp, joining tract I bought of David Wyat; 1 negro, bed, and furniture
– son Jacob Sessums tract of land I bought of William Byrd, tract I bought of Richard Ship, dwelling house, manor plantation where I now live.
Ex: Brother Solomon Sessums
WIT: Archo Dancy, Edwin Dancy, Thomas Terry

Sessums, Jacob – Inventory taken by Solomon Sessums and Alex. Sessums, exrs, included several notes due estate, no date, Aug Ct 1792. Accounts of sales held 10 Jan, 1 Feb, and 19 Oct 1793, Aug Ct 1793. Account current with Alexander Sessums, ex. Aug Ct 1795. Additional account current with Alexander Sessums Feb Ct 1796. Legacies were paid to Arch’d Dancy and to Rebekah Sessums, Feb Ct 1796. Division of money arising from the estate among the legatees, namely Alex. Sessums, Jesse Haynie, Alice Sessums, Rebekah Sessums, Polly Sessums, Robert Sessums, Jacob Sessums, and Elizabeth Sessums, 28 May 1796, May Ct 1796.

Alexander Sessums 1770 – 1834 | his parents
& Elizabeth unknown | her parents
of Edgecombe Counties, NC

Alexander Sessoms 27 May 1770 – 5 July 1834
Blake T Sessoms’ Bible Records at the NC State Archives in Raleigh
married Elizabeth unknown.

1800 US Census Edgecombe Co
Alexander Sessoms 2m 0/10 1 m 26/45 1f 10/16 2 f 16/25 1 fop 9sl

Children of Alexander Sessoms and wife Elizabeth:
1. Blunt N Sessoms 21 Feb 1797 –
2. Richard H Sessoms 12 Jan 1799 –
3. Lucinda Catherine Sessums 8 Oct 1801 – 1873
buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Huntsville, TX [steps from Sam Houston]

Lucinda Catherine Sessums Rountree Keenan marker
Lucinda Catherine Sessums 1801-1873
Oakwood Cemetery, Huntsville, TX

married 1822 Chesley B. Rountree
son of William Rountree

married 2nd 1858 John Keenan

E-Mail 30 March ’08: I believe this is your Lucinda Catherine Sessums, daughter of Alexander Sessoms, and who married Chesley Rountree, son of William Rountree. If so, she was born in 1801, not 1803. Her grave is at Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Tx, steps from Sam Houston.
Her 2nd husband was John Keenan, father by a previous wife of prominent Walker County/Texas doctor and politician, Dr. Charles G. Keenan (see Texas Handbook).

She and Chesley Rountree were my GGG grandparents.

Lucinda’s Rountree sons and daughter moved with her to Huntsville and were at Oakwood with their families. Catherine Elizabeth married a W.A. Parish. I descend from them, my mother being a Parish. There are many Parishes at Oakwood, all (we think) descended from, or married to descendants of, Lucinda Sessums Rountree. Marjorie Shaw

4. Blake Thomas Sessoms 23 Jan 1803 – 1 April 1859
Married in Halifax Co 19 Apr 1828 Lucinda Bass –
Dau of Isaac and Emily Bass
5. Sabrina Sessoms 5 Jan 1808 –
6. Dianah V Sessoms 22 Nov 1810 –
7. Marina Sessoms 5 May 1812 –
8. Calvin Sessoms 30 May 1814 –

Jacob Albert Sessums 1777 – 1856 | his parents
& 1797 Penny Fisher ca. 1780 – bef 1850 | her parents
of Hinds County, MS & Shelby Co TX

Jacob Albert Sessoms 25 Mar 1777 or 76 Edgecombe Co NC – 1856 Shelby Co, TX
married MS ca 1797 Penny Fisher

Children of Jacob Albert Sessoms and Penny Fisher:
1. John Redding Sessoms 2 Mar 1798 NC-
living Shelby Co TX 1850
Married Lawrence Co MS 5 Feb 1822 Mary Ann Brown ca 1801 GA –
a. Elsie Sessums 1824 MS –
b. William B Sessums 1826 MS –
Married Mary 1835 LA –
c. Pernecia Sessums 1828 MS –
d. Wilson Russell Sessums 1833 MS –
e. Elizabeth Sessums 1835 MS –
2. William Thomas Sessoms 1807 KY –
Born in Cumberland River, Christain Co KY Terr.
Married Rankin Co MS 22 Sept 1829 Zelphi (Lessy) Cooksey.
a. Cader Sessoms
Served in Co. B, 8th Mississippi, and Co. I, 46th Mississippi Infantry, CSA
i. Thomas Hudson Sessums
1. William Thomas Sessums
3. Polly Sessoms 1808 KY –
Married MS Neal Williams MS –
4. Sara Sessoms ca 1812 KY –
Married MS ca 1830 Samuel Cortney ca 1812 MS –
lived 1850 [farmer] Simpson Co MS; 1860 [blacksmith] Trinity Co TX
a. Isabella Jane Cortney 1831 – ts
b. Nancy A Cortney ca 1835 –
c. Solomon Cortney ca 1837 –
d. Robert J Cortney ca 1839 –
e. Mary Cortney ca 1840 –
f. Reubin W Cortney ca 1841 –
g. Vincent M Cortney ca 1843 –
h. Samuel J Cortney ca 1844 –
i. Penny A Cortney ca 1846 –
j. George W Cortney ca 1849 –
k. Jacob N Cortney ca 1851 –
l. Marion Cortney [m] ca 1852 –
m. Mandy Cortney ca 1855 MS –
5. Charity Sessums 1814 KY –
Nettie’s Aunt and Step G -G Grandmother
married MS 1837 Mr. [Jesse?] Cortney d bef 1850
a. Jacob Cortney 1838 MS –
b. Lisoby Cortney 1840 MS –
c. Reubin Cortney 1843 TX –
d. Solomon Cortney 1845 TX –
Married 2nd John Williams of MS
married 3rd William C Nail
6. Solomon Sessoms 1820 MS –
living 1850 Panola Co TX next door to Reubin Fisher Sessums and sister Charity
married MS 1846 Margaret Nail 1827 – 1865/66
daughter of William C Nail & [a Choctaw Indian]
a. Sarah Sessums 1847 –
b. Reubin Solomon Sessums 1848 – 1925
c. Penny Sessums 1849 –
d. William Penn Sessums 1850 –
e. Mary Sessums 1855 –
Married John Nail
f. Elizabeth Sessums 1856 –
g. Margaret Ann Sessums 1857 – 1910
married 1877 Joshua David Harley Jr 1854 – 1900
h. Nancy Mandy Sessums 28 June 1860 TX – 1932
Married John Cortney Sr.
i. Martha Sessums 1862 –
j. Harriet Sessums 1864 –
k. Catherine Sessums 1865 –
Married ca 1866 Elizabeth Jane Powers
7. Reubin Fisher Sessums 28 Dec 1824 MS –
Married TX 25 Nov 1856 Nancy Amanda [or Armanda] Fleming
a. John Washington Sessums
married Mary Ellen Park
i. William Edward Sessums
married 24 June 1907 Tena Armanda [Tennie Marie] Atkins
1. Everett Edward Sessums 30 Sept 1908 – 1988 Paragould AR
a. Roy Sessums
b. Everett Edward Sessums Jr.
c. Jerry Sessums
d. Edward Burton Sessums
e. Benjamin James Sessums
f. Larry Edward Sessums
g. Everett Leon [Butch] Sessums
h. Pamela Lynn Sessums
i. Regina Ellen Sessums
j. Connie Diane Sessums
h. Debra Kathy Sessums
i. Carolyn Sue Sessums
j. Hazel Jean Sessums
k. Shirley Sessums
l. Doris Ray Sessums died at two weeks
2. Ethyl Sessums 7 Nov 1910 – 1983 Paragould AR
3. Arvle Washington Sessums 22 Feb 1813 Fletcher OK – July 1991 Jonesboro AR
married Newell Maxine Stauser
a. Theodore L Sessums
b. Harry Alvin Sessums
c. Jewell Maxine Sessums Barnes
d. Linda Faye Sessums Hemphill
i. Angelia Charlin Hemphill-Garner
e. Rose Marie Sessums Caldwell
f. Donald Raye Sessums
4. Earnest Sessums 1 Dec 1914 – 10 June 1964 Arbyd MO
5. Pearl Sessums 13 Sept 1917 –
6. Francis Sessums 27 May 1920 Oklahoma City OK – 1980 Jacksonville FL
7. Jessie Sessums 14 Feb 1925 – 13 Sept 1927 AR
8. Henry Sessums 21 April 1927 –

E-Mail feedback:
Reuben Fisher Sessums and Nancy Amanda Fleming had a son named John
Washington Sessums who married a Mary Ellen Park. They had a son named
William Edward Sessums, who married a Tennie Marie Atkins (Tina Atkins).
I am sure they had other children, but I don’t know any more at this
moment. Then they had four children: Arvle Washington Sessums, Everett
Edward Sessums, Ernest Sessums, and Pearl Sessums. Everett Edward
Sessums was my grandpa. He had 14 children: Roy Sessums, Everett
Edward Sessums Jr., Jerry Sessums, Edward Burton Sessums, Benjamen James
Sessums, Larry Edward Sessums, Everett Leon Sessums (Butch), Pamela
Lynn Sessums, Regina Ellen Sessums, Connie Diane Sessums, Debra Kathy
Sessums, Carolyn Sue Sessums, Hazel Jean Sessums, and Shirley Sessums.
There was another child who died at two weeks named Doris Ray Sessums.
I can get dates to verify if you want them.
BTW, we think that Nancy’s middle name is Armanda, not Amanda. It’s just
a thought.
Martha Runge

My grandfather was William Thomas Sessums, his father being Thomas Hudson Sessums,
whose father was Cader Sessums (who served in Co. B, 8th Mississippi, and Co. I, 46th Mississippi Infantry, CSA). Through Michael, I have directly traced mine back before the American Revolution in NC, thence
to Mississippi, then on into Texas. – Danny Sessums

Sorry for the delay but I’ve been out of town attending the Texas Assn. Of Museum’s mg. in Waco, then on other business in Dallas. Cader’s father was William Thomas Sessums (Ca. 1807) and Zelphi Cooksey, his wife.
He was a direct descendant of Jacob Albert Sessums (Ca. 1777) & Penny Fisher of Edgecombe Ct., N.C.
That’s as far back as I’ve been able to get, although I have knowledge of a Nicho. Sessums in Virginia in 1716.
Do you know anything about him?

Also, do you know about any of the Sessums’ reunions? I went to one in Hillsboro many years ago, then to another in northern Arkansas about for to five years back. There is a third somewhere in Central Texas, perhaps near Johnson City, LBJ’s old home. Any help you could
provide would be appreciated.- Danny Sessums

I MAY HAVE located another daughter of Jacob Sessums of Mississippi and later Panola County TX, who died around 1856.
I am working on a Samuel Courtney, who born in 1814 in Mississippi (his father’s James Courtney’s Bible record).
James and his family moved to Simpson County, Miss. Around 1830 where his son Jesse is shown in the 1830 census living next door to Jacob Sessums.
I assume that Samuel and Sarah Sessums married about 1830 or 31 in Simpson since their oldest child Isabella Jane Courtney was born in 1831 (tombstone). On Jane’s brother’s Texas Death Cert. his mother is Sarah Sessions. Jane’s Death Cert just states Sarah Courtney. Some of the older relatives, now deceased, related that Samuel Courtney’s wife “was a Session’s. One piece of detailed data that makes me more suspicious is 1850 Census of Panola County Texas.
The family shows a Charity Courtney and names that are very similar to Samuel and Sarah’s children, i.e., Solomon, Samuel, Penny, Rueben, Nancy Jane, etc. In fact, I wonder if Charity might have been the wife of Jesse Courtney, who was living next to Jacob in the 1830 census. The age based on the 1850 census seems to be off 2 or 3 years but, as you know, this is not unusual. Like I say it is only a guess at this time, but I thought you might want the information for your files. David K. Tucker, Houston, Texas

Robert Sessums 1778 – 1845 | his parents
& Elizabeth Dancy | her parents
of Hinds County, MS

Robert Sessoms 25 Dec 1778 – 6 July 1845 Hinds Co, MS
from NSDAR paper compiled by Mrs. R S Tinnin 1941
married Hinds Co MS ca 1800 Elizabeth Dancy 7 June 1778 – 6 July 1845

1800 Census Edgecombe Co Robert Sessums 1 m 16/25 3 sl

Children of Robert Sessums and Elizabeth Dancy:
1. Hannah Wyche Sessums 12 March 1812 – 2 July 1884 Elgin TX
married Granville Tinnin 1 May 1803 – 5 Nov 1866 Elgin TX

Tinnin Tinnin2
the Hogeye community cemetery in Elgin, TX
photo by Keith Manlove

  1. Carolina Sessums
    married 1st Mr. Council
    married 2nd P O Cornelius
    3. Sallie Sessums
    married Frank Young
    4. Evelina Sessums dsp
    5. Paralee Sessums dsp
    6. James Dancy Sessoms 13 April 1816 – 14 May 1891 Elgin TX
    married Sarah Elizabeth Monk
    7. William Monroe Sessums died in Arkansas
    married Mary C Monk

Solomon Sessoms ca 1755 – 1817 | his parents
& Elizabeth Lloyd – 1835 | her parents
of Edgecombe Counties, NC

Solomon Sessoms ca 1755 – Dec 1817 Tarboro, NC Edgecombe Co
married Elizabeth Lloyd died 1835 (Ex. was Joshua Lawrence)

Married in Tarborough, on the 27th, Roderick Sessums to Miss Polly Loyd.
(Raleigh Register, July 8, 1805)
In the file of the estate of Roderick Loyd (Lloyd), who died in Edgecombe in 1791. There was a dispute over his estate, as the heirs stated Roderick had never legally married Hannah Lloyd, who claimed to be his widow. One petition filed by George Downing, said he married a daughter of the deceased, and indicated there were two other heirs in addition to his wife. Another petition by Solomon Sessums, dated November 1793, stating Roderick Loyd was never legally married to Hannah. Therefore, she was not entitled to dower.
(In Edgecombe Co. Inventories of Estates 1804-1807, we see that the heirs of Roderick Lloyd in January 1807 were Nicholas Lloyd, Polly Sessums, and Nancy Downing, wife of George Downing.)
From the NC General Assembly Sessions Records Dec. 1791-January 1792:
This file contains a petition by Hannah Lloyd, dated December 21, 1791, stating she was the “unfortunate widow” of Roderick Lloyd, who was executed at Halifax “November last.” It says Roderick left three illegitimate children by the said Hannah, all born before their marriage. By this petition, Hannah requested a name change for the three children from Mary Haynes, Nicholas Haynes, and Anne Haynes, to Mary Loyd, Nicholas Loyd, and Anne Loyd. So I presume this is the Mary Loyd who married Roderick Sessums (see above).

Also from the estates papers of Edgecombe:
The estate file of Rhoderick Sessums contains only a piece of paper that was a citation (Feb. 1806) to his widow Mary Sessums, asking her to show proof why administration on his estate should not be granted to Shadrach Collins. (As we see above, they had just married in 1805) Notes from David Gammon

1769 – “Solomon Sessoms orphan of Richard Sessoms comes into court & chooses Isaac Sessums his Guardian etc.” Book II p 232 [ he would be at least 14 yrs of age]
Edgecombe Ct, 5 Aug 1789 – Solomon Sessoms exempted from taxes on 296 ac. of land for 1788
had a blacksmith shop in Tarboro Justice of the Peace

1790 Census Edgecombe County
Solomon Sessums 1 m 16+ 4m 0/16 3wf 12sl
1800 Census Edgecombe County
Solomon Sessums 1m 10/16 1m 16/25 1m 45+ 2f 0/10 1f 25/45 19 sl
1810 Census Edgecombe County
Solomon Sessions 1m 16/25 1m 45+ 3f 10/16 1f 16/25 1f 25/45 1f 45+ 23 sl

Mrs. Elizabeth Sessums died at Tarboro on May 21, 1835, “at an advanced age.”
(Tarboro Press, 23 May 1835)

Children of Solomon Sessoms and Elizabeth Lloyd:
1. Roderick Sessoms 1774/90 – bef Feb 1806
married 27 June 1805 Mary [Polly] Lloyd
Married in Tarborough, on the 27th, Roderick Sessums to Miss Polly Loyd.
(Raleigh Register, July 8, 1805)

  1. Lemuel Sessoms ca 1784 – 1804
    Died at the Univeristy in this state, a few days ago, Mr. Lemuel Sessums, son
    of Mr. Sessums of Tarborough, age twenty. (Raleigh Register, March 19, 1804)
    3. Noah Sessoms4. Sally Sessoms d. May 1829
    married John Alexander Irwin d, May 1829
    a. Henry L Irwin
    b. Thomas B Irwin d. bef 1850
    Married 11 Feb 1836, Caroline Arrington,
    i. Elizabeth H Irwin
    married 10 June 1856 William B Carr
    ii. Leah C Irwin
    married 3 Aug 1853 John A Williams
    c. Elizabeth Irwin ? – 25 Sept 1831 Nash Co
    married 7 Dec 1830 Arthur Arrington
    i. Child 25 Sept 1831 –
  2. Dr. Isaac T Sessums 1786/90 –
    married Mary Ann Short bef 1797 – 1825/30
    half- sister of Turner P Westray 1801 -1868
    a. Harriett Eliza Sessums ca 1816 –
    married bef 8 Sept 1838 Dr. Joseph A Drake 1805 –
    b. Solomon David Sessums 1821 – 1895
    rem. to MS 1845
    married in NC 13 Dec 1842 Lucy Elizabeth Sills – 1849
    i. Lucy S Sessums 1849 – only issue
Died at his residence near Tarborough, on Friday last, Mr. John A. Irvin (sic), and on Wednesday last, his wife Sarah. (Raleigh Register, May 15, 1829)
Married, in Nash County, on the 11th ultimo, Thomas Irwin of Tarboro to Caroline Arrington, daughter of Arthur Arrington. (Raleigh Star, March 10, 1836)
William B. Carr of Edgecombe married Elizabeth H. Irvin, daughter of the late Thomas B. Irvin, in Nash County, June 10, 1856. (The Southerner, June 14, 1856)
Arthur Arrington of Nash County married Elizabeth Irwin, daughter of the late J.A. Irwin, near Tarboro, on Dec. 7, 1830. (North Carolina Free Press, Dec. 14, 1830)
Mrs. Elizabeth Arrington, wife of Arthur Arrington and daughter of the late John A. Irvin of Edgecombe County, died in Nash County on Sept. 25, 1831, leaving an infant.
(North Carolina Free Press, Sept. 27, 1831)

– Also in the Nash County estates papers, I find guardian bonds for Elizabeth Irwin and Leah C. Irwin, orphans of Thomas B. Irwin, dated as early as 1850, and running through 1856. Robert D. Hart was their guardian
– Edgecombe Deed Book 25, page 217. Dated May 28, 1850. Arthur Arrington, Elizabeth Irwin, and Leah Irwin filed a petition for sale of land that descended to them from Alexander Irwin, dec’d.
– Nash County marriage bond for Leah C. Irwin and John A. Williams, dated Aug. 3, 1853.
Notes from David Gammon
Sessums, MS – a village in Okitebbeha County named for Captain Solomon David Sessums – He was born in North Carolina in 1821 and married there in 1840. In 1845 they came to Mississippi and he procured land for his plantation. He gave a right of way across his land to the Mobile & Ohio Railroad and the Company named the town Sessums in honor of him. He was a Captain in the Confederate army during the Civil War.
– his first house on his plantation was a six-room log house; it burned and was replaced by two-story colonial frame house with full length porches on both sides on the house both upstairs and downstairs. It was located on a beautiful wooded knoll with the family cemetery back on the house on another knoll. Captain Solomon David Sessums was buried there in 1895. Since early in this century, the Sessums family has been gone; the plantation house fell into disrepair and the land has new owners.
infomation was provided by Sue O’Hearn included in Morgan’s “Nicholas Sessoms”

married 2nd bef Nov 1830 Nancy Whitehead ? – 22 July 1837
– Dr. Isaac T. Sessums’ wife died in Nashville on July 22, 1837. (Tarboro Press, July 29, 1837.)

In the estate of Rahab Whitehead, there is a petition that states the said Rahab Whitehead had been a resident of Wake County, and died in 1823, willing certain property to her granddaughters, namely Temperance Whitehead, Ferreby Whitehead, Nancy Whitehead, and Elizabeth Whitehead. Of these, Temperance had married John Whitfield, Nancy married Isaac Sessums, Elizabeth married Eli Vick, and Ferreby was still unmarried. The petition is dated November 1830.
Solomon D. Sessums of Nash County married Lucy Sills, daughter of the late David Sills, in Franklin County on Dec. 13, 1842, by Rev. Mr. Hudgins. (Tarboro Press, Dec. 17, 1842)Also in Nash County estates papers, I find in the file of David Sills, that his daughter was named Lucy Elizabeth Sills, wife of Solomon D. Sessums.(In the 1850 Census of Nash County I find Lucy S. Sessums, listed as 11 months old, living in the household of Joseph A. Drake. In 1860 she is still in his household, age 11. He was her uncle by marriage, right?)In the estate of Susan Davis there is a petition, dated 1854, that states a lot of info – what is interesting to us is that Susan Davis was a deceased heir of David Sills, deceased. Susan was widow of Ebin Davis and died without issue. As a result, her land went to her siblings or their heirs. This indicates her sister was Lucy Sessums, “now deceased,” who had been wife of David Sessums, and died leaving an only child named Lucy Sessums. Notes from David Gammon
  1. Elizabeth Sessoms ? – 1824 no issue
    married 1821 Exum H Lowe
    Married in Tarboro, “lately,” Exum H. Lowe, merchant, to Miss Elizabeth Sessums, both of that place. (Raleigh Register, Nov. 23, 1821.)

7. Charlotte Sessoms ? – 1872
married in Tarborough 1813 Francis L Dancy, Esq ca 1775 – 19 June 1848
Married in Tarborough (no date), Francis L. Dancy, Esq. to Miss Charlotte Sessoms.
(Raleigh NC Star, Dec. 31, 1813)

a. Delbi [Delha] M. Dancy ? – 1877
married 10 Nov 1836 Agesilaus S Foreman 15 Sept 1810 – 29 Jan 1840
i. Camillus L Foreman 1839 – 7 Jan 1841 aged 21 months
married 16 Oct 1860 Robert H Austin
b. William F. Dancy 11 Oct 1818 – 9 May 1860
married 7 May 1850 Martha C Moye 26 Jan 1830 – 14 Aug 1852
dau of Gen. Moye at Columbus, MS
married 14 Jan 1858 Mary Eliza Battle 11 Jan 1829 – 18 Aug 1905
dau of James S Battle at “Cool Spring” in Edgecombe Co
Mary Eliza married 2nd Dr. Newsom Jones Pittman
i. Francis Little Dancy 24 Jan 1859 – 4 July 1859
ii. William W Dancy
iii. Caroline [Carrie] M Dancy
married 10 Nov 1869 Charles M Wesson
1. Delha D Wesson
c. John Sessums Dancy 13 May 1821 – 23 Aug 1888 CSA marker
married 12 Dec 1843 Cornelia Viola Battle 15 Nov 1824 – 8 Nov 1844
dau of James S Battle at “Cool Spring” in Edgecombe Co
married 11 Nov 1858 Annie E Hyman 16 Dec 1838 – 16 June 1886
dau of Henry Hyman of Tarboro
i. Virginia Dare Dancy dsp
ii. Francis Battle Dancy
married 23 Nov 1897 Annie Bryan Pippen
iii. Martha P Dancy
married 9 Nov 1899 Henry E Litchford of Raleigh
iv. Anne Hyman Dancy 1868 –
married 17 June 1891 Faison Calvertnote the land willed by Solomon to his son Isaac is the same land willed by Richard to his son Solomon.

Sessums, Solomon – inventory taken by Isaac Sessums, exr. included many notes due the estate. Aug Ct 1820. Account of sale held 15 Jan 1818. Isaac Sessums and Elizabeth Sessums were buyers. This was one of the larger estates, Aug Ct 1820. Account current with the exr. and audit and settlement of account, May Ct 1821.

Also from the estates papers of Edgecombe:
The estate file of Solomon Sessums indicates the said Solomon died December 1817, and that his daughter Elizabeth Sessums later married Exum Lowe and died intestate and without issue. As a result, her estate descended to her brother Isaac Sessums of Nash County, sister Sarah, wife of John Alexander Irwin, and sister Charlotte Dancy. This petition is undated, but appears to be in 1824 or earlier, as there is a summons also in this file, dated Sept. 28, 1824, in which John A. Irwin and wife are summoned to answer to Isaac Sessums.

Elizabeth Sessums, Town of Tarborough 5 Oct 1834 – May Ct 1835 Edgecombe
– son & Exr – Isaac – all lands devised to me by my husband Solomon Sessums and which lie N side Tar River. 4 negroes, the bedstead that stands in my bedroom, sideboard, and all glass and crockery that stand on it, my still, 1 mule, gig, all stoneware and kitchen furn. my silver teaspoons, farming utensils, 2 brass candlesticks, brass kettle, 1/2 my sitting chairs, 1 pr andirons which are in my bedroom, blacksmith’s tools, the trunk which belonged to his bro: Noah and a paper trunk in which I keep my papers.
– dau Charlotte Dancy – 2 negroes, china press, all crockeryware not given away, large work basket, parasol, hackle, 1/2 sitting chairs, linen wheel, large wash tub, all wearing apparel, bed clothes, looking glass, table cloths, towels and carpets, also andirons which stand upstairs, loom gear, my trunk that stands in a frame
– gr dau – Delbi Dancy – 1 negro, bed and furniture with a pair of net valances, silk quilt, dressing box, small trunk,
– gr sons – William Dancy – filly, $150; John, 1 negro
– gr dau – Elizabeth Dancy – small bed, paint box, and $100
– gr son – David Sessums – 1 negro
– ? – Penelope Abbington – bureau
– gr sons – Henry L Irwin, Thomas B Irwin – these two to have 1 negro, 1 bed and furniture, knives and forks, silver spoons, wire seine, shovel and tongs, and cow and calf
– ? – Alavana Bell – bed and bedstead, 1 sheet and counterpane, pillows and bolster
– ? – Emiliza Rountree, bed, sheet, counterpane, pillows and bolster
-? – Mary Wilson, same as above;
-sis – Mary Gregory – large china bowl
– ? – Mary Killabrew – banbox, bonnet, safe, cloak, also $50
– ? – Polly Langston – $20
Wit: Joseph R Floyd, Ephrain Dicken

Will of Francis L Dancy – Tarborough – 20 Sept 1845 – Edgecombe Co Aug Ct 1848
– wife Charlotte – 339 A tract called Harris Place, S side Tar River adjoining David Bullock, Theophilus Parker and Mrs. Mary Gregory, bought of Thomas Harris, deed 15 Nov 1817; 190 A tract called Parker Place E side of Hendricks Creek adjoining Lewis O Wilson and Thomas H Hall, bought of John Parker 1 Aug 1828. in Tarboro – Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, Reversion lost 4 & 6 to son John.
– son & exr – William F 1041 A tract called Strabane on N side Fishing Creek adjoining Charles Mabry and heirs of Drew Bryan – bought of the late Edmund Macnair – deed 31 Dec 1834. also lots 18 & 29 in Tarboro with understanding dau. Elizabeth M Battle, wife of Wm S Battle shall have carriage house which stands on lot 29 whenever she chooses to remove it; also all movables pertaining to ginhouse at Strabane and all books belonging to law library.
– dau Delha M Foreman, 503 3/4 A tract known as Batts Place bought of Joseph Batts deed 16 May 1818; also 494 A tract bought of Norfleet, Clerk of Ct. in making partition between Collins bros and others, deed 22 Mar 1841. also lot 83 in Tarboro adjoining Geo Howard.
– son & exr. – John S – 584 A tract N side Tar River adjoining Ephraim Dicken, Solomon Pender & John Williams bought of Wm H Hodge, deed 2 Jan 1833; 262 A tract bought of Michael Hearn & wife Martha, deed 14 Mar 1842; Lot 102 in Tarboro – also all movables appertaining to gin house on lot 102.
– 414 A tract opposite Strabane to Delpha M, William F, John S – formerly belonged to Alexander Sessoms – deed by sheriff Spencer L Hart to me 14 Oct 1820.
WIT: Henry T Clark, Wm Norfleet, Wm Geo Thomas

Isaac Sessoms ca 1742 – 1784 | his parents
& unknown | her parents
of Edgecombe Counties, NC

Col. Isaac Sessoms ca 1742 – 1784 Edgecombe Co
married Frances ?

1776 – member of NC Constitutional Convention 1776 at Halifax
1778 – member of NC General Assembly from Edgecombe Co –
1779 – Lt. Col. in the Am. Rev. appt. Kinston 9 Sept 1779
1784 – inventory of Col. Isaac Sessoms taken by Thomas Hodges –
Thomas Hodges was also Richard’s guardian

Child of Col. Isaac Sessoms:
1. Richard Sessoms of Sampson Co
became a Methodist minister

1800 Census Edgecombe Co
Richard Sessums 1 m 16/25 1m 26/45 13 sl

Will of Isaac Sessums 14 Nov 1784 – Edgecombe County Feb Ct 1785
– son Richard Sessums – all my estate, lands, negroes, sell perishables, discharge just debts.
Exr: Thomas Hodges
WIT: Robt. Digges, John DolvinSessums, Col. Isaac – inventory taken by Thomas Hodges, exr, included a certificate for attendance at the General Assembly, no date, Feb Ct 1785. Account of sale returned, May Ct 1785. Additional inventory exhibited by the exr. May Ct 1785. Account current with the exr. Aug Ct 1786.

Re Hodges
Found this in the loose estates papers of Edgecombe:
file of Anthony Hodges
Petition (dated November 1812) for a division of the property of the said
Anthony Hodges by James M. Abington and wife Penelope, and also by Nancy
Diggs with Exum Lewis her guardian, stating the deceased died testate and
Bequeathed to them 700 acres on Fishing Creek adj. Alexander Sessums and
Jacob Sessums. A second petition (undated) in this file indicates the said
Anthony Hodges died in March 1811 and left the following heirs:
1. sister Penelope Hodges, now wife of James Abington
2. sister Sarah Hodges, now wife of Jeremiah Cloud
3. sister Nancy Hodges, wife of Moses Smith
4. sister Elizabeth Digges
5. nephew Henry Hodges
6. mother, Sarah Hodges. the will of Thomas Hodges dated 19 Feb 1806 and probated at May Court 1806
Filed in Edgecombe Will Book D, page 244

Mentions wife Sally
daughter Nancy Smith
Daughter Elizabeth Digges, wife of Starling Digges
Grandson Henry William Hodges, under ten years of age
Daughter Sally Hodges
son Thomas Hodges
son Anthony Hodges
Daughter Penny (no surname)
Granddaughter Nancy Digges, daughter of Elizabeth

Is this the Thomas Hodges you mention on your website? If so, his daughter
Nancy Smith was the ancestor of all the Kitchins of Scotland Neck, including
Governor W.W. Kitchin and US Senator Claud Kitchin. E-Mail from David Gammon

Patience Sessoms | her parents
& Grissum Coffield | his parents
of Edgecombe Counties, NC

Ref: Nicholas Sessoms and Some of His Descendants by James E Morgan Jr
Abstracts by J W Watson of Estate Records of Edgecombe Co.
Notes from David Gammon

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  1. Herewith a reflection of a resident of Litchfield, CT, z retired Foreign Service officer, about two friends of my parents living in Geneva, Illinois in the 1950s, Alex and Nancy Sessums. Believe Alex was a columnist with a wonderful collection of books, several of which he gave to me before he and Nancy retired to upstate New York or New England. Both were clearly, by their manner of speech and gracious style, of southern origin. I believe Alex had a drinking problem that likely bedeviled his career. Both impressed me, then in my late teens, as wonderful, warm and highly cerebral people, not many of whom remain today. I don’t see their names in your lengthy lists, hence this message.

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