James Thomas & Sarah Barnes

one Thomas family of Bertie County

James Thomas ca 1714 – 1780 | his parents
& Sarah Barnes 17xx- aft 1780 | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


Children of James Thomas and Sarah Barnes [from his will 1780]:
1. Ezekiel Thomas d 1809
married Sarah Holland
a. Sarah [Sally] Thomas
married Robert Henry Jr
b. Luke Thomas 25 Feb 1790 – 20 Dec 1860
married Elizabeth Burradell [13 children]
c. Ezekiel Thomas Jr. 1792 – 3 Jan 1850
married Temperance Thomas [one child]
married 2nd Abrilla P Standley [9 children]
d. Eli Thomas
married 2 Mar 1799 Elisabeth Weston
Jonathan Spivey, Bm
2. Luke Thomas
? married Susannah Darden
3. Selah Thomas [10 children]
married bef 1780 Charles Dement
4. Luridell [Laodicia] Thomas [dau]
married Bertie Co 25 Jan 1791 Benjamin Sholar [as his 2nd wife]
Ezekial Thomas, Bm
he had married 1st Elizabeth Barnes 4th g grandparents of Jim Sholar

5. Sarah Thomas
?married Bertie Co 5 Feb 1787 Benjamin Edwards
John Edwards, Bm
6. James Thomas 1762 Bertie Co – 9 Sep 1832 Trigg Co KY
[under age in 1780]
both buried in the James Thomas Cemetery, Trigg Co KY
married Bertie Co 6 Sept 1790 Mary [Mollie] Standley 1762 – 12 April 1825 Trigg Co
daughter of Edmund Standley
7. Lidda [Liddy] [Lydia] Thomas
? married James Lawrence

Will of James E Thomas 22 Oct 1780 – proved Nov Ct Bertie Co 1780
“..very sick and weak of body…”
– wife Sarah Thomas – lends one-third of my land where I now live for her lifetime or widowhood, along with bed, bridle, lining wheel, pot, hooks, puter dish, etc.
– son Ezekiel Thomas – bed, puter dish, heifer, etc
– son Luke Thomas – five shillings.
– son James Thomas – all my land after the death of his mother and two-thirds of said land at my death, but if he dies without heirs it shall be equally divided between my two eldest sons Ezekiel and Luke.
– daughter Selah Dement [wife of Charles Dement] – small chest, lamb etc
– daughter Luridell Thomas – bed, wheal, puter dish, cow, etc.
– daughter Sarah Thomas – heifer and yearling
– daughter Lidda Thomas – the bed I lent my wife.
Remaining estate to be divided between my son James and Liddy Thomas when James is twenty-one, Liddy’s part to be held by James until she is eighteen or marries, but if either dies without heirs the other shall inherit the full share.
EX: David Outlaw, my son Ezekiel
Wit: Abner Eason Snr. Joseph Eason, Mary Pritchard

James Thomas 1762 – 1832 | his parents
& 1790 Mary [Mollie] Standley 1762 – 1825 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC and Trigg Co KY

Thomas, James & Mary Standley, 6 Sept 1790, Whitmell Whitaker, Bm
Bertie Co Marriage Bonds: [as transcribed by Fouts]

e-mail from Jim Sholar
Sally, . . . .My James Thomas was born in Bertie County, North Carolina, in 1762, the son of James and Sarah (Barnes) Thomas. He grew up on the portion of plantation that his father had inherited from his father, Joseph Thomas, who had purchased it in 1728 after migrating to North Carolina from Nansemond County, Virginia. This original plantation was located about five miles southeast of Windsor, seat of Bertie County, in the fertile coastal plain between the Cashie and the Roanoke Rivers not far from Albemarle Sound. When James’s father dies in Bertie County, N. C. in 1780, he bequeathed his estate to his seven children. James, the youngest of his three sons, inherited
the plantation house and 400 acres of land, with his mother inheriting dower rights to one-third of it as long as she lived.

On May 12, 1781, some six months after his father died, James, then only 19 years old, enlisted in the North Carolina troops to serve in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War against the British. He served under the overall command of General Nathaniel Greene, and was assigned to the 10th Regiment, Capt. Thomas Donoho’s Company, Col. Abraham Shepherd commanding. James spent his entire time in the service with General Greene’s army in skirmishes and other action against the British, mostly in South Carolina. He served until May 12, 1782. For some reason that he never divulged, James Thomas did not claim the free land in Tennessee, made available for him by the State of North Carolina for his service in the Revolution.

After Returning home from the war James Thomas began his courtship of Mary Standley, a girl his own age, who lived on an adjoining plantation. This courtship set somewhat of a record for longevity–almost eight years.

Revolutionary War records, National Archives, Washington, D. C. lineage book, national Society of Sons of the American Revolution Washington, D. C. James Thomas, National number 98251 assigned to the author. 9. James Thomas, private, no. 90144, Pierce’s Register, Page 1174. He also is listed as “soldier” in North Carolina Revolutionary Army accounts dated July 25, 1783, journal of the proceedings of the Commissioners appointed by the Act of Assembly passed in may 1873 to liquidate and finally settle accounts of the officers and soldiers of the Continental Line of the State of North Carolina.

Marriage Notes for JAMES THOMAS and MARY STANDLEY:
Whitmell Whitacre, a friend and neighbor, also a brother of Elizabeth Whitacre
(Joshua Sholar’s wife) stood as security for their wedding.

“He came for his home site, 200 acres of land located in Christian county (now Trigg) at what today is the intersection of the Donaldson and Cadiz roads, acquiring a grant that had been issued Oct. 18, 1798. This land was surveyed June 18, 1799 by James B. Mabry, deputy surveyor for Christian county, and lay in (Num. missing from document) 180-pole square bisected by the west word run of
the waters of Donaldson Creek. In acquiring the tract James Thomas paid a surveyor’s fee and taxes of $70.80. He cleared from his new acreage portions of the virgin timber that grew in profusion in the valley, built a cabin of white oak and poplar logs, and settled there for the remainder of his life. James
Thomas was one of the first five permanent settlers in the Donaldson Creek valley. In the ensuing years he acquired a large part to the land that lay in the upper portion of the nine-mile long valley, as well as part of the land in the surrounding, heavily wooded hills. By the time his four sons had grown to man hood and acquired adjoining land, the family collectively owned almost 4,000 acres, the nucleus of which was the original grant surveyed in 1799.”

Children of JAMES THOMAS and MARY STANDLEY of KY are:
1. CULLEN THOMAS 21 Aug 1791 Bertie Co NC – 08 June 1862 Trigg Co KY
2. TEMPERANCE THOMAS 1794 – 02 October 1817 Christian Co KY
3. PERRY THOMAS 25 May 1797 Bertie Co -14 July 1886 Trigg Co KY
4. STARKIE THOMAS 29 June 1799 Bertie Co – 15 Septe1881 Trigg Co KY
5. MARY THOMAS 01 July 1802 Bertie Co – 28 July 1876 Trigg Co KY
6. JAMES THOMAS, JR. 03 Nov 1803 Bertie Co – 20 Feb 1864 Trigg Co KY
7. STANLEY THOMAS 06 Nov 1806 Christian Co KY – 11 Apr 1858 Cadiz, Trigg Co KY

Joseph Thomas ca 1680 – 1735 | his parents
& Alice Spivey | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA & Bertie Co NC

Children of Joseph Thomas & Alice Spivey:
1. Joseph Thomas Jr d. 1758
married Ann
a. Michael Thomas
married Ann
b. Josiah Thomas
married Tabitha [7 children]
c. Joseph Thomas III
d. Mary Thomas
e. Elizabeth Thomas
2. Michael Thomas d. 1802
married unknown
a. Michael Thomas d 1826
b. Joseph Thomas
c. Jesse Thomas
d. Ralph Thomas
e. Edward Thomas
f. James Thomas
g. daughter Thomas
married Carroll
married 2nd Elizabeth Station
3. Luke Thomas d. July 1751
4. James Thomas ca 1714 – 1780
married Sarah Barnes
5. Jacob Thomas
6. Jonas Thomas
7. Charity Thomas
8. Mary Thomas

John Thomas ca 1648 – 1703 | his parents
& Susannah Portis [Frizzell] ca 1660 – | her parents
& Jno. Frizell d bef 1693 | his parents
of Isle of Wight Co VA

Children of John Thomas & Susannah Portis:
1. John Thomas Jr
married Elizabeth Kearney
2. Richard Thomas
married Miss Rogers
a. John Thomas
b. Mary Thomas
c. Elizabeth Thomas
d. Richard Thomas
3. William Thomas
married Martha Robinson
4. Joseph Thomas ca 1680 – ca 1735
married Alice Spivey
5. Phillip Thomas
married Ann
6. Barnaby Thomas Will 5 Oct 1735 Bertie Co NC
married Sarah Dawson
a. Elisha Thomas
7. Elizabeth Thomas
married John Boddie
married John Dawson
Child of Susannah Portis & Jno. Frizell:
1. Will Frizell aft 1676 –

Isle of Wight Co VA Will of John Portis 6 April 1693 – to my dau Sussannah Thomas, wife of John Thomas, land in the Upper Parish for life. Sussannah was formerly wife of Jno. Frizzell, dec, and if she die before her son Will Frizzell is of age of 18, then his grandson , Will Frizzell, is to possess it. If Will Frizzell have no heirs then to John Portis Jr. John Bell, John Prime, Edmund Prime.

Bertie Co NC Will of Barnaby Thomas 5 Oct 1735 – mentions “brother in law John Dawson, and brother, Phillip Thomas.”

Richard Thomas ca 1629 – 1687 | his parents
& Elizabeth Marshall 16xx – ca 1712 | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA

Children of Richard Thomas and Elizabeth Marshall:
1. John Thomas ca 1648 – 7 April 1703
married Susannah [Portis] Frizzel
2. Phoebe Thomas
married John Wilburn
3. Sarah Thomas prob died young
4. Elizabeth Thomas never married

John Thomas Jr | his parents
& unknown | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA

Children of John Thomas Jr:
1. Richard Thomas ca 1629 – 1687
married Elizabeth Marshall d ca 1712
2. William Thomas d. 17 Feb 1719
married Miss Christian
married Priscilla Jordan
3. John Thomas
married unknown
a. John Thomas Jr
married Hannah Dawson
4. Elizabeth Thomas
married John Sanders
a. Robert Sanders
5. Sarah Thomas
married Jonathan Robinson
6. Katherine Thomas
married Thomas Oglethorpe
a. Kathering Oglethorpe
b. Sarah Oglethorpe
c. Margaret Oglethorpe

the emigrant

John Thomas ca 1585 – ca 1653 | his parents
& Dorothy ? | her parents
of Caramarthenshire, Wales & York County, VA

Children of John Thomas & Dorothy?
1. John Thomas Jr.
2. Phillip Thomas
married Sarah McKinnie
a. Evan Thomas
b. Joseph Thomas
c. Michael Thomas
d. Robert Thomas
e. John Thomas
f. Phillip Thomas Jr
g. Mourning Thomas
h. Priscilla Thomas
3. Richard Thomas
married unknown
a. Richard Thomas Jr
b. John Thomas
c. William Thomas
4. William Thomas
married unknown
a. William Thomas Jr
married Elizabeth Hill
b. Humphrey Thomas
c. Simon Thomas
d. Gabriel Thomas
e. John Thomas
f. Priscilla Thomas
married Humphrey Marshall
g. Rebecca Thomas
married William Harrison
h. Elizabeth Thomas
married Thomas Hill

Bertie Co Marriage Bonds: [as transcribed by Fouts]
Thomas, James & Mary Standley, 6 Sept 1790, Whitmell Whitaker, Bm

Thomas, Zadock [x] & Dicea Bazemore, 7 Jan 1793, James [x] Wilford, Bm
Thomas, Jordan [x] & Milley Lassiter 18 Feb 1795, James [x] Wilford, Bm;
Wm. N Green, wit.
Thomas, John [x] & Sarah Britt 26 Nov 1800, Jeremiah Banon, Bm
Thomas, Elisha [x] & Polly Burne 15 Oct 1805, Henry Bate Bm.

Thomas, Ezekial & Elisabeth Weston 2 Mar 1799, Jonathan Spivey, Bm
Thomas, Josiah & Elizabeth Baker, 20 Jan 1801, William Sowell, Bm

Thomas, John & Sally Rayner, 13 May 1829
Thomas, G E & Dicy Rayner, 30 Oct 1832, Willie Griffin, Bm
Thomas, Mike & Betsey Johnston, 4 Aug 1831, Reddin Bazemore, Bm

Thomas, Lewis & Esther Pierce, 29 Jan 1853, Jonathan White, Bm
married 30 Jan 1853
Thomas, Joseph & Pernesa Bird married 4 May 1859
Thomas, William & Milly Jane Cale married 8 May 1866

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