Mr. Juster, Rachel Goldstein & Moritz Goldstein

Bob’s Great Great Grandparents:

Mr JUSTER ca 1820 – ca 1852? | parents
& Rachel GOLDSTEIN? 1825-? | parents

& ca 1853 Moritz GOLDSTEIN | parents

Kairo, Egypt

Mr. Juster and Rachel Goldstein? were married either in Egypt or Austria.
Rachel married Moritz Goldstein as Anna’s death certificate says they were her parents all born in Kairo Egypt.

Child of Mr. Juster & wife Rachel:
1. Emanuel Juster ca 1852 – ? New York City
married in New York City B. Hack
Child of Moritz and Rachel Goldstein:
2. Anna Goldstein 18 Jul 1854 – 16 Nov 1898 New York City
married Marco Leo Weschler 1844 – 1894 New York City

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