Daniel Van Pelt & Anne

Daniel Van Pelt 1719 – 1769 | his parents
and Anne ? | her parents
of Staten Island, NY
& Pitch Landing, Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Daniel VanPelt 1719- 1769 was the son of Cap. John Van Pelt ca 1687 – 1748 Bertie Co, NC who had come to Bertie County in 1720 calling himself “Captain John Van Pelt, Mariner from New York” and Maria\Mary Perrine.

1719, 25 December – Daniel Van Pelt was baptized in New York City.
1742, 11 May – Daniel Van Pelt proved his rights, Viz: Daniel VanPelt, Anne Van Pelt, John Van Pelt white persons. Cate, York blacks
1743, 11 Nov – Daniel Van Pelt was granted 400 acres in Bertie County in Chinquapin neck on the West side of Chinquapin creek joining the sd. creek, the Low Grounds, and John Van Pelt.
1745 12 Nov – Benjamin Wynns and Daniel Van Pelt Pn-masters also Geo. Hughes and James Jones. [Hathaway]
1748 Daniel was executor of his father’s estate.
lived at Daniel VanPelt’s landing later known as Pitch Landing
1758 24 Oct Daniel Van Pelt appt. & qualified Inspr.
1759 24 April Daniel Van Pelt is appointed Inspector of Pork etc. on Chowan River above Mauls Haven to and on Wiccacon Creek & Chinkopen Creek.
1761 2 Dec – Daniel Van Pelt issued Commission as Capt in the Hertford Militia
1769 Feb Daniel Van Pelt’s will probated in Hertford Co, NC, to Ann Van Pelt, James Wood, and James Van Pelt
1769 May – Elizabeth Van Pelt – her administration to Ann Van Pelt, securities were John Van Pelt and James Wood. Hertford Co, NC
1769 12 Oct – Michael Ward is promoted to Captain to replace Daniel Van Pelt in the Hertford Militia.
1770 – Anne is referred to as the widow of Daniel VanPelt

Children of Daniel Van Pelt & Anne: [was she a Wood?]
1. John VanPelt 1738/41 – 1820 Craven Co, NC
listed with father on the 1757 tax list 16+ of Bertie County
married 1st Miss Trip? – bef 1790
a. John Van Pelt 1775/90 Pitt Co – 16 Jan 1838 Jackson Co, Fla
moved to Florida ca 1825
married 1814 Louise Wingate d bef 1825
i. Jonathan A Van Pelt 25 Oct 1815 – 1882 Jackson Co, Fla
married Mary Barbara Taylor
1. William W Pelt
married Sarah J E McPherson
a. William Jonathan Pelt
married Pearcie Suphronia Stewart
i. Lena Louvina Pelt
married Marion Elmore Stallings
line of Diane Parker
ii. Martha Elizabeth Van Pelt 21 Mar 1817 – 7 May 1876 Jackson Co, Fla
married Joseph Fernandez
married 28 Oct 1858 Fla Jeremiah Sims
married in Fla 2nd Christiana Taylor d bef Mar 1843
[a widow with two sons]
iii. William Seaborn Van Pelt 7 Feb 1827 – Feb 1888 Jackson Co, Fla
married Susan M Day
married Elizabeth Pippins
iv. Durant Van Pelt 7 Feb 1832 –
v. Alford Van Pelt 12 June 1833 –
vi. Larkin Van Pelt 28 Feb 1837 –
married 5 April 1860 Frances George
vii. Ellenor Van Pelt 26 Aug 1838 –
married Joshua Bullock
b. Lewis Van Pelt 1777/90 Pitt Co –
married 18 Aug 1823 Sally Little
married 2nd Louisa Wingate
daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Wingate of Pitt Co
c. Jonathan Van Pelt ca 1795 – bef 1850
married in Craven Co 24 Feb 1817 Susannah Gualtney
d. James Van Pelt 1804 – ca 1860 Posey Co, Wadesville, Indiana
married 10 Feb 1824 Elizabeth [Betsey] Little
e. Mary Van Pelt 1810 –
2. Mary Ann Van Pelt [30 Sep 1742?] – 1767/9 Bertie Co
married bef 1764 William Watkins Winns [Wynns] 1742 – 1812 Martin Co
a. Daniel Van Pelt Winns [Wynns] 19 March 1765 – Oct 1813 Bertie Co
married Lavinia Outlaw 1766 – 1820
b. John Wynns 25 Jan 1767 – Oct 1848 Martin Co
married Winna Leggett ca 1771 –
3. James Van Pelt bef 1758 [ca 1750]- ca/bef 1784
married Mary ?
a. Elizabeth Van Pelt 1781 – 1826
married William Sessoms 1771 – 1844
b. James Van Pelt
married 1793 Catherine Hughs
married 1808 Mary Wingate
4. Daniel Van Pelt ca 1769 – bef 1830 [1819 in Hertford Co]
married Jemima Bell 1785 – 1850/60
a. Harriet Bell Van Pelt 3 May 1809 –
married 1834 Joseph L Leary ca 1814 –
b. Henry B Van Pelt
c. Elizabeth Van Pelt 
5. Elizabeth Van Pelt died May 1769

e-mail – Sally:
I came upon your site while trying to find info on an ancestor of mine, Elizabeth Van Pelt. I wonder if this is the same individual you have listed as the 5th child of Daniel and Anne. My sources say that Mark Meares married Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Van Pelt, about 1753 and their progeny include Jesse, Joab, Joel, James, Jonathan, Moses, and William Meares. All of these born in Dobbs(now Craven)County, NC. Elizabeth died in Dobbs County. Her sons were born between 1754 and 1775. I wonder if the May 1769 probation of Daniel’s will gives the administration of Elizabeth’s portion to her mother, Anne, due to her absence and then presence in Dobbs Co.? Any answers? Please share any info or sourses.

Thanks immensely!!!

Michael Blackwell, MD

1757 Bertie County Tax List:
List taken by William Wynns
John Vanpelt Schooner (?) – Quaminer, Hanover, Jemima – 3
Simon Vanpelt, Johannas Vanpelt – 2
Harmon Vanpelt – 1

List taken by Jos. Jordan
Daniell Vanpelt and his Son John
and Negroes Hanover, Dick, Sesor, Tom, Jane, Hannah – 8

1759 John VanPelt granted Ordinary license to keep an Ordinary Victualling House at his now dwelling house etc. Danl. Van Pelt Secuty.

1768/70 Wm Murphree Tax Receipt Book
1770 Ann Van Pelt to 9 taxes
1770 Harmon Van Pelt to 2 taxes
1769 John Van Pelt to 5 taxes
1770 Peter Van Pelt to 1 tax
1768 Simon Van Pelt to 1 tax
1769 Simon Van Pelt to 2 taxes

1779 Tax List Hertford co
District #5
James Van Pelt 1157 ac 13 bp 3 horses, 14 cattle
District #4
Harmon Van Pelt 230 ac 10 cattle
John Van Pelt 150 ac 4bp 1 horse

1784 Tax List Hertford Co.
Capt William Outlaw’s company
Peter Van Pelt – – – 1fp –
James Van Pelt decd. 1000 ac – – 7bp
Capt Nathan Harrell’s company
Sarah Van Pelt 100 ac
Lewis Brown 885 ac 2fp 5bp
Orphans of J VPelt 250 ac

Bertie Marriage Bonds:
1793 Van Pelt, James & Catharine Hugh, 10 Jan 1793; George (x) Hughs, Bm.



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