John Perry Jr., Sarah Draughon & John Lowder

Son of John Perry who died Bertie Co 1760

John Perry Jr. ca 1715 – 1785 | his parents
& ca 1743 Sarah Draughon? ca 1728 – aft 1796 | her parents
& aft 1785 John Lowder | his parents
of Bertie County, NC
& St. Mark’s Parish, Craven County, SC

This is the working hypothesis of Zane Perry and myself
– the way we see it as of this moment!!

PerryjrBert4 PerryJrBert-3
the spot, Black Walnut Point, which John Perry owned in Bertie Co, NC before going to SC in 1770
map shows the location; photos by Zane Perry

This John Perry was married to Sarah. Sarah married second after 1785 John Lowder in SC.

This John Perry was born about 1715, the son of John Perry and his 1st wife Elizabeth ?. (She is listed on some 1720s documents with John Perry in Perquimans County)

1 Nov 2000 – Zane Perry writes – I’m excited to tell you all that this past week I made copies of a 1764 deed that gives positive proof back one more generation in our Perry ancestry!
THE 1764 DEED BETWEEN JOHN PERRY AND THOMAS WRIGHT IS PROOF (that) JOHN PERRY (1690-1760) (is father of) JOHN PERRY (1715-1785).
Mr. Steve Watson of Texas, an excellent Perry researcher, pointed out the 1764 Perquimans County deed that proves the relationship between these two John Perrys.
Please become familiar with the recorded life and times of John Perry, who was born about 1690 in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, Virginia, and who died in 1760 in Bertie County, North Carolina.
This John Perry was the father of the John Perry who was born around 1715 and who died in 1785 in St. Mark’s Parish of Craven County, South Carolina.
This John Perry was a Planter, and owned 17 slaves at the time of his death in 1760. One of his slaves, named ‘Cesar’, appears to have become the property of John’s son, John Perry (1715-1785).
It is believed that John’s first wife was named Elizabeth, as she is listed on some 1720s documents with John Perry in Perquimans County.
John’s 2nd wife was Sarah Walton, and they married after or about 1725.

Perquimans Co N C Deed Book G #155p. 201 Nov 27, 1764.
John Perry, of Bertie Co. Planter—for ¬£30 pd by Thomas Wright, of Edenton, (Ropemaker)—sold 158a on No Et Side of Perq River, adj Nath’l Sutton, on lower side of Suttons Creek, Near Cypress Swamp (both issuing out of the north side of Perq River) Sd land formerly John Perry’s , father of sd John. Test’ George Brownrigg, Thomas Dare. Winslow, History Perquimans NC

[John Perry Sr bought land with Sarah Bond in 1728 and his son John Perry Jun. sold the same land in 1764 and was listed as this John Perry Senr’s son.]

John Perry’s last recorded deed in Bertie Co is dated February 1770, and he signed a petition to build a new Episcopal Church in SC in 1770.

Children of John Perry Jr. and wife Sarah:
John Perry’s last recorded deed in Bertie Co is dated Feb. 1770 and in 1770 he signed a petition to build a new Episcopal Church in South Carolina.
1. Thomas Perry ca 1744 – 1790/99 Bertie Co
believed to have died in the 1790’s
and buried in family cemetery Perrytown Com, Bertie Co, NC

married 1779 Nancy Ray
2. Abial Perry ca 1746 – in 1790 living Abbeville District, SC
married Effingham Co, GA Sarah Askew dau of Aaron Askew of Bertie
3. Abraham Perry ca 1748 – 1788 Bertie Co.
killed by lightning
married Ann ? (possibly Askew, dau of Aaron Askew of Bertie)
4. John Perry bef 1749 – became a SC Senator in the 1810’s
married Mary Bradley
dau of Thomas Bradley of St. Marks Parish, Craven Co, SC,
he was murdered in his home by Tories during the Revolutionary War
at the same time his neighbor, John Roberts, was murdered
a. Samuel James Bradley Perry
b. Sarah Angelina Perry
c. Oliver Hazzard Perry
5. Silas Perry bef 1750 – lived Sumter Co, SC
married Esther ?
6. Job Perry bef 1752 – died in Sumter Co, SC
married Jemina ? moved to Wilkinson Co, MS with her children
a. George Perry moved to Wilkinson Co, MS
b. Margaret Perry moved to Wilkinson Co, MS
married Elijah Price of Sumter Co, SC
7. Mary Perry moved by 1775 to St. Mark’s Parish, Craven Co, SC (Sumter Co)
married bef 1772 Bertie Co, NC Augustine Sweatman
8. Sarah Perry
married 1769 Bertie Co, NC William Cole, mariner

Researcher Zane Perry wrote in a recent e-mail 8 May 2000: “John and Sarah Perry’s son, John Perry Junr., left Bertie County in 1770 and went to Sumter County, SC — which is just downriver from where Benjamin Perry moved by about 20 miles! It seems that John Perry Junr. and Benjamin and James all went to the same area of South Carolina. I don’t know whether you realize it or not, but the Cherokee Indian War of 1760-1761 opened that area up to our NC ancestors, and it is quite possible if not probable that John Jr. and Benjamin fought in that war. John claimed land along the east side of Wateree River, and finally lived along the Pocataligo River in present-day Sumter County. Sumter County did not even exist until 1800, with the area where John lived being called Camden District until 1800. Prior to 1785 it was known as St. Marks Parish, Craven County, SC. I have visited the archives in Sumter, and made copies of all John’s documents there. John left his Will in 1777, and listed his family as: Wife Sarah, sons Thomas Perry (see deed dated 1 Feb 1771 between John Harris and Thomas Perry of Bertie, witnessed by Thomas’ 1st cousin Zadock Perry, and Thomas’ sister Mary Perry Sweatman and her husband Augustine Sweatman), Abraham Perry (my 5Ggrandfather), Abial Perry, John Perry, Silas Perry, Job Perry, and daughters Mary Perry (married to Augustine Sweatman), and Sarah Perry (married to William Cole in Bertie County in 1769). John Perry died in 1785 in St. Mark’s Parish, Craven Co., SC, and his widow Sarah Perry remarried to a man named Lowder.” on May 10 he says another possibility would be Thomas Perry of Isle of Wight Co, VA is John Jr.’s father.

John Perry’s Will, dated 1777, (including mis-spellings):

  IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I John Perry Senr of South Carolina St. Marks Parish and Cravin County being of Perfect helth mind and Memory Thanks be given unto god for it Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is A Appointed for all men Once to Die do make and ordain this myLast Will and testament That is to SayPrinciply and first of alle I give and Recomend my Soule to god Almighty who Gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried in a Decent Christian buriale and The Desc Desertion of my Executors Nothing Doubting but at the generale Resurrection I Receove the Same Again by the mighty Power of god and as touching my worldly Estate wherewith it has pleasd god to bless me With in this Life I Do give Devise and Dispose of the same in manner and Form following
— first I give and bequeath to Sarah Perry my Dearly bloved wife for the for the term of hir Life alle this Plantation and tract of Land whereon She now Livs ‚Äì By hir to be possesed with all my household goods and furniture with alle and Singular my Stoc Stock of Cattle hogs and hors kind by hir to be Possesed also One negro man Named Cesar and a Negro woman named Phebe and after hir Death to be Divided According to this my Last W. Wille and Testament
— I give to my Loving Son Abiale Perry and to my Loving Daughtor M. Mary Switman I give alle my Stock of Cattle hogs to be with alle my household goods and firniture to Equally Diveded between then after the Death of my wife
— Excepting all my T Tools Alle so I give to my beloved Sons Job Perry & Silas Perry and to be Equally Divided
— to Job Perry after the Death of my wife alle this Plantatation and tract of Land whereon I now Live Containing three hundred Acres by him to be Possessed
— also I give and bequeath the Said Negro Man Named Cesar after the Death of my wife To be Equally Devided between my two Sons Silas Perry & Job Perry WHOME I CONSTITUTE APPOINT AND ORDAIN MY SOLE EXECUTORS of this my Last Will and testament
— also I give to my Loving Job Perry After the Death of my wife the above Negro woman named Phebe
— also I‚ÄîTo my Loving Son Abraham Perry one Shilling Starling
— also I give to Loving Son Thomas Perry one Shilling Starling
— also I give to my Loving Son John Perry one One Shilling Sterling
— also I give to my Loving Daughter Sarah Cole one Shilling Sterling
— also I give and bequeath to my beloved Nephew Abiale Draughn a track of Land One hundred Acres Lying on the north Side of the So. Fork of Black River it being part part of a tract of two hundred Acres Land out to the sd. John Perry senr. Buting and bounding as follows South Cost and part of the Same tract Nort. West on Land Laid out to Nathl. Pace and all other Sides bounded by Land Laid out to Silas Perry
— and I Do hereby Disallow Revoke and Disannulle alle and Every other form or Wills testaments Legices bequeaths And Excutors by me in any ways before named Willed and bequeathed ratifying this and no oth. to be my Last will and testament in witness whereof I have Set my hand and Seal This twentyeth Day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Seven
——————- Signed Sealed and Pronounced by the Said John Perry as his Last wille and testament in the Presents of us who have hereunto Set out Hands ———–

John Perry (SEAL)

Elizabeth (her X mark) Roberts
Mornen (hir x mark) Roberts

Recorded in Will Book A Page 18 Recorded February 15th 1802
Wm Taylor, Ordy Bundle 78 Pkge 8”
~ ~ ~
(Note: Sumter District did not exist until 1800, and shortly thereafter a fire burned many of the original documents that had been contained in Sumter for the earlier Craven County, Camden District, Claremont County and Salem County time periods. This Will appears to have been a recopy recorded on February 15th, 1802  based upon an earlier settlement of John Perry’s estate in 1785.)
contributed for use on this site by Zane Perry

Claremont County, South Carolina [Sumter County, South Carolina  present day]
May 26th, 1796 Deed Book A page 223
John Lowder and Sarah (Perry) Lowder to Job Perry
The below deed for three hundred acres and one slave is a gift between John Lowder
and his wife, Sarah Perry Lowder (widow of John Perry) of the one part, and Sarah’s son Job Perry of the other part. Job Perry was the youngest of John and Sarah Perry’s sons, and was also a planter on an adjoining plantation next to John Perry’s. John Perry deeded this land to Job in 1777, along with two slaves. John Perry died in 1785, and following his death Sarah Perry remarried to John Lowder of the Statesburgh area of Claremont County, South Carolina. This same area had been known as St. Mark’s Parish, Craven County, South Carolina prior to 1785, and came to be known as Sumter County following 1800. It is not known whether Fibbe (the woman slave) was already in the possession of Job Perry or whether she had already died by 1796 when this deed was made, as Fibbe was listed as one of the two slaves given in Will to Job in 1777 and probated 1785. Evidently, this John Lowder & Sarah (Perry) Lowder deed also perished in the Sumter County Court House fire, because the below deed states that it was originally recorded on July 18th, 1797 and re-recorded on March 8th, 1803. Margaret Perry Price, one of the witnesses, was the daughter of Job Perry. Margaret Perry Price’s husband was Elijah Price, who is recorded in South Carolina history as having enlisted as an American soldier in 1776 in South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War.
Zane D. Perry, Virginia Beach, Virginia
~GGGGGG-grandson of John Perry, Senr. & Sarah Perry of St. Mark’s Parish, Craven Co., SC

To all people to whom these presents shall come, We, John Lowder and my wife
Sarah Lowder, do send Greeting. Know ye that we, the said John Lowder and Sarah
Lowder of the County of Claremont and State of South Carolina, for and in consideration of the love, good will, and affection which we have and do bear towards our well beloved son, Job Perry of the County and State aforesaid, planter, have given and granted, and by these presents do freely give and grant unto the said Job Perry into his actual possession for the use of him, the said Job Perry his heirs executors or administrators or assigns forever, all and singular three hundred acres of land, with plantations and houses and orchards, and all household furniture and working tools, and one negro man named Cesar, and all stock cattle and hogs, and one horse, and nothing of our present interest to be excepted, only one naked bed and two pewter dishes, and our support during the mortal life of my beloved wife Sarah Lowder and myself John Lowder from Job Perry his heirs or assigns, of which before the signing of these presents we have delivered him the said Job Perry all the said particulars before mentioned, to have and to hold all the said premises before mentioned or thereunto belonging to the said Job Perry his heirs executors administrators or assigns from hencesforth as his or their property, absolutely without any manner of condition. In Witness whereof we have hereunto put our hands and seals this twenty sixth day of May one thousand seven hundred and ninety six, and of the independence of the United States of America the twentieth~. John Lowder seal
Sarah (her / mark) Lowder seal
Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of
Solomon Thomson
Elijah Price Margaret (her + mark) Price

South Carolina}
Claremont County} Personally appeared Solomon Thomson, being duly sworn on the
Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, saith that he saw John Lowder and Sarah Lowder
sign, seal, and deliver the within written deed of gift to Job Perry, he also saw Elijah Price and Margaret Price subscribe their names as Witnesses at the same time –
Solomon Thomson
Sworn to before me this 28th day of May 1796. Jesse Nettles J.Q.
Originally recorded 18th July 1797 now 8th March 1803”

(Note: Sumter did not exist until 1800, and shortly thereafter a fire burned many
of the documents that had been contained in Sumter for the earlier Craven County,
Camden District, Claremont County and Salem County time periods. This deed appears to have been a recopy done on March 8th, 1803 – based upon evidence of an earlier deed as attested by Solomon Thomson in 1796.) ZDP

1Nov 00 – Let’s talk a little about John Perry Junr.’s wife, Sarah.
The only lead I can include right now on who Sarah’s family might be is the inclusion of one Abial Draughn in John Perry Junr.’s Will dated 1777 in present-day Sumter Co., SC. John left land in Sumter to “my nephew, Abial Draughn”. It is known that Walter and Bridgett Draughon lived in Chowan County until the 1740s, and later lived adjacent to John Perry Senr. around the Barbeque Swamp general area in Bertie County. It could be possible that Sarah was a Draughon by birth. Or it could be possible that Sarah and Bridgett were sisters. Or it could be possible that Bridgett was a sister to John Perry Junr. Regardless, I do need to figure out how Abial Draughn of
old Craven County, SC was a nephew to John Perry Junr

Notice for male NC Perry surname descendants: Please consider having your DNA tested.
Three samples from family subgroup 03 at Perry FTDNA website can document their ancestry to John Perry b. 1680/90 of Nansemond Co, VA d. 1760 Bertie Co, NC. A fourth sample from the same subgroup 03 can prove his ancestry to Currituck Co, NC. He does not appear to be a descendant of John Perry d. 1760 in Bertie. It is anticipated that the presently unknown common ancestor of these two lines lived in 17C Virginia. DNA may help tie together the several NC lines out of VA, so please consider joining the Perry surname project. Tests can be ordered at a discount through either the Perry FTDNA website above, or Other companies (Ancestry, etc) also do DNA testing, and your result can be uploaded to the Perry surname project.

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