John Raynor Moore Jr. & Cecile Ward Harris

John Raynor Moore III [Jr.] 1926 – 1998 | his parents
& 1951 Cecile Ward Harris 1931 – 1994
| her parents
of Maple Lawn, Ahoskie, NC

John‚ siblings: Julia, Jane, Helen, Sally, Arthur
Moore family: 1943, 1950, 1951, 1961,
Cousins at Maple Lawn: one, two, Summer Theatre

1927 John

John Raynor Moore Jr. 21 Dec 1926 – 27 Aug 1998 Farmer

1938 John holding his sister Sally

John as Ahoskie HS Senior 1944.
He drove the school bus that year.


2nd World War John III – John was drafted early because of the local draft-board
mixing him up with his brother who died shortly after his birth.
after a year of ROTC at this college in GA 1944-45, he served 3 years in Calcutta India.
When discharged from active duty he joined the local National Guard QM Unit

John at Chowan College 1949-50
John was one of the Cheer Leaders

Moore Family - Dec 21, 1950
Dec 1950, Snapshot John in front took to Korea with him.
Julia, Sally, Jane, Ola, Arthur, J. R., Helen

His National Guard Unit was activated at the outbreak of the Korean war
the previous year he had attended and graduated from the newly reopened Chowan Jr. College
with plans to attend UNC in Chapel Hill
John and one other of the Unit were sent to Korea
John found himself in charge of a Grave Registration unit

John in Korea 1951

John, Debbie, James 1958

John with Debbie and James 1961

Citizen of the Week
Mar 16 1977 – The Roanoke-Chowan News Herald
Article on John R Moore

Summer of 1987 – John suffered two or three strokes which left him unable to speak and completely paralyzed on his right side. His wife was his devoted aide until one night in 1993 a stranger intruded into their home. John was then placed in a nursing home in Windsor and Cecile went to live in an apartment in Ahoskie. Shortly thereafter she was found dead in her apartment having also suffered a hemorrhage in the brain. In the nursing home John continued his frustrating existence with his aphasia surrounded by people who appeared to think him stupid and unaware. When friends or family members visited, he usually spent some time being mad that we had not come sooner and then finally in the last few minutes would begin to visit. He was ever mentally alert and aware but very frustrated with us in not being able to guess what it was he was trying to tell us. John’s purgatory ended on the 27 Aug 1998.

married Nov 1951 Cecile Ward Harris 23 Mar 1931-19 Jan 1994

1950 at Grandmother Parker’s 80th Birthday Party
Cecile Harris and John Moore

Cecile Ward Harris Moore 1951

  1. James Elliott Moore Librarian

An exhibit at R. F. Sink Library, Fort Campbell, KY. on May 2, 2002
Library Director James Moore stands in front of the display.

Aug 02 – James with his Aunt Sally in his living room
photo by Bob Koestler


Sean Hogan, Cathy Spruill and James Moore – May 2013

2. Deborah Jane Moore Teacher -HS English

Ola Moore and Debbie

Debbie ca 1975

married 1st Steve Daniels
divorced after 1998

Debbie, Steve, Corey, and Leslie

a. Leslie Anne Daniels
married 10 Nov 2005 Nicholas Hoffmann

Leslie and Nicholas Hoffmann

i. Abigail Grace Hoffman 30 Oct 2005 –

Abigail Grace Hoffman summer 06

ii. Jonah Ryan Hoffman 14 Oct 2007 –
iii. Eli Kristopher Hoffman 25 April 2010 –

63625_486403094268_512939268_5671010_4664829_n 553948_10150724675684269_512939268_9280976_57216792_n
Easter 2012

iv. Gia/Georgia Mei Hoffman 27 March 2011 – 12 April 2017
adopted from China in 2014


v. Caroline Ling Hoffman 27 May 2010 –
adopted from China in 2015

vi. Hannah Xiu Hoffman 10 Aug 2012 –
adopted from China in 2015

b. Corey Douglas Daniels


Debbie married 2nd June 2002 Franklin Leigh
divorced 2014

Corey, Debbie, Franklin, and Leslie

Debbiecathy2013 Debbie & Cousin Cathy
Sept 2013

Debbie married June 2015 3rd Darrell Watkins.

3. John Raynor Moore III


John in Iraq March 2004

married 1984 Laurie Downs Kerr divorced September 2009


a. John Raynor Moore IV

Raynor as High School Senior 2005

married 2012 Ariel Milynn Boehnlein

I. Marina Grace Moore 2013 –

ii. Jack/John Raynor Moore V 2014 –


b. Elise Lane Moore

Elise Oct 2005
“made the dress herself”

c. Benjamin Ethan Carter Moore

Benjamin Ethan Carter Moore at 9 months

4. Michael [Mike] Parker Moore Peace Officer
married 2nd Shelby Crawford

Mike, Shelby and Joshua Moore ~ July 2004

a. Joshua Thomas Moore

Joshua Thomas Moore at 2 months

b. Hannah Grace Moore

Feb 07 – Joshua Thomas and Hannah Grace

Hannah, and her mother and grandmother
at the Watermelon Festival in Murfreesboro Aug 07 –

1998 Steve Spruill and Mike Moore

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  1. Mike I just wanted you to know I think often about how you treated me like a little brother growing up.
    Taking me to church or teaching me to hunt,fish shoot a bow with a flat tip for squirrels or a shotgun.
    I appreciate all you did.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Aunt Sally!
    Our two newest additions are Caroline Ling Hoffmann, born 27 May 2010, and Hanna Xiu Hoffmann, born 10 August 2012. Nick and I were married 10 December 2005. I really enjoy your page, and thank you for updating Georgia’s information. It means a lot that she’s forever recorded here as part of the family.

  3. Hi, Aunt Sally! Just thought you’d like to know that Jack’s legal name is John Raynor Moore V, and Marina is Marina Grace.

    Thanks for the website, was a lot of fun to read when I couldn’t sleep tonight 🙂

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