Noah Foster, Harriet Griffin, & Mary Barnhart

Randy and Roy’s great grand parents

Noah Webster Foster 1837 – 1909 | his parents
& Harriet Eliza Griffin ca 1839 – 1888 | her parents
& Mary Jane Barnhart 1852 – 1928 | her parents
of Bradford PA & Stedman NY

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
posted here at the request of Leroy Foster
including info and pictures supplied by Randy Moore

Noah Webster Foster 1837 – 1909


Noah Webster Foster was born in 1837 Bradford PA the son of Ephraim Foster and his wife Lydia Bliss.
married 1st Harriet Eliza Griffin ca 1839 – 24 May 1888
married 2nd Mary Jane Mayme Barnhart 25 June 1852 – 4 Mar 1928
born in Hartfield NY daughter of Hiram Peter Barnhart

Noah Webster Foster died 14 Nov 1909 in Stedman NY and was
buried Foster Cemetery, Bradford, McKean Co, PA

Mary Jane Barnhart Foster in center.

Children of Noah Webster Foster and Harriet Eliza Griffin:
clockwise from top:
Hadley, Ella, Will, John, Harvey, Florence and [center] Euphemia.
Noah Webster Foster’s first family in Bradford, McKean County Pa,

  1. Alice Euphemia Foster 11 Mar 1861 – 14 Nov 1926 PA
    married ca 1878 Amos Brown
    2. Ella Foster 1861 –
    married Baldwin
    3. Willard George Foster 9 Aug 1864 – 19 Oct 1915 PA
    4. John W Foster 1867 – 18 Jan 1931 PA
    married Lucy
    5. Harvey Noah Foster 3 May 1871 – 11 Mar 1920 PA
    6. Florence Foster 1873 –
    married William F Garnow


Florence Foster Garnow
Florence and half-brother Archie

  1. Hadley Foster 28 April 1874 Bradford PA – 26 Feb 1909

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Noah Webster Foster moved to Chautauqua Co in 1875.

Noah married 2nd Mary Jane Barnhart the daughter of Hiram Peter Barnhart and Jane Hardenburg.
She was born 25 June 1852 and died 4 Mar 1928.

Children of Noah Webster Foster and Mary Jane Barnhart:

Grace Foster Maxwell, Archie Noah Foster, and Kitty Foster Rubner

1. Archie Noah Foster 1 July 1881 Chautauqua, NY – 13 Jan 1958 Stedman NY
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY
married 1902 Grace Pearl Seekins 22 Dec 1884 Kiantone NY – 9 Jan 1954 NY
daughter of John William Seekins and Johanna Stenburg
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY 10 sons 2 daughters
2. [Bessie] Grace J Foster 31 May 1882 – 8 April 1952
married Clarence A Maxwell
3. Kittie G Foster 1885 – 16 July 1918 Chautauqua NY
died during childbirth
married Fred Rubner
a. Fred Rubner 16 July 1918 –


Kitty and Fred Rubner
thought to have been taken on their honeymoon

Foster Family Reunion – Noah Foster family –
Approx , late summer or fall of 1938
Lewis Run, McKean Co., PA

Randy and Roy’s great great grand parents

Hiram Peter Barnhart 1823 – 1902 | his parents
& Mary Jane Leete ca 1824 – 1851 | her parents
& 1851 Rhoda Jane Hardenburg | her parents
of Chautauqua Co NY

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
posted here at the request of Leroy Foster


Hiram Peter Barnhart Jr

Child of Hiram Peter Barnhart and Mary Jane Leete
1. Frank Barnhart

Children of Hiram Peter Barnhart and Rhoda Jane Hardenburg:
1. Mary Jane Mayme Barnhart 25 June 1852 Hartfield NY – 4 Mar 1928
married Noah Webster Foster 1837 – 1909
2. Hiram Peter Barnhart Jr. ca 1858 – 1920′

Barnhart Hardenburg Foster Reunion in Mayville, Chautauqua, NY.
Archie Foster is far right second row behind children. Picture taken mid 1940’s

Barnhart, Hardenberg, Foster Reunion in Magnolia, Chautauqua, NY early 1950’s photo
Jean Foster is second from left wife of Clayton Foster son of Archie and Grace Seekins Foster.
On Far Right is Howard and Merle Foster, grandson and son of Archie and Grace Seekins Foster.
Mr Hardenberg is sitting in front of Merle Foster

Randy and Roy’s three-great grand parents

Peter Barnhart 1787 – 1876 | his parents
& 1812 Amy Waterbury 1796 – 1824 | her parents
& Sarah [Sally] Herrick | her parents
of Somerset Co PA and Buchanan Co IA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
posted here at the request of Leroy Foster


Peter Barnhart was born 23 June 1787 in Berlin, Somerset Co PA, the son of Peter Barnhart Sr and wife Martha [Molly] Boyer. Another time it is given Bower
Amy Waterbury was born in 1796 daughter of Samuel Waterbury and wife Rachel Scofield

“Peter Barnhart Jr was long an inn-keeper at Hartfield, but over thirty years ago removed to Michigan and thence to Iowa where he died last fall [1876]] ”

Children of Peter Barnhart and Amy Waterbury:
1. Eliza Ann Barnhart 26 May 1814 – 15 Jan 1835 age 20 Mayville NY
2. Henry Waterbury Barnhart 11 Aug 1816 – 1906 Kalamazoo MI
married Mary Boland
married 8 Dec 1840 Mary Leete
3. William Barnhart 9 June 1818 PA – 1886 Chautauqua NY
married Charlotte Parkhurst
4. Lottie Barnhart 1821 –
married William Hellema
5. Malvina Barnhart 1822 – 17 Feb 1827 age 6 yrs
6. Hiram Peter Barnhart 14 Aug 1823 – 27 Dec 1902
married Mary Jane Leet ca 1824 – 10 May 1851 age 27
buried Dewittville Cemetery
married 1851 Rhoda Jane Hardenburg d 5 Nov 1894
buried Sherman Cemetery

Randy and Roy’s four-great grand parents

Peter Barnhart 1751 – 1836 | his parents
& 1775 Martha [Molly] Boyer 1753 – 1835 | her parents
of Germany and Switzerland and Pennsylvania
& ca 1790 Mayville NY

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
posted here at the request of Leroy Foster


e-mail from Roy Foster:
It also mentions in the article about Peter Barnhart, Senior being the first to raise the American Flag on Chautauqua Lake and having the first settlement on the east side of Chautauqua Lake working for the Holland Land company to clear land to build roads which he did to pay for his land he bought from them.

from article in the Jamestown Post Journal – Feb 1953 —
Descendant Donald Mackenzie relates that Peter Barnhart, born in Germany in 1751, and his brother Jonathan, stowed away on a ship from Holland and were not discovered until the ship was too far from shore to turn back. When the ship landed in Philadelphia in 1771, the youths were sold into bondage to pay their passage, and relatives of George Washington were their redemptioners.
In 1775 Peter married Molly Boyer, a Swiss immigrant. The following year General Washington needed soldiers in the battle near Pittsburgh, and the two young men joined his army.
Discharged from the army, they both bought property. Jonathan, more conservative, retained his, but family legend says Peter lost his property. He tried to rejoin the army but was not accepted. Leaving his wife and younger children with Jonathan, Peter and the older children journeyed to Erie where he tried to join the Coast Guard, but was again rejected. Still intent on a military career he came to Mayville to see Colonel McIntyre who had a fort at what is now Morris and Erie Streets in Mayville.
The colonel persuaded the adventurer to take up land in the newly-opened territory. Peter walked up Crandall
Creek dug out a spring and built his cabin where Shorehinds Road is now. The water in the well was rusty
however, so he. dug another well near the site of the old J W and N W Railroad.
This well may still be seen. Peter then set out for Pittsburgh to bring back the rest of his family and goods. He drove on the ice of the lake and rivers. While he was gone lightning struck his cabin and one child died in the ensuing fire.
Peter returned with his family and had just finished rebuilding the cabin when an agent of the Holland Land
stopped to enquire what he was doing on their land. Peter replied he had just came here.
He then made a deal with the agent to buy the land and he and his sons would work for the company surveying and building roads until the property was bought. He received his deed in 1805.

Children of Peter Barnhart and Molly Bower of Mayville:
1. Peter Barnhart Jr 1787 – 1876
married 1812 Amy Waterbury 1796 – 1824
married 2nd Sarah [Sally] Herrick
2. Henry [Dutch Hank] Barnhart 31 Aug 1791 – 5 May 1877 age 85 yr 9 mo 4 days
married 11 Aug 1810 Nancy Potter Hagins 11 children
3. daughter
married Simeon Leet

death at 85 on Aug. 13, 1836 – Peter
Molly died 15 Jan 1835 at age 82.

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