Robert Parker, First Wife, Priscilla Riddick, Abigail & Lewis Morgan

5th gen – Sally’s four-great Grandparents:

Robert Parker ca 1718 – 1797 | his parents
& est. 1765 first wife ca 1745 – ca 1773 | her parents
& est. 1775 Priscilla Riddick 1749/50 – est 1776 | her parents
& bef 1781 Abigail _____ | her parents
& 1801 Lewis Morgan | his parents
Of Bennetts Creek, Gates County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Robert Parker, son of Richard Parker, was born ca 1718 in what is now Gates Co NC.
10 Nov 1739 Robert was witness to deed from Samuel Harrell to Peter Parker, his older brother.
Married ca 1765 unknown
[I surmise that around 1775 Robert Parker married Priscilla Riddick daughter of Willis Riddick.
and that about a year later probably Priscilla died giving birth to their daughter who he named Priscilla.]
Robert lived on Bennetts Creek, Gates Co, NC on land he purchased in 1778.
Robert Parker married third bef 1781 Abigail last name unknown.
Robert Parker died before 21 Aug 1797 when Robert Jr made an inventory of his estate.
Abigail Parker married Lewis Morgan 21 January 1801.

Note: Ray Fouts tells us “the waters of the northwest end of Merchant’s Millpond cover some of his lands. US #158 between Central Junior High School and County High School bisects some of his lands. This highway crossed Honey Pot Swamp, between the two schools.”

Children of Robert Parker & 1st wife:
1. John Parker died May 1813/Jan 1823 no issue
“received #11th portion of his father’s estate div. …”
2. Willis Parker ca 1760 – 1793 one 10th #6 brother
lived in Capt Christopher’s tax district
married Mary
a. Nancy Parker
married 12 Dec 1809 Thomas Bond
b. Mary (Polly) Parker
married 10 June 1817 Warren Craper
married 21 Nov 1825 Bryant Brothers
3. Robert Parker ca 1762 – 1823 never married
will Gates Co naming many of his nieces and nephews
his will was broken and
a Divison of his property made among his heirs 8 Nov 1825 Gates Co

4. Christian Parker ca 1764 – 1799 one 10th #7 brother
married James Brown died 1798 Gates Co
a. James Brown ca 1780 –
b. Mary (Polly ) Brown ca 1781
married John Evans
c. Nancy Brown ca 1782
married Ezekiel Lassiter
d. Willis Brown ca 1783
e. Elizabeth (Betsy) Brown
married ca 19 June 1805 Peter Parker
f. Louisa Brown ca 1785 –
married James Parker
g. Robert Brown ca 1786 – bef 1823
(he is not named in 1825 Div)
5. Nancy Parker ca 1770
married —— Brown
a. Jane Brown one 10th #8 brother

Child of Robert Parker & Priscilla Riddick:
1. Priscilla Parker ca 1776 – bef 1830 one 10th #10 brother
married 20 Sept 1797 Benjamin Hays ca 1780 – 1833
a. Elizabeth Hayse 1800 – 1849
married 26 Dec 1821 Timothy Hayse 1800 – 1847
b. Lavinia Hayse 1803 – bef 1850
married 30 Nov 1818 Zachariah Hayse ca 1800
c. Cynthia Hayse ca 1804 –
married 21 April 1823 Richard Cross
Timothy Hayse bondsman
d. Margaret [Peggy] Hayse ca 1805 –
married 19 April 1820 Charlie Williams
bondsman George Williams
e. Sally Hayse ca 1809 –
married Gates Co 12 Jan 1830 John Hoffler
bondsman Richard Cross
f. Martha Hayse ca 1809 –
married 12 Nov 1834 Richard Hinton
bondsman Jacob Hinton
g. Willis Riddick Hayse 1810-
married 1831 Elizabeth Riddick
was a daughter of Dr Thomas Riddick of Woodville, NC
h. Robert Parker Hayse 1812 –
married Ann Hinton
i. Sophia Hayse ca 1814-
j. Mary Hayse ca 1815 – “helpless child.”

Children of Robert Parker and wife Abigail:
1. Elizabeth Parker ca 1779 – one 10th #9 brother
married Gates 1 Jan 1798 David Bullock
bondsman: Robert Parker
2. Jesse Parker ca 1780 – bef 1825 one 10th #4 brother
married Gates Co 19 Dec 1799 Nancy Ann Brady
bondsman: Willis Brown
a. Sophia Parker
b. Penny Parker
c. Sidney Parker
married 5 Jan 1830 Theophilus Parker ca 1809 – ca 1840
d. Thursa Parker
e. Mary Parker
3. Abraham Parker ca 1782 – 1822 one 10th #1 brother
married 29 Mar 1809 Sarah [Sally]Parker
bondsman: Abner [O] Round
a. Nancy Parker
married 10 April 1823 Thomas Collins
b. Henry Parker
c. Robert Parker
d. Charity [Cherry] Parker
4. Richard Parker ca 1783- one 10th #2 brother
(in 1806 lived in Henderson Co TN–sold Gates land inherited from father) (in 1806 lived in Henderson Co TN–sold Gates land inherited from father)
5. William Parker ca 1784 – had died bef 10 Jan 1823 left issue one 10th #3 brother
Feb 1801 – Ordered that William Parker orphan of Robert Parker deceased, about Seventeen years of age be bound as an Apprentice to Richard Rawls to learn the business of a Mill right & house carpenter.
May 1801 – William Parker orphan of Robert Parker deceased came into Court and made the choice of Willis Brown as his Guardian. Nov 1805 William Parker sold land to Benj Hayse.

6. Sarah [Sallie] Parker ca 1790 –
one 10th #5 brother
Aug Ct 1806 – Benjamin Hayse appointed the guardian to Sarah Parker orphan of Robert Parker deceased.

Census 1790 Gates Co Robert Parker Males to 16, 5; 16 up, 1; Females 4.

Richard Parker’s Will 2 Sept 1749 prob April 1752
Item- I give to my said sons Richard Parker, Peter Parker, Daniel Parker, Stephen Parker, Robert Parker, Francis Parker fifty acres each of land lying on Meherrin Pocoson below Pughs Ferry.
Item- I give to my said son Robert Parker the Plantation and land I bought of James Ellis containing about sixty acres I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item- I give to my son above Robert Parker five shilling cash to him in full for his part of my personable estate I say to him and his heirs forever.

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