Five Generations of Norfleets

5th generation
Christian was the half-sister of Ann James Ward [Moore] my great grandmother

Isaac Norfleet 1780 – 1844 | parents scroll down page
& 15 Jan 1806 Mary Ann Scull 1785 – 1806 | parents
& 21 Mar 1807 Christian Ward 1790 – 1853 | parents
Of Edgecombe County, NC

Sources include the Bible Records of James Ward,
newspaper accounts and other records of Edgecombe County
Plus the Norfleet compilations of Stuart H Hill, W A Clark, Filmore Norfleet, Claiborne T Smith Jr and Dr. Lyn Hart found at the Web sites of Philip Norfleet and Molly Urquhart and elsewhere.
Notes from David B Gammon

Isaac Norfleet Home

Isaac Norfleet married 1st 15 Jan 1806 in Hertford Co, NC Mary Scull of Hertford County.
She was born 8 Feb 1785 and died soon after the wedding.
On 21 Mar 1807 Isaac Norfleet married Christiana Ward [James Ward’s Bible]

Isacc Norfleet was born in Chowan County in 1780 the oldest son of Abraham Norfleet and 2nd wife, Sarah Lewis.
He was a merchant and had stores in Hertford, Bertie, and Edgecombe Counties.
Isaac moved to Bertie County and then on to Edgecombe before 1820 when he was in charge of the census for that county.
He was “a light in the Primitive Baptist Church of Edgecombe and the Kehukee Assoc.”
He died 11 Oct 1844, age 64.

Christian Ward was born 12 Dec 1790 the oldest child of James Ward and his wife, Delilah Freeman.
Christiana Ward Norfleet died 15 April 1853, age 63.

Christian Ward 1790-1853 & Isaac Norfleet 1780 – 5 Nov 1844 had:
1. Emily Norfleet 18 Sept 1809 – 9 Aug 1841
married 12 Jan 1830 Henry Johnston ca 1797 – 1 July 1839
merchant tailor of Tarboro
Died in this location Monday last after a short illness, Mr. Henry Johnston, leaving a wife and two small children to mourn their sudden bereavement. .. He had been for several years a member of the Baptists – 6 July 1839″ – Tarboro Press
a. William Henry Johnston 29 Dec 1830 -25 Sept 1899 Edgecombe Co
married 15 April 1868 Caroline Gaston 4 Aug 1833 – 19 Jan 1913
i. Henry Johnston ca 1869 – 19 May 1945
married Elizabeth Nash dau of Samuel S Nash
ii. Dr. Richard H Johnston
b. Margaret E Johnston 26 Aug 1832 – 29 Aug 1907
married 11 Dec 1849 Robert Rufus Bridgers 28 Nov 1819 – 10 Dec 1888 Wilmington
President Wilmington-Weldon RR
son of John Bridgers and Elizabeth Kettlewells Routh of Edgecombe Co
i. Preston Bridgers
ii. Robert R Bridgers Jr
iii. Emily Bridgers
iv. Mary Bridgers
v. George Bridgers
c. James Ward Johnston 1836 -1836
d. Mary C Johnston 25 Sept 1839 -18 Feb 1904
born after her father’s death

married 27 July 1859 David Pender 30 May 1831 – 5 Sept 1897
i. Routhe Pender
married William L deRosett Jr
2. James Norfleet 16 Dec 1811 – 3 June 1832 dsp in Edgecombe Co about 21 years of age [NCFP 12 June 1832
3. William Norfleet 19 May 1814 – 22 Dec 1871
State’s Attorney for Edgecombe Co.
4. Robert Norfleet 21 Feb 1816 – 14 Sept 1871 Merchant/ Taylor
Home of Robert Norfleet
Tarboro, Edgecombe County, NC

married 19 Dec 1849 Margaret Parthenia Williams 25 April 1830 – 3 Nov 1911
by Rev. R. J. Carson in Tarboro [from the T. P. Dec 22, 1849]
daughter of John Williams and Eliza Mathewson
a. George Townsend Norfleet 13 Sept 1851 – 20 Sept 1851 Age 7 days dy (TP 27 Sept 1851)
b. Robert Norfleet 8 Nov 1852 – 11 Oct 1875 – died in hunting accident. 
c. Caroline Christiana Norfleet 1854 Tarboro, NC – 17 Nov 1934, Wilmington NC
married 13 May 1879 Henry Kollock Nash 13 May 1850 Hillsbourgh, NC-27April 1933 Wilmington NC
Drummer boy in the Confederate Army son of Henry Nash and Mary Simpson
i. Robert Norfleet Nash
married Lucy Latham
ii. Mary Simpson Nash
married Cecil A Miller
iii. Margaret Williams Nash
iv. Henry Kollock Nash III
v. Caroline [Carrie] Nash
vi. Dorothy Nash
married Col. Hamilton Hutcheson
vii. Edmund Strudwick Nash 2 Oct 1883 Wilm. NC – 2 Oct 1948 Savannah GA
married 18 Oct 1906 Anne Mauger Taylor 29 Jan 1884 – 10 Sep 1968
ancestors of Hugh Nash
viii. James Edgar Nash
married Emily Hardy
ix. Leon Edgar Nash
d. Albert Sydney Norfleet 8 Mar 1862 – 1 Mar 1868 dy
e. Dr. Leon Edgar Norfleet 22 June 1864 – 12 Sept 1942
married 29 April 1897 Mabel Cutis 3 Sept 1875 – 16 Dec 1954
i. Robert Norfleet ca 1907 – father of Bob Norfleet
f. James Mathewson Norfleet 2 Aug 1866 – 20 Feb 1920
5. John Norfleet 27 Jan 1819 – 3 Feb 1880 Clerk of the Court Edgecombe Co dsp
6. Thomas Norfleet ca 1825 – 1880 Edgecombe Co
married 1 Sept 1858 Azula Mehegan (Asola Mahagan) ca 1838 –
At Tarboro by Rev. T. R. Owen [S. Sept. 4, 1858]
daughter of James Mehegan
a. Sarah E Norfleet ca 1859 –
b. James Norfleet ca 1861 –
c. Mary Christiana Norfleet ca 1864 –
    married 11 Feb 1885 Frank Stronach – lived Raleigh
d. William Norfleet ca 1865 – 27 July 1887
(by his own hand at the Walker House in Cary NC) 

e. Emily Norfleet ca 1869 –
f. Erin Norfleet dy
7. Benjamin Norfleet ca 1828 – 1896 Edgecombe Co, NC dsp
8. Margaret Norfleet 1830 -30 Oct 1852
married 19 June 1844 Jesse Mercer (no issue)
9. Joseph Norfleet 1830 – 7 Sept 1859 dsp age 29 yrs died in Philadelphia S 24 Sept 1 March 20, 1852 m.



Uncle Isaac Norfleet [1780 – 1844] constructed this press on his plantation southwest of Tarboro ca 1840. Originally used to press fruit for cider and wine, it was converted to process cotton about 1860. The structure stands 22 feet high and contains a central vertical shaft. A large wooden screw 19 inches in diameter and powered by mules hitched to the sweeps — long beams attached to the top of the shaft. This shaft drove down a wooden packing block to compress 300 to 350 lbs of cotton into bales. The Edgecombe Historical Society moved the press to the Town Commons of Tarboro, NC ca 1938 and restored it in 1976. Such structures were once frequent sight in cotton growing areas. [found in “A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Eastern North Carolina by Bishir & Southern.

4th generation

Abraham Norfleet 1728 – 1785 | parents
& 1752 ? | parents
& ca 1770 Sarah Lewis ca 1750 – 1807 | parents
& aft 1785 John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 | parents
of Chowan County NC

Abraham Norfleet married 1752 ?

I think he married 2nd ca 1770 Sarah Lewis.
Abraham Norfleet was born 28th Aug 1728.
on 1853 Chowan Co Tax List.

3 June 1754 Abraham Norfleet appointed reader at Farlee’s Chapel
9 Sept 1759 Everard Garret appointed reader at Farlee’s Chapel in room of Abraham Norfleet.
28 Oct 1765 Abraham Norfleet appointed reader at Farlee’s Chapel in room of Everard Garret.
Abraham Norfleet was the clerk of the parish the past year.
6 Jan 1767 Abraham Norfleet produces both his account for Reading at Farlee’s and for serving as Clerk of the vestry for the year past.
Abraham Norfleet appointed Clerk for the ensuring year.
21 Mar 1769 Abraham Norfleet presents his bill for Clerk of Farlee’s and being Clerk of Vestry for the year past.
21 Mar 1770 ordered that Abraham Norfleet be paid for serving as Clerk of the vestry and Reader at Farlee’s Chapel till this day.
31 Oct 1772 William Bond and Abraham Norfleet to procession land between Indian Town Creek and Rockahock Creek.
18 May 1774 Abraham Norfleet still trying to collect his fee as Clerk to the Chapel and Vestry.
Last entry in book Abraham Norfleet again appointed reader at Farlee’s Chapel.
Vestry Minutes of St. Paul’s Parish, Chowan County, NC transcribed by Fouts

Abraham Norfleet signed his will 25 Oct 1784 – prob May 1785 Chowan Co.
sons Abraham and Isaac, daughter Elizabeth, sons Elisha and Benjamin, daughters Mary and Sarah, if child in esse, wife Sarah, sons Abraham and Benjamin Exrs. Wit: Thos Hineley, Jacob Gordon
NCHGR 2-13

Will of John Lewis Sr Chowan Co 15 March 1764 – prob. May Ct 1765
– sons Isaac and Elijah, grand-son Shadrack Lewis, – sons John and Benjamin, grand-son Benjamin Lewis, daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Mary and Martha, daughters Esther and Sarah. wife Mary, wife and Abraham Norfleet EXRs. Wit: Thos. Jones, Rich’d Humphries, Wm. Jones. NCHGR 2-7

Will of Thomas Hubbard, Chowan Co 8 March 1770
– daughter Charity
– Abraham Norfleet [son of Abraham]
— daughter Mary
– son in law Ephraim McGuire
EX: Abraham Norfleet
Wit: Sarah Norfleet, Amey Stewart, Elizabeth Pollexfin NCHGR 1-551

Children of Abraham Norfleet and first wife:[per will]
1. +Abraham Norfleet 28 Aug 1752 – 5 March 1822
married 1st either a daughter or sister of John Padgett will Chowan Co 1806
a. Penelope Norfleet
married 8 Feb 1825 Thomas Satterfield
b. Elizabeth [Eliza] Norfleet
married 14 Dec 1814 John Bonner
c. James Norfleet died without issue
d. John Norfleet died without issue
married 1805 Christian Freeman and had issue
daughter of John Freeman & Christian Rountree
2. +Elisha Norfleet 5 March 1759 – 29 Oct 1811 Edenton NC merchant
Clerk of the Chowan Co Ct of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1794 – 1811
married in Chowan Co 24 Nov 1787 Ann Evans ca 1764 – 31 May 1808
widow of Capt. Joseph Evans

Home of Elisha Norfleet and family
as it appears today – photo by Joe & Sandy Kvech

a. Sarah [Sally] Marie Norfleet 10 Oct 1788 –
after her husband’s death, Sally edited the paper herself becoming the first woman editor in NC
married in Chowan Co 7 May 1815 James Wills d. 1826
the editor of “the Edenton Gazette”
married 2nd 3 Dec 1830 John Webb
b. James Norfleet 1 May 1790 – 23 Mar 1815 Chowan Co
Clerk of the Chowan Co Ct 1811 – 1815
married Mary O’Malley died testate summer 1816 Chowan Co
i. James Elisha Norfleet
ii. Rev. William J. Norfleet 1815 –
c. Thomas Norfleet 30 Jan 1792 – 14 Dec 1810
died on board the schooner “Patsey & Penelope” sailing from the West Indes
d. William Norfleet 4 Jan 1794 –
Clerk of Chowan Co Ct 1815 – 1820
married Berte Co 20 Dec 1815 Mary Veal
daughter of John and Elizabeth Veal of Northampton Co
e. Nancy Norfleet 22 Feb 1796 –
f. John Parker Norfleet 4 July 1798 – 29 Sept 1829
g. Elisha Bennett Norfleet 27 Jan 1801 – 10 Nov 1837 Hertford Co
married 28 Dec 1824 Jamima Scull 31 Dec 1803 – aft 1860
daughter of Capt. Elisha Scull of Hertford Co
i. James Norfleet 17 Nov 1825 –
ii. John Norfleet 4 Feb 1827 –
iii. William James Norfleet 4 Jan 1829 –
iv. Ann Eliza Norfleet 7 Nov 1830 –
v. Leah Hunter Norfleet 20 Dec 1832 –
vi. Denison Edward Norfleet Oct 1835 –
h. Eliza Maria Norfleet 10 Sept 1803 – 26 April 1849
married 23 Dec 1846 Richard Wyatt ca 1795 – 23 April 1849 age 54
i. Mary Cox Norfleet 28 Dec 1806 – 8 Oct 1853 family Bible records
married 20 Dec 1825 Daniel McDowell 1 June 1794 Phila. – 2 Nov 1885 Warren Co NC ts
i. James McDowell 13 Dec 1826 –
married in Baltimore 22 April 1852 Annie E Smith
ii. George B McDowell 8 Oct 1829 – 14 March 1882 Edenton NC
married aft 1870 Eugenia [Jennie] unknown 24 Aug 1845 – 13 Oct 1884 Edenton NC

tsgbmcdowell tsjmcdowell
tombstones of Jennie and George B McDowell
located under the Edenton Baptist Church
photos by Joe and Sandy Kvech
“The graves were in the middle of the crawl space and good lighting was
impossible. I took three different types of lights with me not counting
the flash but could not get good shots. The ceiling was too low to get far
enough away to view the entire stones so we did the best we could.
Changing the shots to negative made it easier to see the writing. The
photos have good detail but will probably need to be blown up for reading.
The negative image also adds an eerie, otherworldly feeling to the subject
matter as well.”

iii. Capt John Norfleet McDowell 2 Oct 1832 – 7 July 1903 Raleigh NC
died in The Old Soldier’s Home, Raleigh NC
married Warrenton NC 9 June 1863 Martha Pennington Washington 1842 – 1890
iv. Ann Eliza McDowell 26 April 1835 – 26 July 1912 Edenton NC
married Edenton 24 Nov 1863 Henry A Bond
v. Mary Matilda McDowell 25 Dec 1837 – 13 June 1928 Warrenton NC
married Edenton 16 Dec 1861 Dr. Columbus Alexander Thomas 16 Nov 1837 – 25 Apr 1912
vi. Laura Maria McDowell 20 Feb 1840 –
vii. Sarah [Sallie] Jane McDowell 27 April 1845 – 25 Dec 1924 Warrenton NC
married Warrenton 2 Dec 1863 Dr. George A Foote 16 Dec 1835 – 25 Jan 1899
3. +Elizabeth Norfleet [daughter-in- law 1807 to Sarah Freeman]
married Elisha Parker
Children of Abraham Norfleet and Sarah Lewis: per both wills
4. +*Benjamin Norfleet ca 1772 – 1808 Chowan Co had issue merchant
married Margaret [ Peggy] Harris as her 3rd husband
she had married 1st Jamison; 2nd Dr. John Cunningham; 4th 1810 William Hoskins
5. +Sarah Norfleet ca 1774 – d 1789 underage loose estate records of Gates Co [DBG]
6. +*Mary Norfleet ca 1776 –
married in Bertie Co 9 Oct 1792 [mb] Jeremiah Freeman
son of John Freeman and Christian Rountree
7.+ *Isaac Norfleet 1780 – 5 Nov 1844 merchant
married 15 Jan 1806 Mary Scull
married 21 Mar 1807 Christian Ward [James Ward Bible]
daughter of James Ward and Delilah Freeman

Sarah Lewis Norfleet married 2nd John Freeman of Bertie County
She died testate in Bertie in 1807.
note – I think from her will that this Sarah was the 2nd wife of Abraham Norfleet as she makes a bequest in her will to her daughter in law [step-daughter] Elizabeth Parker. I also do not think she was Sarah Gordon daughter of John Gordon who died in 1794. That Sarah Gordon married a James Norfleet and then Thomas Hunter.

Sarah Lewis [Norfleet] and John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 Bertie Co
1. *John Freeman ca 1788 –
married 28 Nov 1808 Sally Outlaw
dau of Lewis died 1808 Bertie Co
2. *Elizabeth Freeman ca 1790 –
married 7 Nov 1808 Everett Garrett
son of David Garrett & Mary Ward

Bertie Co. Sarah Freeman (f/53) 25 Jan 1807 Nov Ct 1807.
“being weak in body…”
Son Benjamin Norfleet cr 1774- ; Daughter Mary Freeman cr1776- ;
Son Isaac Norfleet 1780-1844; Son John Freeman;
Daughter Elizabeth Freeman; Daughter in law Elizabeth Parker.
Ex: son in law Jeremiah Freeman; Isaac Norfleet; John Freeman.
Wit: Willie Outlaw; Samuel Sessoms; Elisha Sessoms.

3rd generation

John Norfleet 1699 – 1754 | parents
& 1727 Elizabeth Riddick 1710 – 1783 | parents
of Chowan County [area later Gates Co] NC


[John] Norfleet, son of John Norfleet and his wife, was born 21 Jul 1699
Elizabeth Riddick, daughter of Abraham and Pleasant Riddick was born 5 Apr 1710
John Norfleet and Elizabeth Riddick were married 28 May 1727 per Filmore Norfleet, transcription of the fragmentary records of a Bible found in an old barn near Box Elder VA – It had at one time belonged to Abram Norfleet 1774-1827.
12 Feb 1789 a Gates Co Ct order for the final division of the estate of John and Elizabeth Norfleet lists their names -six sons and five daughters as follows: Abraham Norfleet, John Norfleet, James Norfleet, Hezakiah Norfleet, Elisha Norfleet, Jacob Norfleet. Pleasant Twine, Esther Winborn, Elizabeth Norfleet , Barsheba Gordon, and Mary Ellis.
Will of John Norfleet 10 Sept 1753 – prob. April Ct 1754 Chowan Co NC
– son Abraham Norfleet – all the Land and Plantation that I bought of Henry Styles lieing on Rockahock Cr.
also two Red Pide Stears about 5 Year old, and five sheep [one Ram and fous Ewes]
– loving Wife Elisabeth Norfleet – the Plantation whereon I now Live with all my Lands thereunto belonging, also my Grist Mill and the Land belonging thereunto, together with my Island and all the marsh & land thereunto belonging – to hold during her widowhood. Also the use of all my Negroes and other Estate.
– to son Jacob Norfleet – I give the Houses Plantation and all the Lands thereunto belonging after my wife’s decease.
– Item: I give my Island and Marsh being Three hundred and Sixteen and a half acres, after my wife’s deseas, to be equally divided amongst all my children sons and daughters, but my son John to have his first choice. . . but that neither of them shall sell or assign their part unless it be to a brother or sister.
And if my Wife should Happen to Marry again after my death then my will and desire is that my Grist Mill and the Land there unto belonging and also my Copper Still shall be sold at Publick Sale to the Highest Bidder for Ready money after my wife’s deceas or Marriage. and out of the money so arising and the Residue of my Personal Estate I give to Each and Every one of my Children Except my Son Abraham the Sum of Twenty five Pounds Virginia Money. And a good Feather Bed to Each Except my son Abraham and my Daughter Plaeasant who have already received theirs. And if my Estate after the Still, mill, and Negroes are sold at Publick Sale to the highest bidders amounts to more money; then my will and desire is that the remainder be equally Divided amongst all my children without Exception. I mean share and share alike and
Lastly I make and ordain my Loving Wife Elisabeth Norfleet Executrix and my son John Norfleet and my son James Norfleet Executors to this my Last Will and Testament…
Note the provision for the division of “Island and Marsh” This land was divided after Elizabeth’s death in 1783 among the eleven surviving children. most of whom immediately sold their shares to others. These land records of Gates County gave Filmore Norfleet and Claiborne T Smith Jr the names of John’s sons and daughters as well as the names of many of the spouses.

On 17 March 1799, Judith Norfleet Baker wrote a letter to Bishop Asbury:
“…When you were with me last, you desired I would give you an account of the dear saints who are fallen asleep in Jesus, in this place. I will give you a list of their names with a sketch of some of their characters.
Elizabeth Norfleet, one of the first that embraced religion after the gospel was preached here; she was one of the meekest women, a pattern of piety to the end of her days” [Francis Asbury had first preached in Gates County area in the summer of 1780.]

Children of John Norfleet and Elizabeth Riddick:
1. Abraham Norfleet 28 Aug 1728 – May 1785 Chowan Co NC
married 1752 ? Lewis
married 2nd Sarah Lewis

2. John Norfleet 30 Oct 1729 – ca 1812 Nansemond Co VA
married 1759 Judith Holland daughter of Henry Holland
a. John Norfleet ca 1760 Nansemond Co VA – ca 1780 NY
b. Henry Norfleet 3 June 1762 Nansemond Co VA – ca 1804 Nansemond Co
married in Gates Co April 1785 Elizabeth Everett
c. James Norfleet 28 April 1767 Nanse. Co VA – 22 Nov 1849 Russell Co KY
d. David Norfleet ca 1770 Nanse. Co VA – 1824 Pulaski Co KY
e. Abraham Norfleet 1774 Nanse. Co VA – 14 Sept 1827 Nanse. Co VA
married Elizabeth Ashburn ca 1788 – 26 Mar 1852
i. Wilson Norfleet 10 May 1819 –
married Suffolk 16 Nov 1843 Caroline Virginia McGuire 6 Dec 1826
daughter of James McGuire and Emily Riddick

ii. James Buxton Norfleet
married Lucy Ann Evans
iii. Jesse Peters Norfleet Mar 1814 – 24 Apr 1889 Holly Springs Miss
married Jane H Carlock 1820 VA –

3. Pleasant Norfleet 14 Aug 1732 – 1781/1790
married John Twine of Perquimans Co NC d.1783
Perquimans Co will dated 30 May 1781 – proved at April Ct 1783
mentions wife Pleasant and children:Thomas Twine, Elizabeth Perry, Jesse Twine, Abraham Twine [under age], John Twine, and Elisha Twine. Jacob Gordon, Thomas Twine, Abraham Twine and Jesse Twine were appointed executors. In a codicil dated 22 May 1782, he appointed Caleb Winslow as an aditional exr.

a. Thomas Twine ? – 1824
married Priscilla Perry d. 1837 Perq Co
i. William Twine d. bef 1837
1. Addison Twine
2. Caleb Twine
ii. Thomas Twine
married Gates Co 18 Dec 1821 Nancy Hunter
iii. Priscilla Twine
married Perq Co 9 Aug 1808 Jesse Stallings
iv. Lavina Twine
married 1st John Perry d by 1837
married 2nd — Parker
v. Sophia Twine
married 1st —- Stallings
married 2nd Perq Co 10 May 1824 John C White
married erd Perq Co 28 May 1833 Jacob White
b. Elizabeth Twine
married Josiah Perry
c. Jesse Twine d. 30 Oct 1821 Perq Co without will
married Gates Co 30 Sept 1790 Elizabeth Costen
i. Dempsey Twine d. 1857 Perq Co
married 12 Aug 1833 Absilah Stallings
ii. James Twine d. 1829 Perq. Co
married Gates Co Christiana Hurdle
1. Alfred Twine
married Gates Co 18 Nov 1852 Mary Riddick
2. Joseph Twine
iii. Mary Twine d by 1838
married —- Roberson
1. Jesse Roberson
2. Elisha Roberson
3. Elizabeth Roberson
married Prudence ? d. 1838 Perq Co will
iv. Lemuel Twine underage 1821 dsp 1839 Perq Co
d. Abraham Twine aft 1760 – 1800/01 Perq. dsp
e. John Twine
married 1801 Thamer Byram
f. Elisha Twine ca 1778 – 4 Dec 1810 [family Bible] Perq without will
married Treasey ?
i. Martha Twine 17 Jan 1807 – 9 Feb 1849
underage in 1827
married Mr Bush

1. Elisha Twine Bush 20 June 1830 – 1879
married 24 Dec 1850 Sarah Martha Bush died 8 Nov 1865 age 34
2. Andrew Jackson Bush 6 Oct 1833 –
3. Richard T Bush 25 April 1837 –
4. Quinton T Bush 24 May 1840 –
5. Abram Twine Bush 30 July 1844 – 6 Oct 1923
line of Mary Lou Wolfarth
6. John Twine Bush 19 May 1848 –

married ca 1877 Eliza Jane Winslow 10 Sept 1858 –
ii. Abraham Twine underage in 1819
g. —- Twine
married bef 1790 Uriah Hudson
i. Polly Hudson
ii. Elizabeth Hudson
h. Easter Twine
married aft 1790 —- Winslow
i. Mourning Twine
married aft 1790 —- Riddick
j. Sarah Twine
married aft 1790 —- Halsey
i. Abraham Halsey
ii. Polley Tildy Halsey

4. James Norfleet 18 March 1734 – ca 1780 Nansemond Co VA
married ca 1761 Mary Battle 1740 – 1813
daughter of John Battle and Sarah Brown;
she married 2nd Lemuel Lawrence
a. Sarah Norfleet ca 1762 Nanse. Co VA – aft April 1819 Greene Co GA
married 1st Elias Hilliard
son of William Hilliard and Anne Newsome
married 2nd Col. William Horn as his 4th wife
son of Henry Horn and Ann Purcell?
b. John Norfleet ca 1765 Nanse. VA – 1790 NH Co NC dsp
c. James Norfleet 14 Sept 1767 Nanse. VA – 2 Sept 1846 Robertson Co TN
married in Robertson Co TN ca 1801 Sallie Williamson Lawson d 1821
married 2nd aft 1821 Jane Bailey they had one child
d. William Norfleet ca 1771 Nanse VA – ca 1790 Tennessee Co TN dsp

e. Martha Battle Norfleet ca 1772 Nanse VA – aft 1850 Montg Co TN
removed to TN 1795
married in Edgecombe Co NC 1795 Isaac Dortch
son of Isaac Hilliard and Molly Dortch.
f. Cordall Norfleet 1777 Nanse. VA – 3 Oct 1834 Montg Co, TN

removed to TN about 1798
married in Montgomery County TN Dec 1799 Mary Pennington

5. Esther Norfleet 13 Jan 1736 – 17 Oct 1789
married James Winbourne of Nansemond Co VA

6. ——- Norfleet 30 Jun 1737 –

7. Hezekiah Norfleet 30 May 1739 – ca 1810 Nansemond Co VA left issue
married bef 1779 Mary
a. John Norfleet ca 1779 –
b. Bathseba Norfleet
married Arthur Jones of Nansemond Co

8. Elisha Norfleet 19 May 1741 – ca 1798 Gates Co without issue

9. Jacob Norfleet 17 Aug 1743 – bef Aug 1780
Will: written 12 Dec 1778 – prob Aug 1780 Gates Co Will Book 1, page 7
Lastly, I nominate and appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Norfleet, and my son Kinchen Norfleet, and my brother Abraham Norfleet, to be my Executrix and Executors
Test:Willis Wiggins, Keziar (X) Knigh
Will was proven in open court at the August term of 1780 by the oath of Willis Wiggins,
with Elizabeth Norfleet appointed as Executrix. Law Baker, Clerk

married Elizabeth Kinchen d. 1790 [?DBG says Arnell]
First, I leave to my loving wife Elizabeth Norfleet, the use of my
plantation and lands and houses whereon I now live; also the labour and
use of my negro woman named Rachel, for and during her natural life or
widowhood, whichever may first happen.
a. Elizabeth Norfleet
Item, I give to my daughter Elizabeth Norfleet, one negro girl named
Rosie, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, three ewes and
one ram, to her and her heirs and assigns forever.

b. Kinchen Norfleet 12 Sept 1775 Chowan Co NC – Aug 1849 Gates Co NC
apprenticed in 1791 age 16 to learn to be a carpenter
Item, I give to my son Kinchen Norfleet, the plantation and land whereon I now live, together with all my lands thereunto belonging, after his mother’s death or marriage, to him and his heirs and assigns forever. I also give unto my said son Kinchen Norfleet all my part of land and marsh at Orepeak, to him and heirs and assign forever. I also give to my said son Kinchen Norfleet, one negro boy named Joe, and one feather bed and furniture, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.
Will of Kinchen Norfleet Contributed by Bill Sinclair
Will as Recorded in The Record of Wills, Gates County, NC, Book 3, pgs. 120-121
Will Probated Aug. 1849 in Gates Co. In the name of God Amen:
Know all men by these present that I , Kinchen Norfleet, of
the County of Gates an State of North Carolina, being low in health yet
possessing my right mind, do make this my last Will and Testament.
Item 1st. I give and bequeath to my three sons Marmaduke Norfleet, Seth R. Norfleet and James J. Norfleet to them and their heirs each of my creek mills, including all my land above So. Mill covered by the waters, one acre at each end of the damn, and fifty feet below running parallel with sd. damn to take possession the first day of January 1851 at which time the present sent by which it is encumbered expires.
Item 2nd. I will that all my land and chattel estate be sold, from the proceeds all my lawful debts be paid, the remainder with all my negroes to be equally divided between all my children, viz: John R. Norfleet, Nancy Jordan, Susan B. Walton, and James J. Norfleet and their heirs forever.-
Item 3rd. I leave my sons Marmaduke Norfleet and Seth R. Norfleet my
special executors.
Given under my hand and seal, this 23rd day of January 1849. Kinchen Norfleet (seal)
Signed, sealed & in the presents of Allen Smith, James Rawls
married 4 June 1800 Sarah Riddick
i. Nancy Norfleet 1802 –
married 4 June 1839 Thomas Jordan
ii. John Riddick Norfleet 4 Mar 1805 – 11 April 1859 Miss
married Harriett Usher Cross ca 1811 – 27 Nov 1838 age 26
[in the 27th year of her life]
from the Bible records of Miss Virgie Cross
[I suspect that 1820 is a misreading of 1830 on someone’s part]
1. Patrick Henry Norfleet 9 May 1830 – 9 June 1831 ts [corrected]
2. Sally Norfleet ca 1833 –
3. Leah Norfleet ca 1836-
married 2nd Elleanor Baker ca 1812 – 7 Dec 1857 age 35 [in the 36th year of her life]
list of children from the graveyard record below
1. Julia E. Josephine Norfleet 25 Sept 1841 – 25 Sept 1842
2. Alexander Selkirk Norfleet 26 July 1843 – 24 Sept 1843
3. Eugenia Virginia Norfleet 6 Aug 1846 – 3 Apr 1847
4. Cora Cathleen Norfleet 17 Mar 1848 – 10 Oct 1861
5. —-Lle Norfleet Feb 1850 – 1858 [broken stone]
6. Marmaduke Norfleet 2 Sept 1851 – 8 June 1854
7. William Coopwood Norfleet 7 Mar 1854 – 20 Oct 1861

The Norfleet graveyard is located on the north side of Mt. Pleasant Road east of Red Banks Road in Marshall County Ms. The GPS coordinates are: N 34 58′ 249 and W 89 33′ 671. It is on the GJ Farm belonging to Gary and Jenifer Hylander. This is an old graveyard containing only Norfleet family members.
This graveyard was inventoried by Gary and Bill Hylander on February 7, 2007.
It consists of a single row of graves which are listed from south to north.
William Coopwood Norfleet
son of J.R. & E.B. Norfleet
Born Mar.7, 1851 Died Oct.20, 1861
Cora Cathleen Norfleet
Dau. of J.R. & E.B. Norfleet
Born Mar.17, 1848 Died Oct.10, 1861
(Top portion of next stone broken off and missing and only a partial name left)
Lle Feb.1850 Died 1858 of (Illegible)
Col. John R. Norfleet
Born in Gates Co. N.C.
Mar.4, 1805 Died Apr.11, 1859
Aged 54 yrs. 1 Mo. 7 Ds.Sacred to the Memory of
Elleanor Baker Norfleet
Departed this date the 7th day of Dec. 1857
in the 36th year of her age
Blessed are the dead who die in the LordSacred to the memory of Harriet Usher Norfleet
Wife of John R. Norfleet
Departed this life 27th day Nov. 1838
in the 27th year of her life(following 3 names are all on one wide headstone)
Children of Col. John R. & E.B. Norfleet
Julia E. Josephine Norfleet

Born Sept.25, 1841 Died Sept.25, 1842

Alexander Selkirk Norfleet
Born July 26, 1843 Died Sept. 24, 1843

Eugenia Virginia Norfleet
Born Aug.6, 1846 Died Apr.3, 1847

(remaining names are on individual stones)

Patrick Henry Norfleet
Son of Col. J.R. & Harriet Norfleet
Born May 9, 1820 Died June 9, 1831

Marmaduke Norfleet
Son of John R. & Elenore Norfleet
Born 2nd day of Sept. 1851
Died 8th day of June 1854

The graveyard is unmarked and is located in a heavily wooded area. There is no indication of it being a part of a church cemetery and none is in the vicinity. All stones seem to be of granite material and appear to be professionally engraved.

I am interested in my own family geneaology and so hope this information will help someone. Bill Hylander

iii. Marmaduke Norfleet 1808 –
married Margaret Jordan
married Elizabeth A Felton
iv. Seth Riddick Norfleet 26 April 1814 – 1881
married Martha Elizabeth [Eliza] Rawls 19 April 1820
1. Harriett [Hattie] Susan Norfleet 1 Oct 1843 – 12 Mar 1902 Gates Co NC
married 1866 John Franklin Cross 8 April 1841 – 6 July 1919 Gates Co NC
farmer and merchant – both buried Hunter’s Mill Cross Cemetery, Gates Co NC
a. Wilbur R Cross ca 1868 –
b. Mattie S Cross ca 1871 –
married 25 Jan 1893 Herbert G Brown
c. Frank Norfleet Cross 24 July 1873 – 13 Apr 1932
married Mary Elizabeth Harrell 13 Feb 1878 – 23 July 1963
i. F. Norfleet Cross 6 Apr 1903 – 11 Feb 1944
married Lucille Alexander ca 1905 – 9 Jan 1986 age 80 yrs
ii. William Franklin Cross 30 June 1907 – 12 Mar 1943
d. Lillian L Cross Oct 1875 –
e. Charles N Cross ca 1879 –
2. Mary Elizabeth Norfleet 7 Jan 1845 – 6 Feb 1914 Holly Grove Twsp Gates Co NC
married Joseph Milton Cross 29 Oct 1845 – 3 Mar 1922 Gates Co NC
dry goods merchant – both buried Hunter’s Mill Cross Cemetery, Gates Co NC
a. W L Cross ca 1872 –
b. Julia I Cross Feb 1875 –
c. Joseph Milton Cross 26 Oct 1876 – 27 July 1880 dy age 4
d. M A Cross ca 1877 –
e. Oscar Moss Cross 2 Nov 1879 – 31 July 1880 dy 8 mos
f. Dora N Cross Dec 1881 –
g. Hattie Sadie Cross 27 Sept 1883 – 11 Oct 1887 dy age 4
h. Harry L Cross July 1887 –
3. William James Norfleet 23 Aug1848 – 28 Aug 1885 GA
4. Martha Medora Norfleet 10 Sept 1852 –
married Leonidas H Whedbee
5. Sarah Amelia Norfleet 4 Aug 1855 –
married James Abner Harrell
v. James Jacob Norfleet 14 July 1819 – AL
married Josephine Marial Epps 1832 –
vi. Susan Barsha Norfleet 9 April 1822 Gates Co – 27 Mar 1880 TN
married 22 Oct 1844 John William Walton 1817 – 1897 AL
c. Pleasant Lawrence Norfleet
Item, I give to my daughter Pleasant Lawrence Norfleet, one negro girl named Prisillah, also one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, four head of sheep, that is to say three ewes and one ram, also thirty pounds Virginia money, to hr and her heirs and assigns forever.
d. Esther Norfleet
Item, I give to my daughter Easter Norfleet, one negro boy named Moses, one cow and calf, three ewes, and one ram, and one feather bed and furniture, to her and her heirs and assigns forever.
married 28 Dec 1790 Elisha Hare
e. Mourning Norfleet ca 1780 Gates Co – 24 March 1842 Hertford Co NC
still had a guardian in 1800 – last time cited

10. Barsheba Norfleet 6 Sept 1745 – 8 July 1825 Gates Co NC
married 14 May 1769 Jacob Gordon d 20 July 1819 Gates Co NC
son of John Gordon and Mary Hunter
both obits appeared in the Raleigh Register

a. George Gordon 4 Aug 1775 – 14 Dec 1822
b. James Gordon merchant rem to Lowndes Co Miss
married Halifax Co 8 Dec 1807 Elizabeth Anthony
dau of John Anthony and Elizabeth Hill
i. Joseph John Gordon
ii. James Gordon
iii. Elizabeth Gordon
c. Mary Hunter Gordon 12 Jan 1772 – 14 Dec 1802
married 22 Dec 1796 Isaac Hunter 1859 – 1816 [his 2nd wife]
i. Sophia Hunter 18 Oct 1797 –
ii. Armesia Hunter Bozman 1 Feb 1799 –
married —– Bozman
iii. John Omegg Hunter 4 Dec 1802 – 29 April 1878 Yazoo City Miss
married Gates Co 23 Nov 1824 Eliza Ann Pugh d. 11 Mar 1887
d. Jacob N Gordon
e. Esther Gordon
married Gates Co 19 Aug 1813 Horatio Butts
f. Elizabeth Gordon
married 19 Apr 1808 George A Harvey d. 1824 Gates Co
i. Mary Ann Gordon Harvey d w i 1836
ii. William Edward N Harvey d w i bef 1837
iii. Jacob John Harvey
married 13 Dec 1837 Mary G Gordon his 1st cousin
iv. George Gordon Harvey
v. James A Harvey ca 1821 –
g. Joseph Gordon appt exr of father’s estate
married Elizabeth Granberry
i. Mary G Gordon
married 13 Dec 1837 Jacob John Harvey her 1st cousin
ii. Barsheba Norfleet Gordon
married John L Shannonhouse
married 2nd Edwin Brace
iii. Jane Gregory Gordon
married Arthur L Butt
h. Nancy Gordon d. 1836 Gates Co
married James Granberry d. 1832 Gates Co
i. Joseph Gordon Granberry 30 Sept 1822 – 25 May 1889
married 1854 Mary J Skinner
married 2nd 17 Nov 1862 Isa Gordon
daughter of Dr. Benjamin Gordon and Martha Louisa Jones of Hertford
ii. Bathsheba A Granberry 21 Feb 1824 –
married James Leigh
iii. Thomas John Granberry 28 Feb 1826 – dsp
iv. William George Granberry 5 Feb 1828 – 1905
married Sarah Jane Simmons
v. Elizabeth Esther Granberry
married Benjamin John Shannonhouse

11. Mary Norfleet 23 Aug 1747 –
married John Ellis will 1811 Gates Co
a. Marmaduke Norfleet Ellis
b. Elizabeth Riddick Ellis
c. Sarah Norfleet Ellis

12. Elizabeth Ann Norfleet 28 March 1751 – 1831 Montgomery Co TN
married in Gates Co ca 1785 John Baker [?DBG says Marmaduke Norfleet]
a. John Baker
b. Ann Baker
c. Lucinda Baker ca 1786 Gates Co NC – Sept 1806 Montgomery Co TN
d. William Baker d. 21 Jan 1815 in Battle of New Orleans
e. James Baker
f. Robert Baker


2nd generation

John Norfleet ca 1672 – ca 1734 | parents
& Esther ? | parents
of Nansemond County VA


John Norfleet was son of Thomas Norfleet, the immigrant
His wife’s name was Esther – per information possessed by the descendants of Barsheba [nee Norfleet] Gordon.

25 April 1702 John Gordon patented 350 acres adjacent William Sumner at Orapeak Swamp (in Nansemond, but the land fell into North Carolina when the boundary was settled in 1728) Nugent III 59

Known children of John Norfleet:
1. John Norfleet 21 July 1699 – 1754 Chowan Co NC [area later Gates Co]
married Elizabeth Riddick 5 April 1710 – bef Nov 17 1783 Gates Co NC
2. Joseph Norfleet ca 1705 – ca 1752 Nansemond Co VA


Thomas Norfleet ca 1640 – ca 1695 | his parents
& unknown | her parents
of Molash, Kent County, England
and Nansemond County VA

The first record of a Norfleet in Virginia Colony was on 22 OCT 1666. “North Fleete,” recorded a 300-acre tract of land in the Land Office at Jamestown, acquired by assignment from John Skerrett, who had originally patented the land on 17 MAR 1654/55. Two years later, on 30 SEP 1668, “Thomas Northfleete” again recorded an entry for the same land, probably to correct the garbled name of the assignee.
(Virginia Land Patents and Grants–Patent Book No. 6, page 96.)

Children of Thomas Norfleet, the immigrant:
1. Thomas Norfleet Jr ca 1670 – 1721 Nansemond Co VA
married ca 1690 Mary Marmaduke
a. Thomas Norfleet ca 1692 Nansemond Co VA – ca 1746 Edgecombe Co NC
married 2nd Ruth Blunt 1700 –
b. James Norfleet ca 1694 Nansemond Co VA – Dec 1732 Perquimans Co NC
married Mary Gordon [sister to Eliza] ca 1710 – 1743
c. Marmaduke Norfleet 1700 Nansemond Co VA – 1774 Northampton Co NC
married Eliza Gordon ca 1712 – 1753
married ca 1754 Judith Rhoades
2. John Norfleet ca 1672 – ca 1734 Nansemond Co VA
married ca 1694 Esther ?
a. John Norfleet 21 July 1699 – 1754 Chowan Co NC
married Elizabeth Riddick
b. Joseph Norfleet ca 1705 – ca 1752 Nansemond Co VA
3. Christopher Norfleet 1675 – ca 1733 Nansemond Co VA
married ca 1697
a. Christopher Norfleet ca 1700 – ca 1751 Nansemond Co VA
b. William Norfleet ca 1710 – ca 1770
4. Edward Norfleet 1676 – ca 1735 Nansemond Co VA
a. Edward Norfleet ca 1695 – 1747 Nansemond Co VA

1704 Quit-Rent Roll of Nansemond County
John Norfleet, 600 acres
Thomas Norfleet, 500 acres
Christopher Norfleet, 400 acres
Edward Norfleet, 200 acres

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  1. I do historical research on my hometown of Cary,N.C. There is and article from the Tarboro Southern (aug 4 1887) about William Norfleet. He killed himself in the Walker Hotel there in Cary. Thought I could find him on Find a grave with others in the Norfleet family cemetery but he is not there. I believe he lived from 1866 to 1887. Any info would be helpful…

  2. My husband d’s line comes from Thomas Norfleet lll b.1992 m. Ruth Blunt b.1700. Daughter Phereby Norfleet b.1728 m. Joshua Joseph Bell b.1725 Son Frederick Bell b.1750 Son Marmaduke Norfleet Bell b.1799 Son Marmaduke Norfleet Bell b.1835 he was killed in the Civil War July 18 1864 @ Snicker’s Gap Va. Son Hassell Bell b.1857 Son Macon Bell b.1894 Daughter Gladys Bell b.1930 m. Harvey L. Harrell b. 1928 Son Richard Lee Harrell my husband. THANK YOU for posting this information.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work! I am a descendent of Arthur Jones and Bethsheba Norfleet through my mother’s father Arthur Carroll Jones b. 1894 in Suffolk to Captain Arthur Llywellin Jones and Elizabeth Mc Namara. I have inherited the furniture that survived the fire in the Whitemarsh Plantation on the Dismal Swamp about 1892. The plantation was inherited by Bethsheba from her Uncle Hezekiah Riddick. It was located in the Cypress Chapel section. The Jones land was in the Holy Neck part of Nasemond. From family lore the family lived on the WhiteMarsh Plantation property and also had a house in town which I have an old photograph of. Also from family lore the Jones’ owned 1000’s of acres in Nansemond county and North Carolina. My great great grandfather Captain John Arthur Jones ran the blockade out of the swamp with his wife’s Uncle Jeremiah Jones. He fell off a horse on his grandfathers race track as a boy and had a bad leg preventing him from being able to join the confederate forces. My 2nd great grandmother Diana Denson Jones was also a Jones, daughter of Lemuel Copeland Jones of HolyNeck. I believe the families were related resulting in the amount of Jones property. The earliest record we have is an Arthur Jones m. To Sarah Duke of Gates in 1739. He owned a plantation on Arthur Rd. in HolyNeck. On the other Jones side we trace back to Hardy Jones also of Holyneck but originally from Isle of Wight. Records show he also owned a plantation not far from Arthur. I cherish the furniture that once graced my families plantation. It now resides in my home in New Jersey.
    Grandaddy Jones was a WWI hero receiving The Distinguished Cross and Croix de Guere from France. He resided in Baltimore and was CEO of Koester Bread. He was also a wonderful painter and painted the castles of France, and England as well as one of the first collectors of American antiques in the 1920’s. His daughters attended William and Mary and his son Princeton. As well as these accomplishments he was the most loving husband, father and grandfather. He and my grandmother died at age 92 and 90 on different floors of the hospital but two hours apart. A beautiful ending to a wonderful life leaving a legacy of stories and love. So proud to be a Jones! I live up north but my heart resides in Suffolk. My sisters and I retrace the steps and stories of my mother a few times a year down in that beautiful country to honor my ancestors.

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