Alpheus Lawrence & Mary Eliza Ann Worley

Uncle Alpheus

Alpheus Lawrence ca 1818 – Dec 1843 | his parents
and Mary Eliza Ann Worley? ca 1821 – ca Dec 1860 | her parents
of Mill Landing, Bertie Co NC

 my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Alpheus Lawrence was the son of Rev. Reuben Lawrence & Frances his wife.
On Jan 1 1845 Mrs Eliza A Lawrence address is Mill Landing, Bertie County, NC

Mill Landing Farm ca 1970
photo by
James Moore

Children of Alpheus Lawrence & Mary Eliza Ann —–:

1.Thomas R Lawrence ca 1835 –
1880 was living New Hope, Perquimans Co NC as School Teacher
married 1858 Sarah Ann Hodder
a. Ida A Lawrence ca 1868 –
b. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1875 –
c. John R Lawrence ca 1878 –
2. Mary Frances Lawrence ca 1840 – bef 1861
3. Frederick Lawrence ca 1840 –
4. Alpheus Elizabeth Lawrence 6 Mar 1844 –
married 4 Dec 1860 William H Slaughter 1 May 1838 -1898 NC
born in Hertford Co son of William Slaughter ca 1805 –  1853 Hert. Co.
and his wife Celia Sarah Meglawhorn ca 1810
a. Mary Elizabeth Slaughter 22 Sept 1861 –
married Walter Ricks
b. Celia Louise Slaughter ca 1863 –
c. Charlie Slaughter 1865 –
d. William Alpheus Slaughter ca 1868 –
e. Minnie Roberta Slaughter 13 Dec 1869 Tyrell Co NC – 27 May 1930 Cove City NC
married 25 Mar 1888 Bertie co Leonard W White 23 Nov 1870 – 2 Aug 1938
son of Frederick White line of Sandra Pawlik
f. Sally Jane Slaughter ca 1871 –
g. Walter Augustus Slaughter 16 April 1874 Newport NC – 1948
married Lillie Dale Garner 1879 Newport NC – Sept 1961 Newport

Alpheus Lawrence’s Will:
In the name of God Amen I Alpheus Lawrence of Bertie County in the State of North Carolina being in sound & disposing mind and memory and understanding considering the uncertainty of life and being anxious of setting my worldly affairs & thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it pleases God to call me hiver do therefore make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows that is to say – First & princiful I commit my Soul into the hands of almighty God my body to the earth to be decently buried.

Item 1st I do hereby declare and make my worthy friend Alexander W Mebane my sole Executor, and request of his as an abiding friend that he will take my plantation and farming utensils on Salmon Creek at three thousand dollars, if he will comply with this my request to take such measures as the law requires to secure to himself a good and lawful title, if not to rent or sell as he may think proper, all the rest of my land I leave to be disposed of that way which will be most productive to my estate, all the residue of my estate except my negroes I leave to be sold, after all my Just debts are paid I have all the money which may be due my Estate to be kept on Interest by my Executors annually until my youngest child arrives to the age of twenty-one, one negro girl Mary I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Eliza Ann, The rest of my negroes I leave to be hired out annually until my youngest child arrives to the age of twenty-one, I include that one that is not yet born with those that are, my negroes Hires at the end of each year together with all the annual incomes of my Estate I leave to be disposed of for the annual support of my wife and children. Also the Education of my children under the direction of my Executor, when my youngest child that may be living arrives at the age of twenty-one My will is that the Hole of my Estate be equally divided between my wife and children given under my hand & affixed my Seal this Fourteenth day of December in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred forty three.
Signed A Lawrence Seal

Signed, Sealed, published and declared by Alpheus Lawrence the above named testator we and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request & in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
Signed Rich P Freeman Wm G Worley
State of North Carolina Bertie County Court Feb term 1844
This last will and testament of Alpheus Lawrence decd was proved in open court by the oath of Rich P Freeman & Wm G Worley the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded Jon S Taylor clk


1843 Dec. Alpheus Lawrence to John N Webb
To Sending to Windsor for the doctor 2 times 1.55
Sending to Mr Capehart after Doctor Armstead .50
3 hundred shingles cypress trees 2.40
¬Ω bushel wheat 1.50

1848 Rt Shield 60.00 bill for home visits.

1854 Feb 10 Joseph Leary, guardian acct. with the heirs of Alpheus Lawrence
Thos. Lawrence Acct 107.07
Mrs. E. A. Lawrence a/c 18.12
Mary Frances Lawrence 96.73
Alpheus E Lawrence 3.25

1859 Guardian Acct of Miss Alpheus E Lawrence
shows: Bill for Piano-Forte 350.00
I H Etheridge for board 122.40

July 26 Cash Schlarship in the W F College, Mur. 500.00

Thomas R Lawrence son of Alpheus

1858 Joseph Leary in account with Thomas R Lawrence.
Boarding with R P Freeman
Cash on hand 1 Jan 1859 717.78
1 Jan 1860 438.44

1861 Jan Jos. Leary agent in account with the Estate of Mrs. E A Lawrence
¬Ω T R Lawrence
¬Ω Mrs A E Slaughter

Wm G Worley, Guardian to the orphans of Alpheus Lawrence

Suit in Bertie County Court
vs James R Rayner Adm of Reuben Lawrence

A receipt dated Windsor, May 15th 1841 and pro-porting to be a receipt from Rueben Lawrence to Alpheus Lawrence and marked by me A on the face of the receipt was delivered to me by Frederick Lawrence in his lifetime and after he administered upon Reuben Lawrence’s estate . The precise time when it was delivered to me – I do not recollect – Alpheus Lawrence was then deceased. And I think Mr Rayner was his administrator. The said James Rayner as adm. Of Alphesus and the said Frederick Lawrence as adm. of Reuben Lawrence agreed that if the matter in regard to the notes for which the paper above referred to purporting to be a receipt was given should be left to arbitration and I accordingly drew a bond binding the parties to abide by the decision of said arbitration which they both agreed but there never as I understand and believe any action under it. David Outlaw

(the plantiff objected to the competency of the above testimony – May 15 1849

Jon S Taylor clk)

Thomas Redditt being duly sworn on the holy evangelist of almighty God deposetted sayeth as follows (viz) That in the early part of Jan 1837 (?) He was called upon by the Rev Reuben Lawrence with Jonathan B Capehart and Mr John Nicholes to value some negroes that he gave off to his Sons Frederick & Alpheus, they proceeded to value the negroes accordingly and thatAlpheus part was Valued at $1100 or $1150 & Frederick valued at 1050 0r $1100 or $1050. The difference was about $50 which the old man made up in the service of a bound boy. Mr Lawrence also stated that he intended to give to Mr James Rayner’s wife the same amount in Value. This deponent does not know what time he gave Mr Rayner’s wife her portion. He afterwards saw the negroes allotted to Mr Rayner’s wife and this deponent think the negroes allotted to Mrs. Rayner was worth about $750 – at the time the allotment was made to the boys.

Question By Deft. Did Mr Reuben Lawrence make any other advancing to his sons?

Answer by Mr Redditt -Mr Lawrence informed me that he had given his Sons the timber on his Buckleberry land & gave them the Labour of his hands to get Staves to assist them in paying for their lands. -he knows that they worked the old man’s negroes in getting the Staves.  They worked 2 hands which the old man held as Guardian and 1 of the old man’s own negroes for two years in getting Staves the negroes was worth about $80 each year after getting the Staves the negroes worked on the farms of Alpheus & Frederick, Mr R Lawrence stated to this deponent the year he died that his Sons had hired the negroes belonging to his ward and that he had the notes of his Sons which he should never call on them to pay while he lived but they would have to pay them to Nathaniel Lawrence his ward after he became of age.  further this deponent sayeth not.

Question: What amount of Staves did the Sons of Mr Lawrence get on his land? Answer: The first year it amounted to about $800.  the second year I think $600 or $700 the Staves were hauled by Mr R Lawrence’s team, the usual custom in the neighborhood was to give the owner of the timber one third at the landing.

Q by Deft. what was the ? of that quantity of timber worth? Answer: fifty-cents per hundred, white oak this was worth $22.50 per m & R O H $17.00 per thousand and they got of both kind. This deponent states that he heard Alpheus & Frederick say they were getting the Staves to pay for their land  he, old Mr Lawrence also gave Alpheus a mule worth $80 and to Frederick a Sorrel mare of the Same Value Frederick & Alpheus also worked in the fall of the 2 years three bound mulatto boys who belonged to their father  two of the boys were worth $8 per month each & the other $4 per month they worked about 3 months one year & 2 months the next. (The foregoing evidence was all objected to by the Pliffs Atto. P N W)

Question by Plff Atto  When was it that Mr Lawrence said that he would make his daughter Equal with his Sons . Answer: On the day that he gave the boys their share —

Question: Do you know what portion of the Staves Alpheus Lawrence had  Answer: Alpheus Lawrence & Frederick bought two tracts of Land Jointly – the Sales of the staves went to pay for it as I understood the Staves were got before the division of the negroes between his sons – Thos (X) Redditt

(Sworn to Subscribed before me this 9th day of Feb 1850. The whole was objected to by Pliff atts Jon S Taylor)

Henry White being duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God deposeth as follows –

Question by Plaintiff: Do you recollect of seeing Rev Reuben Lawrence at Connaritsa at an association in May 1841? Answer. I do

Q -On what day did you see him there? – Answer. I saw him there 3 days Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Q – How late in the day on Saturday did you see him? – Answer. I saw him as late as 4 or five in the afternoon –

Q – At what season of the year are Association called for the Baptist Association? Answer. They commence on Thursday before the third Sunday in May —-

Q- Do you or do you not think Mr Lawrence could have reached Windsor by Sundown when you last Saw him Saturday at the Association in 1841? Answer – I do not think that he could have reached Windsor by Sun down – Henry White

(Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 10th May 1849 Jon S Taylor clk)

Alfred Coffield being duly sworn on the holy evangelist of almighty God deposett & sayeth as follows (viz) Question by Plff- Did you see Rev Rueben Lawrence at the Association in 1841 at Connaritsa? If so please state the time of the day you saw him last. Answer: I saw him at the Association on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And I left him at Connaritsa on Saturday Evening when I left for home which was after the adjournment of the Association Question: Could Mr Lawrence have reached Windsor before Sun down after you left him at Connaritsa. Answer: He could not have reached Windsor before night– Alfred Coffield

(Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 10th May 1849 Jno S Taylor clk)

Nathl. Lawrence being duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God deposeth and sayeth as follows viz Question by Deft. Did you know of your own knowledge whether or not Alpheus Lawrence was indebted to his father in the year 1842 and if so state it?

Answer: I do not of my own knowledge.

Question: Please state when & where you heard any declarations from Reuben Lawrence of the indebtedness of Alpheus to him. (Question objected to by Plffs attorney unless said conversation took place in the presence of Alpheus)
Answer: Alpheus was not present, but in the fall of 1842 I heard my Aunt ask my uncle Reuben Lawrence if he could not assist Frederick Lawrence (who was then present for money) My Uncle Reuben Lawrence replied that he could, provided Alpheus Lawrence would pay him what he owed to him the said Reuben Lawrence (no amt of money was named)

Question by Deft—Did your uncle Reuben have money of any considerable amount from 1841 to the time of his death–& did he buy any property? & 2. When? & finish also what he said on the Subject.

Answer: I think he had no money & he bought no property  during his last Illness I heard him tell his wife (Alpheus not being present) that he would not send for some articles of necessity because he had no money & did not wish to go in debt. N P Lawrence

(Sworn to & subscribed before me this 30th Apl 1849 Jon S Taylor Clk)

Jesse Phelps being duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God deposeth and Sayeth as follows

Q by Deft. Did you ever have a conversation with Alpheus Lawrence relative to any note or notes held by his Father Reuben Lawrence against him, if so state what the conversation was whether before or after the death of Rueben Lawrence. And about what time it was. Answer: I had a Conversation with him in the latter part of May or early part of June 1843 & after the death of Reuben Lawrence. I wished to buy some pork from Alpheus he stated that he had some to Sell, and wished to have the money for it – he stated that he was owing debts. He, this deponeth replied “Squire, you are nearly out of Debt” he explained that he owed some few debts, he remarked that his father held notes against him at the time of his death but that he had a rec’d against them. This conversation took place in the Swamp where this deponent was getting Shingles for said Lawrence.

Question: Do you know of Alpheus having hired negroes from his father? Answer: I do know of his having hired negroes of his fathers which belonged to Nath. Lawrence who was then under age and to whom the old man was Guardian and he had the negroes for two years or more.

Question: Do you know of Alpheus Lawrence going to his Fathers soon after his death for his papers if so how long after his death?
Answer: The Sunday after the old man died I think. I was at Williford Store at Nicholls X rds and saw Alpheus Lawrence with a small bag or Pillow Slip and asked him where he had been, he said to his Pa’s after his papers – I asked what he was going to do with the papers. He replied that he was going to administer in the Estate.

Question: What kind of a day was it, also the state of the weather & time of day Answer: It was some time in the forenoon, the weather was very bad Raining, Snowing & Hailing & had been from early in the morning.

Question by Plffs – Have you stated all the conversation you had with Alpheus Lawrence in the latter part of May or early part of June 1843.
Answer: If there was any other conversation I do not recollect it-

Question by Plffs- Did he introduce in the Conversation what you have Stated he said about the notes due his Father from him without saying anything more in reference to them.
Answer: If he said any thing more I do not recollect it – he may have said more if so I do not Remember it.

Question: How do you recollect so particularly that he said his Father had some notes against him at the time of his death.
Answer: Because we were together in the Swamp & I wanted some pork & he replied that he wanted the money for it -& he stated that he wanted money to pay his debts when I replied he owed no debts.
Q. Did he say what those notes were given for the amount & how he had paid them.
Answer: He did not.
Q. Did he say that there was one note or more
Answer: He said notes.

Where were you on the day you Saw Alpheus Lawrence returning from his fathers, and what were you engaged in doing.
Answer: At Willifords Store. I was on my way home Gliveray? Fishery.

Question – Was the conversation you had with him at Williford’s Store a private one?
Answer: I do not recollect whether any other person heard it or not – I went out to the Road where Alpheus Lawrence had stopped.

Was it Raining, Snowing or hailing at that time?
Answer: It was doing one or the other of the three and the said Lawrence was on horse back.

Question by Deft. Do you know why Alpheus Lawrence did not administer in his Father’s Estate?
Answer: He told me the reason he did not administer was that his mother was unwilling that he should, he seemed fretted about it and in a bad humor & remarked that they had as well let him administer as any body else. Jesse Phelps

(Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 17 Sept 1849 Jon S Taylor)

Joseph B G Routlar being duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God deposeth and Sayeth

Question by defendant: Are you aquainted with the hand writing of the late Rueben Lawrence.
Answer: I have only seen Mr Lawrence sign the notes that he has given to me at different times.

From the knowledge so acquired would you know his Signature and or the knowledge that you now have do you think you would know his hand writing Answered: Mr Lawrence had been a customer of mine for many years and was in the habit of frequently of giving his notes to me on settlement, and since I have been informed that I should be examined as a witness in this case I have examined several of the old notes which Mr Lawrence had given to me and have thus endeavored to refresh my recollection to his Signature and I now think I should know his Signature.

Please look at a Paper marked A. dated Windsor May 15, 1841 and purporting to be a recd from Reuben Lawrence to Alpheus Lawrence and say whether in your opinion the Signature to the same is that of Reuben Lawrence or not.

I cannot positively say – but the Signature to the said paper although it resembles Mr Lawrance, but it varies in many particulars from Signatures on the notes given to me -the hand in heavier than he usually wrote – the letter b different from his hand writing and the e at the termination of his name is unlike his usual Signature –

(The Plaintiff objected to the competency of an opinion of the witness formed from a comparison of Mr Lawrence’s hand writing with any notes he had taken.)

Question by the Plaintiff: Are you prepared to express an opinion as to the hand writing of Mr Lawrence, acquired solely from seeing Mr Lawrence sign his name to the said notes.

Answer: If I had ten day since picked up a piece of Paper with Mr Lawrence’s hand writing in the Street I could not from my knowledge of his writing have said that it was his of all my acquaintance.

(Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 15th day of May 1849 Jon S Taylor Clk)

Nath P Lawrence being duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God deposeth and Sayeth as follows

Question by Deft. Do you know when Reuben Lawrence died?.
Answer: In Feb 1843.

Did you live with Reuben Lawrence at the time of his death, & how long had you lived with him & what is your age?
Answer: I did – I am now in my 26th year and I have lived there from a child.

Do you know whether Alpheus Lawrence came to the residence of Reuben Lawrence after his death to examine his papers if so when what passed between him & his mother whether he carried away any papers – whether the weather was not very inclement and whether he said any thing about his own notes due to Reuben Lawrence or any thing about any rect. He held against the same and whether you afterwards and when saw any notes if so how many payable by Alpheus to Reuben Lawrence and all you know about the same.
Answer: About a week and on Sunday after Mr Lawrence was buried (he died on the 25 Feby 1843) it being a Very inclement day (Snowing and Raining) Alpheus Lawrence came to his Mother’s house and said to Mrs. Lawrence that he wanted to get his father’s papers and he and his mother went in the other room where they stayed a short time and when they returned Alpheus had a pillow case with papers in it and soon after he left carrying the pillow case of papers with him – He said nothing about owing any notes to his father or having any rect. from the old man to him for payment of any notes. There was no other white person there but myself and old Mrs Lawrence. About two days afterwards Frederick Lawrence the brother of Alpheus Lawrence & son of Reuben Lawrence came over to his mothers and a conversation passed between him and his mother about the papers of his father. Learning that A Lawrence had carried away papers he was dissatisfied and he & his mother then went into the other room where Reuben Lawrence usually kept his papers to Examine and when they came back Frederick Lawrence had 4 Notes payable by Alpheus Lawrence to Reuben Lawrence, I can’t say what was the amount of the notes on any of them.

Question of same. How far did Alpheus Lawrence reside from Reuben Lawrence – and how far did Frederick.
Answer: Alpheus about 4 Miles – and Frederick about a mile.

Question by same: How many children did Reuben Lawrence leave?.
Ans. Only three – the other was the wife of James R Rayner, who resided Something less than a mile from Reuben Lawrence.

Question by Same: Please state whether or not Alpheus Lawrence in going to the residence of his mother would pass by his brother Fredericks and if So how far and state whether Alpheus staid a long or short time at his mothers.
Answer. Frederick Lawrence lived on the Road – his house some two or three hundred yards from the road. Alpheus stayed at his mothers but a short time. She asked him to stay until the rain slacked and to dinner – but he said he was in a hurry and left accordingly.

B. The plaintiff objected to the competency of any testimony in relation to notes payable to Reuben Lawrence due from Alpheus Lawrence unless the Said Notes are produced and to the Competency of any conversation between Mrs. Lawrence and Frederick Lawrence.

Question by Plaintiff: Was Alpheus Lawrence present when Frederick Lawrence came to his mothers.

Answer: He was not.

Quest. By same: How long did Mrs Lawrence and Alpheus Lawrence stay in the room and was the pillow case tied up when they came out of the room
Answer: I suppose some 15 minutes -though I can’t say. the pillow case was tied up –

Quest by Plaintiff: Did you read the notes which you say Frederick Lawrence has?
Answer: I did not.

Quest. by same: Do you know whether the said notes had any subscribing witness?
Answer: Not that I know of.
Quest. by same:Do you know in whose hand writing they were.
Answer: I do not

Question by same: Did you see the Signatures to the notes
Answer: I saw a Signature to the notes but did not know whose it was
Question: Do you know (of your own knowledge) that the papers in the hands of Fred Lawrence were notes.
Answer: I do not know. N P Lawrence

(Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 15th May 1849 Jon S Taylor Clk)

Harry Nichols being duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God deposeth and Sayeth

Question by Defendant: Are you acquainted with the hand writing of Reuben Lawrence.
Answer: I have some recollections of his hand writing and think I should know his Signature.

Question: Look at the Paper marked A and say if from your knowledge of his hand writing the Signature is Genuine
Answer: I think not  It differs from his hand writing is being too heavy a hand and letters too round & the letter b different from Mr Lawrence writing – he was Palsied & the letters appear to be better connected than I should suppose his would be.

How long had you known Mr Lawrence & what opportunities had you of forming knowledge of his hand writing.
Answer:I have known him from my earliest recollection & I am now about 40 years of age I was raised about three miles from his residence – I have frequently seen him write & seen his writing.

whose hand writing is the receipt marked A purporting to be a rec’t from his father to him dated 15 May 1841.
Ans: I think it is in the hand writing of Alpheus Lawrence but it appears to be better than he generally wrote – the letters are rather better formed than usual for him, he seems to have taken more pains than usual.

Were you well acquainted with Alpheus Lawrence and please state his habits of doing business and whether he was particular or otherwise.
Answer: He was very particular and close in the management of his business. I have known him from his early youth & transacted business with him frequently during the time that I was an officer in 1843 having frequently laid papers before him as a Magistrate.

(The Plaintiff Objected to the competency of testimony showing the habits in business Character of Alpheus Lawrence –)

Question by the Plaintiff: How often have you seen Reuben Lawrence write as well as you can recollect.
Answer: I have seen him write several times I cannot say how many – and have seen his writing frequently.

How far did you live from R Lawrence in May 1841.
Answer: I lived in Windsor in 1841 & I think Mr Lawrence’s residence is about 10 miles off.

Q. When was the last time or about the last time that you saw Mr Lawrence write as well as you can recollect.
Answer: I Cannot say-

How did Mr Lawrence make his B’s in the word Rueben.
Answer: I think he made it somewhat this way b without crossing the upper stroke to the inner side of the b.

Have you not compared the Signature of this note with the Signature of Reuben Lawrence to other papers
Answer: I have seen it compared with other papers –

About what time was Mr Lawrence first afflicted with Palsey did it increase upon as he advanced in age & did it always appear in his hand writing.
Answer: I do not know when it first came on. It increased upon him & I think it always showed itself in his writing.

Have you any recollection of Seeing Mr Lawrence write after 1840.
Answer: I cannot say.

Is the Signature to this recipt the hand writing of Alpheus Lawrence.
Answer: I cannot say whose hand writing it is

When did you see this Comparison made
Answer: Yesterday

Question by Deft: When did you remove to Windsor
Answer: On the 1 Jan 1841

(Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 15 May 1849 Jon S Taylor Clk)

Remarks: I submit with this report the Depositions of Henry White and Alfred Coffield which prove that the receipt marked A dated Windsor, 15 June , 1841 could not have been executed in Windsor on that day.
Harry Nicholls deposition goes to prove that the receipt signed by Reuben Lawrence is not in his hand writing.
Col Outlaw proves that the said receipt referred to above was in the possession of Frederick Lawrence who was the adm. of Reuben Lawrence the time he does not recollect, but that Alpheus Lawrence was then deceased.
Col Outlaw’s statement in connection with the return of Frederick Lawrence as adm of Reuben Lawrence satisfies me that the notes vs Alpheus as Inventored were really in the hands of Frederick Lawrence adm of Reuben Lawrence.
I also submit the deposition of Nathl P Lawrence for the consideration of the court.
I have also taken in account of the administration of Jas R Rayner adm of Reuben Lawrence & etc as adm of Mrs Frances Lawrence marked B.
The balance due the Estates in each case has been divided into three parts one of which is Credited to Alpheus Lawrence’s Estate.
It will appear by the forgery that there is a balance due the Estate of Alpheus Lawrence from Jas R Rayner all of which I Submit as my Report Jon S Taylor Clk

August 15, 1849

The competency of the returns of Frederick Lawrence adms. Of Reuben Lawrence was objected to by the Plaintiff
I have also taken the deposition of Jesse Phelps which has confirmed the former opinion except in the above remarks that at the time the Rev Reuben Lawrence died he held the notes against Alpheus Lawrence see receipt marked A- Said Deposition is also filed all of which I Submit as my report. Jon S Taylor Clk.

Apprentice Bonds Bertie County: 8 Feb 1847 –
Thomas Lawrence -about 11 years of age, bound to Jos. B Nicholls. Farmer. Signers: J(as) R Rayner, Jos B. Nicholls.
Witnesses: Jona. S Tayloe, Clk.

T R Lawrence – is characterized (with others) in the minutes (Chowan Baptist Association) as “deceivers, imposters, unworthy of Christian confidence. All these, I think had been zealous laborers in the bounds of Chowan Association.”
History of the Chowan Baptist Association
by James A Delke (1882)

Leonard William White 1870 – 1938 | his parents
& Minnie Roberta Slaughter| her parents

Children of Leonard William White and Minnie Roberta Slaughter:
1. William Frederick White Sr 19 Jan 1888 Cove City NC – 2 Aug 1968
married Lydia Octivia White 19 Dec 1894 – 23 July 1973 had issue
2. Leonard Leroy White 18 Dec 1891 – 15 June 1892 dy
3. Annie Mae White (Keys) 10 Feb 1893 – Oct 1992 dsp
4. Alpheus Lawrence White 3 Jan 1896 in Cove City – 2 June 1967
married Ethel Dale Evans 1903 – 2 Sept 1989 had issue
5. Charlie Slaughter White (my grandfather) 12 July 1899 – 3 June 1964
married Nellie Ferebee White 9 Sept 1923 – 15 Feb 1993 had issue
line of Sandra Pawlik
6. Walter Raymond [Ray] White 30 Sept 1901 – 4 Aug 1987 dsp
7. Leonard Lee White 5 May 1904 – 3 Mar 1906 dy
8. Claudie Aubrey White 15 November 1908 – 12 Dec 1980
married Julia Mercer
9. Mary Irene White (Callis) 21 March 1911 – 22 Nov 1995

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