James Rutland & Margaret; Ed Rutland & Martha Daughtry

children of James Rutland [2}

James Rutland [3] ca 1723 – | his parents
and wife Margaret | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

executor for brother John in Feb 1763

Children of James Rutland and wife Margaret
1. James Rutland 1770/79 –
married 4 May 1802 Bertie Co, NC Elizabeth Rhodes
[Benjamin Cofield, Bm].

2. Whitmell Rutland Esq. 1766/1784 – ca 1830
married Mary L. ? Oct 1782 – Oct 1832
1810 Census 2 wm 10-15, 3 wm 16-25, 1 wm 26-44, 1 wf 26-44, 1 wf over 45, 1 other free person, 25 slaves

3. Miles Rutland 1770/1779 –

4. John Rutland 1800/1810 –

1840 Bertie Co Census p130A
Mary Rutland 1 m 5-10, 1 20-30, 1f 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50
James Rutland 1m 15-20, 1 60-70, 1f 15-20, 1 30-40
Sally Horton 1 m 10-15, 1 20-30, 1 f 15-20, 1 30-40, 1 60-70

1830 Bertie Co NC Census
John Rutland 00 00 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 01 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Elizabeth Rutland 02 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
Whitmell Rutland no entry by name
James Rutland 12 10 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 10 00 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Miles Rutland 10 20 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 02 00 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Edward Rutland ca 1730 – 1771/75 | his parents
and Martha Daughtry d 1792 | her parents
of Northampton Co NC

___Undated Militia Roll of Capt. Samuel Cotton: Corp. John Rutland, Privates James Rutland, James Rutland, Jr., William Rutland, and Edward Rutland. (NC Archives.)
___19 Feb 1752 Edward Rutland of Northampton Co. sold to James Powell of Bertie Co., 150 acres for £12, on the head of Ahotskey Swamp, adjoining two branches, James Wood and the swamp: part of a patent to James Rutland, Sr. for 600 acres on 7 Nov 1723. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 2 p 61.) Note: This land was probably willed to Edward by his father James Rutland, Sr. in his lost Will.
___17 Nov 1756 Edward Rutland of Northampton Co. deed from William & wife Elizabeth Treecle of Glouster Co., VA, 100 acres for £11.10, on S. side of Ahoskey Marsh, joins Henry Baker. Proved in Court of Nov 1756. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 2 p. 334.)
___25 Nov 1761 Mary Dawson of Glouster Co., VA deed to Edward Rutland, 100 acres for ¬£20; part of 200 acres originally Sol Barfields, joins Ahoskey Marsh & Henry Baker. Other 100 acres sold by sister Elizabeth Treecle. Mary & Elizabeth were daughters of William Dawson, dec’d. (Northampton Co. NC Book 3 p. 154.)
___17 Feb 1768 Edward (his mark “E”) Rutland and wife Martha (her mark “M”) deed to John Jones, 130 acres for ¬£40, part of grant 7 Nov 1723 to James Rutland, on S side Ahoskey Swamp, joins William Rutland. Witnesses: James Rutland, William Rutland. Proved Mar 1768. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 4 p. 109.)
___17 Feb 1768 John Jones & Rachel Jones deed to Edward Rutland, 200 acres for £48 on N side of Hoskey Meadow, original 1719 grant to John Cotton. Witnesses: James Rutland, William Rutland. Proved Mar 1768. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 4 p. 110.)
___3 Oct 1769 John Jones of Bertie Co. deed to Edward Rutland of Bertie Co., 130 acres Hoskey Swamp, part of grant to James Rutland 17 Nov 1723. Witnesses: Arthur Cotton, Sylva Cotton. Proved Mar 1770. (Northampton Co. NC Deed Book 5 p. 8.)
Last record found for Edward.

1. Mildred [Amelia] Rutland died 1824
married 1st Moses Horn died 1781
a. Moses Horn d in TN 1833/1844
married 2nd ca 1782 Benjamin Foreman d bef Feb 1811
a. Mary [Polly] Foreman 1783/95 – 1844
married 24 Oct 1811 Whitmell Cotten 1772? – Mar 1831
b. Dolly Foreman 1785/96 – 10 May 1833 no issue
married bef 25 Dec 1812 Henry L Irwin d bef Nov 1813
married James C Harrison d bef 22 Aug 1823 NH Co NC
clerk of the county court.
married 14 Aug 1826 Col Joseph Hawkins
Comptroller of the state of North Carolina
c. Amelia Foreman 1788/1809 bef 1817

2. Sion Rutland 1755/60 – 1805 will Anson Co NC
married Martha will 1826 Anson Co NC
a. John M Rutland
brother in law to Moses Horn will 1781; wit John Dickerson’s will 1787;
wit to Jonas Wood’s will 1790; wit Thomas Rutland will 1793
1790 census NH co Sion Rutland 1 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0
1800 census NH co Sion Rutland 20010 10010 013
1830 Anson Co NC
John M Rutland 00 00 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 03
b. Elizabeth Rutland
married —— Cobb
i. Martha Cobb bef 24 Nov 1791 –

3. Wilson Rutland 1755/62 – 1802 NH Co NC
in 1783 had land joining on John Duke’s; will 1802 NH Co NC
1800 census NH co Wilson Rutland 10110 10110 04
Will of Wilson Rutland of NH Co NC 18 June 1802 Sept Ct 1802
– lend beloved wife Milbra Rutland negroes etc and land and plantation whereon I now live and all the lands on the north side of Hosky swamp for her natural life provided she support my son Orren B Rutland and give him sufficient schooling until he arrives at the age of maturity
– to my daughter Charity Rutland negroes etc and lend her one Small room in my house during the time that she may live single
– to my beloved son Watson Rutland one peace of land on the south side of Hosky swamp which I purchased of Henry Cotton. to sd Watson also 1 negro, 2 cows and calves 2 sows etc
– to son Orren, the land lent my wife after her death.
EX: my friend William Granberry
WIT: Penny F ? William Granberry [abst by M M Hofmann]
married ca 1774 Milbra Rutland ca 1754 Bertie Co NC
[dau of John & Charity Watson Rutland]
a. Watson Rutland 12 Oct 1775 Bertie Co – 1819
married 1803 Elizabeth Wells 1 Oct 1774 Petersburg VA – 9 Sept 1856 Buzzard Roost AL
daughter of Isham and Martha Wells
– md 1st Aug 1791 Joseph Calvin,
md 2nd 1796 Samuel Granberry
i. Elizabeth A Rutland 6 Apr 1805 Bertie Co – Oct 1851
ii. Stephen Wells Rutland 23 Apr 1807 Bertie Co –
iii. John Watson Rutland 9 Nov 1808 Bertie Co – 25 Jan 1884 Colbert Co AL
married 22 Aug 1833 Margaret Barton 7 May 1813 – 3 Oct 1855

John Watson Rutland and wife Margaret Barton ca 1855
“John Watson Rutland was born in Bertie County, N.C., November 9, 1808.
He moved to Alabama, and settled in Franklin County in 1831.
He was twice married: [sisters]
first to Miss Margeret Barton, August 22, 1833:
second to Mrs. H.M. Carlos (nee Hannah Barton), May 7, 1861.
he joined the M.E. Church South in 1856
and died at his home in Colbert County, Alabama, January 25, 1884.”
from his obit

married second 7 May 1861 Hannah Barton [Carlos]
iv. Thomas R Rutland 29 Nov 1813 Bertie Co –
v. Joseph C Rutland 19 Aug 1816 – June 1863 near Holly Springs MS dsp
b. Charity Rutland ca 1780 –
c. Orren B. Rutland ca 1791 –
1810 census NH co Orren Rutland 1 m 0/10, 1m 16/25, 1 f 0/10, 1f 25/45, 1 f ov 45 5 sl

4. Winnifred Rutland died by 1816 in MS
married Robert Munson
a. Thenia Munson
married Nathez MS ca 1799 John Hunter Johnson
i. Tulia Johnson
married John A Harbour
ancestors of Gwen

5. Thomas Rutland ca 1749 – 1793
married Abigail Bryan
will 1793 NH Co. (has wife Abrigal who is not the mother)
a. Elizabeth Bryan Rutland
b. Mary Bryan Rutland

?6. Elizabeth Rutland
married John Tyler d caef 1790 as 2nd wife
a. Celia Tyler
married Stephen Andrews

married 2nd ca 1790 William Seay d bef May 1803

(made Deed of gift to his brother Wilson in 1778.)
wit. Mary Tart Cotten will 1783; wit John Cotten will 1782; 1791 has land joining Joseph Wood, Miles Powell, Mr. Bruce, Henry & William Cotten

Will of Thomas Rutland of NH Co NC 5 April 1793 Sept Ct 1793
– to my wife Abigal Rutland the plantation whereon I now live during her life and lend her too the residue of my estate real and personal. (Rose excepted) as long as she will keep my two daughters, whenever she refuses to support them in thein non-age and unmarried all my estate both real and personal is to be taken from her except what is lent her for life
– to my daughters Elizabeth Rutland Bryan and Mary Rutland Bryan all my estate both real and personal
. .. . .
EX: Robert Lawrence and Josiah Outland
WIT: Henry Aug. Wood, Sion Rutland

Wilson Rutland was appointed their guardian and submitted accounts thru 1801 (minor in 1796 when Wilson Rutland filed a guardian acct.)

more notes from David B Gammon:

Halifax County Deed Book 15, page 145
17 (no month), 1783
Benjamin Foreman and wife Amelia of Halifax Co. to Whitmell Hill of Halifax Co.
For 450 pounds, Foreman’s Mill, with one acre of land on each side of Kehukee Swamp.
(her first husband Moses Horn died 1781.)

Benjamin consistently shows up in the Halifax Tax Lists in the 1780’s through 1802. (no tax lists after that)

Halifax County Deed Book 17, page 222
8 April 1790
Benjamin Foreman and wife Amelia of Halifax Co. to John Drew
For 108 pounds, 60 acres in Bertie County on north side of Roanoke River adj. Nicholas Skinner.

(interesting that the land was in Bertie, yet deed was in Halifax Co.)

Will of Benjamin Foreman
Halifax Co. Will Book 3, page 513
19 Feb 1809, proved Feb Ct 1811
Wife Amelia Foreman – lend Negroes, and part of my land in Scotland Neck, and part of the land where I now live. Daughters Dolly Foreman and Amelia – Negroes each, and reversion of lands after my wife’s death.
Executor – Ebenezer Slade, Stephen W. Carney, Blount Joyner
Witnessed by William Boykin, William Bryant, Jo. Cotton

Will of Henry L. Irwin
Halifax County Will Book 3, page 544
15 March 1813, proved November Court 1813
Land that fell to me from my father is to be sold and money arising I give to Mrs. Amelia Foreman and my wife. Residue of my estate to my wife Dolly Irwin.
No executor named.
Witnessed by Sarah Gary

(This will is recorded again in Will Book 3, page 711. Identical will, but it includes reference to a suit by Dolly Harrison vs. the heirs of Henry L. Irwin, September Court 1824.)

Will of Amelia Foreman
Halifax County Will Book 3, page 704
24 Aug. 1820, proved August Court 1824
Son Moses Horn – all the property I own, and if he dies without issue I give:
$100 and the rest of my estate to Benjamin Jones to settle my estate, also $250 to William Hyman the Baptist preacher.
Witnessed by Blount Joyner and Elisabeth Joyner
Executor – Benjamin Jones
Codicil – March 14, 1824 – son Moses Horn is to sell my Negro man Jerry here, and he is not to be taken from this neighborhood. To Rutha Wilkins – $20 for her attention to me in this illness.
Codicil witnessed by George N. Steptoe

Will of Drusilla Rutland just who is she?
Halifax County Will Book 4, page 77
18 Jan 1831, proved Nov. Ct 1831
of the Town of Halifax
Cousin Dolly Hawkins – portrait and feather bed for life, reversion of feather bed to Lucy D. Rutland, daughter of Johnson and Mary Rutland.
If said Lucy is deceased, this bed will gall to Lucy Harrell or some of her family.

Married, in Scotland Neck, Mr. Whitmel Cotton to Miss Polly Foreman, 24 October, 1811.
(Raleigh Register, Nov. 15, 1811)

Married, in Halifax County, Henry Lewis Irwin, Esq. to Miss Dolly Foreman. (no date given)
North Carolina Star, Dec. 25, 1812.

Died in Northampton County, on the day of the election, James Harrison, Esq., clerk of the county court. No date given. (Raleigh Register, 22 August 1823.)

Married in Northampton County, 14 August 1826, Col. Joseph Hawkins, Comptroller of the state of North Carolina, to Mrs. Harrison. (Raleigh Register, 22 Aug. 1826)

Northampton County marriage bond for Joseph Hawkins and Dolly Harrison, dated 12 August 1826.

Died in Halifax on 10 May 1833, Mrs. Dolly Hawkins, relict of the late Col. Joseph Hawkins, Comptroller of State. (Raleigh Register, 14 May 1833, also Raleigh North Carolina Star, 17 May 1833.)

Halifax Co. Deed Book 24, page 185
Nov. 28, 1817
Division of lands owned by Benjamin Foreman, deceased, and now occupied by his widow Amelia Foreman, who has a life estate in said lands. Land divided into two shares of 219 ¬Ω acres each, one share to James C. Harrison in right of his wife, the other share to Whitmel Cotton in right of his wife Polly.

Halifax County Deed Book 24, page 152
Dec. 6, 1817
James C. Harrison and wife Dolly to Thomas Burgess, all of Halifax Town.
For $20,000, 372 acres that had been devised to said Dolly by her late father Benjamin Foreman on the Roanoke River, also 219 ¬Ω acres that descended to the said Dolly from her sister Amelia Foreman.

(there are more deeds that prove this marriage, but these are the earliest)

I am speculating that Polly Foreman Cotton was not named in her father’s will because she was already married. However, other records prove the three children of Benjamin Foreman – Mary, Dolly, and Amelia. The latter died unmarried and without issue.

There is a will for James C. Harrison in Northampton – I have these on microfilm and will try to read it tonight.

Chest, trunk, and clothing to my cousin Lucy Harrell and her daughter Mary Rutland.
Ececutor – none
Witnessed by Phebe Merritt

Will of Dolly Hawkins
Halifax County Will Book 4, page 98
November 1831, proved May Court 1833
Sister Mrs. Polly Cotton – half my river land and Kehuky tract, Negroes, watch, clothing, spoons.
Half-brother Moses Horn – remaining half of my river and Kehuky lands.
To Ann E. Peete and Mary T. Peete, daughters of Dr. Thomas Peete – Negro, but I reserve the use of the Negro to their mother Mrs. Peete for live.
To my friend Thomas Burges – Negroes and spoons.
My executor is to sell my houses and lots in the town of Halifax as he thinks proper.
Residue of money after payment of debts is for my said sister and half-brother.
Executor – Thomas Burgres
Witnessed by Martin Read, James L. Simmons
Codicil dated 29 April 1833
Revokes legacy to Mrs. Peete. My portrait I give to my sister Polly Cotton.
Codicil dated May 6, 1833
To Dr. Read – $20 for his attention to my cousin Drusilla Rutland. To my valued friend Rebecca Hart – $500.

(This will give you a little more on these Foreman sisters. From the wording of Mary Foreman Cotton’s will, it appears her half-brother Moses Horn died without issue.)
above notes contributed by David B Gammon

John Rutland ca 1732 – 1762 | his parents
and Charity Watson ca 1732 – 1795 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

Elizabeth Rutland ca 1724 – 1779 | her parents
and Arthur Cotten 1716 – 1789 | his parents
of Hertford Co NC

Mary [Polly] Rutland ca1745- ? | her parents
and Moses Moore | his parents
of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Known Children of Polly Rutland and Moses Moore:
1. James Moore will 1800
married 1st unknown
a. Silvy Moore
married Oneall
b. Winneyfred Moore
married William? Jordan
c. Polly Moore
married John? Bridgers
married 2nd Rebekah
a. James Moore
b. Alfred Moore
c. Penelope Moore
2. Moses Moore will 1818 Bertie Co NC
married 1st unknown
a. Pennelope Moore
married Bertie Co 18 May 1790 James Granbery
Josiah Moore, Wm. Granbery, Bm.
i. Sarah Granberry
b. Sarah [Salley] Moore 1777 – 4 Oct 1812
married 11 Feb 1795 Langley Granbery 15 Nov 1772 Bertie Co – 9 May 1858 Henry Co AL
William Higgs, Bm
i. Samuel Granberry 10 Nov 1799 Bertie Co – 1852/60 MS
married Bertie Co 18 Feb 1820 Martha [Patsey] Bailey 1804 –
James Rutland, Bm
? ii. Sarah Granberry
married Rhodes
c. Tabitha Lockhart Moore
married Bertie Co 12 Feb 1798 Lawrence Moore
Langley Granbery, Bm
d. Eleanor [Nelley] Moore
married Culpepper
e. Mary L [Polly] Moore Oct 1782 – Oct 1832
married 1st Bertie Co 11 Aug 1802 David Granberry 27 Dec 1776 –
William Johnston, Bm
married 2nd Bertie Co 23 Feb 1808 William Tillman
James Granberry, Bm
Will of William Tilmun 5 Oct 1808 – Nov Ct 1808 Bertie Co NC
Wife Polly Tilmun – all real and personal property provided she does not have a child or children by me. If she has children by me my property shall be divided between my wife and child or children during her lifetime, and then her share shall revert to the child. EX: friends Moses Moore, Thomas Rhodes, Langley Granbery, Arthur Brown
Wit: James Granbery, Penelope Granbery, Abednego Rutland.
married 3rd bef Nov 1817 Whitmell Rutland Esq of Bertie Co
f. Elizabeth [Betsy] Moore
married Lewis
g. James Moore will 7 Jan 1798 – Feb Ct 1798 Bertie Co NC
“..being at this time sick in body…” All my property should be sold and debts paid and remaining money should be divided between my seven sisters [unnamed] EX: Langly Granbery
Wit: Wm. Granbery, Allen Bruce [?]
h. seventh sister died before Nov 1817
married 2nd 1816 Sarah Jordan

Will of James Moore of NH Co NC 26 July 1800 – Sept Ct 1800 NH Co NC
– lend my daughter Silvy Oneall 1 negro and increase and to all sd. daughter’s children at daughter’s death
– to daughter Winneyfred Jordan the negro she has already received as by bill of sale
– to daughters Polley Bridgers and Penelope Moore negroes each
– land bought of William Bell to be sold at discretion of my EXTRs
– unto my loving wife Rebekah Moore 200 acres in Wilks Co. TN
– to my 2 sons James and Alfred Moore all the remaining part of my land in the State of TN it being the same I bought of Col. Mufree
– reminder of my property to go to my wife Rebekah and children sd. James Alfred and Penelope Moore
– EXTRS: my wife, my brother Moses Moore, Col Hardy Murfree, Thomas Wynns, William Jordan, and John Bridgers
– Wit: Jacob Parker, Isaac Parker, Joseph Pitt
Gen. Abstracts of Wills NH Co NC 1759 – 1808 by Margaret M Hofmann

I think the following will is of Moses, son of Moses Moore and Mary [Polly] Rutland

In the name of God amen; I Moses Moore of Bertie County and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and in my perfect sences do make and ordain this my last will & Testament This First day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and seventeen.
– Item first I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Moore all the property real and personal she possessed at our Marriage after paying her just debts out of the I also give her one negro girl named Beck one boy named Elias one Walnut chest of drawers four cows and calves my Bay horse one bed and furniture four sows and pigs and ene riding chair and harness, also provisions for her family she has at my house for one year.
– Item Secondly I give and bequeath to my daughter Pennelope Granberry my negro man Ben and my negroe man Fortune and all the property she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item Thirdly I give and bequeath to my Daughter Tabitha Moore one negro named Isaac one boy named Luke also all the negroes she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Nelley Culpepper my negro man named Jacob and Bob also all the negroes she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Polley Rutland my negro man Chelsey my negro woman Amy also all my land I bought of Bayless Harrell and William Higgs also as much of my Land I bought of William Andrews on the lower end of said land as to run within seventy yards of Carey Island joining Samuel Granberry’s land with all the property she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Lewis my negro man Lewis and girl Milley also the upper part of my land I bought of William Andrews Running seventy yards below Carey Island also all the negroes she had before to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give to my grand Son Samuel Granberry son of Langley Granberry and Sarah his wife my negro man Abram to him and his heirs forever.
– Item I lend to my wife Sarah Moore during her natural life all my land and plantation on which I now live encluding the land I Bought of Josiah Peeles
– Item I give to my grand Daughter Sarah Rhodes one negro girl named Mariah which she has in possession to her and her heirs forever
– Item I lend to my Daughter Pennelope one negro named Winney during her natural life and after her Death I give the said Winney to my grand Daughter Sarah Granberry Daughter of James Granberry and his wife Pennelope to her and her heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Polley Rutland one negro woman names Peggy to her and heirs forever
– Item I give my notes and money to be equally divided amongst my Daughters Pennelope Granberry Tabitha Moore, Nelley Culpepper Polley Rutland and Elizabeth Lewis to them and their heirs forever.
– Item I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Moore all the corn fodder and Brandy which is now on her own plantations to her and her heirs forever
– Also I give her my beloved wife Sarah Moore the sum of five hundred dollars to be paid out of my Estate. Item It is my desire that all the remainder of my estate not given away nor lent in this will should be sold by my Executors and Equally divided between my Daughters Pennelope Granberry Tabitha Moore Nelley Culpepper Polley Rutland and Elizabeth Lewis to them and their heirs forever.
– Lastly I make and ordain Whitmell Rutland and Turner Horne my Executors to this my last Will and Testament and I do Revoke and make void all other wills made by me in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written Done in presence of us Benjamin Coffield
Signed} Moses Moore (seal) Signed} John Jones Polley her ~- mark Baker
Bertie County Court February 1818: proved by Benjamin Coffield. Sol. Cherry Clk
Bertie County Court August 1819: “The Annexed paper writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Moses Moore decd being Contested by the heirs at Law of the said Moses it was therefore Ordered that a issue be made up to try the Validity thereof and a lawful Jury being impanelled to try the Validity of said Will who say that the said paper purporting to be the last Will foresaid is his last Will and Testament & they say that the said Moses did devise thereupon it is ordered by the Court to be recorded Teste}E. A Rhodes Clk.”
[Will book G 1816-1854, pp 58,59,60]

1800 Census Bertie County
Moore, William — — — 1 — 3 — — 1 — 1 1
Moore, Joseph 3 — 2 1 — 2 — — 1 — — —-
Moore, Titus 1 — 1 1 — — 1 — 1 — 1 54
Moore, Moses — — — 1 1 — — 4 — — — 15
Moore, Ann — — — — — — — 1 — 1 — —
Moore, John — — — 1 — — — 1 — — — 1
Moore, John — — — 1 — — — 1 — — — 1

1790 Census Bertie County
Moon, John 2 3 3 — 4
Moore, Titus 1 — — — 17
“for L Collins — — — — 2
Moore, Moses 3 — 8 — 20
Moore, John 1 1 3 — 9
Moore, Agness 2 — 1 — —
Moore, John 1 — — — —-
Moore, Joseph 1 — 1 — —
Moore, Samul 2 2 1 2 —
Moore, Moses 1 2 7 — 24
Moore, Joseph 1 — 2 — 5

1790 Census Hertford County
Moore, Aron 3 – 3 – 13
Moore, Edward 1 3 3 – 21
Moore, James 4 3 2 – 39
Moore, James 1 3 4 – 23
Moore, Lawrence 2 3 1 – 10
Moore, Morrice 1 2 1 – 4
Moore, Willis 2 2 4 – 2
Moore, William 1 1 1 – 17
Moore, William 1 – – – 2

1790 Census Northampton County
Moore, John 1 – 3 – 5
Moore, Anthony 1 1 4 – 11
Moore, Anthony jr 1 1 2 – 1
Moore, Duke 1 – 1 – –
Moore, John 1 – – – 5
Moore, Richard 1 – 1 – 2
Moore, Will 1 – – – –

From William Murfree Tax Receipt Book, Hertford Co, NC 1768-1770
99 Mosses Moore
1769 – to 1 Tax
1770 – to 1 do total 17 sh 10 p By Shadrick Moore -7sh 10 p

Bertie Deed Book I, Page 159-(264). Arther Moore and Moses Moore are listed as witnesses to the transfer by William Bird of Bertie County to Joseph Farmer of same. March 30, 1759. 10 Pounds Virginia. 100 Acres (messuage), joining Sequea Swamp, William Bird, Joseph Farmer, where Thomas Parker lived. Witnesses are Arther Moore,William Williford, Moses Moore. April Court 1759. CC: Benjamin Wynns.

Abstracts of Edgecombe County Wills, Page 231. There is a will for Moses Moore, April 2, 1802. May Court 1802. Wife: Susanna, lend 120 Acres South Side of Tyancokey Swamp, also 1 negro, for widowhood; stock cattle, tools, furniture and $5. Son: George, $1 silver beside that already given him. William, son of George, and wife Elizabeth, $100 silver. Sons: Hartwell, Joseph, Moses, Mark, John, $100 silver each. All land divided between latter 4 sons. Daughters: Nancy, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Esther, $24 each. Executors are LaMon Ruffin, Simeon Horn, Dempsey Jenkins, Mark Dillard. Witnesses are H. Haywood, Ethelred Ruffin, Samuel Handby.

these two items appear to be about a different set of Moses Moore.

daughter | her parents
Thomas Beaney d bef 1756
of Bertie Co NC

1. Thomas Beeney ca 1752 –
Bertie Co Apprentice Bonds: 28 October 1756. Thomas Beeney, Orphan of Thomas Beeney, about the age of four years bound to Arthur Cotten. House Carpenter. Signers: John Harrell, Arthur Cotten. Witness: Benjn. Wynns. [John Brown was named at the beginning, but John Harrell, signed.]

William Rutland ca 1724 – 1795 | his parents
& Sarah
of Northampton Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
based on Original research of my own and also by Dorothy Crawford

bought land 1755 from Thomas Beaney that had belonged to James Rutland Jr
Security for Elizabeth Page as administator for John Page 1 Oct 1760-1 Oct 1761
1800 census NH co Sarah Rutland 10000 01101 01

Will of William Rutland of NH Co 3 Sept 1790 March Ct 1795
-lend wife Sarah Rutland the Land and plantation whereon I now live during her widowhood
-to son Lemuel Rutland land where I now live on the North side of Cross Branch
-to son Miles Rutland the reminder of the land where I now live on the South side of Cross Branch
-give wife Sarah and daughter Mary bed and furniture
-give wife Sarah the reminder of my beds and furniture and my stock of sheep to be equally divided between my 5 youngest children: Sarah, Miles, Lemuel, Rebecca and Mahala Rutland
-to son Abednigo Rutland 20 pounds specie
– son James Rutland, Shadrack Rutland, Mesheck Rutland, William Rutland and Randolph Rutland and daughter Elizabeth Grant the sum of fove shillings each
– reminder of my live stock to be sold and the money to go to my three youngest daughters: Sarah, Rebecca and Mahala
EXS: my son James and William Grant
WITS: Wilson Rutland, Lawrence Daughtrey, Joseph Horne
note– June Ct 1795 James Rutland came into Court and qualified as Extr to the above will of William Rutland decd — abstact by Margaret M Hofmann

13 Children of William Rutland and wife Sarah:
1. James Rutland ca 1746 – 1815
married bef 1787 Zilpah ?
deed of gift from parents 1769
1800 Census Bertie Co NC James Rutland 00101 101
EXS: my son James and William Grant

2. Elizabeth Rutland ca 1750 –
married William Grant [hmm Dorothy says Absolom]
EXS: my son James and William Grant

3. Shadrack Rutland ca 1752 – will proved 1797 Halifax Co WB3/238
Census 1790 – Halifax Co NC -Rutland, Shadrack [for Robt. Ricks] 2 – 3 – 6f -1 – 28sl
Shadrack was justice in Halifax Co. NC by 1786-89
named executor 1783 Mary Tart Cotten’s will; wit 1782 John Cotten’s will
married 12 Nov 1775 Parthenia Carter died Aug 1788 [Ct case]
sister of Lazarus Carter
a. Martha Rutland bef 1786 –
b. Dolly Rutland bef 1786 –
married Mrs. Elizabeth Fort Ricks d 1823
dau of Elias Fort & Elizabeth Sugars
c. Shadrack Rutland Jr 1790/92 –

4. Meshack Rutland ca 1755 – aft 1810
1800 census NH co Meshick Rutland 10001 00010 01
? a. Joseph Rutland
ancestor of Jason Thomas Hughes

5. Abednego Rutland 27 Mar 1759 – 17 Nov 1843 Wilson Co TN
-to son Abednigo Rutland 20 pounds specie
___17 Nov 1843 Abednego died. The 7 Dec 1843 issue of the newspaper, “Nashville Whig” reports that Abednego Rutland, age 85, died on the 17th ult. at the residence of his son Joseph. He was a soldier of the revolution.
___Abednego drew a pension for service as a Pvt. in the Revolution – S # 4170.
a. Isaac H Rutland NC 1798/99 NC – 22 May 1854 MS
married 28 Aug 1821 Emily Rutland 1802/04 – Dec 1841 Wilson Co TN
his 2nd cousin daughter of Blake Rutland and Martha
i. John W Rutland 1825 – aft 1880
married Almarinda Eatherly 1828 – 1870/77
ii. Joseph S Rutland 1827 –
married Elizabeth Campbell ca 1830 –
iii. Benjamin H Rutland Aug 1830 – aft June 1900
iv. Blake P Rutland 11 May 1833 – 27 Dec 1841
v. Isaac Augustus Rutland 8 Oct 1838 – 1895
married 2nd 4 Oct 1843 Minerva [Cook] Buckner ca 1808
___4 Oct 1843 Isaac married Mrs. Minerva (Cook) Buckner, a widow with 5 children.
___1850 census of Wilson Co.TN: Isaac Rutland 50 NC, Minerva 42 TN, Joseph 22, Thomas C. 5, Louisa 3, Alburt 2, Joseph [Buckner] 18, Sarah [Buckner] 15, Mary [Buckner] 13, Malissa [Buckner] 11, James [Buckner] 9.
Census taker error – recorded everyone in the household as “Rutland”.
___June 1851 Four lawsuits against Isaac in Circuit Court – no details – Court ordered condemnation of his land.
In Sep 1851 Edward H. Childress sued Isaac Rutland, Joseph Rutland, Thomas Kirkpatrick, and John Logue.
A week later Joseph Rutland, Kirkpatrick, and Logue sued Isaac Rutland.
(Wilson Co.TN Circuit Court Minutes 1851-1853 pp. 209; 217; 239; 260; 294.)
___15 Mar 1852 Minerva B. Rutland purchased 25 acres from G. B. Lannom. (Wilson Co. TN Deed Book Y p. 480.)
___16 Mar 1852 Isaac, John W., Joseph S. & Benjamin H. Rutland deeded the tracts of land Isaac Rutland had a life estate in to James B. Rutland. (Wilson Co.TN Deed Book Z p. 6.)
Note: lands given to Emily Rutland by her parents. James B. Rutland sold to Joseph Rutland [both are brothers of Isaac] – see 1859 Chancery Court case by Isaac Augustus Rutland re: wrongful sale of these lands, also gives death dates of Isaac & Emily.
___Sep 1852 – Jan 1853 State of Tenn. vs. Isaac Rutland, James Wright, & John Hessey for beating a slave without sufficent cause. (Wilson Co.TN Circuit Court Minutes 1851-1853 pp. 474; 532; 537; 544.)
___25 Dec 1855 James B. Rutland was Guardian of Augustus Rutland, a minor heir of Isaac Rutland and of his mother Emily Rutland. (Wilson Co.TN Guardian Settlements 1851-1856 p. 439.)
Among the loose papers of Wilson Co. Chancery Court in 1855, James B. Rutland gave deposition that Isaac’s son, Augustus [Isaac Augustus] had gone to MS with his father and remained there several years.
vi. Thomas C Rutland 1845 –
vii. Louisa Rutland 1847 –
viii. Alburt Rutland 1848/49 –
b. Henry Rutland 1800 NC – aft 1870 Dekalb Co TN
married TN 10 April 1830 Jane B Thompson 1811 TN –
i. Albert Vanburen Rutland 1831 –
ii. Leroy Pope Rutland 1833 –
iii. Mary Rutland 1836 –
iv. William P Rutland 1840 – 1887
married Ida 1846 – 1927
v. Henry Rutland 1843 – 1916
vi. Joseph Rutland 1845 –

Is this your Joseph Rutland, son of Henry Rutland (Dekalb Co. TN)
and Jane B. Thompson? This is a wedding invitation that probably
belonged to my grandmother’s aunt. In 1880, this Cato family lived
next door to Thomas and Fannie Price (my grandmother’s aunt), in
Smith Co., TN. Thomas Price lived in Dekalb Co. with his first
wife and family in 1850.Mr. R. H. Cato
requests your presence at the marriage
ceremony of his daughter,
Dora, to
Mr. J. A. Rutland,
Wednesday, December seventh, 1887,
at nine o’clock A. M.
at his residence,
Rome, Tenn.This is where Joseph and Dora Rutland are buried, along with other
Cato family -related members.http://www.rootsweb.com/~tnsmith/hg/cems_north/pollyhill_to_culbreath.htm


3 Dec 1844 – 11 June 1922
9 Aug 1861 – 2 Apr 1943

photos of cemetery, including house built by R. H. Cato:

Just thought you might be interested. Do you have any other information?

Fran C. Rutkovsky

vii. Ann Rutland 1847 – Dec 1849
viii. John W Rutland 1851 – 1934
ix. Florence A Rutland 1853 – 1920
married Charles T Yeargin
x. T C Rutland 1856 –
c. Joseph Rutland 6 Feb 1802 NC – 3 Aug 1873 Wilson Co TN
married Wilson Co TN 8 Dec 1827 Margaret Thompson 1808 TN – 18 Jan 1873
i. William Robertson Rutland 1828 – Nov 1875
married Elizabeth Eatherly ca 1826 –
ii. Elizabeth M Rutland 25 Oct 1831 – 29 Oct 1922
iii. Rebecca J Rutland 1835 – 1922
married William B Vivrett 1830 – 1913
iv. Margaret Lovena Rutland 14 Jan 1837 – 10 Nov 1891
married Vincent A Murry
v. Mary Ann Rutland 23 Jan 1843 – 9 Apr 1915
married 2nd Nancy Burkitt dau of the Rev. Lemuel Burkitt
d. Mary Burkitt Rutland ca 1808 – aft 1880 lived Wilson Co TN 1850
e. Hannah Bell Rutland ca 1810 – lived Tuscumbia AL 1850
married Basil C Brown ca 1808 –
i. William Brown 1837 –
ii. Nancy Brown 1841 –
iii. Joseph Brown 1845 –
f. Lucy Rutland 1811 NC – lived Wilson Co TN 1850
married Redding W Odom 1813
i. Elisa Odom 1839 –
ii. Hannah Odom 1841 –
iii. Mary Odom 1843 –
iv. Margaret Odom 1846 –
v. James Odom 1847 –
vi. Demsy Odom 1830 –
vii. Henry Odom 1852 –
g. William Creth Rutland 1813 NC – aft 1885 lived Wilson Co TN 1850
married 30 July 1834 Emily Miles 1816 – ca 1861
i. James A Rutland 1835 –
married Lucinda 1849 –
ii. Mary A Rutland 1837 –
iii. John B Rutland 1840 –
iv. Margaret Rutland 1842 –
v. Nancy Rutland 1844 –
vi. Elizabeth Rutland 1846 –
vii. Thomas A Rutland 1848 –
married M F 1862 –
viii. Emma Rutland 1850 –
married 2nd 16 July 1868 Mary M Young 1815 – 1870/78
married 3rd 15 Oct 1878 Mary [Hunt] Martin 1822 – 1884
married 4th 9 Sept 1885 Rebecca E Hill
h. James Bell Rutland ca 1816 NC – Shoe maker
married 1st Wilson Co TN 19 Oct 1842 Asenath A Abbe
i. Julia Adella Rutland 1843 – 1844
ii. James Myron Rutland 1846 – 1847
iii. Andrew Rutland 1848/49 – aft 1860
married 2nd Allen Co KY 13 Nov 1852 Jane E Hammond ca 1826 – aft 1870
iv. Luella Rutland 1853 –
v. Mary F Rutland 1855 –
vi. Edwin A Rutland 1859 –
vii. George C Rutland 1862 –
[of the above list of children d-h is given in the appendix of the 1850 revised ed of Burkitt’s 1803 “History of the Kehukee Baptist Association.”]

on Hertford co tax list 1784 wit: 1795, 1804
1800 census NH co Abedigo Rutland 10010 00100 011
1810 census Halifax Co Abednego Rutland 2 m 0/10, 1 m 10/16, 1 m 45+, 2 f 0/10, 1 f 26/45, 6 sl

–research by Dorothy Crawford ~~~~NORTH CAROLINA~~~~
___1800 census of Northampton Co.NC: Abednego Rutland 26-45, female 26-45, 2 males under 10: 22 slaves.
___1810 census of Halifax Co.NC: Abednego Rutland 45+, female 26-45, 1 male 10-16, 2 males & 2 females under 10; 6 slaves.
Not found on 1820 census.
___Oct 1821 Abednego Rutland & wife Nancy joined the newly formed Rutland Baptist Church by letter, in Wilson Co., TN. This church was built on lands that [his cousin] Blake Rutland had given to his daughter Betsy/Elizabeth Rutland who married Benjamin Franklin Stevenson. Blake, Elizabeth & Benjamin deeded 3.5 acres to the Trustees of the Baptist Church.
___17 May 1825 John Shepherd to Abednego Rutland, 86 acres on Suggs Cr. Wit: Joseph Rutland. (Wilson Co.TN Book P p. 284.)
___1827-1828-1829 Tax List of Wilson Co.TN: Abednego Rutland with 85 acres each year.
___1830 census of Wilson Co.TN: ” Abednego Rutter ” 70-80, 2 females 20-30, 1 male & 1 female 15-20, 1 male 10-15.
___11 Dec 1837 Abednego deed to Taylor Lindsey, 86 acres Suggs Cr. in Wilson Co. Wit: Jo & Wm. C. Rutland. (Wilson Co.TN Deed Book R p. 377.)
___1840 census of Wilson Co.TN: Abednego 80, Pensioner, with Joseph Rutland 30-40, female 20-30, 1 male 10-15, 2 females 5-10, 1 female under 5; 9 slaves.
___17 Nov 1843 Abednego died. The 7 Dec 1843 issue of the newspaper, “Nashville Whig” reports that Abednego Rutland, age 85, died on the 17th ult. at the residence of his son Joseph. He was a soldier of the revolution.
___Abednego drew a pension for service as a Pvt. in the Revolution – S # 4170.

6. William Rutland
married Sarah Battle
daughter of William Battle will 1778 & Martha Drake
a. Martha Rutland over 21 in 1820
b. Nancy Rutland under 21 in 1820
7. Randolph Rutland
married Elizabeth Battle
daughter of William Battle will 1778 & Martha Drake
she married 2nd Samuel Everitt

8. Mary Rutland ca 1761 –
give wife Sarah and daughter Mary bed and furniture9.

9. Sarah Rutland ca 1765 –
her sister Rebecca left her 1/2 her estate 1805
married bef 1805 Bruise
my stock of sheep to be equally divided between my 5 youngest children: Sarah, Miles, Lemuel, Rebecca and Mahala Rutland

10. Miles Rutland ca 1767 –
his sister Rebecca left him 1/2 her estate 1805
to son Miles Rutland the reminder of the land where I now live on the South side of Cross Branc

11. Lemuel Rutland ca 1769 –
-to son Lemuel Rutland land where I now live on the North side of Cross Branch

12. Rebecca Rutland ca 1773 – 1805 NH Co
Rebecca Rutland Nuncupative will June Ct 1805 NH Co, NC
-whole estate go to and be divided between her sister Sally Bruise and her brother Miles Ruttland free and clear of the rest of her Relatives, that she did not want ANY of the rest to have A Farthing
/s/ Winnefred Bynum 17 April 1805 before Henry Cotten,JP
Probate indicates James Rutland, William Rutland, Meshack Rutland and Abednigo Ruttland entered a Caveat but a jury decided that this WAS the will of Rebecca and administration was granted to William Grant

13. Mahala Rutland ca 1771 –

Josiah Battle 1817-1820 Will, probate, etc.
(Charles Vann Papers – State Department of Archives and History)In the name of God ame I Josiah Battle of Hertford County of North Carolina being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory —
– I leave the remainder of my estate to be eaquely Divided between my sister Sarah Ruttling and her daughters Marthea Ruttlin & Nancey Ruttlin
and Betsey Everit wife of Samuel Everit
and William Battle and Marry Battle, Nancy Battle and Abereham R. Battle, Sallea Battle and Martha Battle to them and theire heaires forever,
– EX: friends Isaac Carter and Samuell Everit
I have set my hand and seal this eight day of december one thousand eight hundred seventeen
Josiah Battle {seal}
WIT: James Murphy James Wells }
No Carolina Hertford County } February Court 1818
This will was in open Court proved by the oath of James Wells a Witness and ordered to be recorded at the same time Saml Everitt executor therein appointed was duly qualified and obtained Letters Testamentary on his Estate Test Jos. F. Dickenson Clk

I Certify that the foregoing is a copy from the Record of Hertford County
Test Jos F. Dickinson Clk
By G Gordon Dep Clk Be it known, that we the undersigned Legatees of Josiah Battle deceased, have this day received, from Samuel Everett Executor of the said deceased, each of us, respectively the Sum of Seventy one dollars and Sixteen Cents in full of the Legacy bequeathed to us severally & respectively by the Last Will & Testament of the said Josiah Battle: and we do hereby acquit exonerate and discharge the said Samuel Everett, Executor as aforesaid, of and from all claims and demands which we have or ever had against him by reason of the Legacy bequeathed to us as aforesaid, In witness whereof we have heeunto set our hands & seals this ’28 day of June 1820
Martha Rutland {seal}
Sarah her(x)mark Rutland for self {seal}
Isaac Carter as guardain for Nancy Rutland {seal}

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