Bessie McGhee, Charles Moore and Julia Yeates

Sally’s Great Grandparents: 3rd page,
Grandchildren of John Wheeler Moore & Ann James Ward:

Children of Bessie, Charles and Julia

Arthur Cotten Moore 1854 – 1926

Arthur Cotten Moore of Maple Lawn & Johnnie F. Rayner had:


Elizabeth Jones Moore 15 Aug 1856 Murfreesboro – 19 May 1948
married 12 Sept 1877 Maple Lawn
Wyatt Lemuel McGhee 11 Sept 1848 – 21 Jan 1920
of Franklinton, NC

mcghee 0000-2
Bessie and Col. W L McGhee of the Militia

Elizabeth was born at Mulberry Grove.

Uncle Wyatt ran a school for boys.

This picture I found in the parlor at Maple Lawn may be his school.

Elizabeth Jones Moore and Wyatt L McGhee of Franklinton, NC had:

1. Claude Lemuel McGhee 19 July 1879 Franklinton NC – 25 Feb 1957 Durham NC
married 30 Dec 1902 Bessie Brodie Greene 14 Dec 1879 – 20 Jan 1960 Franklinton NC
a. Wyatt Lemuel McGhee II 20 Apr 1910 –
married Mabel Lucy Wommack 10 July 1901
i. Betty Ann McGhee 1936 –
William Bennett O-Neal 1935 –
ii. Wyatt Lemuel McGhee III 1940 –
1963 Elizabeth Earle Bullard 1941 –
b. Dorothy Green McGhee 11 June 1912 – single
c. Carolyn Brodie McGhee 1916-
married Philip Dale Meador
i. Philip Dale Meador II 1945 –
2. Annie Moore McGhee 5 Dec 1881- Feb 1967
married 1st 5 July 1904 Algernon Sidney Joyner 1872 – 1930
a. Algernon Sidney Joyner Jr 15 Jan 1906 Franklinton NC –
Graduate the Naval Academy. Became a Naval Commander.
Married 1936 Alice Butler 12 June 1911 – they lived Norfolk, VA
Alice brought two daughters to the marriage.
i. Elizabeth Keith
1. Anne Moore Keith Talovivh
b. John Wheeler Joyner 19 Dec 1909 Franklinton NC- single
lived Charlotte NC
married 2nd John Everett Brady 1860 – 1941 Franklinton, NC
3. John Wheeler McGhee 25 July 1884 – 23 Oct 1915
married 1907 Margaret Camilla Joyner 10 July 1887 –
a. Thomas Joyner McGhee 1909 –
married 28 Feb 1942 Mary Frances Wilson 1916 –
i. Frances Wilson McGhee [Cherry] 1942 –

Fran’s grandchildren Xmas 06

b. Elizabeth Wheeler McGhee 1912 – No issue
married Shepherd Ellis Green 2 Feb 1910 – 4 Ju__ 1966
4. Susan Cannady McGhee 22 Mar 1895 – 18 June 1928 dsp
killed in an auto accident


Charles Godwin Moore 26 Jan 1859 Murfreesboro NC – 1941
his parents

married 3 Sept 1890
Mary Pretlow Massenburg 1868 Williamsburg VA – 1934
her parents
of Littleton NC

Uncle Charles moved to Littleton in 1889 and opened a general store. His store’s low prices won for him the confidence of the people and the adage that Moore’s was the cheapest. In 1897 he built a new brick building (that still stands) on the corner of North Main St and Roanoke St later renamed Spring St ca 1907. A 1897 newspaper article says he was “a man who has spent his life catering to the demands of customers and today ranks among the progressive merchants on the county.” In his store he had the nicest assortment of goods found between Henderson, NC and Portsmouth, VA. In March 1899 he advertised in the newspaper that since Littleton was offering a free smallpox vaccine available for everyone, Moore’s Bargain House was disease-free and perfect for shoping. His store furnished the local school children and the local schools with their books and school supplies. He was on the Board of Trustees of the Littleton Graded School, which was charged with selecting and approving the school teachers. Uncle Charles chaired this board for many years. He also was a Littleton commissioner, a director of the Littleton Hosiery Mill and a member of the Planters Bank’s board of directors for many years. Littleton’s telephone switchboard operated by Miss Fanny Blow was located on the second floor of Uncle Charles’s building. (from excerpt from “Littleton’s Leaders” by Rebecca Dozier}

Charles was considered a leader in Littleton’s political and business community. He was a Littleton commissioner, a director of the Littleton Hosiery Mill and a member of the Planters Bank’s board of directors.
He left a very modest estate, consisting of an insurance policy worth $2750, his brick store in Littleton and a frame store adjacent, his house at 219 Mosby, and stock in two power companies. (from Thomas Gale Moore’s web site)


Charles Godwin Moore of Littleton, NC & Mary P Massenberg had:
1. Carrie Tucker Moore (died young)
2. James Massenburg Moore 1891 – 1894
3. John Wheeler Moore 1893 – 1969
married Doris Mylius no issue

chasmjwm MooreGCstore
Uncle Charles’s store
1st photo – Charles G Moore and son John Wheeler Moore ca 1935
– 2nd photo – just before the 1897 building was demolished 21 Dec 2000
from “the Littleton Observer”

4. Mary Massenberg Moore 1895 – 1971
married 1914 Harold Calvert Smith 1890-1969
a. Caroline Tucker Smith
b. Mary Emma Smith
5. Charles Godwin [Henry] Moore 19 Nov 1897 Littleton NC-31 Aug 1949 Chevy Chase MD
“Naval Officer” Annapolis Class of 1918
married (eloped) 19 Nov. 1926 Washington DC Olive Beatrice Mclean
22 Feb 1905 DC -16 May 1979 Al Colle, di Barcchia, ITALY

CGMooreII Bea
Henry and Bea Moore

a. Charles Godwin [Carl] Moore III 1928 Washington DC –
Encephalitis while an infant left Carl severely brain-damaged. Most of his life, Carl has lived in institutions. In the 80’s he moved into an assisted living home and worked putting together video tapes, until he suffered a stoke in 1997, he now lives in a nursing home in MD.
b. Thomas Gale Moore 1930 Washington DC – Tom’s Home Page
married 1958 Cassandra Chrones
i. Charles Godwin Moore 1960 –
married 1988 Kathleen Ferry
1. Thomas Moore
2. Charlotte Moore
ii. Antonia Moore 1964 –
married 1997 Tom McNichol

The family of Thomas G Moore
on vacation in Greece

c. Arthur Cotton Moore 1935 Washington DC-
married 1958 Yolanda Andrea Clapp**
i. Gregory Moore 1961 –
married Karin Rabe
1. Andrew Moore 1999 –
married 1966 Patricia Stefan
d. Olive Gale Moore Mullet 1941 Washington DC-
married 1969 Daniel Mullet
6. Annie Tucker Moore Jan 1900- 1965
married aft 1941 Armistead Henderson no issue

Julia Wheeler Moore 16 Sept 1860 Murfreesboro NC – Nov 1928 GA | her parents
married at Maple Lawn 16 Jan 1884
William Smith Yeates 15 Dec 1856 Murfreesboro NC – 1908 GA | his parents
of Atlanta GA

Yeates family

Cousin Eunice said that Aunt Julia was married a day later than planned originally. Uncle Willie was delayed arriving at Winton because of a terrible snowstorm.
So they were married at Maple Lawn the next morning.

Although William and Julia Yeates both died at their home since 1895 in Atlanta GA, they were both buried in Washington DC in the Yeates plot in Glenwood Cemetery.
“She died in Atlanta, where both she and her husband had lived since about 1895.
Her father-in-law Jesse J. Yeates owned a large plot in Glenwood Cemetery.
He and his wife and Aunt Julia’s little girl were all buried there. When Uncle Willie died around 1908, he was taken back to Washington. Then Cousin Annie Yeates told me how she and her husband Will accompanied her mother-in-law’s body on the train to Washington when she died in 1928. On the way, they halted at Littleton and visited Uncle Charles.” e-mail from James

William Smith Yeates was State geologist of Ga. and curator of the Georgia State Museum, 1893—-;
son of Jesse J. Yeates and wife Virginia Scott;
B.A. Emory and Henry College, Va 1878; M.A. 1881;
On U.S. Fish Comm. 1879; taught school 1879-80;
employed in the Fisheries Div. 19th U.S. Census 1880-81;
aid, asst., acting curator, and asst. curator U.S. Nat. Museum in charge of collection of minerals and gems 1881-1893; prof. mineralogy, Corceran Scientific School, Columbian Univ. Washington 1884-93;
prof. geology, same 1890-93;
exec. commr. for Ga., La. Purchase Expn. in charge of geology and forestry.
Fellow Geol. Soc. of America; memb. many scientific soc.
Home: Atlanta, Ga. Died 1908.
[Who was Who in America]
Aunt Julia was noted to be a very fine soprano.

Julia Wheeler Moore & William Smith Yeates of Atlanta, GA had:
1. Julia Moore Yeates 21 Aug 1885 – 9 Jan 1887
2. William Smith Yeates 14 Dec 1886 – dec.
married Annie — no issue
3. Charles Moore Yeates 19 Oct 1888 – dec
married —- no issue

yeatesboy2 yeatesboys
the Yeates Boys

the three youngest children of John and Ann Moore: Philip, Jack, and Godwin

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