Jesse Yeates

Jesse Yeates ca 1769 – 1829 | his parents

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jesse Yeates served in the Revolution.

Children of Jesse Yeates:
1. James Boon Yeates ca 1785 – 1834
married Lucretia Harrell ca 1787/90 – aft 1836
daughter of Sam Harrell of Hertford Co.
2. Jennie Yeates d. 1828
married Abner Harrell 1789 – 13 May 1865 (as his 1st wife)
son of Sam Harrell of Gates Co.

Children of James B Yeates and Lucretia Harrell:
1. Elizabeth A Yeates ca 1823 –
married Jesse J [James H] Knight ca 1819 – (near Union)
a. Sarah Knight ca 1847 –
b. Richard W Knight ca 1849 –
c. Jesse T. Knight ca 1852 –
d. John H. Knight ca 1858 –
2. Hon. Jesse Johnson Yeates 29 May 1829 – 5 Sept 1892 Washington City
4 July 1851 -the speaker of the celebration in Harrellsville was Jesse J Yeates, who at the time was in charge of the male academy in the village. [Moore-HSHC]
“a Representative from North Carolina; born near Murfreesboro, Hertford County, N.C., May 29, 1829; attended private schools and Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va.; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1855 and commenced practice in Murfreesboro; prosecuting attorney of Hertford County 1855-1860; member of the State house of commons 1860-1862; solicitor of the first judicial district 1860-1866; served in the Confederate Army as captain and major of the Thirty-first North Carolina Infantry during the Civil War; member of the Governor’s council during Governor Worth’s administration; declined appointment by Governor Holden as judge of the first judicial district in 1868; delegate to the Democratic State convention in 1871; member of the State constitutional convention in 1871; elected as a Democrat to the Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Congresses (March 4, 1875-March 3, 1879); successfully contested the election of Joseph J. Martin to the Forty-sixth Congress and served from January 29 to March 3, 1881; declined to be a candidate … in 1880; resumed the practice of his profession in Washington, D.C., and died there on September 5, 1892; interment in Glenwood Cemetery.” Congressional Directory

Hon. Jesse J Yeates
Edenton District Representative 1875-1881

married 13 Mar 1849 Maria Piper of VA she died 21 Aug 1854
a. Janie Yeates
married Dr. Edw. Yeates of Miss.
married 2nd Virginia Scott
dau of James Scott of Baltimore; g dau of Gen John Scott of Hertford Co
a. William Smith Yeates 15 Dec 1856-1908 Ga.
married 1884 Julia W Moore 16 Sept 1860-1928
b. Charles M. Yeates ca 1858 – of Washington City
c. Jesse J. Yeates ca 1860 – of Birmingham, Al.
d. George S Yeates ca 1863 – of U.S. Army
e. Virginia [ Jennie] Yeates ca 1867 –
married Daniel L Smith Mass.
3. Lucretia Jane Yeates ca 1833 –
married Hezekiah Revel ca 1823 – merchant retail
of Bertie, Murfreesboro & later western NC
a. Eveline Revel ca 1852 –
b. Willie Y. Revel ca 1854 –
c. Jesse Revel ca 1862 –
d. Frank R. Revel ca 1865 –
e. Paul S. Revel ca 1868 –

Children of Jennie Yeates and Abner Harrell:
1. Alpha Boon Harrell ca 1812 – aft 1865
married ca 1839 Anna E Mansard ca 1822 –
2. Sarah A Harrell 16 Dec 1820 – 12 Oct 1880
married 1839 John O. Askew Sr 11 Oct 1815 – 9 July 1878
3. Jesse Yeates Harrell 1820/25 – bef 1865
4. Wm. J Harrell ca 1828 – aft 1865

James Yeates est 1740 – 1806/07 | his parents
& 1767 Avarilla Walston ca 1741 – | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

James Yeates and Avarilla Walston, 4 Feb 1767, Josiah Redditt, Bm
Bertie Co Marriage Bond. married 6 Feb 1767.

Averilla Walston was the daughter of Phillip Walston d 1740/41 and his 2nd wife Averille ?.

Children of James Yeates and wife Averilla:
1. Isma Yeates 1770 Bertie Co – 1846 Humphreys Co TN
info from gedcom by Boone White found on
married Martha Freeman
a. Sally Harris Yeates
b. Thomas P Yeates
c. Freeman Yeates
d. Reddick Yeates
e. James Yeates
f. Levi Yeates
g. William Yeates
h. Eliza Yeates
i. Mary Carey [Polly] Yeates 3 Sept 1789 – 3 Dec 1871 Humphreyc Co TN
2. Levi Yeates
3. Jesse Yeates
married ca 1784 ?
4. Celia Yeates
5. Winnefred Yeates
6. Sally Yeates
7. Fanny Yeates
8. Lavina Yeates

abstract of Will of James Yeates F-31 7 Jul 1806 proved Feb Ct 1807
wife Averilla – all my estate during her widowhood for herself and family, and at her death to be divided among my children as follows: son Jesse – all my lands; daughter Celia – bed which she already has; daughter Winnefred – bed she already has; daughter Sally – bed; daughter Fanny – bed; daughter Lavinia – bed; remaining estate to all my children. EX: sons Isma, Levi, Jesse WIT: Humphrey Hardy, Sally Yeates Codicl 6 Nov 1806 The part I would have given my daughter Winnefred shall be allotted to my son Isma for him to deal out to her if she lives “as she is now sick.” WIT: Rachel Knott, James Rice

John Yeates 17xx – 1787 | his parents
& Mary Lawrence? | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

His wife, Mary Lawrence [had died bef. April 1787] Joe H Cobb has placed a ninth child into the family of Robert Lawrence and wife Elizabeth.
abstract of Will of John Yeats D-76 Bertie Co 14 Apr 1787 proved May Ct 1787 “..sick in body..”
son Thomas Yeats – 113 acres of land adj William Yeats and Peter Yeats. All my worldly goods are to be divided between my eight children Thomas Yeats, William Yeats, Edward Yeats, Jeames [sic] Yeats, Peter Yeats, Elizabeth Yeats, Mary Yeats, and Sarah Yeats. EX: sons Thomas and William
WIT: Williamson Lawrence

Inventory by Thomas Yeats, including Negro Venus. Acct of sale by William Bryan Sheriff.
Children of John Yeates
1. Thomas Yeates
married 25 July 1793 Rachel Shehan
William Griffin, Bm
2. William Yeates
married 7 July 1787 Charlotte Whitledge
William Griffin, Bm; Thos. Ryan Butler, wit
3. Edward Yeates
married 21 Sept 1795 Mary Weston
Solomon Weston, William Sutton, Bm; Joseph Fletcher, wit
4. James Yeates
married 2 Dec 1804 Mary Griffin
Miles Bonner, Bm; Jos. Blount, Griffen Yeats, wit
5. Peter Yeates d 1795 [nephew Thomas]
Ordered that Peter Yates son of John Yates be bound unto Jehu Nichols to learn the trade of a blacksmith . Feb Ct 1790
abstract of Will of Peter [x] Yeats D-287 23 Apr 1795 proved May Ct 1795
“…sick in body…” wife Sarah Yeats – Negro Venus, beds, furniture, etc. wife – lend all my lands and Negro Jim for her lifetime for her own use, and at her death to fall to my nephew Thomas Yeats.
wife – rest of my estate. EX: wife and nephew Thomas Yeats
WIT: Cader Cooper, Pernelophe [x] Griffin, Charlot [x] Hardy

Inventory Nov 7 1799 by Samuel Maer; Adm.grtd. Samuel Maer 11 Nov 1799; acct of sale 7 Dec 1799
married Sarah
6. Elizabeth Yeates
7. Mary Yeates
8. Sarah Yeates

Mary [x] Lawrence was a witness to William Redditt’s will in 1739 with George Lawrence and Robert Lawrence.
John Yeats was a witness to George Lawrence’s will in 1752 with Robert Lawrence and Thomas Lawrence.
In 1754 John Yeats and John Redditt witnessed a deed together.
In 1755 John Yeats and Joseph Redditt witnessed a deed together.
1755 John Yeats bought from William Yeats 214 acres located on the South side of Buckleberry Pocoson H-218.
May Ct 1779 John Yeats ordered with four others to settle the account of Ann Bonner EX of William Bonner. [Ann Bonner was a daughter of William and Susan Cobb Redditt.]
Nov 1783 Constantine Redditt wit to deed John Yeats to John Hopkins.
Will of John Yeats proved at May Ct 1787 by Williamson Lawrence.

William Yeates 17xx – 1789 | his parents
& Elizabeth 17xx – 1792 | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

Note : I think the William Yeats that died in 1789 and James died 1806/7 are brothers or other relative than son to John Yeates died 1787.

abstract of Will of William Yeats D-95 Bertie Co 10 Oct 1779 proved Feb Ct 1789
“…weak in body…” wife Elizabeth Yeats – 90 ac, all my furniture, cattle stock, mares etc. daughter Ann Yeats – horse and saddle, etc. son David Yeats – mare, cattle. Remaining estate to my daughter Rhoda Yeats. EX: wife WIT: Peter Yeats, Sarah Yeats, Ane [x] Redditt

Inventory Jan 14 1789 by Elizabeth [x] Yeats including 263 ac of land. Division of estate Oct 8 1792 among 1. Mrs. Eliza Yeats, 2. Mrs. Sarah Bailey, 3. Mrs. Anna Carr, 4. David Yeats and 5. William Bailey and wife.
abstract of Will of Elizabeth [x] Yeats D-207 Bertie Co 4 Oct 1792 proved Nov Ct 1792
son David Yeats – 90 ac of land, my dwelling house, cattle, furniture, half my hogs and sheep, etc. daughter Anna Hars – half my hogs and sheep, half my clothing, also Negro Jack. daughter Sally Bayley – 40 shillings, half my clothing. daughter Rhoda Bayley – 20 shillings. EX: son David WIT: Peter Yeats, Cader Cooper

Division of estate May 23, 1795 between 1. David Yeats and 2. Edward Manning and wife.

Children of William Yeates and wife Elizabeth:
1. Anne Yeats bef Oct 1779 –
married Kerr
1. Sarah Kerr
married 2nd Edward Manning
2. David Yeats bef Oct 1779 – 1794 in Maryland no issue
abstract of Will of David Yeats D-292 Bertie Co written 20 Sept 1794 – May Ct 1795 [probate indicates will was proved in Baltimore County in Dec. 1794]
to Edward Manning of Bertie Co – 200 acres. to Wm Bayley of Bertie Co – 50 ac adj. the last bequest. to Sarah Bayley of Bertie Co – 50 ac adj the last bequest. to Sarah Kerr of Bertie Co – Negro Amey, mare, horse, etc. to Wm. Bayley – beds. Residue of estate to Edward Manning, Wm Bayley, Sarah Bayley, and Sarah Kerr. EX: Edward Manning WIT: William Williamson, Jonas Osburn, James Pane

Inventory June 1795 by Edward Manning including three acres of land. Acct of sale June 1 1795. Division of land Feb 20 1796 among 1. Edward Manning – who received 236 ac adj. Thomas Yeates, the river pocoson, Luke Collins, and William Bailey, and this include 18 ac for Sarah Kerr, daughter of Manning’s wife, 2. to William Bailey – 68 ac adj. Crofoot Branch, Manning, Collina, Liscomb, and the Flagy Branch, and 3. to Sarah Liscome [who was called Sarah Bailey in the will of the dec’d, who was her brother] and her husband William Liscomb – 68 ac adj. the Flagy Branch and William Bailey. Acct current Aug 1799.
3. Rhoda Yeats bef Oct 1779 –
married 30 June 1792 Maj. William Bailey
William Griffin, Bm
4. Sarah Yeats
married Thomas Bailey d 1785
married 2nd Willaim Liscomb

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