Arthur Rascoe & Elizabeth Bentley

Sally’s great-great-great-great Grandparents:

Arthur Rascoe ca 1739 – 1796 | his parents
& Elizabeth Bentley ca 1758 – 1815 | her parents
of near Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Arthur Rascoe probably married Elizabeth Bentley ca 1775 about the time he bought land in Bertie County from Abraham Maer.

The name Arthur Rasko appears on a muster list of Captain Samuel Cotten’s company in Northampton Co, NC labeled after 1748. I date it to be 1755. As Arthur is the very last name on the list I think he probably just turned 16. Thos. Cotten is the Lieutentant on this list; in 1754 he was the ensign. Sam Cotten was promoted to Lieut. Colonel by 1763. The names of James Rutland and James Rutland Jr are both on the list. It appears that James Rutland died shortly after this muster as a son-in law Thomas Beaney is deeding on 14 May 1755 land given to him by James’s will .

Children of Arthur Rascoe & Elizabeth Bentley:
1. Sarah Rascoe ca 1780-
married 1796 Jacob (or Joab) Champion
2. Daniel Rascoe ca 1785-
married 1807 Polly Hunter
3. Margaret Rascoe ca 1788 (single 1815)
4. Mildred Rascoe ca 1791
5. Frances Rascoe ca 1794 – ? 1845
married ca 1812 ? Reuben Lawrence
I think this Frances was the wife of Reuben Lawrence

10 May 1775 M, page 182 Abraham Maer of Bertie Co to Arthur Rasco of same. 400¬£ proc. 100 acres joining Kesie Neck, Hill Crek, heirs of William Smithwick dec’d, Smithwick, heirs of James Leggett dec’d, water grist mill, sd. Maer. Also signed by Prudence Maer. Wit: William Bentley, Luke Smithwick, John Bentley, May Ct 1775 CC John Johnston.

[May Ct 1779 Arthur Rasco & John Bentley gave security for Elisabeth Bentley to adm. estate of William Bentley]

Equal Division 1779 of Estate of William Bentley among 1. Mrs Elisabeth Bentley, 2. William Bentley, 3. Arthur Rasco, 4. John Bentley, 5. Duren White Bentley, 6. James Bentley, 7. Mildred Bentley, 8. Ann Bentley, 9. Robert Bentley, 10. Martha Bentley and 11. Susannah Bentley.

Arthur Rasco was a buyer at the estate sale of William Bentley 20 Sept 1779 & at the est. sale of John Sutton 5 June 1789.

Bertie Co, NC Apprentice Indentures: (NCGSJ – XIV page 161)

8 August 1785 Charity Simmons bound to Arthur & Eliza. Rascoe, until the age of Eighteen years, Spining Weaving, & Sewing. Signers: Athur Rascoe, Wm Gray. Wit: Stevens Gray.

14 November 1785 Henry Skinner bound to William Rascoe, Taylor. Signer: Wm. Gray. Wit: none.

12 November 1806 Thomas Champion bound to Daniel Rascoe, Shoemaker. Signer Timy Hunter. Witness: none.

20 Feb 1792 P, page 319 Titus Conklin mariner of New York City to Arthur Rascoe of Bertie Co. 60£ Negro boy Squire age 15. Wit: Robert Brickley, Stevens Gray. May Ct 1792 CC Stevens Gray.

Will: In the Name of God Amen this sixth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety six I Arthur Rascoe of Bertie County in the State of North Carolina being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to almighty God for the same, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament Vis that is to say principally and first of all I Recommend my Soul to God that gave it and my body to the earth to be Buried in a Christian like manner at the Discreasion of my Executors and as touching such worldly Estates as it pleased God to bless me with, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Viz

First I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Elizabeth Rascoe one feather bead and furniture, one horse, bridle, and woman sadel and two cows and calves and all my stock of hogs and corn and meate for the Benefit of her and the family likewise my will and Desire is to lend to my loving wife Elizabeth Two Negro women and one boy child by the Names of Grace, Easter, and Charles, for the term of eleven years or her widowhood, I also lend to my wife Elizabeth my Griss Mill and hole plantation During her widowhood or the term of Eleven years and one mare for the same term for the use of the plantation with her Increase – – – – –

Item I give and bequeath to my loving Son Daniel Rascoe my manner plantation and land thereto belonging and griss mill with all the priviliges thereunto belonging after the widowhood or Term of Eleven years of my wife also my will is that I give my Son Daniel Rascoe one feather Bead and furniture and my gun and Riding sadel. I likewise give to my Son Daniel Rascoe my younger horse called Lively which horse I desire to be sold and the money to be Interested.

Item I give my loving Daughter Sarah Rascoe one feather bead and furniture – – – –

Item I give and bequeath to my loving daughter Margaret Rascoe one feather bead and furniture Item I give and bequeath to my loving daughter Mildred Rascoe one feather bead and furniture Item I give and bequeath to my loving daughter Frances Rascoe Fifteen pounds in cash to be Raised out of my Estate. I likewise give and Dispose of my land on cutcypress Creek in manner and form following that is to say the land to be sold at Vandue by my Executors and the money to be Equally Divided amonge my Daughters Sarah Rascoe, Margaret Rascoe, Mildred Rascoe and Frances Rascoe. It is likewise my will and Desire is that my three Negroes Grace, Easter, and Charles be Equally Divided amonge my four Daughters at the end of a term of a Eleven years or my wife’s widowhood and if there should be any Increase in the Negroes to be Divided between my son Daniel Rascoe and my Daughter Frances Rascoe it is also my will and desire that all the rest of my Estate that I have not all Ready mentioned to be sold and one hundred Dollars in Ready money after my Just Debts is paid I give to be Equally Divided among my five Children: and lastly I make Constitute Ordain and Appoint Thomas Rascoe, James Rascoe, and my wife Elizabeth Rascoe Executors to this my last will and Testament Revoking all other wills before by me made and Confirming none other but this to be my last will and Testament. In Testamoney whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and affixed my Seal the Day and year above written. Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and Delivered by the Testator to be his Last will and Testament Arthur Rascoe (seal)
In the presents of us the subscribing witnesses
John Bentley, Wm Smithwick, Richard North
State of North Carolina May Term 1796 Bertie County The last will & Testament of Arthur Rascoe was proved in open court by the oath of John Bentley & Wm Smithwick and ordered to be recorded. George Gray CCC

Acct of sale May 19th 1796

Bertie Marriage Bonds:
Champion, Joab & Sarah Rascoe 24 Dec 1796; William Sutton Bm

Division of Land of Arthur Rascoe May 1797. Jacob Champion & Sarah his wife the part of her fathers Arthur Rascoe. Estate agreeable by will of said decd. Wit: Christian Reed, Luke Warburton, John Bentley, Benj. Williams

Guardian Bonds:

11 May 1801 Thomas Rascoe appointed guardian to Daniel Rascoe orphan of Arthur
Bond: Thomas Rascoe, Luke Smithwick, John Black

19 Nov 1803 Thomas Rascoe appointed guardian to Frances Rascoe orphan of Arthur
Bond: Thomas Rascoe, Peter Rascoe, William Sutton

13 Aug 1808 Daniel Rascoe appointed guardian to Frances Rascoe orphan of Arthur
Bond: Daniel Rascoe, William Sutton, John Rascoe

10 Feb 1811 Amos Rayner appointed guardian to Frances Rascoe orphan of Arthur
Bond: Amos Rayner, John Rascoe, William Sutton

An Account of Sales of the Estate and Inventory of Elizabeth Rascoe Decd
This the 7th Day of September 1815

1 Bed & Furniture Daniel Rascoe 14 10
1 Pair of hand Irons Margaret Rascoe 1 5
1 Desk ” ” 7 18
1 Table Daniel Rascoe 10 6
1 Buffet Edmond Smithwick 1 12
1 Loombe Daniel Rascoe 1
1 Working ians ” ” 5
1 Woolen wheel Edmd Smithwick 14 6
3 flax cards John Baley 5 6
1 Looking glass Edmd Smithwick 3
1 Lot of Creamy Daniel Rascoe 6 6
5 Chairs ” 5 6
1 Table ” 6
1 Linen wheel Margaret Rascoe 7 6
1 Wooling wheel D Rascoe 1 0 6
1 Stand of Cotten Margaret Rascoe 7 6
1 Lot of cotten yarns D Rascoe 8
2 Small Stands ” 2 6
2 Large ” ” 11 6
2 Jugs Thomas Rascoe 1 2 6
1 Lot of Tin D Rascoe 8 6
1 of tools John Baley 15 6
D Rascoe 1
1 lot of old iron Edmd Smithwick 2 6
1 Rawhide N Monk 8
1 pot trummel D Rascoe 10
1 lot of iron ” 5
1 griddle Edmd Smithwick 5
1 lot of hookes N Monk 1 13 6
1 kettle & tongs ” 16 6
1 lot of trumpery D Rascoe 1 6
1 ” 7 6
1 sow & pigs Phillip Mc Farlin 3 6
1 cow & yearling D Rascoe 6 15
1 Heiffer N Monk 6
1 cow & yearling ” 7 3
1 heiffer ” 2 15 3
1 bull ” 1 10
1 D Rascoe 2 6
1 ax & handle Stephen Lanes 6
1 old Negro woman
£ 46 5 9


Account of Sales of the Estate of Elizabeth Rascoe decd returned by
November 14th 1815 Wm Sutton

Grandchildren of Arthur & Elizabeth Rascoe

Daniel Rascoe & Polly Hunter had:
Daniel Rascoe & Polly Hunter marriage bond 27 Jan 1807; Enoch Rayner Bm

Sarah Rascoe & Jacob Champion had:
Bertie M Bonds Champion, Joab & Sarah Rascoe 24 Dec 1796; William Sutton Bm
? 1. Thomas Champion [bound to Daniel Rascoe Nov. 1806]

Margrett Rascoe nfi

Mildred Rascoe nfi

maybe this was Frances Rascoe
Frances & Reuben Lawrence had:

1. Frances Florentine Lawrence 29 0ct 1813-20 Dec 1847
married 1831 James R Rayner 1807-1852
2. Frederic Lawrence c1815 died 2 Sept 1845
married Martha H ?
a Martha J Lawrence 28 Oct 1854 married Joseph R Small
3. Alpheus Lawrence c1818 died Dec 1843
married Mary Eliza Ann ? died ca 1860

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