Rascoes of Eastern North Carolina

Sally’s 6-great Grandparents:

Rasco, Rascoe, Rascow
of Northampton County, Virginia

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Rascoes of Eastern North Carolina

I am yet to find the exact next step back in time. I believe we will find our Rasco’s parents in Northampton County, VA.

1720 Arthur Roscoe made will in Northampton Co, VA

From Va Wills & Adm. Northampton Co, VA – Rascoe: Peter 1726 i; Eliz 1734 i; Eliz 1738 i; Jno 1751 i; Jas 1760 i; Peter 1760 i; Jas 1763 i; Joanna 1778 w.

Arthur Rasco of Northampton Co, VA

1704 Arthur Rascow owned 100 acres NH Co, VA (English Duplicates of lost Records)

1712/13 5 Jan prov. 20 Jan 1712/13 Thomas Tarbuck leaves
Arthur Rasco — leather briches
Peter Raso — 9 ells of Irish linen
Andrew Smaw son of John — 9 ells of Irish linen
Margery Senior — 2 old shirts
William Waterfield Jr — horse, bridle, and saddle
Mrs. Catherine Robins wife of John — my best handkerchief
Sarah, mother of Andrew Smaw — a handkerchief
Tawrence Senior — a handkerchief
brother John, his wife, and their daughter — rest of Estate in Virginia and England
cosine George Tarbuck — my great coat
overseers — Mr John Robins and John Smaw
Wit: John Maux, John Fathery, Ann Fathery
At probate: John Tarbuck appointed extr:

1715 20 Sept – proved 15 Nov 1715 John Watts leaves
Luke Laylor
Mary Rasco
Owin Mahan
Daniel Luke
Residue to be equally div. by John Lucar, Andrew Andrews, & Arthur Rasco
Arthur Rasco to be extr.
Wit: Thomas Lucar, Sr, Richard [O] Smith

1717 26 Oct – proved 17 Mar 1717/18 George Freshwater leaves
wife, Elizabeth Freshwater — Extr:
son, George Freshwater — land
son, Thomas Freshwater — land
son, Mark ”
son, Matthew ”
dau, Reseander ”
dau, Sarah ”
dau, Elizabeth Rasco one shilling
grand dau. Comfort Freshwater one shilling
Wit: John Eyre, Daniel Eyre, Samuel Burton, William Eyre

1719/20 26 Mar – proved Apr. 1720 Arthur Rascoe leaves
wife, Elizabeth Rascoe Extr:
children: John, Sarah, Lues, and Elizabeth to remain with Owen Mehane
sons: Arthur and James to remain with their uncle Peter Rascoe
sons: William, Peter and Daniel to stay with wife
Wit: John Addison, Jacob Doweman, Thomas Marshall

1725 13 May Inventories returned by Elizabeth Rascoe
of Peter Rascoe, orphan, son of Arthur
of Daniel Rascoe, son of Arthur
of Arthur Rascoe, dec’d [part]

1726 1st April Inventory of Peter Rascoe, dec’d ¬£1509 tobacco
Elizabeth Rascoe Admr.
taken by John Marshall, John Waterfied, George Lucar

1732 14 Nov Inventory of James Rascoe, orphan
by Elizabeth Rascoe, his guardian.

1734 22 May Inventory of Elizabeth Rascoe, dec’d
adm: William Rascoe, her oldest son

1737/38 14 March further inventory of the Estate of Elizabeth Rascoe
adm: William Rascoe

Children of Arthur Rascoe and Mary Watts:
1. John Rascoe ca 1704 — bef 14 April 1751 [inventory]
married Susanna Luke dau of John
there are probablly daughters that had married John Moore and William Westenhouse
a. Peter Rasco jr ca 1729 – died bef. 18 May 1760
married Mary
i. Sarah Rascoe ca 1754
ii. Thomas Rascoe ca 1756
iii. William Rascoe ca 1758
married 5 Nov 1779 Anne Hunt dau of Thomas
iv. Bridget Rascoe ca 1760
b. Betty Rasco ca 1745
c. James Rasco ca 1747
married 12 June 1770 Joanna Stott died 1778
i. Elizabeth Rasco
2. Sarah Rascoe ca 1706
married bef 24 Nov. 1724 James Lipsey
a. Arthur Lipsey
b. Rasco[e] Lipsey
The reference that one of his daughter married James Lipsey comes from “County Court Note-Book, Vol. i-x Ancestral Proofs and Probabilities” by Milnor Liungstede,Genealogical Publish Company Inc., Baltimore, Maryland 1972. In Vol. VII, No. 1, Feb. 1928 it states: “Authentic References for Inferred Marriages, James Lipsey and a daughter of Arthur Rasco (Rasko) before 24 November 1724 – Chancy Records”.
James Lipsey was given a land grant of 500 acres in Onslow County N.C. September 1741. Ten persons were listed in his household including sons Arthur Lipsey and Rasco Lipsey sometimes spelled Roscoe Lipsey. James Rasco

3. Lues Rascoe ca 1708
4. Elizabeth Rascoe ca 1710
5. Arthur Rascoe ca1712
6. James Rascoe ca 1715 —
[Is he who came to Hertford Co, NC or is he who died
? bef 8 Mar 1760 NH Co, VA and married Abigail ?]

Children of Arthur Rascoe and Elizabeth Freshwater
7. William Rascoe ca 1716
[ Is he who is in Bertie in 1757]
8. Peter Rascoe ca 1718
married Tabitha Luker
9. Daniel Rascoe ca 1719
[Is he who is in Bertie in 1757; then Tyrell 1782??]

[Edenton District Loose Estate Records: [abstracts by Bradley]
#181 Richard Silvester
1790 Order to Bertie Co. to take deposition of Daniel Rascoe in Doricus Silvester excx vs William Salter
15 May 1790 Deposition of Daniel Rascoe Jr. age 72 at the house of Daniel Rascoe in Dorcas vs William Saulter. He stated that about 26 years ago that he Richard Silvester seated him on his land at Stumpy Point where he lived for 21 or 22 years & then moved off that while he lived there he understood the lake was the bounds of his land & did not doubt it until Col. Spruell surveyed it in 1789; that Caves had lived on the land for 13 years before he did & that it was always in sd. Silvester’s possession; that 23 years ago he heard Richard Silvester & Samuel Weston converse about the land; that sd. Silvester had rented a piece of land now in dispute to John Rickett; that he heard Silvester say that the land on which Mounticue once lived at the Bluff was sd. Silvester’s land.]

Stumpy Point is in Dare County on the East mainland adj. Stumpy Point Bay that used to be lake until erosion connected it to the Pamlico Sound. Dare is adj. to Tyrrell.

I speculate that we may well have the three brothers William, James and Daniel Rascoe about the same age in Bertie and Hertford. Daniel is probably Arthur’s father as he names his first son Arthur. William is possibly father to William and Teagle and James Ismy of James and Thomas or something like that.

1704 Warwick Co, VA Mr. Rascows orphans 1195 acres.

1699 Warwick County officer 8 June Wm Rascow.

28 Sept 1728 William Rogers 28 acs NL Warwick Co adj. his own; land of Maj. William Rascow; William Briceis, & William Hatchill.

e-mail from James R Rasco: 9/22/03
We know the fact that at the time Arthur Rasco signed his will in 1719 that he was married to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is named in his will.
We know also that John Watts named his heirs in his will in 1715 and one of his heirs was Mary Rasco. Also Arthur Rasco was named as the executor of the will and was included as an heir along with John Lucar, Andrew Andrews, Daniel Luke, and Owin Mahan. I do not have the actual will but the abstract does not give any relationship of these people, including Mary Rasco or Arthur Rasco to John Watts. Also there is no mention of a wife of John Watts.
Other then the fact that John Watts mentions Mary Rasco and Arthur Rasco in his will, What is the rational in your opinion that Mary Rasco was the wife of Arthur Rasco prior to his marriage to Elizabeth?

DNA project —- a request from Mark Rasco

I am sending you this e-mail in the hopes that you can help locate a male member of your family who would be interested in participating in our Rasco/Roscoe/Racicot/Ruscoe DNA Project.

The main goal of this project is to help family researchers identify and confirm their connections, as well as identify non-related family members who may have the same surname.

While our surname is not a common one, research so far seems to reveal at least three distinct family lines Rascoe, Racicot, Ruscoe. I am trying to find links to all the various spellings.

The project will use DNA results along with a pedigree of the participant to show the most distant ancestor with one of the various surname spellings. The pedigree and DNA results will confirm paper research and help identify non-related individuals, saving countless hours in unnecessary research.

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Cordially, Mark Rasco

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