Mary Cotten Holland, Samuel Cotten

Descendants of Mary, John Cotten ca 1674-1728 and Martha Godwin ca 1683:
6th & 7th children: Mary Holland; Samuel Cotten

Mary Cotten ca 1707 – ? | her parents
& ca 1723 Richard Holland ca 1699 – aft 1769 | his parents ?
of Bertie Precinct NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Mary Cotten and Richard Holland:
Arlina proposes these children [unproved]
1. James Holland ca 1724 – 1798 Wake Co NC

will 22 Nov 1797 – prob 2 May Ct 1798 Wake Co NC
Heirs listed in Will: Sampson Holland, Thomas, Mary Holland Lashley, Milly Holland Hood, & James Holland, Jr.

a. Sampson Holland ca 1740 – 1830 Chatham Co NC
LWT was filed 15 Jan 1830 in Chatham Co., NC. Gave exactly one dime to five of his children then gave everything else including executorship of his Will to son Wiley. (Informant: Wiley Julian Holland 21 May 2003 )
i. Jenny Holland ca 1794 SC –

married 1807 James Audubon Goodwin
ii. Kellum Holland
iii. Milley Holland
iv. Britton Holland b Wake Co NC
v. Elijah Holland 1764 Wake Co – 1833
vi. Wiley Holland 1788 Wake Co – 1848 Chatham Co NC
vii. Needham Holland 1819 TN –
married ca 1750 Sarah Woodward
a. James Holland Jr
b. Nannie Holland
c. Thomas Holland
Removed to Humphries Co., Tn around 1810. Listed on 1812 Humphries Co. Tax Return of Capt. Criag’s Company.
By 1820 his brother Benjamin has moved into Humphries Co., and both appear on the 1820 Census living near each other. Thomas shows 2 boys 0-10, 1 boy 10-15, 2 girls 0-10, Thomas 26-44 and his wife 25-44.

d. Mary Holland
married Lashley
e. Millie Holland
married Hood
f. Sarah Holland
g. Benjamin Holland ca 1757 Wake Co – 1853 Benton Co TN
2. Thomas Holland
married Mary Ross
she married 2nd Brittain Gandy
In the year 1769, Richard deeded land to his son Thomas. Edgecombe Co., NC, DB D, p. 91,
“Richard Holland of Edgecombe Co., Planter, to his son, Thomas Holland, 27 Feb 1769, for love and affection, and 5 pds. current. money a tract of 200 ac. lying on both sides of Peachtree Creek including a grist mill built thereon.
Wit: Jas. Woodward, Reuben Whitfield.
3. Richard Holland
married Mary Edwards of SH Co VA
4. Elizabeth [Betsy] Holland
married Amos Gandy [brother of Brittain]
removed to Green Co AL

1-John Davison-26 March 1723-464 acres on the West side of Chowan River betwixt the river pocoson and a branch that runs along the Miery Meadow and falls into the pocoson on the head of the sd. Meadow, joining Richard Holland and the river pocoson. Witnesses WM. Reed, F. Foster, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick, M. Moore.

2-Godfrey Lee- 26 March 1723- 540 acres on the West side of Chowan River on the South side of the Indian Creek, joining Richard Holland and the sd. Creek. Witnesses WM Reed, F. Foster, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick, M.Moore.note indicates :lapsed in Edward Barnes name, patent dated 1 August 1727

3-Richard Holland-26 March 1723- 575 acres on the west side of Chowan River known by the name of the Nansemond Town, joining the south side of the Indian Creek, a Branch, Chowan River pocoson, and the said river. Witnesses WM Reed, F. Foster, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick. M. Moore. The note indicates: lapsed in Robert Carr and Edward Barnes names, patent dated 11 August 1727 and signed by R. Everard and 7 others.

4-John Cotton to Richard Holland-Aug. 8, 1723, 12 pds. for * on SS Roanoke River and Broad Meadow, adjoining John Green. Part of patent granted Cotton. Wit. William Whitfield, John Scott. November Court, 1726

Bertie County Deed B193 Aug. 8, 1723, proven in November Court 1726.
John COTTON to Richared HOLLAND; land on the south side of the Roanoke River and Broad Meadow adjoining John GREEN; wit; Whilliam Whitfield, John Scott

5-Joseph Ballard and John Gay 26 March 1723 365 acres on the W. side of Chowan River and of a branch that runs into the Miery Meadow, joining Richard Holland, Godfrey Lee and the Great Branch. Witnesses WM Reed, F. Foster, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick, M. Moore. Note indicates this patent lapsed in names of James Manny and Joseph Ballard Jr. patent dated 2 November 1726.

6-Richard Holland and Edward Barnes- 26 March 1723- 460 acres on the west side of Chowan River on the west side of the Miery Meadow, joining Joseph Ballard, John Gay, John Davison, Godfrey Lee, the Meadow by a spring, and the Beginning branch. Witnesses: WM Reed, F. Foster, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick, M. Moore.

7-Godfrey Lee to Richard Lee ?13, 1734, 15 pounds for 270 acres SS Indian Creek, adj. Richard Holland, now in possession of David Jarnakin. On Godphreys Great Branch. Wit. Henry Gay, William Gay, John Ellson, May Crt. 1735

8-James Sumner of Chowan precinct and John Drew to John Ellson of Chowan September 1, 1733. 15 pds. for 200 acres in a Valley nigh the head of Great Branch on the land whereon David Jarnagan now lives called Indian Town Land on Chowan River. Adjoins Richard Holland. Now in possession of James Manney. Wit. Sarah Lee, Sarah Dfrewery. November Crt.1733.

9-James Brogdon and Suanna Broigdon of Edgecombe County to John Minge of Charles City County, Va. 21 May 1751- 150 pounds current money of Virginia. 400 acres on the south side of Roanoke River joining John Green, Moses Beck, William Green and the river. 250 acres of which was sold by John Cotton late of Bertie County to Richard Holland 8 August 1723 and by the sd. Holland sold to James Brogdon, father of the above said James Brogdon 9 May 1730 and 100 aces sold by John Green and Anna his wife late of Chowan County Precinct to James Brogdom 1 August 1721 and 50 acres sold by John Cotton late of Bertie County and Judith, his wife, to James Brogdon 10 May 1751. Witness. Montfort Eelbeck, Samuel Saxon, Francis Harvey. Reg. Edgecombe Co. May crt. 1751

From Margaret Hoffmann Deed Books 1-6 Halifax Co., NC. p.48:
James BROGDON and Susanna Brogdon of Edge. Co. to John MINGE of Charles City Co., VA. 21 May 1751 150 pounds current money of Va. 400 acres on the south side of Roanoke river, joining John GREEN, Moses BECK. William GREEN and the river. 250 acres of which was sold by John COTTON late of Bertie. Co. to Richard HOLLAND 8 Aug. 1723 and by the sd HOLLAND sold to James BROGDON father of the above said ANNA his wife late of Chowan Precinct to James BROGDON 1 Aug. 1721 and 60 acres sold by John COTTON Late of Bertie and Judith his wife to James BROGDON 10 May 1725. Wit: Monfort EELBECK, Samuel SAXON, Frances HARVERY Reg. Edge Co. May Ct. 1751 B. Wynns C/Ct.

Sally, I am trying to believe that this Richard Holland is the one in Nash Co., NC who lived on Pigbasket Creek. If so it ties him to the Hollands of Nash and Wake Co., NC which includes my own James Holland who died ca 1797 ( memory ). My James was married to a Sarah who I believe is Sarah Woodard. From other family connections, it would appear they were originally from Nansemond Co. VA. – Arlina

Re children of Mary Cotten and Richard Holland:
Sally, they had James Holland Sr., wife Sarah Woodard/Woodward…this is my ancestor of Utley Cr. in Wake Co.NC .Sarah isn’t proven yet, but I certainly believe it! His will was 1797. His son Benjamin was the other co-executor and my ancestor. Benjamin went to Benton Co., TN
James had a brother Thomas Holland who m. Mary Ross. She married for her second husband Brittain Gandy.
James had a brother Richard who was co-executor of his ( James Holland Sr. ) will.
This Richard m. Mary Edwards of Southampton Co., VA.
These three known brothers had a sister Elizabeth ” Betsy ” who m. Amos Gandy, brother to Britain Gandy. They were in Greene Co., AL. – Arlina

Samuel Cotten ca 1708 – 1774 | his parents
& 1735/1750 Eliabeth ? | her parents
& by 1756 Lydia ? 17?? – 1783 | her parents
& ca 1750 Solomon Ewell [or Howell] [div.] | his parents
of Bertie Precinct NC

Bruce Cotten in “As We Were” says ” Samuel Cotten, second son of John Cotten came to North Carolina several years before his father and located on land in what is now Bertie County.
He was a resident of both Bertie and Northampton Counties during his long lifetime and resided for some years at Roxabel in Bertie County. This place was first called Cottens Cross Roads, then for very many years Brittons Cross Roads, until the late Mr. Stephen Norfleet Sr. gave it the attractive name of Roxabel from an English novel he was reading at the time.
“Little is known of Samuel Cotten, except that he was hardy, vigorous, domineering and rich. He was not at all conventional in his relations with women and some other things, I suspect, and having lived to a great age more feared than loved, he finally decided that it was time . .to write his will disinheriting his eldest son and bestowed very little on his other legitimates. . .”

Northampton Deed Bk 1 – page 467 – 3 Sept 1750 – Samuel Cotton and Elizabeth Cotton of NH Co to James Jossy of NH Co – 11 pounds current money of VA – 40 acres more or less, joining Charles Stevenson, Elias Williams, and a meadow, part of a patent to the sd. Samuel Cotton 20 April 1745. Wit: John Duke, Thomas Wills, Elias Wills – Reg Feb Ct 1750 NH Co J Edwards CC

NH Deed Bk 2 – 345 – 17 May 1756 – Solomon Ewell of Northampton Co to Thomas Davies of Edgecombe Co – 40 pounds current money of VA – one mulatto woman named Nan about 17 years of age and all her future increase. Wit: J. Edwards, Green Hill. Slave assigned to Samuel Cotton by Thomas Davis 30 Oct 1756 – Reg. Feb Ct 1757

Will of Samuell Cotten 16 Jan 1774 O 10 May 1774 (before Jo Martin) Of Northampton Co.
“very Sick and Weak in Body”
– Wife Lidia – use of manor during her widowhood & then to my son Samuell; lend to her negro men Tony & Will for 10 (2) years & then to my son Samuell; lend to her 2 negro women Nann & Felora & then to her 3 children Elizabeth Cotten Ewell, Sally Cotten Ewell & Rodrick Cotten Ewell.
– Son Samuell – negro man Limbrick, chest of drawers.
– My Euridice Gardinar – negro girl Janny.
– Son John – negro man Jack ” If the said John Should Come himself for the said Negro but Not Else;” should he never come then to Roderick Cotten Ewell son of my wife Lidia.
– Thomas Thomas – 10, VA John Franklin an orphan boy bound to me should stay on my plantation during his indenture or my wife’s lifetime or sold & the money put to my debts.
– Wife Lidia – lend to her negroes Chaine, Rachel, Miner, Harry, Peter & Charles during her lifetime & then Rachel & Peter to Elizabeth Cotten Ewell.
– Sally Cotten Ewell – a negro girl Chaina, boy Charles, feather bed & furniture.
– Roderick Cotten Ewell – negroes Miner & Harry, gun.
– Mary Barnes – 5, VA. Other legacies.
Ex. wife, Robert Hilliard
Wit. C E Taylor, Jno Barnes, Sarah (x) Jossey

Children of Samuel Cotten ca 1708 – 1774 and Elizabeth ?:
1. Samuel Cotten Jr ca 1750 – 1795 Edgecombe Co
“. . located himself in Edgecombe County [ca 1773] where he bought a plantation from William Bell in 1786. He became a large planter and was a man of gentility and highly respected. In 1795 at the death of his wife, he divided his estate among his several sons and one daughter and shortly thereafter followed her into the beyond.” Bruce Cotten
married Elizabeth Ewell ca 1754 – 1795
a. Edward Cotten est 1775 –

b. Alexander Cotten   est 1777 – May 1826 Edgecombe co, NC
said to have been first to import thoroughbred horses into Edgecombe Co

Will of Alexander Cotten 12 May 1823 – May Ct 1826 Edgecombe Co NC
– daughter Mary Elizabeth Cotten – all my perishable estate to which I am entitled by the will of Frederick Cotten, also Negroes Moses, Solomon, Nelson, and Susana.
– son Arthur Staten Cotten – 40 shillings.
Surplus estate to be divided between my two children
EX: friends Randolph Cotten and Spencer D Cotten
WIT: Spier W Coffield, Thomas Lyon
married 1st Temperance Staton
i. Arthur Staton Cotten 26 Jan 1804 – 1861 Hamilton, Martin Co NC

married 8 May 1827 Hamilton, NC Louisa C Mayo 1812 – 1894
1. Gimison Godwin Cotten 1828 – 10 Mar 1838
2. Frederick Cotten ca 1832 – 10 Mar 1838 

Tarboro Press, Tarboro NC
18 March 1838

3. Edward Henry Cotten Mar 1838 – 14 April 1927

27 feb 1841
Tarboro Press Tarboro NC
27 Feb 1841

4. M. Agustus [Gus] Cotten Feb 1841 – 1913 Baltimore MD twin CSA
married Lucy Boyle of Scotland Neck NC
a. Louise Cotten no issue
married William E Stirling d. Feb 1921 Baltimore MD
b. Estelle Cotten d 1922 several children
married Rev. Henry Harding
c. M Agustus Cotten Jr ca 1887 – 1912 Wilmington DL ca 25 yrs
4. George Adolphus [Dolph] Cotten Feb 1841 – 1920 Baltimore MD twin CSA
married 17 Jan 1871 Mary Della Biggs 2 Aug 1851 – 4 Apr 1879 dau of Judge Asa Biggs
a. Henry Andrews Cotten 18 May 1876 Norfolk VA –
married 26 Sept 1903 Alice Della Keys
b. Lucy Cotten married and had issue
5. Virginia Louisa Cotten ca 1851 – 1913
married 7 June 1870 Wilson Gay Lamb d. Feb 1922 Williamston NC
a. John Cotten Lamb lived Baltimore MD
married Francis F MacRea
b. Virginia Cotten Lamb
married Frederick F Bullock
c. Della Cotten Lamb two children
married Howard Herrick
d. Eliza Williams Lamb
married Dr. Charles H C Mills
e. Wilson Gray Lamb
f. Luke Lamb married and had children
g. Louisa Mayo Lamb
h. Annie Staton Lamb

married 2nd Mary [Polly] Cotten
dau of William son of William
ii. Mary Elizabeth Cotten issue
married Henry Downing[Dunning] of Wash. Co
c. Nancy Cotten 3 Dec 1772 – July 1855
married 9 July 1789 Jacob Braswell 7 Mar 1763 – 9 July 1836 [25 July 1837]
served in the Revolutionary War
i. Elizabeth Braswell 22/3 Dec 1791 –

ii. Micajah Braswell 26 Jul 1793 –
iii. Dr Jacob Braswell Jr 6 Dec 1795 – ca 1871 tax records
married 18 Jan 1819 Parthenia Cotton ca 1800 Warren Co NC – 1835 Henry Co TN
1. Orlando Braswell NC –
married Henry Co TN 25 Oct 1848 Mary Jane Harvey
several children three had children of their own
2. Solomon Braswell ca 1827 TN – 1860 dsp
3. John Crockett Braswell 28 Sept 1828 TN –
married Calloway Co KY 16 Dec 1852 Mary Macon Hamlin
they had 10 ch – six of whom married and had children
iv. Priscilla Mason [Macomb] Braswell 18 Nov 1797 –
v. Sally Braswell 6 Mar 1800 –
vi. Willie/y H. Braswell 27 Nov 1801 – aft 1860
married Edgecombe Co 16 July 1829 Mary [Polly] Bullock ca 1813 – aft 1860
vii. Peggy Braswell 1 Nov 1803 –
viii. Temperance [Tempy] Braswell 14 Aug 1805 Edgecombe –
married 4 Jan 1830 Redmond Lodge ca 1805, Edgecombe Co., NC
ix. Alexander Cotton Braswell 3 Oct 1807 –
x. Nancy Mariah Braswell 29 Aug 1810 –
xi. Micajah Thomas Cotton Braswell 12 Oct 1811 –
xii. Rhoda Braswell 20 Nov 1813 –
d. Solomon Cotten ca 1775 – 25 March/22 June 1835 Henry Co TN will
his cousin Micajah Thomas Jr left him “1000 acres and two years schooling” in his 1788 will
On 12 Dec 1820, Micajah was granted 1000 A in what was to become northwest Henry Co TN
[Grant #17043, Henry Co Entry #146] this was many years after his death
In the early 1820’s, Solomon Cotten, son Edward R [Uncle Ned] Cotten, daughter Parthenia with her husband Dr. Jacob Braswell Jr and their son Orlando, moved from NC to Henry Co TN. They settled on Micajah’s 1000 A tract – they were among the first settlers of that part of TN.
married Priscilla Macon Hawkins ca 1775 – 1820/1830 census

[she probably had died in NC before the family moved to TN]
daughter of Col. John Hawkins of Warren Co and wife Sallie Macon
i. Parthenia H Cotten ca 1800 Warren Co NC – 1830 Henry Co TN
married 18 Jan 1819 Dr. Jacob Braswell Jr 6 Dec 1795 – ca 1871 tax records
1832 – Jacob deeded 40 to 50 A of land for the establishment of the town of Naples TN- there was a post office and general store but the town never thrived and the post office was discontinued in 1839.
ii. Edward R. [Ned] Cotten ca 1800 – 1877 Warren Co NC
[ Bruce Cotten had this to say about him. “Uncle Ned” Cotten as he was known to the people of Warren Co is said to have been well off and to have attended Princeton College. He studied law under Mr. William Eaton of Warrenton but was never licensed and never during his entire life had he any occupation or means of support. He spent his entire life visiting among his friends and relatives. He became and remained a professional visitor throughout his long life For about forty years he was largely a guest at the home of William K. Kerney of Warren County. After Mr. Kerney’s death he visited extensively from house to house, never long satisfied with any one place.
He was described as a tall, very handsome man, very erect and muscular. He was musical and possessed very lively and fascinating conversational powers. These as well as his finished manners and amiability caused him to always be a welcomed guest wherever he went. His popularity never waned.
Mr. Cotten never married and died from the effects of a fall on the frozen ground near Littleton, Halifax Co. during the winter of 1877. It is related that “Uncle Ned” was on his way to visit some friends at the time and was carrying his “fiddle” and portmanteau. It being night and the ground frozen and very slippery he fell and broke a hip. Some folks found him there in the road in this condition and proposed to carry him to a house nearby where two old maiden ladies, the Misses Moseley, lived. These ladies were famous in that neighborhood for gossip and promiscuous talking. Uncle Ned positively refused to be taken there, saying that he preferred to die there on the ground rather than be talked to death by these two old ladies. So he died as he wished.]
iii. Sarah Cotten [an 1821 deed mentioned her as daughter]
e. Micajah Thomas Cotten 1777 – May 1834 Talladega City Cem.
(in Franklin Co, AL June 1840- Bruce Cotten)
Will of Micajah T Cotton 14 Jan 1833 – prob 6 May 1834. Wife Peggy; Daughter Harriet Eason –Negroes that I mortgaged to Wiley Cotton for benefit of his son John Cotton; my Nephew Alexander J Cotton, Executor and my wife Peggy Cotton, Executrix. Wit: A J Cotton, HG Barclay, Francis Mitchel.
married Mary Coleman dau of Stephen

married Margaret [Peggy] Scott 1775 – 28 Oct 1845 Talladega, AL
City Cem daughter of Peter Scott
from the “Huntsville Democrat” 4 Feb 1846 — Departed this life on the 28th Oct. 1845. Mrs. Margaret Cotten. wife of the late Micajah T Cotten, deceased in her 71st year. She was born in Hyde County NC and from thence removed to North Alabama and from there to Talladega. where she died. She lived to a very old age and for the last 6 or 8 years of her life has been a devoted member of the Methodist Church.
i. Harriet Cotten 1809 –

married Joseph Bonapart Eason 1798 Davidson Co TN –
“Easonville, AL named after this family
1. Bolivar Eason 1826 TN –
married Talladega AL 1847 Sarah Jane Shelley
[from letter by Viola Allen in 1941]

f. Willie Cotten d 1833 Madison Co AL
i. Alexander J Cotton bef 1813 –

ii. Francis Edward Cotton
iii. Margaret Jane Cotton
iv. John Cotten ca 1818 –
g. Roderick Cotten 16 Mar 1786 – 1814 Edgecombe Co
“. . .died in 1814 when only twenty six years of age.
He was I believe a very admirable young man and wrote a very beautiful hand as papers in my possession attend.” Bruce Cotten

married 27 Aug 1807 Mary Topping Braswell 1786 – ca 1866
there is a break in the dna at this point — Roderick’s line bears the Murphee dna
– suggests that Sam jr’s neighbor John Murphree was the father [either by Nancy the 15 year old daughter or the 32 year old Elizabeth.]
2. John Cotten
father left him one negro man named Jack if he came for him.
3. Euridice Cotten
father left her “Jenny”
married John Gardiner

Sam’s children by Lydia Ewell (Howell):
NH Co Will Lydia Cotten 9 Jan 1783; proved June Ct 1783. to my daughter Elizabeth Ruffin alias Green and at her death to Frederick Ruffin alias Green and James Ruffin alias Green. to my sd daughter Elizabeth and my son Frederick Cotten Howell livestock (son appears later as Roderick Cotten Howell) son William Howell cow and calf; daughter Elizabeth Cotten wife of Samuel Cotten 2 ewes & lambs. Residue to pay Doctor bills & other debts and money left over to take care of my son Roderick Cotten. Extrs. Bryan Winborne, Solomon Pace, and Elizabeth Ruffin alias Green. Wits: Thomas Sharrock, Moore Stevenson, James Cotten.

1. Elizabeth Cotten ca 1760 –
married 15 Aug 1776 Frederick Ruffin [alias Green] died before 1788
Bertie Co – Dolphin Drew Young, Bm
a. Frederick Ruffin alias Green
b. James Ruffin alias Green
married ca 1788 Watson Rutland died 1819 Bertie Co
c. Elizabeth Rutland (underage 1819)
2. Sally Cotten ca 1762 – 1779 dsp
NH Co Wills Sally Cotten Ewell – Nuncupative Will June Ct 1779 – 20 March 1779 Sally Cotten Ewell, Dec’d gave to her mother, her brother Roderick Cotten Ewell and Frederick Ruffin son of Frederick Ruffin 1 negro each – verbal will proved by John Gardner
3. Roderick Cotten of Roxobel 1764 Brittens Cross Roads – 1827 in Chatham Co
purchased in 1794 large estate from his cousin James Cotten in Chatham Co
married Ann Carney 1764 – 31 July 1846 dau of Gen. Richard Carney of Halifax Co
a. Richard Carney Cotten 1793 NH Co NC – 27 Jan 1866 Chatham Co.
Capt of the 5th Co NC Troops during the War of 1812 at age 19; was the first Adjutant General of the State of North Carolina and during the Civil War was Captain of LCo 44th Reg and Lt. Col. of the same reg. until forced to resign by old age he being in 1862 69 years old. almost constantly in the legislature from Chatham 1816 – 1855
married 18 May 1815 Margarette Williams Alston 26 Nov 1795 –
i. Emily Alston Cotten 1818 –
married 31 Dec 1835 Joseph Crump
1. Joseph Crump – captain during the Civil War
2. Pattie Crump
married H C Long of Salisbury
3. Ora Crump
married James Williams of Fayetteville
ii. Elizabeth Kearney Cotten
married Thomas B Long
1. R A Long of Asheville
iii. Joseph Alston Cotten 1822 – dy
iv. John Alston Cotten 1826 – grad MD, UP but died young without issue
v. Richard Carney Cotten 1827 Chatham Co – 1900 Chatham Co
married 1850 Addie Poe
1. Frederick Cotten died without issue
2. Paul Cotten dy
3. Ella Cotten
married M T Williams of Pittsboro NC
a. Frederick Cotten Williams
b. Annie Alston Williams
c. Elsie Williams unmarried
b. Dr. Stephen Wright Cotten 22 Aug 1804 Chatham Co -1877
married 1851 Cornelia B Northam of NY – 1909 Winston-Salem NC
i. Roderick Cotten 15 Nov 1851 Chatham Co NC – 25 Sept 1895 Winston-Salem NC
married 1st Ida Headen of Chatham Co – d 1871
1. Aaron Wright Cotten dy
2. Maud Moore Cotten d. 25 Sept 1895 without isssue
married Frederick Bissinger of Winston-Salem
married 2nd Margaret Lea
1. Roderick Lea Cotten 1884 –
2. James Cotten 1886 – resided in AL
3. Headen Cotten 1886 – resided in CO
4. Howard Lea Cotten 1893 – resided in FL
5. Margaret Cotten 1887 – unmarried
6. Eula Cotten 1890 –
married Dr L G Coble of Greensboro NC
and Eliabeth Ritter 1829 – per Patty Pickle
i. Wright Ritter ca 1845 Moore Co NC –
ii. Bruce Ritter 9 Jan 1848 – 24 Feb 1919 NC
iii. Alexander Ritter ca 1852 –
iv. Margaret Corrina Ritter ca 1857 –

Lydia had these children by 1st husband, Solomon Ewell:
[Bruce Cotten stated that Lydia and Solomon Ewell were divorced]

1. William Ewell ca 1752 –

2. Elizabeth Ewell ca 1754 –
married Sam Cotten Jr.

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