Emeline, Sallie, & Charles

Siblings of Dr. Godwin C Moore
Sally’s 3 great aunt

Emeline E Moore ca 1805 – 1872 | her parents
& 1822 Dr. Nathaniel W Fletcher ca 1800 – 1844/5 | his parents
& 1847 Rev Eugene Verdot LeVert 1795 – 1875 | his parents
& 1823 Martha Patton 1804 – 1846 | her parents
of Virginia & North Carolina & Marion, Perry Co, AL

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Emeline E. Moore ca 1805 NC – 3 Nov 1872 Marion, AL
married NH Co 23 Dec 1822 Dr. Nathaniel W Fletcher
he died ca/bef Jan 1845 Mobile AL
of Lawrenceville, VA.

Nathaniel Wyche Fletcher was born in Brunswick Co, VA about 1800 to John Fletcher Jr, [son of John Fletcher and Rebecca Middleton Myrick.]
He was one of the first physicians in Bertie Co NC.
“They lived about ten miles from Mulberry Grove at the village of Roxobel in Bertie County, where he practiced his profession. the house they lived in was built in 1814 and is still used as a home.” by John E. Tyler in the Feb. 2000 “King’s Landing”
they later moved to Marion AL and the doctor died suddenly late Dec 1844 or Jan 45 while on a visit to Mobile AL with his young son Richie.” [see letter] SMK

Emeline Moore Fletcher [later LeVert] portrait by James McGibbon
after Conservation treatment by David Goist of Raleigh, NC
now in the Murfreesboro Historical Assoc. collection
This painting looked down on me [Sally] as I slept when I was young as it was over the Mantle in the Long Room which was the girls’ room for my generation; the generation before, it had been the boys’ room
We think it was painted during the time she was a widow as she is dressed in dark gray.

19 Feb 1845 from Esther Jones to her son Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore and wife Julia
EJletter1 EJletter2 EJletter3 EJletter4
letter was written on two pages front and back
the fourth side serving as the envelope when folded and sealed
note remains of seal and messenger’s name
the second page has been damaged by water and silver fish
letter now encased in plastic by NC archives and in possession of James E Moore

Emeline Moore and Dr. N W Fletcher had:
1. Margaret M/A Fletcher June 1825 Roxobel NC – 17 Feb 1902 Houston TX
married Perry Co AL 18 Jan 1845 Isham Warren Garrott
1816 Anson Co NC – 17 June 1863 Vicksburg MS

who was reared Chatam Co, NC – grad UNC 1840 – rem. to Marion, AL – lawyer

garrott2 garrott1
Brig Gen killed at Vicksburg 1863 “at the head of his brigade”
Col. Isham Warren Garrott
his bust at Vicksburg and his portrait

a. Mary Sims Garrott ca 1847 AL – ca Jan 1880 TX
married 1866 Albert Perry Hinton
(Boddie Family 1-155)
b. Emeline Moore Garrott ca Nov 1849 AL –
c. Thomas Richie Garrott 30 June 1859 AL – 8 Jan 1930 Memphis, Hall Co TX
married 1885 Nancy Perry Collier 10 April 1867 Tyler Co TX – 29 Mar 1955 Houston TX
Nancy married 2nd Charles D Crawford
d. John Fletcher Garrott 31 Mar 1863 Marion AL – 10 Feb 1925 Houston TX
donor of the bust
married Julia Florida Bute 26 Mar 1872 – 24 June 1902 Houston TX
married 2nd Lillian Brown she died after 1925
2. Thomas Richard [Richie] Fletcher ca 1838 AL – before 1894

[Margaret M Garrott received the entire 1/7 of the Sam E Westry estate in 1894 in the right of her mother, Emeline Fletcher, deceased. Evidently, Richie was deceased without issue.]

N W Fletcher had a younger brother, Matthew Myrick Fletcher also living in Perry Co, AL.  see comment at end.
Matthew married 21 Nov 1831 at Uniontown Martha Harriet Scott.
Their children: all born Perry Co AL
1.Richard Fletcher b Perry Co AL
married Miss Mickey of Staunton VA
2. Martha Pegram Fletcher
3. Lucy Binns Fletcher
married Joseph Edgar Ware
4. Matthew Fletcher
married Julia Perkins of Uniontown
5. William Edwin Fletcher
6. Cicinnatus Stitch Fletcher dsp

Emeline E. Moore ca 1805 NC – 3 Nov 1872 Marion, AL
married 2nd 9 Feb 1847
Rev. Eugene Verdot LeVert 20 Oct, 1795 VA – 1875 Marion AL

brother of Dr. Hernry S LeVert 1804-1864 of Mobile
sons of Dr. Samuel Claudius LeVert and Ann Lea Metcalfe
& grandsons of Francois LeVert & Margot Verdot of France

There were no children from this marriage.

the Step-children of Emeline

Rev. Eugene Verdot LeVert 20 Oct, 1795 King William Co VA – 1875 Marion AL
married 1st 23 Jan 1823 Martha Patton 23 Jan 1804 GA – 9 July 1846 Perry Co AL

Children of Rev. Eugene LeVert & wife Martha Patton:
1. Hiram B LeVert

2. Samuel Claudius LeVert 27 Mar 1825 – 26 July 1902 Perry Co AL
married 18 Nov 1848 Martha Price Benson 7 Oct 1829 – 1 Jan 1896
ancestors of Nannette and Dr. Judy
3. Augustus Vernon LeVert 8 Dec 1826 – 21 Dec 1859
4. Dr. James Daniel Knox LeVert 28 May 1828 – 16 Dec 1860
5. Henry Metcalfe LeVert 19 July 1829 – 22 Jan 1862
6. Annie Maria LeVert 8 Feb 1831 – 28 Nov 1833
7. Lydia Elizabeth LeVert 8 Mar 1832 – 23 Jan 1894
8. Francis Eugene LeVert 22 Aug 1833 – 3 Aug 1834
9. William Melville 9 Dec 1834 – 4 Feb 1835
10. Francis T J [John Emory?] LeVert 19 Jan 1836 –
11. Margaretta Caroline LeVert 23 Mar 1837 –
12. Martha Eugenia LeVert 8 Dec 1839 – 13 Jan 1874
13. Elizabeth L LeVert
14. Octavius Powater LeVert
15. Atticus Lea LeVert 23 Dec 1844 – 22 Feb 1893

Sources include: the research of Nannette Serra and her niece Dr. Judy
& others

Sally’s 3 great aunt; sister of Dr. Godwin C Moore

Sallie Matilda Moore ca 1812 – 1865 | her parents
& 1836 Turner Paige Westray ca 1801 – 1868 | his parents
of Nash Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Sallie Matilda Moore ca 1812 – 30 Sept 1865
married 3 May 1836 Turner Paige Westray ca 1801 – 14 May 1868 Nash Co NC
son of Samuel Westry of Nash Co and wife Sarah Bradford

  1. Samuel E. Westray 5 Nov 1838 – 15 Feb 1894

never married – but provided for three natural daughters in his will.
a. Sallie M. Moss (she had a white mother)
by a black woman
b. Daisy Bunting
c. Maggie Bunting

Sam Westray 1838-1894

Note: when Sam Westray died in 1894 his 7 first cousins [or their heirs] all shared in the estate – e.g. Dr. G C Moore’s share was 1/7 of the estate and each of his 7 children received $10,000, which was quite a sum of money in those days.
The money seems to have come from Sam E Westray’s extensive real-estate holdings. [Vick 342 ac tract in Nash Co, Wells & Bailey tract in Nash Co 140.5 ac., Boston Battle tract 58 acres, The California and Steam Mill Place in Edgecombe Co 1900 ac., Jones Place in town of Rocky Mount, Edgecombe 1.5 ac, lot in RM – Mrs. Annie Griffin Place, lot in RM known as Parker Well, lot in RM known as Westray open, lot in RM known as the Westray Brick Store lot, lot in RM known as the Davenport lot, tract of land near RM known as the Armstrong Place 39 ac, tract of land near RM known as Weston Place 98 acres, tract of land in Nash Co known as the John T Braswell Mill Tract 15 acres, lot in City of Wilmington known as the Commercial Hotel lot, lot in Wilmington known as Store No 15 lot, another known as Store No 13 lot, and another lot known as Store No 104 lot.

Sally’s 3 great uncle; half brother of Dr. Godwin C Moore

Dr. Charles Godfrey Jones 1828 – 1892 | his parents
& 1865 Camilla A Fossen Porter 1841 – 1917 | her parents
of Virginia and Texas

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1 March 1846 from Charles G Jones & John W Moore to Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore
letter1d letter1c letter1b letter1a
lettter in possession of John Wheeler Moore McGhee

Dr Charles Godfrey Jones 28 Feb 1828 VA – 21 March 1892 Monterrey, Mex.


married 9 Oct 1865 Camilla A Fossen Porter 8 Mar 1841 TN -15 Oct 1917 TX

Dr. Charles Godfrey Jones & Camilla A Fossen Porter had:
[in June 1894 John Godwin Jones, Esther Camille Jones and Charles Godwin Jones 1/3 x 1/7 being 1/21 each, in the right of their father Charles Godwin Jones – div. of the estate of Samuel E Westray]
1. John Godwin Jones 1875 – dec
married Rosa Daniel
a. son Jones
b. Annie Elizabeth “Sing”Jones 10 July 1902 Austin TX – 12 Sept 1998 Nemo TX
married Clarence Ira “Bob” Langdon, a WWI military pilot
i. Dr. Robert “Bob” William Godwin Langdon 18 January 1923 – 19 March 2011
MD and PhD, U of Chicago
married June 1945 Ellen Adams Sandlas div: 1972
1. Cecilia “Cia” Marie Langdon
married Ben Gadd
2. Diana “Danni” Langdon
married Carl Jacobson
3. Carmelia “Mia” Langdon
4. Robert “Rob” Langdon
married Maria
e-mail from Cia “My grandmother used to tell of living in Austin, where Grandmother Daniel owned nearly a whole city block near the governor’s mansion. Brother and sister Jones married sister & brother Daniel, and the little double-first-cousins enjoyed adjoining backyards and were the best of pals. My grandmother always referred to her cousin Camille as “Cuddy”. (I only vaguely remember hearing “Doods”, but other family members might have called her that).”

Robert William Godwin Langdon


January 18, 1923 – March 19, 2011

  1. Esther Camille Jones 1876 –
    married Patrick Daniel Jr
    a. Camille “Doods” Daniel
    b. Fritz Daniel
    3. Charles Godwin Jones 7 Aug 1878 Austin, TX – 15 April 1960 Weslaco TX



married Austin TX 1 Mar 1907 Roxie Addie Wingate
9 Mar 1888 Floresville TX – 3 July 1934 Weslaco TX
a. Charles Godwin Jones ca 1915 –
married Frances Lucile Reagh
b. Letharay Jones 3 Aug 1912 – 20 Jan 1995 Weslaco, TX



married 1942 Norris Richey d. 1969
c. John Walter Jones ca 1925 –


married Margie Fay Wills
i. Cynthia Sue Jones
married Gregg Shriner
1. Micah Corbin Shriner
married Olivia Olivarez
a. Matthew Corbin Shriner
b. Amber Olivia Shriner
ii. Candace Winifred Jones
married Cliff Clark
1. Austin Ray Clark
2. Christa Lucille Clark
3. Georgia Ray Clark
iii. Penelope Faye Jones e-mail
married 1st Howard Allen Talbert
1. Joshua Lee Talbert


married Janelle Lee Looney
a. Connor Lee Talbert
b. William Allen Talbert
married 2nd Ramiro Molina Jr
iv. Taffany Anne Jones
married 1st Ralph Clarence Crowder
1. Ralph Clarence Crowder
2. Dustin John Crowder

Emeline’s in-laws

Samuel Claudius LeVert M.D. ca 1750 –
& 1785 Ann Lea Metcalfe
of France and Virginia

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Samuel Claudius LeVert M.D. was born in Lyon, France son of Francois LeVert and wife Margot Verdot. He came to America as ship’s surgeon on one of DeRochambeau’s vessels “The Independence” during the American Revolutionary War.

Dr. Samuel Claudius LeVert married in 1785 in King Wm County VA Ann Lea Metcalfe, daughter of Thomas Metcalfe and wife Elizabeth Stracey.

Children of Dr. Samuel Claudius LeVert and Ann Lea Metcalfe:
1. Eugene Verdot LeVert 20 Oct 1795 King Wm Co VA – 1875
Methodist Minister
married 23 Jan 1823 Martha Patton 23 Jan 1804 GA – 9 July 1846 AL
dau of Samuel Patton and Lydia Holmes of Greene Co AL
married 2nd 9 Feb 1847 Emeline E Moore [Fletcher] ca 1805 – 3 Nov 1872 Marion AL
widow of Dr. Nathaniel W Fletcher of Marion AL
2. Dr. Henry Stracey LeVert 1804 – 1864 Mobile AL
Medical Doctor – became ill in 1859

Madame LeVert House & Office, 151 & 153 Government Street, Mobile, Mobile County, AL
Historic American Buildings Survey E. W. Russell, Photographer, Copy made April 15, 1935 REPRODUCTION OF PHOTOGRAPH OF BUILDING BEFORE NEW FRONT WAS ADDED (CHRIST CHURCH TOWER IN BACKGROUND)
HABS ALA,49-MOBI,31-1 LOC/ American Memory

married 1836 Octavia Celeste Valentine Walton 11 Aug 1811 – 1877
“Bellevue “near Augustus GA –
writer and women’s rights activist, who gave the name Tallahasse to the captial of Florida.
dau of George Walton II, secretary and acting gov. of FL

Madame Octavia Walton LeVert, “Pride of Mobile”
Mobile’s most famous belle of the 18th century\

a, Octavia LeVert never married
b. Annette LeVert
married Regyle Reab
i. one child
c. Clandin Eugenia LeVert 22 May 1838 – 8 May 1849
d. Sarah Walker LeVert 6 April 1841 – 3 May 1849
3. Francis John LeVert d 1869
lived in Huntsville AL
married Ann Eliza Withers
a. Claude LeVert
married 17 June 1873 Capt Daniel Coleman
b. Miss LeVert
married Francis Turner Mastin
4. ? LeVert

ghost story re Dr. Henry S LeVert

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  1. Regarding “N W Fletcher had an uncle, a younger brother of his father, Matthew Myrick Fletcher also living in Perry Co, AL.”, I think Matthew Myrick Fletcher was the younger brother of Nathaniel Wyche Fletcher, not his uncle.

    Matthew Myrick Fletcher was a few years younger than Nathaniel Wyche Fletcher based on census records.

    Also, in “The Story of the Myricks” by Allie Goodwin Myrick Bowden, she lists the numerous descendants of Rachel Middleton Myrick Fletcher, who were referenced in her 21 Feb 1817 will recorded in Brunswick County VA on 28 Mar 1817.

    One line includes “Nathaniel Wyche Fletcher, Sarah E. M. Fletcher, Rebecca A. H. Fletcher, Matthew M. Fletcher”. I think these are the children of John Wyche Jr., who you have referenced – he married Rebecca Wyche.

  2. I am 2014-15 Grand Historian for the Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Alabama.
    Your Dr. Fletcher (I believe) was Grand Mater of the Grand Lodge in the early 1800’s.
    Do you have anything about his burial?

    1. No, I do not. but suspect since it was early Jan. he was returned to Marion AL and buried in the garden of his home.
      If you find something more do let me know. SMK

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