William Hardy & Sarah Sowell

6th generation

William Hardy 1729 – 1783 | his parents
& 1751 Sarah Sowell ca 1733 – 1809 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

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William Hardy and Sarah Sowell were married 26 Nov 1751 in Bertie Co NC.
This William Hardy was the son of Lamb Hardy the son of William Hardy.
Sarah Sowell was the daughter of Charles Sowell and his wife Mary E.
William Hardy died 17 December 1
Sarah Sowell Hardy died 20 July 1809.

Children of William Hardy and wife Sarah Sowell:
1. Martha Hardy 17 Oct 1752 –
married Job Hunter
2. Lemuel [Lamb] Hardy 20 Jan 1755 – 1797 Bertie Co NC
married 23 Aug 1790 Winiford Boswell
Charles Boswell, Bm
a. Thomas Hardy
b. William P Hardy
c. Elizabeth Hardy
3. Elizabeth Hardy 25 March 1757 –
married Moses Williams
4. Sarah Hardy 12 April 1759
married Epherim White
5. William Parrot Hardy 15 Sept 1761 – ca 1830
William Hardy deeded land to his son William P. Hardy on Dec. 10, 1767 (Book L, p. 108).

married Sarah Fleetwood
6. Charles Hardy 25 June 1765 – 1845
married Mary
7. Edward Hardy 17 Mar 1770 – 3 April 1837
At 21, Edward was ordained in the Methodist Church.
In 1795, he was assigned to Mt. Zion Church in Currituck Co.

married Lydia Jarvis ca 1777 – 1807
a. William Jarvis Hardy ca 1806 –
married Elizabeth Murden 1782 – 1815
b. Thomas Asbury Hardy ca 1812 – 27 July 1876
married Elizabeth Margaret Pierce 1812 – 1881
i. Mary Pinckney Hardy 1852 – 3 Dec 1935
married 19 May 1875 Arthur MacArthur 2 June 1845 – 5 Sept 1912
1. [Gen.] Douglas MacArthur 26 Jan 1880 – 5 April 1964
married 1922 Louise Cromwell Brooks
married 1937 Jean Faircloth
married Dorcas Woodhouse 1775 – 1816
married Lydia White 1784 – 1853
c. Edward Washington Hardy ca 1818 –
d. John Butt Hardy
e. Charles Wesley Hardy ca 1824 –
f. Henry Clark Hardy ca 1826 –
g. Lemuel Coke Hardy
Note: Edward was the Great Grandfather of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
The line is as follows; Edward to Thomas Asbury Hardy to Mary Pinckney Hardy who married Arthur MacArthur, father of General MacArthur

8. John Hardy 13 June 1773 – 25 Sept 1854 Opelika, Russell Co, AL
John Hardy (son of William Hardy and Sarah Sowell) born on June 13, 1773, Bertie Co, NC and died at the home of a daughter in Opelika, AL, September 25, 1854 after outliving most of his children. He was buried at Old Lebanon Cemetery near Opelika, AL. His will is on file at Phenix City, AL.
(Will Book #2 p. 99 April 12, 1854 – November 18, 1854 – Russell Co., AL)

married 9 April 1793 Jamima Wilson died bef 1798 ??
married 15 Nov 1798 Elizabeth Ward 1773 – bef 1854 Lincoln Co, GA
9. Benjamin Hardy 21 July 1779 – July 1821 Bertie Co
married 21 July 1799 Eleanor [Nellie] Ward 1780 – July 1852 Bertie Co

Will of William Hardy, miller 6 Dec 1783 Prob. Feb Ct 1784
“.. being weak in body..”
All my personal estate should remain together for ten years to raise my children and school them, but if my wife marries she shall receive one-third and the other two-thirds shall be divided among my children, but if she dies the whole amount shall be divided among my children and my lands and mill shall be divided among my six sons, making certain that my son Benjamin should have the place where the house stands, and that my daughter Elizabeth shall have the use of the shed room with the chimney until she marries. Nothing shall hinder my wife from lending to any of my children that shall marry within this period of ten years anything they shall need. If any of my sons shall die before the age of twenty -one or without heirs his part shall be divided among the surviving sons. My wife is to live upon my land during her natural life. My daughters shall have a proportionate part of my estate.
EX: brothers Edward Hardy and Jesse Hardy, sons Lamb Hardy and William Parrot Hardy, wife Sarah Hardy
Wit: Thomas Johnson, Abraham Lee, Stephen Lee

Will of Sarah [x] Hardy 20 July 1808 Prob Aug Ct 1809
“…being sick and weak…”
The division of my Negroes which was made among my children last November shall stand and each of my children shall have the Negro drawn in the division, and the orphans of my dec’d son Lamb Hardy shall have the Negro drawn for them. My executors are to pay to my son Charles Hardy out of the money received from my other children in consequence of the division of Negroes and they shall also pay my son Benjamin Hardy the money due him in the division. My wearing apparel shall be divided among my surviving daughters.
EX: sons William P Hardy, Benjamin Hardy
Wit: Cornelious Williams, Sarah Williams

Will of Lamb Hardy, schoolmaster 8 Feb 1797 Prob Feb Ct 1797
“…being weak in body…”
– wife Winifred – the use of my estate to help her raise my children during her widowhood but if she marries then she will have a child’s share and will have no right to any of my land. My son Thomas and William P. are to be bound to some good person or persons as they come to the age of ten and twelve. My wife is to bring up my little daughter Elisabeth, but if my wife dies, then my daughter shall be bound out. Each of my children may have an equal part in my estate, both real and personal. Whereas my mother’s Negro man Dave has begun a tar kiln on my land, I give him liberty to burn it and take it off, provided he gives to my heirs every fourth barrel at the landing.
EX: brother William P Hardy, brother Benjamin Hardy, wife
Wit: Moses Williams, Elizabeth [x] Speight, sen, Elizabeth [x] Williams

ESTATE OF WILLIAM HARDY From the original sent to my by Jeanne Hardy Tipton
William Hardy decd Papers for the Division of his Estate among his children 1793 Recorded in Book F page 545 An Inventory of the estate of Wm. Hardy Recorded in Book D page 330 There is an extensive list of items in this estate and I have not made a full list but it included such items as 9 Negroes farm equipment – saws, fire tongs, shovels, hoes, flows farm produce – corn, potatoes, salt, flour, flax, cotton 5 horses 34 cattle 15 sheep 14 sows, 65 pigs and 47 other hogs 22 chickens, 25 turkeys and 47 other fowls 4 stocks of bees books furniture – tables, table cloths, chests, 4 beds, 2 pillows, 12 chairs, pots, pans, candles, candle snuffers, candlesticks, glasses, plates, knives, folks one file, one surveyor chair money scales 5 spinning wheels 5 pair of cards carpenter tools 1 cart 67 weight of pewter 2 saddles, 2 bridles 2 grindstones tailor shears looking glasses mill picks writing paper 40 barrels of turpintine one bag, two wallets, two towels and so forth inventory taken by Wm. P. Hardy, Jesse Hardy, Edward Hardy – no date there are additional sheets for the estate with the valuation and mostly a repeat but some articles not above a Bible, Prayer Book, yoke of oxen, three volumes Mares arithmetic, Harvey’s Meditations, bull, walnut chairs, guns Negroes as follows – Tom, Dave, Brutus, Andrew, Harry, Daniel, Frank, Simon, Peter, Matt, Abram, woman Bell, woman Penn, girl Rose, girl Easter, girl, Polly Sum of Valuation of the Inventory – 1124.8 pounds Lamb Hardy’s on the books of the dec – I am not sure about the valuation on these so not going to try and guess at it Elizabeth on the books of the dec William Parrott on the books of the dec Charles on the books of the dec Edward’s on the books of the dec Total 1199 pounds 9 shilling 8 pence ?? Mrs Hardy’s 1/3 share 399 pounds 15 shillings ?/ pence Martha’s acct of her father’s Sarah’s acc of her father’s Land valued at 200 pound There is a full page of what the widow received as her 1/3 part The negroes she received were Dave, Ben Rofe Moses William’s received her share including negroes Tom and Polly Lamb received Negro Daniel Another list Martha Hunter received Wink Bett and assume other items and her part of the estate was worth 110 pounds 08 shillings 12 pence Lamb Hardy received his 1/6 part of the land, negro boy Daniel, and other sundrys worth 118.08.12 Elizabeth Williams received 2 negroes Poll & Tom and other sundrys worth 118.08.17 Sarah Sutton received Matt & Simon and other sundrys worth 118.8. 11/5 William P. hardy received 1/6 of the land, negro Brutus, other sundrys $138.7.8 Charles Hardy received 1/6 part of the land, negroe Andrew, and other sundry 148.6.8 Edward Hardy received 1/6 land, negro Harry, other sundries 119.19 John Hardy received 1.6 part of land, 1 bed and furniture, 2 negroes Easter and Peter 118.8.12 Benjamin Hardy received 1 bed and furniture, 1/6 part of land, 2 negroes Frank and Abram 118.8.12 Mrs. Sarah Hardy’s 1/3 part was worth 400.13.6 *** Lamb Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows – being the old plantation lot – Beginning at the mouth of a branch at the run of the middle swamp, Moses William’s Corner, thence along his line to a pine his and Charles Hardy’s Corner, thence a line of marked trees to a pine in a branch, Wm Hardy’s Corner, thence a long of marked trees t old plantation thence a straight course through the Plantation to an oak saplin about twenty yards below the mill dam, thence a straight course to the run of the swamp at the mill dam, thence down the run of the swamp to the first station. Wm. P. Hardy’s Land – Bounded as follows. Being the Mill Lot – Beginning at the Mill dam & run of the swamp, Lamb Hardy’s corner thence along his line to a pine his and Wm. P. Hardy’s corner in a branch, thence down to a branch to the run of the Beaver Dam branch, thence down the various courses of the run of sd Beaverdam branch to an Island in the swamp, thence the swamp side of sd Island to the great Beaverdam, thence along the Beaverdam to the run of the swamp, thence down the run of the swamp to the first station. Unto which Lot of Land belongs the mill & one acre of land at the other end of the mill dam Charles Hardy’s Land, Bounded as follows: viz – Beginning at a pine in a branch, Lamb Hardy’s & Wm. P. Hardy’s corner, thence along Lamb Hardy’s line to a pine, Moses William’s Corner, thence along Williams & Coffields lines to a pine in Capehart’s line, thence Capehart’s line to a pine, Edward Hardy’s corner, thence along his line to Benjamin Hardy’s corner, thence down a branch carried up Benjamin’s line brought up to another branch, Wm. P. Hardy’s, thence up sd branch to the first Station Edward Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows viz – Beginning at a pine in Capehart’s line, Charles Hardy’s corner, thence along Capehart’s line, to a white oak, Jonathan Jacock’s corner, thence his line to a pine, Stephen Smith’s corner, thence along his line to a slash that makes out of the rooty branch, Benjamin Hardy’s line thence down sd slash to a branch, Charles Hardy’s line thence his line to the first station. John Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows. Viz – Beginning at the great Beaverdam and turn of the swamp, Wm. P. Hardy’s corner, thence his line to the Beaverday branch, thence up the run of sd branch to a red oak, thence a line of marked trees to a little branch thence up sd little branch to the head, thence a line of marked trees a post oak in Stephen Smith’s line, thence his line to the run of the Middle Swamp thence down the run of sd swamp to the first station. Benjamin Hardy’s Land Bounded as follows Viz: — Beginning at a post oak in Stephen Smith’s line, John Hardy’s corner, thence along Smith’s line to Edward Hardy’s corner, in a slash, thence down ??? Edward Hardy’s line to a branch, Charles Hardy’s line, thence down sd branch to another branch, Wm. P. Hardy’s line, thence down sd branch to John Hardy’s line, thence his line to the first station

Edward Hardy’s Will courtesy of Gayle Hardy:
Currituck County Wills

Edward Hardy April 3, 1837; May Term 1837
Currituck Co. Will Book 4, pp. 37-39

In the name of God, Amen, I Edward Hardy of the County of Currituck and State of North Carolina being confined to a bed of affliction but of sound mind and disposing memory (blessed be God for the same) and calling to mind the Uncertainty of life do make and constitute this my last will and Testament in manner and form as Follows to wit–
First, I resign my Soul in to the Hands of almighty God who gave it, and my body to be buried, in a plain christian like manner by my Executor or Executors herein after named.
– Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Lydia my old Horse and Gig, & Harniss, fifty Barrels corn, three feather beds and furniture First choice, one thousand pounds pork salted two or three sows and pigs as She may like twenty head shoats of the second size four Ews and Lambs the first choice Two or three cows and calvs First choice one young yoke of pied oxen unbroke brought from Knots Island one canoe called the Rambler with the Timber and nails intended for her repairs also my young Mare called Bett and fifty dollars in cash to be paid Her by my Executor at some convenient time after the credits of my sale fall due to her and her heirs Forever.
– Item It is my will and desire, that all my negroes together with the residue of my real and personal Estate, not herein before named, be sold at private or public sale, to the best advantage for the Interest of my Estate at the discretion of my Executor. Having respect to the local situation of those of my negroes who have wives and husbands which I do not wish sold to be separated provided they cannot be sold in the manner without too great a sacrifice which I Leave to the discretion of my Executors and out of the Proceeds arising from said sale Together with all my money on hand and which is due me first to pay all my just debts and then
– to pay to my son John Butt Hardy one Hundred and fifty Dollars and then my will and desire is that my Executor or Executors retain in his or their hands five Hundred Dollars for each of my two sons Lemuel Coke and Henry Clark Hardy to be expended with the Interest that may acrew there on in the raising and educating them, or so much thereof as may be necessary For their support and education from time to time the Balance if any to be kept on Interest for their Benefit in the hands of my Executor or Executors without bond or security and out of the Balance of the Proceeds of Said &c.
– I Give to each of my Sons, Charles Wesley Edward Washington John Butt Lemuel Coke and Henry Clark Hardy one hundred Dollars each, & in case of the death of Either of my Sons Lemuel Coke or Henry Clark Hardy before they arrive to the age of Twenty one years, my will and desire is that the legacies or monies bequeathed To them as above mentioned and that which may herein after be given to them or such part there of as may not have been expended on them previous to their Decease, be equally divided among all my surviving Children or their heirs Lawfully begotten of their body and all the Balance of the proceeds arising from the sales my Estate as afore said together with whatever else may be remaining of my Estate after settling and paying the necessary Expenses of Settling the same I leave to be equally Divided between my sons William Jarvis, Thomas Asbury, Charles Wesley, Edward Washington, John Butt and Lemuel Coke and Henry Clark Hardy to them and their heirs forever and my will and desire is that the legacies or monies herein bequeathed to my Sons Lemuel Coke and Henry Clark Hardy remain In the hands of my Executor or Executors or some other person by him or them appointed to be kept on Interest untill they arrive to the age of Twenty one years and in case of the death of Either of them before they arive to the age of 21 years to be disposed of as herein before provided
Lastly I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my Son William Jarvis Hardy my whole and sole Executor of this my Last will and testament without bond and security which I do not wish him to give In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 3 day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight Hundred thirty seven (1837)
Edward Hardy (seal)
Amanda E. Hughs
Mariah Etheridge

The Last Will and Testament of Edward Hardy, Decd. Exhibited at May Term 1837 and proven by the oaths of Amanda E. Hughs and Mariah Etheridge Jurats and ordered Recorded.

Recorded and Examined the 12 day of June 1837
Attest John W. Hughs C.C.C.

5th generation

Lemuel [Lamb] Hardy ca 1697 – 1761 | his parents
& 1715? Elizabeth Parrott ca 1702 – 1800 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

Lemuel (Lamb) Hardy was born before 1711 (estimated as 1695 to 1700) when his grandfather, James Fewox (Fox) remembered him in his will.
This Lemuel [Lamb] Hardy was the son of William Hardy.
Lamb married Elizabeth Parrott, a daughter of Francis Parrott and his wife, Frances Johnson Parrott. (*Chowan records in 1715*, book B:, No.1, p. 178).
Upon Francis Parrott’s death, his widow Frances married Martin Frederick Rasor.
Lemuel I was spoken of in Saunders’ *Colonial records of North Carolina* as “Lamb Hardy, a wealthy planter of this period”, who lived on Salmon Creek in Bertie County.

Children of Lamb Hardy and Elizabeth Parrott:
1. William Hardy 1729 – 1783

married 26 Nov 1751 Sarah Sowell ca 1733 – 20 July 1809 Bertie Co
2. Lemuel [Lamb] Hardy 20 May 1730 Bertie – 8 Feb 1797 Dobbs Co NC
married Mary Elizabeth Sutton 6 Nov 1747 – 1800 Greene Co NC
daughter of Thomas Sutton and Judith Hardison
3. Benjamin Hardy 1732 – 1790 Dobbs Co NC
Benjamin sold his land on Salmon Creek in 1768 and settled on Bear Creek, Dobbs County, NC. Member of the Colonial Assembly in 1771 and a Justice of the Peace. Member of the First Provincial Congress held in New Bern from 1766-1768 (from Johnston Co, Assembly 1767, 1768, 1771 and later from Dobbs). Benjamin was a private in the Revolutionary War. Held political positions, worked for and furnished supplies to the Revolutionary forces.
married 1753 Nancy Ann Howell ca 1736 Surry Co VA – ca 1790
dau of Nathaniel Howell and Susannah ?
a. Elizabeth Hardy 1754 – ca 1816
married Thomas Dawson
i. Nancy Dawson
married 1812 Simon Herring ca 1780 – 1842 Lenoir Co
1. Elizabeth [Betsy] Herring 3 March 1813 – 31 Dec 1883
married 1826 John Barrow
b. Susan Hardy 1756 –
married John Simon Herring
i. married Nancy Dawson
ii. Susan Herring 1774 –
married John [Jack] Barrow
1. John Barrow 1805 – 1857
married Elizabeth Herring
a. George Albert Augustus Barrow 1853 – 1924
married Ida Elizabeth Moore
c. Lydia Hardy 26 April 1768 – 1820
married 1786 Parrott Mewborn
i. Parrott Mewborn Jr. 1 Jan 1799 – 29 April 1864 Lenoir Co
d. Anne Hardy
4. Frances Hardy 1734 – 27 July 1802 Bertie Co
married 7 March 1756 Michael Capehart 1729/34 – 1785 Bertie Co
son of George Capehart and Mary Chrock
a. George Capehart
b. Michael Capehart
c. William Capehart
d. James Capehart
e. John Capehart
f. Mary Capehart 1763 – 1847
married 7 March 1789 George Peter Zellner 1760 – 1822
i. John William Zellner 1794 – 1862
married 7 March 1819 Martha Moncrief 1796 – 1848
1. Oliver Peter Zellner 1824 – 1868
married 20 Jan 1847 Nancy Winfield Pruitt 1830 – ca 1900
a. Michael Hillery Zellner 1856 – 1900
married 1885 Alice Taylor 1858 –
g grandparents of Patricia
5. Edward Hardy 1737 Bertie Co – 16 July 1819 Putnam Co GA
named an executor of his brother William’s will in 1783 Bertie Co
married 6 Jan 1765 Winifred Weston d 1818
William Hardy, Lemuel Hardy, Jno. F Lamber, Bm.; Sarah [x] Hardy wit -Bertie Co
6. Humphrey Hardy 1740 – Feb 1810 Bertie Co

married 19 Mar 1764 Mourning Howell
dau of John Howell and Jane 1st married to Smith
a. Miles Hardy of Washington Co NC
i. Henry Hardy
ii. Harriet Lee Hardy
b. Charles Hardy
i. Martha Hardy
c. John Hardy
d. Jonathan Hardy
e. Joseph Hardy
?married Elizabeth Sheppard
[married 19 Sept 1787 Nancy Hoggard
Silas Belote, Bm – Bertie Co]
f. Jarsey? Brown Hardy
married Jeremiah Devan
married 2nd bef 1809 Martha T Collins d bef 12 Nov 1813
7. Elizabeth Hardy 1743 – 1795
married Thomas Speight d 1795 Bertie Co
8. Jesse Hardy 1744 – 3 Sept 1827 Lincoln Co GA
named an executor of his brother William’s will in 1783 Bertie Co
married bef 1773 Elizabeth Razor
a. Jesse Hardy 1775 – 26 July 1845
married 17 Oct 1796 Sarah Sutton ca 1773 –
married 2nd ca 1820 Nancy Jeter 29 Feb 1796 – 24 Mar 1881
dau of James Jeter and Martha Jennings
9. John B Hardy 1746 – 2 May 1808 Lincoln Co GA
married Sarah Sutton 1758 – 1825 testate
10. dau Hardy
married John Bowen Jr son of John Bowen
11. Anna Hardy d 1787
married John Crickett d 1767
12. Isaac Hardy dsp

Lamb Hardy to Governor Gabriel Johnston, 01 May 1751, 20 pounds for 270 acres on Salmon Creek adj. Thomas Ryan as by Deed bearing date the first day of August in the year 1750 from my father William Hardy Witness: Samuel Ormes, William Hardy May Court 1751, Bertie County, North Carolina.
(Colonial Bertie by Mary Best Bell page 213.)

Gabriel Johnston, Governor to Lamb Hardy, 24 May 1751, 20 pounds for 300 acres adjacent Gabriel Johnston, Lamb Hardy, and John Nichols on Middle Swamp of Salmon Creek. Witness: Samule Ormes, William Hardy May Court 1751, Bertie County, North Carolina. Samuel Ormes C/C
(Colonial Bertie by Mary Best Bell, page 213.)

Elizabeth Hardy, wife of Lamb, identified a son in in a deed dated 26 July 1757. She made a deed gift of 200 acres for love for my dutiful son, Benjamin Hardy. The deed was witnessed by William Hardy, son of Lamb, and Henry Fleetwood. Frances Rasor identified another child of Lamb and Elizabeth when she made her will. The child was a granddaughter named. Frances. Frances married Michael Capehart, Sr., and he identified William Hardy as his brother-in-law in his will. The son William, nearly always identified himself in the records as son of Lamb. When he made his will he identified two of his brothers who were Jesse and Edward. (Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

On 4 Apr 1761, an inventory of the good and chattels of the estate of Lamb Hardy, deceased, was exhibited into court on oath by William Hardy, son of Lamb.

On the 11th Feb 1748, Frances Rasor made a deed of gift of 200 acres to her loving and dutiful daughter Elizabeth Hardy. The land was located on the Eastmost Swamp (G-148). Wm Hardy, Probably the father of Lamb, and William Keeter witnessed the deed. (Bell, Mary Best. Colonial Bertie Co., NC, Deed Book A-H, 1720-1757)

4th generation

William Hardy ca 1680 – 1751 | his parents
& Edith Batchelor [Fewox] ca 1680 – ca 1714 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

William Hardy was a cooper.
Edith Batchelor was born before 1660 Norfolk VA and died about 1750 Salmon Ck. She was the daughter of Richard Batchelor and Ann Biggs.

Children of William Hardy and wife Edith:
1. Lemuel [Lamb] Hardy ca 1697 – 1761 [ca 1707 – 1761]
married Elizabeth Parrott 1702 – 1800 Bertie Co
2. Edward Hardy ca 1713 -d aft 1784 NC
married ?
3. Jesse Hardy ca 1715 –
4. Robert Hardy ca 1711 – 1779
married Agnes d 1783 Edenton
5. William Hardy II ca 1717 – 1784
married Sarah Parrott
a. Samuel Hardy
b. Mary Hardy
c. Ann Hardy
married Moses Newbern
d. John Hardy
e. Edith Hardy
married William Keeter
6. Mary Hardy 1710 – ca 1790

He was a justice of the peace and a substantial planter.

Edith Batchelor has been referred to at times as Edith Fewox. Mrs. Ima Mewborn proved she was in fact Edith Batchelor. Edith Batchelor moved from Norfolk County, Virginia with her stepfather John Fewox and her mother Ann Biggs Batchelor. The wife of William Hardy was Edith Batchelor also referred to as Edith Fewox because of her stepfather.

2-3 Edward Batchelor Senior, b. c1671, Will Probate, September 21, 1706, Tyrrell County, NC Last Will and Testament references but does not name wife and son. Wife’s name was Pathella ______. Edward moved to Chowan (Later Tyrrell) County NC with his mother Ann (Biggs – Shaw/Bachelor) Faux/Fewox and step-father James Fewox. James Fewox received land in NC on February 10, 1696 for having imported Edward. In 1702 James Fewox is again mentioned as having imported Edith (Edy) Batchelor (See 2-6 Below)..

2-4 Richard Batchelor Junior m. Katherine _______, the assumed widow of one John Spellman who d. after April 12, 1697. James Fewox, Richard’s step-father, petitioned the NC court in 1694 (CCR187) for 100 acres of land for having imported Richard Batchelor to NC. Richard Batchelor signed petition of the Honorable Thomas Carey, “President and Commander-In-Chief” of NC, requesting a court be established for Archdale and Wyckham Precincts (in existence1705- 1712). Land records indicate a Richard
Batchelor purchased 229 acres in chowan County, NC in 1704 and sold said land in 1709. In 1714 he purchased 50 acres. In 1716 he sold 150 acres. September 14, 1737 he received a grant of 400 acres in Onslow County, (SE North CArolina) from King George II and an additional grant of 50 acres further south in Hanover County September 27, 1756. Questions do arise of whethere or not these land grants are for this Richard Batchelor or a descendent.

2-5 Alice Batchelor by uncertain appearance .. m. James Wilson. Records of Johanna Biggs reveal that after her death her second husband Matthew Caswell married the widow of James Wilson Senior. Matthew Caswell is recorded as having sold to James Wilson Junior and his wife ‘Alice’ land he had inherited from Richard Bachelor through Richard’s will. James Fewox is recorded as having imported James and Alice Wilson to North Carolina.

2-6 Edith Batchelor m. William Hardy son of Lemuel Hardy d. 1722. Edith probably accompanied her mother, Ann (Biggs) Batchelor, father-in-law, James Fewox, and brother, Edward Batchelor Senior, to Chowan (later Tyrrell) County, NC in late 1600. In December court, 1702, James Fewox claimed NC land for importation of Edith (Edy) and Richard Batchelor.

William came to North Carolina in 1695 with his parents.

William Hardy had a land grant in the Chowan Precinct, now Tyrrell County, North Carolina. It was located near James Feowox and Godfrey Spruill. William Hardy later moved to the Salmon Creek area of Bertie County, North Carolina.

May 28, 1704, James Fewox sent a note to Old Albemarle Co., NC court, stating that he was assigning four of his rights to William Hardy and three to John Anderson for importing various persons to the colony, including John Hassell and members of the Phelps family. (See Old Albemarle Co., NC, Miscellaneous Records, 1678-1737, trans. Weynette Parks Haun, 243 Argonne Dr., Durham, NC 27704, 1982, p. 28 , citing original, p.93)

Land Grant; William Hardie, 24 June 1704, 220 acres in Chowan Precinct on the NW side of the
Custoponung River joining Cabin Landing, Cypress Swamp, and the said river. (NC Land Patents 1663-1729 by Hofmann, page 33, Patent book one, page 127.)

James Fewox’s will, dated March 2, 1710, proved Jan 9, 1712. It leaves to John Lawson land adjoining William Hardy. The will also mentions Edith Batchelor Hardy’s son Lemuel/Lamm Hardy. (see Early Records of NC, 1663-1722. #169, transcribing original will on file with Secretary of State.)

April 20, 1714, Mary Fewox Lawson, widow, mortgaged two pieces of property to Col. Thomas Pollock. The first was the plantation on the Scuppernong on which William Hardy was living; the other was an adjoining plantation which Mary Fewox Lawson had bought from her half-brother Robert Fewox. The deed was witnessed by Thomas Bray, John Hardy (William’s brother), and John Nairn (Chowan Co., DB B-1, p.34).

William Hardy I owned land in Chowan County in September 7, 1714 (Chowan County, Book B, p. 85). He had a grandson whose name was William, and signed his name as a “son of Lamb”. (Hardy-Dunkin Ancestry by James Turner)

Oct 14, 1715, Robert Fewox and wife Martha sold to Robert Fewox’s cousin John Hassell 150 acres on the east side of the Scuppernong, adjoining the Shallow Landing, the valley Mahomet’s Swamp, James Fewox’s old courses, Phelps’ swamp. The deed notes that the land is a plantation deeded to Robert Fewox by his father’s will. This deed was witnessed by Robert Fewox’s brother-in-law William Hardy (by mark) and by John Wingate (Chowan Co., DB B-1, p.189)

28 October 1717, John Hardy of Chowan Precinct with the consent of Rebecca my wife to William Hardy of Chowan Precinct, Cooper for the love and affection I bear my brother 270 acres more or less on the South side of Salmon Creek joining my own land and the creek. Witness: Edward Howard, and John Hollbrook Reg: 24 January 1717. (Chowan Precinct 1696-1723, Hofmann, page 129. Chowan Deed Book B, #1, page 523.)

March 28,1719, Robert Fewox bought from Samuel Spruill the contents of a deed of sale from William Hardy (Chowan Co., DB C-1, p.99) William Hardy was Robert Fewox’s brother-in-law.

William Hardy was listed as a tithable between Salmon Creek and the Cathy (Cashie) River on the ninth of June 1719. His brothers John and Jacob also were on the list. (Thomas Phillips of Pitt Co., NC and Affiliated Families, by G. Howard and Shirley Brague Phillips, 1992, pp. 81-84)

William Hardy I was also prominent in Colonial affairs. He was a cooper and his registered mark on his barrels was a large “W” (Bertie Book G, p.322). The making of barrels was a growing industry in the young colony, where many were in demand for the exportation of whiskey, tar, pitch and turpentine.

William Hardy, cooper to Lamb Hardy, 01 August 1750 Gift 270 acres In consideration of Natural good will love and affection which I have or bear to my son, Land on Salmon Creek adj. Thomas Ryan, Witness: William Hardy, Jr., Edward Rasor, August Court 1750. Samuel Ormes C/C. (Colonial Bertie by Mary Best Bell, page 210.)

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3rd generation – the emigrant

John Hardy 1665 – 1718/19 | his parents
& Charity Odger ca 1660 – bef 1719 | her parents
of Dorchestershire, Eng and Bertie Co NC

John Hardy was born 7 Oct 1665 in Dorchestershire, England. He died 19 Jan 1718/19 in Chowan Precint

The Hardy Family came to Bertie (then part of Chowan Precinct.) about 1690.
John Hardy was a Sea Captain who established a trading post at Colerain for the barter of turpentine tar, pitch, staves, barrels and other commodities for the exchange of West Indies products.
On the 7th Oct 1695 John Hardy proved his rights for himself, wife Charity, John Jr. William, Thomas, and Jacob, and Mary Hardy

Children of John Hardy and Charity Odger:
1. John Hardy 1690 – 1719/20
married Rebecca Byrd [others say Sutton]
a. Elizabeth Hardy
married 1722 Nathaniel Hill
b. Mary Hardy
c. child in essence?
2. William Hardy ca 1680 – 1751 Salmon Ck
married bef 1714 Edith Batchelor [Fewox]
3. Thomas Hardy
4. Jacob Hardy
married bef 1721 Mary
a. Joseph Hardy
married Elizabeth
b. Mary Hardy
c. Charles Hardy
5. Mary Hardy
married John Hinton

This appears to me to be the will of the son John Jr. who died one year after his father.
Will Of John Hardy of Chowan in the Colony of North Carolina
….Being weak in body Butt in perfect & sound mind and memory …. …….
– Item, I give unto my Loving Brother William Hardy one Black hors of five year ould, And the best shute of Cloaths I have, Allso my Buckanear gun.
РItem I give unto my brother Thomas Hardy one hundred acres of Land out of the tract he now Dwell on the upper side of the line Joyning Lewis Davis begining on the pococon then running up to the head of the line And one gray broad cloath coate’
– Item, I give unto my brother Jacob Hardy One grey drugett coate
– Item, I give unto katherine Stancell, Widdow one cow & Calfe
– Item, Richard Pickering one young mare two years ould
– Item, I give ******* all Johnson other**** John Butler a certian debt of twent one pound for which I have his land mortaged, And I do hereby give him the said debt And also Discharge the said mortage.
– Item, I give & bequeath unto my loving Daughter Elizibeth Hardy both my plantations lying on casiah river where Thomas Williamson now Dwell And contayning Six hundred & forty Acres Each as appears by the patents bearing the date november the forth 1707, Also another tract of Land over the casiah river called Henderson folly contayning four hundred and forty acres as appears by the pattent bearing the date April first 1719
Also I give unto my Daughter Elizibeth another tract of Land on the East side of rocquess contayning four hundred and twenty four acres Excepting the one hundred acres given to My brother Thomas.
Item I give unto my Daughter Elizibeth one tract of Light-wood land Lying on buclesbury swamp so running back to Esq Duckinfield line contayning five hundred acres as appears by the patent bearing date October 20, 1717 All which I give to my Daughter Elizibeth And her heirs Lawfully begotten of her body.
– Item, I give unto my beloved daughter Mary Hardy This my mannor plantation where I now dwell contayning Six hundred and forty acres as appear by the patent bearing the date November 11, 1707 And allso another tract of Land Lying on the head of my said plantation And running to John Marshalls line contayning Six hundred & forty acres as appear by the patent bearing date 20 of July 1717 John Hardy
Allso I give unto my Daughter mary one plantation Lying on casiah river on the East contayning six hundred and forty acres as appears by the patent bearing the date November the first 1712. Allso I give unto my Daughter mary one plantation in the fork of casiah river where Mary Lee now Dwell contayning two hundred and five acres as appear by the conveyance from the patent All which lands & plantations I give & bequeath unto my said Daughter mary and her heirs Lawfully begotten of her body.
– Item, I give unto my beloved wife Rebecah Hardy one tract of Land Lying a Long the pocoson or Buclesbury swamp contayning four hundred & seventy acres as appears by the pattent being dated October 19, 1716 and called the gum swampAs allso another tract between David Hicks line to John Marshalls so along the pocosin side contayning Six hundred forty acres as appears by the patent bearing date 20 day of July 1717 All which said Land I give unto my wife Rebecah and to her Dispose. Now in case my wife Rebecah should be with child & Delivered within nine months from the date hereof: Then in such case being a son I give him this my mannor plantation And also the other tract on the head of itt both willed to my Daughter mary and also both my plantations on cashia river both willed to my Daughter Elizibeth And in case itt should be a daughter I will give her one plantation Lying on the East side of cashia river willied unto my daughter mary. Allso one tract of Land over the cashia River called Henderson folly willed unto my Daughter Elizibeth And in case of Death of Either my Daughters or a child that may be born in the time above mentioned the sirvivers shall Equally Divide the part of the Deceased both personall & Reall between them.
-Item, I give unto my Daughter Elizibeth these negroes hereafter mentioned- Viz Scipio: grace Shapor: Mall & Morea with all their Increase unto her My daughter Elizibeth.
-Item, I give unto my Daughter mary these negroes hereafter mentioned Viz kent Joane quasha & toney with all their Increase unto my said Daughter mary.
– Item, I give unto my wife Rebecah these negroes hereafter mentioned Viz Jack: Nanney, george & Diddo and my half of hector & gommsore(?) and in case of a son oe daughter to have an Equall with the other children of all my personall Estate.
– Item, my money in England I give Equally to be Divided between my wife & the children Each child having an Equall part with my wife.
Item, I give all my horsis cattle and sheep to be Equally Divided between my wife and the Children Each having an Equall part And while my wife shall remain a Widdow she has herby Liberty to kill out of all or any the stock of Cattle or Sheep for her family use.
Item, I give all my houshold Stuff and Toles both Within and without I give all Equally to be Divided between my wife & Chlidren Equally.
Item, I give unto my Daughter Elizibeth thirty pounds in publick money to pay the publick duea & quittrents of her Lands.
Item, I give unto my Daughter mary thirty pounds in publick money to pay the publick dues & quittrents of her Land.
Item, for all the rest of my publick bills, with my debts by bill account or any other ways whatsoever I wold have all Reserved to all my Just debts from me due to any person Now here I wold itt understood I wold have all my Just debts paid in pitch & not paper Excepting Elliots debt And that not Excepting they sue for the same And all over & Above paying my debts I give unto my wife Rebecah Hardy And in case my wife should marry I would have the negroes belonging to the children & Imployed on their own Lands & plantations wholy for their on benefit And the rest of their Estate to remain in their mothers hands: Excewpt my Executors see apparent cause to take itt away.

Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my well beloved wife Rebecah Hardy Excutrix: And my well beloved Brother William Hardy And my trusty and well beloved friend Thomas Pollock Junior And my Trusty and well beloved friend Major Robert West my true & Lawfull ……these my forementioned friends all joyntly my true and Lawfull Executors to this my Last will & Testaments Revoking & Disanulling all other will & Testaments for null & Voide
In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and fixed my Seall this nineteenth day of January and the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & nineteen And the sixth year of the Reign of our Soveragn Lord king George od Great Britian ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the faith contained in thre sheets of paper.
John Hardy ( Seal)
Signed Sealed Declared and Published
as my last will & Testament in the preaence of
Laurence Sarton
John Luberton

North Carolina (?) (?) By the Honble the Govenor
John Jollbrook came before me and made Oath that he see Mr. John Hardy Signe Seal and Publish rhw within will to be his last Will and Testam Given under my hand this 16th day March 1719
Charles Eden
Copied from the Original Will, filed in the office of Secretary of State. “
from transcription by Susan Aldridge

2nd generation

John Noble Worthington Hardy 1638 – 1751 | his parents
& Emily Parker ca 1648 – aft 1680 | her parents
of Pembroke, Wales

John Noble Worthington Hardy was born in 1638 in Pembroke, Wales son of Anthony Hardy.
Emily Parker was the daughter of James H Parker.

Children of John Noble Worthinton Hardy and Emily Parker:
1. John Hardy 7 Oct 1665 Dorchester Eng – 19 Jan 1718/19 Chowan Co NC
married Charity Odger ca 1660 – bef 1719
2. Anthony Hardy [Hardee] 7 Jan 1666/67 Dorchester Eng – 4 Aug 1742 New Bern NC
married Everlyn Dulverton dau. of Henry James Dulverton
a. Noble Worthington Hardy
married Mary Emily Parker
3. Thomas Hardy [Hardee] ca 1670 –
4. Joseph Hardy [Hardee] ca 1680 –
married Mary ca 1684

1st generation

Anthony Hardy 1605 – 1665 | his parents
& unknown | her parents
of Pembroke, Wales

Known child of Anthony Hardy:
1. John Noble Worthington Hardy 1638 –
married Emily Parker dau of James H Parker

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  1. Trying to find information on my Hardy side of the family. The only thing I have ever been told is that my grandfather Charles Thomas Hardy lived in Phenix City/Girard and passed away when my father and his only child, Charles Thomas Hardy, was a baby and being born April 8, 1929. We have all resided in Phenix City/ Girard Alabama. My father was born to Charles Thimas Hardy and Frances Elizabeth Nix Hardy. My brother Charles Thomas Hardy was born in 1963 and I was born in 1964 and given the name Victor Cleveland Hardy. There are no records pertaining to my Hardy side of the family and the last remaining heir is my daughter Victoria Elizabeth Hardy born September 27, 2004. If there are any links to my Hardy line I would most appreciate it. We have no records on the Hardy Family Tree.

  2. My Mother is a Hardee and I have been researching this family for years. You have a lot of great information. Would love to find a way for all researching Hardee/Hardy to be able to work together. I go back to John Ziba Hardee born in NC. (possibly Pitt Co.) he was born 1784/1794 and migrated to GA, AL, and Texas. YDNA testing show we match other Hardee’s from Pitt Co. NC.

  3. See Children of John Hardy and Charity Odger above.
    Child IN ESSE
    In being. Actually existing. Distinguished from in posse, which means “that which is not, but may be.” A child before birth is in posse; after birth, in esse.
    From: Black’s Law Dictionary

  4. IN ESSE
    TheLaw.com Law Dictionary & Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd Ed.
    In being. Actually existing. Distinguished from in posse, which means “that which is not, but may be.” A child before birth is in posse; after birth, in esse.
    This definition applies to the child of John Hardy and Charity Odger above.

  5. I am supposed to be a direct descendant of John Bentley and his wife Anne Hardy; they were supposed to have been married in Bertie County. Do you have any idea of who Anne Hardy’s parents were?

  6. I have a book the Hardee’s of Horry SC, this book includes an accounting of some of the same people from your list, I am wondering if you have ever heard of your Hardy’s migrating to SC and changing the spelling of their name as my book suggests.

  7. I stumbled upon your site while doing some research on the Hardy line. I am trying to find Mary Emily Parker’s parents. I have seen both James H Parker as well as John H Parker. Anything that you have to back up one or the other that you can send me I would appreciate it. I am SO glad to see that you have Edith as Batchelor and NOT Fewox. SO MUCH confusion on this one. So many have put James Fewox down as her father instead of her Step-Father. For Charity, where did you get the last name of Odger, I have been led to believe that it is O’Dyer. Also, I have Rasor has the spelling of the last name of Jesse Hardy’s spouse, not Razor. Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  8. Just amazing. Fantastic work here! I’m the son of Paul Michael Hardy (b. 1952), son of Melvin Hardy, son of Carl Sylvester, son of Agustus, son of James Newton Hardy, son of William (b. 1804), son of John (b. 1773), son of Wm. P. Hardy, son of Lemuel, son of Wm. (b. 1680), son of John, son of John (b. 1638), son of Anthony (b. 1605).

  9. Wow. Some “thoughts”! Some of this information concerning the Hardy family corresponds with my own research although this information (substantiated or otherwise) goes well beyond and appears to be well supported.

  10. thanks for all your hard work on the hardy family. I’m a many great granddaughter of rev. Charles hardy. I just find out his parents names and enjoy look at the records of this family. thanks again.

    1. Hi Cathy, Rev Charles is my fourth great grandfather. I still live in the county were he passed away at in Indiana . My family are the last Hardy, s here. Please call Cary Hardy at 765-265-0916

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