James Sampson & Elizabeth Barcroft

Sally’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

James Sampson ca 1625 – 1689
& ca 1648 Elizabeth Barcroft ca 1633 – bef 1689
of Stepney, London, England & Surry County, VA

This is a working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Sampson and Elizabeth Barcroft were married ca 1648 in Stepney, County Middlesex. the old parish church

1664 Isle of Wight records: signed as “James Sampson of Stevenheath Parish in County Middlesex, Shipwright.” D&W#1 p21
3 Dec 1666 Elizabeth and James Sampson sign receipt for George Moore for her share of the estate of her father, Charles Barcroft. D&W#1 p9 84
15 March 1669/70 Elizabeth Sampson witnessed will of Thomas Wooten.
Chapman Wills 1, 14
Elizabeth had died before her husband wrote his will 4 Feb 1688/89;
James Sampson’s will was probated 9 April 1689. Legatees were
– daughter Margaret, wife of Nicholas Wilson
– Mr George Moore and his wife
– son James Sampson
– “my daughter Clarke”
– John Browne
In codicil he mentions his deceased wife on her death bed requested that he take notice that she left her two daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth 300 acres apiece of the land [ obviously the 1200 acres granted Elizabeth Barcroft in 1647. [JamesSampson still owned the 1200 acres in 1704.

Information based on research

Children of James Sampson & Elizabeth Barcroft:
1. Elizabeth Sampson ca 1648 –
married 1st ca 1665 Edward Browne II ca 1640-bef 1675
married 2nd Thomas Clarke II ca 1650 – 1698/1701 Dr. Holtzclaw
2. Margaret Sampson ca 1650 – 1698
in her nuncupative will mentioned her son James; then stated that Mr. Moore and James Sampson should have nothing to do with her estate and appointed as her executors Thomas Clarke and John Browne. Chapman I 54
married ca 1687 Nicholas Wilson died 1696
he married 1st 1678 Elizabeth, the widow of Wm Cooker
3. Sarah Sampson ca 1648 – 1735 Isle of Wight
wrote her will 20 March 1733/34 – prob 26 May 1735
married by 1670 Richard Braswell ca 1648 – 1725 Isle of Wight
wrote will 28 July 1724 – prob 1725 son of the Rev Robert Bracewell
4. James Sampson ca 1657 – 1728 Isle of Wight
married Mary Maddera

“Do you have, or know where I can find, the marriage [record] date for Sarah Sampson & Richard Braswell? I noticed the web-site has “married by 1670” [This is a controversial issue on the Braswell list, one faction claim Sarah’s maiden name was Sampson [which is what you have], and the other hotly disputes this and claim it was Valentine]. I understand the specific date of marriage, January 16, 1673 can be found on pg 9 in Hildon Basil Braswell,1984, book “the Braswell Family History and Allied Families” and also Rev. Roy Braswell’s book [don’t know the name of his book].”
email from Kathlynn.

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e-mail from Marilyn
I know you think that William Willson was a son of Nicholas Wilson. I have been gathering all of the Wilson records in SS VA and well as in Northern NC. and although I find hints that our William Wilson was indeed somehow related to that family, I have found no record that proves Nicholas had other sons then James and Sampson Wilson. Have you found a record for a William, son of Nicholas Wilson of Surry and IOW? Hoping I just missed something.

Here is something on the Coker family and their connection to Nicholas Wilson.
Nicholas Wilson had been m. to the widow of William Cooker, Elizabeth ___ before he married Margaret Sampson. I see no indication of children although they were married for a number of years.

However, Mar 9, 1677/8 Surry Wm Coggin, estate was sgnd. by Elizabeth Wilson, James Riddick and Richard Drew. The name is spelled in many ways, but Jul, 25, 1677 Surry William Coggin had named leg: son William lands and house after wife’s decease and rem. of estate to be equally divided with
rest of my children, (unnamed). Wife Elizabeth & Robt Holmes exrs.

In May of 1678, Eliz Wilson wife of Nich admx of her late husband Wm. Coken

In 1683 judgement was granted John Dunfield, husband of Jane one of the orphans of Wm Corker agt. Nick Willson who married the said Corkers Admx, for 1/5 of ye cattle inventoried etc. James Reddick, Joseph Foard & Thomas Lane were to divide them.

In 1686 William Corker being of full age goes to court and asks Nicholas Wilson for his share of the estate. Also Rebecca Corker chooses Wm Corker her guardian. May of 1686 is the last mention of Eliz. Wilson wife of Nicholas.

1686/7 William Cocker Est. WM COCKER, JOHN LITTLE & JOHN DUNFORD are bound to the ct. to pay unto ISABELLE, orphan of WILLIAM COOKE ded’d her portion of his estate, her education etc. (Now we know names of three of the children, there should be at least 2 more unknown.)

By 1688, Margaret Sampson is mentioned in her fathers will as m. to Nicholas Wilson.

1772, Seasbrook Wilson was sued by Charles Barlow & wife Celia in regards to the estate of James Wilson, dec’d. They were of VA, Southampton as I recall. Celia Barlow was the dau of Barnaby Bailey who I was told was a minister.

Celia Bailey Barlow’s sister was Ann Bailey Coker acc to their father’s will in 1785 which mentioned daus Celia Barlow, Martha Booth, Elizabeth Hayes, Lucy Calthrope & grandchildren (unnamed) the children of Ann Coker.

A James Wilson Coker m. Martha Jones Aug 7, 1783 in Surry VA.

A James Wilson Coker is found in Northampton NC in 1884-87.

Later on, our Wilson family married into a Coker family who looks to be related to these Cokers, although so much time had elapsed that I’m not sure if it is relevant…

So one of the possibilities is that Elizabeth ___ Coker Wilson had a son named William Wilson by Nicholas…and that son married Rebecca Braswell in 1719/20 in Northampton Co.

Grandchildren of James Sampson & Elizabeth Barcroft:

Children of Elizabeth Sampson & Edward Browne:
1. John Browne 1669-1714
married Elizabeth ?
2. Dr.Samuel Browne ca 1670-1740
married Mary Jones
3. Edward Browne III ca 1666/7 – 1732
married Mary ?
4. James Browne ca 1666/7 – aft 1725

Children of Elizabeth Sampson and Thomas Clarke II:
1. Thomas Clarke III ca 1676-1728 Bertie Co, NC
married Susannah Williams?
2. Sampson Clarke ca 1677-aft 1712 Surry Co, VA
married & had children
3. Grace Clarke died 1711 Surry Co, VA
married Robert Reynolds Jr

Children of Margaret Sampson and Nicholas Wilson:
1. Anne Wilson
2. Sampson Wilson ca 1683-1750
married Sarah Newsom?
3. James Wilson ca 1685-aft 1720
20 July 1698 Thomas Clark gave bond for his guardianship

?Children of Nicholas Wilson and wife Elizabeth:
?1. William Wilson ca 1680 – 1745 NH Co, NC
married 1st Mar/May 1720 Rebecca Braswell
a. James Wilson Rec deed of gift 10 Apr 1741 from father
b. Isaac Wilson Rec deed of gift 31 July 1741 from father
c. John Wilson
d. Katherine Wilson
e. Elinor Wilson
f. Mary Wilson
g. Charity Wilson
h. Anne Wilson
married 2nd 1740/41 Judith Moore dau of Epaphroditus
she married 2nd bef Nov 1750 John Hurst
a. Elisha Moore Wilson 1741/44 –
? 2. Thomas Wilson

Children of James Sampson:
his will 30 Nov 1727 – prob 25 March 1728 – Chapman II 36
1. Barcroft Sampson
2. Margaret Sampson
3. Elizabeth Sampson
4. Anne Sampson
married bef 30 Nov 1727 Nicholas Derring

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