Graves of Mulberry Grove

Mulberry Grove
Home of the Cotten and Moore families
of St. Johns Twsp., Hertford County, North Carolina


Stone was placed in 1770 in Cemetery at Mulberry Grove mgsilvia
Here lies the body of Silvia Usher
wife of Dr. Wm Usher
who died July 5th Anno Demmi 1770
in the 18th year of her age.
Much lamented
by all that was acquainted
with her moral Virtues and truly Pious life.
And with her infant son
Rest (Broken) in Peace.

next to her was the grave of Dr. Usher, who died in 1780
I recall

close by – this stone was quite similar in appearance to Silvia’s –
ordered with hers from up north.
Here lyes body of
(Caroli)na Cotten
Daughter of Arthur Cotten
who died February 6th, 1767
aged four years
and six months

Alice Lisle
daughter of
William E &
Annie T Moore
December 4, 1879
[another reading by James, Feb 4, 1879]
Aged 4 years

Monument to “Cotton” and “Moore” at Mulberry Grove
placed 1895
To Our Forefathers
Arthur Cotton
Mary Rutland Cotton
1730 – 1786
Godwin Cotton
Sarah Brown Cotton
1786 – 1833
(I have no idea what these dates represent or whence they came )
but Arthur was born in 1716 and not 1710 as recorded in the JWMoore Bible
which probably was a misread

The other side of the Monument reads
To Our Ancestors
James Wright Moore
Esther Cotton Moore
1779 – 1854
Godwin Cotton Moore
Julia Wheeler Moore
1806 – 1886

other known burials in this cemetery included
Uncle Jule Moore’s wives Blannie and Mae, and son Clifton
Blannie Southall Moore d. 1878
Clifton Moore 1868 – 1880
Mae Powell Moore 1856 – 1883
Ward Moore, son of Uncle Tom
Godwin Ward Moore 1874 – 1889?

Uncle Jim and his wife Henrietta and two children

1st Lt.
James Wright Moore
N.C. Lt. Arty.
Nov. 7, 1835
Oct 15, 1862

Henrietta Raby Moore
Wife of
James Wright
November 15, 1861
(these were stones placed at their graves in the 1960s}
Gertrude Moore d. 1859 scarlet fever
Henry Raby Moore d. 1861 near the time of birth

Julia, child of Julia and Dr. Moore of scarlet fever
Julia Wheeler Moore 1858 – 1859
Charles, child of Julia and Dr. Moore
Charles Richard Moore 8 Sept 1851 – 10 Oct 1854

Julia’s niece Anna 2 and nephews Charles 9 and Claiborne 11 died of diphtheria that first year [1834] after coming to live at MG
Esther Cotten’s first husband, James Wright Moore
Her sister Elizabeth’s first husband, John Johnston?
Branchie Southall, after coming to live at MG.
Joseph Branch Southall 22 Feb 1856 MS – Sept 1866 Mulberry Grove
Aunt Sallie’s firstborn
Samuel Godwin Calvert 1878 – 1881

Ancient Mulberry Tree at Mulberry Grove

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  1. Wow. Awesome information. My great grandfather, George Cotton 1841-1862, was the son of Theophilius Cotton 1804-1860, and the grandson of Arthur Kemp Cotton. I appreciate your work and have continued interest in any further information.
    I live in Burlington, NC but today am in Hertford exploring the woods where Mulberry Grove once stood. Your postings have done much to keep this history alive.

  2. From a local history buff near Mulberry Grove. I too have wanted to locate the old cemetery each time I ride by. The entire house sadly is down and taken over by growth and many “devils walking sticks” unrecognizable from the early 1980’s to 2020. It is so sad. I suspect finding it mid winter would be best, I too am a distant cousin, related to a Great x 4 grandfather Rev. James Wright. The old plantation is on highway 561 from Tri County Airport (Aulander N.C. address) entrance drive NE 1.25 miles, if you reach Pleasant Grove Rd. You’ve just past it. I suspect parking on shoulder of Pleasant Grove rd. And walking up back side may be best access as parking along 561 is not a good idea.

  3. Hi,
    I sure have enjoyed reading your information about Maple Lawn
    and Mulberry Grove. Especially “The library” one. I read that a
    fire had destroyed Mulberry Grove, but was wondering if one is
    allowed to visit the cemetery located on the property? How far is
    Maple Lawn from where Mulberry Grove was located? I read where
    storms had leveled a lot of Maple Lawn. Is there any of it left standing?
    I live in NC and would love to visit these places.
    Thanks for sharing your history with us.

    1. Oh, I do not know of any fires at Mulberry Grove but one of the big storms managed to level the house a few years back.
      I suspect there is a big pile of rubble. I couldn’t find the cemetery the last time I looked but I am assured that it is still there. Watch out for poison ivy and such. I was impressed with the blue vinca major that now has spread through the woods on the right of the site. Maple Lawn is six miles from Ahoskie – two miles from Powellsville. Sally
      Well all the old oaks are gone at Maple Lawn and various storms got all the chicken houses and then before Arthur died one blew the smoke house over crushing the old toilet in the process. But, the main house, the old kitchen and the office are still there. minus the picket fence of my youth. Oh yes, My great grandfathers old green house, the little brick-house, is still there being used as the pump house for our water supply.
      My niece Cathy Spruill has been keeping the house up, using it as a week-end place. and gardening. The cemetery is about a mile on beyond the house on the right at the Jones Hole. That one is assessable.

      1. Sally.
        You said the cemetery cannot be located now, but is the
        very large monument to the “Moores” and “Cottons” still
        on the property? Is there a map for MG showing location
        of cemetery, house on the property like the ones for “Jones
        Hole”? I have not been yet..waiting for colder weather so
        as not to meet the snakes. Is this property land dry now or
        swampy? Thank you Sally
        Oh, is your Cousin Spruill still there?

        1. Elaine, the house was about 50 feet from the highway, the cemetery is on the right in the garden, the stone should all be there — except for any stolen ones! Sally

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