Five Generations of Blanchards

5th generation Robert, Ephraim, Aaron, Palatiah,

Robert Blanchard ca 1806 – 1873 | parents
& 1850 Penelope Blanchard ca 1829 – aft 1900 | parents
of Gates Co NC

based on the Oral traditions compiled by Edward A Lassiter & Ann Epling.

Robert Blanchard and Penny Blanchard were married about 29 May 1850 when John W Hofler signed their marriage bond. N J Riddick was the witness.

Robert Blanchard died 2 Nov 1873.

Children of Robert Blanchard and wife Penelope:
1. Robert Henry Blanchard 1851 –
married Caroline Blanchard
a. Robert Lee Blanchard 12 Jan 1912 -16 Mar 1972 dsp
born nearly blind later cared for by their 1st cousin Maywood Lassiter
b. Archibald Blanchard dy
c. Henry Wilson Blanchard 12 June 1916 – 19 Oct 1979 dsp
born nearly blind cared for by their 1st cousin Maywood Lassiter
d. Leonard Dewey Blanchard

2. Lucy Ann Blanchard 5 July 1853 – 1937
married in Gates Co 23 Jan 1871 Allen A J Lassiter
3. Elizabeth S [C] Blanchard ca 1856 –
4. Emeline Jackson [Jackie] Blanchard 7 Mar 1859 – 21 March 1937 Gates Co
married ca 1884 Reubin Lassiter 11 Sept 1850 – 8 June 1911 Gates Co NC
a. Milton L Lassiter 12 Jan 1885 – 1951
married Elsie Benton
b. Burton Lassiter 3 April 1887 –
c. Horace W Lassiter 31 Oct 1888 – 17 Oct 1908 age 19 yrs 11 mo 17 days
d. Sallie P Lassiter 18 April 1892 –
e. Cora S Lassiter 24 Sept 1894 – 1 Jan 1895 age 3 mo 7 days
f. Carlton R Lassiter 1 Feb 1896 – 22 Jan 1898 age 1 yr 11 mo 22 days
g. Maywood C Lassiter 18 May 1900 –
married Mildred

The 1900 census lists Robert Blanchard (Jr) age 47, living with his mother, Penelope, age 70 and sister, Elizabeth C. age 42.
In the 1880 census Penelope was listed as head of the household with children Robert H. 27, son, Elizabeth S (sic) 24, dau; and Emeline J. 21, dau.

On Jan 23, 1871, Allen Lassiter married Lucy Ann Blanchard, daughter of Robert Henry Blanchard and Penelope Blanchard, who was “raised by the Hoflers.”

4th generation Robert, Ephraim, Aaron

Palitiah Blanchard 1765/74 – 1819 | parents
& 1795 Dorcas Briscoe 1775/80 – 1829 | parents
of Gates Co NC

Palatiah Blanshard and Dorcas Brisoe were married in Gates Co about 7 Sept 1795 when David Harrell signed their marriage Bond. Law. Baker witness.

1800 Census Gates Co
Pallatiah Blanchard 3 under 10; 1 10/16; 1 26/45; 1 f 17/26; 1 f 45+

1810 Census Gates Co
Palitiah Blanchard 3 under 10; 2 10/16; 1 26/45; 1 f under 10; 1 f 10/16; 1 f 26/45

1820 Census Gates Co

Children of Palatiah Blanchard and Dorcas Briscoe:
1. Frederick Blanchard ca 1796 –
2. John Blanchard ca 1797 –
3. Jethro Blanchard ca 1798 –
married 18 Dec 1820 Esther Phelps ca 1798 –
4. Elizabeth Blanchard
5. Henry Blanchard
6. Sarah Blanchard
7. Robert Blanchard ca 1806 –
married Penelope
8. Easton Blanchard 5 Oct 1808 –
married Gates Co 28 Nov 1834 Margaret Brooks
? married bef 1850 Absilla ?
9. Mary Blanchard

from transcription by Renee Blanchard Haynes
Will of Paletiah Blanchard , October 12, 1819 – prob Feb Ct 1820 Gates Co NC
– First I lend the use of all my household & kitchen furniture Plantation & Plantation Utensils & all my stock of every kind unto my loving wife Dorcas Blanchard during her widow or untill my son Easton Blanchard arrives to of age for the use of raising & schooling my youngest children & then to be equally divided between my loving wife Dorcas Blanchard & my three Daughters Elizabeth , Sarah and Mary Blanchard to them & their heirs.

Also I give unto my loving wife all my crops of corn peas potatoes & fodder now on hand for the above use of raising & schooling of my children .

– Item . I give & bequeath unto my son Easton Blanchard the land & plantation whereon I now live beginning at the road runing up the cabbin branch through the plantation to Benjamin Blanchard line to him & his heirs .

– I give unto my son Henry Blanchard one hundred & ten acres of land beginning at George Suttons line running No . 52 East 33 chains to a pine stump from thence to John B Waltons line so as to contain one hundred & ten acres of land to him & his heirs . —

– I give unto my son Robert Blanchard all the remainder of my land whereon I now live lying between Easton and Henry Blanchard lines to him & his heirs . —

– I give unto my son Jethro Blanchard seventy-three acres of land known by the name of the Betsey place to him & his heirs . —

– I give unto my son Frederick Blanchard seventy-three acres of land known by the name of Mary place to him & his heirs ? which he has a Deed for .

– I give unto my son John Blanchard seventy three acres of land known bythe name of the Mehala place which he has a deed for to him & his heirs.

– I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Blanchard one note of Jethro Blanchard the sum of fifty Dollars to her & her heirs .

– I give unto my Daughter Sarah Blanchard one note of Frederick Blanchard the sum of Fifty dollars to her & her heirs .

– I give unto my daughter Mary Blanchard one note of John Blanchard the sum of fifty dollars to her and her heirs .

Lastly I hereby nominate Constitute & appoint my loving friend George Sutton & my son Frederick Blanchard my sole Executors to this my last will & Testament & I also do hereby utterly disalow & dis anull all other testaments will retifying & confirming this to be my last will and testament . In Witness whereof I have here unto st my hand and seal this twelth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & nineteen

Palatiah Blanchard (Seal )

Signed Sealed published and Declared to be my last will & Testament in
presence of us
William Blanchard Junr (Jurat )
Jamima Sutton (her X mark )

(State of North Carolina Gates County ) February County Court of Pleas 1820
The last will of Palatiah Blanchard decd was exhibited unto court by George Sutton & Frederick Blanchard the Executors therein appointed and proved by the oath of William Blanchard Junr . A subscribing witness thereto and Ordered to be recorded at the same time the said Executors
was duly qualified for that office . Test J . Sumner (initials )

3rd generation Robert, Ephraim,

Aaron Blanchard 1715/20 – 1779 | parents
& 1742 Sapphire Evans bef 1727 – bef 1754 | parents
& ca 1759 Elizabeth ? bef 1755 – aft 1800 | parents
of Chowan Co NC

Aaron Blanchard married 1st ca 3 Sept 1742 in Perquimans Co NC, Sapphire Evans daughter of Robert Evans will 1754 Chowan Co NC & wife Elizabeth Jessup.

1754 – Sapphire had died before her father Robert Evans’s will in 1754.

Aaron Blanchard married next a woman named Elizabeth [Elesebeth]

Children of Aaron Blanchard and Sapphire Evans:
1. Demsey Blanchard 1743/54 – 1806
a. Dempsey Blanchard ca 1794 –
In 1860,Demsey was blind
Demsey was not blind in 1850 and was a cooper by trade.

i. Penelope Blanchard ca 1829 – aft 1900
was “raised by the Hoflers.”
married 1850 Robert Blanchard ca 1806 – 1873
2. Aaron Blanchard 1743/54 – by 1800
3 sons and 3 daughters
3. Robert Blanchard 1743/54 – 1778 intestate Chowan Co NC
4. Hulda Blanchard 1743/54 –
married by 1778 Joseph Lassiter

Children of Aaron Blanchard and Elizabeth:
5. Leah Blanchard bef 1761 – aft 1779
6. Bene Blanchard
7. Barne Blanchard
8. Henry Blanchard
9. Palitiah Blanchard 1765/74 – 1819
married Sept 1795 Dorcas Briscoe
10. Mahala Blanchard 1774/79 –

Transcribed by Renee B. Hayes
Will of Aaron Blanshard 28 Jan 1779 – proved
… being very Sick and week in Body but . . . .
– Item I Give unto my son Demsey Blanshard the Plantation and land wheare
one he now Lives be it one Hundred ackers more or les and Further I give
to Son Demsey parsel of Puter one Pot one Gunn and my will and
Pleasure is that he have no more of my Estate.

– Item I Give unto my Son Aaron Blanshard (can’t read)-.and Land wheare
one he now lives be it one Hundred ackers more or less and Further I
Give to Aaron Blanshard one Fether bead and furnetur a parsel of Puter
one poot one Gun which he has alread and my will and Pleasure is that he
have no more of my Estate

– Item I Give unto my Daughter Huldah Laeter (Lassiter?) one Fether bead
and a parsel of Puter one poot which she has alredey Received and my
will and Plesure is that She have no more of my Estate,

– Item I Give unto my Daughter Leah Blanshard one fether Bead and furnitur
a parsel of puter one poot if in Case She shuld die without are then the
Right of things above named Return unto hur two Brothers Henry and
Paltiah Blanshard,

– Item I Give unto my Son Bene Blanshard the Plantion whear one I give to
him and his Hairs and if in Case he die without Hairs that the Right of
the land and Plantion return to his Brother Barne Blanshard.

– Item I Give unto my Son Barne Blanshard one Hundred ackers of Land lying
upon the Swamp above his Brother Bene Blanshard Land be the same one
Hundred ackers more or less .. and my will and Pleasure is that if my
Son Barne Blanshard die without Hair that the Right of his Land return
to his Brother Bene Blanshard if in case both the Brothers shall die
with out Hair as before named my will and pleasure is that thear Sister
Mahalah Blanshard shall have the Right of both thear Land and

– Item I Give unto my Son Henry Blanshard one Hundred ackers of Land be
the same more or less lying upon a branch Comonly by the name of the
Caben Branch and thence along a line of marked trees to the head of a
branch called the Long Branch and my will and pleasure is in case my Son
Henery Blanshard shall die having no hair that the Right of his Land
Return to his Brother Paltiah Blanshard and his Hairs,

– Item I Give unto my Son Paltiah Blanshard one Hundred ackers of Land
lying upon the the head of the Indian Swomp be the same more or les to
he and his Hairs for ever now in Case that my Son Paltiah Blanshard
shall die having no Hair my will and Pleasur is that the Right ot his
Land desend to his Brother Henory Blanshard, if in Case both the sais
Henary and Paltiah Blanshard shall die having no Hair my will and
Plasure is that the Right of the thear Land Desend to there Sister Leah
Blanshard to she and hur Hairs forever,

– Item I Give to my beloved wife Elisabeth Blanshard the use of all my
Personall Estate not before Given to rase my small Children upon and the
use of the Plantion and Land wheair one I now live and after her dece
(decease)? to be Equally divided amongst my small Children to wit:
Heanry, Paltiah, Bene, Barne, Mahalah.

– Lastly I nominate and ordain and appoint my well beloved wife Elisabeth
Blanshard to be my whole and Soule Excutors to see this my last will an
Testament duly Executed and permormed acording to Law in Witness
whereof I have heair unto set my hand and fixt my Seal the day and year
first above writtin. Signed Declared and Pronouced in the Presence of us
Aaron Blanshard (Seal)

Testes Amos Blanshard
Absolom Blanshard
Amarias Blanshard.

State of North Carolina – Gates County.
August Inferior Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1779
The above and within Witnesses? Was in open Court duly Aproved by
the oaths of Absolom Blanshard & Amerias Blanshard two of the Subsribing
Witnesses thereto and on motion was ordered to be Recorded
Teste Law Baker (initials)

Abner Blanshard to Demsey Blanshard, 1783 Gates Co. Deed No. 67
To all to whom (there presents shall come)? Know ye that I Abner Blanshard of Gates County for and in consideration of the sum of twelve pounds 2 pence to me in land paid by Demsey Blanshard of said county the Receipt. Whose of I do hearby acknowledge and my self fully satisfied and paid hath Bargained and sold unto the said Demsey Blanshard his heirs and assign one piece or parcel of land lying and being in the County afoursaid Between Benetts Creek and Catherine Creek joining on the East side of the Grate Marsh Beginning at a White oak on the No E side of said Marsh it being a Corner tree between said Blanshard and Amos Smith from thence on East course along said Blanshard line Between him and Said Smith bearing near South East Corner to a Red Oak Standing on the West side of a path known by the name of Ashleys path from thence running along a line of marked trees West Course bearing No West ­ Course to a Red Oak it being a corner tree Between said Blanshard from thence No East to First (Fork?) Station being thirty acres more or less to have and to hold the said land and ??? unto him the Said Demsey Blanshard his heirs and assignes forever to his and their proper use & behalf which said land the said Abner Blanshard doth for himself his heirs and assigns warrant and forever defend unto the said Demsey Blanshard his hiers & assigns forever I Witness where of the said Abner Blanshard hereunto set his hand and seal 17 day of Nov 1783 Timothy Lassiter ­ Jurat Samuell Browne Abner Blanshard

Moses Blanshard to Jacob Bagley Gates Co Deed No. 50
This Deed of Sale made this Eleventh Day of February 1783 Between Moses Blanshard of Gates County of the one part and Jacob Bagley of said County of the other part Witnesses that the said Moses Blanshard for and in consideration of the sum of ???pounds two pence in land paid the Receipt to whereof the said Moses Blanshard Doth bequeath him the said Jacob Bagley and acknowledge my self fully paid hath sold unto the said Bagly his heirs and ?? forever two certain tracts of land being in the County of GatesŠ.one being part of the land I bought of Elisha Hunter Bounded as follows.. Beginning at a forked Red Oak standing in the Dividing Line Between me the said Blanshard and said Bagley Running No & E 155 pole to a post oak said Bagley and Henry Waltons Corner tree then along Walton¹s line in the Old road So 25 D East ? pole then So 26 p E 32 p then S15 p E 31 pole then S 23 D E 33 pole to a Red Oak the S26 ? E 25 p to a Willow Oak Henry Waltons corner tree Standing in a br! anch then own? The middle of said branch 53 p to a white oak said Walton & Bagley¹s Corner tree on the side of the branch then No 63? & 50 pole along said Bagley¹s line to the Fork? Station Containing thirty ?? acresŠŠ The other Bounded as follows- Beginning at a Maple in mine & said Jacob Bagley¹s along said line No 69 & W 195 pole to a gum said Bagley, Abner Blanshard & my own line a corner tree then No 60 E 20 pole to a gum by the old Road then So 33 east 22 pole to a pine then No 50 & East 7 pole to a pine by Old? Road then east 29 pole then So 33 & 72 pole to a Red Oak by the ?? said old Road then So 7 W 37 p to the Fork? Station containing thirty five acres to have & to hold unto him the said Jacob Bagley his heirs and assigned forever in Witness where of the said Blanshard hath hereunto signed sealed and deliver in the presence of Joseph Riddick ­ Jurat Ephram Griffins Moses Blanshard

2nd generation Robert

Ephraim Blanchard ca 1694 – 1749 | parents
& bef 1716 Isabella ? bef 1700 – aft 1745 | parents
of Chowan Co NC

based on the Oral traditions compiled by Edward A Lassiter & Ann Epling.
also data compiled by Pat Blanchard Curry

Ephraim Blanchard’s family is associated with the Perquimans MM. They were Quakers.

1715 Ephraim Blanchard granted 462 ac on Meherrin Neck
1716 Ephraim Blanchard and Aaron Blanchard received patent on 458 ac in Meherrin Neck
1716 31 July – Ephraim received 80 ac on Meherrin Neck from brother Benjamin.
1716 20 Oct – Ephraim and wife Isabella sold 30 ac on Watery Swamp to Thos . Fletcher part of the 150 ac patented in 1715.
1717 – Ephraim Blanchard on Chowan Prec. tax list.
1717 – 22 Nov – complaint made to council by John Hoyter, King of the Chowan Indians, that Ephraim and Aaron Blanchard have settled on Indian lands without leave…case settled in 1722.
1722 – Chowan Prec. Ephraim and Aaron Blanchard received a patent on 1690 ac on Meherrin Neck.
1722 – Ephraim was granted 434 ac at Horse landing on the Chowan River.
1722 – 18 Oct – Ephraim Blanchard witness at Quaker marriage of Joseph Small and Ann Owen at Chuckatuck, Nansemond Co VA
1733 Perquimans MM – Ephraim’s dau Angelica is married
1740/42 Perquimans MM – his son Aaron married
1743 Ephraim Blanchard purchases with others land for the Perquimmans [now Piney Woods] Meeting House
1744 – Ephraim Blanchard purchased land from John Weston – located on Catherine Creek adj. to property of Ephraim and Benjamin Blanchard [land formerly pat. by Benjamin Blanchard]
1747 27 July Ephraim Blanchard writes his will
1749 April Ct will proved in Chowan Co Ct.

Ephraim Blanchard was brother of Benjamin Blanchard with wife Catherine.
Ephraim married Isabel.
Ephraim’s will was written in 27 July 1747 and proved in Chowan County , NC in April Ct 1749.
He lists sons: Aaron Blanchard, Ephraim Blanchard and Micajah Blanchard; granddaughters Mary Griffin and Sarah Griffin, and wife Isabel and son Ephraim executors.
Testors: Thomas Rountree Sr, Charles Rountree, Thomas Rountree

Children of Ephraim Blanchard and Isabella:
1. Aaron Blanchard 1715/20 – 1779
married Rachel
2. ?Angelica Blanchard by 1718 – bef 1745
married July 1733 John Griffin d aft 1770
Perquimans meeting
a. Mary Griffin
married by 1770 Perry
b. Sarah Griffin
married by 1770 Perry
3. ? Monica Blanchard by 1720 –
married 1 Feb 1736 John Griffin
4. Ephraim Blanchard bef 1724 – by Feb 27 1790 NH Co NC
married by 3 Mar 1749 Alice [Ailee] Griffin ca 1725 – by 6 Dec 1790 NH Co NC
a. Isabel Blanchard ca 1751 – 28 May 1827 NH Co NC ag 76 Q
married Pasquotank MM 8 Feb 1770 Fisher Trueblood 4 April 1732 – 1792 Q
i. Eilus Trueblood 6 April 1771 Pasq. Co NC – ? NC
ii. Ephraim Trueblood 23 June 1773 Pasq Co NC – 22 Oct 1795 Pasq
iii. Jemima Trueblood 14 Jan 1774 Pasq Co – 1814
iv. Isaac Trueblood 1777 Pasq – 8 June 1849 Guilford Co NC
married Rich Square MM 20 Mar 1803 Mary Outland
v. Jonathan Trueblood 1779 Pasq – 19 Sept 1814
married Piney Woods MM 22 Dec 1799 Miriam Wilson
vi. Millicent Trueblood 1781 –
married Pasq MM 1 Aug 1799 John Wilson
vii. Miles Trueblood 1784 – 30 Oct 1795 Pasq
married Sept 1792 Isaac Overman, widower
3 children died in infancy
b. Ephraim Blanchard 1754 – bef June 1823 NH Co NC
married by 17 Feb 1781 Lucrece Lassiter d. ca 1785 -dau of Jesse
i. Isabel Blanchard 1782/84 –
ii. Ephraim Blanchard 1782/90 –
iii. Aaron Blanchard
iv. Abigail Blanchard
+ 2 daughters d bef 1818
married Feb 1788 Susannah Bridgers 1755/74 – bef 1818
c. Jesse Blanchard 19 Dec 1756 –
married by 1783 Sarah d 6 Feb 1800 Wayne Co NC
i. Mary 25 Sept 1783 NH Co NC –
ii. Aaron 26 Jan 1785 – 5 Aug 1788
iii. Jesse 27 Sep 1786 –
iv. Miles 1787 Wayne Co NC –
v. Jonathan 1791 Wayne Co NC –
vi. Alice 1797 Wayne Co NC –
d. Jonathan Blanchard ca 1758 – bef June 1790 NH Co NC
married Peninah Parker 19 Aug 1776 –
she married 2nd Aug 1795 William Flanner
i. Rhoda Blanchard ca 1790 NH Co NC –
e. Pinninah Blanchard ca 1760 – 13 Aug 1796 Pasq Co NC
married 16 Oct 1785 Caleb Trueblood d. 1804
f. Millicent Blanchard 1764 – 11 Feb 1816 Pasq
married 18 Sep 1785 Aaron Trueblood d 11 Feb 1816
g. Josiah Blanchard 12 Mar 1771 – 1824 NH Co NC
married 11 Dec 1800 Millicent Bagget 29 Oct 1783 – by Mar 1852
i. Nathan Blanchard 10 Apr 1803 –
ii. Jonathan Blanchard 8 Jan 1818 –
iii. Jesse Blanchard 1810/11 –
iv. Josiah Blanchard 1800/10 –
v. William Blanchard 1800/10 – bef 1853
vi. Martha Blanchard 2 Mar 1802 –
married Jordan Baugham
vii. Elizabeth Blanchard 1810/20 – bef 1853
viii. Millicent Blanchard 1819 –
married a Johnson
ix. Mary Ann Blanchard 24 July 1822 – 5 Mar 1898 Baptist
married William Turner Baugham bef 1898
5. Micajah Blanchard by 1724 – 1764 Chowan Co NC
married bef 4 Jul 1753 Elizabeth d by 1772
a. William Blanchard 1753/64 – by 1778
b. Micajah Blanchard 1760/64 Chowan Co – 1798
married 1784/87 a Rogerson dau of Josiah died by 1790
i. Wiliam Blanchard ca 1795 –
ii. Josiah Blanchard 1815/20 –
? married 20 Nov 1795 Katherine Parker 1771 –
?married 2nd Milley [Matilda] Carter ca 1775 –
iii. Micajah Blanchard ca 1797 –
c. Abner Blanchard 1790 Census Gates Co Abner Blanchard 1 – 0 – 2
may have married and had daughter
d. Mary Blanchard ca 1764 – ?8 Sept 1802
? married Gates Co 13 Oct 1785 Richard Bond ca 1755 – ca 1824
e. Elizabeth Blanchard
f. Christian Blanchard

Blanchard, Micajah, (Chowan), Oct 2d, 1764. Son William, son Micajah, son Abner, wife Elizabeth, daughter Mary Blanchard, daughters Elizabeth and Christian Blanchard, wife and Jacob Hinton, Exrs. Test, Timothy Walton, Aaron Blanchard.

Deed 1775 Chowan Co., NC Grantor Micajah Blanchard to Grantee Joseph Tayor Bk. U1 p 321

Deed 1780 Bk R2 p 294 Chowan Co., NC Grantor Micajah Blanchard, Grantee Charles Moore

Micajah Blanchard, Bk LXXIII, p 281, Dec 10, 1790, 567 acres on Warwick Swamp (300 acres held by patent dated Oct. 1, 1713)

1790 Census Edenton Dist., Chowan Co., NC
Micajah Blanchrd one free white male 16 and over, 2 free white males 16, 6 slaves.

Grant 1790 Chowan Co., NC Bk S2 p 228 Original Grantor was the Governor, Grantor Alex Martin Grantee Michahi (sic) Blanchard

Deed 1795 Chowan Co., NC Bk U1 p 400 Grantor Joseph Taylor Grantee Micajah Blanchard.

An Ephraim Blanchard appears on the 1758 tax list of Chowan County


Benjamin Blanshard of Nansemond County, VA granted to Ephraim Blanshard of Albemarle Co 31 July 1717 80 acres more or less in Meherrin Nec and 5 acres in the same nece in the fork of Beaver Dam Swamp as by 2 patent granted to me by the true and absolute Lords proprietors of the Province of NC dated 1714 and 1701 respectively

2nd generation Robert

Aaron Blanchard 168x – 1751 | parents
& by 1737 Zilpha Speight ca 1720 – ca 1753 | parents
& 1752/3 William Wynns of Bertie Co | parents
of Chowan Co NC

Pat Curry states that Aaron – Before 1707 – owned land on Crany Creek – Upper Parish – Nansemond Co- VA and then in 1728 he was granted 152 ac in County.
Aaron’s wife’s name is Zilpha Speight and he had daughters : Mary, Sarah, Rachel, Monica.

1707 – Aaron Blanchard had purchased of Lewis Williams 80 ac on Crany Creek in Upper Parish of Nansemond Co VA; had conveyed same to John Parker, now in possession
1716 – Chowan Co – Aaron and Ephraim received land grant of 458 ac on Meherrin Neck.
1717 – Aaron Blanchard on Chowan Prec. tax list
1717 – 22 Nov – complaint made to council by John Hoyter, King of the Chowan Indians, that Ephraim and Aaron Blanchard have settled on Indian lands without leave…case settled in 1722.
1719 – 5 June – Aaron was witness to the will of his brother Benjamin.
1722 – Chowan Prec. Ephraim and Aaron Blanchard received a patent on 1690 ac on Meherrin Neck.
1723 – Aaron on list of jurymen [free-holders]
1725 – 16 July – Aaron Blanchard to cousin Robert Blanchard 40 A in Meherrin Neck.
Test: Henderson Luton, Richard Minshew
1725 – “Sold” to “near kinsman” Richard Minshew 100 ac in Meherrin Neck.
1728 – 28 Sept – Aaron on NC was granted 152 ac in Nansemond Co adj to George Spivey.
land was actually in what is now Gates Co NC
1731 – 15 July – appointed one of Justices for Chowan Prec by Comission of Peace
1734 – 7 Nov – owner of land adj to 100 ac on edge of Piney Marsh, being sold my Chowan Indians to R Minchew; conveyance wit by Benjamin Blanchard
1736, Aaron Blanchard , to my kinsman Absalom Blanchard. 250 A. on Indian Swamp, adjoining lands of Richard Minchew; Test: Benjamin Blanchard, Richard Minshew.
1736 – 22 Aug Aaron Blanchard, to my kinsman Abraham [Absalom?] Blanchard 250 A. on Indian Swamp Test: Henry Bonner, Sr; Henry Bonner, Jr; George Pully
1736 – Nov 10 – Aaron Blanchard to Amos Blanchard (eldest son of Robt. Blanchard) Aaron being great Uncle to said Amos a mill dam and house built by said Blanchard: Test: John Matthews, William Urquhar, Wm. Matthews.
1736 – May have been the Aaron Blanchard who witnessed the inventory statement of Eliza Hinton, widow of William Hinton, dec’d in Bertie Co.
1737 -May – Perqui: Prec. – Will of Thomas Speight names dau Zilpha Blanchard
Vol 1 page 391 Will of Thomas Speight of Perquimans: 9 April 1737, Wife Mary, sons Moses and Isaac, daughters Rachel & Ruth Jordan and Zilpha Blanchard, son Isaac Exec.
Test: Richard Pearce, Jeffrey Hubbard, Thos. Rountree Sr.
1740 – Bertie Co – Will of Mary Spight names dau Zilpha Blanchard
Will of Mary Speight of Bertie 25 Feb 1740/1 prov. 7 May 1743. Son Moses, daughters Rachel Jordan and Ruth Jordan, daughter Zilpah Blanchard, grand daughters Mary, Elizabeth, and Mary Speight, cousin Jacob Hinton (son of Jacob) cousins Reuben and William Hinton (sons of Jacob) cousins Bettie and Mary (daughters of Jacob Hinton) son Isaac and Joseph Perry, Executors.
Test, Guy Hill, Moses Rountree, Thos. Rountree, Sr.
1751 – Chowan Co – Aaron Blanchard dec’d intestate. Zilpha Blanchard, widow and admx of estate of husband, Aaron;
1752, 17 April – Zilpha is gdn. of the minor children: Rachel, Monica, Aaron, Moses.
Jan 1752 – Petition of James Sumner & Richard Freeman, securities for Zilpah Blanchard as admrx. of Aaron Blanchard. Said Zilpah is about to marry William Winns of Bertie Co.
1752/3 – 2 Jan – Chowan Co – Zilpha Blanchard & William Wynns of Bertie Co; sureties J Craven and J Halsey.
1758 – Division of the Estate of Aaron Blanchard — heirs are “widow,” Aaron Jr, Moses & Sarah Blanchard, Mary Sumner.

Children of Aaron Blanchard and Zilpha Speight:
1. Mary Blanchard
married bef 1752 James Sumner
2. Sarah Blanchard
3. Rachel Blanchard d 1771
married 30 Jan 1756 Jesse Garrett ca 1735 – 1797 Bertie Co
i. David Garrett ca 1757 –
married Mary Ward
ii. Celia Garrett ca 1760 –
married Eley
iii. Millie Garrett ca 1765 –
iv. Thomas Garrett ca 1769 – 1805 Bertie Co
married 19 Aug 1796 Martha [Patsy] Holly ca 1773 – 1805
v. Jacob Garrett 1771 – bef 1814
married Rachel Eason ca 1775 –
4. Monica Blanchard aft 1730 – bef 1758 underage in 1751
married a Griffin
5. Aaron Blanchard 1730/37 – 1773 dau all underage in 1773
married aft 1751 Rachel ? by 1735 – aft 1774
i. Millicent Blanchard aft 1751 –
ii. Mary Blanchard aft 1751 –
iii. Esther Blanchard aft 1751 –
Rachel married 2nd 16 Mar 1774 Demsey Bond
6. Moses Blanchard 1730/37 – aft 1790
married Sarah Walton dau of Wm d. 1760
i. Zilpha Blanchard by 1770 –
married 26 Dec 1788 James Powell

Blanchard, Aaron (Chowan), July 15, 1772. June term 1773. Daughter Millicent Blanchard, daughter Mary B., daughter Esther B., wife Rachel, James Sumner and Thos. Hunter, Exrs.
Test, Thos. Garrett, Selah Freeman, Christian Hunter. pages 524-5 Hathaway NCHGR.

source: data compiled by Pat Blanchard Curry

1st generation

Robert? Blanchard ca 1650 – bef 1704 | parents
& unknown ? | parents
of Virginia

1683 – 16 Apr – Robert Blanchard was granted 100 ac in Upper Parish of Nansemond Co VA at a place called Jerico.
1704 – Robert not listed on Quit Rent Rolls
Benjamin only Blanchard on QR Rolls

“I think Benjamin, Aaron and Ephraim Blanchard might have been born in VA.
There was a Robert B. with a land grant in 1683 and a John B. who came to VA in 1619, but I have not been able to document any Blanchard ancestors before Benjamin who died in 1719.” – Decatur Blanchard

1716 – Benjamin sold land to his “brother Ephraim”
1736 – Aaron sold land to Amos Blanchard, son of Robert “Aaron being great uncle to said Amos…”
[Robert was son of Benjamin]

Children of Robert? Blanchard
1. Benjamin Blanchard ca 1680 – aft 5 June 1719 Chowan Co NC
married ca 1695 Catherine
2. Ephraim Blanchard 168x – 1749
3. Aaron Blanchard ca 1700 – by 1751
married by 1730 Zilpha Speight 1700/10 – ca 1755
dau of Thomas and Mary Speight
?4. Hannah Blanchard ca 1705
married by 1725 Richard Minchew
1725 deed of gift by Aaron Blanchard to “near kinsman” Richard Minshaw – 100 ac in Meherrin Neck
a. Maximillian Minshew ca 1726 – 1789
married 1st unknown
married 2nd Mary Bond
b. Bose [Boaz] Minshew ca 1728 –
c. Richard Minshew ca 1732 –
d. John Minshew ca 1737 –
e. Happe Minshew [daughter] ca 1738 –
married ? Taylor
f. Dionysius Minshew [son] 1739 –
married 1780 Perkum or Spinks
5. another daughter Blanchard
may have married a Hinton

source: data compiled by Pat Blanchard Curry

“. . . the DNA evidence now comes into play and gives us a second CONCLUSION: in terms of male lines, the North Carolina Blanchards are not descended from, or even related to, Deacon John2 or Thomas1.”
Blanchard family DNA project
BLANCHARD CORRECTION! from Jane B. Johnson, Payson, Utah
“Benjamin, Aaron and Ephraim WERE NOT descendants of THOMAS who came on the ship Jonathan and went to Massachusetts. The passenger lists do not show a son named John who was suppose to be the father of Benjamin.Thomas’s will names sons: Nathaniel, Samuel, George and Joseph. The Deacon John Blanchard in Massachusetts did not have a son named Benjamin. There was a Benjamin Blanchard who was one of the founders of Northfield, New Hampshire, but not of the family that went to Virginia.
THE NAME and FAMILY of BLANCHARD compiled by the MEDIA RESEARCH BUREAU, Washington, D.C. states: “See the enclosed Family Tree Sketch for relationship to Aaron Blanchard; Benjamin Will Blanchard Sr. died 1719;came from Nansemond Co. Va. to Chowan Co..” Can anyone find that sketch?
In the little compilation, OVER A CENTURY OF MERCHANDISING by Dr.Julian Blanchard, found in the Raleigh, N.C. Archives, we find that” William Rawls Blanchard the founder of the Blanchard mercantile business, was born in Gates Co., N.C…and was married to Mary Cassandra Deanes of Hertford Co., N.C……She was a great-granddaughter of Aaron Blanchard, a brother of her husband’s great-great-grandfather Benjamin”…so another source linking Benjamin with Aaron.”

8 thoughts on “Five Generations of Blanchards”

  1. I believe Robert Blanchard of Nansemond Co is most likely the father of Benjamin, Aaron and Ephraim Blanchard. It is my working theory as of right now.
    16 April 1683, Robert Blanchard was granted 100 acres of land by Thomas, Lord Culpeper, (Colonial Govenor of Virginia 1680-1683) for transporting two people into the colony of Virginia. He transported two women: Ann Hues and Alice Thomas. His property was next to Colonel Thomas Dew in Nansemond County.

    Note: Jerico is the name of the home of Colonel Thomas Dew.

    16 April 1683~Robert Blanchard had 100 acres adjoining Col. Thomas Dew’s property called Jerico.

    From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 3:1695-1732:
    John Spivy ( Nansemond co) rec’d 116 acs. on a place call the Planters Delight ( Near Jerico 28 Oct. 1697 Adj. Benjamin Blanchard and Peters land.

    So that abstract, plus the will record of Benjamin Blanchard in Nansemond Co, VA & the Va Quick rents- puts Benjamin Blanchard near Jerico where earlier Robert Blanchard resided. Benjamin also had a son named Robert. All together strengthening the theory that Robert Blanchard is most likely the father of Benjamin, Aaron and Ephraim Blanchard.

  2. wondering if I am connected to this branch. Born in 1962, Nansemond Co., went to church in Gates co, as a kid.

  3. Thank you for your research. My father spent quite some time in the court records of Chowan and Gates Counties researching the Blanchard family name.

  4. Thank you. I am a descendant of the Gates County Blanchard-Eason— lines.

    My father’s name is William Horace Blanchard, son of Samuel Henry Blanchard and Lillian Eason Blanchard. Dad’ssibli gs: Mary Elizabeth, Lottie, Ted (Samuel) , James and Fred. My cousin Paula and her family live in Sunbury.

    Larry HenryBlanchard

  5. North Carolina
    Chowan County
    At a court begun, opened, & held for the said county at the court house in Edenton on the Third Thursday in April 1742 it being the 15th day of the Month
    Amos Blanchard orphan of Robert Blanchard Deceased of the age of sixteen years appeared & made choice of James Hinton of his Guardian the same is granted giving security in the sum of three hundred pounds…

    This would suggest Amos Blanchard being born in 1726.

  6. Hello;
    I too am descendant of these very BLANCHARDs.
    On those early purshases in Nansemond Co,VA ??
    “Meherrin Neck” , is this in Nansemond Co,VA

    Benjamin BLANCHARD
    Ephriam BLANCHARD
    Ephriam BLANCHARD
    Isabell BLANCHARD
    Jonathan TRUEBLOOD
    Elizabeth TRUEBLOOD
    Nancy BRADEN
    Alex. VanDYNE
    Robt. VanDYNE, my father
    “Rob” VanDYNE of Wichita,KS

  7. Wonderful site. Very well researched and documented. Was the Benjamin to Ephraim Blanchard transaction for “80 acres more of less” dated 31 July 1717 or 31 July 1716? NCHGR by Hathaway shows date of 31 July 1716. Also Benjamin Blanchard received a NC land grant for 455 acres in Chowan precinct upon Wareck Swamp “beginning at ye mouth of a beaver dam issuing out of ye main swamp” 16 Oct 1701. A Thomas Spivey received a NC land grant for 316 acres in Chowan precinct at same place on the same day. By chance, was this Thomas Spivey related to George Spivey who was an adjoining land owner in Aaron Blanchard “of North Carolina” 28 Sept 1728 land grant for 152 acres in the “upper parish of Nansemond County” VA? Aaron received this head right grant for the importation of three persons into Virginia. Persons named were Mary Lackey, Willm. White and Essra Rouse?

  8. I have researched Mary Blanchard (1787-1856), wife of Rev. Banks Burrow (1781-1851) and I feel I’ve conclusively located which Blanchard family she is a member of in Gates County. I’m looking for others who’ve been looking for her as well to share the information.

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