Rev Lawrence & Lillian Crisp

parents of Lewis S Lawrence

Rev. Charles Andrew Lawrence/Laurence 1871 – 1951|his parents
& ca 1903 Anna E Anderson 1880 – bef 1920 | her parents
& 1923 Lillian Gorham Crisp 1892 – 1981 | her parents
of Falkland, NC

This work is my working hypothesis — the way I see it as of this moment!!

Charles, Lewis, and Lillian Lawrence 1928

Charles Andrew Lawrence was born in Portville, Cattaraugus County, NY 13 March 1871 the son of Andrew Jackson Lawrence and wife Isabelle Holcomb.

My Grandfather Lawrence as a young man. He was adopted into and made blood brother to the chief of a Seneca tribe. Also made a member of the turtle clan. – Catherine Spruill

He married about 1903 Anna E Anderson dau of Amelia, a widow by 1910 census living with Charles and Anna Lawrence.

1919- 1921 Rev. Charles Andrew Lawrence was the pastor of 2nd Presbyterian Church in Staunton, VA. He was widowed by 1920.

He married 2nd 31 July 1923 Lillian Gorham Crisp in Falkland NC.
He died 26 Dec 1951 in Falkland. His grave is in the Falkland Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Children of Charles Andrew Lawrence and wife Anna E Anderson:
1. Charles W Lawrence ca 1904 –
2. Ruth E Lawrence ca 1905 –
3. Allan A Lawrence ca 1912 –

Lillian Gorham Crisp 6 Sept 1892 Crisp – 5 Sept 1981 graduated WCUNC at Greensboro and Peabody College, Nashville, TN
she taught in Pitt, Rowan, and Wayne Counties –
At one time, she was a supervisor of the Wayne Co School System.
In 1917 during the time she was the principle of Falkland School Lillian was instrumental in securing the 2nd public school bus operated in NC.
It was used to transport children from the consolidated Craft School to Falkland.


married 31 July 1923 Rev. Charles Andrew Lawrence 13 Mar 1871 – 26 Dec 1951 Falkland NC a Presbyterian Minister
– After 1935, the Lawrence family lived in the old Crisp home.
a. Lewis Sellers Lawrence 1 April 1925 – 25 March 1997 Falkland NC
High School English teacher
Married Julia Godwin Moore 16 Feb 1929 – 21 Feb 2016
b. Evelyn Gorham Lawrence 8 Dec 1930 Falkland NC – 4 Oct 2008 Cypress Glen.

Married Dr. Joseph Greene Boyette 10 May 1929 Colerain NC – 7 Nov 2001 Greenville NC
i. Sally Boyette
Married Bob Cone.
ii. Josephine Evelyn Boyette.
iii. Lawrence J [Larry] Boyette.
married Judith DeGroat

1954 The Lawrence Family visiting at Maple Lawn.
From Left: Raynor Moore, Ola Moore holding Charles Lawrence, Lewis Lawrence, Lewis’s sister Evelyn Boyette and Sally Boyette, Arthur Moore, Julia Moore Lawrence with Helen Ann Lawrence, and Lillian Crisp Lawrence.  I, Sally, held Lewis’s camera.


Sally’s family ties – grandparents of Lewis S Lawrence

Sellers Mark Crisp 1865 – 1926 | his parents
& Annie Gorham 1867 – 1935 | her parents
of Falkland NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!! from an account by Richard H Crisp

The Crisp and Lawrence Home in Falkland NC
photo by Bob Koestler 2001

Annie & Sellers Mark Crisp

Sellers Mark Crisp and Annie Gorham married 27 May 1891 at the home of her parents near Battleboro, Edgecombe Co, NC.
Annie Gorham was born 21 May 1867 in Edgecombe Co NC.
She was the daughter of Henry Wise Gorham and Josephine George Cherry. Henry was born 3 Jan 1837 Beaufort Co – died 27 Feb 1914 Edgecombe Co. Josephine George Cherry was born 18 Oct 1838 Edgecombe Co – died 16 June 1909.
Annie graduated Littleton College and taught school until her marriage.
Sellers Mark Crisp was born 30 March 1865 in Pitt Co NC.
He was the son of Silas Crisp and Sallie Eliza Edwards. Silas was born 13 July 1833 Pitt Co – died 17 Dec 1884 Edgecombe Co. Sallie Eliza Edwards was born 20 May 1833 Edgecombe Co – died 13 Dec 1778 Edgecombe Co

Sellers attended Davis Military Academy in LaGrange NC.
After their marriage, they lived in Edgecombe Co in the town of Crisp.
In 1896 at Crisp, Sellers became a partner with B F Eagles Jr. in a mercantile store.
In 1902, Mr. Crisp moved the family to Falkland NC and became a partner in I.L. Fountain & Co, a general mercantile business.
He acquired land there and engaged in farming also.
He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church, served on the school board and the Pitt County Board of Commissioners 1920 – 24.
He died 16 Aug 1926 of a heart attack suddenly.

Annie died 3 Jan 1935 at home in Falkland.
Both are in the Crisp plot at the Presbyterian Church.

Note: the Gorham immigrant ancestors were John Howland of the “Mayflower,” his daughter Desire Howland married Captain John Gorham of the Plymouth Colony.

Children of Sellers Mark Crisp & Annie Gorham:
1. Lillian Gorham Crisp 6 Sept 1892 Crisp – 5 Sept 1981
married 31 July 1923 Rev. Charles Andrew Lawrence 13 Mar 1871 – 26 Dec 1951 Falkland NC a Presbyterian Minister
– after 1935, the Lawrence family lived in the old Crisp home.

2. Dr. Sellers Mark Crisp ca 1894 Crisp – 29 July 1955 Greenville NC


married 2 Feb 1927 Rosebud [Rose] Nowell ca 1898 Colerain NC – deceased

Rosebud at Chowan 1915

Home of Dr. Sellers and Rose Crisp

a. Mary Rose Crisp 28 May 1929 – 5 Oct 1971 Tyler TX
Married Dec 1952 Dr. Fred M Warren of Tyler TX
b. Dr. Sellers Luther Crisp 3 Jan 1935 – 5 May 2005 Greenville NC
Obituary below

married Florence Nelson Blount.
i. Mary Louise Lowe.
ii. Sellers Luther Crisp Jr.
iii. Florence Amanda Crisp
3. Henry Gorham Crisp 10 Dec 1896 Crisp – 23 Jan 1970 Birmingham AL buried Tuscaloosa AL [46 years at U of AL]

Coach Hank Crisp former head basketball coach and football line coach at University of Alabama

married 1 April 1921, Kathryan Kendall of Hamlet NC
a. Henry Gorham Crisp Jr.
4. Lucy Cherry Crisp 4 March 1899 Crisp – 25 Nov 1977 Greenville NC grad WCUNC with BS in music. Also studied Columbia U, Boston U and Ratcliff College first director 1947 – 1955 NC State Art Gallery – buried Falkland NC

Lucy Cherry Crisp with artist Francis Speight

  1. Louis Samuel Crisp 23 Sept 1901 Crisp – 29 Oct 1967 VA Insurance married 24 June 1937 Louise Massey of Newport News VA
    a. William Gorham Crisp
  2. George Bennett Crisp 3 May 1904 Falkland NC – 20 Sept 1964 Philadelphia PA
    married 31 Dec 1934, Rachel Walker.
    a. John Walker Crisp
  3. Richard Hodges Crisp 17 Jan 1907 Falkland NC – 3 Mar 1999 Greenville, NC
    married 27 Feb 1936 Helen Johnson of Brooklyn NY d. 15 Feb 1975
    a. John Gorham Crisp

Obituaries – Saturday, May 07, 2005 Sellers L. Crisp
“Hey, Doc” was how most greeted him. “A carpenter by trade,” was his typical response. Born Jan. 3, 1935, Dr. Sellers Luther Crisp was a gifted orthopedic surgeon, an avid cook and gardener, and a lover of learning. He enjoyed attending operas, reading books of history and listening to classical music. Dr. Crisp was most happy when he was outdoors, sitting in a duck blind, setting drift nets in a rickety rowboat, or only watching the moon over the ocean.
Dr. Crisp, 70, died Thursday, May 5, 2005.
A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday at the corner of 14th and Elm Streets, where Dr. Crisp maintained a vegetable garden for more than two decades.
The son of Rose Nowell and Sellers Mark Crisp Jr.,
Dr. Crisp was born in Greenville and
educated at Episcopal High School,
Davidson College,
and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.
His medical training continued at Vanderbilt University and Johns Hopkins University.
After serving in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, he returned to the University of NC to complete his residency.
Then, he came back to Greenville, where he was an orthopedic surgeon and a farmer until his retirement.

In 1962, Dr. Crisp married Nelson Blount, also of Greenville.
During their 43 years of marriage, Dr. and Mrs. Crisp shared many joys. They included meals prepared by Dr. Crisp; the births of their three children, Mary Louise Lowe, Sellers Luther Crisp Jr., and Florence Amanda Crisp; playing doubles tennis;
skiing (downhill in their younger years and cross-country in their later years);
And swimming and sailing.
Dr. Crisp did not consider his family complete without a four-legged companion, generally a mischievous pug. His mornings were incomplete without a humorous exchange with his beloved friend, Carrie Barnes.
He enjoyed traveling to places of historical significance and to visit his seven grandchildren, Caroline, Grace, and Olivia Lowe, Sellers and Shepherd Crisp, and Beatrice and Luke Hruska.
Surviving Dr. Crisp are his wife, children, grandchildren, and Cleo, his pug.
Instead of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Davidson College or the UNC School of Medicine.

grandparents of Lewis Lawrence

Andrew Jackson Lawrence 1842 – 1907 | his parents
& 1865 Isabelle\Belle Holcomb 1844 – 1914 | her parents
of Portville NY

Andrew Jackson Lawrence was born 15 July 1842 Freedom, NY to Norman J Lawrence and wife Jane Bradford.

Andrew Jackson Lawrence served in the Union Army during the Civil War.
On the 1880 census, Andrew J Lawrence occupation is listed as “Teamster.”

Andrew Jackson Lawrence died 20 Jan 1907 Portville NY

Isabelle Holcomb was born 13 Aug 1844 the daughter of Asahel Seymour Holcomb (1801-1876) and wife Celestia Thurstone (1803-1868).
Belle died Dec 1914 in Olean NY at the home of her daughter Jessie.

Children of Andrew Jackson Lawrence and Isabelle Holcomb:
1. CatherineKate Lawrence Aug 1866 –
2. Jessie Lawrence ca 1869 –
Married John Seivert Olean NY
3. Charles A Lawrence 1871 – 1951 Falkland, NC
4. Robert Burnett Lawrence ca 1874 – 1916 Holley NY
5. Floyd Lawrence ca 1879 – bef 1900 Census

The Olean (NY) Evening Herald, Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1914, Page Four.

Belle passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Seivert of 819 Garden Ave., Olean, NY of heart disease. Another daughter, Miss Catherine Lawrence of Olean and two sons, Rev. C.A. Lawrence of Knowlesville, NY and Robert Burnett Lawrence of Holley, NY also survived her. The funeral was at the People’s Church on Dec. 24, 1914.



great-grandparents of Lewis Lawrence

Asahel Seymour Holcomb 1801 – 1876 | his parents
& ca 1822 Celestia Thurstone 1803 – 1868 | her parents
of Portville NY

Asahel Seymour Holcomb was born 30 Sept 1801 the son of Rev. Asahel Holcomb 1777 – 1840, a Baptist minister, and wife Pheobe Sweet 1778. His grandfather was Return Holcomb 1744 – 1832, who served in the Rev. War.

Asahel Seymour Holcomb died 30 March 1876.

Celestia Thurstone was born in 1803 and died 3 Feb 1868.
Both their graves are in the Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Portville NY.

Children of Asahel Seymour Holcomb and wife Celestia Thurstone:
1. Lucretia Holcomb 1823-
2. Charles D. Holcomb 7/24/1824 – 3/10/1907
3. Adrian Foote Holcomb 1/19/1828 – 1902
4. Maria Parmella Holcomb Larabee 7/12/1831 – 2/03/1870
married Jacob Larrabee
5. Sophonia Holcomb 3/12/1834 –
6. Sarah M Holcomb 7/22/1837 – 1921
7. Isabelle/Isabel/Belle Holcomb 8/13/1844 –
married Andrew J Lawrence
8. Robert Holcomb 8/8/1849 – 1901


great-grandparents of Lewis Lawrence

Norman J Lawrence 1817 – 1860 | his parents
& 1838 Jane Bradford 1818 – 1906 | her parents
of Clarksville NY

Norman J Lawrence and Jane Bradford married in 1838.
Jane Bradford was born in 1818 and died 14 Jan 1906.
She was the daughter of Simeon Bradford 1770 -1831 and wife MarthaPatty True.
Norman J Lawrence was born 23 Jan 1817 in Maine and died 16 July 1860 in Wirt, NY.

Children of Norman J Lawrence and Jane Bradford:
1. Albert Lawrence 1840 – 1914
2. Andrew Jackson Lawrence 15 July 1842 – 1907
3. Allen Lawrence 1844 –
4. Sally J Lawrence 1846 –
5. Carlton Lawrence 1850 –
6. Nelson Z. Lawrence July 1850 –
7. Orrin S Lawrence 28 Aug 1859 –

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