William Jordan, Mildred & Mary Ann Hill

Jordan of Bertie County NC

William Jordan ca 1715 – 1786 | his parents
& first wife Mildred ? | her parents
& Mary Ann Hill bef 1750 – bef 1786 | her parents
of Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1738, 6 May – Bertie Deed Bk E – 310 William Charlten & wife Mary to William Jordan, 250 pounds for 300 acres on Morrattock River adj. William Ward, Joseph Jordan. Wit: Joseph Jordan, jurat, Phillip Ward. Aug Ct 1738

E- 323 William Meazell [Meazel] of “Terrell Precinct” to John Smithwick, 250 pounds for 100 A on NS of Morrattock River. Part of a larger tract bought of Edward Smithwick at Opossum Hill Creek. Wit: Charlten Mizell, John Mizell, William Jordan, jurat. Aug Ct 1738

1740, 5 Feb – F-263 Thomas Speller to Joseph Jordan, 3 pds for 2 A. on Sohikey Creek adj. James Ward & William Jordan, Wit: William Jordan, James Ward, Aug Ct 1741. Benjamin Hill C/C

1741/42, 12 Mar – F-379 Thomas Speller & wife Sarah to Josiah Riddick, 700 pounds for 800 A on NS Marrattock at Sakythee Creek. Part of 1000 A. formerly purchased by Henry Speller from Edward Smithwick. Wit: William Jordan, William Ward. Aug Ct 1742.

1742/43, 24 Feb – F-469 Josiah Riddick to Joseph Jordan 100 pds for 800 A. at mouth Sohikey Creek adj. Gales. Wit: William Jordan, Mildred Jordan. Aug Ct 1743. John Wynns D. Reg.

1746/47, 10 Jan – G-30 Edmond Smithwick & wife Hannah to Joseph Jordain, 75 pds. for 297 A in Sohika Neck. As per patent to Edmond Smithwick cont. 297 A. By Smithwick sold to William Lattimer & Nathan Moor. Wit: Mildred Jordan, Josiah Hart, William Jordan. May Ct 1747.

1754, 7 Dec – H-203 Thomas Jordan Speight to Joseph Jordan, 100 pds for 300 A in Sohikey Neck adj. Keshia River, David Ryan at mouth of Herrin Creek, Mary Speight [land bought of John Warburton], John Warburton, Titus Legitt. Wit: John Belote, Isaac Jordan, William Jordan Oct Ct 1755.

1756, 8 Oct – I – 59 Bond of Thomas Speight of Bertie Co to Robert Warburton 50 pds sterling to abide the judgement of arbitrators Henry Hunter & David Ryan. Robert West mentioned as umpire. Wit: Joesph Jordan, William Jordan. Apr. Ct 1758

I – 61 see above bond Robert West umpire ruled that Thomas Speight to have no claim to the disputed land & sd land “is clear to John Warburton” 6 Feb 1757. April Ct 1758 Benjamin Wynns CC

1757 Bertie Co tax list
on Henry Hunter’s list – Wm Jordan – 8 taxables
on Jos. Jordan’s list
Jos. Jordan and his sons Isaac and Wm. and Negroes Dinah, Cate, Nan, Roase – 7 taxables.

1770, 19 Feb – L-2-201 William Jordan [Sr] gent & his wife Mary [Maryann][x] of Bertie Co to George Kitterell planter of same. 70 lbs. proc. 80 A where Saml. Leget lately lived, on S side of Rocquist Creek joining Gully Branch, James Castellow. Wit: John Kitterell, Mourning Hill. Mar Ct 1771 John Johnston CC

Children of William Jordan and first wife Mildred:
1. Mildred Jordan ca 1742 – bef 14 May 1796 no surviving issue
Chowan Co Marriage Bonds 1758 5 Dec Anthony Armistead and Milly Rhodes. Gilbert Leigh.
married Dec 1758 Anthony Armistead d 20 Oct 1791 [Edenton Dist loose Estate Records]
brother of William Armistead 1730 – 1791 who married Sarah Jordan 1739 – 1818
apparently he was the father of two children by Anne Lucus: Mary born 5 Dec 1783 & William 5 Aug 1789
2. Ann Jordan

married Whedbee
3. James B Jordan ca 1766 – fall 1804 Bertie Co
married Frances Maer bef 1783 –
a. Rev. William Hill Jordan 1803 – 1883

“William Hill Jordan (1803-1883) consented to ordination in 1825, after having been recognized as a “gifted” man in January, 1824. Jordan was to become one of the best known of Cashie’s “sons,” holding pastorates in Raleigh, Wilmington, Lilesville, Wadesboro, and Warrenton; Clarksville and Petersburg (Va.) ; and Sumter, South Carolina. He is reported to have been a very eloquent speaker. Jordan served as Corresponding Secretary of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (1837-1843) and preached the Introductory Sermon before the Convention in 1841. 37″ The Baptist Church at Cashie by RHTaylor.
– Baptist preacher
married Elizabeth Watson
i. Mary Jordan ca 1840 – May 1888
school teacher – buried Episcopal churchyard Windsor
Frances Maer married 2nd Richard Jones Poindexter
b. Rev. Abraham Maer Poindexter
22 Sept 1809 Bertie – 7 Mar 1872 Culpepper VA
– Baptist preacher
married Eliza I Wimbush ca 1800 VA –

Children of William Jordan and Mary Hill:
4. Mary Jordan
married 9 Dec 1785 William Jordan died April 1791
married ca 1792 Zedekiah Stone
5. Martha [Patsey] Jordan
married 14 Mar 1791 Joseph Jordan
a. Robert Jordan
6. Margaret Jordan
married 3 Apr 1792 Samuel Maer
Joseph Jordan, Bm; Thos. Whitmell Pugh, Wit.
7. Maria Elizabeth [Eliza] Jordan 7 Nov 1776 Bertie Co – 14 Oct 1810 Murfreesboro NC

married 1 Jan 1796 John Wheeler 23 June 1771 NJ – 7 Aug 1832 Murfreesboro NC
8. William Jordan – d ca 1794 under age

1768 tax list Bertie Co
Armsted, William 1 free white, 2 Negro men 16+, 2 Negro boys 16-, 2 Negro women
Armstid, Anthony 1 free white, 2 Negro men 16+, 2 Negro women
Jordin, Isaac 1 free white, 1 Negro men 16+, 1 Negro boys 16-, 2 Negro women
Jordin, Joseph 1 free white, 1 white servant, 2 Negro men 16+, 6 Negro women
Jordin, Joseph Jr 1 free white, 1 Negro men 16+, 1 Negro women
Jordin, William 1 free white, 5 Negro men 16+, 1 Negro boys 16-, 3 Negro women
Jordin, William Jr 1 free white, 3 white servants, 1 Negro men 16+, 2 Negro women
Jordine, Abraham 3 free whites,

1777 William Jordan & Simon Turner served as a reps of Bertie Co with Zedekiah Stone as senator
1778 William Jordan & James Campbell served as a reps of Bertie Co with Zedekiah Stone as senator

Sources: Wheeler Family in America

Abstracts of Jordan Wills Bertie Co by David B Gammon

James B Jordan [E/241] 30 Sept 1804 – Nov Ct 1804 Bertie Co NC
wife Frances Jordan – lend one third of my lands for her lifetime and then to return to my estate, I also give her one-third of my personal estate. My Negroes and stock are to be sold and proceeds placed at interest and my lands are to be rented out.
son William Hill Jordan – the interest arising from the said money to support and educate him in a liberal and decent manner until he is twenty-one or marries, at which point he may have my estate. If he should die underage or without issue I lend three-fourths of the interest of this money to the Justices of the Bertie County Court to establish a school to instruct poor children in reading, writing, and cyphering. The interest from the other fourth part I lend in trust to the Elders and Deacons of the Baptist Church of Cashie, to be distributed annually among the poor members and itinerant preachers.
EX: friends John Wheeler, Peter Rascoe, Jonathan Jacocks
Wit: Luke Smithwick, John Rascoe

William Jordan [D/184] “Edenton” May Ct 1791 Bertie Co [Nuncupative will]
Samuel Dickinson, John Mare, and Wm. Boritz were ordered to take the depositon of John Little relative to the nuncupative will of the dec’d. Little swore he heard the dec’d tell his brother-in-law James B Jordan that he wished his executors to repair the dwelling house where he then lived and the expense should not affect his wife’s legacy. Little swore he could not clearly hear the rest of the bequests by the dec’d, who was his nephew. Dated 18 April 1791.

William Jordan [D/63] 28 Oct 1786 – Nov Ct 1786
son James Jordan – plantation where I now live and use of Negroes Samson, Frank and Sue.
daughter Mary Jordan – use of Negres Ben, Beck and Cloy.
daughter Martha Jordan – use of Negroes Joe, Pat and Amey.
daughter Elizabeth Jordan – use of Negroes Pharoby, Feb, and George
son William Jordan – use of Negroes Dol, Jack, Dick, Bob, Hannah, also my gun and saw. Eight hundred pounds should be raised out of my estate and given to my executors so they may buy a piece of land for my son William.
daughters Mildred Armisted and Ann Whedbee – one dollar each as they have already received their property.
After the eight hundred pounds are raised from my estate, the residue of my estate is to be divided among the surviving children of my last wife. If either of my two sons should die without issue his land shall fall to the surviving brother and his personal estate shall be divided among my daughters by my last wife, and if my said daughters should die without issue their property shall be divided among the surviving children by my last wife. All Negroes bequeathed to my unmarried children shall be kept together until the children marry or are of age.
EX: friend Isaac Jordan, “son’s in law” Anthony Armisted and William Jordan, son James Jordan.
Wit: Ed. Hinson,William Warbutton, Anty. Armisted

Estate of William Jordan [also referred to as William Jordan Sr.] abstracts by David B Gammon

Petition [Nov 1786] by Anthony Armistead, gentleman, stating in December of 1758 he married Milley Jordan, Daughter of the said William Jordan, dec’d and Jordan had told him he would make an equal provision for him with his other children; however no such provision was made in the will and Armistead requested his part.

Edenton Dist. loose Estate papers: undated the answer of William Jordan an excr of William Jordan dec’d to Anthony Armistead. He stated he heard of a deed of gift the testator made to his daughter of 6 negroes, that the reason he gave the slaves was that by the law then in force “an overseer over six slaves was excused from mustering and in consequence of the gift he would become overseer of them for his Daughter’s benefit.” The complainant had married Milly. [incomplete doc.]

Inventory 16 Feb 1787 by James Jordan and William Jordan

Nov 1788 – a [1/5] share of the estate was allotted to James Jordan son of the dec’d

Aug 1792 – A share was allotted to Margaret Maer, daughter of the dec’d

6 Feb 1793 – Zedekiah Stone was apptd. gdn of the orphan William Jordan.

Feb 1793 – Petition by Samuel Maer and wife Margaret for a share of the Negroes, stating William Jordan died testate leaving as exrs. William Jordan [now dec’d] Anthony Armistead [now dec’d] Isaac Jordan Jr. [now dec’d] and James Jordan.

Feb 1794 – James B Jordan issued an answer that he was exr. of the dec’d and the Maers had indeed received Negroes named Patt and Amey. This answer further notes that James B Jordan had to first raise money to buy land for William Jordan, Jr, before dividing property among the surviving children by the last wife of the dec’d.

Administration grtd. Samuel Maer, 14 Nov 1794. [of William Jordan Jr.?]
Division of Negroes belonging to William Jordan Jr, according to the will of his father, 5 Jan 1795:
from the will of William Jordan Sr: If either of my two sons should die without issue his land shall fall to the surviving brother and his personal estate shall be divided among my daughters by my last wife,
1) to Elizabeth Jordan – Jack
2) to Robert Jordan – Robert and Hannah
3) to Samuel Maer – Dave and Rody
& 4) to the representatives of Mary Stone – Dick

Estate of Mary [Polly] Stone – administration grtd. Zedekiah Stone 14 May 1796.
Inventory 4 Aug 1796 “of my late wife Mary Stone, being an equal part of her brother William Jordan’s estate in the hands of Samuel Maer, and an equal part of the estate of Milea Armistead, dec’d in the hands of James B Jordan.”
Administration grtd. David Stone, 13 Feb 1797,” as Zedekiah Stone had died.

1787 Census Bertie Co Capt. Speller’s Dist
James Jordan — 2 WM <20 or >60, 4 WF, 9 blacks 12-50, 9 blacks <12 or >50
Mary Jordan 1 WF, 5 blacks 12-50, 4 blacks <12 or >50
William Jordan 2 WM 21-60, 5 WF, 34 blacks 12-50, 24 blacks <12 or >50
Isaac Jordan 2 WM 21-60, 2 <20 or >60, 6 WF, 12 blacks 12-50, 12 blacks <12 or >50
Anthony Armistead 2 WM 21 – 60, ? <20 or >60, 11 blacks 12-50, 1 black <12 or >50
Christian Reed 1 WM 21-60, 5 <20 or >60, 3 WF, 7 B 12-50, 9 B <20 or >50
William Armistead 3 WM 21-60, 3 <20 or >60, 4 WF, 14 B 12-50, 4 B <20 or >50

Capt. Freeman’s Dist
James Jordan 1 WM 21-60, 3 <20 or >60, 2 WF
John Jordan 1 WM ” , 2 ” , 7 WF

1790 Bertie Co
James Jordan 1 – – – – 1
Hannah Jordan 0 1 4 0 26 31
Joseph Jordan 1 0 1 0 10 12
Mary Jordan 2 2 5 0 13 22
James B Jordan 3 2 3 0 24 32
Anthony Armistead 1 0 1 0 13 15
William Armistead 4 1 4 4 33 46
Christain Reed 3 2 5 0 23 33

1798 Tax Lits Bertie Co
Charles Jordan 1 poll -Capt Thomas Pugh’s D.
James Jordan 1 poll, 1 sl, 172 A. – Capt William Higgs D. taken by Jesse Cotten
—–? Jordan 1 poll 0 21 A. – Capt Morris D
[not complete]

1800 Census Bertie Co
Charles Jordan 1 0 0 1
James Jordan 0 0 0 1
James Jordan 1 1 0 1
Joseph Jordan 0 0 0 1
William Jordan 0 0 1 1

1810 Census Bertie Co
Charles Jordan 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0
James Jordan 2 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 5
Joseph Jordan Jr 1 2 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 4
Joseph Jordan Sr 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 18 [wife Nancy]
Mrs Mary Jordan 3 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 36

1815 Tax List Bertie Co
Joseph Jordan Senr. 808 A. 8080 Valuation 1 wh pole, 16 bk polls
Joseph Jordan Jun 1611 A. 12231 Valuation 1 wh pole, 14 bk polls a Stud house $6
Charles Jordan 1 White [Capt Pugh’s Dist]
James Jordan 403 acres 1312 Value 4 blacks

1820 Census Bertie Co
James Jordan 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1 8msl 4fsl
Joseph Jordan 1 1 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 1 0 12msl 11fsl
Nancy Jordan 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 0 9msl 7fsl

note I still have questions not resolved
1. who is the Anthony Armistead who married Milly Jordan in 1758? He is brother of William who married Sarah Jordan. found in Edenton Dist. Loose Estate Records.
2. and just who is who among the various Joseph Jordan’s of Bertie Co.
3. how does James Jordan get to be Isaac Jordan’s nephew?
etc etc…
4. who were the parents of Mary Hill – 2nd wife of William Jordan.
5. who was and what happened to Mourning Hill of 1770 deed of William Jordan and wife MaryAnn?

Joseph Jordan ca 1715 – 1776 | his parents
& Ruth Speight bef 1724 – 1776/77 | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


Charlton-Jordan House

Jordan House – Supposedly built in 1714, this house is one of the more architecturally important houses in North Carolina. The house originally had the 3 room- Quaker plan, but the interior was burned in the 1920s. It is built of Flemish brick with arched window openins and T-shaped chimneys at each end of the house.
This story-and-a half house has a high basement. A cemetery with elaborate iron fence and large marble markers is nearby.

Mrs. Edith Dunston contributed an ownership chart for the 1979 survey.
Joseph Jordan (born 1756 – d 1816)
Nancy Jordan (d. 1829) [wife of Joseph]
Joseph Jordan (ca 1811 – after 1860)
Lora Ann Swain (Joseph’s niece)
John Peter Rascoe
William W. Rascoe
Cora Rascoe Gillam
Francis Gillam (Cora’s grandson)

1738, 6 May – Bertie Deed Bk E – 319 William Charlten & wife Mary to Joseph Jordan, 100 pounds for 300 A. “all that tract whereon I now live” adj. Richard Swain at head of Sakeykee? Creek at Spring Branch adj. —- Ward, —- Swain. Wit: William Jordan, jurat Phillip Ward Aug Ct 1738.

1740, 5 Feb – F-263 Thomas Speller to Joseph Jordan, 3 pds for 2 A. on Sohikey Creek adj. James Ward & William Jordan, Wit: William Jordan, James Ward, Aug Ct 1741. Benjamin Hill C/C

1743, 24 Feb – F-469 Josiah Riddick to Joseph Jordan 100 pds for 800 A. at mouth Sohikey Creek adj. Gales. Wit: William Jordan, Mildred Jordan. Aug Ct 1743. John Wynns D. Reg.

1746/47, 10 Jan – G-30 Edmond Smithwick & wife Hannah to Joseph Jordain, 75 pds. for 297 A in Sohika Neck. As per patent to Edmond Smithwick cont. 297 A. By Smithwick sold to William Lattimer & Nathan Moor. Wit: Mildred Jordan, Josiah Hart, William Jordan. May Ct 1747.

1750, 5 May – G-284 William Stanssell & wife Africa of Johnston Co to Joseph Jordan, 15 pds for 50 A “…where John Harris Jun now liveth…” a tract commonly called “Jno Harriss land..” Wit: John Harrison, John Stansel, Jun. Rebecca Stancell. May Ct 1750. John Lovick C/C

1754, 7 Dec – H-203 Thomas Jordan Speight to Joseph Jordan, 100 pds for 300 A in Sohikey Neck adj. Keshia River, David Ryan at mouth of Herrin Creek, Mary Speight [land bought of John Warburton], John Warburton, Titus Legitt. Wit: John Belote, Isaac Jordan, William Jordan Oct Ct 1755.

1756, 28 April – H-278 James Legitt to John Legett, Deed of Gift. 600 A “…for love, good-will, and affection ..to my beloved grandson John Legett, son of James Legett… reserving only the use thereof to myself and my wife, my son James and his wife during our natural lives . . ” Land in Cashy Neck at Charlton’s Creek adj. Henry Bates at Simmon’s Pond, — Ryand, —- Griffith, —– Jordan. Wit: Joseph Jordan, John Watson April Ct 1756

1757, July Ct states “…the Feme being first privately examined by Joseph Jordan, Esq. one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the said county…..”

H-453 John Baker, Joseph Jordan, Henry Hunter to Arthur Dobbs, Gov. July XXVII, 1757. John Baker, appt. Sheriff by commission from the Governor. Wit: John Hill, Benj. Wynns. July Ct 1757

Children of Joseph Jordan and wife Ruth Speight:
1. Sarah Jordan 13 Dec 1739 – 1818
in Jan 1777 div Sarah rec. Violate and Will
married 18 Mar 1756 William Armistead 19 Sept 1730 – Jan 1791 Bertie Co
a. John Armistead 2 Sept 1757 –
b. Elizabeth [Eliza] Armistead 29 Dec 1759 –
married bef 19 Jan 1791 Thomas Turner
c. William Armistead 5 Mar 1762 – 13 May 1796 dsp
d. Anthony Armistead 26 July 1764 – 14 June 1789
e. Robert Armistead 13 Nov 1767 –
married Mary Stuart
of “Daly’s Hill” Roanoke River NC in Martin Co
f. Sarah [Sally] Armistead 13 July 1770 – Dec 1800

married bef 7 July 1793 Guyther
g. Jordan Armistead 19 Jan 1775 – 27 Dec 1799
h. Mary [Polly] Armistead 29 Sept 1777 –
i. Starkey Armistead 16 July 1780 – 1835
married Mary Carey Drew 1785 – 1820
j. Priscilla Armistead Nov 1783 –
k. Thomas Armistead Nov 1783 – 24 Nov 1783
2. Isaac Jordan ca 1736 – spring 1790
in Jan 1777 – Isaac rec. Charles, Jack, Patience, Beck, Sam, Beck and Selah
Isaac named his nephew James Jordan as executor of his will.
married Hannah Hill? d 1812
1795 div from Edward – Mrs. H Hill rec. Dick
a. Joseph Jordan ca 1756 – 9 May 1816 age 60 ts
1795 div from Edward – Joseph rec. David
cemetery located on SR 1522 – 2 miles east of SR 1521 [east of US 17
between Williamston and Windsor near the old Jordan House] Bertie Co Cemeteries

married Nancy Walton ca 1787 – 28 Oct 1829 age 42 ts dau. of Timothy Walton
i. Martha Jordan ca June 1807 – 24 Jan 1818 ts age 10 yrs 7 mo
? ii. Joseph Jordan ca 1811 – aft 1860
b. Mary Jordan died bef 1795?
legacy paid to Mary Jordan
c. Sarah Jordan
div from father Oct 1794 – Ned, Cubee, Leader, and Violate and her children
1795 div from Edward – Sarah rec. Davison
married 4 Feb 1794 Ebenezer Smithwick [William Sutton, Bm]
d. Edward Jordan d by 13 may 1795 – Ebenezer Smithwick appt. adm.
e. Prudence Jordan – she was living in Limestone Co AL in 1841
1795 div from Edward – Prudence rec. Beck
div from father 31 Dec 1799 – Sam, Patience, Celah, Penny and Solomon

married 13 Jan 1799 Standley Kittrell [Benjamin Folks, Bm] prob d 1830’s
owned property at Speller’s Ferry -not far from the Jordan House
i. Isaac Jordan Kittrell
f. Hannah Jordan living Washington Co 1806
1795 div from Edward – Hannah rec. Nancy
married 3 July 1804 John. Guyther [Luke Smithwick, Bm]
3. William Jordan bef 1741 – Dec 1790
in Jan 1777 div William rec. Patience and Sarah
married Mary
a. Mary Jordan d ca 1813
support paid from father’s estate 1802 -1812
married Smithwick
i. William Smithwick
ii. John Smithwick
iii. James Smithwick
iv. Jordan Smithwick
v. Thomas Smithwick
vi. Joseph Smithwick
b. Margaret Jordan
from Harriet’s share – Bristol, Hasty, Jenny, Joseph, and Angela
married Henry Harramond d bef Nov 1790
married 2nd Luke Collins
c. Elizabeth Jordan
rec as her share Andy, Prissa, Mureah, Mike, Caty, Allen Will, Joshua, Sall, Mary and Sophy
from Harriet’s share – Jim and Nancy

married Thomas Ryan
appt gdn. of the ophans Joseph and Sarah Jordan 15 Nov 1800
d. William Jordan ca 1782 –
share allotted to William Jordan Jr 21 Feb 1795; adm granted William Jordan 15 Nov 1803
div: Robbin, George, Old Ben, Little Amy, Andy Violet, Watson, Old Hannah, Lottie, Young Treza, Jack, Agnes, Phillis, and Watson; from Harriet’s share – Jacob and young Ben

e. Harriet Jordan died before 1803
f. Joseph Jordan ca 1786 –
h. Sally Jordan
married William Harris
i. Pattey/Patsey Jordan
not mentioned in father’s will rec. share in May 1791
4. Dr. Joseph Jordan aft 1741 – 25 Dec 1785 no issue
in Jan 1777 div Joseph rec Ned, Treasy, Amey, Viner, Sue, Mike and Molbrough
married Mary
Mary married 2nd 24 July 1786 or 87 Robert Armistead
petition dated Aug 1787 says Robert married Mary 24 July last.

5. Prudence Jordan
in Jan 1777 div Prudence rec Andy, Dick, Sarah, Lewis, Emele, Jenny, and Lettice
married 1st 15 Sept 1766 Abraham Maer d bef 9 May 1783
James Campbell, J. P. Jordan Jun, Bm; Edmund Blount, Joseph Whedbee, Wit.
a. Samuel Maer rec his share 18 Nov 1790
married 3 Apr 1792 Margaret Jordan
b. William Maer rec share in 1792
c. Margaret Maer rec share in 1792
d. Elisabeth Maer rec share in 1792
e. Mary Maer rec her share Feb 1795
f. Frances [Fanny] Maer rec her share Feb 1795
married James B Jordan
married 2nd bef May 1785 Benjamin Williams
6. Margaret Jordan will written 13 Oct 1803 – prob Feb Ct 1804
in Jan 1777 div Margaret rec Sip, Demsey, Rose, Tamer, Hannah, Charity and Granville
married bef 1776 Christian Reed died bef Jan 1802 intestate
a. John Durant Reed
rec Feb 1805 Charity and Frank
b. Mary Reed
rec Feb 1805 Peter
c. Margaret Reed
rec Feb 1805 Tom
d. Christian Reed
rec Feb 1805 Hannah
e. William Reed
rec Feb 1805 Jack
f. Elizabeth Reed
rec Feb 1805 Dick
g. Frances Reed
rec Feb 1805 Venus

Joseph Jordan [B/55] 30 April 1776 – May Ct 1776 “sick and weak in body”…
son Isaack Jordan – 300 acre plantation where he now lives, Negroes, etc.
son William Jordan – plantation where he now lives containing 300 acres, Negroes, etc.
son Joseph Jordan – plantation where he now lives containing 300 acres, Negroes, but if he died without heirs the Negroes shall revert to my estate.
daughter Sarah Armstead – land I bought of William Mizell and his wife Susannah, containing twelve and one-half acres on the lower side and adjoining the plantation where my son-in-law William Armsted now lives.
daughter Sarah – Negroes.
daughters Prudence Maer and Margaret Read – Negroes.
wife Ruth Jordan – use and labor of all my Negroes, also the plantation where I now live, containing 500 acres and the water grist mill, and the six acres above mentioned.?
EX: wife, sons Isaac, William and Joseph
Wit: James Swinhow Grover, William Jordan, Stephen Buck

Ruth Jordan [B/95] 4 Dec 1776, Feb Ct 1777 “being sick and weake in body…”
son Isaac Jordan – eighty barrels of corn.
son William Jordan – Negroes Peter and George, crop of corn, and he is to pay my son-in-law Christian Reed 115 pounds for the land where he now lives.
son William — fifty pounds
son Joseph Jordan – four pounds.
three daughters Sarah Armistead, Prudence Maer, and Margret Reed – wearing apparel to divide.
I leave the use of the Negroes bequeathed in the will of my husband Joseph Jordan dec’d. for my son-in-law Christian Reed and my daughter Margaret Reed.
grandson John Durant Reed – land I bought of his father Christian Reed, reserving use of said land to his father and his mother Margaret Reed for their lifetime with reversion to them at his death.
remaining stock to be divided among my children Isaac, Prudence and Margaret.
EX: sons Isaac and William
Wit: Bird Hubbard, Mary Cory, Mary [x] Hinson

Joseph Jordan [D/50] 11 Dec 1785 Feb Ct 1786
wife [unnamed] – lend Negroes Adda, Sary, Else and Led for her lifetime, etc and at her death to my brother Isaac Jordan. Lend wife the additional Negroes which may be bought with extra money in my estate and at her death these Negroes to be divided among my sisters as follows:
sister Williams’ part is to be divided among her children and sister Reed’s part is to be divided among her children, and my sister Sarah Armistead is to have her part to herself.
My executors are to sell my corn crop and purchase Negroes with the proceeds, to belong to my wife for her lifetime and then to revert to my sisters Sarah Armstead, Prudence Williams, and Margaret Read.
to wife – lend Negroes Ned, Milbrew, Mike, George, Leads, Amy, Cubey, and Rose, and at her death to be divided among my brothers and sisters as follows: my brothers Isaac Jordan and William Jordan and my sister Sarah Armistead may hold their shares outright and the shares of my sisters Prudence Williams and Margaret Read will be for their children.
My wife has the right to everything on my plantation for her lifetime and at her death to fall to my brothers Isaac and William.
EX: brothers Isaac and William
Wit: William Jordan, John Sutton

Isaac Jordan [D/119] 3 Feb 1790 May Ct 1790
a road shall be cut at my landing leading to the back part of my land for the benefit of my sons Joseph and Edward.
son Joseph Jordan – lend 500 acres where I now live, adj. Mill creek, the river pocosin, the Mill Swamp for his life time, and if he should marry and have sons who come of age, he may give them this land. If he does not have sons this land shall return to my estate. son Joseph – lend the land in Martin County which my father bought of Henry Speller, adj. the river and Middle Creek.
son Edward Jordan – lend 300 acres which is the remaining part of the land where I now live. Lend son Edward the land which fell to me by the death of my brother Joseph Jordan containing 240 acres, also lend him land in Martin County which I bought of Henry Speller and William Ward, adj the land my father bought of Henry Speller and running up the river to the Devil’s Gut and down the gut to Edmund Smithwick, Esq. and Middle Creek. If my son Edward die without male issue these lands shall return to my estate. son Edward – lend five Negroes, four to be delivered to him when he is twenty-one and the other when his mother dies.
daughter Mary Jordan – five dollars, and lend Negroes Murreah, Betty Amy and Milley, and if Mary should marry and have children these Negroes are for her children. If Mary dies without issue they shall return to my estate.
daughters Sarah, Prudence, and Hannah Jordan — lend my remaining Negroes and stock and crop, to be divided to Sarah at the day of her marriage except for one Negro which my wife may choose. If either of my three daughters should leave issue their share of the Negroes shall fall to their child or children. If either of the daughters marries but does not leave issue, her surviving husband, if any, shall retain half her share of the Negroes and the remaining half shall return to my estate.
my furniture is to be divided between my children Mary, Sarah, Edward, Prudence, and Hannah Jordan after the death of my wife.
my wife Hannah – is to have tuition of my young children and the use of the plantation where I now live and the Negroes that belong to my children until they come of age.
sons Joseph and Edward and daughters Sarah, Prudence, and Hannah — any Negroes which may return to my estate by the death of my children.
my son Joseph may have the use of the plantation where he lives until my son Edward is twenty-one or my wife died, then Edward may have the land where he now lives and Joseph may have the half of my plantation I lent my wife. The land that fell to me by my brother’s death shall be rented out until my son Edward is twenty-one.
daughters Sarah, Prudence, Hannah — lend the Negroes that my brother Joseph Jordan left me after the death of his wife, and my daughters shall have their share as they marry.
EX: son Joseph Jordan, nephew James Jordan, friend Thomas Collins
Wit: Lewis Harrell, Job Swain

William Jordan [D/179] 17 Nov 1790 – Bertie Feb Ct 1791
wife Mary Jordan – lend part of my plantation where I now live, adj. the river landing, Loosing Creek, Warborton and including the ferry. wife – lend the lower part of my lands including the warehouse until my son William Jordan is twenty-one. wife – Negroes Will, Great Empess, Mawl, Beck, Cloe, Eddy, Sue, Bob, also horses, oxen, sheep, cattle, furniture, silver ladle, silver spoons, tablecloths, china, stone, delf, and glassware, also black walnut desk, chair, mahogany bofat, looking glass, etc.
son William Jordan – plantation where I now live providing he shall not interrupt or disturb my wife’s part during her lifetime. son William – land I bought of John Sprowel, one I bought of William Burnam, one I bought of John Barret and his wife Mary, one I bought of Minot Rogers, one I bought of John Sutton, and one I bought of Thomas Boothe. I also give my son William the lower part of the land where I now live which I have patented and another place I bought from John Smithwick lying in Martin County and another tract which is the remaining part of land I bought of James and Maurice Moore lying in Martin County in Jameston on the south side of the Roanoke River opposite the lower part of Mr. Gray’s plantation. son William – half the land I bought of Charles Homer? lying in Davidson County.
Son Joseph Jordan – land I bought of John Smith, one I bought of Philip Ward, one I bought of Daniel Ward, land my brother Joseph Jordan gave me, land I bought of William Jordan known as the “Ceder Landing,” land I bought of William McKenzie on the Roanoke River. Son Joseph – two pieces of land on the south side of the Roanoke opposite the Cedar Landing in Martin County for which I have patents. son Joseph – half of the land I bought of Charles Homer lying in Davidson County.
daughter Mary Smithwick – one Spanish milled dollar.
daughter Margaret Harramond – as much money as will pay for the goods she bought at the vendue of her dec’d husband Henry Harramond, also property I bought at William Griffin’s vendue.
son William Jordan – at my wife’s death, bookcase, black walnut desk, one dozen mahogany chairs, elbow mahogany chairs, mahogany tables, looking glasses, etc.
sons and daughters Elizabeth, William, Harriott, Joseph and Salley Jordan – nine Negroes each.
My executors shall furnish my daughter Mary Smithwick with enough necessarys for her and her children’s subsistance. and her children [except her eldest son William] are to be sent to school and educated by my estate. Each of my daughter Mary’s children shall be paid one hundred Spanish milled dollars when they are twenty one.
My executors are to settle Negroes Josh, Old Quash, Mary and Rachel on a piece of land and furnish them with provisions.
EX: friends Thomas Collins, Esq, Christian Read, Bird Hubbard
Wit: Frederk Ranicke, James B Jordan, Josiah Collins
[probate indicates will proved in Chowan County Court, December Ct 1790]

William Jordan Jr & Mary Jordan, 9 Dec 1785; Robert Armistead, Bm. – Bertie Co NC
William Jordan & Margaret Clayton, 12 Aug 1777; William Williams, Bm – Bertie Co NC
James Moore & Deborough Clayton, 15 Sept 1774; William Jordan, Jun, Maurice Moore, Bm; Martin Griffin, John Smithwick, wit.

Joseph Jordan & Martha Jordan 14 Mar 1791; Ebenezer Smithwick, Bm
Charles [x] Jordan & Penelope Castellaw, 10 Nov 1792; George Simons, Bm

4 thoughts on “William Jordan, Mildred & Mary Ann Hill”

  1. Thanks for helping straighten out this jumbled mess. I descend through Mary Jordan, wife of John Smithwick II. Any idea who the parents are for Joseph Jordan, ca 1711-1776?

  2. Hi Sally,

    I keep landing on your pages when I’m researching my ancestors. I suspect we’re cousins a few times over. Thank you so much for sharing all of your research! It is very helpful to me, and I know to others.

    Wow, these Jordans are complicated. I’m coming at it from the perspective of Nancy (Jordan) Baker, whose father James Jordan died 1836 and whose husb. Dickerson Baker was administrator of Nancy’s mother Mary’s 1844 estate, just FYI…

    I believe Isaac Jordan refers correctly to a James Jordan as his nephew because Isaac Jordan who d. c. 1790/1 was brother of William Jordan who d. c. 1786, and William was father of a James Jordan.

    This is the James Jordan who later is recorded as James B Jordan at times.

    I suspect that when you assert that William is son of Joseph (the progen. of this group), it’s the wrong William.

    3. William Jordan bef 1741 – Dec 1790
    in Jan 1777 div William rec. Patience and Sarah
    married Mary

    I believe the William Jordan whose will was probated 1786 to be the son of Joseph who d. 1776 — the one with dau. Mildred Armistead, Ann Whedby, etc.

    We **would** think he’d be called William Sr. But that may depend on the time period.

    William Jordan who died abt. 1791 is of unknown parents…. he married “into” this nuclear group when he married Mary (William, Joseph) Jordan. I have suspicions he might be of a family closer to Perquimans?

    Here we see a William and Mary Jordan couple transacting in Perquimans regarding Swann and Clayton land in 1774 … ( citing Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow, History of Perquimans County, https://books.google.com/books?id=eU8d_Q2V90cC&pg=PA236&lpg=PA236#v=onepage&q&f=false ).

    No. 289. May 5 1774. William Jordan Jr. & Mary his wife of Bertie Co. for 90pds. pd by Richard Clayton, of Perq, sold 30a in sd Co, “land whereon sd Clayton lives, 1/2 of 90a. given by Mr Samuel Swann Dec’d, in his will, Jan 8, 1753, to his daughter Mary Clayton, wife of sd Richard,” (witha ll buildings). Test’ Chas. Blount, Peter Norcom.

    No. 291. Rebecca Clayton, for 25pds. pd by John Whedbee, conveyed “all right of dower, in a plan’ belonging to John Clayton Esq, dec’d, & now the property of sd Whidbee,” Jul 19 1774. Test’ George Whidbee. And’w. Collins. John Raper.

    It seems that after Mary (William, Joseph) Jordan died, William Jordan Jr. aka the son-in-law married a Clayton (Margaret). I’m not sure how that might relate to these Perquimans records that took place prior to that second marriage, though. Something tells me one of the Marys involved here might have been a Swann…

    William here is referred to as “Jr.”, but the only William we’ve documented as of 1774 as married is William (Joseph)! William (___) Jordan only married Mary Jordan in 1777. So I think this William mixed up with the Swanns and Claytons is probably William (William, Joseph), and we’re getting a clue that he’s added another Mary (___) Jordan into the mix?

    My wild guess is that this latter William (William, Joseph) might also be the father of my James. I just need some actual documentation to support this guess… in other words, I’m still hunting around in this family a bit blindly.

    Thanks again for all that you’ve put into this site, Sally.


  3. I get more confused every day. Here is my son to father lineage. I am Warren Jordan 1949, son of Ross Allen Jordan 1914, son of Richard Allen Jordan 1872, son of Robert Winston Jordan 1843, son of Samuel Jordan about 1807 and his wife daughter of Edmund Winston Walker and Sarah Frances Dabney Walker. I cannot find Samuels father but Sarah is the daughter of Edmund Winston Walker and Elizabeth Armistead. My Samuel and Sarah were married in Campbell, Virginia 10 Dec. 1827 and are
    listed on 1850 census of Appomattox, Virginia. In other words it seems like there is twin families in Virginia and North Carolina. Can you tell me who is the father of Samuel Jordan.? The 1850 census says he and Sarah are both 43 years old. I don’t know much about this DNA stuff but I have a tree on Ancestry 327084, Family Tree DNA 327084 and GedMatch 327084.

    1. Yes, Warren — There well could be twin families and more. The Jordans and Armisteads on this site were located in Bertie County NC from the early 1700’s. There were also other people with the same names in Virginia.
      Good luck in your search. keep building on known facts. They may or may not have been related.

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