Harrell Families ca 1680s

Some Harrell families ca 1680 –
of North Eastern, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1. Samuel Harrell ca 1700 – 1761 Gates Co
2. Richard Harrell x – 1761 Perq. Co
3. John Harrell ca 1690 Nansemond Co, VA – 1759 Bertie Co, NC
4. Abraham Harrell bef 1710 – 5 May 1755/July 1755 Bertie Co
5. Edward Harrell bef 1710 – 17Aug 1752/May 1754 Bertie Co
6. Adam Harrell – ca May 1779 Bertie Co
7. Francis Harrell wrote will 25 Mar 1759 proved Nov 1763 Bertie Co
8. Joseph Harrell – Inv 12 Aug 1754 by Ann [x] Harrell Bertie Co
9. Isaac Harrell on Betie Co deed 1733/34
10. Thomas Harrell
11. Jethro Harrell

Harrell of Perquimans County Records:

Richard Harrell wrote will 27 Nov 1761, Apl Ct 1762
married Margaret ?
1. Dempsey Harrell
2. James Harrell
3. John Harrell
4. daughter Harrell
married Duke
a. Jacob Duke
b. Jonathan Duke
5. Martha Harrell
married Sheppard
6. Richard Harrell
7. Zilpha Harrell
married Scott
8. Elizabeth Harrell
married Spivey
9. Sarah Harrell
married Hobbs
10. Ann Harrell 1735 – ca 1792
married Richard Felton 1720 – 1776
11. Margaret Harrell
married Hill
12. Mary Harrell
married Eason
EXS: wife Margaret and son John
TEST: John Scott, James Scott, Nicholas Stallings

Harrell of Chowan County Records:

Harrell of the Hertford County Records:

Harrell of the early Bertie County Records

C119 James Smith to John Harrell of Nansemond Co, VA
May 11, 1729 32 sh for 8 ac on NS Morattuck River and SS Flagg Run. Adj Henry Baker, John Harrell Wit: Joseph Harrell, Abraham Harrell, 13 May 1729 Robert Forster CC

C177 William Eason to Edward Harrell of Nansemond Co, VA
Dec 20 1729 25 pds for 350 ac on SES Unerry? Swamp adj Owen Daniels, James Smith, William Eason, —- Parker, Part of Patent granted William Eason 4 Aug 1723 and of another patent granted Eason 1 May 1721 and part of a deed of sale of James Parker dated 12 July 1722. Wit: John Harrell, John Harrell, Grace Harrell Feb Ct 1729. Thomas Crew DCC

C185 Joseph Harrell to Abraham Harrell
7 Aug 1729 8 pds 10 sh for 100 ac on a Island adj William Eason at Reedy Branch. Also adj. John Yelverton and Flag Run. Wit: Peter Cane, William Cane. Feb Ct 1729 Thomas Crew DCC

James Harrell – Inv. 22 Sept 1732 by Eliz. Narvill?

Richard Harrell – Inv. 8 Aug 1732 by Margret Harrell
including property at William Baker’s

D50 Christopher Gewin [Guin] to Abraham Harrell
3 Aug 1733 32 pds for 150 ac on NS Marratock River . . .adj James Parker, Owen O Daniell, William Eason. Wit: John Harrell, jurat, John Harrell, Jun. Feb Ct 1733 John Wynns DCC

12 Feb 1733/4 Bertie Ct. Jury to lay out a road from Elias Hodges ferry to Harralls hill & thence through Sheppards Swamp to Cashy Road. viz:
Rd. Allen, John Smith, James Homes, Geo. House, Jos. Harrall, Abm. Harrall, Edwd. Harrall, Fras. Harrall, Wm. Turner, John Moor, Rd. Hodges, Isaac Harrall, John Henard, Saml. Smith, John Glisson

D252 James Thickpen to Adam Harrell
1735, 23 April, Bertie Co- 70 pds. “my right and interest in the within mentioned Deed”
[ D-250 Charles Sowell to James Thickpen 4 Feb 1722/23 60 pds for 100 ac at mouth of a Swamp commonly known by the name Horse Swamp. adj Richard Sowell, Charles Gavin. Wit John Averitt, Jane Smith May Ct 1734 John Wynns d. c/c] Wit: John Wynn, jurat, William Padgett. Feb Ct 1735. John Wynns D C/C

Margett Harrell – Inv. 8 Aug 1738 by R Williams

Thomas Harrell – Inv. 11 Aug 1741 by Eliz. Harrell
Div of Estate 22 July 1742 by Theophilus Williams & William Turner
married Elizabeth ? [she married 2nd Samuel Harrell]
1. Esther Harrell

F- 367 Lewis Briant [Bryan] of Cravan Co to Adam Harrell
1742, 17 March 150 pds for 400 ac. on WS Chinkapen adj Alexander Steel, Henry VanPelt. Land granted William Cranford by patent 13 March 1741. Wit: John White, John Beasley, Aug Ct. 1742.

Joseph Harrell – Inv 12 Aug 1754 by Ann [x] Harrell
married Ann she married 2nd James Williams 1/3 estate
1. Joseph Harrell
2. Sarah Harrell
3. Elizabeth Harrell
4. Mary Harrell
5. Ruth Harrell
6. Wineford Harrell
7. John Harrell given 2/3 the estate 20 Nov 1761
8. Job Harrell
9. Ann Harrell

Edward [EH] Harrell bef 1710 – 17Aug 1752/May 1754 Bertie Co
Inv. 3 Aug 1754 by Henry Harrell, exr.
married Ann
1. Henry [H] Harrell ca 1735 – 27 Feb 1773/Feb Ct 1777

a. Rubin Harrell
b. Benjamin Harrell ca 1750 – 1809
married Bertie Co NC 23 March 1775 Jemima Powell ca 1758 – 1821/26
c. Henry Harrell
married Bertie Co NC 10 March 1788 Annis Davis
John Wimberly Bm
d. Whitmell Harrell d bef 13 Oct 1785
e. John Wimberly Harrell
married 1792 Ripsey Ann Hobdy
f. David Harrell
g. Joseph Harrell
h. Edward Harrell
i. Pharaby Peele
j. Rachel Harrell
k. Barbara Harrell
l. Elizabeth Harrell
On October 13, 1785, Benjamin bought 12 1/2 acres from his brother, John Wimberly Harrell. This was John’s rights to land they inherited from their then deceased brother, Whitmell Harrell. On that same day, October 13, 1785, Benjamin bought 50 acres from his brother, John Wimberly Harrell – it was also land inherited from their father, Henry, in 1773.
2. Joshewa [Joshua] Harrell ca 1738 – 23 Jan 1788/Nov Ct 1789
married Ann
a. Christopher Harrell
b. Catherine Harrell
c. Ann Harrell
d. Hodges Harrell
e. Elizabeth Harrell
f. Wynnah Harrell
g. Josiah Harrell
h. Joconiah Harrell
i. Hezekiah Harrell
j. Jerimiah Harrell
3. Thomas Harrell
a. Jesse Harrell bef 17 Aug 1752 –
4. Mary Harrell
married Henry Andrews
a. Rebecca Andrews bef 17 Aug 1752 –

Chowan Co Book H p 270 – 29 March 1758 – “Thomas Harrell [son of Edward] of Chowan Co made a gift deed to son Peter Harrell of Chowan Co. 34 acres ‘Love and affection to son Peter Harrell land on South west side of Mouth of Cypress Swamp’

Abraham Harrell bef 1710 – 5 May 1755/July 1755
Inv. Oct 1755 by John [x] Harrell, exr.
married ca 1733 Mary Guin?
1. Mary Harrell
married bef 30 June 1758 Holland died bef 30 June 1758
2. Abel [x] Harrell
3. John [x] Harrell – 1777
married Ann James
bed and furniture, horse, saddle, cow, calf, and ten pds
i. Elizabeth Harrell 20 sh
ii. Zachariah Harrell Negro Rubin and 5 pds for schooling
iii. John Harrell my dwelling plantation and all its land
also Negro Darb and 5 lbs for schooling
iv. Lott Harrell 30 pds to educate him
if Zach died before he’s 21 the negro to go to Lott
v. Mary Harrell 15 lbs and linen wheel
vi. Gimmy James Harrell Negro Will and 5 lbs for schooling
if John died before he’s 21 land to go to Gimmy James
4. Abigail [A] Harrell
5. Lott Harrell
6. Grace Harrell
married bef 30 June 1758 Theophilus Holland -bef 1775
a. Theophilus Holland bef 1775
b. Henry Holland bef 1775
7. Zachariah Harrell
8. Sarah Harrell
married bef 30 June 1758 Thomas Neal
9. Susanna Harrell
10. Christopher Harrell – 1772
Inv. 11 Sept 1772 by Sarah Harrell
married Sarah
a. Elizabeth Harrell
married Wimberly
b. Guin Harrell
c. Christopher Harrell

H-378 Edward Bryan to Adam Harrell
1757, 24 Jan 18 pds for 320 ac in Chinkopen Swamp adj. —- Gilbird, John Howell, —“a tract of land given to Simon Bryan by his father Lewis Bryan’s will and sold to Edward Bryan — by deed 15 Jan 1741. –” Wit: James Jones, William Colthred, John Hurst. Jan Ct 1757.

H 462 Thomas Harrell, Sen [Adam Harrell, Sen] to Adam Harrell, Jun. yeoman.
1757 18 Aug 1757 20 pds for . On WS Chinkopen adj. —- Patiford, —- Campbell. Wit: Thomas Harrell, William Harrell, William Colthred Oct Ct 1757. Benj. Wynns C/C
H-464 Adam Harrell, Sen. yeoman to Thomas Harrell
1757 18 Aug 1757 20 pds for 200 ac. adj. — Hansford, —- Lassiter, —-Pelt, Wit: Adam Harrell, Jun, William Harrell, William Colthred, Oct. Ct. 1757.

Bertie County Tax List 1757
List taken by John Brickell
Elijah Harrell – 1
List taken by John Campbell
Adam Harle, Junr, William Harle – 2 -0 -0-2
Thomas Harle – 1 -0 -0 – 1
John Harle – Jack, Dick, Sharper, Taff (males) Patt (females)
1 -4 -3 -8
List taken by William Wynns
Absalom Harrell -1
John Harrell -1
List taken by Jos. Jordan
Joshewa Harrell -1
David Harrell -3
Thos. Harrell -4
Richd. Harrell -2

1758 NC Colonial Coroner Inquests abstract by Haywood Raebuck NCGSJ 1975
Bertie County, Thomas Seay, “Accidently drowned on 24 Feb 1758 in Mary Harrell’s millpond. Inquest held in Bertie Co on 26 Mar 1758. Joseph Hardy, coroner, Jury: Needham Bryan, George House, George Jernigan, Solomon Cherry, Abraham Wimberley, Arthur Brown, Thomas Penington, Jesse Harrell, John Skinner, Wdward Toole, James Abington, John Harrell, Samuel Harrell, Jesse Jernigan, Joseph Minton, John Goff, John Hays, Aaron Elliss, William Turner, William Junkeson. [copy not the original with signatures.]

John Harrell ca 1690 Nansemond Co, VA – 1759 Bertie Co, NC
Jutsice of ye Peace of Bertie by 9 Nov 1731
wrote will 1 Nov 1756 – proved April Ct 1759
married Grace
1. John Harrell ca 1712 – 1755 Bertie Co, NC owned mill at death
[John names as EX. son George, brother Jesse Harrell, brother Israel Hardy Harrell, Richard Williams, Thomas Williams, William Andres, John Rhodes. He wrote this will in Carteret Co but it was proved in Bertie Co.]
married Mary ?
a. George Harrell moved away bef. 1805
b. Jesse Harrell bef 1755
c. Elisha Harrell
d. Benjamin Harrell Inv 22 July 1775
married 1st Harrell?
i. John Harrell plantation where I now live
ii. ?Charles Yeatcg [Yeates?] Harrell – 5 yrs schooling
married 2 June 1774 Winnefred Pitman
Amos Harrell, Bm
e. Mary Harrell
2. Jesse Harrell bef 1756 – 19 Sep 1786/Feb Ct 1788 water mill
married Phereby
a. Priscilla Harrell
married Vinson
i. Rachel Kittrell
b. Josiah Harrell
c. Pheraby Harrell
married 11 Feb 1771 Obed Rountree
Jethro Kittrell, Bm
i. Judah Rountree
ii. Joab Rountree
d. Jesse Harrell
married Easter [Hester] ?
i. Turner Harrell
ii. Tempe [Tempha] Harrell
iii. Jesse Harrell
e. Joshua Harrell
f. Rachel Harrell
married 13 Dec 1777 William Rasco
Josiah Harrell, Bm
i. Pheraby Rasco
g. Jonathan Harrell
married 18 Aug 1787 Elizabeth Gardner
William Rascoe, Bm
3. David Harrell will 5 Jan 1767, proved March 1768
[named Noah Hinton his ex.] Inv. by Josiah Harrell
married Charity
a. John Harrell
b. Eady Harrell dy
c. David Harrell died without issue
d. Charity [Cherry] Harrell died without issue
e. Noah Harrell died without issue
f. Sarah Harrell
married Josiah Harrell died 1783
son of Josiah
i. Fanny Harrell
married ca 1800 Gabriel Harrell
ii. Anna Harrell
married Richard Veale
married 2nd William Harrell
son of Josiah
i. Joseph Harrell [infant in 1805]
ii. Sarah Harrell [infant in 1805]
g. Mildred [Mille] Harrell ca 1761 – living 1805 age 43/44 no issue
married Jeremiah Mitchell
h. Cloe Harrell died without issue
4. Esias Harrell died bef 8 Aug 1754
married Elizabeth [E] alive 1805
[she married Jonathan Spivey by 1 Nov1756
she married 3rd Bryant bef 1805]
a. Sarah Harrell died without issue
married William House
b. Esias Harrell – ca 1762
5. Josiah Harrell – 1773 justice
married first ?
a. Solomon Harrell died ca 1777 without issue
b. Josiah Harrell died 1783 had issue
married Sarah Harrell d of David
i. Fanny Harrell
married ca 1800 Gabriel Harrell
ii. Anne Harrell
married Richard Veale
c. William Harrell had issue
married Sarah Harrell d of Davis as 2nd husband
d. Celia [Selah] Harrell – 1782 without issue
Inv 11 Jan 1783 by Penelopy Bryan
e. Penelopy [Pinney] Harrell
married Lewis Bryant
[one child still living but in GA]
by his wife Ann [she married 2nd Abram Evans]
f. Jesse Harrell – living 1805
6. Ezekiel Harrell – will 11 Apr 1764, proved May 1764
Inv. by Josiah Harrell]
married Alice [she married 2nd Philimon Owens]
a. Israel Hardy Harrell without issue living 1805
b. Grace Harrell dead in 1805
married John Pearce
i. Simon Pearce
ii. daughter dy
7. Israel Hardy Harrell died bet Nov 1755/Nov 1756 without issue
8. Sarah Harrell died bef 1 Nov 1756
married Thomas Williams

K-12 John [x] Roberson cooper of Bertie to Simon Parker planter of same.
1761 3 Jan 1761 21 pds proc. 200 ac on south side of Chinkopen Swamp adj Thomas Harrell, Adam Harrell. Capt. John Campbell, Chinkopen Run. Wit: John Freeman, John Davidson, Thomas [x] Harrell. Jan Ct 1761 CC Benj. Wynns

Francis [H] Harrell wrote will 25 Mar 1759 proved Nov 1763
Inv. 26 May 1764 by Mary Harrell, exrs.
married Mary

Richard Harrell – Inv. ca 1762 by Mary Harrell, admrx.

Elias Harrell – Inv. ca 1762 by Jonathan Spivey, gdn.

1768 Bertie County tax list – Harrell:
Lemuel 1fp
Amos 1fp [Francis’s son John’s son]
Arthur 1fp 2bm
Charity 1fp
Demsey 1fp
Elisha 1fp 1w servant
Henery [Edward’s son]
Jacob [Francis’s son]
John Cashy
Joshua [Edward’s son]
Lemuel [Francis’s son John’s son]
Samuel [Francis’s son John’s son] or is this Adam’s son?
Shadrick [Francis’s son]
Solomon [Francis’s son John’s son]
William [Francis’s son] or Adam’s son
Zachariah [Abraham’s son]

L2-107 Adam [x] Harrell of Bertie to Samuel Harrell of same.
1768 22 Mar 160 ac on east side of Chinkapin Swamp adj. William Harrell, Cannons Branch. Wit: Solomon Freeman, Elisha Freeman. Mar Ct 1768 CC John Johnston

Benjamin Harrell – Inv. 22 July 1775 by Winnie Harrell

1779 11 May – Adm. of Adam Harrell grtd. to Sarah Harrell.
Inventory undated by the admrx.
1779 27 Oct – Inventory of Sarah Harle, relict of Adam Harle, dec’d
Adam Harrell – ca May 1779
married Sarah ? – ca Oct 1779
1. Mary Harrell
married James Lane
2. Elizabeth Harrell
married Amos Davidson
3. Rachell Harrell

Ref: Gammon’s Abstacts of Wills of Bertie Co, NC 3 Vol thru 1816
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early Hertford County tax lists
See Roger H Harrell’s web site Harrell Families of Early Hertford County


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